Aged medieval soldier praying

This is what the truth looks like

I stumbled upon an image from, a site with user-generated content. The original uploader of this piece is unknown, but he or she used several shots from JustGirlyThings, a Tumblr blog, and juxtaposed their captions against pictures that actually need them. If this image does not teach you about the double standards and exaggerations that harm men, nothing will.

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Victor Zen is a spoiled, obese child hopped up on psychiatric drugs turned slim, fit, humble small business owner. He has noticed fully-grown women acting like how he did in childhood, and he makes a point to remind them how good they have it.

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  • Mr. Sungame

    You know, I always smile at the “justgirlthings” memes, when they give the finger to the narcissistic girl power messages.

    These ones… these ones honestly gave me a tear in the eye.

    I know it is hyperbole, saying that “because shit happens, we can’t have joy”, but at the same times every message is so strong!

    Remember that just because you enjoy life, there are people who are not.

  • nick

    OMG that is so fucked. No laughing moment here. but deep sympathy and respect to all the brothers out there. The difference between what are real concerns for males over the made up ones for women are just astounding. Thank you AVFM.

  • nick

    P.S I am going to show this to my partner who doesn’t get the draft= vote thingy. Top picture : you have this ( stupid girly saying) because someone else (bottom picture) suffered like this ( male suffrage) I could not be more thankful for this.. Thank you Victor.

    • MGTOW-man

      “P.S I am going to show this to my partner who doesn’t get the draft= vote thingy. ”
      — If there is no matching of risk and sacrifice with that of voting and getting to vote, then where does the desire to run things come from—just wanting more power than you already have?

      • Mr. Sungame

        I am just confused at what either of you mean by the draft= vote thing.
        What did I miss?

        The rest of nicks post makes sense though. But MGTOW-man I am not following what you mean?

        • Suzanne McCarley

          In the US, “universal” suffrage for men was granted in the mid/late 1800′s, in part because of the obligation for conscription. 50 years later women were granted the vote as soon as the majority of women WANTED the vote – but most women didn’t want the vote until they were assured that the right to vote would not be tied to conscription.

          Men earned the right to vote. Women merely demanded it.

          • Mr. Sungame

            Thanks. Makes more sense now :)

            Think more this was the case in Norway too. Before “universal” male suffrage only people who owned land had a vote.

            Few people realize though how new the concept of universal suffrage is. They just take it for granted. Like having a citizenship. But before suffrage became the hot topic, the right to citizenship was a sought after position, with a lot of rights. And Roman soldiers would join the Legions in order to gain it.

  • Gary Trieste

    Ok, I get the point, contrasting the civil life concerns of girlygirls, which are orders of magnitude less significant than that of people suffering through war and genocide.

    However poignant, it is not enough of a tie-in to dads having their children torn from them and suffering from the destruction of their fatherhood.
    Or men’s core personhood destroyed by society in general.

    • SlantyJaws

      On the contrary I’d view it as another facet of the exact same problem. Men are disposable, men die in war, men are expected to do these things. Women are not. This is one of the purest expressions of mens’ core personhood being, in this case literally, destroyed by society.

    • rayc2

      I don’t know…the last one could just as easily be a vet who just got out of divorce court after his wife cheated on him with his best friend, made false accusations and took the kids, and the court is making him pay through the nose for the privilige……

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        That’s exactly what happened to my son in law, he told me the only friend in the world he felt he had at the time was his dog…

    • Mr. Sungame

      How about those of us that live in countries with not only a draftsignup, but actual honest to god conscription? Where your country take away 1, maybe 2 or even 3 years of your life, just because you are a man?
      Now most countries with conscription will only send voulenteers to fight wars on foreign soil, but we are still expected to learn how to be a soldier and fight for our country if need be. Not to mention that a lot of us have to do repetition training on a regular basis, where we are taken out of our job, and our employers are not required to pay us our salary for the missed days. (This of course in my country applies for women that volunteered for service, which there is quite a few that did, but still a minority)

      Now I have the luck of living in one of the few countries with gender neutral conscription, meaning men and woman both have to serve… but guess what year Norway passed this law? Oh yeah, last year… in a time were the conscription is no longer as mandatory. It’s easy to get out of these days, as the government figured out they need less soldiers than there were men…. and THEN decided that they need the women. (An yet we had feminist politicians arguing AGAINST female conscription, because “we don’t need more soldiers”, so much for equal rights for woman! :P)

      Only other country I personally know of with conscription for both genders is Israel, but last I heard men had to serve one year longer than woman.

      But in the end, all around the world men are systematically being told that they need to protect their country, because they are men. Give away years of your life to your country, because you are a man.

      I served, I still serve (as part of repetition training), and I am proud to have done so. And I agree that it might not be as big of a deal as parental rights for men, but I do think that for a lot of us it is part of the gynocentric parts of society.

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        I’m pretty sure they’re going to pull that stunt here as well.

        I’d love to forward these to all those women who say they wish they could trade places with a man for just one day…realistically, I know I wouldn’t last 5 minutes.

        • Mr. Sungame

          Heck the times where woman do step into a mans life, she expect preferential treatment. Like the girl that got into that male academy thing, and the first thing she asks is if she has to cut her hair… well all the boys have to, why was she special, just because her bits don’t dangle between her legs.

          When I was in the army I have several girls in my troop, most of whom were good at what they did, but they still had that air of “but I’m a girl” mentality around them.
          Not to mention that we were expected to do EXACTLY the same duties, the demands for physical fitness was lower for woman. “Because woman are weaker” is not a good argument when you expect two people to do the same job, but demand higher “quality” of the men. If you ask me the demands should be set based on the job at hand, not who has what genitalia. The unbalanced physical demands are still present in the Norwegian armed forces, even after conscription became neutral.

  • Bewildered

    Brilliant !

    “I was crying for shoes till I saw a man with no legs.”
    I sat there whole night praying,
    Thanking HIM for things Ive got,
    Rather than grieving for those I have not.

    When the culture keeps drilling into your heads that you were born to be happy,that you deserve the best unconditionally etc. it’s easy to understand their aspirations and expectations.

  • Victor Zen (Sage Gerard)

    Number 9 was especially hard to look at. Having your friends converted to names on a memorial is painful enough, but it gets sick when you realize that there people out there that ordered them to die in the first place. And what are feminists, these people that are supposedly “for men, too” doing about that? Not a god damned thing.

    • Bluedrgn

      (sarcasm on)

      But don’t you know… war is a product of the “patriarchy” and if we can just destroy “patriarchy” and put women in charge of everything… then life will be all “rainbows and butterflies”!

      (sarcasm off)

      • Bewildered

        We might still have wars but they will be fun wars like this :

      • Eon24

        War under a feminist ruled society would be the exact same as it is now, only difference being who is in charge. Men would be forced to engage one another, at the whim of their feminist rulers

        Ladies are far too valuable to be thrown into combat


    • Bewildered

      Do you really think they can do anything about it ? They are merely pawns ,useful idiots in the hands of the ruling elite. Much as we don’t want wars the sad truth is that sometimes they are inevitable and end up being tragic for quite a few.

      • Redfield

        Viewing these captioned pictures gave me a transcendent moment …. They actually gave me a similar reaction. I see doco’s on the U.S. military serving in Afghanistan, always impressive to see the dedication and professionalism of the serving sons and daughters, mostly sons putting their lives in harms way. I know there are mums and dads on this site with children serving, you all have much to be proud of!
        I do think though with the calibre of Western governments presently would probably get me arrested or worse … They will take my children off to these battlefields over my dead body! Seriously!

    • Laddition

      Number twelve for me.

      • Turbo

        I tried to pick my favourite, so far I have narrowed it down to 19.

    • Mr. Sungame

      You know Victor, this was probably my exact thought when I read (in my chrome brouser, that had a little white ribbon at the bottom one day) that it was the “International day for elimination of violence against woman”

      And I thought “Wait, why not remove everything after the word violence?!” Having an international day for the elimination of violence must be so much better!
      I don’t freaking need a day for the elimination of violence against men, because as a man I would be considered part of it if it was gender neutral.

      But when you point this out some feminist will go “This isn’t about you, this is about woman, you men go create your own day!”
      And when you do champion for an international men’s day, the same feminists will mock it online.

      But yeah, violence care little for gender, but society tend to put more men in harms way then women.
      Why then are we focusing on the minor issue?

    • Seele

      Feminists are hard at work: sure, servicemen who die on duty remain statistics, but servicewomen who die on duty are hailed as national heroes.

  • donzaloog

    This brought a tear to my eye. Infinite respect to the members of the military. They’ve made the ultimate sacrifice. Never take your freedom for granted for it was paid for in blood.

    • SlantyJaws

      If you’ll notice from the pictures, they don’t just show the US military, but what looks like Wehrmacht and Sovetskaya Armiya soldiers too. It’s a message about men, all men, not about nations.

      For my money, and I know I’ll take some flack over this, but barring outright invasion men should refuse to join the military, should refuse to participate in cheapening their own lives for dubious purposes. I don’t glorify the military and I don’t think anyone should. At best it is a neccessary evil.

      I’m a big fan of the latter works of Smedley-Butler, “War is a racket”.

      • rayc2

        “For my money, and I know I’ll take some flack over this, but barring outright invasion men should refuse to join the military, should refuse to participate in cheapening their own lives for dubious purposes. I don’t glorify the military and I don’t think anyone should. At best it is a neccessary evil.”

        Amen brother. Why would anyone volunteer to risk their life promoting a system that treats them like it does. Do it for selfish reasons or don’t do it at all…or make them force you to do it. We are doing men a disservice by leading them on that they are some kind of “hero” when they join the military. ‘Hero’ status and $5.00 will get you a cup of coffee maybe. They deserve better.

        • SlantyJaws

          I think this is important enough to be linked, here’s Smedley-Butler’s speech:

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        Maybe with Obamacare men can stop enlisting to get medical benefits to save their children. Just sayin’…

      • Mr. Sungame

        As someone who has served my country, I disagree.

        I understand what you are saying though, and I have in the past even critiqued people, mostly the people who join the american military out of free will, when they know they are going to be pawns in the dirty political games of nations.

        But after a while I have come to respect even them. Why? Because I think anyone willing to die for their country regardless of the politics it faces, deserve respect. The rest of us who can vote should vote in a manner that prevents us from ever having to send them to war.

        That said I still hate how in countries with a profecional military the military will often target poorer neighbourhoods where they know people might be desperate for jobs, and bribing them with opertunities of schooling and skills.
        And then when these people served their country, and go back to civilian life, are met with rejection, decent, anf being told the skills they were taught in the military are not certified for civilian use!
        These people fought for us, and their friends died for us, and we as a society shun them for what we asked them to do!

        (PS; I said I served my country, just to be clear I am not american, so I am not asking for you to praise me etc. I was a conscript in the Norwegian armed forces, doing what at that point 50% of my male counterparts were demanded to do ;D )

  • Woland

    Well in some countries men don´t have a choice. In my country we still have conscription for all able bodied men.

  • oldfart

    “They train young men to drop fire on people. But their commanders won’t allow them to write ‘fuck’ on their airplanes because it is obscene. ”

    Actually,because a pic of the lettering may make it back to the States where some fragile woman’s ego gets wounded.

  • MGTOW-man

    You do realize that you will be called a bully because you have been too honest. With most women, it seems they only want a certain honesty: a limited one, a pretend one, one built of a lying paradox—but don’t us men dare notice this in them…for it will be certain that we have to “hate” women. Why else would you dare do these comparisons?…With them, truth is hated, refused, and thus, “changed”.

  • The Horseless Hun

    War….. war never changes. Fuck war. Fuck “allowing” women into “combat roles” as if they deserve the option to decide if they want to or not. What a joke. and fuck the groveling figureheads who go on about “the brave men and women who have sacrificed their lives.” I wouldn’t doubt that 99% if not more of all the combat casualties throughout history has been men. Its a disgraceful farce to include women in the same sentence when mentioning “sacrificing life” imo, fuck political correctness.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton


      The only two institutions the US still excels worldwide in, since the advent of feminism has trashed every last other one the US once excelled in, are our For Profit Male Prison System and our Military – two things women avoid like everything else dirty and dangerous.

      While the For Profit Male Prison system will continue to grow unchecked and unimpeded, the writing is on the wall for our Military System – introducing rampant feminism into the military system will cripple it as surely as our education, medical and industrial systems have been crippled and gutted by feminism.

      We’ll see soon enough who really caused wars as opposed to who actually prevented wars.

  • potrzebie

    Hey, “it’s MEN who start wars”, remember?

    Any time some moron says that to you, ask them if they’ve ever voted for a man.

    • John Ridgeway

      Women cause overpopulation, did you know that?

      It’s WOMEN who give birth, after all.

  • Jeremy

    I can’t stop laughing when I read this post. I am not laughing at AVfM, I’m laughing at the pure insipid nature of what your average young girl thinks is important in life. When you so aptly draw this contrast, they really look like the definition of spoiled brats.

  • Cam

    A great piece of work by whom ever put this together.

    What is so brilliant is how it sends so many different messages in simple form.

    It puts life into perspective .

    It certainly makes a farce of all those whiny or introspective woman out there obsessed with the trivia and minutiae of their unimportant lives and those in the media that feed it with material like the photo captions shown above.

    It would make a nice piece on the wall of every psychologist’s office but I bet you will never find anything like that there.

    110% score from me on this one.

  • comslave

    I like #2 because it gets to the whole point. a woman absolutely surrounded by comfort thinks she could actually have a problem contrasted against a man going to war.

  • Chad_Nine

    Good find, Victor. Powerful stuff.

  • tamerlame

    Stop telling men that wars are fought for our freedoms, that bullshit is just propaganda to rationalize war. I can only think of one war in history that is applicable to.

    We don’t live in a free society in the west anymore, so how can fighting for this system be considered freedom? How is bombing and invading 3rd world countries doing anything to protect freedom?

  • daveisme

    Thank you Victor Zen a truly sobering list of pictures to help me realize everything I should appreciate in life and why we should all continue doing everything we can to keep the rights we have.
    Or should have.

  • Zorro

    Holy. Fuck.

    Stunned at the eloquence.

  • Usagi Yojimbo

    Give me the link to these…they need to be spread wide across social media.

    This is the price men and innocent pay for women’s “first world problems.”

    Fucking awesome.

  • TheSandreGuy

    You know those “true shit”-moments? This is one of them.

  • Spoonwood

    Pieces along this line might have more effect if they showed more images of deaths or injuries as they happen at work (predominately to men). Like coal men (miners), firemen, construction men possibly even a construction woman also, roof men (roofers), etc. who suffer by dieing or getting injured.