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I Need MGTOW Because…

MGTOW offers a path encouraging men to focus on their own needs, sometimes for the first time in their lives. Gregory Becker asks the question – why do you need MGTOW?

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  • OldandNavy

    Stick to your guns, boys. MGTOW ain’t my cup of coffee….. but I’m behind you.

    • Oscar

      That’s the attitude mate. I’m MGTOW but go MRA’s

    • Jalil Middleton

      I understand. I was MGTOW for 3 years. I am a young man who caught on to the game early. My mom thinks that all of you are in pain and self denial. I don’t believe that shit for a second. I think you are all rebels in your own.

      I’m not saying fuck all women. I respect them as human beings. But on the low note I can’t level with them anymore.

  • Victor Zen

    Where’s my sharpie…

    • sputnik

      You! You ARE the sharpie, Zen master Zen. Your article on
      #WhenWeSayYES Profits from Dishonesty and Insecurity
      was mighty crisp.

  • Kimski

    I need MGTOW because I want to fuck up feminism in any way possible, and not be viewed as a disposable utility by anyone while I do it.

    • TPH

      Heh, I’ll incorporate that into my personal mission statement.

  • MGTOW-man

    The one about “brotherhood without competition” was the best. In fact, I nominate it for the winner award. Men, in general are too afraid of each other…which I believe to be stupid. Bonding, brotherhood, and serious friendships are becoming increasingly rare as our societies become feminized with socialism, hatred towards men, and weakness.

    I refuse to compete with men (except when actually involved in sports…does not include watching ball games obsessively via one of the various media outlets). I will not compete over women: they are just other people. I will not allow my behavior to copy other’s behavior who defer to women/kids as their only source to determine their worth as males. I will not be a duped, had-sucker who loves being herded into the one-size-fits-all manhood circus corral. No one determines my manhood for me. I make all those relative decisions based on what I think, know, and want. I own, power, and operate all of my own “control panel” and never let anyone else take over.

    I am not filled with hatred; I am filled with the courage to be honest. But oooh how I get hated for being honest.

    • garyonthenet

      I am afraid, or perhaps antipathetic, of so-called alpha males – that is guys who innately are driven to be superior to you in social situations, even just one on one. Notably they will accept being lower than you socially if you “prove” yourself in some idiotic macho way.
      Annoys the fuk out of me, and yet sometimes you are forced to deal with such personalities.
      I come to any relationship, be it casual, social or more inter-personal, with the presumption we should be treating each other with equal respect, and that I am neither going to kowtow to someone else or expect them to kowtow to me.
      Now, after said persons and personalities and preferences are more established, then I will assert my talents when I think I know better, or accede to another’s if I think they are more competent than me.
      But what I won’t cotton to, is someone lording over me as if it is the default presumption that they are my better in every way, that they assumptively have the moral high ground, or that my opinions and positions are suspect just because I am me.

      • alex brown3

        No such thing as Alpha male, it is a bullshit PUA/Game thing.

        Being macho and dominating frankly seems to be an American obsession, a product of a female dominated hyper macho culture.

        • garyonthenet

          Not just an American thing. I think it might be more innate in some renditions of men.
          It runs across all cultures and across all time.
          The more reflective of us just recognize the folly in such an idiotic game in modern society.
          It might have worked in medieval times, or caveman times, and even at some tribal third world environments, but such anachronistic behavior is not applicable today.

          • alex brown3

            I get the impression that America is more hyper macho compared to Western Europe. (I of course could be wrong about this.)

          • garyonthenet

            Yeah, on a number scale, I would tend to agree with that collectively for America.

        • TG

          acting macho has no nationality attached to it.

        • Sean

          I first heard some women (feminists they turned out to be) in my community using the term Alpha Male. I think the PUA obsession with limited hierarchies is a response to their view, on how women view men. All they want to do is get laid. Which to my mind, is like playing Russian roulette. It’s idiotic. The game of life is far more complex than the reduced and simplified view of feminism or PUA’s.

        • Magnus

          I think a lot of people misunderstand how the “alpha male” work in nature, thinking it’s a manifest destiny sort of thing. The PUAs seem to think if you are “alpha” you are always on top, or should seek to be there.
          Fact is the Alpha male in a pack is on top as long as he proves his worth to the pack, he is disposable, and should he falter he is kicked out and a new leader emerge.
          Alphas are also mostly something that emerge when females are involved in the pack, as you will often see young males form groups together on more equal footing, to later move into a mixed pack and establish themselves in the hierarchy.

          But my point is that very often an alpha is the person people flock to for support, you might be the “leader” in one group, but the “supporting player” in another, and really if you strive to control everyone around you in every situation you might come out being a “lone wolf” without a pack of your own.

      • MGTOW-man

        Alpha males are only alpha if you let them . If you do not recognize them as “leader” then they are not. Never grant them access to define, or compare your own manhood with theirs.

      • MrSonicAdvance

        The concept of an alpha male is useful in that it instantly relegates most men to be inferior. The concept that all women desire an alpha male, and men who aren’t alphas should think themselves lucky if they attract a woman sounds feminist to me.

        • garyonthenet

          I thought that women want sensitive men?
          Or is it they say they want sensitive men, but their simian brains know something different.
          I am reminded of that scene from Bedazzled, where Branden Fraser wishes to be the sensitive soul he thinks his love wants. After he gets his wish, she goes off with the guy who kicks sand in his face at the beach.

    • DukeLax

      bro….I’ve had many girls that wanted me to fight for them, and Ive always walked away. Its almost as if some women have this perverse pleasure is seeing guys all bloodied up, thinking to themselves, “They were fighting FOR Meeeeeeeeee!!”

      • MGTOW-man

        Feminism equals female self-absorption.

      • DukeLax

        “They were fighting for meeeoow”

    • sputnik

      Yah, it’s a principled business, this. And how they want to hurt you for having principles, and espousing prinicples. Difficult in the short run, easier in the long run; impossible otherwise.

      Mgtow is a matter of personal integrity: observing accurately and reporting honestly what you’ve observed, and living with the truth.

      • MGTOW-man

        You are so right! …and the truth isn’t in a popularity contest.

    • Eldritch Edain

      Well said. Expanded, this would make a great article or blog.

    • Eldritch Edain

      Well said. Expanded, this would make a great article or blog.

      • sputnik

        Insofar as MGTOW-man was replying to me: Yeah, the article is coming, but it’s a biggy, in parts. Angry Harry, with his most recent video, has obligingly broached some relevant, big-picture side topics, such as the existence or non-existence of the soul, topics which are essential to a full evocation of what we as Human Rights Advocates are all about when we emphasize Men’s Human Rights. Moreover, Harry seems to be threatening promisingly to broach subjects political. But how could we not go there?— given how political feminism is!

        I promise not to go off on tangents, and to tie it all together nicely with logic founded on the most fundamental assertions that can be conceived, assertions that have to do with fundaments the importance of which Harry has suggested, fundaments which I will be able to “prove” — or assert with high confidence — by observation(s) heretofore not considered at this website, so far as I am aware.

        I’ve been hemming and hawing about whether I should even bother, given that the extended piece necessarily involves some considerations of matters “religious” and “political”, even though my beliefs are fundamentally apolitical and well outside of any recent religious tradition. But…

        So then, when I listened to Harry’s video, my jaw hit my desk. It’s time to nail this movement down to brass tacks. A sound, widely shared philosophy of the matter is e-fucking-ssential, and while most guys here get it, it ought to be articulated quite explicitly, and more or less “all in one place”, for reference.


    • CrazyHorse1942

      The part about “brotherhood without competition” hits it squarely where the biggest problem lies between men, and highlights where men have done a great disservice to each other.

      We have to realize that a great part of our competitiveness is driven by the female influences that have always existed in society. How many times have any of you been coaxed or manipulated into defending a female with lines like “are you going to let him talk to me like that” and other such crap. It cannot be denied that woman do in fact love violence and will actively encourage it with such statements.

      Violence by proxy seems to fill a sick need in far too many women. Remember guys, they have made us see each other as rivals and will readily mock us for not manning up.

      Sadly, even though I am happily married to a gentle and kind woman, I would never recommend marriage to any man; in fact, I have actively discouraged quite a few young men from taking the leap of insanity by pointing them to sites like this and some of the great literature written by (especially women), in order for them to be able to make an informed decision.

      We, as men, need to see each other in a better light, for allowing feminism to keep us at each others throats, and viewing each other as competitors, we have allowed them to win. We need brotherhood, for when men work together, great things are accomplished.

  • Suzy Enola


    Speaking as a middle aged widow who likes the idea of eventually remarrying, I personally might have something to lose as MGTOW increases throughout our culture.

    That will be MY problem, not any man’s.

    The world would be a better place for all of us if more men were empowered to protect their humanity from being undermined by people who would exploit their utility.

    • DukeLax

      Suzy and other concerned women reading the AVFM pages…My advice to you should you take it….Is to demand false rape accusers, and false domestic violence accusers be charged by law enforcement, which will return some integrity all around!!!

      • Suzy Enola

        Have you read my articles on Pauley Perrette?
        Yes, that’s me. (I can’t seem to control my multiple internet identities.)

      • Aimee McGee

        Women of the MHRM work in lots of different ways to support the cause. This is one of many things we do.

    • flailer

      Thank You Suzy!

      In addition to DukeLax idea, may I also recommend that you read the book: Men On Strike, by Dr. Helen Smith??

      Unlike other books on the topic, it explains WHY Men’s response is wholly rational & the only responsible thing they can do in today’s world.

      PLEASE. Please read it & share it. It offers solid examples, and solid solutions. Women can & should help (just raising your voice is enough), and in my opinion, this book is 80% of the battle.

      Highest regards,
      f (Sorry, but I must remain anonymous, if I hope to keep my family intact, due to the heavy-handed tactics of the Fem-Nazis)

      • Suzy Enola

        I have the book (though I haven’t had time to read it yet) and I met her at the conference. Awesome lady!

        • DukeLax

          Dr Helen Smith is the avante Guard of women who support the MRM.

    • Sean

      MGTOW is men who invariably are thinkers and doers abstaining from long term relationships with women.

      When female acquaintances ask me about ‘anybody special’ in my life, I just smile and reply ‘what has any woman got to offer me?’

      I don’t have to say to anybody I am MGTOW, all I have to say is, ‘what has any woman got to offer me?’ No woman has yet provided me with an answer, and I don’t expect that question to be answered anytime soon. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but it’s just the way it is.

      • Andrejovich Dietrich

        “Special”…As in Princess Power and her strike first, and pay…Oh wait, accountability for women is off the table. So Princess Power strikes first, strikes often, then calls the Police to incarcerate that bad man who bruised her knuckles.

        Nope, nobody special.

  • Chris Wedge

    I don’t personally need MGTOW because I’d sooner kiss a man than try and undercut his potential girlfriend.

    But it’s good, guys.

    • flailer

      – Are you blind to the FACT that you could be falsely accused?
      – Are you aware a simple accusation from a female undermines your civil rights??
      + There are thousands of example of Men sitting in jail, losing their jobs, houses, cars, families; all from a FALSE accusation.
      + My own niece did it, unjustly, and confused, at just 11 years of age. The guy lost EVERYTHING, house, wife, job, car, everything except his teacher’s license. And get this: he was told he should “feel good about that”.
      + Is it any wonder why Men are dropping out? Where are Men safe if they aren’t even safe in the public system??

      Just asking.

  • Mann Fuga

    MGTOW will be hated by many. Why? The truth deeply frightens those that hope to maintain the status quo of male disposability.

    I need MGTOW because they tell you how badly being used as a disposable utility is going to harm you psychologically, physically, financially, legally and spiritually.

    I need MGTOW because, instead of pushing marriage as the be all/end all of life, they CLEARLY define how marriage and family can destroy your life (they deal with the reality no one else wants to talk about).

    I need MGTOW because they show you how a white knight, “all things women and love” mindset can destroy your life.

    I need MGTOW because they show you how society teaches men that they are second class citizens.

    I need MGTOW because they show you that nearly everything you see while driving down the road was built by men.

    I need MGTOW because they open your eyes to the cultural misandry now deeply embedded within our culture and strategies to protect oneself from partial or total destruction.

    I need MGTOW because they tell it like it is. They help you to understand what being a man REALLY means in today’s world, minus the shaming language.

  • SineNomine

    I need MGTOW because the system hates men and seeks their subjugation, and even outright destruction.

  • Fatherless

    It would be so cool to have MGTOW roommates.

    • Junky

      1 ex military, 1 union welder, and 1 gardener build a house up from humble beginnings…

      Just sayn.

      • Dan Slezak

        Yup, I bet you all get to keep your pay checks too. Keep your Dr/dentist appointments and eat fresh vegetables. Come and go when you want, on your schedule. That’s living life, its freedom.
        Do not get married!

      • DukeLax

        Barbecue a couple nights a week, good music, good home brew beer….and no drama queens where everyone has to watch their speech for fear of offending the “perpetually offended”

        • Fatherless

          I live with all men now and it happens to be the cleanest and quietest place I’ve ever lived, part of that having to do with rules being clear and enforced.

          Conversation is simple and never condescending. Its nice. But we aren’t close friends. Right now my closest connection is my girlfriend, and she’s great, but its not good to rely on the person you’re dating for that human connection.

          But what MGTOW needs is a way to fight the loneliness. Its got to find ways to form deeper connections between men in physical space. Or to put it another way, to provide a support mechanism so men don’t depend on women for their link to the human connection.

          I am making sense?

          • Dan Slezak

            Absolutely! That’s what this place is. Personally, I don’t know you and you don’t know me. But we have something in common, brother. As men were not social, lets be honest. Elam knows this and that’s what makes this place so special. The comments section is sometimes better than the article. I am not saying that here. It gives men a place too connect. I would like too see mens groups in every city, through out the world. Its a connection that most women cant replicate.
            I don’t get to keep my pay check, unfortunately. I got trapped young. Then the recession happened and Obama through us under the bus. Fatherless, I feel you dude. Don’t make our mistakes and always wear a condom. And most importantly, DONOTGETMARRIED!

          • Mann Fuga

            “What do we call a woman who traps a guy in an unwanted pregnancy?”

            Just Another Disposable Male

            It’s that simple, bud. You serve at the feet of the gynocracy now. Deeply sorry for what you’re going through. Men are but disposable utilities now. Men are now born to be the slaves of female entitlement and narcissism. Many mothers still encourage their son’s to act in chivalrous and patriarchal ways.

            You are correct in all of your assertions. You are correct that Paul Elam has gone to great lengths to provide a space in which all men a voice (even MGTOW). But did you know that yours is the greatest voice of all? You surely now know that you have zero say over whether or not the birth happens, but nevertheless are held totally responsible for the financial aspects of birth and aftercare, right? You do know that you represent the foundation of men’s rights, right? You do know that you’ll be paying through the nose for this girl to sleep with other men, right? Does this make you angry? If not, it should. If you are angry, use that anger in a positive way.

            It’s called having your cake and eating it too, bud. This is the feminist mantra. Women want equality with men, so long as they can divorce them, destroy their lives, force them into cuckoldry, force them into child support, demand men pay for their birth control, and screw other men on their former lover’s dime. It’s pretty simple really – once you see the light.

          • Dan Slezak

            Oh, it makes me angry all right. I’ve got 3+ more years and I am free. The one reproductive right that men have post conception, is too lay the fuck down! Drop professional training/college. You cant squeeze blood from a stone. I was against her pregnancy from the start and she knew it. Women just don’t care. But, being disposable? No, buddy. We are not disposable, in fact we are very much needed now. Now, we are ATMs who go too work everyday. And your right, there are millions of us!

          • Fatherless

            My family has close to a 90% divorce rate so marriage never appeared to be an attractive option to me anyway. I simply was never able to imagine myself as a father, and built my life around doing interesting things rather than making lots of money. So marriage and children were just never part of it. But thank you for the warning, and please know I’m one who understands. AVfM and related media have cemented in my mind just how pointless that set of expectations is.

            I’d love to have students in my chosen field and mentor them and enjoy watching them develop as a replacement for the feeling of having children. I also think its important for men of different ages to reach out to each other. The older ones to pass on perspective and wisdom, and younger ones to offer their infectious energy and enthusiasm.

            I make friends with younger men and provide them with what little advice I have to offer, not all of it red pill related, and reach out to older men to see where they can steer me in the right direction. That said, I wish men would stop viewing each other with such suspicion, and I wish there were men’s group around where men can just be themselves, free from any particular obligation or ideology.

            Women are great, but men need a support structure to match what women have. Sometimes it seems like men are the islands of humanity, connected by an ocean of women. The women freely mingle with each other, but the men are separated by emotional distance, and so many men only open up to the women in their lives. When those women are gone from the picture, men are left reeling.

            Men need to build bridges to each other. Discover each other. Nurture as grown men the emotionally candid friendships we had when we were children.

            I don’t know what happens. But somewhere along the way, as you go from being a boy to a man, you start to realize you’re on your own. If you don’t develop a thick skin you risk getting swallowed whole by society. That seems to be what happened to my own father. Add women to the mix, and the race is on the out-compete other men, and devote their emotional time to women, and before you know it, men lose touch with each other, and they find themselves on these emotional islands not knowing how to connect the way they did as children.

            We need to get that back somehow.

          • John Narayan

            What do we call a woman who traps a guy in an unwanted pregnancy?


          • Dan Slezak

            I don’t know about that. I think she’s satisfying a maternal instinct at my expense. Believe me, when I told her how I felt (15 years ago) she did not care. All she cared about was baby. If that’s empowered, then we as men in western society have a much bigger problem than feminism.

          • John Narayan

            I am having a go at the feminist mis use of the word, haha!

          • Dan Slezak

            I got you, but that is stupidity, though.

          • TPH


          • DukeLax

            completely making sense!!! What are some of youre suggestions???

          • Fatherless

            See below, I guess? I’m just sort of riffing on this there.

          • MGTOW-man

            “Its got to find ways to form deeper connections between men in physical space”

            If men could stop being so darned afraid of each other, (and afraid others will think “rogue” things of them for embracing other men as great friends), then increased bonding among us men would flourish. Contemporary Western ideas of manhood (albeit erroneous IMO) usually center around men proving they are straight, that they like women and that women like them, overly happy to please everyone but themselves, etc.

            Forget all that business for it may likely lead to misery. Just take genuine interest in other men and let them do likewise in you.

            From my perspective, save for sexual intimacy, closeness between males can replace almost every other female-induced intimacy. MGTOW doesn’t have to be lonely. Men really can be damned good friends…and for life too. But we have to trust each other and know ourselves well.

            I grew up differently compared to most, I suspect. Off and on, I was raised a traditionalist, but rejected it since. However, living in close proximity to other males for most of my early years and beyond, in so many ways… that makes many males uncomfortable… is what gave me the edge here. I learned early on that closeness with other males… including loss of privacy, hygiene, (not being afraid to be physically male in front of other males) sleeping habits, working, playing, and most other things too, are NOT tethers that make men do “other” things that they really do/did not want to do in the first place. (Perhaps that is exactly what many of them are afraid of) In this way, I really think most males are too afraid to get close to other men. Too bad, because men can make the best friends. Unlike women, with all their complaining, pettiness, manipulating, punishing and controlling, chemistry, irrationality, etc., men friendship bonds can last a lifetime with no need for all the usual “protections” men use to keep women from making them miserable.

            Once bared, vulnerable, and open, it is all downhill from there. Trust me, there is a very good reason that all military endeavors (until the feminist intrusion…which also feminized males…creating this baseless fear of each other) required men to live in murderously close proximity. (No explanation needed, just use your imagination). Some of the best friends I have ever made were from the military. I absolutely treasure my military experience except for the fact that women were in the way, making my work MUCH harder than if those boots were filled by physically stronger males. (I will never apologize for being honest where most men cave in).

            Once bonded, the bonds can prove to be what wins wars etc—yep! it can be THAT strong. There doesn’t have to be anything “nasty” about it…and in the vast majority of cases, it apparently isn’t. But tell that to the average man who is so darned afraid of what people might think etc. That is what is stopping them. Their perceptions of manhood are what is stopping them from enjoying this secret to peace and happiness. It is for this reason, partly, that I habitually say here: Change men, change the world.

            I guess I am lucky too. I have the friend-support I need from people of varied domains: male and female, as well as married and unmarried. Most of these people knew me before they knew I was MGTOW. If they did not remain my friend after learning I was MGTOW, then they never really were my true friend…good riddance!

            However, for many MGTOW, it can be lonely. …Just one more way out of thousands of ways that women have and have always had sooo much more power than their feminists lords are willing to admit. This loneliness can crush a man (so much for “male privilege”). If you are not an outgoing and confident friend-maker, then perhaps you will spin a web of loneliness for yourself. But if you make friends easy and keep them moderately so, then it is all what you make of it.

            Just food for thought: Feminism has historically driven a wedge between men, boys, and having any spaces of our own…to just be male and not ashamed of it. We should do all we can to shrug off the barriers that prevent men from bonding and in doing so, will drive a stake in the heart of female selfishness and their oblivio-senseless jealousy of maleness.

            In short, when males can conceive that manhood ISN’T about women/kids, being required-straight, utility for others, obedient puppetry, all being just alike, and so on, then they can get on with making male friendships and can leave all that other damaging and damning BS behind.

          • Fatherless

            Thank you.

        • Junky

          you are very much right and some of the best topics of conversation are where to put the hot tub and deck in the back yard(the theater room is done.)

    • flailer

      Having MGTOW housemates is GREAT. Even if it is temporary.

      I host couchsurfers ( , and get to meet & help young & old men from all over the world !!!

      I am very sorry to report that it is far too dangerous to host female surfers. One time I did host 2 females, out of country, sisters, I thought it would be ok as they “had each other’s backs”. But one sister was a total emotional mess, and I feared that she would call down the heavy-hand-of-the-law on me….. in MY OWN HOUSE no less. NEVER again!

      I have had no such problems, no problems whatsoever, with any of the numerous male guests I have hosted.

      Seriously, check it out. All the advantages of a MGTOW Housemate, but you can kick them out at a moment’s notice.

  • menrppl2

    the world needs MGTOW to remind it, men are are members of society, not servants of it.

  • DukeLax

    I believe that as US gender-feminists continue to pervert American law enforcement ( in order to further their Empowerment over everybody else)…….. as they continue to push their “manufactured statistics alliances” with American law enforcement to the degree guys are losing their basic civil / due process rights…I believe the only way a guy will be able retain his full equal protection under the law will be to go “MGTOW”.

    As these manufactured statistics Alliances and federally funded “Pork bloating triangles” continue to turn hetero-relationships into legal liabilities for guys, we are slowly reaching the point in the US where only poor and un-educated males with nothing to lose dare to date hetero.

    Sure…..many women are now enjoying this “Immediate Empowerment” that these “pork bloating triangles” are giving them ( The power to falsely accuse)……….. but many of the average women are not going to like the long term consequences when its only the poor and un-educated men with nothing of value to lose…..that dare to date hetero.

    • Mann Fuga

      In New Zealand, they’re pushing legislation to remove men’s rights to the presumption of innocence in rape cases. What’s being proposed is the automatic presumption of guilt until the accused can prove beyond doubt that the sex was consensual. In other words, if she said you raped her, you have to prove she consented to sex or you go to prison. Hell hath no wrath…

      Glad I don’t live in NZ. Must be hell on earth for men there. I don’t think it will be too much longer before such misandric laws and policies are pushed in the US, although a bit more gradually and covertly. I hear that Sweden is already a feminist/socialist/misandric utopia as well.

      • Man Alive

        Lest there be any doubt about the drive from the labor Party in New Zealand to remove men’s rights to the presumption of innocence in rape cases

        • Mann Fuga

          And what’s fascinating is that the labor party in NZ used to be pro family and pro male, right? Now, they’re just a bunch of white knights, captain save a hos and manginas hoping to catch the deadly droppings from the feminist meal table. Tragic.

          That’s politics folks. In political theology, one always focuses on those that can get you elected or re-elected, regardless of the costs to the well being of civilization.

          Campaign finance = the ability of the few wealthy (the 5%) to manipulate the masses (the 95%) to walk down the path to their own doom.

          Money talks. Love is blind.

          • Aimee McGee

            I’ve just come back home to NZ and never ever thought I’d be voting right of centre…yet this kind of crap has got me looking seriously at that option

          • John Narayan

            Campaign finance = the ability of the few wealthy (the 5%) to manipulate
            the masses (the 95%) to walk down the path to their own doom.

            The more things change…..

          • DukeLax

            I believe the perversions and manufactured statistics alliances, and the federal “Pork bloating triangles” that are turning hetero-relationships into legal liabilities for guys…are slowly making it so that only the poor and un-educated males with nothing to lose, re the only ones to risk being in a hetero relationship.

            Many women of the next generation are not going to like it…when the only guys that date hetero…are the poor / un-educated males, and they will start demanding that the perversions and “pork bloating triangles” be dis-member-ed…………..Immediately!!!

          • DukeLax

            I believe the perversions and manufactured statistics alliances, and the federal “Pork bloating triangles” that are turning hetero-relationships into legal liabilities for guys…are slowly making it so that only the poor and un-educated males with nothing to lose, re the only ones to risk being in a hetero relationship.

            Many women of the next generation are not going to like it…when the only guys that date hetero…are the poor / un-educated males, and they will start demanding that the perversions and “pork bloating triangles” be dis-member-ed…………..Immediately!!!

    • Lastango

      “we are slowly reaching the point in the US where only poor and un-educated males with nothing to lose dare to date hetero”

      Quite so. The most important step men on campus can take right now to protect themselves is to stop dating women who attend their own school. Men need to be aware that university Kangaroo Kourts are prepared to reach findings of guilt by sweeping aside any form of “consent” the man has relied on. Schools will vigorously and publicly urge men to obtain consent, and when an accusation is received simply deny that what was obtained constituted consent.

      • DukeLax

        And Gender-feminists will guarantee federal pork bloating dollars for all involved in these perversions and manufactured statistics Alliances!!

      • John Narayan

        Get rid of co-ed schools.

    • flailer

      I agree.
      BUT, sadly, going MGTOW is not protection against bad laws. It is not even full protection against Bad Women that would use those Bad Laws against you. You could be walking down the street, minding your own business…. and BAM!

      • John Narayan

        True, but it far better than nothing.

      • BeijaFlor

        And that’s why I include “MRA” in My Own Way.

    • John Narayan

      Even better, I have worked in call centers (in IT) and had to put up with women crapping on about how empowered they are. Well my name is being touted around to move said call centre(s) to India. Will be there with bells on. Short sighted western women with their arrogance and hubris thought globalization would only hurt the boy’s are very wrong. Big Daddy corporation does not want them MGTOW don’t either, welcome to our world ladies.

      • Lastango

        “I had to put up with women crapping on about how empowered they are.”

        Reminds of lawyers; and now their profession is in wholesale collapse. Some of that is because certain legal processing functions can be outsourced to places like India. As you can read at the link below, the clogging of the lawyering profession has taken hold to such an extent that the sewer has now backed up into the educational system.

        • John Narayan

          Wow! Looks like the the speccchhiel snow flakes are not so specchhel after all.

  • Lastango

    MGTOW is a man standing up for himself, aware he is a man. MGTOW is where men can rally for solidarity. Political strength is always strength in numbers.

    I need MGTOW because leverage protects my human rights.

    I need MGTOW because Atlas won’t get respect until he shrugs.

    I need MGTOW because it wrecks the feminist/Marxist university gulag.

    I need MGTOW because feminism needs roosting chickens.

    I need MGTOW so young women will ask feminists where all the men went.

    I need MGTOW because bicycles don’t need fish.

    I need MGTOW because gynocracy.

    I need MGTOW because women hunt for “their” 50% of what’s mine.

    I need MGTOW because women are allowed to lie.

    …and because I know that without MGTOW I am a duck in the feminist/Marxist shooting gallery.

    • flailer

      Dang. That’s pretty darn good. And so very accurate too!!

      Thanks for your list

    • Lucian Vâlsan

      „I need MGTOW because Atlas won’t get respect until he shrugs.” – THIS!

      • Dan Slezak

        Hey man. I’ve been meaning too ask you, what happened to A Voice for Men Europe? I haven’t been able too catch your show since Blog Talk. Why did you guys change?

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      Because Family Courts would rather destroy the key component of a family. Because VAWA is an unconstitutional law which should get every congressman fired for violating their oaths to protect the constitution. Because there is fault when a marriage breaks up, and that would be the fault of the 70% who files for them. Because women as more nurturing and empathetic, is a LIE.

  • sputnik

    I don’t need mgtow. I AM mgtow. Just because I am. I NEED other MRAs for reasons innumerable and obvious. Mgtow ain’t my i.d., but it’s a survival mechanism phenomenon.

    One day I fully and profoundly assimilated that I didn’t have to buy any societal disapproval, real or implied, for not pursuing a woman. At first it was that I didn’t have the time, being a divorced Dad working two jobs and trying to make time to be a Dad. Then, fate dropped Ms. Wright right in my lap in the person of the (divorced) mother of my daughter’s best friend. Unimaginably, fantastically congruent set of interests and passions, and she had no pressing money problems, with or without any child support.

    And she was insane. A bed hopper for all her adult life, including 13 years of her marriage.

    That’s when I signed completely out of the game. Then, I could continue to live forthrightly. Happier. Much happier, yes, but not satisfied. Personally happy, but not satisfied. Not good enough. That’s why
    I / we need a men’s movement.

    • sputnik

      Incidentally, I’ve NEVER been anyone’s disposable utility. The thought never even OCCURRED to me in those days before I got married. In retrospect, I think she picked up on that, and so I think that’s why I ended up divorced. (Not my loss… :-) but my daughter’s… :-(

      • Mann Fuga

        Yup – that’s probably why you got divorced. You see what happened, right? By being an individual and not serving on bended knee, you were used and then disposed of. That’s how things work now – and that’s exactly why MGTOW and MRAs are struggling to adapt to one another. Most men do care – but how destroyed must one become before not giving a crap and becoming a MGHOW takes over? If living on bended knee gets you destroyed, and living as an individual with boundaries gets you destroyed, where do you go from there?

        MGTOW is the answer to all the knowledge you seek. MGTOW is anti-gynocracy boot camp.

        • Dagda Mór

          ” By being an individual and not serving on bended knee, you were used
          and then disposed of. That’s how things work now – and that’s exactly
          why MGTOW and MRAs are struggling to adapt to one another.”

          Marx idenitified two serious enemies of his lunatic utopian ideals – the emigrants and the rebels. MGTOWs are the emigrants, MRAs are the rebels. We don’t struggle to adapt to one another, in my opinion, as much as acknowledge one anothers existence and proceeed on that basis.

  • Dennis M


    If sex is consent to anything but sex, princess, then those kids are his only in so much as they would be his if he was raped. It’s you weak little girls who don’t want to take responsibility for sex, and then on top of THAT don’t want to take responsibility for what you chose to do with your body afterwards. Yet expect us to take responsibility for both. There’s no honor, compassion, or responsibility in “my body, my choice”, so don’t you dare lecture us on “greed” or “responsibility.”

    You’re the one taking things by force (via the law), and yet I’m the “entitled” one. Give me a break, princess. You don’t even know what YOU mean when you say “entitled.”

    Most divorces are NOT due to anything other than “dissatisfaction”. Not even irreconcilable difference, just “dissatisfaction.” Don’t give me that “women no longer have to stay with their batterers” bullshit. It’s MEN who are now forced to stay with their batterers (else they’ll need to leave their kids in the care of an abusive banshee) thanks to feminism and their “best interests of the children” bullshit. And social scientists have proven that children with SHARED PARENTING do better.

    You DARE say men are in a position of privilege when we have to cater to a woman’s every whim, and utterly disregard our own interests based on the “best interests of the children” and her default custody of those aforementioned children? Feminists are as cowardly as a man who picks a fight while holding a baby.

    Not to mention we BOTH know feminism is about the interests of women, not children. Divorce is the most traumatic event in a kids life and single motherhood is associated with more pathologies than fetal alcohol syndrome. Feminism has increased the later 15X and the former 6X.

    • Mann Fuga

      No-fault divorce is the path to transfer of wealth from men to women. Men pay the majority of taxes and the vast majority of alimony and child support. The more you make – the more your now deeply hated X wife takes through divorce. It’s about forcing men to provide women financial freedom to screw other men with their X husbands financial support (legalized cuckoldry). It’s a scam that encourages hypergamous women to manipulate and destroy the most productive, naive and industrious men. It’s all about transfer of wealth from the producers to the consumers. It’s all about female entitlement and narcissism.

    • Alogon

      ” Feminists are as cowardly as a man who picks a fight while holding a baby.” Holy shit, that actually happened to me. Dude started a verbal fight with me, threw something at me and when I started moving to whoop him, he picked up his 2 or 3 year-old and said “C’mon buddy, you wanna go?”. SO bizarre I never thought anyone would cook it up as a hypothetical situation even.

      • Dennis M

        You can’t fight back or you’ll jeopardize the best interests of the child. Just let him treat you like shit.

    • Sean

      Precisely, children’s outcomes are statistically lowered when the father is excluded from their lives.

    • thatdogguy

      Well said!

  • Leslie Tuckey

  • markis1

    I am MGTOW because i dont need hassles.I will never marry again i will never date again.And i do not permit myself to be alone with any woman at any time.

  • earth one

    I am MGTOW because I’ve always been an outsider. It is my creed. I’m not going to let anybody’s ideology or agenda define who I am or who I may become, not now, not ever!

  • Bombay

    I am MGTOW because I already have two kids and do not want a third.

    • BeijaFlor

      Not “I need MGTOW,” but “I AM MGTOW.”

      Thank you. I believe that is truly in the spirit of MGTOW.

  • Junky

    I need mgtow because i see mgtow men setting up property trusts for men that give them the right to pay the mortgage on property that can never be taken away from them since they never “legally” own it. they just own the right to apply to live there(approved by the mgtow committee under terms of course)(all damage deposits/ application fee`s will cover the necessary down payment of the property in question and any upgrades to the property will become property of the mgtow committee as agreed in the application.)

  • MrSonicAdvance

    I would like to see a clear definition of MGTOW: What it is and what it is not. Right now, I see MGTOW as a general rejection of women from a man’s personal life. If that’s MGTOW, I don’t want that.

    • Peter Wright

      This offers a pretty good definition of what MGTOW is:
      Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW)

      • MrSonicAdvance

        There are a lot of guys who identify as MGTOW and sound like they relish their rejection of women. It’s like “I have no need for women again, so that means I get to treat them with contempt.”. I’m not saying all MGTOW men do that, but it is a consistent theme that comes across. I understand why some men reject women and have made the choice to go MGTOW / separatist MGTOW or a variant thereof. But the perception of MRA seems to be affected by the narrative of the most separatist MGTOW.

        Matt Binder was not talking about MRA, he was talking about MGTOW. Feminists try to force FEMINIST and WOMAN as interchangeable terms, to ensure dislike of feminism is perceived as dislike of women. They seem to be doing the same with MGTOW and MRA. MGTOW and MRA are becoming (and to some people have already become) interchangeable terms. They are not the same kettle of fish.

        I think there needs to be more clarity in the differences between MGTOW and MRA. It’s all very well MGTOWs saying they don’t give a flying fuck what anyone thinks, but the “Screw those bitch women!” vibe of MGTOW is damaging MRA in my opinion.

        • Peter Wright

          There’s no doubt theres a bunch (a minority) of misogynistic “MGTOW” who band together to slag on women. So much for getting on with thier lives!

          The MGTOW who get on with thier lives -the majority- are less vocal about it so you don’t hear about them. Here’s a large forum where less damaged MGTOW congregate – though there’s still the occasional gender-apatheide advocate there:

          As for differentiating MGTOW and MHRAs, I personally view them as one and the same. A men’s human rights advocate engages in either political and/or self-advocacy — and that’s precisely what MGTOW is about – self advocacy. When MHRAs engage in political and social change, they tend to use the word activism instead of advocacy. However the ‘A’ and MHRA can be read alternatively as activism or advocacy – the choice is up to the individual.

          Some seperatist-MGTOW try to partition out the fact that the ‘A’ equally refers to self-advocacy, and then take the further step of demanding that MHRAs nover engage in self-advocacy, and that MGTOW never engage in social or political activism. This of course is an artificial mental divide that doesnt align with the practice – a divide perpetuated mostly by the same vocal group who hate on women, the gender-apartheid advocates.

          • MrSonicAdvance

            Thank you for your post. It’s good to hear not all MGTOW men dislike women. :-)

          • Morso Denutink

            Not even MOST MGTOW men dislike women. You a very misinformed. If you want to know what MGTOW is actually about get it stright from the horses mouth from the youtube videos by
            Stardusk –
            Barbarossa –
            RazorBladeKandy –
            Spetsnaz –
            and all the related channels they are linked to.

            Basically MGTOWs choose to shun marriage and cohabitation as a protest to the gender bias in marriage laws as well as the misandry in society in general. Instead we choose to find our on individual paths as men while also helping each other to better understand ourselves as men and how the genders relate to each other. Intellectual enlightenment. And just like the MRM many MGTOWS come to the path after getting badly burned and just like the MRM many newer members are working through the natural anger that comes with the rude awakening many men encounter in divorce court our worse. Both the MRM and MGTOW call it “taking the red pill”(which, unfortunately, PUAs have also started using). Take the time to learn about MGTOW the same way MRAs want feminist to take the time to learn about the MRM instead of just jumping to conclusions based on a few interactions with anonymous users. And beware of individuals that are quick to paint themselves as the “good mgtows”(aka Good Man) that are not like those “other ones”, always a bad sign.

            Good luck.

    • BeijaFlor

      MrSonicAdvance, my own take on MGTOW (as a self-labeled MGTOW) is that, in the broadest sense of the term, we are men who choose not to define ourselves by women’s approval, or live our lives according to Society’s assumptions. At root, MGTOW is not a movement, it’s a lifestyle – or a survival mechanism.

      A lot of the guys on the independent “Going-Your-Own-Way” boards are walking wounded, suffering from PDSD (Post-Divorce Stress Disorder – yes, I made that up, but it fits.) If you find them bitter, yes, you’re right. If they reject women from their forum, from their presence, from their lifestyle … oh well.

      You might find a better insight in Dr. Helen Smith’s “Men On Strike.” I hope this helps.

  • eddardmulligan .

    I was MGTOW, like many others, long before I’d heard the term. I am MGTOW because I define who I am and I live life on my terms. It has been very gratifying to discover others out there like me.

  • Toru Yuhara

    Great video! Loved the “sexual suspect” one. Can someone explain the last one. (“Because what does your sign say.”). That is the only one I didn’t get.

  • Charles Hammond Jr

    I support MGTOW because those who do fight for the smallest, most hated, least represented, oft resented, never respected, and almost always forgotten minority that is present in every society: the minority of the human individual… the ‘Forgotten Man’.

    If the Forgotten Man will not remember himself no one will remember him… well those who support MGTOW remember him… and that’s why I support MGTOW.

  • BeijaFlor

    Miroslav, you brought tears to my eyes with that, I was laughing with such delight.

    I encourage you all to remember the Vow of the MGTOW:
    “I am not now, and I never have been.”

  • Andrejovich Dietrich

    I have developed my own version I like to call DILLIGAF. I can date, not date. But when I do date, I am set up that upon first sign of trouble the sound of fast rushing air is heard where the Danger Zone once stood. No regrets, shame, or guilt in the wake.

    Marriage? Been there, done that, paid for it. Not betting on a losing horse again because I think its luck is about to change

  • Man Alive

    A brilliant question to put to feminists – Why isn’t there a WGTOW movement?