Princess Syndrome

Meet and Greet Ads

Dating ads. I’ve read a lot of them. Hundreds certainly, maybe thousands. These are ads written by women, presumably with the intent of attracting the interest of a man. Can you guess how many of them were appealing to me? How many of these ads made me think, hey this one sounds pretty good? Not a single one.

Of the thousands of personal ads written by women that I’ve read, how is it that not even one appealed to me? Does this mean I don’t like women? No. That I’m gay, maybe?

No, I like women just fine. In fact, I love women, which makes the total failure of the segment of the female population writing these things even more appalling.

What this means is that personal ads written by women are not actually written with a male reader in mind, or even with a grasp of what a man is. They’re wish fulfillment fantasies, driven by a disproportionate sense of entitlement, and informed by a feminist-based total failure to understand that a man is not simply a woman with outboard plumbing and a moustache.

It’s true that audience of the site is largely male, and that’s okay, but For the remainder of this article I’ll be addressing female readers.  I’m confident a few women outside of MRA circles may see it, and it’s to them I’m writing. I hope the article provides some useful service.

I’m going to address a few of the common fantasies found in women’s personals. We’ll start with the titles, since that’s the first thing anybody browsing such posting will see.

  • Can you be my cuddly baby forever?
  • Looking for my prince charming
  • Goldilocks searching for “just right”

Forever?  Prince Charming? I didn’t make these up. These are actual titles of meet-and-greet ads in the “women seeking men” sections of  major dating sites. I didn’t make up a single one of these lines. They are all copy-pasted straight from those websites, and are in fact quite typical.

Are you a woman who’s written something along these lines? Okay, so you watched a lot of Disney animations as a child and it shaped your view of reality. Maybe you’d like to try on a pair of glass slippers?

The assumptions built into these titles are straight out of children’s fairy tales, and do not reflect reality. Assuming for a moment that your ad connects you to a man you’re compatible with, it simply won’t work. Your stated expectations based on children’s fantasy literature will poison any hope of a successful relationship, princess.

In addition, to most men who live in the real world, a woman entering the conversation with these kind of expectations is utterly unattractive. Men do not like women infected with the crazy.

So, allow me to assist you in your future endeavors to write more cogent and reasonable personal ads. Let’s call it “Manuel’s Manual for Spotting Your Own Bullshit.”

Here are the red flags to look for

The following are all deal breakers. Some of these indicate that an ad was posted by a software robot rather than a human, some indicate that you are simply psychotic.

Going For Walks Along The Beach -

If your ad says this, you might want to verify you are a real person. If you are a real person, and you’ve ever included this phrase in an online ad, kill yourself. Don’t even finish reading this article. Just go.

Not Looking For Sex –

If your ad says this, you’re lying. Stop wasting everybody’s time, including your own. Obvious signs of dishonesty and deception are at the very top of most men’s red-flag list. Not looking for sex? Then don’t post a personal ad, dip-shit.

Personal Ads Formatted as Job Ads -

So you want to structure your potential relationship as if you’re the employer, and men are job applicants. The lucky one you pick is your employee.

Red Flags in Your “requirements”

Over six feet tall -

This is standard boilerplate, and it’s so nice to read. It makes a man really glad you appreciate that he’s more than a slab of meat for your entertainment. It’s especially sweet when the height requirement is accompanied by your self-identification as a BBW, with curves in all the right places.

Why not just say you’re fat and you want a tall man to make you feel smaller and attractive? Honesty goes a long way.

Family Oriented -

This is a great one. What exactly does it mean? If a guy has a family already, I guess he’s family oriented already, and if that’s the case, keep off him. If he’s single, do you imagine he wants to throw away his financial and personal independence to start paying your bills, or better yet, paying for the snotty kids from the last three Prince Charming’s who pushed your thighs apart? For you,  a clue, get one.

Pic for Pic -

This means of course, that you are unwilling to post your picture, but you expect the guy to post his. Better than this is “no pic, no reply”  The absolute requirement that the man responding to your ad include his picture, while you haven’t disclosed your own. One standard for yourself, and another standard for your prospective Prince Charming? Nice.

Speaking of pictures, on some personal sites, when the meet-and-greet contains a picture, it shows an icon in the title indicating to readers that the ad’s author not only wrote something worth reading, but included their photo as well.

In a classified ad for a used car, a reader could reasonably expect an included photo to be a picture of the car. When a reader of a personal ad clicks through to view the text and photo of your personal ad, why are they presented with a clip-art picture of a kitten, a sunset, a bunch of trees, a single cut rose, or anything else other than a picture of you?

Did you include a photo to get more people clicking through to read it? If the picture is not of you, then it’s bait-and-switch. Demonstrations of dishonesty, misdirection and deceptive manipulation are a GREAT way to win trust and love. No, really, starting out with obvious lies really turns guys on. Really.

Women apparently love lists, and this is never more obvious than when reading meet-and-greet ads written by them.

All the qualities you’re looking for:

Over six feet tall,
Family-minded, handsome, charming, romantic, responsible, financially stable, professionally employed, generous, must love dogs and children, must love rollerblading, loves to do dishes,  etc etc.

If men wrote ads like this,they would say :

Looking for a 21 year old smokin-hot-blonde with:

  • double-D cup tits
  • 10 million dollars in the bank
  • sex addiction
  • gourmet cooking skills
  • no kids
  • a love of doing housework
  • no inclination to criticize
  • and has no gag reflex

That’s a deliberately absurd example , but the thing missing from every add I’ve seen, is anything a man might want.

The purpose of a dating ad is to attract the interested attention of available individuals of your preferred sex, right? So, if what you’re looking for is a man, the ad should convey some indication that you, the author of the ad – possess some qualities that this hypothetical man will enjoy. Am I going to fast for you here?

Information about you.

Loves to laugh -

As opposed to women who hate to laugh? Humour is so inefficient isn’t it? And people who love to laugh. They’re special, aren’t they?

Wants to settle down -

Okay, have fun with that. Seriously, this is duck-speak, and what it really means is you’ve partied yourself into middle age, and now you’re looking for somebody to pay your bills, and probably pay for the children of the bad-boys you’ve been fucking for the past 15 years. No thanks.

Looking for Marriage -

This is choice nugget is fodder for a dozen articles itself. Stated succinctly, marriage version 2.0 is a construct affording legal and financial advantage to women, and legal and financial liability to men. What your’e really looking for is a somebody to fund you and do work on your behalf; someone  who you can dispose of at will while retaining a portion of his earnings. There is no wage gap, and men are increasingly alert to the bad bet marriage is for them.

Financially Independent, Wealthy, Generous, Established Professional, etc -

Ladies, there are hundreds of ways to say you’re a whore – but why do it when you’re trying to attract a man? Why do you imagine that you should be paid for your company?

Financially established is a quality I look for when I’m seeking investors in a business, because that’s a fiscally based relationship. Financially established is NOT a criteria for attraction or friendship. If it happens that you are, in actual fact a prostitute – but you’ve posted your ad in a dating site, then you’re misrepresenting your services, and that’s bad business practice.

Speaking of advertisements for prostitutes – women writing dating ads could take a lesson. Whores of the literal “pay me for sex” variety generally know how to compose a compelling advertisement. Also, while their ads tend to use exaggerated language – such as: “best blow-job in town”, they generally have a quality that romantic meet-and-greet adds lack. It’s a quality men find irresistible.


Thank you for your kind attention.

Manuel Dexter; single, not looking.

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  • Dr. F

    This is without any doubt the funniest article I have read here to date.

    MD you ridiculous creature, you just had me wiping tears from my eyes from laughing.

    I thought I had a funny bone but look who I am talking to…

    You might very well be the master here.

  • Merlin

    @Manuel Dexter

    Looking for a 21 year old smokin-hot-blonde with:

    double-D cup tits
    10 million dollars in the bank
    sex addiction
    gourmet cooking skills
    no kids
    a love of doing housework
    no inclination to criticize
    and has no gag reflex

    Fucking Priceless buddy! Lol

    Yeah that’s my list all sorted…ha ha ha Good article Manuel, like it!

    • thehermit

      The missing vocal cords are also important.

    • Benjamin

      Manuel, it’s a great article, but why the sick comment about a 21-year-old?

      It grosses me out that so many women (and men) are trying to make all the men think that they should be glad to accept some old lady, or even one of these 21-yr-olds.

      A 21-yr-old woman is more than half-way through her prime.

      There’s nothing wrong with shopping for a used car, with 60,000 miles on it. It still looks pretty good, and has some really good life in it. Go for it, dude.

      But, if i am going to pay new-car lease rates… I want a girl who is 16. I am going to enjoy every bit of her best years, since she wants every bit of mine. Sure, any relationship could fail to work out… but if I buy in when she’s 21 years old… I’m already guaranteeing that I will fail to get the best relationship she can bring to the table.

      Gubmint laws vary from place to place. But 15 (the Spanish “quincenera”) or 16 (the English “debut”) is the age of a girl you pick to be yours.


  • Rad

    What all those garbage ads translate to is, “I have the vagina.” — with the presumption that this means she has more value than whatever prospective male, due to another presumption that she has prospective control of whether the man in question gets laid or not.

    Of course this is false. Whether or not you are comfortable with ‘hitting and quitting’ it as a man (or “bliss and dimiss” as I call it), it’s helpful to cultivate a belief that the poon is plentiful (as is true, thanks fem-lib), and then this leverage of a woman amounts to jack shit.

    Another way of communicating all these red flags succinctly is: “I am the chooser, you are the pursuer.”.

    Wrong again. As more men red pill, it’s quite the opposite.

    Hopefully one day we can both be pursuers and choosers at the same time, girls.

    • keyster

      This is why the SoCon type women fought so hard against feminism. Losing Vaga Power over the male of the species was not something they were willing to forfeit. They understood it as a natural and controlling force.

    • scatmaster

      I call it pump and dump.

      • mgtow

        Pump and dump
        Hump it and dump it
        Hit it and quit it
        Fuck and chuck
        Hit and run

        • Encyclopedia MRA

          nail and bail

          • scatmaster

            Hope I am not showing my age.

            The 4F’s.

            Find em
            Feel em
            Fuck em
            Forget em.

        • Matthew Lane

          dine and dash

  • ChristianJ.

    One can craft a profile with what information they like and if appropriately obnoxious just sit back as watch them line up. The inbox will flood with applicants and they all compete for your hard earned cash. However, those sites have an over amount of women from thirty onwards, looking for some sucker to do over and it is for that reason we have such wonderful book titles for your education as “Don’t get Screwed while getting laid”..

    Welcome to the “New ” world..

  • Promoman

    I’ve met some of the most fucked up women I’ve ever seen through personal ads.
    Here’s some lowlights:

    1) I met a chick who was 5′ 2″. The downer was that she weighed 180 lbs and she gave herself a 65 lb handicap. She claimed she was hurt playing sports and she told on herself later that she was lying. She asked me what I thought about dating someone less attractive and she then goes on talking about how it was important to her that guys have all their teeth. This coming from a mini Andrea Dworkin.

    2) I met another chick who claimed to be “educated” and a poet. She seemed nice and asked what her favorite genre was and she didn’t know what genre meant. A stuck up cunt to boot as well.

    • Dr. F

      Ok Tough Guy… you want lowlights ?

      Cop this:
      I met this girl in one of those chat on the phone deals. She sounded great and we joked about and had easy banter for about an hour. we both seemed to have what the other person was looking for.

      She gives me her address and when the door was opened by a lovely young thing my heart skipped a beat, “Yesss” I thought, and secretly in my mind I did a corny fist of triumph in the air.

      She opens up the door all the way and says nicely, “there she is”.
      She pointed to a woman sitting on a beanbag on the floor on the other side of the room. Uh oh.

      This woman… my date… was so fat that her arms splayed out like penguin wings and in the silence I swear I could almost hear the beanbag whispering “kill me please”.

      I didn’t look very sexy just standing there looking shocked and frightened ( I was ) so she glared at me and yelped, “WELL ?”
      Yeah “well” alright, I fucked off so fast there was a sonic boom chasing me.

      Another date I went on the girl told me she loved dogs…
      We got on well, had dinner and back to her place for some horizontal roust-about.
      She had this little red dog in the bed. I mean it was in the bed between the sheets.
      Ok now that put me off for sure, but what crowned this night on the head as a forever-memory-moment was the fact that she refused to kick the dog out.
      So in my minds eye when I look back on it I see an attractive girl scowling at me holding a football sized hairy piranha snapping at my cluster.

      Yep, every single word I just said about those two dates is true.

      • Promoman

        Worthy additions. I remember an acquaintance who was more than a little chubby. She was 275 and ate like a fucking man. She lied to a guy online for months and when he showed up to meet her, he was pissed the fuck off. He takes her out of the city and strands her 4 cities away. She calls me and I had to pass her off to shitloads of people to get an idea of where she was so her family could pick her up.

        • Dr. F

          See, now that’s a sad story alright, but you didn’t explain something however.

          When you said her family came to pick her up, did all fifteen of them chip in or did they just use a Bob-Cat to hoist her on to the back of the flatbed ?

          Giggedy giggedy !

          • Promoman

            One person came and I’m assuming that they own an Airbus.

      • silent

        I have a story similar to your dog-lover.

        We met via the internet, and she seemed kinda cool. Convinced her to invite me over, since she was on rebound mwahahahaha

        We met at her place to watch a movie. Settled in on the couch with her yappy-ass dog in between us. The dog was forever licking whatever flesh I had exposed – hand, forearm, leg, you name it.
        Eventually, the dog bounds off to get some food, so I take the opportunity to move in on the owner. The dog barks his ass off like it’s HIS girl or something. Ridiculous.

        We eventually moved on to the bed, and the dog jumps up in the bed with us. I look at her like “WTF?” and she says the dog gets to stay.

        Not one to let a 20 lb weiner dog c-block me, I go in for the prize. This, of course, sets the dog off on a wild barking-spree, but I don’t care. I didn’t spend all this time to just hold hands overnight with some crazy dog lady.

        We start getting busy, and the dog (still in the bed) starts licking my thigh. Seriously, a dog was licking me mid-stroke. Of course I don’t stop, but this was (almost) crossing the line haha. No, the dog never got to my ‘cluster’ as you call it, but seriously, what the hell is it with chics and dogs?

        I poked a ‘dog-lover’ while her dog was licking me

        • Nergal

          “We start getting busy, and the dog (still in the bed) starts licking my thigh. Seriously, a dog was licking me mid-stroke. Of course I don’t stop, but this was (almost) crossing the line haha. No, the dog never got to my ‘cluster’ as you call it, but seriously, what the hell is it with chics and dogs?”

          I love animals.

          I love dogs.

          I’d never lay a finger on one in anger.

          But so help me God, every time I see one of those little bastards I get the urge to put it out of our mutual misery.

          Those little dogs are a mockery of nature and a superficial commercial affront to all that is beautiful and noble in man’s best friend, the canine.

          You don’t repay a creature that would lay down its life for you by making it into a weak, wheezy, ineffectual midget that can’t survive on its own and is in danger of being preyed upon by eagles and owls, some of its own prey in the wild.

  • Wulf

    I would like to meet a good looking blond, brunette, black or redhead 8 to 15 years younger than I – preferably a virgin on the skinny side – no bigger than a 36C with no false parts. She must enjoy washing, drying, ironing clothes, able to cook delicious meals and be a home-body. Additional talents of value would be, sewing and cleaning. At home hobbies such as embroidery, pottery, knitting and playing the harp are a plus. If you have had children, are married, enjoy shopping, or think you know something about politics or philosophy, have a career, money or education – don’t bother contacting me as those are not feminine. I’m not interested in an equal. Loyalty is of utmost importance. As long as you take care of me and I get sex, I’ll take care of you. Otherwise, f#ck off bitch.

    • J3DIforce1

      LOL!!! I used to have a lot of things I looked for in a woman, but after two blue pill marriages ive narrowed it down to simply settling for faithful, and even that is asking for a lot out of a woman lol.

      • keyster

        I eventually settled for just “pleasant to be with”.
        I’ve since discovered even this is an unrealistic expectation.

        You pay, you entertain, you compliment, you agree to everything, never letting your attention waver…and perhaps she’ll gift with access to her vaginal bliss when the mood strikes, or she’s drunk enough.

        • mgtow

          “Pleasant to be with” before marriage does not guarantee “pleasant to be with” after marriage. Too many men have found out the hard way. And they can’t get out. Or won’t get out ‘because of the children’.

          Go your own way.

          • scatmaster


            Where were you eighteen years ago?

  • Jean Valjean

    My ad would read:

    Looking for crazy curly dark brown hair, blue eyes, olive skin. Must be excellent cook, have dual citizenship, cleaning fetish, oral fixation, 5’8″, slender, with tiny waste and firm ass and tits. Trust fund a plus; cock worship and no kids a must.

    Send measurements, estimate of your net worth, and full Monty photo spread and you might get a response email.

    Fatties, feminists, and hypergamists need not apply.

    • keyster

      “Fatties, feminists, and hypergamists need not apply.”

      That alone would eliminate 99% of all single women today, which is exactly WHY they’re single. And beside I doubt any of them would know what hypergamy is anyway.

      Just saying “Feminists need not apply” would be enough to assure you of zero replies, (other than negative). A single woman who admits she’s not a feminist would be a VERY rare find, it not extinct altogether.

      • Perseus

        Unfortunately ‘admonition’ is no reflection of reality. Men have to be Sherlock fucking Holmes these days to even have a shot, and even then…

  • James Cook

    “some indicate that you are simply psychotic.” Heh!

  • Jean Valjean

    Red flags:

    Says she wants a “real man”–any man who doesn’t meet her arbitrary requirements is not a “real man”. You’ll have no idea what those requirements are until its too late.
    Calls herself a princess–entitled skank. Expects you to serve her.
    Someone who knows how to treat a lady– means she’s looking for a supplicant or sugar daddy
    No prison record–is attracted to thugs and criminals and has dated them in the past.
    No losers–This either means no men who make less money than her or she is looking for men who have enough game to fuck her and chuck her.
    Must love his mom–a cliche which means you must be a mama’s boy. If you fail to become her mama’s boy you aren’t a “real man” and are probably a loser.
    Curvy–fat, probably lazy and eats junk food and soda all day. Never seen the inside of a gym. Still thinks she’s better than you.
    Career woman–Devotes most of her time to a job and is probably socially retarded. She will have a hard time relating to men and will often send the wrong signals which results in lots of failed dates and relationships. If she’s over 25 she’s already damaged goods.
    “I put my kids first”–probably a lie. She probably parties like Casey Anthony and whores it up every chance she gets. At any rate, if it is true you will come in behind her kids and herself. This means you are only third or lower in her list of priorities.
    Single Mother (never married)–She’s got at least one baby daddy and she’s looking to tap into your income. Don’t say you weren’t warned.
    Single Mother (divorced)–70% chance she broke her vows because she felt like it. 39% she’s a nagging harpy who drove her husband away. 1% she killed him or he killed himself.
    Age 30+– She’s on the downhill slide. Not too old for making babies but old enough to have banged more people than you ever will.
    Age 40+– At the end of her reproductive viability. If you never want to have kids then this isn’t a problem. If you do want kids look elsewhere. Her risk of having down syndrome children or other birth defects skyrockets at this age and only gets worse.
    Not looking for sex–I’m a dike who wants you to knock me up and pay me money for 20 years. Also, probably has warts and herpes.

    • Promoman

      I’m printing this.

  • MSFM

    Thanks MD.
    Nothing like humor to address the truth.

    The women on these sites are delusional.

    Years ago I did some Internet dating.
    The overall experience was extremely negative.
    Flakes, whiners, liars, spoiled brats, skanks, and psychos.

    One woman who was fairly attractive started acting strange on our first date. Telling odds stories, I mean really odd. She did not like the waitress or hostess; thought they were both “strange” ; read projection.
    Later while talking in her car she grabbed the steering wheel and began yelling because I requested that she stop talking about her ex-husband.
    I promptly got out and walked briskly to my car.

    Another woman after the second date sent me several profane e-mails because I did not make a pass at her.

    Internet dating. No way.
    It’s zoo out there.

    Happy to be single, sane, and free.

    • Jade Michael

      “Another woman after the second date sent me several profane e-mails because I did not make a pass at her.”

      This is an interesting phenomenon. I had a similar experience when I met a woman through a personal ad who stressed “old fashioned” and “gentleman” as a requirement. I was dumped after 2, what I thought were, promising dates. Mind you, this was after a second date at my apt in which we made out and did a bit of mutual above the belt fondling which she initiated.

      The odd thing is when she realized I was hard as rock, she made an excuse to leave. I guess I was supposed to appease her rape fantasy at that point and make her stay by throwing myself on her but there was no fucking way I was going to do that. I guess that is what an “old-fashioned” patriarch does, in her head?? I dunno. She never spoke to me again but told a friend of mine that she thought I was gay because I didn’t come on to her and my apt was clean and organized.

      Stupid, arrogant cunt.

      • Fizzy

        Great story!

      • mgtow

        Yes, yes of course. Only gay men can have a clean and organized apartment. Straight men need a woman to tidy up the place and be his interior decor consultant.

        The conceit of women.

        • scatmaster

          My wife is a pig when he comes to keeping the house clean.
          I am not a neat freak but I could tell you story’s.

      • silent

        Regarding rape fantasy,

        It was only after I found out that almost ALL women have a rape fantasy in one form or another, that I took them off the last remaining collection of rocks that could be construed as a pedestal.

        I almost feel sorry for them, logic just comes naturally to me. It would suck if I had to focus on actively using logic instead of it just being a passive part of thinking.

  • James Cook
  • Eldon

    Fucking riot. Especially like the “I love to laugh” they put in their ads. If they have to list that, they probably never laugh. “Shallow, humourless shit,” is more like it.

  • mideonphish

    Very funny article, definitely one that the ladies might want to memorize.

    Can’t say that I ever bothered to look for women in the newspaper ‘meet & greets’ section myself though.

  • James Cook

    My ideal wife: 99 years old, in a wheelchair, multimillionaire, expecting to die in 24 hours.

    Good for the goose, good for the gander!

    • Mark G

      When I was growing up, I was raised by my single mother (father passed away when I was 6). On the discussion of getting a new spouse, my mother’s standard comment was, “I want to find wealthy man with one foot in the grave so that when he says, ‘I do’, he does” (as in he dies). This coming from a woman when I was growing up being told what a horrible anti-woman world we live in, where women are angels that only think and do good things.

      Another hypocrisy regarding women and dating ads is the request for a picture of the man and descriptions of their ideal man’s physical attributes. What hypocrites because, once again, when I was growing up popular culture informed me that MEN were the sexist ones because there only interested in a woman’s physical attributes.

      • Luek

        I guess you are a survivor of matriarchal misandry?
        It must have been tough being a male child in such a hostile home environment.

      • J3DIforce1

        Woman are the biggest liars when they say looks don’t matter. Men are a 1,000 times less picky than woman, woman will say thats because we will fuck anything which is a comment they use to hide the fac that they are jaded as hell. Its so funny because me and my brother were at wal mart the other day and I seen this mega fat bitch with a skinny guy who wasn’t bad looking. It suddenly occurred to me that this is something I see way to often yet I rarely see it the other way around,I mean think about it…you see fat women with skinny guys all the time but very rarely do I see skinny women with bigger guys. Maybe its just where I live I live I don’t know but it makes you wonder what gender is really the jaded and shallow when comes finding mates.

        • Bombay

          Good observation. The time that a slender gal is with a fat man is when he has money.

          • scatmaster

            The time that a slender gal is with a fat man is when he has money.

            At Walmart???

        • TWR

          This is all explained by evolutionary theory and proofed by DNA paternity testing statistics and most tellingly by DNA analysis which has proven that the current population of humans are descended from TWICE as many women as men. Women are by far the picker ones and focus almost entirely on looks for guys they want to fuck. Yet they are complete hypocrites who cry “objectification” when men do the same (but still aren’t as picky as women).


    My internet date was, as her picture revealed, an attractive, slender, long-haired blonde who described herself as a ‘chameleon’ in her profile. I thought ‘chameleon’ meant she was eclectic in her choice of fashion/food/interests etc. Didn’t bother me and she looked hot and sounded interesting.

    When I met her in the flesh I barely recognized her. The ‘chameleon’ still looked good, but her hair was now short, jet black and she’d obviously had large breast implants. I was surprised, but gave her the benefit of the doubt.

    As the night unfolded, she proceeded to tell me (our first date remember), how she’d tried to kill herself on a couple of occasions and had real problems in relationships. I spent four hours listening to this shit and thinking ‘bunny boiler’.

    I finished the date with a quick kiss and disappeared very hastily into the London night. I realized my heart was pounding – kind of like it would after meeting a tiger that decided not to eat you after all. I thanked my brain for having a louder voice than my dick on this occasion.

    Trust women to turn what should be a fun and convenient way of dating into a crazy-peppered minefield.

    • keyster

      “Trust women to turn what should be a fun and convenient way of dating into a crazy-peppered minefield.”

      So sadly true.

      “Chameleon” is code for some sort of lingering psychosis like BPD or multiple personality disorder, NOT her actual looks. It means she’s prone to intense mood swings typically revolving around her menstrual cycle.

      They reveal so much about themselves upfront if you’re willing to listen through the BIG head. They hide their inner flaws and fears behind a thin cloak of complexity and feminine mystery.

  • !!SPARTA!!

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a REAL MRA…
    I’m 43 years old, 5’4, 270lbs, a virgin, with a short dick…
    I live in my mom’s basement, and might be gay.
    I use pictures of my nephew to bait them, but could never reel them in because feminism made women immune to my patriarchal oppression
    If it wasn’t for them meddling womyn, I might be able to oppress women for sex

    • J3DIforce1

      5 people have no sense of humor…SPARTA, that was fucking funny as shit : ))

  • Dr. F


    The thing that really got me laughing was the bit at the beginning, “Going For Walks Along The Beach “.

    Since about forever this one always stuck out like a bubble-gum coloured glowing baboons’ ass.

    When you go to the beach do you ever see blissful couples who “made it” walking on the beach ? Do they pass you and smile smugly with a “we are in love because we are walking on sand next to a big body of water” look ?

    Why aren’t the damned beaches just crowded with dickheads bumping into each other while they stroll about ? …and where the fuck are they going come to think of it ?

    Ok so you fall in love, and now is the right thing to say, ” hey babe I love you so we have to go to the beach. It’s ok, I booked a spot a week ago because a lot of people are in love these days and it’s getting pretty damned crowded.” ?

    ..and I swear this: If anyone mentions a bloody “roaring fire, a snuggle, a fluffy rug, strawberries and cream and champagne” I am off to Antarctica and am going to wiss in the snow the following words… “Beam me the hell up Scotty !”

    • keyster

      You’re taking fem-speak too literally.
      This is code for, “I expect several romantic “moments” between us before I’ll agree to taking the big one up the middle.”

      In other words, you must demonstrate to her that she’s worth holding out for. Her vagina is being held hostage until she decides to release it for your pleasure. Until then, bow down in subserviance to it’s captor.

    • J3DIforce1

      DUDE! I have seen this comment used in personal ads in the mid west, thats right, THE MID WEST… WHAT FUCKING BEACHES?

      • mgtow

        No sea. No beach. Pond. Catfish.

    • Dr Tara J. Palmatier

      “Candlelit, romantic dinners for two” are on the same par.

      Who cooks the romantic, candlelit dinner for two ir is someone expected to pay for it?

      • scatmaster

        I always paid for it and cooked it.
        When it got to the point of been expected I stopped doing it.
        Hence, eighteen years of marriage. Thirteen years of forced celibacy.

  • Johnny

    “Loves to laugh”

    Now someone PLEASE explain to me why EVERY women’s singles add says that???? They say, “I’m a happy woman with a good sense of humour who loves to laugh and have fun.


    Why are they so obsessed with that particular line? Seriously, I want to understand.

    • Snark

      “I like to have fun.”

      No shit. Who doesn’t like to have fun? Would you like to be any more obscure?

      • keyster

        That’s code for, “You will keep me perpetually entertained if you expect a serious relationship (sexual favor) to ensue.”

        • Johnny

          Yeah that answer kinda works for me…. goes along with the other coded statements like “loves the finer things in life”, “wants to travel”, “can dress up for the finest dinner parties” etc. in other words the man is meant to give me travel, fancy dinner parties, finer things….. and make me smile/laugh/happy/humoured with his financially generous pampering.

          Good answer.

          • Johnny

            The shorter version is: If he pays, she laughs. If she ISN’T laughing and happy, it’s because he hasn’t paid, and he’s denying her her natural good humored personality.

            Seems these women are conflating happiness as a personal genetic disposition, and happiness generated almost entirely by the hard work and generosity of other people (ie. men).

      • Perseus

        Female double-speak for, “In exchange for this overrated vagina, seeking both a court jester and financier of ‘fun’ expensive activities.”

        Even more so, it’s a very telling statement of the fact that females do not bring shit to the table. Beyond the superficial surface of the statement, it and the pervasive reliance upon it, communicate that there is nothing else they have to substitute in its place. They can’t substitute any actual virtues for the trite statement because they do not possess any to offer. In a true sense, its a crutch, an unintended but up front admonition that she is a total liability and a complete net loss upon ‘purchase’. More so than a depreciating asset like a car because there is no value to begin with. Only a life sucking vacuum. Shopping for a female is like shopping for an evil gremlin to haunt and torment you, albeit sometimes after the couple months to where they somehow conclude that they own you and can unleash their true pathological narcissism and entitlement princess selves on you.

        • keyster

          I had a girlfriend once whom I adored.
          I paid for everything all the time.
          One day she said she was going to “treat for a change”.
          What was this “treat”?
          Tickets to see Harry Connick Jr. in concert because…
          …she had a crush on Harry Connick Jr.

          Too make it worse they were the cheap seats, on the lawn up on the hill far away, and Harry Connick Jr. wasn’t that good.

          The ONE TIME she paid…!

          • scatmaster

            Dude, you should have run right then.
            Harry Connick Jr????

            Of course I won’t tell you about the time I took my wife to see Michael Bolton.

            I am so ashamed.

          • Perseus

            That’s one of the few shaming tactics I’ll allow ; )

          • Dr Tara J. Palmatier

            Scatmaster, I’m so sorry, but I just laughed out loud.

            I wouldn’t wish a Michael Bolton concert on anyone.

            It could be worse, there are men on my site and forum who still give their abusive wives butt and foot massages.

            Although, one could argue that Michael Bolton is equally distasteful.

          • Will of The People

            Dr. T.,

            Nothing wrong with massaging your lover’s feet (or butt), if they enjoy it and you enjoy it. I’ve been known to offer a foot rub to my partner, and I see nothing wrong with that. I love her and I know she enjoys it. It’s mutual, though. She doesn’t rub my feet (I don’t enjoy being on the receiving end of it), but she’ll rub my neck when it gets sore, or sometimes just because I like it when she does that.

            That’s what it should be all about, anyway, though. We do these things because we like to see one another smile. It’s not transactional or demanded, just done because we like it.

            And I totally rub her but. She has a nice butt, and I like to touch it XD

          • Will of The People

            …Aaaaand just saw the “abusive” caveat there. Dr. T. is right. Never massage an abusive wife’s feet

    • universe

      Likely indicative of that feelings based spectrum. Sensory. Amuse me. Laughter and joviality adds to or completes the feelings loop. Keep it light and airy.
      However, you don’t want to be to be the endless supplier of wit and entertainment for her particular stamp of approved recreation. Watch her perform as well. If, later on, compatability matters click there may be date #2 and more.

      • Johnny

        “you don’t want to be to be the endless supplier of wit and entertainment for her particular stamp of approved recreation”.

        I wonder if that supposedly natural “happiness” would be absent when not in the company of others. My guess is yes- the happiness isn’t a “me” trait at all…. it relies on an endless supplier of wit and entertainment.

    • Luek

      Expect to hear that same “laugh” when you say, “But you said you were on the pill and not to worry?”

    • Jade Michael

      I think “loves to laugh” is wishful thinking for most women. They put that out there as a marketing tool to compensate for the fact that they don’t know how to fucking laugh. Most of them cling to some form of depressive disorder as defining personality traits. They have so many fucking issues that “loves to laugh” comes to mean “solve all of my problems because I have no control over my own life”. They’re a 50 cent cab ride away from suicide and in order for them to laugh again you will have to pay their bills, be their shrink, read their minds, coddle their depression and then MAYBE they will be able to laugh…at someone else’s pain.

      • keyster

        I bought a screen door repair kit which advertised “Everything You Need” to repair a screen. In the instructions it said “Now tape the screen down…”, no tape was included. Then it said, “use a screwdriver to…” no screwdriver was included.

        If they knew anything about marketing they wouldn’t be single and lonely. If they could possibly present themselves outside of the “feminist narrative”, they’d have a better chance, but they can’t do it. Their egos won’t allow them to.

    • BeijaFlor

      “Loves to laugh (at you!)”

    • externalangst

      Your expected to amuse her and make her laugh. This service will not be returned.

  • James Cook
    • James Cook

      PS, although I revere the valour of all men who fought in stupid WW II, I think that war was totally unnecessary on all sides. I curse FDR for bringing America into that stupid war, and I curse Chamberlain and Churchill for getting Britain into it, and I curse Stalin and Hitler too. I curse them all, ALL heads of state who were all complicit in that stupid war.

      • James Cook

        Off topic, BUT RELEVANT TO MEN’S RIGHTS, here’s a historically truthful depiction of the “Christmas Truce” of 1914:

        THAT is a RED PILL scene!

        Lads, do NOT sacrifice your lives for anyone other than your own selves and your posterity! Do NOT sacrifice yourselves to ANY state or nation or ideology! DO NOT BECOME CANNON FODDER FOR THOSE WHO REGARD YOU AS SLAVES!

        • Dr. F

          Mr James Cook,

          You might find this hard to believe, but I always read your comments very carefully and despite our differences I have always respected you in what I believe is a deeply intelligent man with some remarkably insightful and well thought out posts.

          This is one example.

        • Fizzy

          I accidentally downvoted this and can’t take it back FYI.

          • Dr. F

            That’s quite alright,

            I’ll just have to draw something really mean about you to make it even.

            So there ! …. you beastly beastly woman !

      • Patrice Stanton

        Ditto on FDR & WWII. And here’s a great book (and an easy read) for anyone 12 years+ (we used nearly all of the author’s in our home school) that’ll tell the other/untold-in-government-schools side of the World War II story:

        Video intro to book series:

        p.s. My husband and I met at a singles’ mixer sponsored by the Dallas Observer’s ‘singles ad’ section, though we hadn’t even seen each other’s ads; once we shared copies of out ads with one another we both agreed neither would have met each other’s supposed ‘criteria’.

        p.p.s. I could hardly contain myself at Mr. F’s talking beanbag chair: “Kill me, please…”

  • Jean Valjean

    A lot of women who are on dating sites are there not because they want to meet someone but because they like getting an ego boost from getting emails.

    These women will then go on the forums and complain about all the men and their awkward attempts (losers) to talk to her. She will tell everyone how many emails she gets every day and play the victim. “What do all these men email me!!??”

    We have a name for them. They are called attention whores. They think they are special even though most of the emails are from guys using a shotgun approach to get laid.

    I usually write them back and assure them that when they turn 30 these emails will decline in frequency and by the time they are 40 these emails will likely stop altogether.

    The one thing women hate more than men ogling them is NO men ogling them.

    • Fizzy

      The one thing women hate more than men ogling them is NO men ogling them. <– truth!

  • Sad Dad

    I’ve learned to read between the lines when looking on dating sites, what I’ve found to be true is this. Most woman before middle age had a family at one point or another but, ended up leaving their relationship thinking the grass is greener on the other side of the fence and they soon realize that it isn’t always so. When woman reach their 40’s they are alone and can’t find anyone to commit to them.

    They are desperate, I know lots of woman in this situation and they hate guys for it when in reality it is their own fault. (Who do they blame?) You look at a profile of a woman, chances are the picture is old (very good chance). The second thing I look at is if she’s a liberal, if she is I run. Third, I look at the age range she wants for men. If the age is older than she is she’s looking for a sugar daddy, and if it is lower than her age she’s looking for a bad boy, both of these I run.

    If she says she has curves, about average weight, or a few extra pounds, she’s FAT!!!! I’m still running here. And the thing that pisses me of the most is a woman looking for a man that makes $100,000 or more but she only makes $25,000 herself. Can anybody say gold digger? And before I end this comment.

    I had a date with a woman I talked with for a month before meeting. We met at a restaurant and she was 8 months pregnant!!!! And never said anything to me about it. And woman say men are dishonest!!!!!

    • keyster

      I had that happen to me once.
      It’s as if, “Oh, I didn’t tell you I don’t have a right arm?”

      And yes, you’ll find 95% of single women are liberal (feminists). Not that they understand much about politics, they just heard on TV being liberal is hip and trendy, and that conservatives are jerks. Plus they think Jon Stewart is really cute and Obama is hot.

      Remember being a liberal (feminist), besides being fat, is WHY they’re single.

  • TDOM

    Jeez Dexter you’ve got way too much time on your hands. I used to occasionally glance through the personals when I was single. I never answered a one of them, though. They always seemed to begin with “SWF looking for… (laundry list).” There was never anything in the ad that caught my attention or told me that she had anything to offer so I would assume she had nothing to offer other than desperation and I wanted none of that.


  • keyster

    “Why not just say you’re fat? Honesty goes a long way.”
    It’s referred to as “Rubenesque” Manuel.
    In other words, “I might be fat but hopefully my proportional breast size will make up for it”.

    The problem with lying is that, they’re liars.
    The problem with telling the truth is, it’s the truth.
    For a woman to have to be so desperate that she actually has to advertise means she’s used up all the good will of friends and family that tried to help her. If she’s that undesirable to those in her social sphere, she won’t be worth anymore on the common market.

    Here’s from a website for Escorts (take note ladies):

    Are you a man that has everything and seeks only the very best that life has to offer? Do you want to be pampered and spoiled and not have to deal with the drama, pressure and headaches that come with a traditional relationship?

    I am 100% genuinine in all I deliver, and my picture has been altered, airburshed, or enhanced in any way. I am the girl-next door type with a sharp intellectual side and mischievous inclination for spontaneity. I am always impeccably groomed and elegantly dressed from head to toe. I am educated, articulate and genuinely interested in spending time and going the extra mile to make you happy, keep you pleased and pleasured.

    I focus on quality instead of quantity and my selectivity is a reflection of the exceptional experience I am able to provide as a result. My rates reflect this:

    1 hour: $400

    2 hours: $600

    3 hours: $800

    4 hours: $1000


    She doesn’t lie and she’s was worth every penny.
    THIS is your competition in the market of men.

    1) Lose some weight – Have some self-control and stop eating so much.
    2) Drop the surly entitled attitude – You’re not that fantastic.
    3) Educate yourself – Learn to talk intelligibly about things that interest men.
    4) Stop complaining – About everything, life is actually pretty good.
    5) I’m not the enemy – This is not a competition where you feel compelled to “win”.

    There’s a HUGE supply of 40-60 yr old, fat, single moms with an inflated sense of self-worth, and very small demand. Differentiate yourself. You don’t have to be a whore to learn something from the pros. Heaven forbid you might defy the “empowerment” that feminists have worked so hard for….
    …by inferring you actually “know how to please a man”.

    • Dr. F


      Six posts in 49 minutes. Mate you are on fire.
      Every single one of your posts a nail clocked in the head.

      I see you there in my minds eye just using the keyboard like Hendrix twanging away on his Fenster like no tomorrow.

      Consider this post my thumbs o’ green for all your wonderful flurry just now. :)

      • keyster

        Thanks F.
        As a guitarist, I understand the genius behind Henrix’s ability.
        It’s was in the nuance of every note he played, if you know how to listen for it. He’s still the best there ever was.

    • scatmaster

      Hey keyster, what is the link?
      For educational purposes only of course.

      • keyster

        The pros have ultimate female GAME.
        If more women were smart (they’re not), they’d research the competition a little bit to see what they’re missing. And NO, it’s not just physical skills, they KNOW HOW TO TREAT A MAN! They’re smart, pleasant and know just how to make a man feel like a man…the path to his desire and arousal Get it? Sadly these are the only REAL women I know.

        • scatmaster


  • Chester

    My favorite is “want a man who loves to travel” well, who in the F doesn’t like travel? I know I do. I have just enough money to cart MYSELF around the planet. Not bucks coming out of my ears to drop thousands on bringing a woman….which is the gist of their stated “man requirement”….not once have I stumbled across one of these skanks…willing to pay her own way.

    • Perseus

      Much less pay your way. I mean, if they’re going to bring it up, isn’t that sort of like an invitation to treat you to travel? Otherwise what’s the point in bringing up random shit like that?

  • Sad Dad

    You know another thing I hear a lot. My Dr told me I had to lose weight because my tri’s are way to high, so I knuckled down and started eating right (no junk) and I dropped 10 pounds in 3 weeks just from that alone. All the woman in my work place tell me it’s easier for men to loose weight than it is for woman. I say bullsh*t!!!!! It’s because some woman have no self control and have trouble dedicating themselves to a diet that doesn’t include chocolate. Just my thoughts

    • keyster

      “It’s because some woman have no self control and have trouble dedicating themselves to a diet…”

      The other key aspect to why women are fatter is that being female is a “social contruct” and they should be able to eat as much as a man and not worry about weight.

      Much like in “slut culture”, women should be able to drink just as much as a man and not have to worry about getting anymore drunk, just BECAUSE they’re female.

      This is why you’ll see so many obese lesbians, insisting on eating “like a man”, even though biologically they still process food like women.

      It’s defiance of patriarchy. They HATE the fact that men can eat what they want, drink what they want, piss while standing up, not have to worry about hemorrhaging blood once a month and so on. It’s all part of it.

      Why should MEN have it so easy?
      It’s not fair!

      • Perseus

        This is very insightful and TRUE.

        The lesbian feminist EEKWALITIE double-speak is THE GREAT SATAN. The backlash and retribution against this insult to MEN can NEVER go far enough.

  • Trust

    Looking for a deaf, mute nymphomaniac. Bonus if she owns a liquor store.

    • Snark

      Why deaf?

      She needs to be able to hear instructions if she’s going to follow them.


      • keith

        leave notes

  • Bombay

    I copied this from an article I read and have it on my calender to remind me:

    Here is a list of attributes females say they want, and why they really want it.

    Brains = do the hard thinking for them
    brawn = do the heavy lifting for them
    money = do the big spending for them
    funny = entertain them
    sensitive – emotional support

    • keyster

      Wherever there’s money there’s beautiful young women.
      Whether it be at a pub off Wall Street or a cafe at Sunset and Vine or a club in Miami Beach.

      Wherever there’s handsome, virile young men there’s a gay bar scene.

      Funny how that works…

    • Perseus

      Absolutely nails it Bombay. Says everything in such a confined amount of space.

    • Perseus

      The ‘sensitive’ one I find particularly fascinating. It is exemplary female supremacist narcissist double-speak. Dwell on ‘sensitive’ for a moment, in the way it is used by females vomiting about what they’re looking for in a ‘man’. Sensitive, huh? WTF do you think they mean by sensitive? The first definition of ‘sensitive’ would be “one who is delicate, easily irritated or affected by external stimuli.” Does this sound like something females would celebrate in men? Naw. So the next definition down the road would be “responsive to or aware of feelings, moods, reactions of others.” Ah, now we see, as expected, it’s ALL ABOUT HER. You think she plans on being sensitive to the feelings, moods or reactions of him? Hell no. Sensitive to HER. It’s a one way thing.

      In fact, not only does she intend to give a flying fuck about his feelings, moods, reactions, but she expects him not to have any of those to begin with. Yes, in the age of the metrosexual and liberation, men are afforded NO liberation in realtionships. He still better work his ass off and earn more than her, but now the new and improved version of feminist relating says he has to add more burden to that load. Now while being brute and shrewd enough to be successful competing in the world of work, he is also somehow supposed to be schizophrenic and flip a switch to be ‘sensitive’ to her infinite hurricane of meandering feewings. 1) what sociopath has such an inflated sense of themselves as to expect this, and 2) she is not fucking worth it.

      Yeay, score one more for eekwalitie.

      So yes, ‘sensitive’ does in fact mean ‘emotional ass wipe’.

  • Wilson

    You have to realize what you are dealing with when you read the women’s personal ads.

    1st: She has spent her entire life dreaming of the perfect man for her w/o ever once considering the fact that he may have wants and desires separate from her of his own.

    2nd: She’s had her ass kissed by males from the instant she began dating.

    3rd: When a man doesn’t kiss her ass she has nothing for him and when a man does kiss her ass the relationship only lasts as long as the length of the man’s shaft and the depth of his wallet. <– She doesn't realize that this is HER failure in life. Basically… she's a self-serving leach in denial.

    4th: She loves her children yet is incapable of honoring their point of origin… their father.

    5th: She is completely incapable of possessing the knowledge that good men choose their mates for biological reasons that are not much different in origin than her own. Outside of a nice rack and ass, men want women who are nurturers. Modernized women believe they can give up the duty of nurturing their children and caring for their husbands on a whim yet expect all the traditions for which men are responsible without ramification. When you think about it, every female creature in the world performs their maternal responsibilities (as it is designed to do) better than Americanized women today.

    Don't fret about it fellas. It is not your fault or responsibility to correct. This is something women will have to figure out for themselves. The ONLY way women will turn around is to lose something they cannot live without… the attention of men. We need to convince as many single man (of all ages) as we can to simple take a one or two year sabbatical from women then shout our reason for doing so from the rooftops. No dick, no money, and no attention will starve 'em strait!

    • Perseus


    • Encyclopedia MRA

      two thumbs up on this one! This type of sabbatical is like iron ‘fisted’ kryptonite and should be taught to all boys, this style of conscientious objection can be applied to virtually any kind of situation when being fucked over. Other males would naturally support reasonable boycotts resulting in a natural form of regulation. Obviously Mangina’s & White Knighting would be shunned and would eventually faze out. People (Men) need to realize their power, and the power in unity. Strike biatches.

    • mideonphish

      Hear, Hear, Very well said, I cant agree with you more on this one.

  • scatmaster

    The best girlfriend a man can have.

    Allow me to introduce you to Jill.

    • Dr. F

      Did you make that up Scatters ?

      That’s pretty funny.

      • scatmaster

        Sorry good Doctor. I am not as talented as you are.

        I can search the web for the funnies however.

  • BobbyL

    Gotta love the 40 somethings who put up their high school graduation photo. Of course she’s gained “a few pounds” since then. RUN!!

  • Mark

    Online dating in such a waste of time. Most of the women on there have some serious entitlement issues. If you want to see some real misandry, check out the forums on the Plenty of Fish site. It’s frequented by women who call men “whiners” and telling them to “man up” for complaining about the quality of women on that site and how much time and effort men have to put into online dating just to get someone to respond to them. It’s also run by mangina moderators who will delete your posts if you have the slightest negative thing to say about women. Here are some examples of what I’m talking about :

    • Poester99

      Plentyofshit it looks like.

    • Poester99

      Apparently AfOR has a “system”…

  • Denis

    I agree with most criticisms of online dating, however it is still better than the alternative of bar-dating and facebook. There’s no such thing as the perfect woman, but most of the middle aged women are desperate for their perfect man, yet have over inflated egos due to offers for sex.

    Lots of red flags, great advice, but IMO, even if you’re looking for the 1 in a 100 or 1 in 1000 then it’s a very efficient method to separate the wheat from the chaff. Most women have the common complaints of men with no job, no home, no car and only after sex. I think that’s fair commentary as I have similar complaints of women with no job, no home, no car, boring in bed and only after money.

    It’s all about negotiation and reciprocity. Keep it simple, spot the red flags early and move on.

    My profile says that I like friends first and nerdy girls. Dislikes are princesses.

    • keyster

      “…separate the wheat from the chaff…”

      All there seems to be is chaff.
      But then my cunt-o-meter is always set to sensitive.

      Just “pleasant” is too much to ask.
      As soon as they try to drag me into some self-imposed drama about some trivial matter, I run. As soon as they make a negative comment about men (this happens sooner and more often) I run.

      Pussy vs. peace and solitude….
      I’ve had both.
      I choose the latter.

      They’re not that interesting and they’re not nice people to be with.
      After the vaga-goggles come off that’s what I see.
      And for this I have to keep them entertained and pay double for everything?
      It’s a weak value proposition. This is why hookers are a few hundred bucks, MINUS the time invested and the tedious chit-chat..

      • Denis

        Women sure do like to complain, that’s why I usually respond with the reverse gender equivalent. If she gets offended and acts like bitch then I move on. If she understands and accepts my perspective then that’s good.

        For sex, prostitutes are an option and less of an investment in time. Yet, the idea of paying women for sex still disturbs me.

        • Perseus

          May I suggest before moving on, indulge in some richly warranted retaliation slamming her with, “Chauvinist bitch, can’t handle a strong MAN can you? Your frail little ego can’t handle all this EEKWALITIE up in here, psycho!”

          And make sure you stick her with the bill, her neanderthal behavior has earned it.

        • keyster

          “Yet, the idea of paying women for sex still disturbs me.”

          Then your only other option is no sex at all, because there’s not a woman alive that’ll just give it away for free. They’re conditioned to exact a price for it. This used to be called marriage. Now it’s an exchange for bountiful entertainment at your expense, and EVEN THEN there are no guarantees.

          I prefer to eliminate the middle man and buy direct from the factory. No fuss, no muss and guaranteed to satisfy.

        • Encyclopedia MRA

          Either way you gotta pay

  • Terry

    Nailed it! Could not have written a better article myself.

  • breakthematrix

    Brilliant article! This is exactly why I skip over the women seeking men section and head straight to the escorts/adult entertainment section. Honesty does in fact go a long way.

  • Dr Tara J. Palmatier

    Another red flag:

    “I’m a very special woman who enjoys the finer things in life.”


    “I’m a HMW (High-Maintenance Woman or Hide Money & Wallet).”

    This is especially a deal-breaker if Pwecious Pwincess earns very little money or doesn’t list her income. It means she expects YOU to pay for the finer things that she enjoys so very much.

    I’d also avoid women who proudly declare they’re like any of the 4 female leads from “Sex and the City.”

    “Must love my friends as much as I do” is another crimson flag. It means you’ll become the mascot for her unhappy, man-hating single friends while she trots you out in front of them to show how much better she is than her friends because she has a lackey.

    “Must understand that my kids come first.” Attention single dads, typically, a woman who writes this will expect you to put her and her kids ahead of your own. Just try responding with, “I understand because my kids come first, too.” She won’t like that.

    “Looking for a gentleman” means a man who always picks up the tab.

    Also avoid women who brag about how they remained friends with all of their exes. Most people break up and move on. Predatory women like to keep their exes in the cupboard for a rainy day.

    • keyster

      Jesus H. Dr T.!
      You mean to say based on your professional opinion, most of what we’re sharing here is probably true on a broad scale? We’re not just a few frustrated blokes that had some bad experiences? That there are plenty of reasonable, rational single adult women out there, we just haven’t met them yet?

      Cause I’m tellin ya Doc, it’s scant pickins out there in chickville, if emotional stability and maturity is a prerequisite.

      • Dr Tara J. Palmatier

        Hi Keyster,

        From what I’ve observed of internet datingads, these are fairly accurate code phrases. It’s not just unique to females, men have their own internet dating ad foibles, too. I actually wrote 2 unpublished books about internet dating from my experience of it in the late 90s-early 2000s.

        I’ve had men tell me stories about women keeping the fact they have children a secret — btw, this is a huge, honking red flag.

        One guy met a 50-something woman who used her 20-something daughter’s photo for her profile pic. When the man confronted her about the fact she looked nothing like her photo when he met her in person, she confessed she used her daughter’s photo because, and I quote, “Everyone tells us we look like identical twins!”

        The man said goodbye and stood up to leave. When the woman became indignant, he called her out on her crazy BS.

        One of the biggest red flags, found in profiles of both men ad women, are the ones who post profile photos of themselves with an ex in which they’ve either blacked out or cut out the ex’s face and scanned the photo.

        Then there’s the red flag who play games about scheduling a phone call or meeting in person.

        Latest stats show people are using sites like Match et al less and less with the advent of FB and other social networking sites.

        I could and should write a book about the dangers of FB dating and mating. FB is now attributed as the catalyst of almost 20% of US marriages.

        It’s a jungle out there.

        • robert lynch

          Would love to read the book. Given your posts on your websites I’m sure it would be interesting and engaging.

        • keyster

          “I see red flags.”
          (“I see dead people”)

          People are an open book if you get passed the liner notes.

    • BobbyL

      Well said Dr. Tara. My take on it below.

      She: Have you seen eat, pray, love? I just love that movie!
      Me: Check please!!

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  • J.G. te Molder

    Do we really want to teach these psychos how to better hide their psychopathy?

    • J3DIforce1

      Thats the beauty of it… woman who make these adds are insanely insistent that what they are posting is how its done, that they can read these comments til they are blue in the face and they will still insist we don’t know what the fuck we are talking about. Trust me, this info will fly way over their heads even though its in your face information.

  • chris

    These ads are infuriating and every man should go read a bunch of them.

    I love the cyber chastity belt…”just friends first” or “not lookin to hook up”…or “if you are just here to get laid then move on”…..the thing is, can they not wear this crap on their cyber sleeve? What the hell? Seriously, it assumess the worst, and it appeals GREATLY to white knight manginas because their entire life is one big “Im not like other guys”…these women saying this are BEGGING for game, the mangina game that every man played in his teens….OH Bambi, really im not like the other boys, now scoochie over and raise up so i can pull those down…oh no no no, its not all i want you can stop anytime…those other guys are after one thing…oh now reach in here while we talk….its talk I want to do ….

    Or the other is “I have 2 kids and they are my world and will always be first place….well alrighty then, NEXT!

    Can dress up in evening wear or equally comfortable in jeans at a BBQ….huh? who the hell cares really.

    Nights out OR cuddling on the couch with a movie, sheesh yep that just about every mans dream….a bottle of chilled foo foo, and a banal chick flick, your head and neck craned at an angle only found in building jumpers on the street.

    • Perseus

      “Can dress up in evening wear or equally comfortable in jeans at a BBQ….huh? who the hell cares really.”


      Who the hell does care? Can you ‘take me places’ any more subtly?

  • Dr. F

    @ Anyone with a stronger stomach than me,

    “beti the EXTREMELY PROUD feminist” has just farted twice on our site.

    Yes, she left skid marks as she slid down the page here: o

    I won’t touch this one as my gas-mask is still at the repair shop.

    Uuuugghh !

  • TheOrangeOne

    Quite gladly, I don’t need online ads to make lifelong decisions for me. To those that do, please seek therapy for being such a sucker to everything around you. You’ll need it long before getting into massive lifelong debt for a dozen different reasons.

    As a celibate, an anti-legal marriage advocate, and a supporter of self-responsible financial independence, I am simply looking for some varied female companionship (I simply like close and diverse friends). I wonder how many hours a woman would last in keeping up her social facade of still wanting to be with me when I smack that hammer of truth down on her face after a few social outings (which she would think of as dates).

    Even better, have that same situation and add where I’d be some super-rich handsome bastard with a witty direct badboy personality while saying it, with a smile. I would pay hundreds to see her face pictured at that very moment, as we all find out how much of a whore, gold digger, and a baiting bitch she really is.

    And God help me if she was also a feminist who went by the code of being an “independent woman”, while I left her with the bill to her food in some big fancy restaurant that she assumed I’d be treating her out to. Right after the hammer down too! I’d be crying so hard with so many tears of pure laughter afterward that I’d be in danger of dying.

  • D.Mahan


  • rebtus

    This gal probably could use a pen pal. After being married five times by the age of 30, she is serving life in prison for having lured her ex-husband (and the father of her child) to be killed by her next husband. She had an affir with anoter man and told her story and later with another man and he reported it to police.
    The Temptation of Tausha Fields – 48 Hours – CBS News – CachedAdd to iGoogle- Block all results
    Not helpful? You can block results when you’re signed in to
    Jan 22, 2011 – 48 Hours on CBS News: The Temptation of Tausha Fields – An alluring woman who could charm anyone into doing anything… even murder?

    • Perseus

  • SingleDad

    IMO as you get older you really start to understand women from the personal ads. Every post here I find is true, but none go far enough.

    Women really don’t want men any more. They want sex, occasionally. Looking at the ages of men they’re seeking tells you everything you need to know.

    Remember, I’m speaking about Los Angeles, a special place. Special in that it is the Spear Head of the feminist movement.

    It is a place where attractive women from all over the country come to make money from they’re looks.

    These women have stronger sex drives than most women. It’s like going to a Daytona 500 race, you find men who like to drive more. Women in LA make a living from they’re sex drive, more so than most.

    Here women have also taken to thinking like the talking heads and shows (and writers, forced or hired to be feminist indoctrination masters) tell them too.

    So, here the personal ads reflect how women think in a more unfiltered way, women are unfettered in their feminism.

    Here women under the age of 45 all say they want men who are 35 and under, just like men desire, although men won’t say it anymore.

    As a guy, this “honesty” by women allows one to guage the sex drive of women as it wanes from 28 onward.

    By 35 it’s nearly gone. By 40 it’s replaced by a desire for free meals (fine dining). After this if you read the profiles your left with the understanding you have an aging debutante waiting for her “close up, Mr. DeMile”.

    If you don’t want to spend the last days stoking the ego of a haggard lizard, I mean you 39 year old Cameron Diaz, or aging best buddy who couldn’t make macaroni and cheese if you were both dying of starvation on an Island made of Kraft products, I mean you Jennifer Aniston, (40 something current female archtypes) or worse…a single mom, the Nadia Sulemon’s who hate their children, you date because you feel sorry for the kids, then you take their broode to the theraist while she plans how to divey up your stuff after she moves it out without even telling you she was leaving, 3 years after the wedding (it happened to my accountant and….one of my best friends).

    So, I don’t date, what am I missing???

    It’s a good thing there are jobs here. If it wasn’t for my now two good paying jobs, I would be living near my extended family.

    If I could meet a good woman would I get involved? Probably. I’ve stopped looking, I’ve looked near, far, across the country, that’s where I met my last long term relationship, internationally, bad idea.

    The well has been fouled. The feminist indoctrination has been complete.

    Maybe people are really sheeple and love group think.

    For whatever reason, I think the conformaty in the internet is just that. They’re saying exactly what Cosmo and thier friends say to say. They also read other women’s profiles. The last thing they want to do is stand out. Or worse, miss out. They’re very catty and competative, our fragrent virginal flowers.

    By the way, I’ve tracked the interest women have in children, not just their children, and it’s taken a nose dive. Breeders who don’t like children are as attractive as a cow who hates milk. And they wonder why they get treated like meat.

    Remember: Thomas Ball’s immolation, he gave his life for your children.

  • SingleDad

    @ Dr. T

    I’m so glad you don’t think that personality disorders are causing this group delusion among ever growing number of single women in the dating pool in the US.

    I think it’s telling that “personality disorder” is a term that is difficult to define, professionally. I have really researched the matter and found no real explanation for “personality” as we use it. It is a vague and unscientific term in my experience.

    Like gluttenous or generous, loose terms used to judge people or explain behavior in times past, it is my opinion that “personality disorder” will, in the future, be seen as a waste basket term used to just describe people we’re uncomforable critisizing.

    The term personality disorder is being used to describe selfish a@@hole ex girlfriends and….Casey Anthony, a homocidal maniac.

    That such divergent individuals can be described with the same “psychopathey” calls into question the terminology IMO.

    With regard to what you wrote, I whole heartedly agree. Every word a woman writes is code for something most men would see as nefarious and wholey unattractive.

    It seems our ever more shrinking violets over estimate the male ability to over look everything for some sex. And that a steady diet of feminist ideology for 4 generations has caused a cultural divide between men and women larger that the divide between two other neighbors, the US and Mexico, IMO.

    Remember: Thomas Ball’s immolation, he gave his life for your children.

    • Dr Tara J. Palmatier

      @ Single Dad

      I wrote as much last year re: the diagnosis of personality disorder is in many ways psychiatric jargon for “person of poor character” and was lambasted and cyber-harassed/cyber-bullied by a group of self-identified borderlines and mental health nurses.

      It’s highly doubtful if one can effectively treat “poor character” with psychotherapy or psychopharm. In my opinion, the best “treatment” of poor character is REAL LIFE CONSEQUENCES. Unfortunately, society presently seems determined to shield women from experiencing any consequences for having poor character or just plain old-fashioned bad judgment. In fact, it seems like society REWARDS women for bad character and bad choices.

      • Perseus

        For which the ‘feminists’ can NEVER be forgiven:

        Poor MALE behavior = Bad, Evil Character Deserving of Punishment

        Poor FEMALE behavior = ‘Victim’ of Personality Disorder warranting Psychoanalysis and ‘Support’

        Feminists = Ku Klux Klan

      • keyster

        A “person of poor character” is one who sees themselves as something other than who they really are and how others perceive them. Not being honest with themselves manifests itself into a pattern of overall dishonesty with others. It’s a high functioning psychosis.

        The modern female’s bloated sense of self-worth comes from male attention/chivalry and feminist propaganda. Humility is weakness and feminine, not just in beauty, but now in every other facet of her life.

        And if you expose her to herself in anyway, you will know her wrath and scorn for as long as you know her.

  • by_the_sword

    If you go fishing in a cesspool, you will likely catch a turd.

  • keyster

    The ideal personal ad:

    Looking for a guy to spend some time with and maybe even fulltime companionship.
    I’m NOT a feminist in anyway and I actually LIKE men.
    However I do believe in equality, so it’s a 50/50 dutch arrangement all the way.
    You pay, I’ll get the next one, etc.

    I’m conservative in my politics and I like to go places and do things. I like to stay active, outdoors. I’m a decent cook and I know how and enjoy making a man feel like a man. Expect to be pampered, but expect to pamper in return. I’m not gorgeous, but I’m not a dog either. I don’t like to argue and I don’t keep score on who has the power in the realtionship, but if you don’t take it I will.

    • Perseus

      Wow keyster, I think you just settled the whole thing right here.

    • J3DIforce1


      • J3DIforce1

        Dude I can’t wait to get my new glasses next week LOL I am on a horrible mis spelling spree. probably the one thing ol fat sweaty beti was right about lol. I can’t fucking see two inches in front of my face.

  • ScareCrow

    Normally, I do not like your articles Manuel Dexter.

    However; I give you an A+++++ for this one.

    In fact, It inspired me – tonight, I am going to browse stupid or cupid or whatever its called (again), and browse through them with this article in mind – It’ll give me a good laugh.

    Thanks for writing this.

  • SingleDad

    When researching women by internet date sites, and was taught by a data analysis expert for, and I’m dating myself, Great Expecations, pre-internet dating…lol… he said you could learn everything from the numbers.

    Look at the questions then do some sociology research. How many women have children, how many don’t know if they have children? How many are looking for a man with more money than them, how many with less.

    FYI for anyone serious about internet dating the fellow told me one piece of advice, if a woman signs up and is half way decent she’s gone in two weeks. After two weeks they get jaded and “dated” out.

    Look for women who just signed up.

    Warning: Dating the Ameriskank can be harmful to your health and will be harmful to your bank account.

    Remember: Thomas Ball’s immolation, he gave his life for your children.

  • Esto_Vir

    haha, saw this one today:

    I desperatly need a home, let me know i can be your live- in maid cook, assitant. Im latina 5″2, 130 lbs, light skin.i live w my boyfriend but he just takes advantage of me, and i think is time to move on. I have a broken heart due to my boyfriends behaviors, but im a good person, kind and honest, i dont have a phone because he disconnected it, but u can contact me throgh email…… I just want to live in peace, I been abused so many times that i dont believe in relationships no more. if you have the way to help me, make this happen please, my name is Ericka and im christian but not active. im going through very rough times but i believe God will make my way out of here where im not appreciated, and called names , Im a very descent woman, i dont do drugs, i have no kids just me and my clothes all i have , no family. so if you can help me, i will help you w your life too. Thank you

    • Promoman

      This bitch is obviously hot in the ass and looking to become wayward pussy. Woe unto whoever answers her ad.