Mission Statement


The Men’s Human Rights Movement (MHRM) is a complicated and often misunderstood social phenomenon. We address a wide variety of issues that affect men and boys — and ultimately women, as well as the culture as a whole. Additionally, there is a great deal of disinformation about this movement on the Internet and in the mainstream media.

With that in mind, we suggest the following reading and a review of our mission objectives.


Mission Statement

The past 50 years have been a time of remarkable change in the world of western women. With the help of technology and forward thinking, our society has thrown off sex-based expectations and limitations for women, allowing them important, long-deserved access to the path of self-actualization.

We now live in a world where a woman’s role in life is one of choice, not a destiny shaped by tradition, determined by biology, or forged in law. This, we think, is as it should be.

This revolution in freedom and identity, however, will not be complete until the same standards find their way into the lives of the average man. The absence of that complementary change in the lives of men has created an imbalance that erodes the autonomy of both sexes. Unless this changes, that imbalance will worsen.

Freedom from sex-based expectations for just one sex will never result in freedom for either sex. It is simply a foundation of exploitation on which tyranny is built and administered.

As a society, we are already on that path. The noble idea of freedom and equity between the sexes has been corrupted. It has become a malignancy on our social consciousness. What used to be cooperation between sexes is now gynocentric parasitism that inhabits every level of men’s existence, from cradle to coffin. The efforts to enhance the rights of women have become toxic efforts to undermine the rights of men.

It is time for equity-minded men and women to engage in the final push for freedom for both sexes, and indeed for all human beings. It is time for the interests of humanity to take precedence over the interests of men and women as political factions and social adversaries.

It is time for a movement that truly favors humanity, not a particular sex. It is time for feminism to fulfill its promise of equality, and to quit making a mockery of it.

With those humanist ideals guiding our path, we hereby proclaim the mission of A Voice for Men as changing the dialogue on issues including but not limited to the following

    • Male Genital Mutilation, euphemistically known as “circumcision,” must end. Neither religion nor tradition will excuse the sexual mutilation of children.

    • Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) precisely as it was originally written, and sign it into law. Or the equivalent in other countries if they do not yet have equal rights as a matter of law.

    • Selective Service must either be abolished or include women.

    • Reproductive rights, choice in parenthood for men. Consent to sex is not consent to parenthood. Upholding this idea for women while denying it to men must end. Men must be allowed to unilaterally reject parental rights and obligations during the same period of time in which a woman may legally obtain an abortion. The identified father must be served with legal notification of the intent to use his assets for the benefit of a child while an abortion is still legal or the right to use said assets by the mother is forfeit.

    • Paternity testing should be mandatory on demand by any alleged father at any time. No man shall be held legally responsible for a child he did not father.

    • Paternity fraud should be punishable under law under the same standards of any other form of fraud.

    • Affirmative Action programs based on sex must be abolished

    • Abolish the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), and retroactively audit its beneficiaries for accountability with funds used.

    • Abandon the Duluth Model and all patriarchy theory-based models of domestic violence in favor of non-ideological evidence-based solutions and programs.

    • End primary aggressor laws.

    • End mandatory arrest laws.

    • Require all state and federally funded DV programs to extend full and equal services, including shelter, without regard to sex.

    • Sever family courts from Title IV-D money.

    • Implement the assumption of joint legal and physical custody during divorce.

    • Allegations of intimate partnership violence or violence toward children in divorce proceedings must be proven in criminal court before they may be used as reason to deny physical or legal custody.

    • Dispense with child support except in special circumstances.

    • End alimony except by prenuptial agreement.

    • Make prenuptial agreements irrevocably binding.

    • Marriage should be based solely on contract law.

    • Reverse the Dear Colleague Letter, return honor courts to their intended purpose of handling academic code violations. College tribunals are not equipped to address felony criminal matters.

    • End federal funding and provide penalties for universities that interfere with the rights of men to form campus groups.

    • End rape shield laws.

    • Establish the equal treatment of males and females by all aspects of the criminal justice system.

    • Rape and other forms of sexual assault shall not be based on “penetration” or any sex-specific characteristic, but based on clearly stated lack of consent, except in the case of those who cannot express a meaningful lack of consent due to age or mental incapacity. 

    • Prohibit state interference in any sexual relationship between consenting adults.

    • “Infanticide” shall be considered murder, the killing of a human being, regardless of the sex of the perpetrator.



Our Values

      • AVfM regards gender ideologues and all other agents of misandry as a social malignancy. We do not consider them well-intentioned or honest agents for their purported goals and extend to them no more courtesy or consideration than we would klansmen, skinheads, neo Nazis, or other purveyors of hate. We will educate them where they are willing to learn, but hold them accountable for their ignorance as much as their actions;
      • We take no side at all in partisan political struggles and, after weighing the evidence at hand, generally view all organized mainstream political options as gynocentric;
      • We support and endorse only non-violent reactions to feminist governance and in fact are trying to prevent future acts of violence that feminist governance has already inspired;
      • We oppose gynocentrism in all its forms;
      • We oppose all state authority over or interference in the private lives of consenting adults engaged in any form of interpersonal relationship;
      • We take no stand on religion or lack of religion. We neither endorse nor oppose religious principles.

For more information, individuals in the United States contact Paul Elam at paul@avoiceformen.com.

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