Two recent–and related?–internet bullying incidents

A shitstorm started a few weeks ago in the video gaming community when a woman named Anita Sarkeesian posted this video:

A virtual tidal wave ensued, with a bunch of trolls attacking her, most of it very angry, totally inappropriate and some downright sick. Now, having been the target of a lot of internet venom in my time, including out-of-context quotations of my work, threats, name-calling, and harassment, I don’t find any of that acceptable.

In some cases it works out well for the intended target, as it did here: Ms. Sarkeesian wound up getting way more money than she originally asked for from people who, presumably, were in part showing support for her against the harassers. She almost certainly feels vindicated. I would; trolls don’t get their just desserts anywhere near often enough. If the goal was to change people’s minds about Sarkeesian’s work, it was a horrendous backfire wasn’t it? In gamer terms, those who went after her got “pwned,” and deserve to be mocked for it. You couldn’t have done her a bigger favor.

Lost in all this, though, was that there are perfectly reasonable, rational people who have problems with the starting presumptions of Ms. Sarkeesian’s project. A reasonable, rational, and non-hostile response, for example, is this one by Sarah Kite Tales:

As to why Sarkeesian got swarmed by angry responders, there are some of us who wonder if there wasn’t something a little more complex than simple “misogyny” here. I have my own guesses, but until someone finds a few of these trolls and manages to pin them down–in person or on the phone I mean–and ask “OK, what exactly got you so upset that you used that kind of language?” we won’t really know. We’ll just assume won’t we? Bad habit, that.

My own guess is that there was some misogyny there, but some of it was probably more visceral anger, which leads to the question: anger at what besides “women?” Well, the fact is, a lot of young men these days feel pretty kicked around by current culture and for a lot of them, escaping into video games is one of the only outlets where they feel like they can enjoy themselves and be good at something without feeling guilty or inferior. Having something they love attacked feels like something personal, I think.

You may not agree with my analysis, but it says something that I already expect that, if I’m not ignored completely for saying this, I’ll probably get sneering contemptuous responses from those who wish to lecture me on how our society supposedly elevates boys–even though so much objective data shows that today’s young men are struggling badly, very badly indeed in many cases. Is it wrong to think that maybe, consciously or subconsciously, some young men are just very tired of being lectured and demonized?

Coming close on the heels of all this, I noticed that a young writer for a gaming magazine called “Destructoid,” on his personal Twitter account (on which he had a total of 50 or so followers) said something obnoxious about a celebrity with millions of fans–and got fired for it when someone retweeted his message. His tweet was picked up and passed along by multiple people, and eventually made it to people like Wil Wheaton who, with his own 2 million followers, went on a tirade about the young man’s remark, misogyny, and video gaming culture. The result being, the young man was fired.

Apparently, the term “booth babe” is now so offensive in our so deeply misogynist culture that we think nothing of just ending a young man’s career for saying it. Fascinating: we hate women so much as a culture, we fire people for insulting a lady’s honor?

Anyway, because of the sexism, the rampant, horrible sexism, he needed to be fired. I’ve even had friends I respect and admire defend this: ending a young man’s career. Firing this virtual nobody. For tweeting to all of 50 or so followers that a beloved celebrity is a “booth babe.”

By the way, I am an enormous fan of that so-called “booth babe” (especially her work on “The Guild” and “Dr. Horrible”), but so far as I’m concerned, this was one of the worst cases of internet bullying I’ve ever seen. No, not by the young man who tweeted something rude to his small group of followers, but the avalanche of bullying from erstwhile defenders of a celebrity with millions of fans–including bullying by another celebrity with millions of fans of his own–against a virtual nobody.

They got him fired. Which so far as I’m concerned is at least as bad as anything that Sarkeesian suffered, only, she got a ton of money and he’s now on the unemployment line. Here I think the vlogger known as InuitInua says it best:

So far as I can see, this kid was a revenge target for those still fuming about what happened to Anita Sarkeesian. The only difference being, she’s going on to bigger and better things, whereas the internet bullying he suffered only landed him on the unemployment line.

Sexism, anyone?

*Update*: The number of reasoned responses to Sarkeesian’s point of view is growing. Here is one particularly good take on what’s troubling about so much of Sarkeesian’s work:

Dean Esmay has been writing on and off about gender issues for more than 10 years. He blogs frequently on multiple topics at his blog Dean’s World. He encourages people who dissent from Ms. Sarkeesian’s point of view to deconstruct her work rationally.

About Dean Esmay

Dean Esmay has written for Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, The Moderate Voice, Honey Badger Brigade, and A Voice for Men. He is a writer and podcaster with Erin Pizzey on domestic violence, Mumia Ali on race issues, and various shows on geek culture. He encourages people to look at issues through the lens of compassion for men who deserve it, and respect for women who deserve it. He is the author of the critically-acclaimed novel Methuselah's Daughter.

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  • scatmaster

    Wil Wheaton is a hero over at Fark so what does one expect.

  • Kukla

    These men weren’t angry at women. They were simply pissed at feminists and more specifically Anita, and for good reason. Sure some of them may have gone too far, but on the same note Anita is a snobby, arrogant prick so I’m not surprised that she makes peoples blood boil. Especially with her little “women and video games” money-leeching project.

  • http://www.lastlegionary.com Andy Man

    Good work Dean.

  • bobk

    The thing is… Ryan Perez is right. There is nothing Felicia Day has done for the video game industry that hundreds if not thousands of unattractive, significantly less famous men have done. I lost respect for her as a video game icon when I saw “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar.” The fact that she got to where she is in so small part due the pop-feminist-nerd-messiah Joss Whedon doesn’t help, either.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      I thought “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar” was really funny, but then, I’ve seen the entire run of “The Guild” so I understand the in-joke it represents.

      I like the way that Day has embraced geek culture and been embraced by it. If you aren’t a fan I’m good with that. What I’m not good with is beating up on someone for just not being a fan and saying something critical, or a culture that says women are such delicate flowers we must go stomp the shit out of anyone who insults her honor. What is she, a fucking wilting lilly who’s going to swoon on her fainting couch? If Perez–a nobody–had said something harsher like, I dunno, “bitch,” would she commit suicide or something? Please. The beating that kid took for a minor comment was pure bullying.

      • bobk

        I agree completely.

      • ghebert

        I’ve been seeing a recurring Voltaire quote on the Men’s Rights reddit:

        “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

  • Rex

    I think its important to note that Anita Sarkeesian specifically went out of her way to post obnoxious and repetitive messages all over 4Chan, possibly the best place to find trolls on the internet. She literally engineered her own victimhood.
    Here is a youtube video that covers it pretty well.
    Set at the time to start the 4chan collage.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      Hey that’s a video I haven’t seen. I’ll review it. But if she specifically went through 4chan trolling for it, in addition to turning off comments on her previous two videos then blowing her kickstarter comments wide open without moderation, then, it makes Sarkeesian’s manipulation of the situation look even worse. More when I’ve had a chance to review the videos.

    • yurlungur

      It was good until he started to call gaming misogynistic and women hating.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      I watched the video thanks for sharing it. I do not share all of “Bill the Man from Kentucky’s” views but he makes his points well and reasonably, and the documented evidence that Sarkeesian specifically went and spammed 4chan, a place which isn’t just “misogynist” but rather full of people who love spewing hate in any and every direction, is all the more damning. She knew what she was doing. She was troll-baiting for the specific purpose of hyping her cause and making herself look like a victim.

      Of course, like I said, the trolls got “pwned.” Name-calling and sexual denigration almost always backfires, especially when males do it to females (females by comparison almost always get a free pass when they do it to males, but that’s another discussion).

      I know I’m in the minority in this group about it, but it’s one of the reasons I generally refuse to rant about that nebulous thing called “feminists.” “Which feminist?” is always my first question. But I’d rather just concentrate on the person, or the group, or, most important, the person or group’s arguments.

      I will note that there were many former Klansmen who eventually became champions for civil rights equality. There is thus little value, in my view, at chasing after a word. Go after the ideas. The ideas are what matter in the end, not the nebulous labels.

      (I know, I’m beating a dead horse, I just wanted to say it anyway.)

  • MrWombat

    “Is it wrong to think that maybe, consciously or subconsciously, some young men are just very tired of being lectured and demonised?”

    It’s also about female colonisation of male space. They invade, colonise, then outlaw typically male modes of communicating and being social. By which I mean 12-year-olds calling each other “gay”.

    When directed at a female, “gay” becomes “slut” – a reasonably equivalent sexual epithet. But the females assert privilege and make it bannable to talk that way.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      It is astonishing how females often feel it is their privilege to set the terms of acceptable language, of what is and is not acceptable language, isn’t it? The old idea of protecting a lady’s delicate sensibilities has not gone away, it just has a new facade. And the very idea that boys should be allowed private space to be boys doing boy things together is just infuriating to some modern women. I’ve seen it. It’s perfectly OK to have girls-only clubs, rooms, businesses, etc. but dare to allow teen boys to just have their own hangout spaces and it’s evil evil evil.

      Bah. Unlike most of you guys I won’t bash on “feminism” because I think the word has no meaning, but I will bash on something I’ll call “fauxminism,” the fake pretense of fighting for female equality while actually just embracing ancient notions of chivalry and “ladies first” and female privilege.

  • AntZ

    “Is it wrong to think that maybe, consciously or subconsciously, some young men are just very tired of being lectured and demonized?”

    And the truth shall set us free.

    • Rad

      It’s only a few more years before that pot comes to a boil.

  • Kukla


    Check out those great memes of a feminist. Whoever made them seems to have taken the red pill.

  • The Real Peterman

    “a lot of young men these days feel pretty kicked around by current culture and for a lot of them, escaping into video games is one of the only outlets where they feel like they can enjoy themselves and be good at something without feeling guilty or inferior”

    That sounds about right to me.

    • BioCan

      You’d think that schools, which are mandatory for all youth living in the US and Canada, would also be a safe haven for males. Sadly they aren’t, and there are links that Dean provides that explain all that. There are less men applying to college now than women, and the difference keeps increasing. There are also more boys that quit school early on in life in order to find work, and some of the reasons I’ve seen listed on articles found on many news sites are “not a good environment for me”, “didn’t learn the way I would have liked to”, “doesn’t interest me” and so on. The only statistic that I am not aware of is whether or not more men end up dropping out of college. I can’t recall.

      All of the friends that I knew, including myself, had gaming as our outlet all throughout our high school years. Aside from work, all we did was play video games. The prospect of dating was a foreign concept to us as we knew exactly what situation we’d be getting in if that were to occur. And that is, chances were we’d get screwed over somehow.

      This reminds me of something that happened to me a while back. There was one particular female that had no qualms about bullying or talking down to us and I was the only one who had the nerve to tell her off.

      This was before the time I knew of this website and I had figured things were going to get rough. Some of the people that I knew had thought that she was merely toying with them as a means of trying to date them or something like that. They were infatuated with her and had not taken the red pill yet. I spent weeks trying to convince them otherwise which even created a rift in the group. Our friendship was going to be tarnished over some girl who didn’t care sbout any of those guys at all. Things resolved over time and years later when we were undergraduates my friends told me that I was right and that they had been delusional.

      This is worrying to me because to be convinced of such things that are so obvious would take years for the average man simply because an attractive female is thrown into the equation. The notion of equal treatment is lost in the fog of their beauty.

      • The Real Peterman

        “The prospect of dating was a foreign concept to us as we knew exactly what situation we’d be getting in if that were to occur.”

        That reminds me of another point I wanted to make. In general, women want nothing to do with most men who (like me) are heavily into video games. We’re not cool enough for them. Yet here come those same women demanding we alter our hobby to be more friendly to them! We have to make our games more woman-friendly, let women sit on panels at conventions, etc. That’s hardly fair.

        A guy can’t get a date so he spends friday night with his Playstation, then he’s supposed to make Lara Croft flat-chested to make women happy? No wonder hostile comments came pouring in.

        • BioCan

          Wanting games to be changed like that doesn’t seem to make sense at all. The bottom line is the dollar. If you are mostly marketing to men, who want to see women with large breasts fight with guns, than by all means make a game with that. Aren’t most buyers of video games men? If a company changes their product and it loses it’s attractiveness with the majority of men who buy it than they are just going to lose business.

          Plus, I didn’t buy a game so I can be an old feminist hag running around trying to dismantle “patriarchy” or something.

        • Malestrom

          ^ This.

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

    The balance of this article is remarkable.

    Thank you Dean

  • 4thtroika

    It’s not just video games. I found out the hard way that pretty much anything a guy takes an interest in, no matter what it is or how often he does it, undergoes female scrutiny and criticism. If I wasn’t able to “justify” it, then it was meaningless and a waste of time. And probably oppresive and patriachal, too.

    • Kimski

      They don’t seem to understand, that a guy can only take so much talk about relationships, children and shoes, before he begs to be carted off to the nearest asylum.

      This reminds me of a certain police officer, that had the immense audacity to suggest to a very small amount of women, that they might lower the risk of being raped by dressing appropriately, before going off on a drunken stupor.

      The results of that little piece of perfectly sound advice are well known to most people today:
      Oh, the sexism…Oh, the oppression..

      -Oh, grow the fuck up!

      • Bewildered

        ” They don’t seem to understand, that a guy can only take so much talk about relationships, children and shoes, before he begs to be carted off to the nearest asylum.”


    • 4thtroika

      Oh, and don’t even think about showing an interest in anything they like. They’ll stop because you ruined it for them.

  • Gamerp4

    I accept i am one of those trolls that insulted her and I am right on that, If she attacks my domain and my thing well i can be satire CAN’T I? if they can complain about so many things, why can’t a man complain about something that is special to him, I dont wanna play “Fat Cow eats at Mcdonalds” and i dont want Duke Nuken surrounded by Fat Chicks.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      You know man, don’t feel too bad about it. I’ve gone off and lost my shit on people online in a big way a few times. A couple of times in ways I’m still embarrassed by years later, and worse than this.

      We as men especially have a bad habit of getting angry and acting before thinking. And I think some women are particularly good at knowing how to manipulate that. Even though I’m not a big Dane Cook fan, I think there’s a lot of truth in this stuff he says about “brain ninjas”:


      Sarkeesian was, it’s now clear, absolutely fishing for that. And she got to brand every bit of criticism she got, ALL of it, as hateful.

      I think the thing to learn from this sort of brain-ninja shit is to study what I think of as Jiu-Jitsu. Study martial arts and you learn that “jiu-jitsu” generally translates to “the gentle way,” and it is only “gentle” in the sense that you can completely use an opponent’s attacks and other moves against them, leaving them helpless, even render them unconscious, all while wondering what the hell happened to them because they thought they had you right where they wanted you. Jiu-Jitsu masters learn how to refuse to rise to bait, and to instead bait their opponents, and wait for the moves they know are coming.

      Sarkeesian is shallow, juvenile, narcissistic, and, now we see, highly manipulative, prone to putting out traps in order to make able to be “the damsel in distress.” So yeah, she punked you. It’s happened to me in other contexts, and I’ve learned how (most of the time) to see it coming and either evade it completely or fuck the opponent up by making them look stupid.

      One thing to watch for is if Sarkeesian tries this shit again in a year or two. And plan for the right way to respond. One way will be to ignore it. But a better way will be to make a big deal out of all the ways she trolled for people so manipulatively this time and make note that people giving her money because they feel sorry for her are being punked. Cuz that’s what happened to a lot of the fools who white knighted her and handed her money.

  • Paul Elam

    Very thoughtful and balanced article.

    I think it has to be said in fairness, though, that the extreme reaction to yet another round of obvious male demonization is to be expected.

    I read some of the comments launched at Sarkeesian, and I concur that some of them were out of line. But I also think it would be naive to think we can control that sort of thing by chastising those doing the comments, or by glomming on to popular concerns about “internet bullying.”

    Feminism has fostered a half century rampage of looking for misogyny and finding it, mostly in places it does not exist. Its bread and butter has been precisely what Sarkeesian is selling. Hatred of males. And males have suffered from this in ways that make Sarkeesian’s little episode rather insignificant.

    That sort of thing passed a lot more unnoticed as long as men were getting something resembling a fair shake by society (I know, that fairness is debatable, but bear with me). Move forward a few decades and we have marginalized, disenfranchised young men, many of them playing video games.

    And even in that realm, an escapist environment, here comes the feminist hate wagon to carry the message that their sexuality and identity are defective; that they are somehow harming the women who are now fairing much better than them.

    I don’t agree with the threats that were made against her, and I agree with the author that much of the reaction helped her more than hurt.

    But I think this is the least of what we will see before this is over. And we would be mistaken to assume we should expect different.

    You can only kick the dog in the corner so many times before it bites the living shit out of you. The dog may have better options, but that does not matter when you remove his incentive to care.

    • BioCan

      “Feminism has fostered a half century rampage of looking for misogyny and finding it, mostly in places it does not exist”

      “Misogyny” and synomous terms have enabled the dialogue of tyranny and persecution to take place. When you start calling men by the label “misogynists” who are operating in a system called “patriarchy” you’ve essentially dehumanized 50% of the population. And now, like witch-hunters, feminists operate in society to try and hold men captive and liable for any particular reason, even if it is unjustifiable.

      It’s a phenomenon that has the unmistakeable markings of an inquisition. Soon enough video games won’t be a suitable environment. The last hold-out for natural masculinity and male bonding will be athletics. That’s sacred ground in our society with millions of dollars pumped into it every year. So, what that means is we better find an empty baseball pitch, basketball court, or soccer field in our respective towns and cities. Better that they are away from the ire of the general public and feminists. But who am I kidding? Feminists will encroach upon these places eventually or else face persecution.

    • Tawil

      “we have marginalized, disenfranchised young men, many of them playing video games. And even in that realm, an escapist environment, here comes the feminist hate wagon to carry the message that their sexuality and identity are defective…”

      Right on. The feminists coming after them, nagging unto death.

  • dhanu

    “she’s going on to bigger and better things, whereas the internet bullying he suffered only landed him on the unemployment line”

    Duh, that’s because…

    It’s different™

  • BioCan

    Great article, Dean.

    It is quite remarkable to see the consequences of all of these squabbles on the Internet.

    There was a discussion above about having a male-space to communicate in. How about a lifestyle men feel more accustomed to living. You know, where he can live humbly and modestly by working and providing for himself (and if need be, his family) without having to be on these online communities centered around mainstream culture and products. North America’s manufacturing base has crumbled and the resultant shifting environment has become far more suitable for women.

    These squabbles that always make headlines show women dominating men in these matters. Why? They are meaningless discussions that involve the intricacies of arguing about social matters. Psychologically, women tend to know exactly how to play these situations out and in their favor, especially with the help of men who bend to their will. It’s a lose-lose situation. I’ve been in countless arguments with several females in the past and it usually amounted to nothing more than me being linguistically snared in a senseless topic that I knew had no real solution or point.

    The reality is that they are far more social creatures, and on average, their capacity to win arguments that aren’t of the scientific or mathematical realm (where there is an apparent line between right and wrong answers) is staggeringly high. Now, I’m not saying they aren’t capable of even debating those objective matters. They are, but when men or women are wrong about such things than they are simply that. You can’t convince people otherwise without facts or proof.

    This is another identifiable problem in having others support us and who may not clearly perceive why it is that this community exists. Communication.

  • yurlungur

    Have you ever heard of something female dominated or oriented having to change to accommodate men? OMG, there are not enough men in x female dominated field. We must change it. We must make it more male friendly. They say women are more adaptable than men are: yet it is men who have to change to accommodate women.

    Women are so privileged that a few feminists can invade a male space and dictate what can and can’t be said and done: http://www.joystiq.com/2012/07/19/god-of-war-ascension-dev-pulls-back-from-in-game-violence-aga/
    They can even laugh about a man loosing his penis:

    Call a female mode A “babe” and your practically besting up the entire female sex.
    You would think it be the same judging by the amount of complaints it gets.
    Women are allowed to call a man hunk, babe, Hot, totty or whatever they like and no one gives two hoots. In fact she is empowered when she says it. Oh and even if you did complain you would be scared of here sexuality and trying to control her.

    Who are the ones more controlling?

    • Skeptic

      Actually the term babe is probably very accurate.
      For infantilizing females is what feminism is all about.
      Ever notice how popular it is to call women – girls.
      That speaks reams to me.

  • ActaNonVerba

    Wow. Feminists have life so easy. Just say, “Men are evil…I’m gonna do “X” to punish them and the hive sends in tons of money (sickeningly, much of that money comes from men supporting them or taxpayers in general).

    Personal responsibility, rational though, the ability to think about people other than people like yourself are not required to be a celebrity feminist. Just a hate for men and a desire to attack them.

  • UKMan

    “I love playing video games but I’m regularly disappointed in the limited and limiting ways women are represented.”

    Yes, it really sucks doesn’t it. Tell you what, why not take some of the money you’ve been given and invest it developing your own video game using only female programmers and designers?

    It’s really cheap (or even free) to develop on Android, Apple iOS, and PC. The only prerequisite is some talent and a good idea – I’m sure your feminist friends have these attributes coming out of their ears? Then you can skew the gender-politics aspect of the game however you like.

    I’d suggest something like ‘Angry Feminists’ where you catapult men into a broken world of gender-bias, interminable middle-class privilege and bullshit – Can’t wait to play it!

    • keyster

      Millions of venture capital dollars has been poured into several female centric video game start-ups within the last 10 years, all of which failed within a year or two.

      It would always begin with a “female empowerment angle” PR campaign in the WSJ, NYTimes or Forbes and you’d never hear anything from them again after that.

      “An industry that’s traditionally male dominated is about to get a major shake up, as women move into computer gaming….blah, blah, hype, blah blah…”

    • Just1X

      Put me down for a copy of ‘Angry Feminists’*, sounds like a whiner, sorry winner.

      *is there any other kind?

    • The Real Peterman

      “I’m regularly disappointed in the limited and limiting ways women are represented.”

      But there is *such* a wide variety of ways that men are represented in games. There’s the man who risks his life to defeat bad guys with a rifle, and the man who risks his life to defeat bad guys with a sword, the man who risks his life to defeat bad guys with a laser beam.

      • DruidV

        Don’t forget the best part of all: That the man risking his life in so many different and diverse ways in these games does this in many cases “To save the princess!!!”

        What a bargain…

      • Skeptic

        A feminist video game – ‘Whiner takes all”.

        • Never Blue Again

          Ohh… man…!!
          Loved it …!! :mrgreen:

    • Kukla

      I agree. If these feminists want more empowered wymyn in games then they should just make their own instead of dictating what other people should do with their property and their creations.

      I don’t understand where they get the idea that they should force people into changing something they created just because it upsets them(oh wait, yes I do). I’m surprised they haven’t tried to change old plays like ‘Romeo and Juliet’ into ‘Rachel and Juliet’.

      • Raven01

        They haven’t the skill or ability. Or, there really isn’t much of a market for what they want sold. If there was every major game producer would have jumped on that bandwagon and churned out 1 after the other.

        But, instead of dealing with reality the ban-idiots will try to force everyone else to conform to a minority standard. That pretty much makes feminism anti-democracy.

  • Tim Legere
    • DruidV

      Looks to me like the two females in that pic are getting ready to try to reinvent “Sims” and then call it something else. You can tell this because they seem all uppity and excited at the computer screen, almost as if there could ever be anything else for them to excel at there, other than “Glorified computer generated doll house”.

      Let your creative juices flow, grrrls

  • DruidV

    This sarkeesian skank reminds me of a certain deluded female in my youth, who insisted that she be included into our sandlot baseball games. She bitched and complained loudly that she was just as good as any boy at baseball and that we boys were just afraid to be shown up by a girl.

    She kept at us and at first we simply ignored her whining. When we realized she wouldn’t give up, we ‘boyed-up” and let her play- one time.

    Should I even bore you with the obvious and predictable results?

    Some highlights included:

    Being told by her that I (in particular) was mean for keeping her out of the game for so long, even though the wise decision to exclude her was unanimous (even her little brother, out right fielder, agreed that no good would come form including her).

    Being told I was mean for pitching the ball at her so fast. (No faster than I would have for any boy, of course).

    Being told we were “picking on her” and playing extra aggressively with her, just to spite her and make her look bad.

    Being made to wait and hold up our game in order for her to figure out how to a) put on a batting helmet, b) grip a bat, c) swing a bat, d) learn what “Strike three, you’re out!!!” means and also learn where the bench is located. She did not like warming the bench one little bit, either,

    At the end of the game, every boy there knew beyond a shadow of a doubt what females really are all about; Attention seeking.

    Her skills and her game were of course, non-existent. Her overall attitude was one of constant victim and she had all the sportsMANship of a poacher clubbing baby seals. Since we boys were raised by our fathers to be good sports, we didn’t even gloat at her fail. We felt just to embarrassed for her to even consider it.

    Suffice it to say that the one good thing that came from miss pissy pants’ forced inclusion into our game was that she never attempted to weasel her way into our game again.

    After her public humiliation, she made it her personal mission to go about trashing boys, baseball and anything else she was destined to fail at due to her sex as discriminatory, or to coin the buzz word at the time “Male chauvinist”.

    Sounds a lot like this Sarkeesian skank who muscled her way into yet another male space, video gaming and decided to tell all the boys what sexist, disgusting pigs they all are, because she sucks at it.

    When will these stupid bitches ever learn to sit the fuck down, STFU, and look pretty, because we Men are busy with something that they could never, ever hope to even understand, much less take part in and even further less compete in?

    One word for you ‘gamer” grrrrllls:


    • yurlungur

      I’ve no problem playing with girls. In fact in my youth me and my friends did so from time to time.
      I never remember her whining and complaining.
      I’ve no problem with girl playing video games either.
      What I do have a problem with are feminists who keep trashing everything male orientated just because it doesn’t cater to feminists every whim.
      If it weren’t for the feminists everything would be hunky dory.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      I’ve had lots of fun playing games with women, including participating in some athletic games. I’ve never had an experience like the one you described. Sorry you went through that. My ex-, whatever our other disagreements, was quite the tomboy and figured out on her own that at a certain age she had to stop playing football with the boys (because it hurt and also they were not having fun at the thought of hurting her) but she was never a whiny sissy about it.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      I also remember getting my ass kicked once in a match of Halo 3 by like a 9 year old girl. It was funny as shit. I told her dad his girl was awesome.

      But I have to agree I suspect someone like Sarkeesian might just go off in a huff if I did to her with that 9 year old girl did to me in the same game. “Sportsmanship” is something some people get and some don’t.

      I also remember a time I accidentally hurt a girl in a volleyball game back in my mid-20s. We had a team at work and one day after jumping up to hit the ball, I came down and my elbow smashed right into her face. I felt terrible about it. But you know what? She didn’t hold a grudge, she didn’t whine, she took it and understood hey, these things happen.

      Funny how I still feel bad about it. If it was a guy I would have forgotten it by now.

  • kiwihelen

    I spent lots of the 1990s on the periphery of the gamer community. I’ve got absolutely no attention span for most games and have a minor problem of severe vertigo when watching a first person game, so I’ve never been active in this community.
    But I am very pro gaming, because it was always cool seeing all the guys turn up with their computers and networking them together for a session. Usually at that point I would find something to go do myself and just come back in time to share pizza for dinner.
    So many women are anti, because like badly raised children and can’t entertain themselves!

    • donzaloog

      Some also can’t stand the idea of men getting together and enjoying themselves.

  • yurlungur

    Kind of upsets me that this women gets over $158k
    whilst a man who was falsely accused of rape only gets
    $47k: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1681576010/the-brian-banks-story

  • ActaNonVerba

    I’d like to take the opportunity to make the first public announcement for a USB pluggable device I have invented. The device turns turns any game into a game for women (minus the small minority of women who are honorable in the sense that men think of the word). It’s called the Hypergamous Asinine Reprehensible Proximation Yielder, or H.A.R.P.Y.

    H.A.R.P.Y. is manfactured in a small country (I cannot name due to contractual agreements) using only male slave labor. It is only sold during the daytime so womyn feel safe buying it. The device is also sold as a womyn-friendly bundle.

    Each box contains the following to empower womyn: 1) the H.A.R.P.Y. device itself, 2) a small helium filled sac to make the box itself lighter to carry, 3) a CD with regional listings of shopping centers, divorce and sexual harassment attorneys, ice cream shops, and abortion clinics. 4) an Amazon coupon for 20% off book or Kindle versions of “Eat, Pray, Love”, 5) three free condoms.

    H.A.R.P.Y. is available for $24.99 for womyn and $79.99 for men. H.A.R.P.Y. works by automatically rewriting code for any existing game to empower womyn. H.A.R.P.Y. automatically makes several empowering software changes including: 1) Changing any female villains into males. Changing any male heroes into females. 2) Increasing hits points for the hero by 50%, decreasing all enemy hit points by 50%. 3) Allowing the female players to complete the mission even if she hasn’t done so in the constraining, traditional patriarchal way of “talent” and “hard work”. The female player simply types in a code indicating either that she “feels” she deserves to move on or that she was not treated fairly by the game in some way and the mission immediately becomes completed. 4) A positive affirmation shows up on screen every seven minutes.

    H.A.R.P.Y.’s womyn-empowering customer service is second to none. All customer service supervisors have at least a minor in Gender or Women’s Studies. They have flexible work schedules which include getting supervisor pay even if they are incompetent, completely fail to set the example (in the traditional, oppressive, patriarchal sense), or take up to months of the year off for personal reasons. These impressive womyn may be slow or ineffectual in handling your problems but they know how to talk to you in a nurturing, supportive way. And, if you’re not happy after interacting with a customer service supervisor, the company will refund your money or flog one of our male employees (your choice after speaking with your friends and reaching a consensus).

    So, please, act now. Empower yourself with more self-delusion to hide your personal inadequacies and empower womyn everywhere with double standards and misandry.

    Note: This has been a paid advertisment from GynoCo, makers of the Wolf mini wallet vacuum.

    • Never Blue Again

      WINDOWS is the most used patriarchal platform ever designed to oppress womyn ….. !! That evil gates.. !
      Can H.A.R.P.Y. change the WINDOWS too…. ??
      Plz try that in next version …. !!

  • donzaloog

    Anita is a scam artist and she roped in the perfect crowd. She embellishes the things sh thinks are misogynist and completely ignores the sides of the argument that don’t fit her agenda.

    I refer to her as Buzz Killington. Anything men enjoy, she will destroy (or at least try to bug the hell out of you to drain any excitement out of it). As someone who’s been playing video games for over 20 years, she has no affect on me. I saw her stupid Bayonetta video and shrugged it off. She was obviously fishing for attention.

  • Never Blue Again

    Ok… she is upset with female game characters.??
    Let’s get rid of them…!!
    I don’t know how many men ever played or wants to play in female characters ? There are plenty of male characters. We don’t need those female characters..

    I never played and never need to be …. !!

    Those were designed for womyn to represent themselves in the game as bold, powerful & independent . . . . anita. Just like as male characters.
    fucking hell…??? 👿

    • Kimski

      You’d be surprised to know how many males that choses to play female characters, especially in PvP games.

      The psychological value of being under-rated, based on your characters sex, can’t be underestimated and very often gives you an edge of surprise, and thereby buys you additional time to take down the opponent.

      I personally know of at least 20 to 30 male players that play female characters in SWTOR’s War Zones, and many of them female characters with almost no clothes on, to add distraction to the surprise level.

      As to Anita, she should just stay the hell away from games she really doesn’t understand the deeper levels of, and not surprisingly I don’t hear her bitch about the stereotypical way male characters are represented in most games.

      If you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen, Anita, stay the hell out.
      It’s as easy as that, if you don’t get that it’s all about winning..

    • cvar

      A lot of men play the female characters, usually since games that let you choose a gender will have around 50 – 100 hours of gameplay (or be WoW with it’s never ending nature). Nicer butts and a preference for how the animations look on that model are the normal reasons, though some will do it so that they can get better treatment from the other players who think they’re an actual woman.

      My female avatars have received gold and gear over the years, while my male ones get nothing. Same player, same level of skill, same typing. Some characters had boobs and thus got stuff, were more likely to get invites and never been chewed out for fucking up. It’s a neat benefit for me when I’m playing a character that I think has awkward animations for the male avatar.

  • Kasey

    I’m sorry, I didn’t read all of it, but if that was you, you’re bloody brilliant. :3