Lady Sarkeesian’s Brave Knight, Ben Kuchera

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Ben Kuchera, writing at Polygon, wants us to know that violence against women in video games is not acceptable. And that women are, apparently, just dogs to be kicked in most video games. Or something like that. Mateusz Wacek looks at his logic and finds it wanting.

The World’s Fastest Patriarchy Disproof

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AVfM welcomes 17 year old Josh O’Brien, who has already figured out that the “Patriarchy” myth of privileging men over women is, well, a myth. When youngsters are already figuring it out for themselves, we have hope that this hateful notion will die within our lifetimes.

Valentine’s Day for dummies

Young man holding a red rose in his mouth

On Valentine’s Day men are expected to romance the woman in their lives without expecting anything much in return. This February many will be jumping through heart-shaped hoops like well trained circus animals, but perhaps a few self-respecting men will instead opt to go their own way.