Ever seen a bear with a coffee pot?

Glen Poole

And today you get a two-fer from the good people at MRA London. First an update on those in the UK who actually support men’s rights, and those who are Glen Poole. Whoa, what a difference! Also, a honey badger alert. Calling the women of the MHRM to take a stand against Radfems.

A hard-on for the Good Men Project

Good men project

In the escalating war against the Men’s Human Rights Movement, the rhetoric and accusations are getting dialed up quite bit. The latest salvo comes from GMPs Senior Editor Joanna Schroeder, who steps out on Twitter to accuse Paul Elam of being sadistic with women. Paul responds.

Zach Rosenberg sells his son out — again

Zach Rosenberg

Recently Paul Elam wrote an article about Zach Rosenberg, who called his four year old son a rapist for trying to kiss a girl. Zach wrote to express his concerns about the article, or rather about his public image, but he was not concerned enough to correct his mistakes.

Zach Rosenberg’s son is a rapist

Zach Rosenberg

Zach Rosenberg’s four year old son tried to kiss a girl. He trustingly told his father all about it. Big mistake, son. Your father is a sick asshole who just stabbed you in the back so he could be popular with readers at the Good Men Project.

GMP and Matlack part ways

Good Men Project

In a not very surprising turn of events, the editors of the Good Men Project have announced that Tom Matlack is no longer with the publication. Paul Elam opines that it was fully to be expected. No one interested in the well being of men was ever going to make it in a place that cares about anything but.

To GMP Re: Erika Jarvis

Selling out

Even in a capitalist, free enterprise system, it is often good form and good business to offer some assistance to your competitors. In that spirit Paul Elam presents a letter of recommendation to the Good Men Project.

The one good man

knight in shining armor chivalry lady pedestal 750

“The One Good Man sees all other men as feckless, immoral, weak, beneath him. The One Good Man is good because he knows he is the only good man. He is special.” These are the words of Alison Tieman, who gives us some brilliant insight into the nature of “good” men, or at least those who obsess on making that claim.