AVFM Exclusive: Documentation of Title IX complaint against Emerson College surfaces, questionable accusations abound

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An anonymous source gives Robert O’Hara a copy of a controversial Title IX complaint. The lack of evidence and failed logic shock more than the accusations themselves. All of this in the middle of the biggest government fed rape hysteria ever staged in the media. The phrase: “war on women” will never mean the same after reading this.

List of Lawsuits Against Colleges and Universities Alleging Due Process Violations in Adjudicating Sexual Assault

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In 2011 the Department of Education issued its disastrous “Dear Colleague” letter to universities, requiring unqualified administrators to determine the guilt and innocence of students accused of felony sexual assault. Predictably, placing legal matters in the hands of amateurs has led to failures of justice, prompting a wave of lawsuits against universities by those wrongly accused. Jonathan Taylor provides a snapshot of developments.

University of Oregon men face witch-hunt rape accusations

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False rape accusations are nothing new on university campus, but what is new is that men are beginning to fight back. Kevin Hornbuckle gives details of the latest “rape” claim from the University of Oregon, along with the many anomalies that authorities turned a blind eye to in their enthusiasm to brand male students as rapists.