Brantford Lawyer accused of second scandal

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Dan Perrins recently sounded a warning on the pages of AVfM that if lawyers, social workers, vindictive exes, or any other people lie about men in court, he would expose their lies. Which brings him to the behaviour of Brantford lawyer David Maltby.

The 53rd Hour…

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For single dads receiving visits from their kids on limited occasions only, the leftover evidence from the visit becomes a special reminder – the unfinished drink on the table, the toy they were playing with in the garden, a dirty handprint on the wall, the indents in their pillows…. these are sacred keepsakes to be cherished until the next visit.

A weird spectacle: destroying children “for their own good”

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The United States government assures us that Department of Education Organization Act October 17, 1979 was a wonderful thing. Just look cat the fabulous thing it has accomplished, especially on behalf of boys. Here is a look at how federal bureaucracy and its experts did before 1979 with their federal top-down centralized education scheme designed to “help” American Indian children.

Contribution and kids

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Some men walk through life resigned to what society and the womenfolk expect of them, while thinking little about the meaning of their own life. Clint Carpentier pauses to reflect on his and other men’s often-unrecognized contributions to the world

12 reasons for DNA paternity testing

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Agreeing that you are the father of a child without legal DNA proof can be a risky situation. Carnell Smith provides 12 good reasons why men should confirm paternity at birth, or before the child’s second birthday. Smith will be among the keynote speakers at the International Conference on Men’s Issues in June of 2014.