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Lies, damned lies and the video game press

Social Justice Warriors have destroyed the video game press. A schism is needed. So says Sargon of Akkad

From the video description:

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  • Razedbywolvs

    With the shear amount of anti-propaganda videos that the Gamer culture has put out im really surprised that they still get so much opposition.

  • Stu

    The inclusion of feminism into any sphere is like a wrecking ball. And no matter how much the club house and rules are altered to appease feminists, the cries of discrimination just get louder and louder until they have destroyed it for all but feminists, who were never interested in the original activities of the club anyway.

    • Yaka

      Couldn’t have said it better!

    • Dagda Mór

      Yup, I’ve seen it again and again and again. Let the feminists and SJWs near a hobby and they’ll wreck it. A comment from a Call of Cthulhu facebook page I used to subscribe to springs to mind, from a smug looking mangina, “came for the Cthulhu, stayed for the womens rights” – I mean what?

      They’re like compulsive masturbators who can’t keep their hands out of their trousers in public. And they absolutely insist that not only is it normal to interfere with yourself in public, but if you aren’t yanking the chimp with your tongue lolling out in as crowded an area as possible, you must be scorned and reviled by all right thinking folks.

      • Matthew Lane

        “came for the Cthulhu, stayed for the womens rights”

        Swap the words “Womens Rights” for “Social Justice Ideology” & I’d make more sense given that both cause gibbering madness among otherwise intelligent people.

  • Patrick DiSandro

    See, I would have seen the female assassins as an asset to market towards male gamers. There are many people like myself who like playing as female characters. My reasons have changed over time, but the desire has stayed the same:
    When I was young, I was very short for my age (often mistaken for being anywhere from 3-8 years younger than I was), but studied martial arts, sparring victories were obviously a testament of speed more than power for me. I liked playing as the graceful, fast, flippy characters like Taki in Soul Blade more than the brawny characters like Rock that my brother preferred.
    As puberty took a stronger hold on me, I liked the sexy female characters more than the male characters. I played a game not to emulate myself in a video game, but to play the character, and I liked the sexy girls who kicked ass.
    As I moved onto multiplayer games like WoW, i liked playing the female characters because I just liked going against the grain. I was a guy, I played as a girl. That wasn’t ‘original’ but it also wasn’t the majority.
    Now it’s a blend of it all. I genuinely like girls who can kick ass (feminists like girls who are professional victims) I find appealing the thought of high power in a small frame, so I still like grace and speed over sheer brawn, plus eye candy is always fun.

    YET all this still holds no weight in the argument that they should have added female assassins to Assassin’s Creed, because I don’t play those games. They wouldn’t have gotten extra money from me if they put in the effort, so why should they bother?

    • Magnus

      Well as an avid fan of the AC series, and in your boat with the “kick ass women”. But I couldn’t care less if there were female assassins in AC Unity. Well actually depending on the plot I could actually care, because the main protagonists are always said to be the firstborn son of a specific bloodline. (This is in the main games). And I am not a fan of changing your inherent plot in order to please people who, let’s face it, won’t really play the game regardless.

      The AC series has had a LOT more diversity than most games, despite being about that one blood line. The main characters have been:
      -Middle Eastern.
      -Native American
      With the spin-offs having:
      -African-American Woman
      -Freed Slave

      And yet they are EVIL! and HATE WOMEN because they didn’t divert resources to add in a female playable character to part of their game.

  • Magnus

    There is a reason I stopped going to The Escapist, I was so sick and fucking tired of having “Movie Bob” get a free pass on bashing males under the banner of “social justice” (This is one of the guys that also started the “omg blowing up building on 9/11 Turtles poster!?!” shit storm)

    But I was not surprised to find out that the industry is even more rotten than I thought. Fuck I hate SJWs!

    • Matthew Lane

      Really? I left after I was kicked for saying things mods didn’t like on the forum board.

      • Magnus

        Oh I left the forum a looooong time ago. But I kept reading/Watching some stuff. But Movie Bobs increasing outlets also meant Movie Bob was allowed to say more shit about men.
        But the site has stedely become less interesting to me over the past 4 years, so it was inevitable.
        Heck I even used to be a subscriber to the site… not money well spent.

  • Fatherless

    This is about Zoe’s emotional abuse of her ex-boyfriend.

    Zoe gave a talk at GDC and encouraged everyone to be “aggressively vulnerable,” but also, in that same talk, said “there isn’t room in a relationship for two people with depression.” So here is Zoe’s ex-boyfriend being, I would say, quite “aggressively vulnerable.” She’s really just getting a taste of her own medicine. And I can’t blame him since there never was room in that relationship for his feelings.

    I applaud this man for discussing his feelings openly and unapologetically. If everyone did this we would put an end to society’s enabling of abusers.

    • MrSonicAdvance

      I don’t think it is. I think it’s about feminists doing what they do best: Invading a male space and ruining it for everyone. Women are very different “gamers” to men and have very different gaming needs. Console gaming is mainly enjoyed by men and so has evolved to cater for men. Only a feminist could object to that. Fiddling with your iPhone is gender neutral, so the games are different.

  • Mark Samenfink

    Let’s just appreciate this picture for a sec. Godspeed, Sargon, Int_Aristocrat, and Radpill

  • Dan Slezak

    I’m not a gamer. But it is an interesting story, so someone who is, help out the laymen. Let me see if I get this right. This woman sleeps around on her boyfriend with other men, so she can sell more games? They wright positive reviews about her, is that it? Isn’t that sexual something/something in the work place? In reverse? Marcotte used the term “bought”. She cheated, he’s pissed? Don’t all women do that though when they can? And when it doesn’t work out for her, there is a trail. What the fuck is this?