One volunteer away from a false accusers registry

In the comments archmage_lo, just pondered aloud on the idea that a registry for false accusers might be a good idea.

I could not agree more.  In fact, it would seem to be a necessary protection of civil society.  But of course, as almost all false accusers are women, the idea for that registry will not find its way into the rabble rousing rhetoric of your local politicians. That kind of incitement is saved for targeting men.

However, as MRA’s we are used to doing things for ourselves when our society fails us, which is pretty much at every turn.

So with that I am calling on anyone who sees false allegations as a problem to step up and help with some of your time.

Start the AVfM False Accuser Registry.

How this is done is simple. Just gather up a list of proven false accusers of sexual assault, DV, child molestation or any other crime usually prosecuted against men on allegation alone, and send it to me.

The information should include the following.

Accusers name, not the name of their victim

Link to source story.

And, whenever available:

Their picture

Personal information like home address, place of employment, phone numbers, age, date of birth, etc.

Name of prosecutor on the case

The punishment/lack of punishment received

All this will take is one good MRA to step up and pour the foundation on this one. 15-20 would be a good start, and then we can add from there as they come up or as people point to ones we have missed.

If you look in the right column you will see that I have made a special banner for Michael Kimmel and his cohorts in misandry.  I will make a similar sized graphic leading to the registry page.  It will become a permanent and growing part of this website.

Got activism?

  • Victor

    How about Crystal Gail Magnum? Does she make it on to that list Paul? I’m not too sure…. No, I don’t think that would be fair to her. She was suffering from the vagina monologues syndrome at the time.

    PS. For all you misogynists out there who doesn’t believe that there is such a syndrome, well think again. You don’t know how it is to go through life as a woman!

    • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

      She qualifies, but Mangum and none of the others will be on the list till we have one.

  • Pankaj

    I am for this, but I want the name of their victims to be made available upon request (either by the said victim or anyone else submitting an explicit request for a particular accuser should be able to get that list of names). This would make it so easy to track back and prepare for defense if these false accusers strike again.

    • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

      Are you willing to compile the list?

      • Pankaj

        Looking at the comments on this post you already are! But if you need to verify such things based on online sources, .. I will start doing it.

        • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

          We never have enough people doing this. Pitch in, brother.

  • mongo

    Name: Nicola Alison May
    DOB: c. 1966 (aged 41 at court appearance May 3, 2007)
    Address: Papakura, South Auckland
    Phone Number: unknown
    Offence: False Accusation of Rape (has history of five false rape complaints to police)
    Date of offence: 11 April, 2007
    Prosecutor: unknown, but urged judge to impose prison (maximum allowable: 3 months)
    Punishment: $10,000 police reparation, 200 hours community work, 12 months supervision
    Judge: Charles Blackie
    Source: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10437561
    Photo: http://www.nzpaimages.co.nz/events.php?event_id=3869

    Her lawyer suggests a need for a false accusation register: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10444496

    • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

      Excellent find. Thanks.

      Now lets put her pic directly in the thread for easier access later.


  • http://men-factor.blogspot.com ScareCrow

    Stacey Challoner, age 20:

    prosecutor William Donnelly
    punishment: six weeks in jail

    One down, 14 to go?

  • Keyster

    Paul –
    Can the list be in a Helvetica Sans Serif font in a 12 point sizing?
    I think that font presents itself the best.

    Seriously somebody needs to make a pretty grand commitment to do this. It’ll take a lot of leg work. Where to begin? Does one start geographically and work outward? Do you stroll down to the city court house and innundate them with public information requests on trial outcomes for DV, rape, etc.?…AFTER finding target cases? What do you think the best process for gathering this would be; best initial approach?

    I’d do it, but my focus is going to be on new media exploits.

    • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

      I have just gotten an email from someone who will help us by producing a filemaker db for this. We really don’t need that many entries to start. Once it is set up we can use other methods to information gather. So I am not asking for a grand commitment, but one of say, five or six hours work compiling info.

      Right now, one man is converting the radio shows that you produce into video format, you are producing the show, JTO is doing what JTO does pretty much non stop, and we have a few others that chip in some time as well.

      But I do agree with you about the font. :)

  • http://men-factor.blogspot.com ScareCrow

    Tracy Brooks, 26
    No Jail Time served
    Judge David Hodson
    is that two – there are tons, but I have no pics.

    I am drudging through the falserape societies posts – starting from the oldest ones.

    • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

      OK, now we are taking!!

  • http://men-factor.blogspot.com ScareCrow

    Amanda Lang, 21.
    She is the one in the center.
    Sentence – 1 year.
    Judge Julian Hall
    Amjad Malik, prosecuting?

  • http://men-factor.blogspot.com ScareCrow

    Lori Anne Koehler, 37

  • http://men-factor.blogspot.com ScareCrow

    Katherine Clifton, 22
    King County District Court Judge Peter Nault

    “was sentenced to serve 365 days in jail, with 357 days suspended, and to pay a $5,000 fine, with $4,750 suspended, plus other conditions that include probation and community service. Nault also ordered her to pay the professor’s attorney fees.”

  • Josh

    I actually was thinking about starting a website for this when I read the earlier article…I’d be glad to help if anyone wants to collab to do this?

  • http://men-factor.blogspot.com ScareCrow

    Women raped by GHOSTS!??!!!



    • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

      OK, THAT one I had to post. Holy shit!

    • Avenger

      Yes, it’s the old Incubus rape lol

  • http://men-factor.blogspot.com ScareCrow

    Tracy Denise Roberson
    Lied about being raped to her husband – the “rapist” was her secret lover.
    Husband killed the lover.
    She got 20 years for manslaughter.

    • scatmaster

      Cunt. It is a miracle she got twenty years. The judge must have been an MRA.
      Wink. Wink.

  • http://men-factor.blogspot.com ScareCrow

    Toni Marie Williams, 36
    (video link seems not to work for me).
    Runs an illegal prostitution business.
    Makes a rape claim.
    Police find out about her business – and that the claim was false

    Most of the links on the False Rape SOciety are defunked.

    There are many stories that aren’t, but they DO NOT GIVE the NAMES of the ACCUSER.
    And – most have no pictures.

    • Nergal

      “Most of the links on the False Rape SOciety are defunked.”

      I think we can fix that.


      Ok, they are now re-funked.

  • http://men-factor.blogspot.com ScareCrow

    Crystal Snider, 23
    No info on punishment – the link says she will go to trial.

  • http://men-factor.blogspot.com ScareCrow

    Is this pissing everybody off yet?

    Antionette Taylor, 38
    309 Glenwood Drive, Round Lake
    Falsely accused her Teacher of rape:
    link (FRS – link is broken)

    The teacher was suspended and his contract was not renewed for the 2008-09 year, the spokeswoman said.

    Nancy McNerney, CLC’s interim vice president for administrative affairs, declined to comment on the student’s arrest Monday. She also declined to say whether the college will reconsider the teacher’s dismissal.

    • scatmaster


      Maybe in the database where last know address’s are available we could post a link to bing or google map location. Just to let people in the neighborhood know. Of course for informational purposes only.


  • http://men-factor.blogspot.com ScareCrow

    Angela D. Wilburn, 44

    (sorry for the bad pic – it came from the following video)

    officials said they plan to seek restitution for the 100 hours they wasted investigating her fanciful account

    • Tom M

      That’s the pussy pass for ya, again… Equality! Give them the same or more than they tried to dish out to the man. these are society’s worst hardened criminals. Lock them up and throw the key away.

    • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

      Is better, no?


      • Alphabeta Supe

        Is better no.

        This woman’s face is so sour my pistacchio milkshake curdled at 20 paces. I had to stop my own hand from taking my eye out with the straw.

  • http://men-factor.blogspot.com ScareCrow

    Robin Mowery, 38

    Female pedophile caught having sex with minor – FALSELY claims the boy raped her.

    Mowery also received three concurrent 3-1/2- to seven-year sentences that are suspended for good behavior upon completion of the first sentence.

    She was convicted in June on four felony sex assault charges and acquitted on a fifth charge. At the time of the 2006 crimes, Mowery was 35, and the male, a friend of her teenage daughter, was 15.


    Am I trolling here?

    Am I a troll for clogging up this “discussion” forum thingee?

    • Tom M

      Oh, now I feel sorry for this one. She looks all sorry and broken up and like she is already paying in her own mind for her crime – let this one go… We don’t want to hurt this poor fragile thing any more than she’s already torturing herself, now do we? NOT!

  • http://falserapesociety.blogspot.com/ Pierce Harlan

    Don’t forget today’s: A woman has five young men arrested on a false rape claim, and the judge criticizes . . . wait for it . . . the MEN. http://falserapesociety.blogspot.com/2011/05/girl-has-five-men-arrested-on-false.html

    P.S. If a few people divided up the work, they could cull through FRS’s archives and compile a good list of the recent cases. My guess is we are the most comprehensive source over the past three years.

    • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

      Disgusting piece of shit.


  • http://falserapesociety.blogspot.com/ Pierce Harlan

    Scarecrow is going to go blind reading through all those old files all by himself. Somebody help him!

  • scatmaster

    There is not one woman pictured above that could get my dick hard. Not one.

    • http://men-factor.blogspot.com ScareCrow

      Talk to Hillary Clinton, or Momar Quahdafffie.

      I heard they are giving out free Viagra!!!!

      (sorry – bad joke).

  • http://men-factor.blogspot.com ScareCrow

    Gemma Capon, 19


    Capon showed no remorse in court, but on her webpage she recently posted a new motto: ‘Never create hassle, it only comes back to bite you.’


    • Tom M

      Send them ALL to prison to really get what they accused, for LIFE…

  • http://men-factor.blogspot.com ScareCrow

    Judith Ann Lummis, 54
    Assistant Greene County Prosecutor Jill Patterson, who prosecuted the case, said Lummis was articulate and appeared credible.

    Detective Allen Bayer learned in February that Lummis had filed a kidnapping report – later found to be false – in Aurora in 2005 that was similar to the report filed in the Villasana case.

    (This woman has a criminal past that reads like a grocery list – I could not determine if she had any sentencing added due to the false allegation).

  • http://men-factor.blogspot.com ScareCrow

    Pierce Harlan is right – I am now blind.

    Maybe I’ll continue tomorrow?

    I would actually like to maintain a list like this on my own web-site – perhaps call it the “female sex-offenders registry”.

    I wonder – would I get sued for that?

  • archmage_lo

    I don’t have alot of time, but should we make sure Ligia Filler Barrientos is at the top of the list… Just saying…

  • http://AVfM Patrick

    There’s a guy on YouTube that goes on and on about this. It has been awhile since I have been to his channel. I need to go find him, I am sure he can/will cintribute to the list.

    • http://men-factor.blogspot.com ScareCrow P-man


  • archmage_lo
  • archmage_lo
    • archmage_lo


      Forgot the pic. She looks all pretty getting cuffed.

  • archmage_lo

    Emma Bluden

    2 years

    Reading, Berkshire England


  • archmage_lo

    Patricia Margaret Bojorquez

    Former Sheriff’s Deputy
    1 year in custody/5 years probation. The false allegation was a misdemeanor.

    Orange County, California


    • Tom M

      More time please, MUCH more time for the crime!

  • http://freehumanbeing.com/ Free Human Being

    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

    What will the feminazis say.


  • gwallan

    A good compilation is going on here…


    The “teachers” list accounts for fewer than one in ten. Over ninety percent of female molesters are NOT teachers.

  • Tom M

    I guess a false accuser registry for Divorce false abuse allegations would be Much BIGGER yet – you’d end up with 3/4 of all divorced and single mothers on that registry. Men just need to be aware of that fact to know how danger the pool of remarriage prospects is for them.

    Others and I have long though of ways to tackle that one (including a registry of bad lawyers, judges, social workers, etc…).

    When the next guy marries your ex, you make the mistake of warning the dolt what he’s marrying, then your ex really abuses your kids for that, because the idiot guy goes and tells her you warned him, and yep, sure enough, the idiot is divorced from him a year or three later, run through the ringer of her same old entitled sh!t…

    It really IS the responsibility of all guys to be aware of how high the odds are of marrying one of these plentiful beotches, and protect themselves. It is important for THEM to approach her last husband and ask him if she is safe, rather than go in blindly or worse yet, betray him and his kids to the wicked witch if he warns the “next guy.”

  • Adi

    I know someone personally but publishing her identity would draw attention to her victim causing him more distress. It’s done enough harm to his life and career without people digging it up again.
    Our first concern has to remain with the victims and their protection.

    • Adi

      Still, this idea is great and I’m quite optimistic about it.

  • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

    Big thank you’s to Scarecrow and Archmage_lo

    This is a great start, and let me tell you, he of three letters and I have been on the phone scheming tonight, in sinister MRA fashion. A new url has been acquired.

    I will say no more for now except to say that when we are done, you, and a lot of other people, will know it. (evil, evil laugh, twirls mustache, narrows eyes to sinister slits).

    • scatmaster


  • Nergal

    Gemma Mann

    Age 24

    St Clements Way, Bishopdown, Salisbury



    • Nergal
      • scatmaster

        ooh. I love that there is an address attached to that.

        • scatmaster



          I wonder if they know they have a false rape accuser in their neighborhood.

          • Jimmy

            But let’s bear in mind that she may not live there anymore.

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  • WickedVirtue

    I think out of the many false accusations I have read, this one chilled my blood the quickest because of the calculated way she planned to destroy the life of a random young man, with thanks to Mr. Harlan

    Name: Christina Beard (nee heaslet)


    Age: 32

    Below is a copy the news report and her linkedin page, recently changed to remove heaslet from her name. I Wonder why?



  • AvgGuy

    Here is one case where one of these liars was actually sentenced to some jail time.


    BRENTWOOD, New Hampshire- Kristin Ruggiero will spend 7 to 14 years in state prison for what police say was part of a years-long ploy to use the criminal justice system against her ex-husband, who was thrown in jail and nearly lost his career during a bitter divorce.
    Judge Kenneth McHugh said Ruggiero’s attempt to set up her ex-husband and use the legal system as a weapon was unlike any other case he has seen.

    “There’s a lot of people, usually women, who have been subjected to abuse by their significant others,” McHugh said, during Ruggiero’s sentencing yesterday. “As a result of her actions, their cases, their safety, their security has been damaged. The web for this is much greater than what has just happened to Mr. Ruggiero.”

    A jury found that Kristin Ruggiero registered a disposable cell phone under her ex-husband’s name and sent herself a dozen threatening and suicidal text messages. She then reported to East Kingston police in May 2008 that her ex-husband had violated bail conditions tied to a criminal threatening case, which police learned was also fabricated by the 34-year-old mother.

    By portraying herself as a victim, she duped local police and portrayed her ex-husband, Jeffrey Ruggiero, as a violent monster while the couple was going through a contentious divorce in family court, according to prosecutors.

    The couple battled over finances and their 7-year-old daughter.

    While Jeffrey Ruggiero was being investigated, his ex-wife called him at all hours and taunted him over the phone, according to court testimony.

    “She mocked him. She laughed at him. (She said) ‘I took all your money, I took your daughter and now I am going to take your career’,” Assistant County Attorney Jerome Blanchard said in court yesterday.

    …He said Ruggiero’s folly came because claims in criminal court had to be backed up — unlike in family court where she made repeated claims about ex-husband’s behavior.

    “Unfortunately for her, we’re not in family court anymore,” Blanchard said.

    Blanchard argued that Ruggiero continued to try to manipulate the justice system, even after her conviction in May from her jail cell.

    In a series of recorded phone calls from the jail played in court, Ruggiero asked her mother to get a letter from a doctor, which would claim that Ruggiero suffered a form of psychosis stemming from addiction to Adderall and alcohol.

    “I’m going to pull the mental health card, you know what I mean?” Ruggiero says during the call, which was played in court. “It has to be outpatient in the United States and I can live at home.”

    …Before her arrest in September 2008, Ruggiero nearly had the criminal justice and family court system fooled, according to prosecutors. A district court judge convicted Jeffrey Ruggiero of misdemeanor criminal threatening and related charges, but refused to jail him before sentencing.

    That allowed Jeffrey Ruggiero to remain free on bail and return to his job as a petty officer in the U.S. Coast Guard.

    It enraged Kristin Ruggiero so much that she came up with the scheme about receiving a series of threatening and suicidal text messages. Ruggiero was sentenced on 12 counts of falsifying physical evidence, which each carry a potential 3 1/2 to 7-year prison term.

    The case that McHugh repeatedly described as “bizarre” yesterday may not be over.

    Prosecutors revealed during Ruggiero’s sentencing hearing that a new criminal investigation related to her is under way.

    Ruggiero was also ordered to pay $19,000 in restitution to the East Kingston police department, which conducted the investigation.

    • scatmaster

      The judge still manages to blame men however. He should be sanctioned.

  • Stu

    This is something I have brought up many times on MRA sites. Love the idea, and I’d love to contribute. In fact, I think I might start cleaning out the back room and turn it into the false accusations dept.

    What I’d like to see is a searchable database, with fields for everything.

    What’s the word legally on cutting and pasting and copying pics from news articles on the net, or is it advisable just to link? The only problem with linking is eventually those articles will vanish, especially once the feminazi start demanding them gone. We should copy and store pages in pdf format, for future reference even if we can’t.

    This will be a great resource for men once it builds up to huge in size. We could eventually have different types and levels of false accusations……e.g…..proven absolutely false……tall tales that are likely false……rape, domestic voilence etc. We’d have to be careful not to be accused of falsely accusing people of making false allegations…..but that should be easy to avoid by carefully wording the headings for the varous classes of accusations…..and reporting the known reported facts…and letting the readers draw their conclusions. It might be a good idea to host this database in a country that isn’t going to be affected by any take down orders or complaints……..mmmmmmm…….Saudi Arabia sounds good.

    Fuck, I’d like this thing to grow to a full on relationship dating reporting agency. Guys can just type in the name of a woman they are dating…..and get all the info on her. As it grows, it can become just standard procedure for a guy file reports LOL

    Lets make it so these bitches are gong to find it hard to get laid after they have burnt one guy. All they will have left is desperate manginas like Manboobz

  • The Man On The Street

    I am confised here… Isnt this exactly what the FRS does? OR are we looking to create a dbase exclusively rather than a news reporting site as FRS seems to be…

    Or am I just dense…


    • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

      Based on the good work of FRS we are going to kick it up a notch and put together something more like what Stu is addressing above.

      PLUS something extra for them to put in their pipes and smoke.

      • Josh


        Hey I’m interested in working with other people to put together a website for this registry and run it off donations…It’s been a while but I used to do html/css if that is any use. I’d love to do what I can.

  • scatmaster

    chached links would help as well.
    news sites routinely clear out (what they consider) backlog from the past and make no mistake the first thing to go is wimmins acting badly.

  • Steven Frattali

    Absolutely needed. Also other lists as well.

    Many problems. however, stem from economics.

    Support the reinstatement of the 1933 Glass-Steagal Act.

    See LarouchePAC.

  • Gilgamesh

    Emma Marill
    Camberley, UK
    History of false allegations, accused own father of rape (nearly costing him his career), tried to send boyfriend to attack father.
    Sentenced to to 1 year in jail after recanting
    Article source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1361527/False-sex-abuse-allegations-woman-jailed-flase-claim-raped-father.html
    Possible facebook account: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1189153097
    Nice teeth, btw

  • Nemo

    Here’s one:


    And here’s a false police report rather than a rape:


  • AvgGuy

    Danmel Ndonye


    GARDEN CITY, N.Y. (AP) — A prosecutor has decided not to file criminal charges against a Hofstra University freshman who falsely said that she was gang-raped in a dormitory bathroom.

    The prosecutor, District Attorney Kathleen Rice of Nassau County, said on Friday that the freshman, Danmel Ndonye, 18, must undergo mental health treatment and community service in exchange for not being prosecuted.

    Ms. Ndonye, previously described by the prosecutor as ”a deeply troubled woman,” had claimed she was attacked after a dance party at a Long Island nightclub. Four men were arrested and a fifth was being sought when she recanted the story three days after making the charges.

    The turning point in the case came when the woman was confronted with a videotape of the encounter, which indicated the sex had been consensual.

    The four men in custody were released two hours after the woman changed her story.

  • Gilgamesh

    You’d think the women using sex as a weapon wouldn’t be so damn ugly. Unless those are just the ones the get caught.

  • Matt

    The required information regarding accuser will be send to you soon.

    After I became totally disabled in line of duty, my wife had always demanded to break the lease transfer the HUD voucher move to New York to be near her 2 brothers who live in Montreal Canada (actually I found out her motive to marry me in just a few days after we met to obtain US green card and live in America a place within a few miles near her 2 brothers).

    Her next demand was to take my 2 kids to Iran for summer vacation. I am 62 years old with heart disease, lung disease, sleep apnea, Tardive Dyskinesia, 2 ruptured disc in lower back and my left leg has numbness, tingling and pain radiating from my lower back all the way to my L-toes, bi-carpal tunnel syndrome, left cubital tunnel syndrome, asthma, depression, anxiety attack, bleeding ulcers, hemorrhoids, chronic chest pain and almost near dead.

    She has been abusing me physically, verbally, mentally, psychologically and financially for 15 years while I was making good money as General Manager we had no problems at all. Just one year after, I became disabled in line of duty she slashed my face &neck neighbors called police she was arrested and taken to Metro jail, I had to pay to bail her out and attorney fees after she pleaded guilty and sweared in front of Judge and signed statement that she would never mistreat, injure, insult and abuse me again and would take care of disabled husband like a nurse. I also begged the Judge not to send her back to jail because I was disabled and had no one in Mobile, Alabama then Judge reduced her sentence to only one year probation.

    Few years later she attacked me with a toolbox and hit my L-shoulder that permanently disabled my L-shoulder even after total rotator cuff muscle surgery from more than 80% tear, I still can not lay on my L-shoulder for one minute and have been suffering from pain and discomfort since then have not been able to use my left shoulder, L-arm and L-hand to do daily activities.

    In 2008 she fractured my left pinky in several places while she was mad and threw a20lb weight to my finger and has been threatened me to poison me, turned my CPAP off at midnights to suffocate me many times. First I thought there was something wrong with my CPAP machine, I ordered a new CPAP machine, but it was her turning it off nothing was wrong with CPAP machine. After I was not able to meet her demands she threatened to make my life a living hell.

    She has been calling police several times for non sense to establish a fake domestic violence case for me. Finally I survived a fatal car accident in 4/4/11 when someone hit my car hard flipped it over badly and totaled it and I was unconscious for long time with severe pain referred to orthopaedic department and I am still under physicians care and still suffering from that injury with severe pain.

    A few days after my accident she punched me in my achy head for blocking her friend (these Iranian friends of her were interfering in our life always encouraged her to get divorce, get kids custody take them to Iran) number called police that I blocked her friend phone police told her that was personal then she falsely claimed I also pulled her hair police didn’t see any evidence for her claim (I was suffering from pain on my bed that time with neck brace, L-arm brace and back brace and 2 I was hardly could move from bed) she begged police to take her to shelter because she did not want to live with me any longer (ONLY HER DEMANDS WERE NOT MET), but police told her you have several hours to make up and become friendly with you husband and keep your family together and if it didn’t work after 4 pm when your 2 kids come home from school call police and police would take you to a shelter.

    Because I called 911 the same time she called, one police asked me if she hit me I told him physically mentally, financially and for sake of my kids I never wanted her to go back to Metro jail again last time cost me too much to get her out with her criminal record I thought they would keep her in jail for long time (I never intended to harm our relationship or for our kids sake break up the family so remained patient all the time while she was abusing me physically, mentally, psychologically, verbally and financially) put her in jail even if there were hundred opportunities for me to do that. With all my suffering and pain, I spoke to her, begged her for another chance for each other and kids future what she demanded this time a notarized letter from me to break the lease and move to New York and also facilitating her travel to Iran with my kids for the summer vacation which was impossible for me in my present situation.

    After my kids returned from school about 4:30 pm she called police waited outside and took the only car we had in our household and followed the police to a shelter.

    I haven’t seen my dear kids for 45 days their school called many times regarding their tardiness and send me letters that my kids had unexcused absence for days, library books were over due I had to pat to clear them up and I received a letter from HUD section 8 that my voucher was terminated after 14 years illegally based of some false accusation of Domestic Violence and lies that my wife presented them.
    The voucher was offered to me due to my total disability & transferred to my wife due to false allegation of Domestic Violence, lies and her being in shelter.

    I had to borrow some money and hired an attorney to appeal their decision before the HUD informal hearing they never provided any documents for discovery to my attorney no witnesses to be crossed exams basically a police report and few fake pictures part of an arm with a small bruise from several years ago while she was cleaning and moving staff around for Christmas (took a picture of it and saved it for these days) and a picture of foot (supposedly of my wife foot) without any explanations she wasn’t present to be crossed exams either.

    For sure Mobile housing did not follow the Fair Housing Act and HUD rules and regulations in my case at all. Seems like if you are a women they only listen to your lies and false allegations and you are automatically victims in Mobile County.

    Then after 3 weeks, I received a call from police department that my wife pressed charge against me for that day 4/13/2011 she left with my kids. Mobile Police never spoke to me that day regarding any charges of abusing her or any thing else. I never and unabled physically to touch her that day and never abused her in our 16 years of marriage or anybody in my 62 years life.
    I am 62 years old have been living with honor & integrity all these years, my son from ex-wife is a TRUE AMERICAN HERO for serving almost 3 years in Iraq war (unfortunately he was disfranchised from our family simply because his mother (my ex-wife was partially African American) my wife always told my kids they did not need a nigger, S O B brother.

    Even if my son and I had a good father and son relationship prior to new marriage but she never let him visit us “dad, his sister& brother whom he loved so much” or even communicate with him). I paid taxes and voted in each election, worked very hard with 2 Masters and partial PhD education (couldn’t finish my doctoral degree program due to severity of my illnesses and disability) who never bothered any one in my life and have been always a good law obidian citizen of this great country, living with integrity, helping victims all my life and long supporter/member of Amnesty International, ACLU.

    With lots of major illnesses and 100% disability, I am only receiving about $650.00 SSI& SSA which I spent my last dime for kids and her and paid all the bills & other expenses many times I had to borrow money to fulfill my obligations towards my family and never purchased a pair of socks for myself in past 14 years.

    I married her unfortunately while visiting Iran in 1992 without back ground check from her and her family. I was not aware of her motive as she rushed me to marry her in a few days of knowing her was not because she fell in love with me and live as a true partner and wife for me and share happiness and sadness with me, but to come to America and simply for living near her 2 brothers after obtaining US green card.

    She has been a huge consumer of taxpayer money for 15 years, refused to attend school, never worked a minute or earned a penny since I married her and brought her to America from Iran.
    She has been in charge of my EBT card for buying only her favorite food only; she abused $215.00 TANF kid’s money for herself and her family in Iran & Canada as well, by purchasing long distance phone cards to call those 2 countries for many hours per day.

    The DHR officials had tried very hard for several years to send her to school and find her a job but she refused to follow up by giving fake excuses such as headache and depression abusing taxpayers’ money, Medicaid and myself as co-pays for her doctors and medications expenses to reach her ambitious& goals of getting SSI and other Government benefits.
    Lots of medical records of abusing me and government and audio tapes are also available.
    After some research I found out in Iran some women are faker of domestic violence by self inflecting wounds to gain upper hands in divorce, child custody and other government benefits like Food stamps, Housing Voucher, TANF as well as establishing cases based on false allegations, lies and fabrication against their husbands even if they are like myself near dead.
    Please advice me what to do next? Thanks for your time and God Bless America and God Bless You.

  • http://www.manwomanmyth.com/video/ Perseus

    The Rape Trial of the Year: German Weatherman Jörg Kachelmann Found Not Guilty Due to Lack of Evidence

  • Gilgamesh

    Update on possible emma marill facebook: look at this photo and tell me if this is the same girl I posted earlier

  • Albert

    I say it’s time for men to start taking matters into their own hands instead of relying on a lame legal system, a system which continues to fail many men. Police and prosecutors jump at the snap of a finger as soon as they hear the word “rape”, but they drag their feet when it comes to putting women behind bars when they lie. It happens over and over again. Lying to police is a crime, but as far as police and prosecutors are concerned, it’s not a crime if you’re a woman and you lie about rape. Prisons are for criminals, yet plenty of men who have committed no crime are sent there by stupid, careless, incompetent police, prosecutors and judges who like pandering to feminists and women’s groups. men are no longer obligated to support a country that obviously treats them like second class people. If the draft is ever reinstated, men should just give the government the finger. Men shouldn’t continue feeding the hand that bites them.