Men checking privilege

rich woman on a red expensive sofa

The feminist chant for men to ‘check their privilege’ is one we are all familiar with. Ayami Tyndal notices an unspoken implication in that little phrase that might provide an “Aha” moment for readers.

They’re right, I DON’T understand feminism

Scratching Head

Anyone following the ‘Women Against Feminism’ hashtag on Twitter will notice the angry replies of feminists claiming non-feminists are idiots, morons, retards and other epithets. Ron Collins stands guilty as charged: he does not understand feminism.

The rationalization hamster, or “Matria Toxicanus”

Hamster in larder

Ever wondered why some women make irrational excuses for selfish behavior? Well wonder no more – long time AVfM member Sir Kimski explains that the phenomenon is caused by the rationalization hamster, more accurately referred to by scientists as the ‘Matria Toxicanus.’