Single and singular

The role of Zeta Masculinity in the face of escalating Masculine Disenfranchisement

I am routinely asked by women if I’m married. Women I meet through my work ask me this, women I meet socially ask me, married and single women both field this question with equal regularity. Sometimes they assume – and ask “where is your wife?” or they assume fault with the question “why aren’t you married?”

I’m a professionally employed 41 year old man, and I’ve been single all my life. I like it, and I have no plan to marry, ever. The reason for my singularity is that as a man, marriage offers me nothing except sacrifice and servitude. This is partly due to the modern convention that old family-forming social construct has become, and partly due to what I understand about women in my culture, their expectations, entitlements, and qualities.

I’ll state my position again, this time explicitly so that there can be no misunderstanding. I am not single-and-lonely. I am not a man who “missed out” on marriage. I saw, early in my life that marriage was a construct affording advantages to one sexual demographic, and nearly unlimited social, legal, and financial liabilities to the other sexual demographic.

I love being single. I love the personal autonomy, the financial freedom, and the fact that I answer to nobody but myself. As a man in his early 40’s – I also enjoy a level of social prestige and personal power which has been rising in my life since I hit about 28 years old. Women’s personal, sexual and social power has always been tied to their youth, and reaches an apex somewhere in their early twenties. At that age, I was more-or-less at the complete mercy of my female contemporaries, and being a typical “nice guy,” found myself sexually invisible and socially powerless.

No longer, in fact – as I mentioned already, the question from females about my marital status is a matter of routine. In addition to the natural magnification of male social power as a factor of age, I am also increasingly disconnected from the psychological pressure of male conformity. This is a product of my own cheerfully belligerent personality, but also due to embrace of a new model for masculine self identity, which is discussed later in this article.

Correlating to the elevation of social prestige of self-collected men in their mid thirties and onwards is the glaring fact that among single women in of this age group, and younger – there’s a real dissatisfaction. This often takes the form of the rhetorical question “where are all the good men” or “why aren’t there any good men.” The answer being what happened to them is women, but not just women in the sense that “women are bad,” I mean women in the system of law and custom we presently enjoy.

This is a feminist society which treats men as walking cash and sperm dispensers, and whether most men characterize the situation in the stark terms I’ve used, they increasingly understand it. The characterization most often repeated in print media uses the phrase “fear of commitment” and is clearly intended to shame noncompliant men into stepping up like good little beasts of burden and assuming their station as the self-sacrificing protector, provider and enabler of a woman who, in the present zeitgeist regards (compliant) men as domesticated animals.

Some kool-aid drinking social commentators have taken to characterization of male independence as arrested adolescence. Micheal Kimmel, the renowned apologist for female supremacy and denigrator of men recently published a condemnation of male self-actualization using this shaming characterization with the title Guyland.

Kay Heimowitz, published “child man in the promised land” another mis-aimed attempt to equate “correct” male adulthood with servitude to a women, and self actualization in men as irresponsibility.

Traditional adulthood for men used to encompass starting a family, fathering children, purchasing a home, and other markers of social respectability. Modern men are increasingly avoiding this path, and social commentators condemn this choice, but those who would call men opting out of the traditional markers of respectable male adulthood have completely missed the point.

There is nothing left for men. For a growing number of men waking to the reality of life in a feminized society, there is nothing attractive and much that is repellant in “manning up” to be a good little husband, father, provider, protector, and beast of burden. Even men raised by single mothers and fed a lifetime diet of the now mainstream feminist zeitgeist are rejecting the harness and cage that masculine adulthood offers. The mainstream, feminist-normalized version of a real man reads like the technical specification of a servant-robot from a science fiction novel. Service, self sacrifice, altruism, selflessness, but no self actualization. Despite the endlessly droning message that men are dumber than dirt, men do get the picture, and are rejecting it.

This obviously has some serious long term economic and social consequences. The social sidelining of men is a non-trivial loss to a nation’s economic competitive advantage. It is men who work the vast majority of jobs based on producing natural resources, as well as manufacturing. The shift from resource and manufacturing based economy to financial and service based economy has never in history, preceded anything except national economic collapse.

However, this is not even the most worrisome outcome of the real disenfranchisement of men in western society. A simple economic sidelining of men would be recoverable within a human lifetime. What’s actually happening as result of the social marginalization of male identity is the autonomous re-definition of self identity among the most alert and psychologically strongest men in our society. This has been discussed within the men’s rights community under the still loosely defined term zeta masculinity.

Zeta masculinity is not the sour grapes redefinition of mainstream social rejection with a reality denying label. Such as rebranding the word “slut” from its traditional definition of “sexually irresponsible jackass” to the feminist preferred meaning of “empowered woman.” No, the emerging identity of zeta masculinity is a wholly new social construct, and it is increasingly providing a pathway for male self actualization and measurable social, and economic freedom for men embracing and defining it. Zeta masculinity is a model for male identity in which men can succeed, self actualize, and prosper – and in the escalating mainstream of male disenfranchisement, that makes the zeta male highly dangerous to feminist ideologues.

In the world of physical reality, society runs on male innovation, male labour, male stamina, and male protection. Political and social realities operate to bury this uncomfortable truth from view, and the increasing feminization of society requires that men, marginalized and criminalized, continue to provide the heavy lifting that a functional society relies on. The emergence of the zeta male threatens this orderly exploitation of men by a society which increasingly holds male identity in contempt. The shaming language employed by mainstream commentators against men “failing to man up” is based on an incomplete, but worried recognition of this fact.

Previously, my writing as an MRA had the goal of averting or slowing the real damage to society resultant from the removal of men as self-actualized and enfranchised members. This has changed, and in a society which increasing treats identity as a man – as if it is definitionally criminal, my social motive has changed as well. The critics of male self-actualization, berating men for failing to conform to female expectations recognize the hazard of men opting out and going their own way. They’re right to see this trend as socially corrosive.

Where I differ from these critics is in investment in the modern status quo. It is not worth preserving.

A system sufficiently corrupted is not salvageable, and not worth investment of resource to repair. Zeta masculinity increasingly provides a viable option for male personal freedom. As an MRA, I am a strong critic of present feminized social convention. Rather than working to correct or avert the socially harmful consequences of male disenfranchisement, I am amused to watch a society relying on men while criminalizing male identity crumble under its own false assumptions.

However, before some shrill and accusatory voice labels this view as antisocial, hateful, or whatever other pejorative phrase feminist thesaurus has for “masculine” ; I’ll point out that at the root of my own value system is order, nonviolence, and peace.

My wall is adorned with a copy of the Magna Carta – not because of an authoritarian love of rules, but because that document forms, in my own cosmology; the foundation of individual civil liberty for humans in the western world. That western systems of law have been perverted into a totalitarian tiered society along lines of the sexual grievance industry is tragic, but I won’t work to fix a system warped into perversion. I’ll laugh while I watch it burn. I’ll laugh because I know there’s a viable alternate path. The potential collapse of civil society doesn’t necessitate the universal poverty and brutality a world without the path to masculine zeta identity would require.

Of course, adherents of the present mainstream culture of denigration of masculinity are welcome to migrate their world view to one compatible with zeta masculinity, if they have the maturity and backbone for it. But the invitation should not be mistaken for a further free pass or for exemption from accountability. It also won’t be an open invitation forever.

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  • Boxer

    I loved this. Thank you for writing it.

    MGTOW forever.

  • reasonable
  • Herbal Essence

    And this is an example why Manuel Dexter is my new favorite essayist in the men’s rights category.

    For me, Zeta Masculinity means I have complete choice over what causes I support and what I find worthy of my labor. I have no sense of duty to anyone, except my immediate family. Yet when I find a worthwhile cause or collaborator, I am extremely loyal, productive, and honest. And I don’t feel any duty towards people or causes that don’t have respect for me.

    I’m in my early thirties and I feel like I’ve avoided a lot of the “Why aren’t YOU married” stigma. In fact, most people seem to be ok with it. I’m interested if that will change as i get older. Like, is there a point where “interesting bachelor” switches over to “Peter Pan syndrome” or “sketchy recluse” between 30 and 40.

  • Lovekraft

    Articles like this are therapeutic for teh disenfranchised male and could be applied to virtually anyone who has been cast aside.

    I think this type of reinforcement should be standard for AVFM articles on a somewhat-regular basis.

  • Mark G

    That was a great read. Truly inspiring. Also, this really hit close to the mark for me. The second, third and fourth paragraphs could have been written by me, except that I am 42 instead of 41 ;) I came to the same realizations about marriage and also enjoy the options and freedoms that come from being single.

    Strangely enough though, the first paragraph does not apply to me. I can’t really think of a time when anyone asked me my marital status or assumed I was married. :?

  • Denis

    That was awesome. The dating market sure has changed and I have some sympathy for 30 something women desperately trying to get married because their youth is fading and biological clock is ticking. They’re so desperate. :P

    • reficul

      I sometimes feel bad for how I feel about 30 something women.

      Even though I try not to – I can’t stop myself from enjoying seeing their desperate attempts to secure few moments with some alpha thugs.

      I have quite a lot of female friends (from my “nice guy”/omega life) and the only ones that seem reasonably happy are the ones that married young to their highschool love and already have children.

      The other: divorcees who married for money or some other alpha characteristics and now spend most of their money on “How to feel good about yourself” seminars and push-up bras/corsets.

      bad me, bad me ;)

      • Promoman

        Well, better people make better choices. It typically takes women at least 30 years, kids, a resume of clusterfuck relationships, and the emergence of the consequences of poor life choices to realize that trying to polishing shit isn’t the way to go, among other basic life truths. This is assuming that they ever realize since many never learn.

        • Captain No Marriage

          I see these types at my office, you can smell the desperation. Then you have some who think they are still 21 and hot……they are sadly mistaken.

      • Denis

        I usually stay away from princesses but I find that mature women are less likely to go after alpha thugs, maybe they’ve grown up or it’s just my self selected bias.

        Women are generally happier when they’ve hooked a man to work for them, but is the man happy?

    • Jim

      And just wait until their 51 and still single and still looking,let the drama begin

  • reficul

    @Manuel: could you elaborate on this:

    ” The shift from resource and manufacturing based economy to financial and service based economy has never in history, preceded anything except national economic collapse.”

    I am not aware of any financial/service based economies in the past, hence my doubt about validity of this statement – or are you thinking about Great Depression here?

    • Bev

      Though there is not a one for one equality one could for instance look at the Roman empire. Its collapse in part was due to the self indulgence. More and more resources were aimed at keeping the citizens indulged and less and less to holding and servicing an empire. The same could be said for many of the European empires. The applies many businesses. The most effective way to enliven big business is to clean out the middle managers and paper shufflers not fire the workers.

      • Promoman

        That’s true about the workplace. There’s an Animal Farm approach there. That means the workers are exploited and eliminated when the reality is that they aren’t just the foundation but they are the mortar as well.

    • Manuel Dexter

      Ill address this in an upcoming article.

  • codebuster

    I remember back when a divorced man saying “I’ve learned from my mistake”, meant “I’ve earned my rite of passage.” It was intended as a put-down, like marriage and divorce were a rite of passage, a stage that every man had to go through to prove that he was a man. These days, I cannot avoid the perception that they are fools, with the word “sucker” etched indellibly into their foreheads.

    • Gendeau

      A bit harsh!

      “been there, seen it, done it…never again” would be my version.

      I see it more as a “I WAS stupid enough to do it, but I’m all better now” statement. I got a lot of se…rvices during my brief marriage, but I’d rather have skipped the whole thing.

      I do not claim that I’m more of a man because I was once stupid enough to marry a pretty girl. I know other male friends that feel the same way.

      • codebuster

        The next step beyond:
        “been there, seen it, done it…never again”
        “been there, done that.”
        I do detect a kind of elitism. Notches on a belt kind of thing. Unspoken, maybe even denied. But it is palpable.

        But men have to realize that they’re smarter by not doing it. It really is perfectly unnecessary. Marriage is, after all, a woman’s victory lap. Marriage is her trophy, her self-indulgence, her statement that she has accomplished her raison d’etre – come what may. The man is merely an accessory to her prime objective. It is not he that has won the lottery, but she.

        • Gendeau

          Elitism WTF!

          “I was once stupid enough to marry a pretty girl”

          THAT is elitism is it? Palpable indeed…

          Get a grip, nobody is looking to put you down, except yourself…man up!

          “I’d rather have skipped the whole thing.” so…I guess that’s my victory dance? LOL what a maroon

        • Gendeau

          “But men have to realize that they’re smarter by not doing it. It really is perfectly unnecessary. Marriage is, after all, a woman’s victory lap. Marriage is her trophy, her self-indulgence, her statement that she has accomplished her raison d’etre – come what may. The man is merely an accessory to her prime objective. It is not he that has won the lottery, but she.”


          I fully support this bit, please don’t read any ‘notch’ into what I originally wrote. It was a painful process getting divorced, and that’s without any kids – NOT effing recommended as an experience.

  • Zuberi

    I sure as hell won’t save these vermin who masquerade as women when society does cave in. They’ve brought it on themselves. I have no wife and no children to take care of and I wouldn’t haven’t any other way!

  • Stu

    I liked your first paragraph especially. Surveys done about the marriage strike frequently state mens primary reasons for not getting married as……I can get sex without it. I really really wish men would stop saying that. Sex is the easiest thing in the world to get. I’ve always had it in abundance, and from numerous friends with benefits…..but that had nothing to do with why I spent a good many years retaining my single status, even though I had many contenders that would have moved in to my place on the slightest invitation.

    The reason was……the laws. And I wish men would start communicating that to all the women out there, and the media when they have the opportunity to comment on it. Lets sing it, one more time……it’s the laws.

    And that is pretty much what the first paragraph in this article is saying. There is nothing in marriage for men…..and why is that…..because of the laws.

    If a man can legally hold his wife to the promises she made…..or…..ditch her without legal sanctions and financial ruin if she renegs……then marriage would not be the scarey life ruining biggest mistake of your life that it has become.

    • mongo

      Right on the mark Stu! I always cringe a little too when a man is quoted as saying he can get sex without marriage – it immediately suggests that’s all he thinks about, and something he’s so desperate for he’d marry to get it, no matter how awful the laws. Such a man sounds hopeless. The laws are so atrocious it’s hard to believe any man can’t see how bad they are – no Western woman would marry under like terms.

      I would have married had the laws not been so one-sided, if I was guaranteed shared custody of my children and no ongoing liability to a leaching ex-wife if she decided she wanted out. Without those guarantees I would never, ever marry.

    • AlekNovy

      Whether you like it or not – sex is hard to get for most guys. If you always had several FBs, you do realize a several men were having no sex right?

      For every woman that chose to share Stu with other women, she also chose to not go for other men.

      • Poester99

        You have to change your internal frame.

        It’s usually easier said than done because the mangina/beta programming can be very hard to break out of.

        • codebuster

          Absolutely 1000% correct. It is because women are so easy that they’re so hard. They get taken “off the market” too easily by every manner of male (definitely not always alpha – that’s a myth), and those men that fail to establish the appropriate frame of reference fail to make a dent on the abundant supply. First tip – Stop projecting your intelligence onto women. They don’t think like men.

      • Stu

        No……..because all my fuck buddies were not monogamous. As soon as a woman wanted monogamy…..I dumped them.

        • Stu

          Its not hard. Look, most guys on here are saying they don’t want marriage, serious relationships etc. It’s easy, come straight out and say that point blank, no apologies about it. Just stick to that, say you want friendship, sex, and that is it. The first rule to this working is you can not own a friend. You have no say over what a friend gives to others. Your not interested in monogamy, and want to remain free……so that’s what you have to give. The next rule is that you have to stop hating women who like sex, and want sex….with more people then just you…..accept it, and just be friends…..take what you get….and base the friendship on other things. Don’t hide the fact that you fucked someone else, make a point of bringing it up….and when she tells you about her encounters…..just talk about it like it’s any other non sexual thing. There are plenty of women out there that don’t actually want to own your arse….and are quite happy to enjoy sex with you. The other thing is, be a bit realistic…if you’re overweight, old and grey….you aren’t going to be having sex with 20yo supermodels…..although I did have a 19yo old semi regular when I was 40, but she had a fetish for older guys, and fairly and was so kinky and raunchy that most guys in her age group mentally had a problem with her. But for the most part, if you’re looking for friendships with benefits, with no strings attached, your looking for women 35yo and older, slut in the bedroom, bit of a lady in public. They are there in plenty because there are few guys they can be totally honest with, if your one of those guys, you got it made.

  • Stu

    We need to get it through womens heads. Even with no other prospects for sex…..with nothing but our own right hand to keep willy happy…….we aren’t getting married. Or if we do….it’s going to be a long long courtship…..and the first sign of feminist thinking, or self entitled bullshit……and she’s gone.

  • Stu

    I meant the second paragraph

  • Rad

    This is a good article.

    However the term “Single” is much like the admonition to “man-up”. It is one of *their* terms. It is not a Zeta term IMO, and should be discarded.

    Identifying oneself as “single” is like identifying oneself as “unemployed”. It has the connotation that there ought to be a change to this status sometime in the future. That one is incomplete somehow without a change in it. But you are complete now, neither marriage nor a relationship is required to “complete” you.

    This really requires a new word as “unmarried” also doesn’t cut it for several reasons. Among them, it assumes that marriage is a default state and it also lacks relationship specificity. i.e., You can be “in a relationship”, but not married.

    • Type 5

      I’m a Patriarchy of One.

    • Milesius

      How about “Independent”?

      • Gendeau


    • Wulf

      Confirmed Bachelor ?

    • Benjamin


      Fact is, the entire idea of a man’s being “married” is a recent innovation.

      (By recent, I mean, the last thousand years or so.)

      For most of human history (and language) the woman is the only one who is married. The man is the one who marries her. See the difference?

      It’s the same as employment… one party is the employer, and the other is employed.

      Likewise, when folks ask me whether I am married, I respond, “No… I have a wife, if that’s what you mean.”

      If they say, “You have a wife, but you’re not married?”; I tell them straight up, “Men are not married. Women are married.”

      A related matter is the practice of wedding rings. If you look at any wedding ceremony before WWII or so, the preacher will say “May I have the ring?” He won’t say, “May I have the ringS.”

  • Malestom

    I don’t say this to discredit anything you said, however, the odds are incredibly high that you, along with almost everyone else who takes this ”stand back and let it crumble” stance on things will be horrified at the goings on when this actually happens. Nobody, myself included, has any real conception of how bad that will be, and while it can be fun to say ”bring it on, i hope this feminist joke of a civilization crumbles” I reckon we’ll look back fondly on these times once the collapse and it’s associated horrors finally arrive.

    • Stu

      It is going to collapse Malestom, and you’re right, when the shit hits the fan, we’ll all be covered in it. I still don’t care. There will be a time of massive upheaval, and hardship. They will try to keep things going by ramping up the anti male laws, the hate, and alienate more and more men, until we strike back. I myself am preparing for this. I don’t care who believes me or not. When that time comes, I will help who I choose, and the rest can go to hell.

      There will be a bumpy road, with many crisis, rotating food shortages, disruptions in supply of nearly everything….rationing. That will be the good times. I could write forever about this. The depression will be dragged out for as long as they try and maintain the current business as usaul “the western lifestyle of not negotiable” and womens entitlements and political correctness. In the end, we are going back to a system of hard work reaps rewards….and entitlement sydrome and laziness…..reaps being left to die.

      • Benjamin

        Stu, you’ve written some great stuff here.

        I’m doing like you are, too.

        A couple years back, I visited a community of folks, who were likewise preparing. One prominent member of that group indicated that they would like to be there to make a place for single moms to find shelter, when the hard times came.

        I ran from there, without looking back. Like you, I say the women can either work for me, loyally on my team, or go down with the burning ship.

  • Stu

    There are many terms to use in place of single when refering to the “single” man. Loser, faggot, misogynist, etc etc :)

    Who cares what feminists want to brand things as. What men need to learn is the give them the finger and carry on.

    • Jimmy

      My attitude:
      OK then – I’m gay, I hate women and I’m unsuccessful.
      What’s your point?

      • Stu

        LOL. You left out the small dick…….oh…..and impotent :)

  • mongo

    Rather than say “I’m unmarried”, you could say “I don’t marry”.

    • Paul Elam

      Beautiful. Just like saying “I don’t smoke.”

    • Aharon

      One can also say: “I value my sanity and solvency”.

      or: “I’ve been woman- and smoke-free for a long time. Never felt better”.

  • Anti Idiocy

    At first I was hurt and angered by the hoards of vile women and the fool men who put up with them. Then I became resigned to their rule. Now that I have come to accept the fact of their existence, and learned far better how to deal with them, I believe that the universe is unfolding exactly as it should. They will get their comeuppance.

    It’s quite a show, really.


  • Aharon

    I came here to read another MRM article. Something else has happened. Something clicked.

    I believe that I have finally found a venue to feel comfortable connecting with God utilizing a new religion: Zeta-ism.

    • Quartermain

      Zeta-Man sounds like a good name for a comic book super-hero for a new generation.

      • Aharon

        That’s an idea!

  • andybob

    I hate missed opportunities to stick it to obnoxious fems who pry into my marital status – especially in a workplace setting. There’s probably some policy preventing men asking such things point blank to women. However, they have no qualms sizing up guys for their availability: hypocrits.

    My favourite response to, “Are you married?” is look horrified and offended and ask, “Why would I go and do something stupid like that?” It works especially well if you maintain a wide-eyed innocence and look searchingly at the shocked female in question as though you expect an answer. Watch them either look at you in open-mouthed silence or splutter a request to explain what you mean.

    “You don’t know what can happen to perfectly decent men who get married? Really?” Perfect chance to highlight the dangers and degradation that modern marriage represents for today’s men. Brook no interuptions, remain calm and appear to be offering helpful information. After all, they did ask. Score double points if a few innocent, young dudes happen to be within earshot.

    You must ensure that nosey dames think twice about attempting to shame and manipulate free and autonomous men. Discovering that I’m gay just perplexes them even more. “Yes, thank God. I don’t have to go through that nightmare. Not so my straight brethren…” (shake head – look sympathetically at straight, male bystanders, and accusingly at the fems).

    Another favourite response to the single inquiry is to just laugh and laugh and laugh as though the question were just foolish. These are unexpected responses which makes them defensive. Some of the women actually try to defend marriage by attempting to make it sound desirable. This strategy is doomed as the examples offered are obviously desirable to women only. Just gently point it out.

    Do not allow yourselves to be hectored by this shaming nonsense. It is not the fault of the customer if the product is faulty and the sales pitch is obviously a scam from a pack of oily grifters. You are not the ones who have any ‘splaining to do. And always be very, very pleased to be unyoked, unburdened and every inch your own man. It will shine from you.

    • Eff’d Off

      Andybob bloke.

      Bloody great post that. A box of thumbs up for you my friend.

    • Aharon


    • Poester99


      Marry? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha aaa ha ha ha!!!

      I’m gonna use these…

  • Anti-Sectarian

    @Manuel Dexter
    In the world of physical reality, society runs on male innovation, male labour, male stamina, and male protection.

    Why doesn’t this masculinity protection of which you speak manifest in protection of the mass of the population from a near ominpotent amd tyrannical elite which has amassed to itself, almost the entire wealth of your country leaving millions impoverished of employment, homes, health care, and increasingly, civil and human rights?

    Before too long there will only be two classes – super rich and poor. What do you “manful protectors” propose to do to address that? or are you just another mouthpiece of an out of control ruling elite which will never be satisfied until it has reduced the population to total subservience?

    Men and WOMEN who are sincerely committed to freedom have mounted a successful campaign against State government attempts to roll back workers rights in Wisconsin. What is the Mens Rights position on this popular uprising? Do you even have an opinion on ANY issue that predominate the public mind?

    Feminists are an irrelevence and so are you. You are nothing more than sectarian “movements” used by Elites to divide and rule the masses who, but for divisive distractions such as women’s, gay and men’s rights would begin to move towards unity around COMMON HUMAN issues rather than gender war.
    Whatever you think you are – you are not the people society owes anything to.

    • Manuel Dexter

      Q: “Why doesn’t this masculinity protection of which you speak manifest in protection of the mass of the population from a near ominpotent…blah blah blah”

      A: because men are disenfranchised, and increasingly indifferent to the fate of a society which hates them based on their male identity”.


      Q: What do you “manful protectors” propose to do to address that?

      A: If you didn’t have your head up your ass, you’d know the answer to that – conversely, what are you doing about it? – also, wrapping “manful protectors” in quotes implies you’re quoting me, which you are not, you’re just making up bullshit and attributing it to me.


      Q: What is the Men’s Rights position on this popular uprising? Do you even have an opinion on ANY issue that predominate the public mind?

      A: Are you all hot and bothered because I didn’t write about your preferred hobby-horse issue? Get a life.


      Q: Feminists are an irrelevance and so are you. You are nothing more than sectarian “movements” used by Elites to divide and rule the masses… blah blah blah…”

      A: seriously? go troll somebody else you clown.

    • Jimmy

      The Wisconsin protests seemed like hissy fits from a bunch of entitled brats to me. HTH.

    • Quartermain

      My opinion on the Wisconsin teacher’s strike?

      This article says it best:

    • Benjamin

      No, silly fem.

      We ARE doing something, and preparing to thrive and protect ourselves more as this situation heats up.

      Only the thing is… you aren’t on the inside. We’re not going to protect you!

      You have one choice… and only one. Team up now with a real man, and serve him loyally and submissively from this moment forward… dedicating your every effort to improving and enriching him and his household, and his life. When you’ve really proven to be part of his team, then he will naturally move to keep you protected from death and other horrors.

      If, however, you want to be his “partner” or his “ally”… then forget about it. That crap is only in Hollywood movies. We have no use for women as partners, nor allies, nor pretended “equals”. If you try to pull that BS, he’s going to eject you from his situation, without looking back.

  • Gendeau

    How about just sighing and saying,

    “No, I’m not a lucky guy…I’ve been married. Divorced now though, so things are looking up”.

    I’m a divorced guy prone to ticking ‘single’ as my marital status; no-one else’s business that I was previously gullible.

  • Stu

    A lot of women have said…..married men live longer. I’ve answered that with……how does anyone know that since no man stays married his whole life anymore anyway. Or….that’s ok…..better dead then married.

    The first one is such a joke. How the fuck can getting married and getting screwed over for everything you have increase your lifespan. In any case…I lion in a zoo lives longer then a lion in the wild…….but being put in a zoo is still not preferable

    • Whitney

      Married men live longer … but you’ll not find a population more willing to die.

      Married men don’t live longer, it just seems longer.

    • Denis

      Sure, married men live longer, but there is selective bias because unhealthy men are disposed of by their wives.

      Bill Maher:

      I always hear women say, “Y’know, married men live longer.” Uh, yes, and an indoor cat…also…lives longer. It’s a fur-ball with a broken spirit that can only look out on a world it will never enjoy, but it does, technically, live longer.

  • Gru

    I so wish I was reading this about 12 years ago. I was so close to making it on my own then I got sucked up by problem women wanting husbands. Thank Gawd I never sign a marriage license. After the first real wife of course…..

    Won’t do it ever again!! I don’t even want one of these creatures living in my home it turn it into a catastrophe.

  • Stu

    We’ve got a few gays posting on here. What do you guys think of the push to apply hetro defacto laws to guy people. Here in Oz, it’s been that way for over 2 years……if you live with a guy……he’s your partner…..and when you split up……he can take it through the family court. Same rules as hetro defacto relationships…….which is the same as marriage. No different at all between any fo these things in Oz now.

    I’ve always thought it is the feminists and deluded straight people that are pushed for this. I have a gut feeling that the smaller amount of really stereotypical gay guys…….the fairy queen type… know the ones with the full on fem mannerisms and seem to have all the female likes and dislikes…….women in mens bodies basically. Well I’ve thought they are probably the only gay supporters of this crap.

    What’s your opinion?

  • Keyster

    In a world before the femocracy there was:

    The World, and all life has to offer.

    In Zetism woman is eliminated because marriage has become untenable.
    This reaction by men is the unintended consequence of governmnet sanctioned female power.

    • Kai

      Before femocracy, most guys didn’t have much choice in what to do in the world. So there was yourself, a woman you were married to by your father, and a prescribed role already laid out for you.

  • Gendeau

    No, I’m not married…just think of me as the bicycle that got away…

    • Aharon

      Good one. Who needs that fishy smell?

  • Luek

    As far as I am concerned my or anyone else’s marital status is not anyone’s business. However, whenever I get this probing question I make something up for fun. I tell them in all sincerity that I am widowed because I had to shoot and kill my ex in self-defense. I also embellish the story with how dangerous she was and killing her and not even getting charged with a crime was the most enjoyable thing I ever did! Try it! It is really empowering.

    • Gendeau

      There’s a joke about the guy being charged with killing his parents, who asks that he be given a shorter sentence because he was now an orphan.

      You could try claiming that you got compassionate release due to your having so recently become a widower

  • ProleScum

    Guys, Henny Youngman was way ahead of us.

    “Why do Jewish divorces cost so much? They’re worth it.”

    “Why do Jewish guys die before their wives? They want to.”


  • andybob

    Good questions Stu. You are right about the feminine gays yearning for marriage. Probably dazzled by all of the sparkly bling and frilly frippery. Some people are easily coerced into overpriced displays of narcissistic indulgence. Others are repelled by it. Anyone who would lavish thousands of $$$ of someone elses money on such foolishness is revealing their souless greed.

    The rest of us have taken heed of the nightmare that men have suffered from state-sanctioned relationships. A few points about male/male partnerships that differ significantly from most male/female relationships. I’m speaking from my own experience, but nearly all of my gay friends would agree. The suggestion of marriage produces shudders all round. Very amusing to see women witness this. Yes ‘ladies’, we know it’s a scam.

    – My partner and I (14 years) have never lived together. Even though we spend a lot of time in each other’s residences, men need their space. It is my observation that it is mostly women who crave being in someone else’s face all the time. We are monogamous (just a preference, not a moral imperative), but most men crave autonomy and freedom that cohabiting stifles. Unhealthy.

    – We have completely seperate financial arrangements. Neither of us have a clue what the other earns. I think he earns about the same that I do. Don’t know – none of my business. We are always shocked that women know every detail of their boyfriends/husbands financies. Get your mits off his bankbook and stop spending money that isn’t yours. Leeches.

    – My disgust at the feminazi hellhole that Australia had become was a huge contributing factor to us going ex-pat many years ago. Many family and friends remain in Australia, so we visit often. The encroaching interference of the state that you mentioned is not encouraging us to return anytime soon.

    Just to add, men respect each other. We hate drama and pettiness. Most women and swishy gays seem to thrive on it. There is no disagreement that cannot be sorted out by sitting down and discussing it calmly. We almost had an argument once. Common sense prevailed. Feeling stressed? Go to the gym and punch something. Taking it out on each other isn’t tolerated.

    I feel sorry for straight dudes who have to endure whiney, critical, lazy, wives/girlfriends who are always on their cases, controlling their every move and hijacking their pay packets. They are disrespectful enough towards men and boys they don’t even know, but they ramp it up torturously for their partners. This is sponsored and supported by society, the MSM, the law…you name it. Many people hate me saying this, but I am happy that I’m gay. Not having to deal with women as partners simplifies my life. Dealing with neurotic fems in the workplace is bad enough, having one under my roof would be intolerable. Watching some miserable woman publicly berate some poor hapless dude on some minor matter makes my blood boil (and heave a sigh of relief).

    My twin brother is straight. He is the best guy you could ever hope to meet. I watched him get hurt and defrauded by vicious women until I made him aware of MRM issues (literally had to push his face against the monitor). It made a huge difference in his life. I hope people like Paul Elam understand the massive impact that his work has had on men who desperately need it. The MRM has been a lifesaver for dudes I care about which is why I feel so strongly about it.

    Smart gay men resist the imposition of judicial strong-arming in their lives. The horror stories of court-raped divorced men are testament to its malevolence. The ignorant, I’m afraid, will just have to learn the hard way. At least Mr Elam will be here to offer them a seat at AVFM when they stumble here post-carnage. No man, gay or straight can stay silent once the red pill has been digested.

    I appreciate your questions Stu. I am also here to learn from the lives and experiences of others. I wish swishy gays took more time to consider the difficulties that straight men confront, rather than dismissing them, as they so often do. They can’t help being feminine, but their ignorance is just lazy, self-serving and inexcusable. Perhaps paying a lifetime of alimony will raise some awareness.

    • Stu

      Thanks for the lengthy response Andybob. What you have said has pretty much reinforced what I’ve heard from the Gay men I’ve discussed it with, as well as bi men. I’m becoming more and more convinced that the whole movement to bring gays into the family court, which is already a reality here in Oz, is driven by the feminists, the legal system, and generally ignorant politically correct straights.

      In fact, I have not heard any…..what I call “straight gays” lol….that’s my invented language for……guys that just seem straight…..but are gay……I know I know…..they are the majority of gay guys…….but the ones that are noticed in public…..are the swishy gays……so that is the stereotype…..anyway……I’ve not heard any straight gays support the move to legalize gay relationships.

      It doesn’t matter what gays want though……the legal system wants money…and feminists want men to have no safe place on earth to hide from their legal bullshit……and swishy gays want to be able to take men the cleaners just like women do. Politically correct straights just lap up anything that is served up by the PC establishment.

      I’m waiting for gay guys to wake up and get out of the bed they are sharing with feminists. At the end of the day… guys are not giving women what they want……your utility..and money….and being men….they are hated just as much as any other. In fact, I’ve heard women say that gays are the biggist misogynists of all…..because they don’t even want sex with a women lol.

  • andybob

    “I’m waiting for gay guys to wake up and get out of the bed they are sharing with feminists.” Stu

    Me too, my friend. Me too.

  • Stu

    I think it will happen. A lot of gay guys seem to think that women, feminists, all the legal bullshit in favour of women, and anti male bias that is encroaching on every part of society, is not their problem. The same way a lot of MGTOW feel that they will avoid all the pot holes by avoiding relationships with and even casual sex, and friendships with women. But I have known gay guys that have been had up for sexual harrassment of women. Being gay is no protection because sexual harrassment has nothing to do with sex. When you get into an argument with a women in a nightclub…..being gay will not stop the white knights from attacking you. Being gay doesn’t get you off the hook for anything. If you’re a man, and you have any confrontation with women, any legal issues, they have the support, and you are in the wrong.

    It’s a matter of time before gay guys start to realise that their interests would be better served under the umbrella of mens rights, rather then gay rights. When that happens, the MRM will gain a lot of experienced activists as well as a population of men that it has become politically incorrect to demonise.

    I’ve noticed quite a few men stating, or indicating they are gay on mens rights sites lately. Maybe it’s started already.

  • Perseus

    Man I am grateful for this article.

    Liberation for men, so long overdue.

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