How the German legal system failed Horst Arnold

Young man behind the bars

Imagine you are accused of a terrible crime you didn’t commit. Jon Gunnarsson recounts the story of school teacher Horst Arnold who was falsely accused of rape and imprisoned without a shred of evidence. Despite being eventually found innocent, the corrupt judiciary who placed him there have never been held to account.

DownUnderThink (Part 1)


Feminists are known for seeking changes to criminal laws that result in exonerating female criminals and more harshly targeting males, and politicians and lawmakers are comply. The result is madness, as Jim Muldoon shows in the case of Australian criminal law.

Why I do wiki and what’s a woozle!


The AVfM Reference Wiki is turning into a thing of beauty–one you can contribute to making even more awesome. AVfM welcomes new contributor Isaac Quill to tell us more about his own contributions there, and introduces a term we should all learn: The Woozle Effect.

More evidence released on the Ryan matter


Nicole Ducet Ryan tried to have her husband Michael murdered in cold blood. The evidence against her was overwhelming. But she cried a few tears for the Supreme Court of Canada, and they let her walk. Dannyboy urges Canadians to wake up.

Descent Into Madness, and Marc Lepine


Social commentators continue to regurgitate the popular message that men are failures for opting out of marriage version 2.0 – where women (but not men) can exit at any time, retaining their partner’s income while disposing of his person. This message coupled with various imperatives to man up and be the cash, labour and sperm dispenser that would make a Victorian era patriarch proud. The nearly universal message that any male self actualization not of utility to a woman is shameful.

Avoid Getting Fucked by White Knights, Feminists, and Manginas

If you find yourself at war with your wife or girlfriend a low-tech handwritten journal can save your life, and keep you out of jail. A history of “normal” journal entries prior to issues of conflict will be useful in establishing the stress and pain created by attacks against you by your ex wife or girlfriend. Use a notebook with a traditional binding – not a spiral bound or a 3-ring style binder. Also, never tear pages out of your journal, as that will be used to present a case against you of fabricating a false history.

Summary of Hatred


Criminal courts now routinely manufacture excuses for female murderers when the victims are men. Effectively, this is the implicit legalization of murder when the killer is female and the victim male.

Abuse Hysteria in Maine: The Ghost of Michael Nifong


During the early hours of March 14, 2006, a group of Duke University lacrosse players allegedly raped and sodomized a Black woman. Over the next 13 months, the sleepy town of Durham, North Carolina became witness to a succession of prosecutorial accusations, full-throated media warnings, and castration marches. On April 12, 2007, the state Attorney […]