Leon Walker: The Consequences of Speaking Out

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For reporting gross waste of government funds, Leon Walker has faced years of ongoing persecution at the hands of Oakland County Government, his former employer. As a result, his career has been ruined, he’s been financially destroyed, and in only a matter of days, he and his family will be evicted from their home. Leon shares his story about the consequences of speaking out.

Art imitating life…and afterlife


With the recent publication of my novel, Oh Hell, inspired by the suicide of Thomas Ball in June 2011, it seemed right to update an article that appeared here just over one year ago, entitled, Only one thing left…. (Oh Hell spoiler alert.) Shortly after Thomas James Ball’s death on June 15th, 2011, I read […]

India decides feeding men doesn’t matter


Forty percent of India’s population – millions of people – are impoverished. The nation has an epidemic of hunger, and thousands of homeless, mostly men. The government has decided to address the issue by initiating a food stamp program. The problem? They’re only giving food stamps to each household’s eldest female resident. This will leave thousands of men starving.

(Don’t) Fuck the Police


When human beings are brutalized in a society which lacks a legal framework for redress, a population will develop alternative forms of redress. Retributive violence is, in my opinion, a very bad option – to be avoided – but it is a probable outcome of the dysfunction and abrogation of legal and political redress of grievance.

A Father’s Day Letter to President Obama

It is strangely ironic in a culture that routinely destroys men in this way, on the often capricious whims of wives who are enabled by a corrupt system of family law, that we also lead the world in politicians who lecture those victimized men on being good fathers and husbands.

The family courts have got to GO and I mean right fucking now


But I am also tired. I am an older man and have witnessed this silent, ignored tragedy for far too long. I am sick and tired of the heartbreak of daily emails from broke, abused, powerless people pleading for any kind of help they can get against a system that has lost all sense of justice and every last bit of justification for its own existence.