How the German legal system failed Horst Arnold

Young man behind the bars

Imagine you are accused of a terrible crime you didn’t commit. Jon Gunnarsson recounts the story of school teacher Horst Arnold who was falsely accused of rape and imprisoned without a shred of evidence. Despite being eventually found innocent, the corrupt judiciary who placed him there have never been held to account.

William Evans’ rebellion – 1936


Gonzo Historian, Robert St. Estephe has returned with a story that will seem very familiar to many fathers today. In 1936 William H. W. Evans was jailed for kidnapping his daughter based on accusations by his ex-wife; he went on a hunger strike to protest as he had a written agreement to share custody. The only difference to today? That written agreement actually mattered to the Judge. He was cleared of all kidnapping charges.

False rape accuser Mary Miller – 1896


Robert St. Estephe returns to the pages of A Voice for Men to remind us, as always, that there is nothing new under the sun. And that includes a type of crime that society is all to willing to ignore. This time, it is the case of Charles Atkinson, who was released from prison after he was cleared of a false allegation of rape by his step daughter, Mary Miller. [Illustration by Typhonblue]

Why I do wiki and what’s a woozle!


The AVfM Reference Wiki is turning into a thing of beauty–one you can contribute to making even more awesome. AVfM welcomes new contributor Isaac Quill to tell us more about his own contributions there, and introduces a term we should all learn: The Woozle Effect.

Hitting out


Karate is a sport which focuses not only on discipline of the body, but of the mind and the will. Sadly, even the implied wisdom in that type of pursuit does not overrule the violent impulses of men to protect women at all costs. Andy Man explains why, and how it stole a piece of his childhood.

Misdirected Anger; giving dad a break


I feel it is important to start sharing my story in order to shed light on the women who are not held accountable for the mental and/or physical destruction they inflict upon their children. My mother’s anti-male brainwashing, albeit uncontrived in the sense that she wasn’t smart enough to be intentionally devious, was unprecedented. And for what? To have a lifetime of emotional control over her sons?