Over the summer this year during a week of scorching hot days, I was doing some inventory in my files and putzing around the house doing some of those ‘put off menial tasks’ that one never seems to catch up on. I happened to have had an unexpected day off because not only did I have a minor accident at work; breaking a couple of fingers and spraining my ankle, my next job in the queue for the travellift was halted by mechanics that had not yet completed their end of the work. I had a boat in limbo, and was very grateful for circumstances that would normally piss me off.

Aside from the air conditioner and the faint sounds of landscapers working down the block, the house was very quiet. I was a very happy human, until suddenly fire whistles and trucks started blaring away. The announcement of a fire nearby had me peeking out windows to see where it was coming from. I did not have to wait very long to find out, because about six fire trucks came down my short block…and then stopped. They blocked my driveway, practically on my front lawn. An army of firemen came off their trucks and started running down the block that connects to mine on the other side of the corner. This had me running out of my house as well.

It turns out, that a house two houses over from the corner facing the connecting street to mine, had smoke coming from the upstairs porch. Structurally, the porch was not a free-floating veranda. It was right on top of the first floor of the house, facing the street. They immediately started ripping up the floor, which led me to believe a ceiling fan or something else electrical had gone awry in the ceiling below it, but was not visible from inside the home.

Also racing to the scene were women with their camera phones out in front of them, like they were going to catch a charred body being dragged out of the home and sell it to Channel 2 News or something. I thought that was pretty pathetic, but not what caught my eye.

On the other corner across the street from mine, was a woman about my size, 5’2″ and maybe 125 lbs., in full firefighter gear; hat, coat, boots, and air tank, none of which looked like it was made for someone her size. She looked like a five year old that put on all of her daddy’s work gear in a game of playing ‘dress-up.’ She was trying to pull the hose to the hydrant, and was struggling. It was twisting as she unfurled it, and no one was paying attention to her. (She kept looking down the other block at the rest of the men already on the scene) She then attempted to get the cap off the fire hydrant.

By this time, because it was almost a hundred degrees outside- and even though I was wearing a tank top and thin cotton summer pants, I was hot, and wanted my air conditioning. So I went back into my house.  I watched from a window, like a typical ‘nosy neighbor.’

She was frantic. Sweat was pouring off of her, and she kept turning around to see if she was being watched. I almost felt sorry for her. But I could not help thinking, that if my house was on fire and she was in charge of the water to put it out, I’d be royally fucked; probably burned to a crisp.

It turns out that the men down the other street had already hooked up their hoses to other hydrants in short order, and were minute-man ready for an expeditious need for it. This woman was ‘a probie’ and this was her first time out of ‘the house’ which was right down the block from me. Another tid-bit of all of this is; the smoking house having the problems belonged to one of their brothers. (a fireman that happened to be out of town, but because his street was sealed off when he finally arrived- actually did park on my fucking lawn…and is how I got the info on the girl later, because he knocked on my door to apologize)

I asked him about the girl. I asked him if she was going to pass muster. He said “Not a chance, but to be politically correct for a gender quota, we have to have a woman in our house.”

They left her there to unhook and roll up the hose with two guys and her truck. They did not help her. She finished up an hour after all of the other trucks were gone. I am sure I saw tears.

Some jobs were just not made for women. I would not want this woman pulling me out of a burning building. But feminist governance says that she is equally qualified, and demands that she be there through politically enforced blackmail. Since I have personally been in a house fire when I was a young girl, I have witnessed the brawn and brains it takes to do this job.

I wish that the asshole that said this woman had to be hired, had this woman answer the call to their own house on fire…with their children’s lives in her hands. Maybe then, the right man for the job would actually get the fucking job; gender quota be damned. Feminists that put lives in danger for their own self-serving agenda be damned.

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  • scatmaster

    I wish you had of taken a video.
    I remember seeing a report on the local news about a couple of women who had taken the fire department to court claiming sexism that they did not get the job. Unknown to these two bitches they had been filmed secretly during their physical testing phase. It clearly showed they could not carry the required load up or down a ladder to name a few of the exercises they could not complete. The fire department has been burned (pun intended) before by a few of these screeching harpies. Of course the metrics were lowered so women could compete.

    • Izzey

      I could kick myself not thinking to do that, as so many ‘housewives’ were out there with their cell phones recording the house. It is not second nature to me. But since I do tend to write from real life experiences, I should not hesitate to record such a thing the next time.

      I see sooo many things in the course of a week here, It could keep me writing for a month sometimes.
      This woman had me glued to her pathetic attempt to do her job. I was honestly filled with mixed emotions. I know quite a few firemen. I grew up with one that died on 9/11.

      I am meticulous at my job. I have a reputation for it. Sometimes it beats the shit out of me physically. But I am not in charge of saving lives, protecting the public, or making decisions that would affect another human being’s freedom for the rest of their life.

      I know what I can do, and what I cannot do. I would never expect to be given a job that I cannot do completely, both physically…and intellectually, just because there is a quota to be filled. (for the sake of ‘equality’)

      If the bar is lowered for women to be able to step over it…
      We have lowered our standards for the entire human race as a whole.
      We may as well go back to the cave. It is where we will end up inevitably.

      • scatmaster

        Don’t beat yourself up Izzey. I was just musing.
        I saw a picture of a rescue at Niagara Falls a few days ago and their is a picture of four firefighters carrying the woman out of the water. The woman fire fighter is a midget and everything hangs on her. I wonder if she could carry my 275 pound ass out of a building.

        • Izzey

          scatmaster, I swear, I will grab a phone or camera from now on.
          The more I think about it, you are right, and that video could have been extremely useful in proving a point.

          “I wonder if she could carry my 275 pound ass out of a building.”

          She could barely get the cap off the hydrant!!

          • Raven01

            HD camera in my phone and since it isn’t an iBrick the pigs can’t turn it off remotely.
            Going to have to go watch teh female cops not be willing or able to break up fights and keep the peace downtown soon.
            Thanks for the idea………. And all the tickets I’ll get after i start posting that on youtube, lol.

    • Ray

      “Of course the metrics were lowered so women could compete.”

      The PC term is “gender norming.” Any time a woman can’t do what a man can do on a job, gender feminists lobby to change the requirements to fit what a woman can do. Or course, a man’s still gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

      • scatmaster

        Thanks Ray: i was trying to come up with a term other than “metrics” because it didn’t sound right.
        “gender norming” sums it up.

      • keyster

        The real world, of real circumstances, doesn’t care about gender norming or gender neutralizing. This is ignored or not allowed to be talked about publicly.

  • Roland3337

    I have a brother that was a firefighter in SoCal for a good 15 years, before ‘gender quotas’ started. It can get you laid, but it is scary, nasty, hellish work.

    I really have to wonder how this quota-chick felt in this job, knowing that she couldn’t really do it.

    I don’t think that I could live that way.

  • Hayden Hanna


    You have written a good article, but this is a subject that makes me too angry to effectively communicate. I will have to stew a couple of days and come back to this one. Thank you for addressing the issue.

    • Izzey

      Thanks, Hayden,
      I understand. And you’re welcome.


  • Stu

    The whole concept of lowering standards so that women can compete is in itself an admission that women are not equal. The fact that this is promoted by feminists, which is a movement built on the assumption that women are equal is rediculous to say the least.

    If a man could not pass the tests at the requied level, he would be deemed unsuitalbe for the job, even if he could still outperform the women who passed their reduced standards tests. Feminists are costing lives insisting on these policies, if not costing lives, then inflating the cost of the services and reducing efficiency at least. What about retarded people, paraplegics etc……why can’t we have retarded nuclear scientists…..discrimination…….why not front line soldiers in wheelchairs…….discrimination.

    I suspect what goes on in the case of the firefighters for example, would be……say we have a crew of 10 firefighters and we must employ some women to be politically correct….and probably legally correct in some places. What we do is employ a couple of women……not in place of men……but on top of men… the crew goes from 10 to 12.

    I hate to say it, but this crap is not going to stop until we get to the stage where we have 100% female crews……and when the public sees how poor they perform……not as part of a male dominated team…..but totally without males…….then maybe the public will be forced to swallow a big fat red pill.

    • Izzey

      If a man could not pass the tests at the requied level, he would be deemed unsuitalbe for the job, even if he could still outperform the women who passed their reduced standards tests.

      From your lips…to deaf ears.
      We need to buy some pussy-whipped politicians, a whole bunch of ‘red pill’ hearing aids.

      I am not making fun of people that are actually deaf, and I happen to be an intermediate signer
      (That was a disclaimer for the word manipulating feminist reader.)

      • scatmaster

        Izzey said:

        That was a disclaimer for the word twisting feminist reader.

        You mean that man tits guy?

      • Adam

        The manipulating feminist would call you a masquerading male before any other claim I suspect.
        Love your writeup.

        Dr Phil played today in the background at work. In it a stepfather was being accused of being his own worst problem by Dr Pheeel (apologies to Paul for mocking of the accent) and the worst problem of his family of 1 wife and 1 stepdaughter.
        My thoughts were that this man had stepped into the first circle of hell marrying into an all-female family and as they developed and matured into harpies, he stepped further and further in. Cumulating with the bottom circle and a meeting with Lucifer himself who derides the man’s ability with scorn and guilt on international television.

    • Raven01

      And up goes the cost of getting the same service.
      I smell wealth transfer to the Holy Wildly Spending Vag.
      Tax more to put more coin in the coffers of businesses selling stay-young snake oil.

  • Ben

    “Women can do anything a man can do, and do it better, and do it in heels (Barrack Heissein Obama)”. So, I guess this female firefighter was actually better at her job than the men. Nothing surprises me anymore. Nothing. If they make the quota for female firefighters 50% tomorrow I won’t be surprised. If they lay off male firefighters in order to reach this goal and no men complain other than MRAs I won’t be surprised. How angry would those men be if they were on fire and realized that they were going to die because half of their rescuers were female due to political correctness? Military men in infantry units don’t even complain about serving under the command of a woman who is protected from having to do the very same combat duty that she is ordering them to do. There is no limit to the level of sexism men will endure from women.

    • Stu

      There is a limit Ben, and it’s past the limit for a lot of guys. That’s why MGTOW and MRA’s are growing numbers.

      20 years ago for example, the unfair property settlement laws…..that were not as bad as they are now…..made a lot of guys angry…….but they looked at it as a managable situation. There were still ways to preserve some of your assetts and property, and put them out of reach of family courts. That’s what most mens approach was when they learned how bad they get fucked over by the family law……it’s like……ok……so the court is going to give her most of the house and bank accounts etc…….so what assetts can they not touch……in Australia……superannuation funds were not touchable until recently…….so…….put more money into your retirement fund…..and less into a big fat house that she will get. Trust funds etc…….but now……it’s all up for grabs……can all be found…….can all be transfered to your spouses name…..the family court can find overseas investments……..force open safe deposit boxes……nothing you own anywhere is safe……..nothing. And the laws are getting more and more unfair and giving her…….more and more.

      The result has to be that men will not want to marry or cohabitate at all in the end….or……if they do…..will not buy a house…..will not accumulate assetts……..spend it…….all of it…….enjoy……..keep nothing…….accumulate nothing…..just spend it. In the end……women will get nothing from any man…..because we will cut our nose off to spite our faces…..and there is no use a man hiring expensive lawyers to try to protect the right to his rented house…….his leased car……his $500 bank account…and his pathetic super fund.

      I had a friend who had a girlfriend that he ended up moving in with……into her rented house. After they had been together for a while…she was pestering him to buy a house with her…..he just said NO. He told her if she wants to buy a house…..she can do it on her own…….but he will not put any money into it at all…….none……he’ll pay her rent….not based on the amount of her loan payments…..but on what he could find share accomodation at elsewhere LOL

      His logic was……if we split up…’ll kick me out…..and all I’ll have is mortgage payments in my name…….if the house is going to be yours… pay for it…….all of it.

      She dumped him after a whle…..but only because she can go in search of another sucker……but when there are no other suckers……..women will have to pay for everything they want themselves……..poof……feminism will be dead.

      • Ben

        Right on, Stu. What you say about the hypocrisy in lowering the bar while simultaneously declaring that they are an equality movement is profound. Your second comment is illuminating too. I think governments have formulated the systematic demise of the male intentionally to disincentivize marriage and, thus, undermine and ultimately destroy marriage as the bedrock of western society, replacing it with the state, whereby generating a classless, meritless people (or what JtO calls a population of consumer units).

    • Ben

      My quoted text should have read, “Women can do the same jobs as men, and do them better, and do them in heels.” I can’t even sleep on the account of this infuriating piece. Izzey, you sure know how invigorate the troops with outrage and argumentation points. This pisses me off to no end. I mean that in a good way, too. Anger is a fantastic example of conservative potential energy available to FTSU.

  • Izzey

    Hi Ben,
    If it is any consolation to you,

    I don’t sleep much…

    Thanks for the reply, and don’t worry about the quote. I knew exactly what you meant.
    And for the record–I hope you stay pissed off. There is so much more to do. I agree wholeheartedly about anger.

    A useful tool when honed.
    Go to sleep my friend.

    Tomorrow is another day, and not much will have changed by then.


  • Perseus

    Great piece Izzey, I reiterate what the others have said here, too angry to formulate a coherent response at this time.

    Btw, why don’t you sleep?

    • Izzey

      Thanks, Perseus.

      I have a lot of reasons for my lack of sleep, and two of them are very sad and pertain to family right now. But most of my life, I have been a minimal sleeper. (I worry about everything, and a lot of issues rent space in my brain…wouldn’t have it any other way)

      Caffeine after 2pm is my worst enemy. I avoid it at all costs. It is like ‘speed’ for me. I can’t take any antihistamines either. (If it says on the package..”May cause excitability in children” …Izzey, is like a ping-pong ball…lol)

      I’d rather suffer the sinus symptoms or allergies than bounce off the walls.


  • Wayne

    I’m surprised they don’t allow female firefighters a head start on the male firefighters like they do in mixed gender marathons.
    ring ring ….
    “Hello, fire department.”
    “I rang for assistance 20 minutes ago. My house is still on fire.”
    “I’m sorry Ma’am, we’re forbidden from leaving for another 10 minutes or we’ll be fired for discriminating against women.”
    “But my baby is inside my burning house!”
    “You should have said that earlier Ma’am. We may be able to leave early. Is it a baby girl?”
    “No, I have a 3 year old son.”
    “Oh, what bad luck. We’ll be leaving the fire station in another 9 minutes.”

    Brave Woman Firefighter First on Scene of Tragedy … Again

  • Merlin

    I wouldn’t personally have any objection if a female could do the job, but as we are all too aware there are certain jobs that females were just not cut out for, and there are women with a brain that would actually admit this. There may be the odd exception to the rule, but usually common sense prevails.

    An example of amazingly empowered females in action; two women police officers I observed a few months back attending the scene of a dumped motorcycle here where I live. Yes, it took two of them to walk round a small 125cc motorcycle, scratching their heads and trying to look official. They then stood around for about 40 minutes chatting, texting on their personal mobiles and generally having a chilled time while they waited for the tow truck.

    Quality service for the hard-working taxpayer…what a joke!

  • Tim Legere

    I recall a Client Eastwood line from one of his Dirty Harry movies (Magnum Force perhaps) where he said …

    “A Man’s gotta know … his limitations”.

    Some positions require people that can meet a certain level of competence. Without it … people may die.This includes the people being helped and also peers.

    Its time for everyone to realize that …

    “A Woman’s gotta know … her limitations”.

    • operationoptout

      Women, limitations? Hell bro she is probably being groomed for fire chief.

      • Ray

        No doubt she has this at the top of her resume’ just ahead of her women’s studies degree. :-/

  • Wraith

    I used to work in a Steel Plant. Very HOT, NOISY, HARD work. But a great pay check at the end of the week.

    Four women showed up one day and DEMANDED jobs based on the company’s discriminatory hiring practices. So rather than fight, the Company hired them. They were put right out into the plant and given entry level jobs on the production line, just like any other “New Hire”.

    Within a few days the Foreman noticed the women sitting around chatting up the guys, and then he sees the guys doing the women’s job, on top of their own! So he started enforcing the workers each doing ONLY their own assigned duties. Of course, this included those 4 women.

    Took about 3 more weeks and all 4 of those women quit and ran away.

    Turns out they didn’t REALLY get what they wished for.

    “I started with nothing and still have Most of it left.”

    • Izzey

      Your post reminded me of a time many years ago, when I was at the height of boat season. I was working on a very busy dock just before a big holiday weekend. (Fourth of July) The place was bustling, and I was well-established in this marina.

      I wear long pants to work, no matter the temperature. I also wear knee pads, safety shoes or boots, and have harnesses and other safety gear when working high up a tuna tower or if on a sailboat…the mast. Always safety first, no-matter-what.

      Halfway through my day, just before one of the biggest ‘boat weekends’ we have here, a couple of women showed up in bikinis to wax a boat on the dock I was working on. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and it was very hot. (This was their ‘gimmick’ for business)

      I was stripping and refinishing a teak wood deck on a large boat and had the sanders going, as well as some chemicals out, to strip some heavily varnished steps to the bridge before I could even attempt to sand them. These women had their wax out, as well as their asses. The men were staring and smiling. I was laughing, knowing the end result before the boat owner even came by later to check on their progress.

      While they were wiggling and jiggling, I was doing my job and the owner of the marina came by and said “hey” to me. He looked over to those women, and said…”boy, are they going to be sorry later” lol (I knew exactly what he meant, and we shared a laugh) Aside from no protective gear on their bodies, they also had on suntan lotion, which by the way…does not look so great smeared onto fiberglass when you are trying to wax it. You almost always have to ‘lean into’ a boat when you are waxing.

      The boat looked like shit, they did not get paid, and when they left…their asses were burned to a real nice bright pink. (From being bent over all day..haha) The boat owner came over to me, and asked if I could “fix his boat” I told him, “‘I have a waiting list, and am booked solid for the next two months…so sorry”

      I couldn’t imagine these women working with muriatic acid, acetone, rust removers, or fiberglass gel coat. But they sure had a real nice crowd gaping at their asses all day. I made six hundred fifty dollars for my ten hours work that day. They went home with nothing but a real bad case of sunburn.


      • BeijaFlor

        Oh, Yeah! I would have “enjoyed the view” myself, but not on MY boat.

        Like to imagine one of those bikini babes going up the mast on a top-climber, banging their knees and other parts into the hardware, probably bruising their pretty shins in the foot-straps, and getting up there to realize they hadn’t thought-through the job and they didn’t have the tools or gear or parts to complete it. Then back down, like a monkey on a string … again and again and again. They better have some muscles in those pretty-girl legs.

        As for the fire-grrrrl in your story … I would like to imagine that the guys in her fire company are resorting to the only possible way to persuade her that smoke-eating is not a career for her. Make her do, by herself, the same job that any of them are used to doing by THEMselves. I would not be surprised to learn that she quit, in tearful frustration, at the end of that shift. I HOPE SO.

        • Izzey

          LOL!!…”but not on MY boat” (I knew you could relate to that, BeijaFlor)

          As far as the girl-
          I pass that firehouse every single day, and see nothing but men there working. I think she may have thrown in the towel, as well. (Just think of how many lives may have been saved so far because she has done that)

          Or, they are hiding her in an office upstairs. Hopefully filing paperwork, because that is about all the heavy lifting I imagine her doing.

          I am not against women taking on the ‘tough jobs’ but you damn well better know how to do them to EXACTLY the same standards/capacity expected of A MAN doing the same job.


          • Raven01

            If she threw in the towel how much would you like to bet that she, between fits of tears blamed `those mean men`for expecting her to pull her own weight?

  • Ray

    You should have filmed her and mailed a copy to your local women’s studies program for their perusal. No doubt they’d find that the evil Patriarchy sabotaged her with their uber-manly equipment designs. :-/

  • Demonspawn

    — I asked him about the girl. I asked him if she was going to pass muster. He said “Not a chance, but to be politically correct for a gender quota, we have to have a woman in our house.”

    Ask him the follow up question: “How many lives is political correctness worth?”

    • Izzey

      Everyone on this site knows the answer to that question, Demonspawn. Even the feminist nay-sayers.

      Not one. Not one loss of life is acceptable for incompetence…in the guise of political correctness.

      Not one.

    • Atlas Reloaded

      “How many lives is political correctness worth?”

      What scares the shit out of me…is they’d likely have a direct answer to that question.

  • Paul Elam

    I remember Gloria Steinem being interviewed on television many years ago, and this subject was raised. She was asked to explain how women were going to handle putting a 200 lb. unconscious person over their shoulder and carry them down a flight of stairs.

    She answered literally, “Why is it so important that they be carried? Couldn’t they just be dragged down by their feet?”

    • keyster

      Yes of course!
      Two courageous and empowered firewomen, one per ankle.

    • Izzey

      Paul, (Keyster and all)
      I found an excerpt of an article written about that (Izzey just loves google)

      “Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve struggled to understand Gloria Steinem. In 1995, Steinem appeared on an ABC special with National Review’s Kate O’Beirne. Asked what to do about female firefighters who aren’t strong enough to carry people out of burning buildings, Steinem had a ready, ridiculous answer: “It’s better to drag them out, because there’s less smoke down there. I mean, we’re probably killing people by carrying them out at that height, you know, so — I mean, you know, we really need to look sensibly here at these jobs and what they really require, and not just some idea of what macho is.” Touché. Why quickly and efficiently usher people out of harm’s way, when we can spend three times as much time inside burning buildings dragging unconscious residents by their ankles down a fifth-floor walk-up? Why risk smoke inhalation when you can throw the dice on a cerebral hemorrhage banging your head on every step along the way? Under different circumstances, repeatedly dragging someone down the stairs for no reason other than fulfillment of one’s deranged ideology would amount to nothing less than torture.”


    • Atlas Reloaded

      Proves how nascissistic feminists are, an answer like that. Not taking into account how the latter method is dangerous and foolish is what comes out of being a nacissist.

      “Hey…’I’…..don’t see a problem..”

    • Stu

      Saved from the fire, died from having their head repeatedly bounced off the stairs on the way down.

  • Tim Legere


    Do we know when Vladek Filler is scheduled to be in court again for his appeal?

  • keyster

    What’s happening now is that women are being promoted quickly into management positions over more deserving men. The management positions have a lot more visibility with the public and the watchful eye of the local media, so it’s a bigger bang for the EEOC buck and it keeps them out of harms way or direct involvement with rescues (where they risk being exposed for physical weakness).

    This method of dealing with quota is also common in corporations, You promote a woman to a more visible position, and surround her with a few guys that do all the actual work and make her look good. If they don’t make her look good, they’ve failed at their job. None of this is spoken, its all very much assumed.

  • Atlas Reloaded

    Thanks Izzey…glad you are ok. Fires suck. Uhh– just about ALL the examples I have heard from others about how some jobs are best suited for men, were stories from women. This is the third time a woman, not a man, has stated from what she saw that fire-fighting is a man’s job.

    Again glad the fire never touched you or your house. L.A. hills are the worst for that btw.

    • Izzey

      Doesn’t that make you a little sad, also?
      Men are better suited for war and other dangerous disposable positions in life…and women treat them like shit, and then tell the world how fucking oppressed they are?

      Yet they want to be treated equally…but under ‘special conditions’
      And take home the same paycheck, be honored for their bravery, and used as an example for the next generation of women who think they ‘have what it takes’ to do a job they cannot really do.

      You know that saying…”Well, it looked good on paper”
      That’s what this is. Paper ideology.

      Give me back the man’s world. Women have spoiled it.
      I was so much happier there. I was still allowed to be me there….and I did not have to wipe the feminist’s bullshit from my shoes, right before I stepped back into my house.
      (One can dream, eh?)

      • Atlas Reloaded

        Special conditions never helps anyone out. Especially for the person wanting them, in the way of self-esteem and self-worth it ultimately fucks them up.

        Great scene in Alexander: Before Alexander the Great was grown-up and played by Colin Ferrel, shows him as a kid learning wrestling. Alexander wrestles against his childhood/adult friend. Alexander loses. He is obviously upset because..hey…he’s the future king/ruler! He ain’t supposed to lose.

        His friend says to Alxander ‘Would you really wanted me to have let you win Alexander?” Alexander shakes his head “no”. Of course not. But that is what women in high-risk professions seem to be wanting. And getting.

  • keyster

    Feminism must ignore physics, because it exposes their argument and is a product of patriarchy.

  • Mr. J

    I know some people don’t like it when I point this out but the fact is that when feminists were plotting and scheming and “lobbying” for these things, most men were watching or yakking about the “superbowl”, the “worldseries”, or some other meaningless shit and didn’t even know enough to pay attention.
    THAT pisses me off!!