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Ryerson Student Union denies misandry


If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State. ~ Joseph Geobbels

There is a great deal happening with men’s issues groups forging their way onto university campuses across Canada and the U.S..  As we have reported here recently, Christopher J. Thompson, Campus Ambassador for the National Coalition for Men has formed a men’s rights group at Montana State University.

The Men’s Awareness Group sponsored by the Canadian Association for Equality at the University of Toronto has been the focal point of a lot of attention. Their hosting of a lecture by Warren Farrell on the Boy Crisis resulted in a violent protest from feminist demonstrators allied with the University of Toronto Student Union.

That protest had a profound impact on one Toronto college student at Ryerson University. Sarah Santhosh, watched the video of the protest and saw a lot of “closemindedness” and “hate,” She was also joined by fellow Ryerson students Anjana Rao and Argir Argirov,  all moved to seek ratification from the Ryerson Student Union (RSU) for a men’s issues group that would focus on some of the many issues faced by men in modern culture, including misandry, the hatred or fear of men and boys.

The Board of Directors of the RSU has moved preemptively to stop them and anyone else with such ideas.

In a staggering act of bigotry and hypocrisy, a motion was passed by The Board that makes it official policy that misandry does not exist. Neda Hamzavi, a representative on the RSU Board of Directors introduced the motion, which was passed, according to theeyeopener.com, “without any debate, discussion or dispute.”

The rationale offered by Hamzavi was as clear as it was chilling.


There’s been a lot of work across campuses not only in Ontario but also across the country that have been working sort of [as] anti-women’s rights groups.

We want to acknowledge that the additions that we added here are regarding the ideas of misandry and reverse-sexism, both of which are oppressive concepts that aim to delegitimize the equity work that women’s movements work to do.

Her sentiments were echoed by Marwa Hamad, vice-president equity at the RSU, who also clearly outlined her vision of the future for that organization as it relates to gender and sexual politics. She said, according to TEO,  “the policy will preserve space for discussing misogyny and institutionalized gender imbalances.”

So, the message from the RSU Board is simple. Misandry, even as they blatantly practice it, does not exist. Any attempt to claim it does exist, or to attempt to gain academic support for men’s issues will be summarily and officially regarded as misogyny and opposition to women’s rights. There is no “space” for such discussion at RSU, or in Marwa Hamad’s mind.

They have earned kudos on the efficiency of propaganda. The points of the motion wove in the denial of misandry with great fluidity, as follows:


4. Groups, Meetings or events [that] promote misogynist views towards women and ideologies that promote gender inequity, challenges women’s right to bodily autonomy, or justifies sexual assault  5. The concept of misandry as it ignores structural inequity that exist between men and women 6. Groups, meetings events or initiatives [that] negate the need to centre women’s voices in the struggle for gender equity.

Note how the concepts of misogyny, ideologically driven gender inequity, justification of rape and negating the rights of women to speak to their issues, none of which were supported by Santhosh or her fellows, are all wrapped around a convoluted and unsupported interpretation of misandry that directly imputes malice upon anyone who believes it exists.

Ryerson University Marwa Hamad

Marwa Hamad

At this point it is difficult for me to find words to describe what has just happened at RSU. The Geobbels quote was as close to treading on Godwin’s Law as I care to. But the temptation to go further is definitely there. In a culture with a 5 to 1 ratio of male suicide, an ever decreasing population of male college students who are subsequently falling from the work force, the official response from RSU is to demonize anyone who wants to talk about it or pursue solutions.

The RSU Board apparently feels quite justified with this take on things.

Hamad, without any explanation as to what she was actually talking about, claimed that the measure will help RSU protect women’s issues, which ironically according to her, “have historically and continue to today to be silenced.”

It leaves one to necessarily wonder just how a group manages to be silenced when they are the only ones allowed to have the floor. The only women at RSU that are being silenced are the ones that are trying to speak to the issues faced by men.

In a time of the greatest human technological advances in history, as well as the highest standard of living ever seen in western culture, our universities have become bastions of an increasingly institutionalized mindset of hatred, bigotry and oppression. We are, even at the pinnacle of human human history, proving once again the ongoing failing of human ignorance.

We can only hope people like Sarah Santhosh, Anjana Rao and Argir Argirov will not be easily bullied into silence by the edicts of corrupt and dishonest ideologues who are threatened by the slightest voice of dissent and clamoring to hang on to their privilege with any disgraceful option at their disposal.

Source: http://theeyeopener.com/2013/03/new-rsu-policy-challenges-new-mens-issues-group/

Addendum and correction: In this and the previous article on the Ryerson matter, I conflated Ryerson Student Union (RSU) with Ryerson University, which are two separate entities. The efforts to censor the discussion of men’s issues emanate solely from RSU and not Ryerson University. Corrections have been made to the content of this website accordingly, and apologies are extended to Ryerson University. PE

  • August Løvenskiolds

    Well, thanks for slapping all men in the face, Marwa. May we have another?

    Perhaps it is time we start the process for recognizing slavemaster Marwa on register-her.com.

    • August Løvenskiolds

      Another great quote from Slavemaster Marwa:

      In a September 2012 issue of The Eyeopener, Marwa Hamad, vice president equity at the Ryerson Students’ Union, said marginalized or underprivileged student members should be the focus of equity service groups on campus.

      “Would it make sense to make a straight people centre or an able body equity group?” Hamad said.


      Worth noting: on the right side of the above page there is a poll about the proposed men’s group – at the point I’m writing this, 91% are in favor of the men’s group, and 9% are opposed.

      • Turbo

        Great, let’s start voting.

  • RudeAwakening

    Reading this has just blown my mind. Please help me understand, Paul. Honestly, this more than anything I have ever read, has my blood boiling. So, they are suggesting that misandry DOES NOT EXIST in any way shape or form??!! Any human can see that it does exist and is very prevalent. I feel sick.

    • Zerbu

      “Misandry doesn’t exist” is a common feminist catchphrase, much like “patriarchy” and “rape culture”. The top of the article says it all, if they keep repeating that, people will start to believe it.

      • Zarathos022

        Those who often deny its existence are often its biggest perpetrators.

      • napocapo69

        actually they are right. Men do not exist, so how can you hate someone that does not exist?

      • http://www.youtube.com/girlwriteswhat Karen Straughan (aka GirlWritesWhat)

        The official phrasing is “Misandry don’t real.” Because you can’t descend into the mindset of contemptuous preadolescent schoolyard bullying without playing with the grammar and/or spelling. Cases in point: “What about teh menz?”, “Dood”, “Dudebro”.

        Or, in the case of the “more respectable” RSU, using big words while sticking one’s fingers in one’s ears and refusing to entertain opposing viewpoints.

        The level of emotional maturity is awe-inspiring.

        • The Real Peterman

          Exactly. I’ve found that people who unironically use the word “dude” generally have nothing worthwhile to say.

          • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

            Dude, I resemble that remark.

        • Bewildered

          ” The level of emotional maturity is awe-inspiring.”

          At a time when up is down,right is left,backward is forward etc. I understood what you were saying immediately without even thinking !

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        “Reverse Sexism and reverse racism” don’t exist either…and neither does my foot on your neck.

        • zandelux

          This is how Newspeak operates. If you want to deny the existence of something, follow these steps:
          1. Spin the idea into a sub-type of something else – thus we get “reverse-sexism”. (Bonus points for the negative prefix… “un-sexism”, anyone?)
          2. Start using other words that narrow the original definition to the one you want – i.e. “sexism” becomes “misogyny”.
          3. Attack anyone who attempts to use a complementary word like “misandry”.
          4. Deny both the complementary word and the “reverse-” word as non-existent ideas, despite having created the reverse word in the first place.
          5. Eventually, deny even the original word “sexism” because of its broad definition.

          All you’re left with is the “new” word that can never be applied to the un-favored group.

          Take a look at the hateful messages you see spouting from feminists. A couple decades ago, you still used to hear a lot of “gender equality” and “sexism”… but now it’s increasingly gender-specific such as “patriarchy” and “misogyny”. I predict they’re going to find a new substitute word for “rape” in the near future, which excludes male victims.

  • Strength

    Very disappointing news. Hopefully this news motivates Sarah Santhosh, Anjana Rao and Argir Argirov more to continue and not be silenced.

  • Theaverageman

    If we’re really a bunch of bigots why won’t they let the other side be heard……And let it be revealed that we’re a bunch of misogynistic rape apologists?

    Oh thats right,because they’re scared that people will finally open their eyes and see how men are getting screwed over by feminists.

  • Zerbu

    Yes! Another attempt to defame the MHRM. The next big increase in members should be coming soon.

  • 86


    What is the gender breakdown of Ryerson students?
    In 2009-10, 55 percent of undergraduate students were female and 44 percent were male. The gender breakdown of students varies significantly by program area. For details by program, go to:

    Clearly, Neda Hamzavi needs to step down from the Board of Directors, because if there is roughly 3 women to every 2 men at Ryerson, and STILL the women are oppressed, THEN Neda is completely incompetent and needs to step down.

  • http://www.hermitparkclinic.com.au Greg Canning

    Absolutely unbelievable, like UT we need to turn the eyes of the world to Ryerson, these edicts must surely be unconstitutional , in breach of anti-discrimination law, and as regressive as any speech codes in the US colleges. Surely this would be a great one for FIRE to get involved with.

  • greg

    Type in Misandry on your screen, and odds are that it’s not recognized. Spell check doesn’t recognize it, so I’m not surprised that Ryerson doesn’t either.

    One of the reasons I come to AVfM, amongst other sites.

  • August Løvenskiolds

    In related news, Ryerson just lowered the grade average (GPA) necessary for students in science, engineering and architechture to be in clear standing from 2.00 (C) to 1.67 (C-minus). Officially censoring men’s issues & officially dumbing things down to help the girls, all in the same day.

    Who needs academics when PC is so much more trendy?


    A note to parents: if you want to keep your kids stupid and unemployable, Ryerson University is the place to send them so that, once they graduate, they can move home and live with you forever.

    • Bombay

      So is that lower standard just for women?

      • dejour

        It seems like it is lower for everybody. Doesn’t seem like an issue for gender equality.

        • Bewildered

          If it were exclusively for girls it would have become very obvious !

      • August Løvenskiolds

        It is hard to tell without more detail from the school about the effect of this, but any watering down of grade point standards for STEM subjects (where men seem to excel compared to women) looks suspicious to me.

        And indeed, since men grow through overcoming challenge, any lowering of standards necessarily impairs men’s long term chances at success, while at the same time catering to women’s needs for safety and comfort, which are quite opposed to challenge.

        • The Real Peterman

          I agree, changes like this are usually to get more women to major in engineering.

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F (Ian Williams)

    Crystalline moments of ratified misandry like this bring nothing to the peddlers except a brief moment in the sun.

    How blinkered and bubble-wrapped from what’s real are they? Do they really think, “Great. Looks like we got that one nipped in the bud just in the nick of time”?

    Pavlov’s dog is a shade smarter because it listened for the bell before it salivated. This lot just stumble about in a dark room continually clacking their heads together like coconuts.

    The news from Ryerson is disappointing by its presentation only. Just as a mug carved in ice surrenders to hot chocolate the position they extol cannot last.

    On the topic of disappointment, take heart from this quote by William Throsby Bridges.

    “Disenchantment, whether it is a minor disappointment or a major shock, is the signal that things are moving into transition in our lives.”

    The word “transition” here is a key one, and for me it means something of substance with an unbroken tenacity borne from our work here. If anything is fleeting it’s their absurd announcement.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    The authoritarian collectivist MUST keep 100% control of the universities, otherwise the flood of censored information will drown them in facts.

    Do you think these control freaks want to let the serfs to become armed with an awareness of such oppressive acts such as these:

    “The Forgotten Serial Killers: Child Care Providers (“Baby Farmers”) Who Murdered Children “

    “Husband-Killing Syndicates”

    How Wives Gained Power By Mass-Murder of Husbands – Hungary 1929

    The censorship of factual history (as opposed to “theories”) must continue if the utopian goal of collectivist feminist governance is to be achieved. The experts know what is good for the underlings and they must have exclusive control of all aspects of human existence.

    The mass graves of the female-operated murder syndicates must be forgotten forever.

    – Utopia is at hand. – Praise be to Gaia.

  • MrStodern

    People who think that women’s issues are taking a backseat in western civilization are either stupid, or bigoted. End of story. The focus is constantly on women, regardless of which gender is most affected by any given issue. Some politician or radio host or whatever puts their foot in their mouth, and somehow that’s considered tantamount to “silencing women”. I don’t fucking think so. There wouldn’t be such public lashing going on if it was. No one would’ve given a shit when some dude showed concern over that one fat anchorwoman’s health. A lot of things would work very differently if we lived in such a patriarchal society. Strip clubs, for example, wouldn’t be strip clubs. They’d all be places where men can purchase girlfriends that cook, clean, and give stellar blowjobs, and then return them when they get boring or fat or mouthy or whatever. Think that’d fly in today’s society? Even feminists know that the answer to that is HELL FUCKING NO.

  • http://www.woolybumblebee.com/about Kristina Hansen

    I am so disgusted by Ryerson it makes me embarrassed to be Canadian. For shame Ryerson! I always believed that we Canadians were better than this, yet you have sadly proven me wrong. I for one would never let my children attend Ryerson, and I will gladly spread the word about this disgusting behavior.

    • Poester99

      A lot of students probably feel differently, but they don’t want to risk their futures. These petty dictators have teeth.

  • Turbo

    I am a little confused here.

    Is it the Ryerson Student Union that is banning a men’s rights group or the University Board itself.

    Because if it is just the Student Union then they could surely just tell them to piss off and do it anyway

    • Turbo

      Ahah, sorry, just read it again. So the Student Union reps put forward the motion to the University Board and they rolled over like lap dogs and passed it without discussion. Got it.

      Hopefully Sarah Santhosh, Anjana Rao and Argir Argirov continue to make noise about this. It may well be the best life education they could possibly get at such a bigoted so-called learning institution.

  • http://www.hermitparkclinic.com.au Greg Canning

    Ryersons statement of the rights and responsibilities of students guarantees

    As a student at Ryerson University, you have the right to:
    • enjoy all rights and freedoms recognized by law;
    • a learning environment that is safe, free from harassment and discrimination;
    • a learning environment which is characterized by mutual respect and civility;
    • a learning environment that, while safeguarding dissent, is free from interference and disruption;

    apparently the board of directors feels it can breach these rights!


  • http://marktrueblood.posterous.com/ Mark Trueblood

    As I type this, Senator Rand Paul is in his 10th hour of filibustering on Obama’s intentional vagueness over whether he can kill non-combatant Americans on American soil. Bipartisan voices around the country and the world are joining him in his protest.

    We can make a difference. The young people who tried to stand for truth at Ryerson University can make a difference. The good people at the University of Toronto right now can make a difference.

    We can do this, even when it seems like we are a lone voice crying in the wilderness.

    • Poester99

      He royally pissed off feminists and female Democrats when he told off Hillary in the Bengazi “inquiry”. He’s got some real balls, so he may not last long.

  • John A

    Ryerson University are channelling Pope Urban VIII. They may well think they are infallible, but like the catholic church, that finally conceded the earth orbits the sun, they too will one day be forced to concede that misandry exists. The MHRA heretics will prevail.

    Do we need any further evidence that feminism is a religion?

  • Stephen O’Brian

    What a dipstick.
    It beggars belief that fuckwits like this run academic institutions. I know common laborers with more intelligence than she’s displaying.
    Alongside her obvious mental illness – androphobia, she’s also a marketing fail as she’s apparently totally oblivious that in the ever increasingly competitive arena of academia her little college is going to sink like a lead balloon rather than attract students when word gets around she’s running a femi-bigot school.
    Definitely a candidate for featured offender, scores a D for Dunce and should seek professional mental health help.

  • Introspectre

    Solipsistic double-speak, at a most repugnant and bigoted level. Perhaps, a perpetual spotlight needs to be shone on Ryerson, until the heat melts those frozen feminist hearts; or at least makes it too inconvenient, to continue with these asinine denials. Marwa and Neda, seem to be fine candidates, for the bigot section of Register Her.

  • fh12

    Hi, this is Sarah Santhosh.

    First of all, on behalf my fellow executives and I, I’d like to thank everyone for your support for our group.

    I have been aware of AVFM covering our story for some time now and I have read your previous article on this matter and even linked it in the About section of our Facebook group.


    However, there is a factual error in the first article that has been carried over to this second article. I feel the need to clarify this to AVFM before it spirals out of hand.

    The error is that RSU is the same organization as Ryerson University. RSU stands for the Ryerson Students Union and is a separate entity from Ryerson University.

    This mistake in the first article is evident in the title itself, “Ryerson University forms men’s issues group”. We are a group still in the process of seeking ratification from the student union.

    The university body itself does not have any jurisdiction over the student union with regards to the formation of student groups under RSU.

    In this article, Ryerson University is once again being mistaken for the student union. The Board of Directors is a part of RSU – not Ryerson University – and the meeting they conducted on Monday, March 4 to amend RSU’s policy on women’s issues does not in any way have anything to do with the University’s own policies.

    This issue of the amended policy as a response to the formation of our men’s issues group is between the student union and us. Ryerson University has not had anything to do with this changed policy.

    Please, correct this mistake in your articles.

    The Eyeopener, an independent student newspaper at Ryerson has been very fair in their coverage of our group. My fellow executive, Anjana, and I just recorded a podcast episode with the Eyeopener staff discussing this amended policy of the RSU. Please look forward to the release of that podcast.

    Thank you, AVFM, once again for your support.

    • August Løvenskiolds

      Thank you, Sarah for your fine work on behalf of men’s issues. Thank you also for the clarification of RU vs. RSU.

    • Turbo

      Thank you for that clarification Sarah, it had me a little confused as well. It is good to hear that the University itself is not involved at this point.

      I wish you well with the group, what you are doing here is very important work. Good luck, we will be following your progress with much hope.

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      Hi Sarah,

      Thank you for coming to comment, and for the clarification. The responsibility for the conflation of the two entities was unintentional, and I apologize for the misunderstanding. It was totally my fault.

      I have made what I think are needed revisions to the article to correct the errors. Feel free to comment here if anything is amiss.

      Also, thank you for the efforts that you, Anjana Rao and Argir Argirov are putting forth for the benefit of a population that is terribly under served in this area.

      I wish you all the best of luck in seeing your plans through.

    • knightrunner

      From the bottom of my heart I thank you, for what you are doing. Please continue to fight for equality.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/MRAGreatestHits MRA Greatest Hits

    “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over”

    ~ Joseph Goebbels

    • Robert St. Estephe

      And very few people know that Goebbels launched his Hitler PR by comparing the Führer with the other “greatest man” of the age, much beloved by the early Nazis: namely Lenin.

  • Roland3337

    I have to wonder if the faculty knows. I expect that there are some radical feminists in some departments on campus. There always are. But aren’t there any professors that are speaking up? How can they stand by and allow this kind of blatant curtailing of free speech? Are all of them really just feminist lapdogs and useful idiots?

  • Xevaster

    I wish that there was some way to have all the men at Ryerson say “Fuck it, I quit!” No more men on campus, no more male teachers or board members, no more maintenance or custodians and most importantly no more tuition. It would be like “Lord of the Flies” all those feminist harpies having no one to harass or blame for all their problems. The whole place would collapse into pig stye full of screaming, whining, crying poor little wimmin.
    How fast would all this crap stop once the school started to go under?
    Lickity damn split.

  • Klar

    It’s not clear to me whether this decision was by the Board of Directors of the student union or the Board of Governors that officially run the school. If only the student union, nothing new or different than the way other student unions have acted.

    • August Løvenskiolds

      See fh12’s post/Sarah Santhosh above – it was stuck briefly in the moderation queue.

      In brief, so far everything is RSU – their student union. The actual University’s jurisdiction is not in play (yet).

      Confusion is understandable because (I think) every full-time student of RU is a member of RSU – I’m not sure if a student can opt out of RSU, even if they desired to


      • Klar

        yup, didn’t see Sarah’s post earlier – thanks,

        and thank you Sarah!

        wow, this is encouraging (not in an obvious way maybe)


    In this motion the RSU actually declared that it opposes “the concept of misandry.” They actually want to ban a concept!
    These people are mad! Power mad!

  • malcolm

    It’s just a last desperate attempt to control a narrative that’s slipping away from them.
    “When people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.” Thomas Jefferson.
    Let’s give these tin-pot dictators something to fear. It starts at the U of T tomorrow.

  • nikonian

    Not to be too shallow but don’t most feminists look the same. They all seem to have this look no matter what race or body type. Marwa Hamad’s pic could easily be a Feministing admin photo. On another note her comments were the height of close mindedness that mainstream academic feminism thrives on.

    “5. The concept of misandry as it ignores structural inequity that exist between men and women”… Patriachry theroy, need I say more!

    • August Løvenskiolds

      Feminists excel at destroying women who excel at good looks (Gloria Steinem caught a lot of shit for hers) or high achievement (both new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg have been catching a lot of shit from other feminists lately).

      Feminist Jessica Valenti wrote recently that “The cutting down of feminist leaders is nothing new. Writer and activist Jo Freeman said in a 1976 Ms. magazine piece that ‘trashing’ within the feminist movement had become a toxic, yet accepted, form of policing other feminists — especially those perceived as successful.”


      So, the “sameness” in appearance that you’ve noted among feminists is a defense mechanism that they use to protect themselves from other feminists, whom they fear a lot more than the poodle men they mostly control.

  • Poester99

    So only women are allowed to have a voice on Gender issues at Ryerson.

    Men are to shut up and comply.
    Sounds fair.

    It’s time to explore and publicize in depth the establishment feminist’s bigotry and hypocrisy on that campus.

    I went to Ryerson and even way back when was made to feel distinctly uncomfortable in the feminist hate propaganda that was freely posted all over the place.

    The well of hate reaches deep, there.

  • Howard Gordan

    Those that try to silence people that speak out for the issues boys and men face and try to portray us as evil women-haters are the direct by-product of women’s studies courses. This is what they teach.

  • napocapo69

    “We want to acknowledge that the additions that we added here are regarding the ideas of misandry and reverse-sexism, both of which are oppressive concepts that aim to delegitimize the equity work that women’s movements work to do”

    …and it happens to be a misandric statement

    Good news, we have the misandrist of the week!

  • Ben

    What is the deal with feminists not having the ability to see their own irony? They are clearly mentally ill. They can prohibit men’s advocacy in the same breath that they use to claim that women are customarily silenced. They also can’t see that while operating under campus Feminists’ rules of “equal” free speech, men are justified in being anti-women’s group. But then they turn around and point and say, “See! Men’s advocates are against women’s groups!”

  • Klar

    I recall Fidelbogen emphasizing that the ideology known as feminism can’t afford to stand still for fear that truth or some other inconvenience will catch up to it.

    They can’t recognize whether they’re going backwards, forwards or sideways – so long as they’re moving and keep hearing the voices in their shrinking heads they’ll be fine.

  • fumingtortoise

    Okay, let me get this straight; Misandry doesn’t exist. Hmmmm. Well, that’s impossible, there are people out there that hate men and boys for being male. The basic social stigma that “all men are rapists” that exists in it’s various shapes and forms is proof of that.

    I rest my case. Sorry, we win you lose, good day, thanks for playing.

    It really makes me wonder if these people who subscribe to the feminst propaganda machine are even capable of behaving in an even more socially and logically retarded fashion.

  • Mateusz Wacek

    Well, that’s a totally sensible declaration.

    Silencing people who try to voice their issues is oppression. Also, we’re going to silence anyone who gives voice to male issues… but that’s totally not oppression… because… we declared it.

    I love how feminists expect reality to conform to what they demand it to be.

  • gastirad

    No doubt,there was a confusion between RU and RSU.
    But we must be aware that feminisme is not really about equity, women’s rights … but about political power through women’s votes. Political people use women’s fears (rape, DV …) they can arouse, in order to exploit men … and women alike.
    We have to explain that point again and again.

  • BenJames

    As I read this a phrase came into my mind.. like a countapoint to the feminist myth of a glass ceiling.. we, as men, are being boxed in by glass walls that limit our behaviour, our rights, our freedom to express masculine traits, to speak – and in this case to freedom of association. The next time someone puts the old ‘glass ceiling’ at me: Im going to refer them to the glass walls and ceiling men are boxed into.

    As for the RSU, it is clearly facsist behaviour: nothing less.

  • knightrunner

    And we call these people educated? Man, Im glad I was smart enough to not attend one of these zombie farms we call university.

  • 98abaile

    Wait, so any discussion about issues that uniquely effect one group are to be conflated with entirely unrelated issues that supposedly affect and entirely different group even though they have not substantiated them? What? How intellectually bankrupt are these people? Is there any chance these bastards can be reported to the university or (in a better world) perhaps to some kind of national equality commission?

  • MGTOW-man

    Figures! I wrote on the eyeopener.com with a question as to a contingency plan if the effort failed, which I thought it would. I wanted to encourage them, but I also wanted them to be realistic. I ask again, what else can they/we do to help get men’s issues front and center on Ryerson U. Those of you who are in a position, to help there, please get busy with posters, and anything else to counter their censorship. For if we are so wrong, why not let us be seen for that by the public? Telling indeed!

  • Robert Sides

    Sarah Santhosh:

    Welcome to the fight for equality!

    Don’t get boxed-in by RSU. Contact media outside it and the University: reporters (online and off) at TV/radio stations; print media; blogs; etc. Contact sympathetic equity feminists and reporters like Cathy Young, Kathleen Parker, and Canadian scribes.

    The more sunlight you shine on misandric cockroaches, the more they will scatter. They aren’t used to being confronted… and they DO fear truth.

    The boneheads that oppose you will only be able to get jobs in “women’s studies”-like government agencies after graduation. Unfortunately for them, tax funds used to fund them are diminishing as more and more men get dismissed or drop-out.

    No “real” company wants to hire ideological idiots who lack critical thinking.

    Feminism has confirmed the worst fears of those who worried that if women ever got let into universities, stupidity would reign. Of course, it’s not females per se who are problematic; it’s the Silly Sisterhood. The latter has turned serious study into a “patriarchal construct” that’s opposed by special snowflakes riding unicorns.

    How telling to see how quickly feminists, given a modicum of power, turn into Nazis. And that after whining forever about how kind and gentle the world would be if women ran things!

    We know what happened to Adolf’s minions. Do fembots? Apparently not… yet. But they soon will as the MRM marches against them and RSU fops.

    Again, you can help by contacting media outside their reach. I doubt they’re ready for the international hoots and howls heading their arrogant, solipsistic way.

    Finally, a message to business owners: note well the names of RSU boneheads! Consider how hiring them might impact your enterprise.

  • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

    Student Unions are pretty much like Student Government. They have very limited scope of authority and are usually run by busybodies with delusions of grandeur. The only problem being, a lot of them will go off to work in the real world of government at some point in their lives.

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    ” a lot of them will go off to work in the real world of government at some point in their lives”

    …or become HOA Nazis!

  • AntZ

    Three brave students want to help the gender that is 5x more likely to commit suicide, 92% of workplace accidents, lives shorter lives with more illness, three times as likely to be homeless, and less likely to attend college. What do the feminists do? They crucify the students, and pre-emptively outlaw any discussion of issues that affect men, boys, and fathers.

    How did feminism, once strong advocates of equality, degenerate into a sadistic hate movement?

  • Phil in Utah

    I’ve been having an urge to form a Men’s Rights group here at Utah State. The only real impediment I’ve run into so far is that I don’t have enough people with similar interests. But if I do manage to get them together, I doubt I’ll have much trouble since in my experience (so far), Utah State is one of the few truly open-minded campuses left in the Western hemisphere.

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      Just two can get it done. I would suggest contacting Christopher J. Thompson of NCFM. He is their Campus Ambassador and I think he can help. Contact him at:


  • Robert Sides

    > “How did feminism, once strong advocates of equality, degenerate into a sadistic hate movement?”

    Feminists NEVER wanted equality. They sought ever-more rights for women, absent corresponding responsibilities. They fought men entering female bastions from the beginning.

    PHIL: Why not make some posters/stickers for a pro-male group and put them around campus? See who responds? All you need is about a dozen men and women and you’re good to go.

    Also, write an opinion piece for your student newspaper per the need for a men’s group, then watch who responds.

  • Winstone

    Probably these are just childish students. The real problem in universities is that in some countries like US there are departments of “women’s studies” which actually means promoting feminism and misandry. And they are paid also by students who would like to study real things. By cutting them it would be possible to reduce the fees paid by students.

    • Stephen O’Brian

      “in some countries like US there are departments of “women’s studies” which actually means promoting feminism and misandry. And they are paid also by students who would like to study real things. By cutting them it would be possible to reduce the fees paid by students”.

      The emotional cost would decrease dramatically for students too. All that toxic feminist ideological paranoia pushed at and expected of women, and all that constantly walking on eggshells by guys.

  • Demosthenes XXI

    What we are seeing in cases like this are examples of fervent desperation from the supporters of academic (white women’s) feminism. The MRM is gaining a slow but steady foothold in the gender debates and they are not happy about it at all.

    The best thing to do with the situation at Ryerson is to continue to heap scorn on their actions and point out their blatant bigotry to the world at large. In addition, the community should send support to those individuals at the school who are fighting the good fight.

    Just my two cents….

  • Textra

    “Would it make sense to make a straight people centre or an able body equity group?”

    If the issues that negatively effect straight people or the able bodied were being systematically ignored, yes, it would make sense.

  • onca747

    Here’s an idea… voice your decent on the RSU facebook page.


    If enough of us leave a message, then maybe the guys (and gals) at Ryseron will be made aware of the issue… then fascists like Marwa Hamad will be forced to take notice.


    As I read it, the Ontario OImbudsman’s Office can investigate ‘bad process’ within the administration of Ontario Colleges AND Universities.
    This is bad process, and I bet a complaint filed by a stake holder there at Ryerson CAN get a ruling that the UNIVERSITY itself must oversee all this silly Student Union poop… and that sexism, i.e. discrimination OVERTLY so on the basis of sexual ‘orientation’/gender can be cause under the Ontario Human Rights Code. BOTH regulatory bodies provide aid to file a complaint to their respective quasi-judicial commissions for remedy. Lastly, it appears this could be a ’cause celeb for a Canadian Charter Rights claim, to the Ontario Government Ministry regulating Universities… where U.of T. ‘allows’ such a men’s group for education and fellowship on matters of cogent interest, and within walking distance Ryerson does not, then a clear claim of discrimination under our Charter of Rights of association and free speech etc. is a no-brainer. There are poverty law/civil rights lawyer groups there in the GTA that do this sort of push-back every day. In short, there are three avenues of FTSU and rub their noses in the mess they leave on that wannabe FEMiversity campus, Ryerson U…. again, that within a very short walk from U. of T.
    ref. :
    Human Rights
    Charter Rights

    People MAY enjoy this guy on YouTube…
    Stefan Molyneux

    “The Bomb in the Brain” – might illuminate the in-your-face breathless stupidity of femi-spin artists… see-

    And may we all be safe and happy!
    London, ON