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Ophelia Benson & the FreeThought Bigots: Epic fail!

So let’s be honest about what the opponents of Men’s Human Rights Advocacy are all about: when they see an argument they don’t like, their first answer is to lie, slander, distort, and if at all humanly possible, shut down all dissent and all critical thought.

Such people recently tried censoring Kristina Hansen by falsely flagging a video that mentioned Ophelia Benson, who had recently achieved fame by creating a False Threat narrative supposedly from A Voice for Men. Too bad Ophelia, there was a time when you looked like a rationalist to a lot of us but if it was ever true it changed a long time ago. You and/or your thuggish fans attacked someone who had the audacity merely to be critical of you, and instead of answering it in good faith, the answer was what always comes out of you: attack, smear, change the subject, make up bullshit, and censor, censor, censor. Hey, who needs postmodernism when you’ve got good old fashioned censorship on your side to shut off the flow of rational thought?

Unfortunately, the attempts to censor The Wooly Bumblebee have backfired, as the following sample of the numerous video mirrors popping up will show:

Everyone with a YouTube account is encouraged to make their own mirror of this blatant attempt at censorship by FreeThought Blog trolls. Low-rent Stalinist trash need to be shown what happens when they act like Brown Shirts (or should I say Brown Skirts?) – their true nature is revealed by everyone who’s looking.

Watch and download and mirror the flagged video here:

Creep Clown Update:

Creepy Clowns: Freethought Bullies and the Threat Narrative:

Oh, Ophelia. Oh PZ. Did someone tell you that calling yourself a skeptic and a rationalist actually made you intelligent, thoughtful, or a decent human being? If so, you were too quick to believe them.

*Update*: Apparently, they’re talking about this on FreeThought Blogs, and Ophelia tries to shift the blame to YouTube. Ophelia, YouTube only yanks videos like this if multiple people report them and then it gets done automatically. The only people who would flag that video are people who wish to silence criticism of Ophelia Benson and/or FreeThought Blogs. But instead of condemning this as any decent person would, you deny all responsibility, and don’t even bother to tell your fans that this is unacceptable behavior. You also take the classic Internet dodge of picking on someone’s pronunciation–and make yourself look silly in the process, because not only is that a trivial complaint, but a quick check of any dictionary will show you that “fassist” and “fashist” are both correct pronunciations of “fascist.” Can you do a better job of illustrating the point made here: that you and yours are censoring bullies, intellectual lightweights, and cowards who slander and silence human rights activists?

*Update 2*: I was just informed by a friend that a message from someone called “AnonymousAreLegion” was posted dated February 12, 2013 at 7:16am (UTC-8) over in Ophelia Benson’s comments section saying the following:

While you may not be a “fascist”, you certainly fit the Stazi mentality of censorship and silencing.

You are a liar, hypocrite, bully, and talentless piece of shit. That’s why the ever-increasing pwning of you will continue. You got your ass handed to you in recent YT videos (since mirrrored, so you can forget your censorship and false flagging tactics – you will be defeated), and PZ got utterly humiliated by Noel Plum and Concordance. Bring it on. We have only just begun with you people. There’s going to be more videos, more blogs, more pushback, and more pressure on getting you the fuck away from our community.

We destroyed A-+, we will destroy you and the FreeThoughtBlogs. We will exclude you from our growing community, and we will make sure your reputation is beneath shit.

We are anonymous. We are legion.

Now, it’s hard to know where this came from. Some misguided Men’s Human Rights Activist? I rather doubt it, that’s not our typical style, but I suppose it’s plausible. Equally plausible is that it’s more of the False Threat Narrative that the FTB/skepchick/Atheism+ crowd is so fond of, and one of them posted it themselves. Or it could I suppose actually be from a member of the famous hacker collective known as “Anonymous” although I kinda doubt that, as this isn’t quite their style either. Or it’s some other troll.

That said, let it be known that neither myself nor anyone on the A Voice for Men editorial team supports any efforts to “destroy” FreeThought Blogs, Ophelia Benson, or anyone else with anything except sarcasm. The solution to hate speech is more speech. Indeed, if they’d drop the False Threat Narrative and actually talk to us like real human beings who might just happen to disagree with them on some things, it’s theoretically possible we could shake hands and agree never to argue again or even (what the hell, stranger things have happened) come to friendly terms. That really is up to them. It is an open offer. That said, one way or the other, to be clear, we don’t endorse that message from “AnonymousAreLegion.”

About Dean Esmay

Dean Esmay has written for Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, The Moderate Voice, Honey Badger Brigade, and A Voice for Men. He is a writer and podcaster with Erin Pizzey on domestic violence, Mumia Ali on race issues, and various shows on geek culture. He encourages people to look at issues through the lens of compassion for men who deserve it, and respect for women who deserve it. He is the author of the critically-acclaimed novel Methuselah's Daughter.

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  • Astrokid

    Re: catty psychology, the comments from feminists at
    In Which Feminism Finally Bends Over And Eats Itself From The Ass Up are quite revealing. Keep up the good work, WBB hehe

    1. atheist woman says:
    Unfortunately this is nothing new. Women have always found it fashionable to hate women, as have men. As a woman who is no longer my friend once told me, “I don’t like women, everyone knows they’re just bitches.”
    November 16th, 2008 at 3:26 pm EST

    12. Northwest rain says:
    There was another time that women testified against women — giving evidence that the women on trial were “witches”.
    The records are there — carefully preserved from the witch trails in Europe. I was learning to real historical records in the original handwriting and stumbled across the Scottish witch trial documents. It was chilling to read the stories invented by women against other women. Of course men were also eager to give testimony. These are records of mean gossips trying to eliminate uppity women — or perhaps someone who was just a bit different, a bit odd who didn’t like to conform. Women on women bashing is ancient. Hillary and Palin would have been hung (or worse) back in the middle ages.

    15. coolaunt says:
    US history has the Salem witch trials of the – o h crap! – the 1500s, much smaller scale but similar to the Scottish witch hunts that you describe. And you can bet that some of those women, especially from among those women who were really just girls of, say, 12 to 16 years old, came up with some of their best accusation stories to win the favor of Teh Menz.
    Some things never go out of style.

    16. Violet says:
    Vis-a-vis the witch trials: the thing is, women vs. women is actually the norm in a patriarchy. It’s a feature, not a bug. Feminism attempts to subvert that divide-and-conquer strategy by bringing women together, raising our consciousness of our shared condition, etc., etc.

    17. slythwolf says:
    When you talk about women testifying against each other during the Burning Times, you do also have to recognize that many of those women were giving their testimony to save their own lives after horrible torture. This was not always the case, but it was in many situations.
    I think you may be right about the pressure, Violet.
    It may also be that it’s so ingrained in us to criticize everything women do, that we–you and I–think that what these antifeminist feminists are saying and doing is worse than it actually is. Don’t mistake my meaning; it is egregious. I just think it’s interesting that we feel so much more betrayed when we hear that a woman has used a sexist slur against another woman, than when we hear that a man has beaten and raped a woman. I have said it myself: I would expect this kind of behavior from a man, but for a woman to do that to her sisters…
    But really, it isn’t any different. Men and women both grow up in the patriarchy, are brainwashed from birth in its ways, chief among which is misogyny. Of course women hate women. Hating women is the thing to do.

    • typhonblue

      “Teh Menz.”

      Lovely. “Us versus them” othering of men. Teh Menz are gonna getcha! Teh Menz need to be rounded up! Teh Menz aren’t real people like you and me, sister!

      Insisting women behave like decent human beings is not a “witch hunt.”

      • Legion

        Nonsense. Haven’t you heard? We’re not humans, we’re skinless horrors from the abyss…wait…that’s just me.

        • ikonografer

          uh…stop playing with matches. and feminists. both are bad for your health

    • James C

      They love speculating about those witch trials, good grief, “uppity women” lol.
      Many men were also tried as witches, but I guess they were tried for doing actual harm and not because they were uppity, speculating is fun.
      Most witch trials in Edinburgh didn’t need testimony, they just rolled you down the Royal mile in a barrel with spikes until you confessed.
      It’s interesting when people try to examine history through their modern eyes like that. The bottom of the Royal mile was called “world’s end” because you had to pay a toll to leave the city and most of the peasants couldn’t afford it so they had to spend their days treading through human waste. I’m sure they weren’t just ignorant of the wider world around them and didn’t just rely on superstition as a means to make their lives slightly bearable.
      Although the women had the added bonus of having heels invented for them to elevate them above the muck. Homelessness was illegal (mostly lame men), with prison or death awaiting you as punishment, I think I would rather be tried as a witch and get it over with.

      The best part about their obsession with the witch trials is that the WBB is the witch in this case, and they are the gossiping ones trying to bring her down for being “uppity” and daring to defy them.

      • Wilf

        Speaking of Edinburgh, there was a program on TV a few years ago about the police and CCTV operators working together to combat crime in the city centre. Once incident they showed was a woman attacking another women from behind on Princes Street. It was a really vicious attack and when the police arrived (alerted by the CCTV) they discovered that it was two friends that had fallen out. One of the attending police officers was interviewed after the incident and he stated that women on women violence was the worst kind they had to deal with. He said that men will puff out their chests, act all tough and throw a few punches, and then it is all over. Women on the other hand will intend serious and permanent harm, often targetting the eyes and face. Stilletto heals was also mentioned as a weapon of choice. Things haven’t changed much since the witch burning days.

        • ikonografer

          “Things haven’t changed much since the witch burning days.”<~~ au contraire! matches are more reliable.

      • L. Byron


        a few good facts to be aware of the next time ‘witch-burnings’ is brought up:

      • Astrokid

        I watched the Burning Times last week. The level of crazy was.. interesting. A feminist in the documentary says:
        The scientific revolution (in the 1600s) relied heavily on the techniques of questioning witches in the witch burnings.
        Francis Bacon said we should tease or torture out the secrets of mother earth or mother nature using the techniques and implements of the inquisition

        I did a quick lookup on the Francis Bacon quote, and turns out that there are academic papers on his language and metaphors… and its no surprise that feminists interpreted him to fit their narrative.

    • Kimski

      “I just think it’s interesting that we feel so much more betrayed when we hear that a woman has used a sexist slur against another woman, than when we hear that a man has beaten and raped a woman.”

      So there is something worse than rape after all.
      And wattaya know, it’s not being shot or stabbed, it’s not the killing of your child, it’s not disfigurement of your face, or even being crippled with a blunt instrument.

      It’s another woman stepping out of line and daring to speak her mind.
      Oh, the horror..

      I think I’m having a moment of revelation here.

      /sarcasm off.

  • typhonblue

    “Low-rent Stalinist trash need to be shown what happens when they act like Brown Shirts (or should I say Brown Skirts?).”

    Er… usually nothing?

    • Dean Esmay

      You’re right, usually nothing. Except the times, they are a-changin’, and they’re increasingly exposed to the light of day.

    • Kukla

      Are you implying that they wear skirts!?!?!?!

      That’s so heteronormative and cissexist bullshit! I know plenty of men who wear skirts, it’s just a stereotype created by the patriarchy that makes it seem like women want to wear skirts more than men!

      • Murray Pearson

        Protip: You need more of a lisp there, to get the proper mouth-foaming vibe: “That’th tho heteronormative and thissethitht bullthhit!”

  • Not buying it

    ” hey Ophelia you’re breaking my heart,…”

    Freethought blog my ass, the hypocrisy of these imbecilic,so called progressive free thought supporters is mind boggling.

  • HieronymusBraintree

    Isn’t the real problem here the absurd ease of censoring vloggers on Youtube?

    If you don’t have the right to offend, you don’t have the right to free speech. Period.

    • Ray

      …and I adamantly defend your right to offend me, although you haven’t.

    • Steve_85

      You Americans and your rights. *shakes head*

      I thought most of you would have realised by now that you don’t have rights. Your supposed rights are granted by and ‘enforced’ by the government when it suits them. The second it stops suiting them, they can safely ignore them.

      They gave you your rights, and they can take them away whenever they feel like it. And there’s not a thing you can do about it.

  • Bev

    OT February 14 St Valentines Day.

    A day women like to receive “tokens” of love from men.
    Not content with that feminists are now giving a “token” back to men in the form of an anti woman violence man bashing exercise.

    • Steve_85

      That’s the problem with shaming, I have to care what you think for it to work… I don’t.

      • ikonografer

        dilligaf! excellent! i’m gonna make a tshirt with that now. right the fuck now!

    • Kukla


      I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Feminism is a genetic disorder.

  • Dean Esmay

    Could someone please tell Ophelia Benson to consult a dictionary on the proper pronunciations (plural) of “fascist?”

    Could someone also please tell her that failing to condemn people who censor in your name is tacit endorsement of that censorship? I doubt she’ll get the point, but hey, I could be wrong and maybe the FreeThought Bloggers will actually start to change. “Always give the other party a chance to change,” as a wise man once told me.

    Ophelia: a video doesn’t get pulled “by YouTube” unless there are a chorus of people demanding it be pulled and then it gets done automatically. Your followers are doing this. Take some responsibility like an adult for goodness sakes.

  • Carlos

    I’ve seen a lot of criticism of “Free Thought Blogs” that may indeed be due to a misinterpretation of the intent behind the blog.

    You see there is more than one meaning of the word “free” in the English language. If you are a software developer or work with Open Source much you have probably seen the following two examples of things being “free.”

    “Free as in beer”

    In this context the beer is free because it is being given away at no cost.

    “Free as in speech”

    In this context the speech is free, not because it has no cost associated with it, but rather because it comes with few or no restrictions.

    In Spanish this distinction is easy to make because there are two different words for these ideas (gratis and libre, respectively.)

    To conclude then, I believe many assume that the “free” in “Free Thought” means “free as in speech,” when it could very well mean “free as in beer” as in they do not charge site visitors to read their “thoughts.”

    I should clarify that I have never visited “‘Free’ Thought Blog” and am only conjecturing as to its content and intent, and I have no plans to do so. From everything I’ve read about the site, it’s just not worth the price of admission.

    • Adi

      No. They just forgot to put “from” into the title.

      You should go there and make your own opinion though.

  • Jesper Kristensen

    While I sense some distancing from Legion (let’s just call him that) there is some good advice in what he says. It’s the same problem with moderates that Sam Harris talked about in his book, The End of Faith. Far too many moderates underestimate the religious zeal and absolute devotion to whatever crazy idea they’re zealous about (religion, feminism, …). There is a Warrior Spirit in what Legion writes and there is good reason to face down the enemy with a matching, absolute conviction of our own principles.

    There’s been ENOUGH defeatist self-loathing and doubt among men. No need to perpetuate it further and hint at yet another False Threat narrative – which I sense in the article above. To me Legion was pretty clear on the methods advocated, and they were not threats.

    This is about setting clear boundaries and saying “NO!”. Legion does that.

  • 98abaile

    “Anonymous” isn’t a collective group, individual or organization, it’s just a disposable moniker used by individuals who don’t want to use a distinct identity (which is exactly why that hacker collective uses it). “Anonymous is legion” is just an old slogan/meme of anonymous on 4chan.

  • Paul c

    The description protrayed is of a psychopath and unfortunately, this would be giving a psychopath just what they want. Attention ! Good, bad, they dont care.
    Psychopaths have their minions as long as they are useful, like thoughs of a cult, brainwashed. To be later devalved and discarded when of no further use. The divide and concur is their main tool. See any similarities, Communism ? Feminism ?
    The thing the psychopath hates most is to be ignored. Unfortuantly, this may be playing into their hands. More attention.
    I am in no way qualified to make an assertion that a person is a psychopath, just self education due to extreme close encounters.
    It’s just an opinion.
    BTW, there is no fighting a psychopath.
    It’s always a no win situation.
    Exposing the truth of who they are is their most fightening prospect.