Auguste Comte’s cult of woman

Greek goddess

Auguste Comte (1798 – 1857) , the founder of modern sociology (actually coining the term), argued that women should be placed at the centre of social architecture. Professor Mike Gane supplies a few details about the gynocentric vision this first sociologist.

The sobering reality of the feminist agenda hits #DrunkGirl

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Recently a team of pro-feminist film makers tricked actors into role playing “rape culture” scenes while not informing them that that’s what they were doing. The film was passed off as real to the public, leaving the actors to deal with being duped by the film-makers and with hostility from the general public.

Rape accusation culture

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To hear some people tell it, there exists a culture where rape is socially acceptable. Not under some foreign “Islamo-fascist” regime in a land far, far away but right here in America. Chris Cantwell has a look.