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Black Men First, Then The Rest

Something many of us at AVfM have maintained for some time now is that most of the negative cultural forces against men in the United States started with the black community (and other minority communities), and spiraled outward from there. This video is sure to infuriate many who watch it, but while we don’t have to agree with every single word here, there’s more powerful truths here than most in this society would care to admit.

This also goes back to something else we’ve said many times before: when we stop allowing cultural forces to set men against each other because of race, and men start to come awake to reality and see their shared interests and their shared experiences, social change is going to come. Maybe faster than a lot of people realize.

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  • Stu

    This is what I’ve been talking about for years. This guy, right here, we need all the hims we can get.

    MRDawson, maybe it is too late, I often think that it is, but even if it is too late, there has to be something, an alternative on the other side. That alternative, is the MHRM. And just maybe it’s not too late. Maybe we can grow fast enough to divert disaster. In any case, if we are fucked, we might as well join hands and be fucked together.

    Come sign up and make you voice many times louder.

    • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

      Let’s be thankful for one thing, and that’s that it’s never ”too late”, as long as there are men and boys we have their rights, and them to fight for, even if misandry would expand our fight is never over until we have exposed and brought down misandry to and for the masses, because it’s to/for the masses of men we advocate. :-)

    • DukeLax

      Stu, i don’t think were supuer fucked, i do believe we will have to start to contend with the environmental effects of our ignorance and distractions. The Weather systems are starting to get more and more erratic and will start demanding more and more attention

      • Stu

        I”m not talking about fucked from all the other problems like climate change, resource depletion, etc, etc. I’m talking fucked because feminists will continue to succeed in stripping men of rights, and eventually all incentive to work and produce, or repair, or do anything to keep society going. Which of course will mean those other problems will not get the attention needed either. A perfect storm of problems, and not enough people to give a shit to make any difference.

        • DukeLax

          aaah totally agree, Welcome to the “Failure to launch” generation….just the next generation who see only hostility in the real world, and would rather play video games all day…. at least there they won’t be attacked.

          • DukeLax

            My buddy and me joke around… we are from the “boomerang” genderation, and we pride ourselves by ” Hey… at least we made it past the ” Failure to launch”.. ( inside joke really)!!

  • crydiego

    Why the fuck do we not see someone like this on TED Talks? Someone that makes you think! Someone that starts debate towards wisdom! I have nothing but praise for this man!

  • Lastango

    The 32 minutes it takes to watch this video is time well spent!

    • Bewildered


  • JinnBottle

    What every man below this Comment said – plus. 32 minutes to say EXACTLY what I’ve always wanted to say, every word; 32 of the richest minutes in social commentary ever videod. I don’t know how to go on without sounding like I’m blowing smoke up this guy’s ass, but it’s true. Subscribing + putting him on my Facebook timeline + in my mens-organization Group on FB + doing anything else I can to support this man.

  • pinetree

    This guy makes you think – very interesting.

  • Krispy kreme Mcdonalds

    This guy is like an alarm clock waking me up from a deep sleep. Subscribed.

  • Raopak Bolo

    “Something many of us at AVfM have maintained for some time now is that most of the negative cultural forces against men in the United States started with the black community (and other minority communities), and spiraled outward from there.”

    Maybe in some cases, but feminism? Not really. Feminism seemed to have only targeted white men (and still seems to today) explicitly. Same goes for pretty much every other left-wing political group out there.

    • crydiego

      I don’t know where you got that quote from but I also don’t much care. Are you trying to say that the right has had our backs, either black men or white men! This isn’t about race or gender divisions, its about equal rights. The right and left are distroying America by dividing it.

      • Phil McCracken

        The political spectrum is a bad idea that needs to get tossed. Why intelligent people still buy into it is beyond me. It’s perfect for categorically and artificially forcing anyone onto one or another stereotypical side. It’s just another bad ideology.

        • Pvblivs

          A spectrum is partially reflective of reality. The “two-party system” is the problem. A spectrum represents the extremes and all positions in between. The system we have misses the points in between.

          • Phil McCracken

            People pick sides and this spectrum seemingly must be subscribed to, therefore everyone conveniently has to be on one side or the other, like it or not. Picking sides is human nature as is trying to force others to do so as well. Going rouge and unsubbing from left/rightism is even less popular than the MRM, for now. It’s about as difficult to argue as whether or not their is/are a God/s. No one has ever given concrete evidence either way that I’m aware of, or to my satisfaction, even remotely. Although many have been encouraged to try, they all failed.

        • DukeLax

          The American political ” False dichotomy” is soothing to simple minds. It gives them the comfortable feeling of Familiarity.
          The Tea party scares both democrats and republicrats.

    • Bombay

      Just the opposite. White women being afraid of black men and having them lynched. The break up of the family as this person describes – first in black families, and on and on.

      • DukeLax

        When all these new protocols were being implemented in the US bureaucratic juggernaut, that were breaking down the family structure, a Great senator from Massachusetts named Patrick moynaham warned us about it.

    • Ginkgo

      “Not really. Feminism seemed to have only targeted white men (and still seems to today) explicitly.”

      if you count the suffragettes as feminists or proto-feminists, and most do – then absolutely yes they targeted black men. They promoted [white] women voting as a counterweight to black men’s votes. Belle Kearney says this explicitly, as a way of ensuring “durable white supremacy.
      Then there was Susan B. Anthony demanding to know why she, a white woman, should be denied the vote being afforded to black men (Civil f*cking War veterans, Susan – does that clarify it for your stay-at-home civilian *ss?)

  • Bombay

    I plan on being declared a saint after I die. My body will not decay after my death due to all the preservatives I have consumed.

  • Chad_Nine

    Processed People. I like that.

    • Kimski

  • Victor Zen

    Cool vid! I have a long comment.

    For those wondering about a good example of a nasty experiment starting in the black community and expanding outward, look at the history of America flirting with eugenics. Scary. Fucking. Shit.

    Quick disclaimer: I’m responding to an insinuation, not an explicit statement on the part of the uploader. That said, I am not addressing this man’s position so much as I am an attitude that I often see in videos similar to this one. Not sure if the uploader and myself would agree on what I am about to say or not.

    Any complex project such as building a house to implementing software have enough variables involved that the team cannot know *everything* about the project from the beginning. If many projects on the scale of homes and software can fail (including multi-million dollar projects), how the fuck can a small number of people figure out a way to control everyone at once?

    Think about how much WORK that entails. The maintenance costs alone would fuck your wallet in half, whether you are Warren Buffet or a multinational conglomerate.

    Don’t get me wrong, this man still speaks truth. A power that satisfies the interests of a select few employs institutional forces that fuck over the black community, even if it’s only for starters. We agree on this 100%.

    I just don’t buy this insinuation that anyone is smart enough to plot this shit out on a drawing board. Where the hell is this blueprint that says “HOW TO CONTROL CIVILIZATION”?

    Control is not a product of intelligent design, but rather of evolution.

    Oligarchs, tycoons and other forces anti-competitively react to “inconveniences” in their lives, but they cannot declare a state of affairs and suddenly make it so the next day.

    Case in point: When I was recording feminist lectures at KSU, they all wanted to keep their speeches under wraps so that they would not experience backlash.

    That should scare you.

    Why? Because the idea that someone is operating under the radar where no one can stand in their way is simply an agent that is trying to undercut a civil political process and get their way.

    THAT is happening all the time. Sometimes you aren’t necessarily being “distracted,” but rather some people who want to control you are sneaking by on tip-toes towards the lawbooks.

    Stay alert.

    • HeraSentMe

      Anybody making a speech anywhere should assume adversaries will obtain a recording of it.
      If this comes to pass, Whether it will raise the level of social discourse or just make people more shady, as you say, I don’t know.

    • crydiego

      What this man brings is a platform for debate and debate is what our society is lacking if it hopes to solve problems.
      I wish that instead of all the reality shows where people compete in kitchens and design studios, and such, we had more on the debate of ideas.
      What this man has shown is the canary in the coal mine and it needs to be looked at. As it stands today we only hear the voices of approved authority. Our news is closed to open debate, our schools are closed to open debate or even open forum, and half the population, “men,” are openly ridiculed as dopes.
      My own opinion is that feminism was used to divide and stall the civil rights movement. What followed was like a river running it’s course and we got what we got. It wasn’t a plan, -maybe it was more like a store being looted during a disaster; but it happened.
      Feminism has power, -tens of millions of dollars of power- being used everyday to protect girls and women that are not truly at threat, while others go without the support and respect that is their birthright. We need to turn feminism around so they can see what is what!

      • Victor Zen

        Good comment, but “tens of millions?” Try hundreds of millions, if not billions.

        A while back about 15 activists, including myself, compiled this list:

        NOW and the YWCA in particular command serious cash, and WAM! is connected with a funding pool that is in turn connected to private funds that in turn accept voluntary contributions from federal employees. Dig a bit and you’ll find that close to a million dollars is signed over to larger organizations as grants.

        Grants. As in “Here. Have a million dollars.” Fuck.

  • earth one

    “There is a natural you, and there is an artificial you…the natural you knows how to love yourself and others…”

    This was incredible, every minute of it flowing forward into the next.

    Don’t be what THEY want you to be, be who you KNOW YOURSELF to be. Let that person be the real you.

  • Tom Golden

    I kept waiting for the part that might infuriate me as the intro warned, but all I found was more and more truth. I think the EDC’s, feminism, and no fault divorce are the white equivalent to crack and welfare…but that is just a side note. This video was excellent. His first hand historical report is extremely valuable. I wish all men could see this.

  • Aldir Gracindo

    For what is worth, what he says is very important for all men to hear.

  • Mike Brentnall

    “Black Men First, Then The Rest”

    It’ll be a somewhat deservingly painful process at first, femi-girls, but better you start making-up now before the more informed totally abandons you. YOU are part of “The Rest”. Being the house pet won’t always be in your favour.

  • Bryan Scandrett

    Outstanding. He’s ahead of the game on a few points.

  • David King

    Just a gentle reminder: AVfM is not the place to explore political philosophies except where they relate to men’s issues.

  • josephrobertson

    “Everything is dead, y’all…”

    Man dropping atomic truths over here.

  • numbCruncher

    “The human mind, except when guided by extraordinary genius, cannot surmount the established conclusions amid which it has been reared”

    Winston Churchill, The Gathering Storm