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Is CNN’s Frida Ghitis stupid?

Is Frida Ghitis Stupid?

No, probably not, but that didn’t stop her from asking a stupid question in the form of her CNN article, Are Men Stupid?

Ghitis opens with a repetition of the title’s rhetorical question: “Are men stupid?” and followed this by stating: “How else can we explain the endless parade of otherwise successful individuals, who by all appearances seem intelligent and competent, and yet risk destroying their careers and their personal lives over the chance to have a sexual escapade?”

The attendant question, “how else can we explain the parade of successful, intelligent men” who risk personal destruction by exposure of their sex lives; has a very obvious explanation. But to understand this requires recognition of a basic element of modern social identity. Women are the arbiters of what is publicly agreed constitutes a “good” man. Borrowing from Ghitis’s rhetorical stylings, let’s ask ourselves, how else can we explain men’s willingness throughout history to die in the protection of women?

Well, maybe men are stupid after all, maybe, but let’s continue. Add to the fact that masculine social identity depends on feminine approval, the further fact that men, like other human beings are sexual creatures with both biologically driven sexual needs, as well as socially driven sexual needs – and most of them, being adults, are going to find ways to satisfy those sexual needs.

This probably seems tedious to some readers, but seeing all the dots and actually connecting them is apparently difficult for some. I apologize for the possible insult to readers in presentation of such a rudimentary didactic. Frida Ghitis is invited to re-read this as many times as necessary, but there won’t be a formal quiz.

The fact that powerful, male, high profile leaders of industry are regularly ruined by public exposure of sexual misadventure tells exactly nothing about male stupidity. Of course they have sex, thats what people do. People with vaginas and penises have sex. Those who are rich and powerful have more access to sex than those who are poor and powerless. What’s revealing is that men, when outed in their sexual pursuits are publicly chewed up, spat out and destroyed. When Dominique Strauss Kahn shagged a hotel maid ( if we accept that part of the story ) the entire world lost it’s collective shit because this was a rich powerful man expressing his sexuality in a way that didn’t conform to woman-approved male sexuality. Kahn’s wife was surely never so stupid that she imagined the head of the IMF didn’t pursue some strange on the side, but DSK going off the reservation of the socially approved sexual trade union meant he had to be destroyed.

Intelligent, successful, powerful men with a lot to lose being regularly demolished when their sex lives become public doesn’t indicate men’s stupidity, it indicates the power of female-defined male social identity. Frida Ghitis’s CNN article might have been a better article if the thesis had been “Is collective group-think a social cancer?” Admittedly, it is not as catchy a title.

Ghitis’s exposition of apparent male stupidity is frustratingly short on substance, but manages to list athletes, politicians, bankers and other public figures in an attempt to equate pursuit of off-brand poon to mental malfunction. The only real stupidity in the presented narrative being the antiquated and obsolete notion that men, whether they are rich and powerful or not should continue to defer to a collectivist puritanical feminine judgement of where when and with whom it is allowable for men to seek consensual sex with other similarly inclined adults.

Is Frida Ghitis a judgmental, puritan scold with an inadequate grasp of human nature and a condemning hatred of any male sexuality which doesn’t directly profit women?
Yep, apparently she is.

Frigiditis: noun

1] A mental disorder characterized by systematized delusions and sexual disfunction whereby healthy sexuality expressed in high visibility individuals including public figures becomes a focus for social condemnation. This is a socially corrosive mental pathology which in low mental function observers can be contagious. Outbreaks of frigiditis have been observed in correlation with high levels of societal misery and absence of individual happiness in community members.

But wait! there’s more!

Frida Twit

After a resoundingly negative public response to her original article, some of which CNN published in their[1] feedback section, Frida, apparently basking in the attention of being publicly called out on her open hatred, decided to double down, rather than admit that an identity-based attack on any other biological demographic would have been her Don-Imus career-ending move.

Okay Frida, round two.


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  • Paul Elam

    The world is a strange place indeed. There are thousands of skilled, intelligent writers in the world that cannot make a good living at it, and at the same time hateful, dysfunctional hacks can achieve laudable recognition from the masses, and be rewarded with gainful employment from the media giants.

    Strange, I tell you. It’s fucking strange.


      These hacks are useful idiots that are easy to control though.

      • Kimski

        Probably the only reason they are chosen as hate mongers, Karma.

    • JinnBottle

      I tell you tho, Paul, the writers on this site have helped me enormously to get over the very fact of not being “a successful writer”. Some writers here say it in so many words; the rest demonstrate it, as does JtO here, with article after article that sharply cuts the truth loose from the social spiderweb: “Mainstream acceptance is for wimps!”

    • the hermit

      It is not strange at all. What’s the most obvious thing for her to do if she wants much attention? Provoking half of the population… Just as Rosin did with that “End Of Men” article.

      And she will get it.

    • Phil in Utah

      And you don’t have to be Jim Morrison to see it.

    • jms5762

      A western man spends too much time fending off character assassination attempts. Most often from the opposite sex but also from each other. Not just the socially elite men either. We have been conditioned to despise ourselves and one another. Its a real shame. I wonder if its always been this way. Are there places where people appreciate and are kind to each other more often than they criticize and condemn others?

    • Raven01

      It doesn’t surprise me in the least.
      Survivor would have been pulled from the air after the 3rd episode if there were not literally millions of willing idiots vegetating and avoiding anything resembling a thought entering their pretty little heads.
      Throw in a pat on the head for the same idiots and you have a loyal fan base.
      The same principle applies to writing I am sure.

    • Grunt

      “Do you not know, my son, with how little wisdom the world is governed?” — Axel Oxenstierna, Count of Södermöre

  • Primal

    It’s always been thus. The pigheaded totalitarians or authoritarian asses who run the circus cannot afford to have the masses schooled by skilled writers. Besides, the masses often prefer popular clowns over iconoclastic critics. It’s easier and more fun that way…at least until the whole thing comes crashing down….as it always does in the end.

  • Stu

    Yeah but you already used that cow picture in another article :)

    • Paul Elam

      OK, I am busted. Not all cows are like that. I changed the picture. Are we good?

      • Stu

        Yep, I just didn’t want the MRM to look poor, wearing the same thing twice and all.

        • Darryl X

          Yeah but it was the wrong end of the cow. Need another picture.

      • Patrick Henry


  • Kimski

    I think we need to rebrand the expression ‘Frigiditis’ from now on. From this moment on it should be Frigighitis, as it is way more suitable.
    And, yes, she may very well be stupid. The majority of the female bloggers are, anyway. Or maybe not exactly stupid, but more like not-thinking.. :)

    Funny thing is that we never see any of them publicly shaming the women these men have sex with. As usual sex is a one way street, and they only have sex ‘whenever HE feels like it’. Makes you wonder how the population of the planet rose to 6 billion, when you think about it, right?
    Oh, the hypocrisy of it all…

    • Stu

      Yes, how did the population rise to 7 billion. That is why even in our climate change, resource depletion encroaching dystopia, you will not be allowed to bring up the subject of population. Because every single resource using, pollution creating person on this planet, came from where.

      • Kimski

        Give feminism a couple of decades more, and they will make the claim that all women through history were raped, Stu.
        Oh, wait, they already tried that, didn’t they.

        • Stu

          Even if that was true, men may have a hand in planting the seed, but they have no say at all in weather anything is grown or harvested.

    • Darryl X

      No. They’re stupid.

      • Kimski

        I tend to agree.
        Just trying to be ‘nice’ here. ;)

  • Elder Swami

    Bloody outstanding as usual John. I have been approached and “sexually harassed” at work by women before, I just said no and moved on. The difference is for a when the roles are reversed and the man is powerful and wealthy, it becomes a financial opportunity.

  • Spoon

    There are plenty of reasons why more famous men have affairs.

    First of all, how many men are there in NBA, NFL, MLB and whatever leagues you can think of? Some of them will have affairs. Now their female counterparts… Well who cares about women’s basketball. That won’t make the news.

    Secondly, who the hell is going to have sex with a female politician? I wouldn’t have sex with Elena Kagan if you paid me very, very well. A famous, wealthy or politically powerful man is a prize. His female counterpart is not however. Hilary Clinton is not sexually powerful.

    Also, the media is female driven and gives female infidelity a pass. Name a female celebrity who has had a lot of affairs. Can you name one? There are plenty but they don’t make the tabloids like Kobe Bryant. Women don’t care about or get angry about other women cheating. It’s the men cheating that gets them mad and that’s what the media shows.

    • Stu

      Hating on men for their sexuality, sex lives etc is one of the main tools feminists use to bring men down. Even men get on the bandwagon hating on other men for this. They should just shrug and say, so what. It’s all manginarism though, pretending to be horrified at the sex life of another man who has earned the wrath of the feminists. It’s all about…..yes……I’m not like that….I am……The One Good Man…….now… about a blow job.

      We should just shrug and say so what, at any and all men’s sexual activity, apart from sexual activity with minors, or actual forced rape of course. In fact, we should have the same attitude for women to. Fuck as many men as you like, play on both sides of the fence, have all the fetishes and perversion that take your fancy……..fine by us….it’s only a problem when a woman uses her sexual activity to hurt men, cry victim, sexually out others to do harm, or make profit. I would put slutwalkers into that category as well. They are using their sexual wares in a political way, to harm men, to paint men as rapists and harasses. They are also shoving themselves in people’s faces.

      The personal, is not political, and we should reject any notion that it is. That is a feminist fabrication designed to enable the intrusion of the totalitarian police state they are building, into your personal life.

    • Kimski

      “Secondly, who the hell is going to have sex with a female politician?”

      -I did NOT need that mental image.

    • Darryl X

      More than fifty-percent of married women commit adultery, usually before their fifth year of marriage.

      Approximately 10% of fathers are not really fathers and are victims of paternity fraud.

      Approximately 20% of mothers are guilty of paternity fraud. It’s just that half the time they are accidentally correct in the identity of their husband/partner as the father and half the time they are wrong.

      You hear about affairs of high-status men because that’s what makes the news. Even though affairs of men are much less destructive than affairs of women.

      More women, including high-status ones, have affairs and the destruction is much greater but you just don’t hear about it because it is not news worthy. It’s about women. Who cares. We expect that from women. Not from men.

  • Zorro

    This is a repeat of Kay Hymowitless’s doubling down on her own stupid book.

    That’s the modus operandi in publishing and news media: insult the most marginalized demographic, and when they rail against your vile insults, you call them thin-skinned and continue your assault.

    Journalists are whores.

    • Zuberi

      Let me put it to you this way, Frida Ghitis is not stupid. She’s a fucking dullard who spews diseased vitriol at anything with a “Y” chromosome. Considering how shitty her journalism is, she won’t flapping her gums much longer.

      • Zorro

        I’m sorry to disagree. It’s because women control 80% of consumer spending that you will see much more of this misandric journalism. It’s the advertising dollar. Women love to see men trashed publicly. Any book, movie, TV show, article or blog that mocks the human male will have a guaranteed audience. Men (whitey, to be precise) is the only remaining demographic that is wide open to public insulting.

        Call a black stupid, and you’re fired.
        Call a woman stupid, you’re under arrest.
        Call a gay/lesbian stupid, and the lawsuit will rip you apart.
        Call an animal rights activist, liberal, tree-hugger, whatever, stupid, and your life is over.

        Call men or boys stupid, and you’ll get a standing ovation, a book contract, and a private meeting with Oprah.

        Plan on seeing lots more.

  • FarmCat

    Her article had to be written because hypergamy, mate poaching, paternity fraud, cheating, etc. are strictly male behaviors. *rolls eyes*

    The “Fridas” of the world not only wear permanent cone collars, but they also appear to be vampires, as they are incapable of seeing their own reflection.

    Actually nevermind, this “lady” and her ilk have a lot more in common with Medusa than anything else.

  • TPH

    CNN’s editors need to be held accountable for this rather obvious misandric article. If more people insist that the articles vetted by CNN’s editors not be sexist, perhaps they will get the message. If a man penned and article titled “Are Women Stupid?” it would have never been published and the writer deemed persona non grata in news sites. On the the off chance it did slip through, the man would have committed career suicide as a writer and got the feminists stoked up to force an apology from CNN.

    The main stream media is sexist and highly biased against men, we all know that by heart. I propose that we blast the editors of news sites/papers/magazines with a concerted effort to let them know that we men will no longer tolerate sexism and misandry as a standard journalism tool by the obviously sexist authors.

    We have to start some where to make our voices heard. Commenting on the articles is fine and dandy, but the editors could give a flying fuck less about what comments an article gets, they are in the business to promote their brand, their company. That’s where they key lies, hit them in their professional reputation as a media outlet, hit them in the pocket book with advertisers, hit them in their revenue streams. They will definitely notice that.

    Kimberly-Clark learned the lesson that insulting Dad’s through their misandric Huggies Diaper commercial was a really, really bad move. They are in damage control mode with Dad’s now, putting out 5 or so commercials featuring Dad’s as competent fathers taking care of their children. It cost Kimberly-Clark a lot of money to make the ads, it cost Kimberly-Clark a lot of customers with Dad’s now insisting on buying a competitors brand of disposable diapers and baby wipes.

    It cost Kimberly-Clark something it values greatly: Market share. Their portrayal of men as incompetent morons who can’t take care of their babies properly hit them on the bottom line.

    That’s what we need to do with media outlets that routinely crap on men with their editors approval. We need to hit them where it hurts the most: In their revenue streams and advertisers bottom lines. Get enough people to boycott a product or service because is still effective, even today in our modern cyber-world.

    Imagine what an advertiser would think about if 90% of the MRM sent boycott notices to them. They would crap in their pants without a Huggies Diaper to catch the mess.

    Fuck the authors of misandric articles, target the news outlets, the editors, and their advertisers.

    • Zerbu

      That reminds me of a time when I was in an Internet chatroom, and a female there started calling me, and another male, names. She later admitted that she was biased against males because she believes all males are pervs.

      I told her off for being sexist, and she denied it. LOL! Pre-judging someone based solely on their gender is sexism whether you think you’re right or not. Neither me nor the other guy had said anything to convince anyone we meet her perception of male behaviour.

  • ThoughtCriminal

    Hey,I was just talking about this a couple of days ago.

    I think a better question is “Is our society filled with mental children?”

    Are men stupid?


    Is the recent public proclivity to think of high-profile people as sexless automatons stupid? Uh, yeah .

    Shit,I remember back when Bill Clinton was explaining his sexual liasons to America. The very same group of people who are freaking out over DSK were saying it was no big deal that Slick Willie got his dick sucked in the Oval Office. What happened to that?

    I remember a time when everybody realized a person’s private life is none of anyone’s concern, now everybody’s a fucking junior spy league member telling tattle-tales on each other like a bunch of dumb fucking kids.

    Men are not stupid. They are doing what they were built to do;to seek out mates,to put the survival of the human race above their own survival. What is stupid is attempting to put obstacles in the way of a force as old as humanity itself, a force that will find its expression no matter what you do, a force that is helpful to humanity right now but may turn on us and devour us when you start fucking with it . The primordial will to survive.

    When you do that,you’re tampering with something that makes the A-bomb look like a fucking smoke bomb.

    Normal male sexuality has never caused any problems.If it isn’t broke,why fix it? Especially when you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing.

    I knew this topic would come up again soon. Expect to see it over and over. It’s part of the new program. Negatively condition men against masculinity, blame any violent psychoses this amateur attempt at brainwashing causes on masculinity itself rather than your own stupidity and bumblefuck approach to some kind of twisted shock theater social experiment to mentally manipulate men into acting more like women so women can now be the men.

    I’m sitting back laughing at this. Consider this,feminists:Your social experiment has been running strong for 50 years, you have been using half the population as your guinea pigs. Do the math on that and put the numbers of members you have in your largest feminist charter up against the number of men in the general population who you have maligned as rapists,batterers,pedophiles, and morons.

    I don’t think you’ve got enough feminists to stop what’s coming for you. You shouldn’t have been greedy.There was plenty to share between men and women, but you had to “have it all”,didn’t you?

    Oh,and Frida,as long as the comparison is against women ,your thin skin article is going to fall flat.

    If you neglect to make that comparison, don’t worry, we’ll make it for you-& of course point out that you were too cowardly to do so.

    I hope that you find this article,Frida.I have a few words for you.

    You have no means of defeating us.

    Stop peddling your hate before you wind up embarrassing yourself before an international audience. If you don’t wake up from your grrrl powwah trance and start using some goddamned common sense, you’re going to
    wake up in a world of hurt,wishing you could take it all back.

    When you push men now, you’re going to find a lot of them pushing back. We are sick to our stomachs with your vile crap. We have been force-fed with it all our lives,and we just aren’t going to fucking take it anymore.Spread the word,bigot.

  • Iron John

    Frida Ghitis has been BERNED by Chapin’s Inferno:

    Pun intended! : )

    • http://none j24601

      Berned: A fabulous new verb for the MRM, I love it.

      • Zorro

        Berned: (verb, t.; adj.) 1. To be mercilessly mocked and have your faulty argument lacerated with vigor, 2. If you can’t stand the Chapin, stay out of the Inferno.

      • Iron John

        I give full credit to Torgo1969 from YT and Mancoat.
        He came up with it, but I just couldn’t wait to use it, as you can see!

  • andybob

    They’ve lost their touch.

    Not too long ago, Ms Ghitis would have been able to put her superhuman shape-shifting skills to work and effortlessly assumed the guise of a virginal Sunday School teacher struggling to come to terms with the evil proclivities of men.

    Like so many of her ilk, Ms Ghitis’ finger-wagging censure is completely undermined by her need to gloat. This has become a common feature among feminist women. They have nothing edifying to say about men, but what they say reveals volumes about their own rabid psychopathology.

    They are gloating over the power of pussy. Epically plain women like Ms Ghitis are deeply gratified that rich and powerful men are so easily undone by the kind of tramps that they themselves look down on. They all look down on whores, even when they are one. Watch the smirking faces of women commentators, especially on Fox, who greet each new revelation with ill-disguised delight. You can almost hear the champagne corks going off in their heads. Hooray for Pussy Power!

    The men who are demonized for their sexuality are always presented as exercising their patriarchal power over haplessly downtrodden and oppressed ‘girls’. The feminist-controlled MSM must laugh their arses off every time they try to pass off those jaded, rough-as-guts hookers, escorts and garden variety sluts as being ruthlessly exploited by a rich handsome millionaire.

    Many women perceive male libido as a pathetic weakness they can easily manipulate. That is why so they are so unforgiving of any man who is damaged by exercising it. They reserve their deepest contempt for ‘weak’ men. Demonizing male libido doesn’t quite ring true when it is done by the same brigade that celebrates Slutwalks. It is difficult for moralizers to maintain credibility when they have flashed their panties.

    Now Ms Ghitis hopes to pass off the angry male reaction as men having thin skin. How lazy and predictable. They’ve lost their touch.

    • Stu

      I don’t think they ever had any touch to lose. They have always relied on hordes of pathetic women who just want to see men, any man, bite the dust for any reason, fabricated or not, false or not. That and the hordes of mangina yes men who look for every opportunity to agree with feminists and women in general, and use that as a platform to sing out…..look at me…..I’m different…..I’m a good man.

      Ass kissing pathetic waste of oxygen. And it’s about time men started rejecting them as the pathetic feminist boot lickers they are.

  • keyster

    Me and a bunch of other MRA’s carpet bombed the comments section all day.

    It was like a glorious online MRA convention.
    Both men and women eviscerated the target “journalist”.

    Thanks for covering this JTO.
    Somehow I knew you would.

    • McGauth925

      Yes, and I saw that that article was GONE, the next day. Did I see that right?

      If so, then those of us who hoisted her on her own petard can claim a victory. It’s nice to get one, every once in a while.

  • Not buying it

    “Are women who always return to their abusers in a domestic relationship stupid”

    It’s a fair question to ask on a headline in an article on a major publication, except the up roar from every public out post would be so massive & swift that editorial heads would be rolling not just the writer of the article, hypocrisy & male bashing disguised as journalistic endeavours are one of most prevalent tactics used by feminism & it’s adherents.

    • Darryl X

      The premise of the question is incorrect. Very few men are really “abusers”. It’s extremely rare. Like approximately one-third of one-percent of relationships. The violent relationships to which a question like that above likely refers almost always concerns women who CREATE the abusive relationship because its the only kind they know how to manipulate. They have nothing to contribute to a healthy relationship because a healthy relationship requires responsibility and effort on their parts and does not satisfy their addiction to power and control. Since they have no sense of responsibility and are lazy, the only thing they can do is manipulate. They are the abusers. Not the men.

  • Bombay

    She needs to take her statement to the next level. Are men stupid to put up with their sexuality being used as a weapon against them. Men should go their own way until they are openly accepted.

    I never realized before how MGTOW is Atlas Shrugged. Little did Rand know that one gender would be targeted more than another.

    • keyster

      Rand was a self-professed male chauvanist. She understood the value of male contribution to civilization.

      She never imagined class warfare rhetoric would carry over to a gender war. She thought women would embrace individualism/objectivism at the same rate as men.

      It’s not a philosophy that lends itself to appealing to women, because they value personal security and safety above freedom from government control.

      The new Galt’s Gulch has very few women in it.

  • Christian Chiasson

    Another great article JtO.

    Any chance I could get a personal interview with you? I would very much like to start my own blog. I already have one at wordpress, but I’m not sure how to get the ball rolling. In the last 3 months I’ve written 1 article, and since then I haven’t been able to get the words down correctly.

    • John the Other

      If I can help I’ll be glad to. Im on Skype as my usual username (with no spaces)

  • Skeptic

    Great. That’s another fuckwit misandric bigot that can go into
    It’s becoming quite the rogues gallery.

    • Kimski

      100% agreed.
      Let’s put her in the company of like-minded, where she won’t feel alone.
      We have the place, the space, and the straight jackets.


    Great article. It is also great to see that you attack feminist defined male sexuality.

    I arrived at the men’s movement through interest in male sexual liberty and its restriction, be it age of consent issue (access to post-pubertal women), prostitution and simply sexual freedom.

    Then I found out about father’s rights and the absurd enslavement of “good” family men. Really shocking. Did not know about it though I probably unconsciously avoided getting kids because of such laws. I had women that wanted my kids, no strings attached, just for their nice green eyes. I knew better and emptied out my condoms after use and checked if the condom wrappers still had air in them before use.

    What still takes me aback is the great rift between the conservative father’s movement, that wants to make sure the perverts preying on their 17 year old daughters go to prison, and the sexual liberation anti-feminists.

    It is very sad that the feminists disagree on prostitution and sexual liberty, but still invite SCUM authors and still don’t get a serious rift between the sexual liberation feminists and the main stream sex repressors. They agree but unite against men on all other issues they agree on.

    On the other hand I am still dismayed that some great mens rights blogs got shut down because of a well known and very serious argument with well known writers of this great site. That rift could have ended in serious legal trouble, court and prison.

    Men don’t need feminists to disturb their liberation movement, they destroy each other. This is very sad, and an issue that needs to be addressed.

    While some people here would support lowering the age of consent to 16, very few would just support getting government out of adolescent’s bed rooms and scrape age of consent altogether or get it to protect only pre-pubertal children.

    I keep repeating that that does not mean that people are free to prey on your daughters, it means that it should not be the government’s problem how you EDUCATE and CONTROL your daughter.

    Also I don’t need to stress that age of consent draconian laws with absurd punishments (it should be a misdemeanor to err by 1-2 years) make women 5 years above the age of consent too dangerous to deal with (to be on the safe side don’t mess with anyone under 25. Even if you are only 20)

    • Free Human Being

      I enjoy your blog too. It’s important to have some critical thinkers out there applying intellective reasoning to feminist hysteria.

      JTO has hit a winner with this response, which had to be written of course.

      I have to laugh at the notion men have thin skins. Go to any echo chamber and criticize anything that is non male and watch hell unleash. Who sugar coats things more? Who are the social vampires?

      I wonder…

  • Bev

    Peter Slipper the speaker in the house of reps is being taken to court for sexual harassment. He has stood aside leaving the Labour government with a shaky 1 vote majority. The harassment charge has been brought by a male staffer. Here is the kicker. Such actions are brought under section 361 of the Fair Work Act. This section reverses the onus of proof i.e. you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent. One would presume feminist members of the Labor party (governing party) engineered this section of the legislation in the belief that this was another gotcha for men. It has now exploded in their faces and may just possibly bring the government down. In the election which would follow it is expected the much hated Labor party (led by our first woman Prime Minister) would be absolutely decimated at the polls though this is not the sole reason for public hate. Hence a piece of feminist inspired legislation could well cost feminist members of the Labor party their job.
    The irony is just overwhelming. Talk about own goals.

  • Murphy

    Having sex with a female politician? Reminds me of the old joke about being asked to make love to the Queen Mother: “Tremendous honour to be asked, obviously….but…well, sounds like hard work, and I’m not really sure I’d enjoy it.”

  • Kai

    In marriage, when a man made a vow to his wife, should the man remain loyal to his spouse so long as he has no reason to distrust her? Isn’t that part of positive masculine identity, personal integrity? If unmarried men choose to hire prostitutes or have casual sex that’s one thing. But I do have to ask if it makes any difference if he’s already married.

    • Stu

      As long as feminists have wrecked the sanctity of marriage, as long as they give women a free pass, as long as wives are allowed to deny husbands sex and if pestered it is abuse, as long as husbands denying wives sex is considered abuse, as….insert any one of another 100 double standard feminist turds………no… should just fuck who they want.

      If woman want any sort of loyalty from men at all, first they should learn the meaning of the words, loyalty, and committment.

      • Darryl X

        I disagree. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I enjoy sex as much as anyone else. BUT I will not sleep with a married woman, especially if she has children. But I won’t sleep with one who doesn’t. I think back about my ex who was enabled by a man who slept with her knowing that she was married and had children. If he had not done that, we would likely still be married and she would not have tried to kill me and so on and so on. I would not be able to do to another man what that man did to me and my son. Although I’ve joked about it, I will not sleep with prostitutes either. Anything that enables a woman’s addictions and pathological behavior will eventually find its way into society. Behavior like that of other men also encouraged my wife to leave me. Seriously, if you’re not willing to commit to a long-term relationship, then men should not be indulging a woman’s sexual addictions. It’s bad for her, you and all of society.

        • Stu

          I’m not talking about screwing another mans wife behind is back. But any man who thinks his wife is not going to cheat on him, is a dumb ass. He should never have agreed to monogamy in the first place, that’s my point. Tell them to shove their monogamy where the sun don’t shine.

          They aren’t held to any standards, any promises. There are no social or legal sanctions for them. No matter what they promise, no matter what, they can do whatever they fucking want. When they cheat, it’s because you are an asshole…..when you cheat….it’s because you are an asshole. Guys need to get it through their heads….monogamy is a one way deal…..and it’s not even what anybody wants….what people want is to control someone else’s behavior. Sorry guys, you can’t control shit. Women are free to do as they like……your only sane option…..demand the same. If a women want monogamy…..tell them when they enact laws that punish them for their non-monogamy and hypergamy you will be open to talking about it.

          If guys ever want anything to improve, you have to stop signing up for this one way deal where women dictate all the rules…and double standards.

          Darryl, you are laying all the blame on the man just like feminists do. You say if that guy hadn’t fucked your wife you would still be together and she wouldn’t have been trying to kill you. Bullshit….that guy didn’t make her do anything….she fucked him because she wanted to, and if he had of not fucked her….she would have kept cruising. As for blaming him because she tried to kill you….comon man…..put the blame where it belongs…..she wasn’t the person you think she was… think that man changed her……he just showed you the real her.

          • Darryl X

            “They aren’t held to any standards, any promises. There are no social or legal sanctions for them. No matter what they promise, no matter what, they can do whatever they fucking want. When they cheat, it’s because you are an asshole…..when you cheat….it’s because you are an asshole.”

            “…that guy didn’t make her do anything….”

            Yeah. I heard that. My bad. You’re spot on. There’s always going to be temptation. But she doesn’t have to give into it. And even if she does, the husband/father shouldn’t be the one to pay for it.

  • Poester99

    Perhaps she doesn’t understand the concept of “what is good for the gander being good for the goose”.
    As if we needed another example of the misandrous nature of popular culture (including the fact the dictionary makers refuse to admit the existence of the word – misandry)

  • Autcel

    To me, powerful and high profile people who has their life ruined by exposure of sex life is not stupidity of male in general. Women do being guilty about it too and overall, it’s stupidity of certain people. Just ask Aya Hirano who gets kicked out from Lantis after having sex with her band.

  • Stu

    Ok, I just have to post some more OT posts.

    Get a load of that. Four dead babies hidden in cooler in her house and garage, and they haven’t issued an arrest warrent for her yet…..what are they waiting for….a way to blame it all on some man? And how about that other Polish woman they mentioned….eight murdered babies….only 15 years. Fucking hell.

    Now for home

    Drunk, unlicensed, nine unrestrained kids in car. And she makes like she is doing all this to protect the kids from the evil drunk men that SHE took them to visit with her, and drunk herself to four times the legal limit with LOL. And what had these men done that made them a bigger risk then leaving the kids with them while she went to get take away……they were drunk…..just like her…..oh…..they were men too……that makes all the difference. So chuck your nine kids in the car at night, drunk off your head….unlicensed…kids unrestrained…because……that’s less dangerous then leaving them with……men……why……because they are….men.

    Even the cops are making excuses for her…..”it is the worst road in Melbourne” Like it’s the road that is at fault….not the drunkeness….not the car overloaded with unrestrained kids….not the fact that she shouldn’t have even been driving….because she was drunk and unlicensed…’s the road. This all makes perfect sense.

    It’s like this….woman is victim of having loaded up her car with 9 kids, no seat belts….unlicensed,…to rush off for some emergency take away…..because she couldn’t leave the kids with two evil men….men she felt comfortable enough with to take her kids over there with her and drink herself into a stuper. WARNING… child…..any child….is far safer in a care driven by an unlicensed drunk moron woman then being left in the care of men. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. Also…..when drunk unlicensed drivers with car loads of unrestrained kids distracting them crash their car…’s not their fault….its the pot hole in the road…..sue the council…..leave the woman alone.

    Yep…pussy pass is alive and well.

    • 4thtroika

      Evil mysoginistic roads!

    • Darryl X

      “Pussy pass” doesn’t adequately describe this story. Are there degrees of “pussy pass”. Something like adding “er” or “est”. Like “pussier pass” or “pussiest pass”. Or how ’bout “pass the pussy”.

    • the tall one

      Wow….I read those articles and……The only thing I could respond with was “How the hell did I get to this planet?” The sheer amount of….of…Gods, we need a new word…It’s like the world has become a trashy-written parody novel of the way people should treat each other.

      Driving drunk is safer than leaving kids with imbibed men? Have we all lost our collective minds? One of the kid’s eyesight will likely disappear. That’s traumatic, to say the least. But it’s still apparently better than being alone with a drunk guy. (I’ll finish here, my urge to rage onto expletives is getting the better of me.)

  • Not buying it

    Hmmm, for real 9 kids dead & she’s drunk gets in an accident, !!!! & police is giving her excuses & defending her, !!!,!!pussy pass is amazing, man oh man, moment’s like rightnow makes me think it would be advantages for me to get a full sex change & get vagiigii,!!!!!???? Think about it , all the advantages, I get f***k myself old to & non of the draw backs of being a male hmmm I know I’am a bit to masculine but I will definitely pass for one of those ugly lesbian Butch’s :):) (sorry for the mental picture) Aaahhh whom am I kidding, I still like pissing while I am standing.

    • ThoughtCriminal

      I’ve thought about this. You wouldn’t need a sex change to pull it off, you’d just have to claim status as a woman legally.Every one of us has as much legal right to do it as that “pregnant man” that’s been in the news lately.

      However,feminists are already onto this. They’ve probably been wary of an attack from this angle since the beginning,hence the anti “transwoman” bias another feminist was quoted as observing in another article on this site. Even though simply having any incident you find yourself in reported as “woman in custody over (example)” would work the magic you’re describing, I think it’s easier and more expedient to just force society to accept the new paradigm that as men we have human rights and expect compensation and appreciation for our sacrifices rather than compulsory sacrifice and societal scorn,indignity,and humiliation.

      A side avenue,such as declaring ourselves legally women and then reaping all of those perks,will probably wind up to be a dead end. The social discourse will become bogged down in questions about what is or isn’t a woman or a man rather than “Is it time to stop shitting on men or not?” and feminists are stronger in the hazy realm of gender confusion because they live their whole lives in that state.

      I used to wonder why,with all of the disadvantages to being a man, I still felt that I’d much prefer being a man to a woman. I had an epiphany recently that cleared up my confusion. Manhood is a tangible thing that they can’t take away from us. We have to throw it away in order to lose it. They can take our jobs,our homes,our kids,our money,they can take everything we’ve worked for away with no justification or explanation, but they can’t take your manhood.

      As long as you have that, you’re still better than any mangina or feminist judge or cop, in their mind ,even if you don’t personally think so. It’s not very comforting,I know, but in times like these you take what you can get.

      • Not buying it

        When I read Stu’s comment in regards to a woman with her children, drunk & driving resulting in there death & still getting a pussy pass, assuming it’s true & accurate ( from past experiences I have no reason to doubt Stu) it made So angry I had to relate to the story with sarcasm, just to comprehend it & move on without screaming or cursing the hypocrisy of it all Sir.

    • Kimski

      Notice the first comment if you google this. It sounds like an MRA headline.
      ‘The symbolic struggle against reality.” :)

      • Not buying it

        Thanks bud, it was funny, sort like listening to (Gloria allred) making a summation in a court while representing a client in one of her frivolous law suits.

  • Don

    CNN? I can’t watch CNN but it is better than MSNBC by far!!!! Does anybody remember the article from CNN about the guy at the McDonald’s cash register was getting hit by two girls? CNN only showed the part where he was defending himself after both girls jumped the counter and chased him to the back where they were going to beat up on him? He picked up a a thin pipe looking object and was beating the living snot out of the girls! The girls dropped like stones. The part that CNN skipped was the begining, when the two girls started punching him in the head then he ran to the back after they jumped the counter. A guy wouldn’t do that without paying the price (getting your arse kicked). Who are these girls who thought they were above human nature, they got it didn’t they! I am not one for violence but, THEY HAD IT COMING!!!!! FTSU!!!

  • gateman

    Who’s more stupid? The rock star or the legions of groupies who sleep with him?

    • McGauth925

      Umm, the people to whom the rock star is a hero – one of the reasons they want to be him is because the groupies.

      I wonder how the Bieber accuser made out… did she manage to get any money out of that?

  • MRA.

    it indicates the power of female-defined male social identity

    We don’t have to go so far, remember the Tiger Wood’s scandal, the man have sex with so many women he couldn’t remember, his then wife committed domestic violence against him hitting him with one of his clubs, but the media omitted that, labeling him as a sex addict, because anything a man desire and is able to do it is addiction if is a woman is “liberation”.

    Do I have to point out that Tiger’s former wife is from Sweden?

    • McGauth925

      The other thing is, women and the media simply don’t care when women attack men. It’s still pretty much a free pass for them, and you can count on other women to say he deserved it. Further, there’s no shame at all attached to a woman who attacks a man. They simply don’t care about being fair to men. Finally, they’ve been told so many times that men have every advantage, that no men’s issue will ever matter to them. Unless something happens to their son, or brother, or some man they love and respect.

      Do you think Biden doesn’t know about all the studies that demonstrate that women attack men as often as men attack women? I’m sure he does, and that he knows that nobody much cares about that.


        That is what I always wonder about. Don’t Biden, Hillary Clinton, Obama read Warren Farrell’s research? Don’t they hear about the falsification of research on domestic violence, child abuse etc?

        I wonder if they KNOW the truth and LIE on purpose. Or if they believe their own lie. It is called “self deception”

  • Not buying it

    The irony of it all , three quarters of the men she mentioned are full fledged mangina’s, & scum bags who actually passed or enforced laws that where detrimental & harmful to all males, the rest are alpha (blue piller’s) who for the most part adhere to extreme political correctness which include the feminist doctrine, due to their public life centered careers.

    When it comes to males who support & benefit from the feminist doctrine, or assume it can never hurt them because they earned a superficial title of (a good man)!! Better take a look at the bone head called (Hugo Schwyzer), & understand that the stinking feminist ideology behaves like a snake sooner or later it will bite.

  • Grunt

    No less than the criminalization of all male sexuality. That is the goal, have no doubt.

    Unlock that one core truth, all confusion evaporates, and every word and deed of feminists becomes crystal clear.

  • DarkByke

    Great image to use! Laughing so hard at the cow :)

  • Groot

    Interesting in that none of the self destructive sexual decisions made by women are ever expressed as them being “stupid”, but rather them being “victims”. Of course, the Secret Service agents will NEVER be described as victims of the Columbian women who were profiting off of them.

  • AntZ

    Frida Ghitis is at it again, cashing in on the Pistorius case to villify all men and boys:

    “Feminist man haters lying again: “nations must make it a priority to teach men from the earliest age that violence against women in any form is unacceptable, and those who hurt or intimidate women should be punished.”

  • ThomasJefferson ❤ SallyHemings

    Our liberal founding father, Thomas Jefferson, was a pedophile and a child molester. He groomed and repeatedly raped Sally Hemings, a 14yr old black slave girl.

  • Lamont Cranston