Brantford Lawyer accused of second scandal

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Dan Perrins recently sounded a warning on the pages of AVfM that if lawyers, social workers, vindictive exes, or any other people lie about men in court, he would expose their lies. Which brings him to the behaviour of Brantford lawyer David Maltby.

The 53rd Hour…

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For single dads receiving visits from their kids on limited occasions only, the leftover evidence from the visit becomes a special reminder – the unfinished drink on the table, the toy they were playing with in the garden, a dirty handprint on the wall, the indents in their pillows…. these are sacred keepsakes to be cherished until the next visit.

Art imitating life…and afterlife


With the recent publication of my novel, Oh Hell, inspired by the suicide of Thomas Ball in June 2011, it seemed right to update an article that appeared here just over one year ago, entitled, Only one thing left…. (Oh Hell spoiler alert.) Shortly after Thomas James Ball’s death on June 15th, 2011, I read […]

Breaking Bad

Walter White

Breaking Bad is arguably one of the greatest TV shows ever made. The scene where a father kidnaps his own child was one detail many followers might have overlooked, especially since its the exact opposite that occurs every single day.

Aimee Nicholls versus the star chamber


My sister Kitty aged 7 is currently prevented from seeing myself and our dad. I will never stop looking for her and informing her what was done to us. Sooner or later, somebody will have to explain to her why her family were taken away from her for no reason. We love you Kitty. [Aimee Nicholls Portrait by Jennie Nystedt. All Copyright Fathers4Justice® 2012]

(Don’t) Fuck the Police


When human beings are brutalized in a society which lacks a legal framework for redress, a population will develop alternative forms of redress. Retributive violence is, in my opinion, a very bad option – to be avoided – but it is a probable outcome of the dysfunction and abrogation of legal and political redress of grievance.