Acid Attacks: Telling Only Half the Story

Acid vitriol attack

Acid attacks are a horror that no human being should experience. The problem should never be minimized. Unfortunately, certain international groups advocating “for women” are busy minimizing the problem for damn near half of all victims, and minimizing the sexual identity of many of the attackers.

The World’s Fastest Patriarchy Disproof

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AVfM welcomes 17 year old Josh O’Brien, who has already figured out that the “Patriarchy” myth of privileging men over women is, well, a myth. When youngsters are already figuring it out for themselves, we have hope that this hateful notion will die within our lifetimes.

Mark Zuckerberg, have you seen Rape Culture?

Social networking concept.

Dear Mr Zuckerberg, can the classic document film Rape Culture, which was the genesis of the term “Rape Culture” and was primarily about male victims, have it’s own page please? Or is Kiss My Ass a better option? Isaac T. Quill ponders the question, and tries to find the answer…

How funny is a mutilated vagina?

Genital Mutilation

Society has so dehumanized men, so demonized male sexuality, that men can be literally tied up and tortured, have their lives permanently altered (by removing the ability to fulfil the most basic of drives)…and these women laugh.

I was a paper alpha

Paper Alpha

It’s one of those game scenarios where the partner tries to control the outcome and control all the credits so you can’t alter the game. But when the game score is negatively affected you have to eat the shit for it, because you have no real patriarchal power.

Pulling Back The Foreskin

Mutilating Men

It is curious to consider that rape for a woman does not represent a biological contradiction to her utility as it would and does for a male victim of rape. Yet we pay the male victim no fare. This ethical contradiction suggests that female rape may be better represented as a property crime. It may be better simply to issue rape insurance to women as some governments are now offering the payout. Once privatized, behaviors that may contribute to the occurrence can be scrutinized by female executive peers who may be wildly unimpressed with slut-walks and more diligent with their ethics.