List of Lawsuits Against Colleges and Universities Alleging Due Process Violations in Adjudicating Sexual Assault

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In 2011 the Department of Education issued its disastrous “Dear Colleague” letter to universities, requiring unqualified administrators to determine the guilt and innocence of students accused of felony sexual assault. Predictably, placing legal matters in the hands of amateurs has led to failures of justice, prompting a wave of lawsuits against universities by those wrongly accused. Jonathan Taylor provides a snapshot of developments.

How the German legal system failed Horst Arnold

Young man behind the bars

Imagine you are accused of a terrible crime you didn’t commit. Jon Gunnarsson recounts the story of school teacher Horst Arnold who was falsely accused of rape and imprisoned without a shred of evidence. Despite being eventually found innocent, the corrupt judiciary who placed him there have never been held to account.

Analysis of the Jameis Winston Saga

Jameis Winston

There are winners and losers in this world, and Jameis Winston is clearly a winner. Yet despite massive evidence to the contrary, Jameis will be tarred with the stigma of “accused rapist” for years to come. Ty Henry has an in-depth analysis of his ongoing saga, and those who stand to profit from keeping the stigma on him–and on all men.

Reclaim the Night – James Cook Univeristy style

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A rather incestuous relationship between Australian government bodies, James Cook University, and radical feminist groups such as Take Back The Night has developed, with the predictable marginalization of female predators and male victims that typically accompany such things. Dr. Greg Canning, our Australian News Director, has a report on recent shenanigans in Townsville.

Don’t be THAT prosecutor


Should those who work in law be more concerned with their own careers, or with justice? And just how crazy is it to put a gynocentric ideologue into a position of real power? Does the presumption of innocence mean anything anymore? Using the results from the Innocence Project as a guide, Diana Davidson brings her keen insight to the question of questionable prosecutors and how to deal with them. [Illustration by Typhonblue]

Rape farming: The next generation


Is rape a commodity? The short answer, as it applies to feeding and maintaining the feminist narrative, is yes. And so what happens if rape declines, or even goes away? Well, you just turn a lot of other things that aren’t rape into rape. And voila, problem solved. All the rape you need to feel outraged and entitled.