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The Future of Women in a MGTOW Society

Once upon a time, in a land… just next door, people knew what marriage was, what it entailed, and what its future bestowed.

The concept of marriage is relatively new to the human species, but was based on the ancient contract emotionally agreed upon by our primitive ancestors when they discovered that due to their big brains, their offspring were born less mature by necessity than other, less intelligent species; this contract promoted the exchange of three C’s (cooking, cleaning, and copulation) from the female, and three P’s from the male (protection, provision, and progeny).

Despite many cosmetic alterations, the ancient contract has remained the foundation of the family unit for a guesstimated five hundred thousand years, with inklings of it up to two million years ago. As long as both parties have fulfilled their ends of the bargain, humans survived, thrived, and finally civilized. This is the juggernaut our modern media keeps hounding our young men with, and more and more young men are combating it the best way they know how, by side-stepping it.

So, why not marriage?

Well, in modern society, the legal system has been unabashedly twisting the ancient contract into something that amounts to slavery, rather than the symbiotic foundation from whence it originated. While men are still expected to protect and provide, the prospect of progeny has become laughable; so while the hardest part of his end is still concrete, that nice smooth veneer has been stripped clean off; often he doesn’t even know if his kids are actually his, and it is becoming increasingly harder (legally) to force that knowledge from his partner.

The responsibilities for women have been eliminated by technology and gender politics, while at the same time their contract benefits have  increased. On the whole what was once her responsibility, to copulate, has become whim and weapon. With a legal system in place which has been designed for her to exploit and abuse, it is becoming increasingly difficult to trust women enough to even associate with, never mind marry.

Despite the bombardment of false accusations, crippling divorces, impossible child support fees, and the wholesale demonization of everything male, women continue to impede their own ability to gain their own coveted independence, and demand men to heroically step up and continue to do their duty.

Well, men are tiring of the old song and dance, and they are questioning the necessity of long-term relationships in general. Ever since the industrial age, the need for a woman to maintain the house and home, and care for the children – while the men spent their days doing body- and soul-crushing work – has been becoming increasingly obsolete. The advent of common household electricity, plumbing and other modern niceties meant that women were spared hard work in order to maintain homes.

This was a double bonus for men – the women were less stressed and therefore happier, and they no longer developed the hard roughened bodies associated with hard work, allowing them to remain sexually attractive for much longer.

Then came washers, dryers and the electric dishwasher. For those who could afford these luxurious appliances it meant more time spent doing other things. On the one hand, some of that spare time was used to dream up concepts like the “historic oppression of women.” On the slapping hand, it meant men could do chores on their own.

Other things were thrown into the mix, or which soured the deal; no-fault divorce, the Tender Years Doctrine, alimony and child support laws, etc.. Divorce rates sky-rocketed and, after avoiding it for as long as possible, men found themselves trying to figure out these contraptions. While it’s long been ingrained into the human male’s psyche that they need women, the fact of the matter is, they don’t; women provide children, and children provide guaranteed income for women (via child support or welfare, single mothers will meet basic habitable conditions), by men, through persuasion, extortion, or taxes.

What women didn’t realize was that the very things which made their lives easier – be they appliances or conveniently boxed pre-made meals at the grocery store – simultaneously reduced the necessity for women. Men are increasingly becoming aware of this, and are opting to go their own way and reject the farce that marriage has become.

Women have inadvertently been reduced to gestational incubators; everything else, men can take care of on their own. And the more that women harp on about how evil, and useless, and stupid men are, and how much men must be responsible for the life choices women make, the more men opt to ignore women altogether.

Science fiction has long since been our window into the future, and the gestational beer keg – while not yet implemented – is already a concept; one hesitates to ask, “On what grounds would its completion be demanded?” For the right price, women sell their “natural” services all the time, going so far as to incubate a fetus for other people; one has to wonder, how much their eggs would be worth to them? And make no mistake, women will sell their eggs, and they’ll do it willingly, just as they sell their bodies, as proven when Australia made welfare cuts. And with the advent of Vasagel, a male fertility inhibitor, which is safe, reversible, and lasts roughly ten years per shot, women will lose the stranglehold of procreation over men.

What does this mean for the future of either sex? I can see one of two things happening.

The first, and most obvious answer – and one I so dearly hope for – is women wake up, grow up, and take responsibility for their own life choices. Women are not children, and husbands are not their dads. A radical paradigm shift will have to happen before men begin to have trust in the ancient contract again. A burgeoning respect for the sex that created and continues to maintain the civilization women so blithely enjoy would be nice. Men have been working on it for five thousand years specifically for women. A little recognition would be appreciated.

Men are inherently feminist; we have been for the better part of a million years before it was even a concept to the women at all. We want to work this out. This isn’t about misogyny. This is about disillusionment; we love women, we love their flustered approach to parallel parking, we love it… lift something heavy, or get something high down, we love their sense of helplessness, even when we know they’re not.

If this approach can’t be worked out, women will need to make a choice. Either pull up their pants and knuckle down to some real work under the equal opportunity clause, or take up the business of part-time housewifery. Now the first choice is fraught with problems for women is general, there are very few men who find chapped-pawed, skinned-knuckled and work-hardened women to be attractive; over the course of the last century, women have progressively gotten softer and more delicate in appearance, due largely in part by the lack of household labor. Women over the course of humanity have gotten progressively softer and more delicate than our ape-like ancestors; so to introduce a winning mating strategy to hardened working career… that’s a tough choice I wouldn’t want to have to make.

The second choice is fraught with its own problems, namely time: single men don’t need much living space, especially if they’re earning just enough to cover their necessary means; the best housewives will only ever get to associate with middle class men, because the upper classes will have employees for specific tasks – cooks, maids, drivers, secretaries – really all they need a woman for is arm candy, and that’s a short career, extended in no small part by intellectual stimulation.

Men might not be willing to accept the ancient contract back, but we have an amazing capacity to forgive a guilty smile, just meet us halfway, we can work this out.

I want to see this outcome, preferably before I quit giving a damn altogether. Because the alternative has, historically, not been pretty.

The second thing I can see happening is MGTOW’s becoming criminalized. And here’s how it will happen: it’ll start with a single’s tax, applicable only to men, specifically men who live underneath the tax bracket. Followed by criminalizing cash-payment jobs. If Vasagel can’t be quashed at the FDA level, it will become highly taxed, or just made outright illegal; it’s unlikely anyone with a criminal record, however slight, will be allowed to get a Vasagel injection, on the fear that the doctor may well lose his practicing license. You’ll watch as your fathers, uncles, brothers, friends, get picked up one by one, for what will boil down to not manning up and doing their duty as “men.”

You’ll feel the first shocks, as the infrastructure fails to maintain itself under the strain of invisible workers who have been imprisoned. You’ll watch as convicts are forced into slave labor to sustain the infrastructure. You’ll feel the crunch as taxes increase, then increase again, because no government seems to understand that slaves and government workers cannot create GDP; without GDP, you have no tax base, without a tax base, you can’t maintain a government, and a large portion of women work for the government, whether directly or through welfare.

And this is only if men are so kind as not to revolt.


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He's a halfway serious introvert, plodding through life watching people and taking notes. Call him anti-social, he won't deny it, because society keeps giving him reasons to turn his back on it.

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  • MGTOW-man

    “Women have inadvertently been reduced to gestational incubators; everything else, men can take care of on their own. And the more that women harp on about how evil, and useless, and stupid men are, and how much men must be responsible for the life choices women make, the more men opt to ignore women altogether.”

    —and women brought every bit of this on themselves! Did they think flipping the world like it is an egg would land EVERYTHING in their favor? Well, yes, they did.

    But MGTOW is the antidote.

  • MGTOW-man

    “The second thing I can see happening is MGTOW’s becoming criminalized”

    —The feelings of women ran amuck! They want to punish you for not revolving everything around them.

    Why can’t more people see this?!!

    • James Williams

      Anti-MGTOW will be heavily promoted and acted on by Manginas and White Knights or should I say femmie poodles.

      • MGTOW-man

        But without distortions, they will have nothing to go on except that we MGTOW’s don’t revolve our lives around women. The truth there will act as a catch 22 for them, no?

    • whiic

      Might be more likely that people think. I live in Finland and many parts speculated have been, are or will be part of our society – despite Finland having an image as very “liberal” county… or maybe because of that.

      Single’s tax? It used to be a reality. Might return some day.

      Male only conscription. Most countries still have such, but it’s effective only under martial law. In Finland, every male has to serve 6 to 12 months in military and they aren’t practically paid anything to do it. The ironic part is that while majority of people support the conscription service (and oppose an army of professionals or volunteers), there’s also talk about making conscripts do unrelated manual labour. Men are slaves for up to a year of their lives.

      And what do the feminists do about it? Well, they saw the system oppressive… toward women. Because women weren’t allowed to do slave work. They are allowed now. But not forced to. But apparently there’s still “issues” of inequity there: women need to pay for health inspection required to enroll, the men forced to participate (at the threat of prison sentence without parole) aren’t. Such misogyny!

      Anyway, back to the anti-MGTOW topic: there’s also a new law that grants women that were never married alimony from the non-husband on the basis of previous co-habitation. This is also made de facto one-directional because the recipient would need to be stay-at-home mother or father (latter which is very rare, and mostly to blame on women who would not accept such laziness… from a man at least).

      The argument for alimony to non-ex-wife has been argued that the stay-at-home mother “helped” the man to grow his wealth, and the man has to pay up for the work woman did at home. (Yeah, despite dishwashers, etc. and the fact that with all likelyhood, the man worked longer hours and was the breadwinner for the entire household.)

      To criminalize MGTOW in a “liberal” society might take some long-term effort but pass laws that tax or make it impossible to avoid marriage-like non-marriage contracts that don’t even require your signature… beware. They might be reality for you tomorrow as they’re easier to argument in name of “equity”, “progress” or “social justice” or whatever buzzword one might come up with to sound forward-looking. Same applies in criminalization of birth-control pills for men. They might “find” some “unacceptable” health risks that could be used as leverage of not granting permits to distribute them. And most people wouldn’t understand to blame the systematic oppression but just put it into general bureaucratic buffoonery and hence not cause any revolt… not that men are used to revolt when women’s feelings are at stake.

      Either way, MGTOW movement (or more widely the phenomenon, including non-ideological MGTOW as well) is very important thing to have because it will most likely make the opposition take measures that give away their bigotry which they have overlooked (despite it being already in plain sight, provided you take the Red Pill first).

      • Meta Tron

        We now have Obamacare in the states which includes a bachelor tax (of course, it is not called that). That being said, the more they try to take from men, the less they will earn in order to avoid being a desirable target. The phenomenon is well documented, not just in the states but worldwide. And, of course, the media has begun a worldwide campaign of shaming tactics to motivate men to produce so they will have something for women and the government to steel from them. It is not working this time and it won’t; socialism has never worked.

  • SlantyJaws

    ” A radical paradigm shift will have to happen before men begin to have trust in the ancient contract again.”

    No thanks, I don’t need a contract to share my life with someone I love, now or ever. The sooner it gets gone and stays gone the better for everyone it will be.

    And that includes cohabitation laws.

    • Paul Johnson

      Cohabitation laws are just the refusal to accept MGTOW.
      “Well, it walks like a marriage and talks like a marriage…”

  • crydiego

    >”The second thing I can see happening is MGTOW’s becoming criminalized”<
    I fear more that they will be conscripted because the state can now say what marriage is and isn't. What could stop the state from claiming that because you are the male half of a child you are technically the spouse of the female half? I mean, -what is a "Husband anymore?" The terms marriage, husband, and wife have no solid definition because they are social/religious constructs that are defined by the courts.

    Every woman as well as men that have a child can be defined as married. Even if you didn't get a particular woman pregnant, could you someday be charged with attempted marriage because you slept with her? Someday men might face the choice between attempted marriage or rape charges. In fact, some might say we are near that today.

    The terms marriage, wife and husband no longer have meaning and need to be removed from the law books and replaced with domestic contracts.

    Like the broken egg, marriage can never be put back together by all the kings horses or all the kings men.

    • John Narayan

      Feminists are like Humpty Dumpty on so many levels.

    • Ekalavya

      I don’t know what do you mean by attempted marriage, but in India men facing one strange rule. Assume a man and woman have sexual relationship. If woman want to end relationship, fine. Nothing will happen as it is her choice and she have that right to walk away at anytime. If man want to end the relationship, then he may face rape charges, if that girl don’t like that. She can simply say, sex on the promise of marriage and file rape case on him. No matter, the man really promised to marry her or not, at the time thye had sex. In India many men are facing this now.

      Man freed in rape case, court says it was extra-marital affair

      This is only one case, there many such case, constantly rising at very much better rate than Indian economy.

    • whiic

      >”I fear more that they will be conscripted because the state can now say what marriage is and isn’t.”

      Sad but true. For example, in Finland a law was passed that gave the “stay-at-home” non-spouse (technically gender-neutral, but statistically a woman) to receive alimony. That is a person you weren’t married to.

      In Finland a no-fault divorce is applied to marriage. At divorce the property of spouses are considered common property and split at time of divorce. Alimony after divorce is usually not payed since the poorer spouse can receive a truckload of money the very second the split. Even cheating spouses are entitled to the same share at time of divorce, so the no-fault aspect is taken to it’s extreme.

      The idea of “common property” can be nullified by signing a separate contract limiting spousal rights. This contract is not always made since it could be considered voicing doubt on the everlastingness of marriege. Obviously, such doubt is rational (with 50% divorce rate) but the mentally less stable spouse (the one assuming the role of the Princess, regardless of gender but statistically the female) might get a hissy fit.

      Now, with the law of giving right to alimony to non-married ex-partners you cannot even sign the contract of excluding these right before hand. Basically the society is already making marriage the better alternative to non-marriage by making “marital” rights unalienable to unmarried people.

      Of course, if the society makes it difficult to live in a non-married relationship, and marriage doesn’t interest you… and why should it by the way? Lose all the great sex for nothing? And I’m not even talking about the right to cheat but sex with your (primary) partner. The quality of sex can’t go up, if the spouse starts to think she’s entitled to something without having responsibilities to deserve them.
      …anyway, if the non-married and married relationships don’t interest people MGTOW and pick-up artistry will only rise to replace any stable relationships..

      It would be nice to have “marriage” only as a cultural concept, and anything agree between “spouses” to be handled via freely written contracts. Since we live in era where single parents can leech of the state, I don’t see any real reason to include obligations to ex-spouses to partake in monetary support – unless a joint-custody is part of the divorce agreement and even then, the monetary support should be spend directly in benefit of the child (i.e when the child is visiting the father).

      Like the article mentioned, men (the gender) are generally pretty malleable and forgiving when it comes to women. Women would only have to come halfway and MGTOW would probably lose most of it’s appeal. The problem is, women are far less interested in giving in that much. It’s due to all the sense of entitlement that society tells them they have. Everything there is tells them they have it: feminists, conservatives, white knights… even pick-up artists in their own way. MGTOW and MHRA are the only people that disagree on about inherent entitlements that come with a double-X chromosomes.

  • Redfield

    You know I think marriage is fucked and off the table … women are too conceited and men are too depleted (of trust)! But to add another side to the discussion, what we are seeing with men and women is all learned behaviour! What can be learned that has negative consequences will simply be surplus to the needs of society! Feminism is lining up for the kill shot, if it doesn’t serve the needs of society then out with the old in with the new! After all I have never actually seen a golden uterus build a skyscrapper? Or for that matter have the same hold a gun to my head and make me build one!

    And it will continue to hissy fit and throw out dubious bullshit everytime someone has the temerity to face it off with fact! Leave the laws as they are, it will discourage men from marrying and will encourage the kids to grow up!

    I truly believe what we are seeing with women today is a form of devolution, their gender has become so needy on bullshit facts, fiction and abuse of the law, the State …. they are more reliant on something or someone than ever before! As for men, well what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger … It’s simply an evolutionary process :)

    • Paul Johnson

      Instead of “devolution,” you should say, “regression.”

      • Redfield

        Yep, thanks Paul …

  • Mark Trueblood

    Sadly, marriage is irreversibly in decline as a societal organizing principle. I am very pessimistic about the legal climate ever changing in favor of fairness to both genders. In fact, I think it’s going to get much worse.

  • Bolo

    I don’t want to “work it out” Its not our mess as men to fix nor come to any sort of “barging table”. Infact, there is too much money tied up in the status-quo for changes to the system naturally occur. I think men aren’t going back to marriage, ever again, pandora’s box has been opened.

    MGTOW, eventually, will force the systems hand to either change or collapse, only the threat of collapse will cause radical changes to the money hungry, status-quo, divorce industries.

    Women made this bed, it is time for them to lie in it. This mess was created by women, I, as a MGTOW, will never consider marriage, even if every law changed tomorrow.

    • Paul Johnson

      Stardusk had something like this to say here:

    • numbCruncher

      I agree. Stand back and let it burn.

  • http://www.genderratic.com/ Jim Doyle

    “Despite many cosmetic alterations, the ancient contract has remained the foundation of the family unit for a guesstimated five hundred thousand years”

    That ancient contract was not the basis of the family. The basis of the family was the male lineage that secured resources and asafety for the group, because without that male lineage making life possible, there was never going to be any wifey-hubby in the frst place. this is why you find Y DNA lineages tied to specific locations and regions, because they controlled land and other esouces, while mDNA is spread much more evenly as women maried out into neighboring groups.

    That ancient contract was the basis of the hosehold, which was a subset of the family, until the family lineage was crushed and supeceded by village life for most of us peasants, and crushed utterly by industrialization.

  • earl

    Elitist men started this silent war as a power grab from all of us. They hate competition.

    Women decided to submit themselves to their power…and become the pawns we can point fingers at.

    And we are expected to clean up their mess…and keep up this facade.


    What can an elitist do to a man that has already made up his mind to go his own way? Kill him? Remember this verse…


    This period of time in history is an assault on souls. Place your trust in God and get the popcorn ready.

  • Mr. Sungame

    “And here’s how it will happen: it’ll start with a single’s tax”

    I am not 100% sure on how much or if there are any, but I do believe Norway already have tax benefits for married couples. Which means unmarried people pay more taxes.

    So yeah, welcome to Dystopia,
    Population: you.

    • vanguard

      Taxes that benefit married couples are already normal in nearly every european country. They’re usually marketed as tax breaks for couples and not as an tax increases for people that stay single, but in the end they serve exactly the function you describe.

      Ironically, most people would lable such taxes and the idea behind them to be something out of the mind of a conspiracy theorist; most of the time they do not realize that we’re actually living and have been living in a system in which mechanics to punish people that do not marry are found almost everywhere.

      • Meta Tron

        I think there is something in the Affordable Care Act that amounts to a tax on bachelors. Not sure though because it is such a mess (I can’t really make sense of it).

      • Mr. Sungame

        That said, it is beneficial for a state that babies are produced. And it is preferential that babies are produced in an environment where the state gets the least of the economical burden.
        So a family unit has an economical advantage for the state.

        So I DO see how it is a good thing for a government, but it can be used to force people into something they do not want. There are already a lot of economical reasons to cohabitate, from reduced food and shelter budgets etc. to the fact that less housing is needed for the populous.
        And on top of that we want to make it better from a tax point of view.

        I see all the points, but I fear that it can be used against MGTOW. And MGTOW is already a critique of a social system that isn’t working…

  • nick

    Thankfully we will have sex robots soon.

    • MGTOW-man

      Not so fast there Nick. I am humored, but the feminists will resent the circumvention of women’s power and shut down any hopes of men finding another way (MFAW). Look what they are doing to porn already—or trying to—and will, if allowed to have the field all to themselves. Everything must be about, to, for, through, revolve, etc around them—and ONLY them!

      They will shut down sex-bots or most any other means for men to have relief without going through women/feminists by saying that such exploits damage women via objectification etc…blah, blah, blah.

      Men can’t be men anymore…unless it is allowed/delivered by women/feminists— and only them!

      Don’t be surprised at how right I just might be. Irrational feelings are in control of everything for you, me, everybody, everywhere, about everything already. It will only get worse for a while, maybe longer.

      • Kimski

        “that such exploits damage women via objectification etc…”

        And at the same time, there’s no breathing entity on the planet quite as capable and willing to objectify themselves, in any way possible when it suits their agenda, as women.
        Quite stunning, when you think of it.

        The Future of Women in a MGTOW Society?

        Women have almost completely succeeded in making themselves obsolete to a model 2000 man and not much else, actually. In their never ending pursuit of “liberation and empowerment”, they’ve completely missed the fact that males have exceeded in obtaining those goals throughout known history, and do far better on their own because of it. With this last incentive provided by women themselves, men have become way more liberated and empowered than women could ever hope for, because their own biological drive for procreation trumps the male desire to be treated as a mere tool at any given time.
        I wish them best of luck with their new status as owners of a dying society, and eventually grasshuts and mud, while I head on into the future with the women that gets it and my brothers in arms, to create a new foundation for a more civilised relationship between men and women, and consequently a more civilised and equal society for all.

      • WontStepUp

        There’s always celibacy. It isn’t for everybody, but more men would likely consider it if they had good resources about it.

        • Meta Tron

          Forget resources, just look at the number (specifically, the numbers about how much money the court orders men to pay in alimony and child support).

        • MGTOW-man

          I am not sure very men would like to be celibates no matter how informed they become.

          The desire in men for them to have orgasms is so strong that, well, …feminism.

          Now if they can be OK with masturbating and it not be seen as weak, unmanly, and all the other manipulative name-calling rot that’s against something that most all men do anyway (even a lot of happily married men too), then many men will decide that women are not worth the risk. They can think of any woman they please, have the same close-enough-that-it-will-do orgasm anyway, taking only a few minutes, without all the fuss, lies, pretending, cowardice, chaos, child-stealing and other legal problems.

          • Meta Tron

            Why do you think they are trying to ban porn?

    • Chibiabos

      Dont count on it. Jessica Valenti, leading online feminist, wanted realistic sex dolls to be banned on the grounds that they ‘objectify’ women. “the Human-Robot Personal Relationship Act and under the direction of the Ministry of Robots and Artificial Intelligence, to be established in Ontario and other Canadian provinces and territories at the end of next year.” I don’t know how long ago this was righten or if it passed.
      Ministry of Robots and Artificial Intelligence…..How many ridiculous Ministry’s does Canada have?

      • MGTOW-man

        See there? Already….

      • Usagi Yojimbo

        And yet they only use a single piece of the male anatomy, the penis, as an object for their own satisfaction. We want a doll to hold and cuddle, and we get shamed for it. The feminist just want something to fill them, and get lauded for it.

        Let the thing burn. They hamstringed themselves when they made marriage a losing proposition to men.

        Women I have been around have refused to be a shoulder to rest my weary head on when I was struggling. They will not get my productivity and the protection it provides now that I am succeeding. Read the story of “The Little Red Hen,” ladies, and suck it.

        The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout “Save us!”

        …and I’ll look down and whisper “No.”

        They had a choice, all of them.

        You want my productivity and my protection? What’s in it for me? Unless these misandric laws go away and it becomes a more equitable format for marriage, then I will look elsewhere in the world, even if I have to defect.

        • numbCruncher

          Stand back and let it BURN.

      • Aussietoads

        “Ministry of Robots and Artificial Intelligence….”

        You mean Feminism ?

  • comslave

    I honestly expect the return of harems, driven by two forces. One is the islamic tradition spreading west, and the other being the hypergamous nature of women. As fewer men graduate college, fewer men end up at the top of society and therefore fewer men to marry. This will force women to “share”.

    It’s either that or continuous cycles of divorce. take your pick.

    But one thing I don’t think you’ll ever see is women in the main lowering their standards and marrying lower earning men. That would put them at risk of the same alimony laws they put up to protect themselves.

    • Mr. Sungame

      Firstly there are rather strict laws governing how many wives a Muslim man can have, the harem tradition existed before that, and when I think about it it seems Islam tries to temper the harem mentality.
      That said: Yes, Islam do allow for men to marry more wives. So does another group that has been rising in the US: Mormonism.

      Either way, I am not sure I follow your logic of “because men are worth less, woman will share” to it’s conclusion. It would be a fun plot for a dystopian future novel though.

      I think what might just as well happen, in a situation where men become “less worth” is what we already see today:
      An increase in single-mothers. Women who get pregnant by some handsome (but of course lower class) male. Keeps her baby for herself, and is supported by the state. Either through social benefits or through the continuation of child support systems.
      Because the only thing a woman needs from a man, in a society where she is the one with the higher degrees and earnings, is his sperm.

      Now I doubt any of this will happen. At one point the silent majority will notice that something is wrong, and change will happen. But if we continue at the course we are right now….

  • tamerlame

    The only good thing to come out of feminism, is the fact men now know how much women hate them. Everything feminism accuses men of doing, is one giant piece of projection.

    Women are not to be trusted, do nothing for them, do not give them a single thing. Only make one off exceptions for women who prove themselves people of honour.

    The only way I would consider getting married was if the women was under my complete power with no rights. Then after considering it, I still wouldn’t go for it! lolol

    • Kimski

      Actually, there’s one more good thing coming out of all this:

      Men have started talking with eachother about their problems and relationships, to a far greater extend than at any given time before, if you exclude close relationships with male friends.
      Seems like it is a natural consequence of having a common adversary, which “our better halves” have succesfully provided us with.

      Talk about pulling a tiger’s tail…

      Everything they have feared we exposed to others about our personal relationship, just like they always have done it, has now become a very real thing among men.

      We’ve begun to open up and talk about our worries, but we still don’t do it to them because it will be used against us in the next argument, just as sure as night follow day.

      Therefore, occupying every male safe space in society to prevent that kind of male interaction has accomplished absolutely NOTHING for them. The truth about close male/female relationships are being exposed for the world to see, and the results are just plain ugly to behold.

  • ex-manpapoose

    Ya Nick,I only hope mine won’t be programmed by a woman at the Bobbit Mfg. Co.My ex was already a sexual robot with a crappy warranty,6 months after I opened the “box”, the sound mechanism was stuck on a constant loop of no no no.The artificial intelligence came up with lame excuecess for why it was one demential,claimed it had T.M.J (lockjaw),and never again was that componet to work again.I was so dissapointed by the claimed performance,I’am not even interested in any new “models”,too expensive and not worth the aggrivation.I hear there is a recall on this latest version.

  • droobles

    Great Text!

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

    • MGTOW-man

      And yet, that is exactly what has happened.

      And to think some people think I am too shaming-harsh on “men” for not doing what real men should do: think for themselves instead of making themselves servant-puppets, put their egos on hold, be manly honest with women, never lose their bearings over them, and ultimately do that one thing that males can do best–protect the world and its fate. There is nothing more manly than seeing men stand fast, never crumble, and defend unto the very end. …But men have done nothing.

      “There has been an astonishing lack of resistance”—Harvey C. Mansfield, “Manliness”.

  • herman melville

    “women will sell their eggs, and they’ll do it willingly”

    They already do. And for an attractive woman with a proven good brain, the price is pretty high. One of the easiest and most lucrative endeavors going.

  • comslave

    The limiting factor on punishing men for going MGTOW is that our mothers will need care and support in their elder years. They won’t want to see their sons punished or imprisoned just for not getting married. Between the men and their mothers unmarried will not have enough political leverage to push through punitive action.

    • Mr. Sungame

      Oh but in a socialist world old people go in old peoples homes. They no longer need a son or daughter to take care of them.
      And then they can sit there being told by their feminist nurse how bad a man her son was for getting himself thrown in jail :P

  • Redfield

    A tax on men who are childless is a possibility. There was a comment above about harems, I do think we are all animals in the sense of trying to get our genetic information into the next generation! So MGTOW’s over the course of a generation or two will become extinct! There will always be men trying (as much as women) to get their genetic code into another gen. so I would think our little blonde friend with the 10% men rule is half way there for a future humanity! Some subtle law changes and you will have professional inseminators! Expect the gene pool to be shallower, expect four toes per foot and no thumbs per hand! We’re still fucked :)

    You know as much as women put up with me in this world my biggest piss off with womanhood is their failure to see me as a human being! I feel I need to remind them again I am not a commodity for personal superficial use and abuse! For me this is what this entire argument boils down to, what right has anyone to expect from another what they are not willing to expect from themselves? Whether your black, white, Chinese, man women gay straight … you get the idea, this is where I think women need a long hard critique by all, to see exactly what went from bad to worse and solutions to correct it …. otherwise we are all fucked! Remember Western Civilisation ain’t the only one out there competing for resources, so girls please a little self awareness and less hypergamy! Are you capable of viewing men differently???????

  • Dave6807

    Feminism is very expensive. It needs a big government to tax, borrow, and print enough money to support all the Strong Independent Women ™ with welfare benefits and government jobs.

    When that system goes bankrupt, single mothers will turn to prostitution, or if they’re too old, pimp out their daughters to survive. Men will be able to do pretty much anything they want, as long as they don’t try to overthrow what’s left of the government.

    Eventually most MGTOWs will decide that buying a cute but fatherless 14-year-old virgin and keeping her as a wife, mother, and housekeeper is not a bad deal, and they’ll return to the marriage market.

    Feminism will return of course, but not until this traumatic “social reboot” has passed out of living memory.

  • Redfield

    And of course with only 10% of men in a society it would collapse long before it got to that point, too many external competing influences, I’ll MGTOW it for now because I have no other positive alternative to avoid the abuse …

  • Mike Hunt

    The only thing a man truly needs a woman for is love. MGTOWs too. Everyone man needs love, and love is all you need.

    I wish it were true that there is no need for long term relationships. Sadly that is not the case, most men deep down crave the love of a woman.

    I don’t need a wife to run my home, do my laundry, cook for me or load the dishwasher. I can do all of that just fine myself, and did it for many years when I was single. Heck, I can even take care of my basic sexual needs on my own if need be.

    But I do need to be loved. I do need companionship. I do want to grow old with someone.

    Feminism has made seeking love and giving it in return scary and dangerous. I empathize with MGTOWs, I really, really do. But I think they are in denial is they claim they don’t need anyone to love them. I think we all need it. I know I do.

    And that’s why the only acceptable answer is that women wise-up and start taking responsibility for the damage that’s been done and start helping to repair it.

    Luckily it seems to be happening. I have noticed a massive change since I first started reading this website in the number of women who are one side, who get it. Because the truth is, woman NEED men. Women need LOVE. And men, on the whole, really, really love women.

    The crazies calling us misogynists are so fucking wrong it’s not even funny. If we didn’t LOVE women we wouldn’t be here, this website wouldn’t even exist. We’d all be reading Return of Kings. We are here because we love women and we have the hope and the desire to fix things so that we can continue loving without fear.

    • Redfield

      Mike this reflects my feelings and attitudes … out to them!

    • MGTOW-man

      “We are here because we love women and we have the hope and the desire to fix things so that we can continue loving without fear.”
      —They do not realize that in some ways what we do here is a desperate reaching out for them, not a shoving away. It looks that way sometimes, admittedly, but in the real gist of things, we men here are trying to convince them of their wrongs, so they can hang around and we can enjoy them more (but some of the rules HAVE to be on OUR terms no matter what it says to them). But calling us haters gains them the sympathy and the audience they other wise wouldn’t have. It is a scheme. It will work on the duped, confused, had-suckers.

    • Mr. Sungame

      Love comes in many shapes. Why does it have to be romantic love?
      What everyone craves is compassion and someone to stand up for them.
      Sadly a lot of MGTOW feel that they can’t get this from a romantic relationship. I know my luck has been quite poor in that area.
      Might this be due to inabilities on my part? Yes, it might, but that just shows I have an even more reason to try and stay out of romantic drama, as that seems to be all I get.

      At the same time you need to invest quite a lot of time, money and emotional stability to find that “significant other”, and some of us just feel that price is to high for something that seem to hardly work out well.

      So I decided to get my compassion and companionship in a different way, and leave the euphoria of a steady female relationship to others.

  • ex-manpapoose

    Mike,Yes the wish for eternal love,so easy when they say the same to you during their marriage vows.It dosen’t take long before their real primal hardwired emotional reactions kick in.Little by little,you will realize that what you chalked up to just the difference between men and women in how they react and go about the progression of life,was really ,when I look back,an assortment of manipulations ,starting in baby steps,and ending in one big stomp in the end.No amount of truely loving kindness or understanding from me made her realize that anything she did to me was what most of us would call evil.My expressions of love were completely taken advantage of,I was looked at by her as a weakling.I honestly now believe our dating was an assesment of how much she could get me to love her,to guarantee easy victory,so turning the screws later to her to her likeing,was of minimal effort.Twist that knife a little more honey,because I love you,and want this all to work out.Well it did,for her.Blam

    • Redfield

      Can’t disagree on the appearance of womanhood if it looks like pain and feels like pain put it down and walk away :) Not sure if it is innate nature or just learned! One thing for sure is women wouldn’t have travelled this path so easily with out an abettor (white knight) to seal the deal for them! I will hold off my decision ’til they are held up to being accountable for their actions fully as men are! I’ll adopt a wait and see approach :). I have met enough decent women to know that men need to standup for themselves and start treating women as fully accountable adults and stop throwing them pussy passes! Needs to be change on both sides of the gender divide to see the blue sky together …

  • metatron2547

    I think love, as it is currently seen, is one of those constructs that humans invent to justify their existence and give it meaning and it is transient now as when it was invented and popularized (mostly by Disney movies). After enough years and abuse, men have woken up to what is really going on; they would have to unless they lived in a cave that they never left. By the time I was of high school age, I made the decision to never marry or reproduce (this was before the term “MGTOW” existed. If I already wasn’t convinced, I saw a news story on Nelson Mandela wanted a divorce six months after marrying (a man who was able to endure twenty-seven years of prison, starvation, dehydration, torture, brainwashing, etc. was only married for six months before stating to the world that he could stand no more). Of course, I did not come from a rich family so I didn’t really have to put out any effort to stay single. Even if I had wanted to get married, I believe I would still be a MGTOW – it just wouldn’t be by my choice (unless, by some miracle, I met a woman who would be happy with a ring that cost less than $500).

    I am fascinated by what the future will bring in regard to relationships. I don’t think that any sort of “sex bot” will be possible in my lifetime (or, if it is, then it will be too expensive to be available to any but the very rich). I think that virtual reality holds much more promise for being developed and mass produced to be affordable to the masses. When men can record memories and replay them, or trade them, their will be no need to have to suffer relationships with women or risks the consequences of a false allegation or unwanted pregnancy; I am sure there will be medical advances that will aid men in that department but they will be quashed or criminalized because they benefit men at the cost of women and not vice versa.

    There is a book called “Men On Strike” by Dr. Helen Smith (I have read half of it); she believes, correctly, that men are withdrawing from the institution of marriage in direct proportion to increase of risk associated with that institution. Her basic premise, however, is flawed; men are not striking, they are adapting. Men are not getting together in large gathering places and saying that they will not marry until management gives in to our demands for better compensation and safer working conditions; what men are doing is adapting to the situation. This phenomenon is the social, or perhaps economic, equivalent of Darwinism and it is unlike a strike in one very critical way – the change is permanent. Even if all the marriage/divorce/family laws were changed, men would not return and do what did before except under better working conditions. Men have finally seen the truth, or taken the red pill, and there is no going back; the point of no return was passed a long time ago.

    I forget who it was who said that “feminism is socialism in panties” but socialism doesn’t work (never has and never will). It is not just the marital arena, but also the political, vocational, and social environments that have become so hostile to men they are withdrawing and refocusing their efforts of their own survival. In a socialistic culture that is gender biased to take money from the men that earned it and give it to the women and the government who not only didn’t work for it, but treat the men who did work for it wage slaves that are lower than dirt, the less the men will work. This is exactly what has happened and will continue to happen at an increasing rate so long the pattern consistently continues. Obviously,this is not a sustainable model (this is why socialism can’t work) and their is an inevitable conclusion to this pattern: the employment levels and tax base will reach a point too low to allow the government to avoid bankruptcy and the system will collapse (I believe something like this happened to ancient Rome).

    When this inevitably happens, I expect that women will ask men to do their fair share of the work involved in reconstruction; I expect their definition of “fair share” will be all of the dirty work while women do either easy jobs or nothing. In other words, a return to the old paradigm that lead to the collapse. I also expect that women will be in for a nasty surprise as most men have caught on by this point and realize that their truly “fair share” is nothing because men did not make this mess so there will be no reason for men to clean it up. Of course, there will be the die hard white knights and manginas who still believe it is their sacred duty to help women but there will not be nearly enough of them to do the Herculean task of rebuilding society; I would not be surprised if they try shaming tactics even though the times, and the changing times, have obviously reduced them all to ineffective cliches.

    The problem with women, as I see it, is that they are guided by their emotions rather than logic whereas men think logically. Men are therefore able to see the winds change and the benefit of adapting to their environment. Women, however, want and expect the environment to adapt to them so that it can best suit and provide for their needs. I would think it obvious that the dinosaurs proved both conclusively and irrefutably that this line of thinking is flawed in much the same way as the socialist philosophy. I expect the end result will be the same.

  • ex-manpapoose

    Redfield,like that,pussey passes..I almost think that’s what women think passes for love these days.Bow down for the bitch is the ritual..You resist,you don’t love her in her eyes.Yes,it is the old arguement,hereitiy vs enviorment.Hereity?Why are my mother,2 sisters,ex’s mother,aunt,nieces,cousins,grandma’s,great g.m. all almost the same in their behavior towards men?I break free of even careing,I just know the results.They chased me away,now I have other persuits.

  • Zorro

    The second thing I can see happening is MGTOW’s becoming criminalized. And here’s how it will happen…

    Never in a million years. The only men that would tolerate that nonsense are men who are worthless to women, themselves and the planet.

    How difficult do you think hurling my passport into the Dept of State’s face will be when I emigrate to another country? The US of Feminist Pisshole A has been devolving into a socialist fembot nightmare for the past 60 years. It ain’t like many of us are really in love with it any more.

    That’s something the news rarely ever talks about: How many Americans are fed up with the bullshit propaganda of America being so swell, and are emigrating. It used to be. It isn’t any more. Especially for men.

    When the men start leaving for sunnier climes and nicer women (like that’s soooooo hard to do), watch the feminist edifice come tumbling down like the Berlin Fucking Wall.

  • gateman

    MGTOW numbers will increase greatly in the years ahead, to a stage where they become the norm, and marriage the exception. A large number of politicians will be MGTOW, women will be high earners taking them out of the marriage pool also, and inevitably laws will gradually change to a more equitable status.

    But it will be too late.

    Men, now much wiser, they will not return to their former enslavement. Marriage will disappear and life will consist of a series of short monogamous (or polygamous) relationships, likely while living in separate residences, each lasting perhaps 1 – 5 years. I suspect this is a model used by other primates.

    This shouldn’t be feared, this is a good path. It is progress.

  • JinnBottle

    Feminism has reached its peak (or hell-pit), and is at the nadir of its decadent phase. That it never served or even left men alone is a given: but now its becoming plain to women that its not serving them, psychologically or in lifestyle. (I know *I’d* be bullshit if some softliving 90k a year professor wrote a book called “Get to Work” addressed to me! Still other softliving female professors are pushing lowerclass women further & further toward conscription and combat.)

    One cattle prod to apply to feminism as it digs its heels in at the Exit door, in the US, anyway, is to point out the truth of the extent to which Professional Feminism syphons tax dollars by the billion – all without ever, ever having *produced one positive thing in its 50 year career* – only destruction.

  • numbCruncher

    One of the best things about MGTOW as activism is its pacifist, non-confrontational aspect. It is a form of Satyagraha – the non-violent civil resistance pioneered by Ghandi.

    I am now introduction MGTOW acrostics into everything I write at work (i.e. first letter of each word spells MGTOW).

    My proudest achievement to date is my Management Guide To Operational Workflow.

    No one has said anything yet, but I’ve had a couple of knowing smiles …

    • Kimski

      “My proudest achievement to date is my Management Guide To Operational Workflow.”

      Brilliant! :D

  • Glenn Donovan

    Hmmm, I’m not sure I buy the author’s view at all. A few thoughts.

    1. Evolution moves forward, not backward. A pickle cannot become a cucumber again, and I think that the utility of marriage going forward- for both sexes – will continue to dwindle. Consider that in less than 200 years, we will likely not sexually reproduce at all but rather will genetically design humans and grow them in something other than a uterus, certainly in the west – that is if we don’t collapse and fall back to a more primitive state.

    2. Sexual dimorphism and role specialization is much less useful in our modern world. While there are big differences for sure., I’m not convinced natural selection will continue to reward this in the way it has for hundreds of thousands of year. What this means for human evolution is hard to predict.

    3. Women are adapting to this new world culturally, while men are failing to adapt well. This is where MGTOW comes in. For so long men have gotten a strong sense of their worth out of protecting and providing, and by how attractive/useful women found them. The author demonstrates this nicely talking about lifting heavy things.

    4. Men need to listen to what women are saying – not the crazy feminist, man=hating stuff but the overall message. They don’t want us to take care of them anymore. They find us filled with many undesirable qualities. We need to stop kidding ourselves that this is all going to just snap back to some more “normal” state. Women really want to be completely independent of men and raise children without us. Even if you are married, most men are shunted to the side in child rearing these days and masculine parenting is rarer and rarer.

    5. Men need to stick together like women do. We need to have solidarity but most men are much more individualistic than women. Women will not look out for us and if we don’t, who will?

    The thought that women are just going to snap out of it strikes me as ludicrous, sorry. Society is changing rapidly and will only accelerate as technology truly revolutionizes day to live unimaginably over the course of the 21st century. Men need to find a way to empower themselves and develop purpose and esteem beyond what our value to women is. Otherwise, men are in real trouble I think.

    • MGTOW-man

      “Men need to find a way to empower themselves and develop purpose and esteem beyond what our value to women is.”…[and kids].

      —We have; its is called MGTOW. That is why it might work like no other can…”forcing” women to hear our side, see how right we are, and lash out at feminists/feminism. If this doesn’t work, then nothing will, and perhaps your hypothetical scenarios for future humans will play out. I hope not.

      This is why I think we MHRA’s/MGTOW’s are misunderstood WE are not ultimately seeking a way to stay away from women and v/v. WE actually are acting out in sacrificial “desperation” to show them how much we care and want stability returned to us (or to men who live later than we do)—with women by our side…but they have to behave..and we definitely have a right to make sure they think our ideas are behaving—for this is OUR world too. One half certainly can not go flying tangential— like women have done— and expect everything to remain stable, healthy and tolerable. So, when in response, the other side does—MGTOW—we actually stand a chance at reasoning with them someday.

      I mean, why should men be the ONLY thing that hasn’t changed?

      Some women see this, thankfully.

    • Meta Tron

      “Women are adapting to this new world culturally, while men are failing to adapt well.”

      I disagree. First of all, women are not adapting to the culture, they are adapting the culture to them (I would have thought the dinosaurs demonstrated conclusively the the long-term invalidity of this approach). Secondly, MGTOW is an adaption; the more hostile and toxic women, and the legal environment become towards men, the more men withdraw and withhold productivity. This is why socialism doesn’t work

      Most underestimate how productive, or destructive, doing nothing can be. The less men work, the less taxes there are for the government, that caters to women by screwing men. In the long-term, it is revealed that the pattern is not sustainable and, eventually, the government will be bankrupt and the system will collapse. At this point, men will be used to taking care of themselves, the politicians and one-percent will have relocated to someplace else with their money, and the women will be looking at the same fate that befell the dinosaurs.

      • Mr. Sungame

        “First of all, women are not adapting to the culture, they are adapting the culture to them”

        This is important.
        Women altered the deal, and pray they don’t alter it further.

        Woman changed our culture, through our willingness and White Knighting. We thought we would get a better deal when we listened to the songs of “Equality”, but equality never came.
        So men started to speak up, but in a culture where “women first” is the mantra men got shut down and told they were evil for speaking up.

        So some of us just decided “Well if that’s how it is, We’ll just stay away from anything that can put us in an disadvantaged position.

        The deal is just to bad these days, and sadly a lot of men buy into the scam.

    • Pirokobo

      “Consider that in less than 200 years, we will likely not sexually
      reproduce at all but rather will genetically design humans and grow them
      in something other than a uterus, certainly in the west”


      The population will age, the birthrates will plumet, and then some other country with a more traditionalist society will smell blood in the water and go to war.

  • MGTOW-man

    I do not know about how women will fare with a strong MGTOW future, probably not so good. Except a rationalization for additional taxes (from MGTOW men) to compensate for the lack of funds coming from otherwise—precisely because of MGTOW,—will help them overcome this outcome that they will surely dub “oppression” again…….**crickets**.

    But one thing is for sure. Nothing will work on women to turn on feminists as will MGTOW bringing attention to the problems facing men and boys: work-related perils, unjust treatment in just about everything, gross inequality for males, false allegations, legal rights stripped, conscripted behaviors in society, etc —all because it manifested in men not wanting women any more under these hostile conditions.

    MGTOW is a major component of the future of our movement. I believe it should be given special attention at the upcoming conference in Detroit. Young men especially, but also older men NEED to see at the last minute/11th hour (so to speak) that there are other ways, other opportunities for males, that manhood isn’t a one-size-fits-all thing that has to leave you in the herd of the duped, cowardly, broke, miserable and alone, heading for the corral of had-suckers. This could be the opportunity to start the beginning of the first mass attempt at changing males toward more sensible and male-protective behaviors by first, getting their attention to the MGTOW phenomenon.

    Thus, I sure hope if more speakers are added, that MGTOW concepts and successes are in consideration. If no changes to the line-up, then perhaps one of the already chosen speakers can add some MGTOW to their speeches.

    Even some MHRA’s get squirmy when MGTOW subjects come up. But they will be wise to let this thing come to fruition. Not only that, but they should assist it, for it will pave the way for things to finally be fair to all men and boys.

    Nothing will or CAN have the voice as does MGTOW. Not that the help from other types of MHRA’s aren’t significant driving forces, but the power of men so fed up that they quit is undeniable. If this doesn’t help, nothing will.

    I do not think we should waste any time projecting MGTOW to the view of the world and our conference coming up is the perfect time. It says, action, not just assembling to complain. MGTOW will get us the attention like no other can.

    Am I rushing things. Gosh, just want to win! Thus, we should turn over every stone, do everything we can do in out plight for justice, barring nothing but violence.

    Or, we can not fight hard enough, in every way that we can…and lose. No big deal, right?

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      You’re certainly singing my song. MGTOW is one of the most important parts of the men’s human rights movement. Even the ones who claim to hate MHRAs and what we do. “Fuck you, I’m not playing this fucked up ridiculous game that’s stacked against me” is one of the most powerful statements any man can make.

      • MGTOW-man

        Wow! Thank you Dean. I respect your opinion so much. Not a suck-up HERE or anywhere in my life, but you’re a great writer, an organized person, a learned example who seems to have his ducks in a row. Thanks for all you do to help men and boys.

        “I’m not playing this fucked up ridiculous game that’s stacked against me” is one of the most powerful statements any man can make.”

        —Agree 100 percent. Nothing says “Wait! Look at how stupid you expect me to act” like MGTOW does. Our answer is a resounding “NO”…and how dare you ask!

        If disengaging doesn’t work, nothing will. But at least the men who are smart enough to go with their MGTOW gut might fare better for their own lives–which has to be a good thing too. Helping men and boys is our thing.

        If any “space” is left at the conference for any significant celebration of MGTOW, it would serve us well to use it. My opinion, but I am glad others share it.

        Eagerly awaiting more details.

  • http://mensrightsarehumanrights.wordpress.com/ Anja Eriud

    I thoroughly enjoyed not just reading this article but all the comments, I wish I could gather them all together, print them out and drop them in sheaves on the heads of every stupid, wilfully blind female who refuses to see and acknowledge her own overinflated sense of importance.

    What I would like to add is that, there is another element that will affect the outcome, touched on by Mike Hunt’s eloquent comment:

    “Feminism has made seeking love and giving it in return scary and dangerous. I empathize with MGTOWs, I really, really do. But I think they are in denial is they claim they don’t need anyone to love them. I think we all need it. I know I do.

    And that’s why the only acceptable answer is that women wise-up and start taking responsibility for the damage that’s been done and start helping to repair it.”

    Yes, indeed feminism has corrupted love, and I don’t mean that fake illusionary Disney type of romantic love, but the kind of love where one loves and is loved not in spite of one another’s flaws, not even because of them, but because they don’t matter.

    Women have been conned into believing that they are perfect, flawless, and refuse to see themselves as anything but, they demand not love, not companionship, nor do they even consider offering such, but rather demand adoration, slavish devotion, servitude as a right.

    The greatest blow to the overinflated egos of many many women is the realisation that – you are NOT worth being loved, never mind adored or slavishly worshipped.

    I read women’s whiny witterings from time to time – then I get pissed – then I’m grand again – but seriously – the over-riding theme is “why won’t he looooooove me” followed by “what’s wrong with men?”

    There is a dawning, a slowly growing, and it must be said, being strongly resisted ,realisation happening among some women that the answer is simply.

    You’re NOT worth it.

    • MGTOW-man

      This obliviousness emanating from them is what is so hard to comprenhend. They really do think too much of themselves…just like in yesteryear when men would say this to women of feminist selfishness. (Men knew women better than we think…OH YES THEY DID! They just failed to be man enough to follow through and not lose their manly bearings over women when they whine, whimper, and snivel—especially about things women are wrong as mud about but are too selfish and oblivious to know it!!). Women fail to see that the world is larger than they are, even collectively, and that our species needs them to stop going tangential to commonsense and overall success for most people most of the time about most things.

      Feminism is synonymous with selfishness. To hell with everything else regardless of the fallout. Even the unborn kids must go if it stands in the way of feminism.

      I wrote an essay on “feminism is selfishness” while in high school. It distanced me from the puppets, but got me an A from the teacher…which was before education got COMPLETELY saturated with fembots and feminist theories and dogma.

      And WHO?? hasn’t been an activist all his life? Not me!

      • John Narayan

        This is why poster and sticker runs MUST be done around high schools and UNI’s as the young ones are not fully integrated into the matrix. The internet alone is not enough.

        • MGTOW-man

          I agree, but in a feminist capture-net (schools) I am next to certain that spreading “vicious” messages of “hate” will not be tolerated. There is NO way they will tolerate the truth (their number one enemy) penetrating their breeding grounds. They OWN the schools. Truth doesn’t live there anymore.

  • Clint Carpentier

    - chuckles -

    [url=http://manboobz.com/2013/12/13/a-voice-for-men-doubles-down-how-dishwashers-tv-dinners-and-marital-rape-laws-are-rendering-women-obsolete-also-the-apocalypse/]Manboobz[/url] takes a stab at pointing out the flaws of this article. He can’t make a condensed title can he.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      He was the final step in my deciding I wanted to be a part of this community and not just a lurker. It was a whole lot of things, really, including countless experiences trying to reason with people in the politest possible terms only to be rebuffed anyway. When I came across that site, I could see instantly the blatant dishonesty of his methods. I studied politics and political punditry for a long time and the tricks used by the most dishonest pundits–quoting out of context, inferring things that weren’t there, phony mindreading, well-poisoning, and more were on display in virtually every article. Even when he was correct about something it was in the middle of a pack of blatant dishonesty and pretty much textbook examples of how to do dirty dishonest journalism (which is surprisingly easy to do if you lack integrity). That was my final push. I remember leaving one or two comments over there, only to be viciously attacked for reasonable questions, and that was that: I was fully coming out of the closet and fully ready to support the men’s movement.

      In a very real way that guy was an inspiration to me, although not the way he would have liked. I strongly suspect I am far from alone in this. In a way, he’s the gift that keeps on giving. I also suspect that, unless he has a radical shift in his methods, he’s going to be looking for another career within another year or two, as his intellectual and ethical bankruptcy as a source is becoming plainer by the day. He’s getting more and more desperate, likely because he sees the writing on the wall there. Especially after he did so much to embarrass ABC 20/20.

      • Clint Carpentier

        To be fair, he did do a piece on the “Wives Demand What???” article, but all he could latch onto was my comment about marital rape. It’s rather telling that he couldn’t offer anything in defense of wives beyond snarking about questioning the validity of rape within a contract of a sexual union. He didn’t even bother refuting the intellectual stimulation comment I’d made. That article was literally stillborn.