Barret Weber is anti-Semitic

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Nick Reading, aka Eric Tiberius Duckman, aka Grand Mastermind of the Patriarchy Party, aka nefarious kitten eater of Men’s Rights Edmonton, which only exists on the internet, has some words for Barret Weber. Also, Karen makes tuna casserole but it is not kitten so Nick is upset. Oh, and Barret Weber hates Jews.

Review: The Masculinity Conspiracy

Book Review

Dr. Greg Canning, brave soul that he is, took the brunt for us by reading Joseph Gelfer’s self proclaimed masterpiece of revelation, The Masculinity Conspiracy. Thank you Greg, for going there for us on this one.

Tiananmen Tom Matlack

Forbidden City

Tom Matlack of the Good Men Project has found himself in the hot seat with almost all of his former feminist allies. He is posturing through the crises, but it looks to Paul Elam more like he is cutting a deal.

FTB and the UncleTomosphere

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A blogger on freethoughtblogs going by the name Crommunist has taken exception to an article written by Nurdy Dancing. He has instructed her to return to the plantation. Somehow we don’t think she is inclined to obey.

Mr. theOther, I quit.


It appears that Derek Bedry has achieved his goal of causing turmoil and chaos withing the men’s movement. John the other is in disarray, GWW is cratering, and Molly Sãmmichãmmer has resigned her position, even at the expense of the basket in which she sleeps.

PZ Myers: trumping ideas with ideology

PZ Policy

PZ Myers is a feminist scientist, joining the ranks of Christian Atheists, mammalian reptiles, and the living dead. In July he banned another blogger on his “Free” Thought Blogs, for thinking. Way to go PZ. Will it get you a handjob from ZOMGitscriss?