UK Feminists: Let’s Keep Women out of Prison


Feminists claim they want equality, but British feminists in particular lately have been brazenly arguing that women should be given special preferential treatment in the prison system. Michael Reed takes a look at this disgusting hypocrisy and sexist double standard that, once again like so many feminist ideas, demonizes men and infantalizes women.

(Don’t) Fuck the Police


When human beings are brutalized in a society which lacks a legal framework for redress, a population will develop alternative forms of redress. Retributive violence is, in my opinion, a very bad option – to be avoided – but it is a probable outcome of the dysfunction and abrogation of legal and political redress of grievance.

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend


Women, all claims of patriarchy aside, are in charge. Women control 2/3 of disposable income. Women control access to sex, women own all rights of reproduction, and thereby, control men. (Whether they wish to admit it or not) More women than men vote. And, it is not a coincidence that in this society we keep calling a patriarchy, it’s 93% of workplace deaths that are men.

Filthy Rhetoric That Is Not Safe for Work


Modern feminism, in keeping with modern feminist tradition, has expanded modern feminist sexual harassment law to include just about anything that a modern feminist doesn’t like, or that she claims years later not to have liked, and left out entirely what any man out there may not like. In short, with sexual harassment law, it is men who are screwed, not women.

The Ultimate White Knight


Police dramas are a longtime staple food group in the network broadcast menu, and while they’re entertaining – they also send a universal message of authoritarian domination to the public. The police are the iron jawed protectors of all that is good and holy, and you, the dirty unwashed masses had better tread carefully in your speech and action.

Summary of Hatred


Criminal courts now routinely manufacture excuses for female murderers when the victims are men. Effectively, this is the implicit legalization of murder when the killer is female and the victim male.

A Pussy Pass in Italy


Pussy pass articles are mainstream and completely accepted as a normal part of our process for determining guilt and innocence in the court of public opinion. So much so, that CNN no longer bothers to discuss evidence in articles about attractive young female killers. Instead, the “news organization” jumps directly to baby pictures and pink parasols.

Dear Sluts

Sluts Of The World Unite

In truth, the practice of women dressing in “sluttish” attire outside the context of parades through Toronto’s downtown, is purposeful. A woman dressing in a deliberately sexually provocative style is flaunting her sexual power over men. She is saying, in a language older than any spoken or written:

“I am an object of sexual desire, and I am a person of protected status”

Evolution of Understanding


The continually escalating narrative of “protecting” women by affording them ever greater protection and privilege above and beyond the legal rights of “bad” men is designed to produce a society in which nobody has legal rights except for the members of a few banking families. Not even women will have human rights in that world, because the men who would have protected them will be, and are being reduced to the legal status of furniture and appliances.