Brantford Lawyer accused of second scandal

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Dan Perrins recently sounded a warning on the pages of AVfM that if lawyers, social workers, vindictive exes, or any other people lie about men in court, he would expose their lies. Which brings him to the behaviour of Brantford lawyer David Maltby.

The World’s Fastest Patriarchy Disproof

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AVfM welcomes 17 year old Josh O’Brien, who has already figured out that the “Patriarchy” myth of privileging men over women is, well, a myth. When youngsters are already figuring it out for themselves, we have hope that this hateful notion will die within our lifetimes.

Contribution and kids

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Some men walk through life resigned to what society and the womenfolk expect of them, while thinking little about the meaning of their own life. Clint Carpentier pauses to reflect on his and other men’s often-unrecognized contributions to the world

Rosalind Wiseman calls for society to “Listen to boys”

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Public discussion about boys often focuses on their shared flaws and the need to shame them into conformity. Author Rosalind Wiseman recently took a more compassionate approach by sitting down with 200 boys and actually listening to what they had to say – she recommends we do the same.

Domestic violence: The real victims

Real Victim

Paul Elam resurrects an old article as a contribution to Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It is offered here in the hopes that readers will help raise awareness by passing it on to other venues where it may shed some light on the problem.