To Art Professor Pete Smith

Dear Art Professor Pete Smith,

Obviously, you are a better judge of silly than I am, because, well, you are an Art Professor. Moreover, you are the art professor overseeing the studio where the silliness pictured here passes as art and apparently earns credit toward an art degree of some sort at the Ontario College of Art and Design.

I have to admit, I didn’t know who Olivia Benson was.  At least your student who created this work is aware of her misandry, but I am not sure why she seems so proud of it. So, when you comment on my blog post about the things I saw in the window of your studio and wrote my arguments of as silly, I guess I am going to have to acquiesce to your authority, somewhat. It’s true, I didn’t spell stencil right and I guess that was silly.  My only excuse is that I was a little tired when I posted. Well, that and the blogger spell check is kind of a joke. That is two excuses. Well also, I haven’t owned a stencil set since grade 8 when I dropped visual art, but I digress.

I don’t think rape, sexual assault, aggravated assault and genital mutilation are silly topics. I also don’t think it is silly to incite violence upon a person or group of people. It is not silly to paint certain groups in a bad light because of their sex. That is just wrong. You shouldn’t say that “nice guys” steal or “nice guys” murder or “nice guys” assault people or commit any other crimes. That is simply not true and it is also stereotyping.

In reality, “nice guys” don’t do those things because they are not nice things. Bad people do bad things. Nice people who turn around and do bad things stop being nice, by definition. All of society is hurt when you denigrate a certain group of society like nice guys. It can make that group feel as though they are unwanted by society and lower their self-esteem. This has the terrible affect making them dislike society and drop out or even act out against it. They might stop being nice and that is not silly at all.

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So, you must understand that when I walked by the window of the OCAD studio that you oversee at 205 Richmond Street and saw one of your student’s works stating, “CAT CALLING IS PERMISSION FOR ME TO RIP OF YOUR DICK AND FEED IT TO YOU. OPEN WIDE ?.” I certainly did not think that it was silly. I did not really know what to make of it. Was it a bad joke?

I did not even realize that this studio was part of a school. I thought it might be a private art studio. I tried to figure what kind of person would create such a display. I tried to give the person every benefit of the doubt and imagine a way that a good-hearted person could post this sign.

What if people were cat-calling her (assuming it is a she) from the window? I could imagine that happening and it would be rather upsetting to most people. But, looking at the posters on the wall, I felt that it could only be the work of an activist. Regardless of the bad feelings it can cause, I really don’t think that a cat-call warrants sexual mutilation. I mean, ripping someone’s penis off could very well leave him bleeding to death. That’s some severe punishment for what amounts to a display of public rudeness.

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The “Kill Your Rapist” poster was a little offside. I mean, rapists of both sexes are bad people and deserve to be punished, but your poster seems to implies that everyone has a rapist or should go get raped so they can kill him. I admit, I don’t think I understand how it is supposed to prevent rape. It seems rather shocking at first – I feel that getting attention is the primary goal – but it kind of seems like an empty threat in the end. Do I have to apply and pay tuition to learn this or is there an essay available to explain the deep meaning behind this message?

Then, the next day a different poster appeared. It said “Nice Guys Rape”. I wondered what that could mean, especially when it was displayed next to the “Kill Your Rapist” poster. I don’t think that nice guys rape, as I explained earlier, because rape is not a nice thing. To call nice guys rapists is not only an oxymoron; it points to a deep seated hatred and animosity toward men in general.

At this point, I began to suspect that your student was using one of the conflated definitions of rape so common in feminist circles. I have often read feminist rants that speak about sexual assault and rape as if they are the same thing. They also use exaggerated statistics to make it seem as though rape is more common than it really is. Also, since this person seems to think that a man should have his genitalia mutilated for saying something wrong, I wonder what line she thinks needs to be crossed to justify murder. I feel like men are being unjustifiably backed into a corner.

I cannot stress enough how badly I feel for victims of rape.  It is sad that human nature allows such sick things to take place. It is also sad that some people get away with it. Therefore, it is sadder still, in a way, when other people lie about it.

For activists to further their cause there is always a temptation to embellish. This ambiguous incentive is one of the reasons I have avoided calling myself an activist until now. You see, these posters compelled me to take action. Therefore thanks to your student, I have now become an activist. So, as a fellow activist, I’d like to discuss this calmly and openly.

I think that the enduring pain of rape can become overwhelming for the victims’ lives. But, that rage is not the reality for the majority of society. It could very well be that the author or artists or whoever the persons who wrote these messages calls herself, identifies as a victim and projects her anger outward towards society.

This is not healthy.

If indeed she is a victim of rape, it is not due to some rape culture or patriarchy imposing its power over her. All I can say is that I hope she finds an outlet to channel her anger and pain in a way that leads to healing. If these posters are that outlet, then I say fine, let’s just say that the cat calling poster was just pushing the boundaries a little too far.

Testing the boundaries is necessary in order to learn where the boundaries are. This is a good learning experience and I hope the feedback helps. Frankly, I do not think that one person’s internal pain gives one license to hurt or call for violence upon other people indiscriminately, even if feels cathartic.

Click to enlarge

Some of the other posters I mentioned are borderline hateful. At the very least, they suggest that a very dark, angry heart is behind them. I hope, gradually, the artist can move to a more positive space one day, whatever has caused her to be so angry.

The problem I see is one of scrutiny. You see, feminism, as a movement has a lot of good will from people supporting it. Females, in general, are looked upon in a positive light within our species and I find that it is more difficult to criticize a woman and, by extension, feminism. To be a girl or a woman is to enjoy a certain amount of protection from life’s harsher realities.

Feminism has enjoyed a lot of shielding from critics because of political correctness, allowing the more outrageous ideas, arguments that would not survive serious criticism, to thrive. Any healthy philosophy has to welcome criticism to better shape its tenants. However, feminism has been protected by identity politics.

Whenever someone criticizes feminism, they are accused of hating women.  Whenever someone criticizes theory about rape culture, they are accused of hating and hurting rape victims or being rape apologists. It was clear to me as soon as I saw the posters that the author has suffered from a lack of scrutiny. Your comments make it clear that you did not expect anyone to challenge them. It is just not acceptable to incite violence, regardless of our bad feelings or their cause.

Free from scrutiny, feminists are emboldened into thinking that their beliefs are unquestionable. This is why I believe that your student, and yourself since you supervise the studio, may have believed that the posters were not offensive and could be posted in public view. This is why I had to post the pictures of the display on my blog. See, most people don’t understand the context of the messages and would have written them off as just another nutty radical and walked by. But, I am the Cul-de-sac Hero. I have the power of scrutiny.

When I use the Internet, that power is magnified indefinitely. I posted the pictures so that these messages could be scrutinized by a wide audience. This is how you found my post and commented that I was being silly. See, I welcome criticism. I was hoping for a little bit better criticism than you and your friends provided. But, I’ll take what I get, even if it sounds like Graham Chapman from Monty Python. The “bat-shit crazy” part, is that your student’s window display justifies the whole men’s rights movement and shows that more work is needed to fight marginalization and demonization of men in our society.

If you continue to be an Art Professor and an arbiter of silly, I suggest that you steer your students toward the silly subjects. Puppies are silly. So are monkeys. I don’t have any more suggestions, but of course, I am not an Art Professor of the silly studio at 205 Richmond Street in Toronto. If, on the other hand, you want the studio to be taken seriously outside the cushy environment of academia, I hope you begin to teach your students that words are serious and to use them with care.


The Cul-De-Sac Hero

P.S. Before I go, I would like to offer some positive criticism, if I could. I like the poster that says “How Do You Protect Yourself At Night?” I get it now that I see it combined with the glittery baseball bat. I find this message empowering. It gives women control of their own safety**.

This is a vast improvement over the standard message from feminists that “men can prevent rape.” While I have thought about it, there is not much I can do to stop other men from raping. Of course, all of my friends know that raping is not allowed under any circumstances. No one I know has ever been in a position to prevent a rape because none of my friends would ever rape. But, we can’t follow all women around to make sure that no men are raping them. It is just not feasible and, frankly, unsafe.

**Mind you, I wouldn’t suggest arming yourself with a bat to feel safe. Walking through dangerous neighborhoods is rather dangerous, even when armed. Weapons like baseball bats can be taken away and used against you. It is still risky; however, any self-defense is better than no self-defense.


About The Cul-De-Sac Hero

The Cul-De-Sac Hero is a happily married father, working in an office tower and living the suburban dream. However, when time permits, he roams the Internets seeking truth and wisdom and defending freedom. He has the power of scrutiny, incredibly thick skin and undying skepticism. He is unable to keep his mouth shut, even when it is in his personal best interest.

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  • http://fightingfeminism.wordpress.com mikebuchanan1957

    An alternative title for this excellent piece occurs to me:

    ‘Are some professors (e.g. Pete Smth) a pain in the arts?’

    Mike Buchanan

    • TigerMan

      That’s a great idea for a title although I still have difficulty believing that academic in a teachingsupervisory role could actually approve of such blatant manifestations of bigotry and hatred. If this guy is for real he was clearly born 60 years or so too late and in the wrong country but thinking about it he might well have been too extreme even for them!
      Going off topic for a moment – I read with interest your blog post about Heather McGregor’s statement regarding Norways policy on equalising (ie “positive” discrimination) sexes in boardrooms and the email you sent to her on the topic. Has she now corrected her statement or is she going to try and brazen it out?
      By the way – I think the work you are doing is front line activism at it’s best – taking the fight to the very seat of the establishment and I humbly tip my hat to you for that. :)

      • http://fightingfeminism.wordpress.com mikebuchanan1957

        Thanks TigerMan. I gave Heather McGregor a deadline of 5pm yesterday to correct her statement, and heard nothing, so at 5:05 I emailed the appropriate House of Commons official on the matter. She replied to say she’d look at the matter on Monday. I’ll post any developments on the blog. For the life of me I cannot imagine what McGregor’s defence could possibly be, unless a colleague is right in thinking she was simply flustered at being asked such a tricky question by a Labour (!) MP. But even if that IS her defence, it doesn’t excuse her not correcting it over the course of a week. Of course it’s possible she’s corrected it but not bothered to inform me on the matter… but I doubt it, somehow.

        McGregor is on the steering committee of the 30% club, which has just celebrated its second anniversary. Numerous manginas were present at the celebrations, held at the London Stock Exchange:


        Mike Buchanan

        • TigerMan

          Thanks Mike for the detailed update – this is almost sounding like the plot of a Terry Pratchet novel but when it comes to feminism and the Orwellian proportioned stupidity nestling in the heart of “political correctness” it becomes increasingly difficult to satirise or parody reality out there!
          Perhaps I’m jumping the gun and letting my imagination run wild as she may stun us all yet by following correct procedure in both spirit and practice but I won’t hold my breath. Needless (or needles to say…err no that’s Steve Coogans line!) to say I can’t wait for the next update. :)
          Thanks also for the link to the 30% blog post – I will eat my dinner BEFORE reading it though as I suspect it may induce pre prandial nausea otherwise. 😉

      • ivy7om

        Speaking as someone who has attended an art college in the same province, his behavior doesn’t surprise me at all. I know it sounds like I’m generalizing, but I swear that every prof in that place came from the snobby, pretentious, coffee house feminist hipster crowd. All of the galleries and museums in Ottawa are run by the same people. My class once received a half hour lecture on how this piece http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Les_Demoiselles_d%27Avignon.jpg was filled with “invisible lines” (an actual term for how an image leads your eyes in certain directions without a creating a literal line) which create a second image about worshiping the vagina. The same prof then gave a lecture on how “The art itself does not matter. Only the statement that accompanies it matters”. He then ended the class asking, in all seriousness, “Why does nobody visit the National Gallery anymore?”

        • TigerMan

          OMG! I did detect a bit if oddness in downtown Toronto (also in Ontario as you will know) come to think of it. So this snobby ignorance might be a fairly common malaise in the major cities of the state.
          An example of this oddness was when I asked this smartly dressed dude for directions to the Roy Thomson Hall (I was going to attend a talk there later) he was helpful but for some reason he could not see my face as he was looking into an empty space above and to the left of where it was as he gave directions.
          Later I met a lady from out of town and without prompting she mentioned this was a common trait amongst “Torontarians”, to be fair by no means all were like that that I met smartly dressed or otherwise.
          It seems to me that Toronto and perhaps Ottawa needs it “Bonfire Of The Vanities” – Canada’s Tom Wolfe where are you? 😉

          • ivy7om

            Yeah, it does seem to be the general mindset in the major cities. You tend to see a lot less of it in the rural areas.

            Unfortunately, a Tom Wolfe will likely never get published here. Next time you’re in Chapters, take a good look at the Canadian Literature section. You will find the Almighty Anne (of Green Gables, of course), the two Margarets (Laurence and Atwood, although they’re pretty much interchangeable) and a whole lot of mediocre, second-tier authors who aren’t either of the two Margarets, but are trying really hard to write like them. Mordecai Richler will be tucked away somewhere, but really just as a token. The problem? Canadian publishers are cut from the same cloth as Canadian art profs. This is why Canada actually kinda needed the current online indie publishing boom.

    • Jay

      Just like to say Mike, that you are a hero for all the work you are doing in the field of gender equality :-)

      • http://fightingfeminism.wordpress.com mikebuchanan1957

        Jay, that’s very much appreciated – thank you!

        For some months I’ve been focusing on my campaign against ‘iimproving’ gender diversity on corporate boards, because the clear evidence is the ‘improvement’ leads a decline in corporate performance. The unwillingness of the mass media to give exposure to the issue is very frustrating. In a bid to create some interest I’ve just made a public challenge to one of the initiative’s key drivers, Sir Roger Carr, a FTSE100 chairman:


        I don’t suppose he’ll respond, but you do what you can…

        Mike Buchanan

        • TigerMan

          The unwillingness of MSM to tackle establishments adoption of pro radfem policy is an interesting “coincidence”. I would like to put it in stronger terms but I get accused of being a conspiracy theorist for that! lol

  • http://yacv.wordpress.com/ yacv

    I think a kick in the arts is needed urgently…

  • dhanu

    Welcome The Cul-De-Sac Hero :) The debut post is a hit!

    To the readers new to the matter, here’s the relevant link: http://culdesachero.blogspot.ca/2012/11/feminist-protest-art_19.html

    • TigerMan

      Thanks for the link dhanu – I left my two hundredths of a dollars worth. 😉

  • TigerMan

    “Weapons like baseball bats can be taken away and used against you.”
    So true a taxi driver I once met told me he used to keep one in the boot – one day whilst stopped at traffic light some drunks started kicking his car etc – he leapt out and ran round to the boot to get the baseball bat – he got it all right – they took it off him and he ended up eating hospital food for a few days!

  • http://none universe

    Hmm, female perpetrated violence upon males lauded in an art context. We’ve reached new depths, now haven’t we. Then again, from what’s been recently revealed on this site – Pankhurst elitism, Toronto campus protests, RadFem musings, female sexual interference with male minors – perhaps this isn’t so new afterall. What’s new to our times is our learning of such matters.

    The utmost simplicity of this displayed ‘art’, so plainly designed which resembles more the work of an elementary grade student, speaks more of the art of politics and in-your-face hate. Propaganda disguised as low-brow art.

    The beauty of self expression reveals a glimpse to the inner working of an individual. But the allowable public display of such expression reveals much more.

    Thanks The Cul de Sac Hero for bringing this to our attention.

    • Skeptic

      The studio displaying misandric art looks like a prime spot for some MRA poster art. Hint. hint…..

      • Kimski

        Brilliant suggestion.
        Now, where did I put that plane ticket..

  • Ben

    I have never seen an actual cat call being conducted in real life. Has anyone else? I honestly have never seen this particular reprehensible action take place. I have seen lots of construction workers and they all seem to keep their mind on their work. In fact, they rarely even talk to each other. They simply work. There is usually a superintendant nearby who would likely fire somebody if he acted that unprofessionally.

    I have been around men all my life and if a man within our ranks were to start saying “Hey baby! Looking sexy! Wanna come over to my place later?” or anything like that, every other man within ear shot would look at the guy like “WTF?!” then we would all look at each other and say “What the hell is wrong with that guy?” and somebody would say, “Dude! Knock it off! What’s wrong with you? Are you some kind of an animal or something?”

    Other men would blush, look away, turns their backs to the woman as an effort to not appear affiliated with the man who made the cat call. I know I would blush and turn away in embarrassment. So would most men.

    The only cat calls I have ever seen have been on television. Maybe, women are talking about cat calls they see on television. Just my theory.

    Ladies, you forget one critical bit of information when you make claims about cat calls. We men have been around other men all our lives and we KNOW what men do and it’s not that. The most severe cat call I have ever seen in my life is “Can I buy you a drink?” And even the thought of doing that is enough to make most men tremble with nervousness. We can’t even compliment a lady’s looks in a bar anymore without running the risk of being regarded as “creeps”!

    I want to first see evidence that cat calling occurs any capacity worthy of mention in discussions on the sexes. For crying out loud, get some of this on camera or do something so that I can see it for myself. Otherwise I don’t believe you. Thanks for your kind attention on this, ladies.

    • Raven01

      I have seen a cat call IRL. And, yes it does seem to be a pretty rare occurrence. For the record the target of the cat-calls response was a smile and a wave to the guys whistling. Not exactly someone I would deem to have been “victimized”.

      Still rare but, in my personal experience more common cat-calls seem to be coming from younger women directed toward young men.
      Actually, in my own younger days I recall fairly regularly being groped by women that I had no interest in. Legally speaking, I was quite regularly sexually assaulted (I despise that term, call it what it is so there is no mistaking it for rape) and, as anyone that has met me or even seem my mug on stickam can attest I am just a regular guy so, I expect my experience to be very widespread.
      Being raised as a boy with full personal accountability however, I never did blame an entire sex for the clumsy, annoying behaviour of some members of that sex.

      • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

        I’ve been groped and felt up multiple times. Far more often when I was younger and more physically attractive. It was disturbing and confusing every time. I thought there was something wrong with me. It hasn’t happened in a long time, my age may be part of that, as well as the fact that I’m far less often in crowded spaces and parties than I used to be.

        I have also had multiple experiences of having people I did not know shout incoherent and crude things at me from cars and groups. Is that “cat calling” or just harassment?

        I have known a couple of women who’ve experienced “cat calling.” My wife says it happened to her once or twice as a teenager and she attributes it to teenaged stupidity on the cat-callers’ part and not something to be taken seriously. I on the other hand have a twitter friend who lives in London and she says catcalling and physically harassing women is pretty common in certain parts of London, and I tend to believe her experience simply because she’s shown me multiple ways she’s highly sympathetic to men’s issues and highly critical of feminists (she refuses to call herself one and thinks most of them are crazy). So I’m prepared to believe that there are parts of the world where this happens to women; the question is, how serious a problem is it actually, and are we going to bother to ask the tough questions about WHY it happens? (I suspect this behavior is, for example, probably more common in lower class areas where single motherhood is the norm.)

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      I think I have seen one, a long time ago. Not exactly sure.

      Like the overwhelming majority of men, the idea of howling at a strange woman for attention or as a come on, seems stupid, desperate and beneath me. And yes, it seems harassing and crude.

      In the scope of worldly problems, it rates about twenty rungs down on the ladder from annoying sales calls.

      The obsession on the social importance of cat calls is just one more example of female narcissistic self obsession and self objectification force fed to the population as a legitimate social problem.

      If someone is stupid enough to cat call you, flip ’em off and keep walking you fucking self-absorbed crybaby.

      And I am going to tell you something else. Don’t let someone else’s dumb ass bravado, disguised as “art” make you equally stupid.

      If deluded, histrionic women, start having Rocky Balboa fantasies about attacking cat callers, they better think again.

      The ever so slight amount of men that do that sort of thing, are likely on the low end of the intelligence scale. Really stupid men also tend to be the minority that are more prone to violence.

      Unless you want to add having a bedazzled baseball bat shoved up your ass to your list of complaints du jour, you better just blow off the small shit and shrug off life’s annoyances like everyone else.

      • Ex Machina

        On most matters,I could keep silent for the rest of my life. Paul Elam says it better than I could.

        I think we do ourselves an injustice by allowing that any of these dumbass made-up grievances warrant any kind of concessions.

        I’ve had people throw half full beer bottles at my head from moving vehicles while I’m walking down the sidewalk. Try that for a day and see if cat calls are still such a big deal,bitches.

      • http://culdesachero.blogspot.com/ The Cul-De-Sac Hero

        The obsession on the social importance of cat calls is just one more example of female narcissistic self obsession and self objectification force fed to the population as a legitimate social problem.

        Terrific point. They blow it out of proportion and use it against all men to get what they want. Exploiting every ounce of sympathy. I’m tired of it.

      • Marcus

        Yeah, I agree, I remember thinking that was really desperate and grimy when they did it. I just… No.

      • Sasha

        One of the most famous photographs of ‘cat-calling’ ever taken is Ruth Orkin’s ‘An American Girl in Rome’, which depicts a lone young women crossing a street, holding her head high as she braves a baying crowd of leering Italian men. For many years it has been used to perpetuate the image of men, particularly Italian men, as crude, priapic harassers.

        Of course, the photo was actually staged by the photographer:

        “In Florence Orkin had met Ninalee “Jinx” Allen Craig, an art student and fellow American who became the model for a series Orkin originally titled Don’t Be Afraid to Travel Alone, based on their joint experience as women travelling alone in Europe in the 1950s. Orkin photographed Craig shopping in the markets, crossing traffic, riding a carriage and flirting at a cafe. By chance the two came upon the now famous pack of men. Orkin turned around and photographed Craig behind her. “I clutched my shawl to me because that sheaths the body,” says Craig. “It was my protection, my shield. I was walking through a sea of men.” Craig today admits, “I was enjoying every minute of it. They were Italian and I love Italians.” Orkin asked Craig to walk through again, and with that she captured the famous image.


    • Aimee McGee

      Been on the receiving end of a few – let me tell you, most times I was surprised then a bit pleased…never felt threatened at all.
      One time when the comments were a bit too lewid, I turned round and called back up to the ringleader I would need check out with his mother if he was allowed out on a date after 7pm…and walked away to the sound of laughter from his mates directed at him.

      • http://fightingfeminism.wordpress.com mikebuchanan1957

        Aimee, thanks for a great comment. I sometimes see photos or videos of women who complain about ‘unwanted attention’ from leering men and can’t help but laugh. They’re often the same women who complain about men ‘objectifying’ women. I think they’re really complaining about men finding attractive women… er… attractive. Few attractive women, in my experience, don’t use their attractiveness to the max. Which might possibly explain why unattractive women, not having been giving this trump card in life, are jealous and angry.

        Ironically, of course, it’s unattractive women who have REAL equality with men. Like men, they have to work for their economic well-being. No wonder they’re so angry…

        Mike Buchanan

        • Aimee McGee

          Funny thing for me is I’m not a conventionally attractive woman, but I’m told by several male friends when I am walking along in my relaxed self confident mode, I’m well worth an admiring look.
          I like having to work hard, means I feel good when I get to spend the money 😉

      • Roger O Thornhill

        I promise not to do that again Aimee! :-)

        • Marcus

          Are you serious dude? You’re on a MRA website, and you’re gonna comment some joke that insinuates that you’re bowing down to some girl? No offense to the girl above, but that’s just fucking ridiculous. You’re a grown fucking man. act like one.

          • Aimee McGee

            Nah, he’s taking the piss…this is a multi-layer joke not least of which he’s an Aussie and I’m a kiwi, so it a bit like ‘big brother – little sister rivalry

          • Roger O Thornhill

            Marcus, my comment was and is a joke. I take yours to be the same.

        • Aimee McGee

          Roger, don’t hold back out of shyness…

    • Kimski

      Never seen it, but agree with the immediate reaction:

      “What the fuck is wrong with you, man”, would just be for starters.

    • Tawil

      @Ben: “I have never seen an actual cat call being conducted in real life. Has anyone else?”

      Nope, never seen it.

      Correction: I have “seen” it in women’s fantasies many, many times. In women’s romance novels, in movies, and most prevalent of all – in feminist sociology literature.

      The cat call fantasy appears to come from the days of courtly love in 12th century France, where the Ladies of the Court had thier status and importance accentuated simply by contrasting thier finery with that of some gross, dirty and crass street worker (or peasant as he may have been called). This enhancement-ruse is designed to shine a spotlight on status…. a bit like when an average looking woman chooses an ugly, fat girlfrend to accompany her to the night club to meet guys…. the contrast helps lift her value and she exaggerates the contrast to reap maximum profit. On that basis the legendary cat call is of use only when reported after the event to people who will be sucked into thinking the victim is extra speshul.

      The fact that this is a mythical occurrance reveals that the lady who wrote the above plackard about castrating men who ‘cat call’ is unlikely to have been a victim of it save in her feminist imagination. Her wish to castrate males therefore amounts to nothing more than misandry driven or ‘gender based’ violence.

      • Brendan

        “The fact that this is a mythical occurrence reveals that the lady who wrote the above placard about castrating men who ‘cat call’ is unlikely to have been a victim of it save in her feminist imagination. Her wish to castrate males therefore amounts to nothing more than misandry driven or ‘gender based’ violence.”

        I think it’s more likely that her wish to castrate males stems from her bitterness over not being the object of catcalls.

    • Sting Chameleon

      They’re relatively common in my country, but then again, most women here have a far thicker skin and just shrug off. Tourists from so-called ‘developed countries’, on the other hand…

    • Marcus

      Yeah, I was like 6 and my mom’s “Friends” were in the attic cat calling some bitch on the sidewalk, this was like the mid 90’s though.

  • dhanu

    Prof Smith says the reason of (or justification for) that kind of art is the views like those from the author. While in fact that kind of art was actually the reason that caused those views.

    This is called getting the cause and effect wrong. Feminists do this without realization.

  • Raven01

    `Kill your rapist`seems to me to be inciting vigilantism.

    Ontario is chock full of misandry. This “gallery/studio” or the Terminal Barbershop seem to be ideal for a fairly large group of us Ontario MRA’s to cut our teeth on and make some headlines.
    This one might be the better choice as our detractors will no doubt claim that we are “rape supporters” or “rape apologists” and, our calm, reasoned responses will show the lie while driving them to every more ridiculous claims and violent antics.

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

    Canada has a reputation as a peaceful country.

    The feminists there are going to change that.

    Great article, and welcome, CDSH

  • silzbo

    where can we write to lodge a complaint?

    • Raven01

      You could try here silzbo:

      They MAY be warned against inciting vigilantism but TPS is the bunch that employ “Officer Bubbles” (check him out on Youtube) so I wouldn’t hold my breath expecting any degree of professionalism from the brass there. Their behaviour at Warren Farrell’s discussion at U of T was honestly a pleasant surprise.

  • Ben

    I also contest the term “cat call”. When a tom cat calls for a female cat to breed, and the female cat refuses, the tom cat routinely eviscerates the female cat. I had a female cat when I was 13 that experienced this type of massacre from a tom cat. Unwanted expressions of romantic interest from men are not “cat calls”.

  • cvar

    I’ll admit, I detested my typography class and probably didn’t really learn much, but those don’t seem like they’d be worth displaying, quality wise. They’re just block letters (one seems to be in italics) and some rather boring spacing. Even from just a design standpoint, they’re rather poor.

    I find it somewhat sad that Word documents printed out on pink paper and glittered over get the incredibly limited display space. Seems like art professors the world over are conflating shock value with artistic merit.

    • Brendan

      I don’t think the issue is merely one of conflating shock value with artistic merit; I’ve seen similar “art” on other college campuses, and what all of it has in common is the pussy pass: students and professors alike jetison artistic standards when the message is radically feminist. I imagine the students producing this “art” might contend that ideas of artistic merit are patriarchal constructs of the “male gaze” requiring their brave and brilliant acts of “deconstruction”, but all I see is affirmative action in the visual arts for angry ideologues who can’t draw a straight line.

  • ZimbaZumba

    Art is to provoke thought or stimulate the aesthetic senses. This is utter rubbish that merely trots out standard ideological slogans. It is worse than the “Art” that emerged from Stalinist Russian.

    All this is is a gauche attempt at expressing and reinforcing his group membership of a political clique. It is all about him, using the approved artistic medium. It is utter nonsense devoid of any originality or merit.

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com/activism-page/karma/ KARMA MRA MGTOW

    Those posters, the smell of desperation, projection at it best!

    I am sitting at a cafe as I type this, three couples three white Aussie dudes not one white women. Other tables, I see white women without a man and they just don’t get it, they are also very out of shape.

    I suspect this in part to the MRM even if the cause is indirect.Memes don’t always take the most direct route.

    I see my sister and her friends, still going on with the bullshit most western women go on with, barren and single they will stay, it will always be everyone’s fault but theirs…

  • http://culdesachero.blogspot.com/ The Cul-De-Sac Hero

    Thanks for all the comments, people. You’ve summed up a lot of the thoughts I had that didn’t make it into the article and given me more information and ideas, as usual from this site.

  • dhanu

    This professor doesn’t seem very accomplished. We’re the first to give him any online creds. Hehe 😀 http://www.google.com/search?q=art%20professor%20pete%20smith

  • scatmaster

    OT: She is at it again.

    Of course there is no comment section after this piece but she does leave an email. Just remember if you email her with statistics they are all lies. It is a patriarchal plot.


    • Bombay

      I see a comment section?

      • scatmaster

        Perhaps the have somehoe banned my IP from just the comment section. I have used a different browser and still no connent section for me.

    • cvar

      6 lines. That is all the space she needs to flip flop from “not all men are violent” to “all men are predisposed to violence”.

      Impressive. Even the citizens of Oceania needed a little longer than that to work the doublethink. How much longer, do you suppose, before O’Brien comes along to speak to us about solipsism and rats?

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    I think excessive cat calling WAS one of those weird social aberrations that bloomed during the ’70’s and has now gone the way of Sonic Booms – something you’ve heard a lot about but rarely hear anymore.

    You gotta realize, women were no longer chaperoned or under their father or husband’s watchful supervision and protection. Skimpy clothes, walking alone late at night, going to work enforce – it was a very transitional time for both men and women.

    Not braggin’…but I got whistled at A LOT in those days.

    Back then it annoyed.

    Now? I call out Thank You! and blow kisses.

    I’m almost 60. I’ve finally grown a sense of humor.

    • Stu

      Your 60yo? Who’s in the pic lol

      • scatmaster

        My thoughts exactly but I figured some would think I was pandering or sexist if I made mention. LOL.

        • Stu

          Yeah…..that woman looks 80 if she’s a day……..very ugly too. :)…what did you mean?

  • Zarathos022

    Hmmm. “Cat calling gives me permission to rip your dick off and feed it to you. Open wide”, eh?

    How about this one?

    Threatening me because of a harmless fucking flirt reasserts my belief that feminists of ANY kind are murderous fucking lunatics and should be locked away in a fucking mental asylum for the rest of their FUCKING LIVES!!!

    Have fun in the padded cells. :)

    Fucking Feminist Assholes.

    Sorry folks, still pissed about the U of T incident.

  • RapeyBeatyGuy

    I want to see a poster on campus that reads

    ‘ I’m an ugly fat feminists that can’t get a date’

    ‘ I’m obsessed with sexual violence because I can’t get any dick’

    ‘Im terribly unattractive in every sense… and its all men’s fault!’

    ‘Im insecure about my vagina!’

  • StarsDie

    100% of the cat-calls I have seen (some being done by men to women, and some even being done by women to men) have been dealt with by humoring the cat-caller. Most of the cat-calling is good-natured (even if a bit crude) and it has luckily not been taken as threatening. I think the problem some women probably have with cat-calling is that they have grown to view men as dangerous. If they didn’t view these things as so predatory (because most of it isn’t; at least in my experience) it wouldn’t be a big deal at all. She’d just have fun with the cat-callers and do some light-ribbing back. I actually smile when I see men and women strangers interacting so well with each other on the streets. Even if it’s crassy interacting, it’s humorous and heart-warming IMO.