Why masculinity does not need to be changed

Over the past few days there has been a lot of internet activity, including here, related to Josh Jasper’s controversial video in which his organization, The Riverview Center, uses an infant boy in a commercial as a message enhancer for an anti-rape campaign.

In the first article I wrote on the subject, I passed on a detailed explanation of what was wrong with the ad, opting instead to just tag it with res ipsa loquitor. For those of you who don’t see the problem with the video, that means “The thing speaks for itself.” Only it apparently doesn’t for some, at least not in the right language, so I suppose I should be charitable enough to explain it to such unfortunates with more tutelage in mind.

I warn you in advance that if you don’t now see a problem with Jasper’s ad, or better yet think he is doing a good thing, then you may want to stop reading now, because very shortly you will have to start lying to yourself – and perhaps everyone else – in order to maintain your position.

First let’s take the pivotal, penultimate statement from the video that caused such offense (aside from the use of a baby to drive in the message).

“Redefine what it means to be a man.”

Redefine, as in change our understanding, of manhood. Jasper is saying that manhood, as we understand it now, needs to be changed because an inherent part of being a man is being a possible rapist. And he deduces that the probability of a man becoming a rapist is so likely that we don’t just need to do what we already do, which is take a very dim view of rape and punish those who commit it harshly, but that we actually need to change manhood itself, because in some way manhood is the problem.

Are you with me so far, or are you searching the creative side of your brain for a rationale to explain how what Jasper is saying isn’t really what Jasper is saying? Maybe you have already skipped that part and moved on to just tell yourself that almost anything he could say is good because it is against rape?

Whatever you are doing, if you are not convinced that Jasper has just told you that men are inherently rapists, then you are most certainly employing some mental mechanism in your mind that is the equivalent of putting your fingers in your ears and shouting “la-la-la-la-la-I-am-not list-en-ing-to-you!

Please bear with me. I only dwell on this because if you are already avoidant of dealing with the truth, the rest of this article will be a waste of your time.

This is an absolutely crucial point, Riverview fans. This is where your cognitive dissonance, or your dishonesty, will start governing your perceptions, or at least what you will admit to. You will need to tell yourself, casting aside all rhyme and reason, “No, he is not saying that.”

Yes, he is saying that very thing exactly. And it commands those being honest with themselves and others to question, if he is not saying that, then why would he be talking about a redefinition of what it means to be a man in the first place?

OK, now we move from there, the assumption that rape is an integral part of manhood that we can ameliorate by reengineering a boy to be a different kind of man than his father, to the path we will take to get there. The narrator opens as follows:

He’s tough. He’s strong. He’s aggressive. He’s powerful.

These are the hallmarks of masculine nature that Jasper is identifying for anyone to see; and reasonably assumed to be the characteristics of manhood that need to be changed so the baby boy in the commercial doesn’t grow up to become a rapist. Pause to digest that, allowing your cognitive dissonance to resolve itself before you move on.

Ready now? Good.

To his credit, and in a moment of clarity, Jasper has actually stumbled on to a half-truth. Those characteristics are generally considered to be masculine traits in human males. Whether by genetics or socialization or a combination of both, these are the qualities that we value, expect, and respect in men.

Why? Well, for one the human race would have been a dead end evolutionary experiment if men were not that way. Survival has its demands. I would expect that was particularly true 3,000,000 years ago on the African Savannah. But more relevant to modern times is that this is still what we expect of men in order to protect and provide for families as well as their societies.

But just one more of many problems for Jasper here is that none of these characteristics are demonstrably causal of rape any more than they are of armed robbery or becoming a police officer or a marine. Sure, rapists and marines may share many of the same traits, but Jasper is contending that the same exact traits that lead men to rape women also lead men to lay down their lives to protect them.

If this were true, changing the nature of manhood would not only prevent rape, but would also prevent men from stopping rape. Quite the paradox, eh?

Can we go on, or do you need another break to digest that? Are you still with me or just repeating to yourself, “But he is trying to stop rapists! Honest!” If so, take five and a few deep breaths. When you come back, please ask yourself: Does it not seem more plausible then that there is something else that differentiates men who take the path of protecting women from those that take the path of raping them?

If you are still struggling to answer that one, please check your dissonance meter again. It might be spiking into the red zone. And if you are telling yourself that you don’t care, simply because the message is ultimately one you approve of, please check your sense of moral decency. It isn’t much better than your average rapist, and maybe worse.

Unfortunately, this is not the worst of the message Jasper is peddling.

Let us just follow his line of logic, again if we are to be generous enough to call it that, and look at the somewhat less blatant conclusions he is drawing.

If it is characteristic of men to be tough, strong, aggressive and powerful, and that results not in protective guardians and providers for our society but the tragedy of rapists victimizing innocents, then the solution, as Jasper is clearly pointing to in this commercial, is obvious.

We need to engineer men who are fragile, weak, meek and powerless. And we have to start that in the cradle, hammering it in with a toxic dose of innate shame and self-loathing for having been born male.

There’s your “redefinition of manhood,” ala Josh Jasper. And if you buy into it, I pray you have no sons, or access to anyone else’s.

There is much more to this than meets the average person’s eye because what the average person doesn’t know about gender politics in western culture could fill a library.

For many years now, feminist academicians and politicians have worked diligently to promote the idea that men, by their nature, are just plain bad, and that they must be remolded into the feminist ideal in order to pass muster as human beings. It is called misandry; a word that will still get red lined on most spell checks, but it means the hatred or contempt for men and boys, and it is a very real, toxic ideology that sells like hotcakes because it has, well, been sold like Riverview Center Anti-Rape Ads. In other words, hating men sells because the culture has been taught to hate men, just as Riverview is teaching you to now.

It’s a self-feeding tumor that has popularized the notion that men are in need of social reconstruction, arguably so they will be less of a threat to the society that they built and have protected for countless generations. We have seen it played out in simple memes like, “Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them,” but it hardly stops there.

There are many other ways this is happening. And the 33 seconds of hate speech being peddled by the Riverview Center is just another symptom of the problem.

Above the vehement objections of alumni, many faculty and concerned parents, Hamilton College now requires all freshmen males to attend a class called “She Fears You.” taught by another man of Jasper’s ilk, Keith Edwards.

All the men attending Hamilton are herded into an auditorium on day one and told they are all potential rapists, and that this is rooted in their masculinity. Interestingly enough, no alarms are sent to the families of freshmen women that they have chosen to send their daughters to a school inhabited by men who are all, each and every one, potentially going to rape their daughters.

No bucks in that last part. No, none at all.

And in the end, bucks are what we are really talking about.

Anti-rape efforts have become a well-heeled, thoroughly monetized industry in western culture. Flying in the face of Josh Jasper’s recent comment that rape is a subject that “no one wants to talk about,” is a flourishing expanse of agencies and organizations that are not talking about anything else. Indeed, Josh Jasper makes his living and employs a staff from talking about rape.

And it is clear he will do whatever it takes to foster more rent seeking.

I don’t think anyone in their right mind would find fault in the idea of curbing any sort of crime, but criminalizing the sex of half the population is not the way to go about it.

Holy shit, am I really having to tell people that?

If you are still not convinced, allow me to challenge you to answer some very simple questions. What would you think if the baby in that commercial had been black? In fact, please come up with one social ill for which you think it is fair and legitimate to target any other monolithic group because of the actions of a few. What group of human beings are you willing to put out there and say, “We need to change the meaning of what it means to be a….” Fill in the blank as you see fit:

  • Woman?
  • Asian?
  • Jew?
  • Homosexual?
  • African American?
  • Hispanic?

I am betting that those of you who thought Jasper’s commercial was a good idea would not come up with a single choice from that list, even though you think it fair to target men in exactly the same way.  I am betting that men are the only group on the planet for which you feel justified in pointing at and alleging innate evils.

That is misandry in action, and it is a form of hate just as surely as any other. Your good intentions or concerns about rape don’t license you to practice hatred in a culture that is trying to rise above it.

Still, you are entitled to feel that way if you like. Hell, even neo Nazi’s are entitled to their beliefs.

But don’t drag our children down with you. And for those who insist on doing it, there is a growing number of people willing to put a stop to it.

[Addendum: Please observe that at this very moment Jasper is back peddling, of sorts. He is now appealing for other bloggers to “Unite” in the name of the ignored male victims of sexual violence, and is seeking our input on producing a commercial that addresses this. Don’t buy it. The thunderous anger from across the country that slapped Jasper in the face has just registered with him – but only as a needed demographic.  He is now approaching the very people he has demonized and is trying to enlist their support. How transparent can you get?]

  • ScareCrow P-Man

    Excellent article.

    ‘Josh Jasper’s recent comment that rape is a subject that “no one wants to talk about,”’

    Josh is full of it – it seems like at least once a month there is a news story giving bogus factoids about rape – there are even feminists that write poetry about how terrible rape is – everybody talks about rape – way too much too.

    • browneao


      Do you ever get irritated by the support of your irrational and uneducated followers? It seems as is this blog means to portray a very worthy argument against male stereotypes, and yet your comments section is littered with typical chauvinistic idiots. I had the chance to sit in on a lecture where Josh Jasper spoke and his message is very different than they way both you and your followers seem to have perceived it.

      For starters, Josh Jasper’s commercial containing the infant is not suggesting than every good man who has the positive traits listed is ultimately a rapist. Anyone with half a brain would be able to process this and see the underlying intent. Since no one here seems to have any critical thinking skills, I’ll spell it out for you. Men are strong, powerful, intelligent…yada yada. They have these wonderful strengths and qualities and yet they are capable of terrible things. Josh Jasper’s entire approach is based on the idea that men should not use their strength to hurt women.

      He does not preach that manhood needs to be changed, but that what it truly means to be a man needs to be more clearly defined to the young men in our society. Our sons are being raised in a culture where derogatory terms regarding women have become the norm. To me, being “man” means showing respect to others no matter what the circumstances, and this certainly pertains to women. Our society has been desensitized to women being called “bitch” “slut” “whore.” An infant male being raised in a society such as this will never learn the value of a woman, or how to fully respect people in general. How many men in the forum have referred to Josh Jasper as a “pussy” — derogatory language in everyday conversation and much of it stems back to the devalue of our women.

      I could keep on going forever, because I’m educated. Unlike many of the ignorant assholes who seem to eat up every ill-planned thought you have come up with.

      • MrStodern

        Our sons are being raised in a culture where derogatory terms regarding women have become the norm.

        Bullshit. Men can hardly use the word “bitch”, whether they’re talking about a woman or not, without getting an earful from any feminist who hears it. I call a woman a bitch for being exactly that, I’m assumed to think all women are bitches. But when a woman calls me an asshole, I don’t make the assumption that she thinks all men are assholes. In fact, if anything, I usually assume I’m the only man on Earth she despises that much. I’m pretty good at making myself unpopular with women you see, a fact I don’t give a flying fuck about anymore either, so don’t bother trying to use it to insult me. Won’t work.

        To me, being “man” means showing respect to others no matter what the circumstances,

        Typical feminist drivel. Respect is EARNED. People handing that shit out is the reason it doesn’t mean anything anymore, and I’m sick of it.

        and this certainly pertains to women.

        Why? Too many of them have done too much to NOT earn it.

        Our society has been desensitized to women being called “bitch” “slut” “whore.”

        I already addressed this.

        An infant male being raised in a society such as this will never learn the value of a woman, or how to fully respect people in general.

        Actually, what prevents men from valuing women is the general behavior of today’s women. They’re loud, obnoxious, bossy, demanding, entitled, spoiled, and all-around too hazardous to handle for men in general.

        Respect is earned, as I said. Feminism dictating to every man to respect women is the reason everything’s so fucked up.

        How many men in the forum have referred to Josh Jasper as a “pussy” — derogatory language in everyday conversation and much of it stems back to the devalue of our women.

        How many women ever get called a pussy? None, only men are ever insulted in such a way. The fact that so many feminists yak on and on about how offensive and degrading insults like “pussy” are to women when men are the ones that are intended to be harmed by them is offensive in of itself.

        How dare you try to turn our pain into yours you ignorant, self-righteous pain in the ass. You don’t know a damn thing about being hurt by words. You don’t have a fucking clue about what it’s like to be made to feel like less of a man for any number of stupid and wholly sexist reasons, by men AND women, feminist or no. You don’t know what it is for people to look at you as less of a woman because you don’t feel like being a housewife. Not even I consider you less of a woman for your embracing a career instead. Shit, I applaud it, and so do a lot of men. But we don’t get any fucking credit for that with you do we? No, you’re too busy railing against us over words that don’t even really apply to you most of the time.

        Someone calls you a bitch, it’s because that’s what they think of YOU. Don’t fucking involve your gender, you’re the one who earned it, not them.


  • Wulf

    Thank you.

  • Jonathan Mann

    Josh Jasper is a misandric scum-bag, pure and simple. He, and other men like him, are taking the PC route (the coward’s route) in the gender debate. Everyone of them has a platform to put forth a productive conversation on the subject of gender and everyone of them decided to sell out and take the path of least resistance, the path that doesn’t require them to become the focus of scorn by feminists.

    In this day and age I don’t like telling other men what they should be, but these particular men are a disgrace to us all.

    • MasculistMan

      Josh is a pussyboy. Fuck him.

  • Pankaj

    Please.. just give me that money! I am broke and too stupid to hold a real job. So, please just forget that I demonized you not so long ago and give me your money.

    • browneao

      Is this you trying to be clever and act as the “voice” of Josh Jasper? If so, you should be educated and know Josh Jasper has a doctorate degree and held a position with the LA PD — (that’s Los Angeles Police Department) for 12 years….and they approached him asking if he would join their force.

      You should really educate yourself on the issues you attack before going around calling other people stupid. It would really help your cause.

  • zed

    Well, said, Paul.

  • Sirreaper

    That pretty much sums up the entire logical discourse. Thanks Paul. I think everyone who has commented on the video should be aware of this article, it covers everything in a comprehensive way.

  • scatmaster

    Fuck you Jasper. You are beneath contempt.
    You will be made to pay for your crimes.
    The MRM have long memories and you have already been catalogued.

  • SingleDad

    Great piece Paul. I think your appeal to emotion is critical at this phase of the MRM. People need to see how badly they are making their sons, brothers, husbands and fathers feel.

  • Pierce Harlan

    Jasper’s video peddles the same lie that is promulgated by all persons financially dependent on the counterfeit perception that rape is a massive, unresolved problem that — mirabile dictu! — only THEY can solve: that we live in a “rape culture” where sexual violence against women is normalized, rationalized, and excused, principally by men.

    These absurd-on-their-face notions do not merit extended refutation, so let us briefly explain why this, and the entire cult of radical feminism built around it, is constructed on a lie.

    First, “rape culture” is diametrically opposed to any reasonable person’s version of reality. Men, as a class, do not accept, rationalize, or excuse rape. It is men who are most outraged by rape. Read that again. Those of us who closely follow the false rape phenomenon find unmistakable patterns of gendered reactions to rape claims. Based on a fair review of the reported cases, it is reasonable to conclude that men, consistent with their status since the beginning of time as women’s protectors, typically express far greater outrage over rape claims than do women. Rape of women often elicits a visceral reaction of outrage in men exceeding the actual harm inflicted by the crime. The notion of “rape culture” holds reality up to a funhouse mirror.

    Second, “rape culture” is constructed on the canard that there is massive underreporting of rape. Without underreporting, even members of the sexual grievance industry could not keep a straight face when they insist we live in a “rape culture.” That’s because, truth be told, there are relatively few reported rapes compared to other serious criminality. As Heather MacDonald put it: “It’s a lonely job, working the phones at a college rape crisis center. Day after day, you wait for the casualties to show up from the alleged campus rape epidemic—but no one calls.”

    But underreporting is a leap of faith (it’s principal “proof” is that there MUST be underreporting of Biblical proportions because no one is reporting all these rapes that MUST be occurring). The fact is, underreporting has never been objectively proven to be significant. Yet every rape reform enacted is supposedly designed to end underreporting — and none have ever worked. What does this tell you? It tells me that ours is far less a “rape culture” than it is a “burglary culture” or a “robbery culture.”

    Third, the financial dependence of members of the sexual grievance industry on this awful bogeyman of “rape culture” taints their every pronouncement with an odious patina of untrustworthiness.

    There is no “rape culture,” just charlatans with no higher moral standing than the Wizard of Oz who insist we take them at their word while they tell us to “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

  • Keyster

    Jesus H, that was good.
    I’m not worthy!

    Really it’s not directly his fault. He’s merely trying to fit the popular narrative, not go against it. He’s learning the hard way that the “narrative” is changing. Poor f*cker didn’t get the email.

    Wonder how much of their budget they sink into those “ads”.
    (It took me an hour to do the “girl” parody video.)

    If Josh can show the empirical evidence of everything Riverside does to help victims of DV and rape, along with an accounting of donations and what percentage goes towards “administrative costs” vs. actually helping the community. If that information is publicly available, and surmised to be what they say…
    …I will offer my services to them free of charge (but minus the misandry).

    If he can demonstrate that this truly is a worthy charitable organization, where employees sacrifice pay for the goodness it does, if its turning way many battered and abused women (or men), because it lacks funding. I want to help. But I want a peak at the finances first. And if my suspicions are proven wrong…I’ll send them money and even volunteer to work there for free.

    Because, like most men (and women), I’m against violence and rape too.

    • Keyster

      No more rhetoric.
      Show me the numbers.
      Make me believe.
      I dare you.

      • Paul Elam

        Please don’t hold your breath waiting. We need you conscious for the radio show.

        • Keyster

          His swift back peddling indicates he’s more of an opportunist than idealist. Very revealing.

          Gotta go, face turning blue…

  • zetamale

    Damage control anyone? 😛

  • Poester99

    Yeah! What he said…

    Nice job!

  • Nergal

    See this comment I made (sorry if I’m spamming,Paul,but I think some people need this drilled into their heads):

    “The video itself is a logical fallacy, it is saying that because some rapists are male, and because males are “tough”,being “tough” makes one a rapist.

    Logical fallacy.

    It’s exactly the same as saying “Trees are good for the environment, beavers eat trees, therefore beavers are bad for the environment!”.

    But let’s consider another aspect of the video that’s fallacious.

    The video says that because males are taught to be tough or strong,they will rape. One can assume that since they didn’t mention women, or show a baby girl, that they assume that women are taught otherwise. In fact,most feminists wouldn’t argue that women are socialized differently than men from a young age.

    So if being TAUGHT to be strong or “aggressive” makes one a rapist, then how do we explain female rapists? Were they ALSO taught to be “strong”,”aggressive”?

    The feminists can’t explain that part with the “socialization” model. It doesn’t make any sense in that context, which is why they pretend male victims of female rapists don’t exist.”

    Being a rapist is part and parcel with being mentally ill. A specific form of mental illness that causes one to be sociopathic or psychotic, that is unable to empathize with other human beings or understand how your actions make them feel,is what causes rape. Being “strong” or “tough” or “aggressive” might make some people douchebags,but it does NOT make them rape. Being mentally ill makes people rape, both male and female rapists are MENTALLY ILL, they aren’t “too strong”.

    The reason we are getting this message from feminists is because a lot of women cannot tell a “strong” man from one who is sociopathic,in their minds there is no difference, hence the reason their vaginas moisten for convicted serial rapists.

  • ProleScum


  • Bombay

    I know that Paul does not do this for profit, but articles like this is one reason why I have contributed in the past and am contributing now. $20 is in the mail…. Great article.

    • Paul Elam

      Hang on, I am writing another one! LOL!!

    • Poester99

      Honestly, Paypal is easy to use, if this heats up more, it’s going to become more expensive all around too. Everybody should consider sending at least a $20 on a regular basis.

      Way to go!

  • James S.

    Those horrible rapists… and the women that raise them.

  • zed

    First, “rape culture” is diametrically opposed to any reasonable person’s version of reality.

    Second, “rape culture” is constructed on the canard that there is massive underreporting of rape. Without underreporting, even members of the sexual grievance industry could not keep a straight face when they insist we live in a “rape culture.”

    That depends entirely on how you define “rape.” Now, put aside the definition which would occur to most reasonable people with a grasp on reality, and consider how it is defined within the feminist world – which is the ideological underpinning of what you call the “Rape Grievance Industry” –

    I claim that rape exists any time sexual intercourse occurs when it has not been initiated by the woman, out of her own genuine affection and desire.
    Robin Morgan

    Reject this definition all you like, but ignore it at your own peril and the peril of countless numbers of men. This is, in fact, the definition which the Rape Grievance Industry is using. The fact that someone might disagree with it is as irrelevant within the legal system as disagreeing that marijuana should be a controlled substance – it is, and the laws reflect that. Any sexual intercourse which is not exactly what the woman wants is “rape”, or as I prefer to call it “rayyyyyyyypppppe.”

    When we get to men, we are dealing with a situation not unlike Pavlov’s dogs. Their outrage is conditioned on their understanding of what “rape” really is. Even long after the “meat” of an actual physical violation or coercion is removed from the situation, white knights still start slobbering when members of the RGI ring the bell of “rayyyyyyyypppppe.”

    What we are dealing with here is not how a reasonable or rational person might view the issues, but how a religious zealot views them. An argument between a fundamentalist Muslim and a fundamentalist Christian is not going to lead anywhere but to blows. It is not possible to argue someone out of their religious beliefs. The fact that there are millions of unreported “rayyyyyyyypppppes.” occurring exists withing exactly the same part of the RGI consciousness that belief in a supernatural being exists within the consciousness of a religious person.

    The foundation of this thinking was laid down back in the 1960s by Kate Millet – a radical lesbian. For her, sex with a man really was a violation. However, the lesbian wing of feminism did not resonate enough with normal women to catch on, so the Marxist/oppression narrative was invoked by Susan Brownmiller in “Against Our Wills.”

    Indeed, one of the earliest forms of male bonding must have been the gang rape of one woman by a band of marauding men. This accomplished, rape became not only a male prerogative, but man’s basic weapon of force against woman, the principal agent of his will and her fear. His forcible entry into her body, despite her physical protestations and struggle, became the vehicle of his victorious conquest over her being, the ultimate test of his superior strength, the triumph of his manhood.

    Man’s discovery that his genitalia could serve as a weapon to prehistoric times, along with the use of fire and the first crude stone axe. From prehistoric times to the present, I believe, rape has played a critical function. It is nothing more or less than a conscious process of intimidation by which all men keep all women in a state of fear.
    Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape, 1975

    Now, one would think that normal, sane, people would have rejected this nonsense out of hand. And, they well might have if not for American Puritanism and the influence of the religious right. The concept that women were sexless creatures incapable of feeling sexual desire and only caved in to men who pressured them into sex fit hand in glove with the victimology espoused by Brownmiller.

    The next step was simple – to retro-fit this new narrative of the nature of sexual relationships between men and women into the legal system. Enter Catherine MacKinnon, Andrea Dworkin, and Mary Koss.

    The truly tragic result of this mental illness becoming entrenched in public policy is that the attack on male sexuality is most effective against the most socialized men. Thus, the reason why Josh’s attack on little boys is so foul. There really is a diminished difference between a “strong” man and a sociopath these days, because only the most bullet-proof of personalities are able to totally ignore the cultural messages communicated by “She Fears You” and things like the Antioch Rules.

    • Keyster

      Scholarly analysis Zed.
      You could teach whatever form the anecdote to women’s studies would be; if only diverse opinions were truly allowed in academia.

    • Poester99

      Zed “The Elder”, professor emeritus, Male Studies.

      No Joke.

      If you still have that beard, you definitely look the part.

  • Stu

    Very good article. It’s a intellectual boffins version of what I was saying to Jack, Sasha, and others in the previous Josh Jasper thread. Both of those men and women seem to have an admiration for strong, powerful, manly men. Jack claiming to be the optimal version of that particular man, and Sasha pointing out that Josh is not a bad man, because he is one of the above forementioned men.

    But those qualities are exactly what is being targeted and demonised. The efforts to stamp out all masculine traits began years ago and has now reached the ridiculous point where new born babies and toddlers are being branded potential rapists. It’s as if being male is a desease that requires medical intervention to cure or control. eg. retilin

    The whole rape culture is a lie. If it was true, we wouldn’t need the redefinition of rape to include every single instance of sex. The reason they need to call it rape when a man laying in bed with his wife just casually reaches over and stimulates her with his hand, without asking permission first, is because there are not enough real rapes out their to justify the massive and growing funding and demnisation programs that exist.

    I’ve often said that manginas are worse the feminazis. Let me clarify what I mean by that. CAREER manginas. Your Joe Bidens, Josh Jaspers, Arnold Manginanegger, etc etc. Those that make political or financail gain out of misandry are the pits. Your fun of the mill mangina who is just crawling up to women and being a door mat in his personal life has my contempt, but the career mangina has my complete and utter hatred, and a very extreme wish for bad things to happen to them.

    There can be no forgetting, no forgiving of the career manginas activities. The run of the mill personal life mangina be the drafted nazi infantry soldier, the career mangina be Hitler himself. No sincere turn around or apology is going to cut it with me. I don’t even care if they are sincere, it’s like a serial killer having geniune remorse and changing, finding god, all that shit. Very good, but all it means is that I will give them a more comfortable electric chair to spend their last few mins sitting in.

    • MRA4lif

      It seems that most of the manginas that I run into have this overprotective attitude toward women and a “who cares” attitude when it comes to their own gender. which is why they become male feminists in the first place. Im sure some of them are just sucking up to women but IMO most have this “protect the woman at all costs” way of thinking that can never be changed.

      I recall one male feminist (mangina) advocating that we jail any person that is accused of rape (even if they are innocent) just so women are not “intimidated” to report rape.

      Yep throw your own gender under the bus as long as women are in some way “benefited” (however slightly).

      • Watertiger

        MRA4lif wrote:”I recall one male feminist (mangina) advocating that we jail any person that is accused of rape (even if they are innocent) just so women are not “intimidated” to report rape.”

        Guys like him DON’T get it! They don’t realize how swift & brutal that backlash is. Is he willing to go happily to prison & await his trial when his girlfriend angrily accuses him because he bought her the wrong pair of Jimmy Choo’s for X-mas?

      • MasculistMan

        Yep throw your own gender under the bus as long as women are in some way “benefited” (however slightly).

        It’s like the previous poster said,I hope very bad things happen to them.

  • Stu

    Perhaps there is one way a career mangina can redeem themselves. Join the MM and start fighting for mens rights.

    • scatmaster

      I don’t think I could accept Jasper into the MM.
      He has crossed the line.

      • Alphabeta Supe

        Surely, if he crosses back?

        Two things I’d say all MRA’s have common is that we all began this journey as unbelivers and have crossed the line at least once.

        • Poester99

          I’ve been an anti-authoritarian outsider and troublemaker for my whole life (my elementary school teachers really disliked me, except for one who was much better at spotting potential), so it was probably easier for me than most to switch into an activist mindset.

          I would think that since we’re small yet, most are either a lot like me or are someone that got raped by the system.

          • Carlos

            I’ve been a critical thinker, trouble-maker and rabble rouser pretty much my whole life too but, much as it shames me to admit it, I was a white knight for most of it.

            I initially believed that I had somehow overlooked the plight of men and boys and the legion of legitimate issues they have, but the more I think about that the more sure I am that, on some level, I consciously cultivated a blind spot to it to better deal cope with the pervasive misandry in our culture and society. Whether out of misguided chivalry, wanting to get laid, both or some other reason I refused to read the writing on the walls until I myself experienced a mild raping. In fairness to myself I never visited MRA sites or read their literature nor did I become active in feminist issues in any way aside from being sympathetic to “poor women” but, given my own experience, I can appreciate how, for many people, it can be truly and deeply shocking to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

  • Stu

    I see Egypt’s president has finally stood down. Now, I’m not up on the political situation in Egypt. I don’t know if this guy is a tyrant, or a saint, or something in between. Since he has ruled for 30 plus years though, I’m guessing it’s the former, since the only way you can hold power for that long is by corruption, force, or all your adversaries having strange and fatal accidents.

    Just a few months ago, Egypt seemed like a relatively peaceful place. Who would have thought that this would happen.

    I message to all leaders in western countries. There is a line of misandry that you can cross that will trigger similair actions in our countries. If you allow feminists to continue advancing their male hating reforms, the future will not look good for you. Personally for me, that line has been crossed, and I would welcome such actions tomorrow. There are more people adopting that attitude with each new feminist inspired law and reform.

    • Nergal

      ” I don’t know if this guy is a tyrant, or a saint, or something in between. Since he has ruled for 30 plus years though, I’m guessing it’s the former, since the only way you can hold power for that long is by corruption, force, or all your adversaries having strange and fatal accidents.”

      Neither, he was one of our puppets. He was supposed to be there to prevent Islamic terrorism, but since several of the 9/11 hijackers were Egyptian, you can see how well that went.

      Sometimes I really wish we were fanatical Muslims here in America, just get some Imam to say it’s the duty of every American to destroy feminism in the name of Allah,and a few explosions later, problem solved. Feminists are scared shitless of Muslims.

      I’m hoping there’s a massive grassroots uprising against feminism here during my lifetime, and maybe there will be,but I don’t know. It looks like the British are getting it together on that front,though. I’m seeing a lot of anti-feminism in Europe lately, but maybe that’s because Harriet Harman publicly shit the money nest by threatening men from a government office.

  • Stu


    He wouldn’t join anyway, there is no money in it.

  • Stu


    “I recall one male feminist (mangina) advocating that we jail any person that is accused of rape (even if they are innocent) just so women are not “intimidated” to report rape.”

    Yeah, as long as it’s not them


      Well I hope that the mangina you mention is the first to go to jail!

      • Y

        That seems to be the only way to get them to wake the fuck up…

  • ProleScum

    Some incredible analyses here.

    It’s as if the guys at the far end of the bell curve, after trying for so long to rise above the misandry and direct their intelligence toward loftier goals, suddenly said “Alright, enough. I’m going to war with these fuckers!”

    Zed, I love the link between Puritanism and the American appetite for Feminism. Although I’m English, this squares with my experiences of Calvinistic misandry early in my school years, where the shaming of boys was the teachers’ favoured device for keeping them in line (and making life easy for themselves).

    In later life, taking on Feminism was as easy for the girls as exchanging Calvinist misandry for Feminist misandry, which they did with, dare I say, religious zeal.

  • Stu

    I see a feminist is just scrolling through the comments downvoting each on turn. Probably not even reading them, just put the mouse over the red them and press, scroll, press, scroll, press.

    • Snark

      It’s okay. I don’t usually vote at all on forums, so I’ve given every comment an uptick. The natural order is restored.

  • Adi

    Awesome Paul.
    Your command of the pen is extraordinary.

    I hope you sent a copy to the enemy?

  • Kazzi

    Oh and did you see his other add – to go with the one in question

    He went up in age with a young boy of 10 and it says:

    He’s Tough
    He’s intelligent
    He’s Confident
    and he respects women … and he is only 10
    What are you teaching your son.. redefine what it means to be a man…

    Na this ad means… he’s a wimp, bow down to every single women/females demands and have no rights of your own.

    • Keyster

      What are you teaching your son…?
      To respect individuals that show it in-kind, regardless of their sex.

  • Simon

    The first few comments have exactly 3 thumbs down(nothing disagreeable in any of those comments, can’t be a coincidence)… Looks like we have a few feminists and/or manginas lurking amongst us. LOL

    Great article Paul

    • Kazzi

      It just counted them.. and it is the first 7 out of 8 .. then it goes to 2 votes down.. then back up to 3…

      They wont say why its voted down.. probably because the words are too big for them to comprehend and its the truth (and they dont like to hear or read the real truth)

    • Poester99

      Oh, it’s all good, if there are no thumbs down, it sometimes feels like we are talking to ourselves.

      • Alphabeta Supe

        Haha..nice observation!

  • Stu

    The thing about all this rape hysteria and rebranding normal sexual relations as rape, has had the effect of making rape into a nothing crime.

    For example, if someone told me that so and so was a convicted rapist 30 years ago, I would have thought, scumbag, keep all female members of my family well away from him. Now it’s like, if someone tells me the guy next door is a convicted rapist, I ask, so what did he do. Because that label now means practically anything.

    And if it turns out that he was convicted of fucking his girlfriend while she was drunk, or having sex with any woman under any circumstances without physical force or violence, or very real threat of violence, I actually feel sorry for him and consider him the victim. And all his conviction does for me, is to further my hate of feminists and manginas, and my hate of our western civilisation, and wish to see it destroyed if that is the only way to rid ourselves of this pathetic situation.

    I wonder if the feminists and manginas consider that for every man that gets booted out of his house for raising his voice at his partner, or every man that gets taken to jail for rape, for some trivial indiscretion, there will be a few more men, and a few more women, with very good reason to hate feminists with a vengance.

    I can think of one guy I knew who was a perfect example of how feminist hate, breeds the exact men that they are painting us as being. This guy was booted out of his house so that his wife could move her fuck buddy in. He was then kept away, refused visitation to his kids, because she showed the police photos of him bathing with his toddler. You know, being in the bath, together. But who took the photo, her of course. She had no fears about putting their two year old in the bath with dad, and the rubber duckies and taking photos of them. But after the split, she played this like he was the biggest child molestor that ever walked the earth.

    This guy was a hard working guy that took up with a woman who was down and out with her two kids. He fathered three more kids with her, and worked his arse off to be a good provider. Now, whenever he hears about some woman being butchered and fed to the dogs my her husband, he says, yeah but what did the bitch do. He really can’t give a shit about women. He wishes them nothing but pain and suffering. He rejoices every time he hears of a woman getting killed in a car accident, hit by a train, whatever.

    He warned me when I got into my second marriage that I’d live to regret it. No, this one is different I thought. Well he proved to be right, she was the biggest god damn pretender and bitch I’ve ever had the displeasure fo being with. And I regret that decision more then I regret any other decision I’ve made in my life, and I’ve made some bad ones.

    His favorite saying is, “if it’s got wheels or tits, you got trouble” LOL

    He had absolutely no time for my sob stories when my second wife started showing her true colors. Every time I started to whinge to him about the latest bitch attack he would just say……..Stu, what have I fucking told you, women are not for marriage, not for relationships, not even for friendship……they are for fucking…….nothing else…..and your better off if you can program yourself not to need the sex either. He used to tell me everytime I brought up the way shit was going downhill in my marriage……dump the bitch……just cut your loses and get the fuck out. He told me once to just stay home from work one day…..gather my most important personal belongings…..pour petrol through the house, throw a match in as a walk out the door……he even showed me how to make a detonator for the petrol soaked house……out of a cigarette and a box of matches. His attitude was, your in this shit……your going to lose your house… at least make it so there is no gain for her…….put her right back where she was when you took up with her…..and start over.

    Well, I didn’t follow his advice, and she dumped my arse a couple of years later. Sold my house out from under me, and got the lions share of the proceeds, and brought a little house for herself, paid cash, all from the money she got from my house that she did not put one single cent into.

    I’m quite sure if a woman tried to cause this guy any serious harm, he would kill her. He’s not the slightest bit afraid of Jail, he never pays his fines, tells the child support agency to shove their bills up their arse, changes his jobs and works black money as much as possible, grows dope in his spare bedroom under lights, and when the cops come for him for his unpaid fines and child support, he just opens the door and grabs his little overnight bag and goes along. He usually does a few weeks jail then they let him out. Then he just does the same again.

    Anyway, this guy is a product of misandry. He didn’t turn out the way he is by choice.

    • MasculistMan

      I have to say that your friend learnt his lesson and learnt it well and has the right attitude. Fuck the bitches.

  • Falsely Accused Soldier

    Has anyone been noticing their seems to be alot more downvoting of late?

    • Dusty

      That just means we’re closer to making it!

    • Roland3337

      Yeah. I’ve noticed it, too. Started with Paul’s first article on Josh Jasper and his baby boy hate speech.

      Probably Jasper himself. (Or Jasper’s mom.)

      • MasculistMan

        Probably Jasper himself. (Or Jasper’s mom.)

        Or the only woman that would have sex with him which of course is his mom.

  • Would rather not say

    Paul, I realized something last night, and it was like a bolt of lightning when it hit me.

    Basically, the anti-rape authorities who hold sway over college campuses have… co-opted rape victims.

    And a very dark and filthy feeling came-over me when the thought crossed my mind.

    Because, really, I think that’s what they’ve done. They’ve seized-upon rape victims and co-opted them for their own ends.

    And it’s a very clever thing that they’ve done because it allows them to, very convincingly (and very self-convincingly) stand against something that everybody agrees to be evil. And thus, if you question their demagoguery in any way, they can simply scream that you’re a heartless rape-apologist.

    I suppose I should tip my hat to them, because they’ve seized-upon a real winner.

    • Knight

      Some of men have for long defended. MRAs have pushed back to the middle line saying “Don’t tred on me, nor my brothers” to those pushing misandry, but MRAs have in no issue pushed across the line of fairness, nor have we attacked in new areas. This is very noble. If fighting to win a war, however, there are probably times when nobility does not suffice.

      A real winner for men can not happen if we go for defense only. We need positive goals in established domains and identification of new power domains. Few men have ever even considered putting demands on women as a group based on their own actual interests but here are some to set the wheels in motion:
      – Sexual conscription for women
      – Research focused on developing “out of body pregnancies” for men and women
      – Restriction of disturbing female attractiveness in job situations
      – The mans right to his own body and mind (for example it could be made illegal for women to nag on a man, to show cleavage or similar “sensory abuse”, why should we accept that?)
      – Zero child support (mothers may get custody unless hurtful to child)
      – Nil spousal support (nothing else makes any sense)
      – Mandatory fathership tests
      – Jail sentences for lies in academia with regards to genders statistics since this clearly disturbs political decision making effecting the whole of society
      – Jail sentences on media reporting gender issues in a manipulatory way

    • MasculistMan

      I suppose I should tip my hat to them, because they’ve seized-upon a real winner.

      So did Hitler. His 1945 rolled around just as their’s will and then where will they be? In a world of shit and hurt that’s where.

  • Stu

    The downvoting could be a good thing. It means the feminists and manginas are coming the site. That means we are hated, better hated then ignored

    • Poester99

      Maybe someones’ mouse slipped, it happens.

  • Stu

    Yeah he’s not bad is he Karma……..for a white guy that is :)

  • Stu

    I have another downvote on one of my posts. Is it cause I’m black :)

    Mouse slipped, no. I think they are putting to me that my post sucks.

    And I am putting to them that they…..sucked off a horse :)

    • Poester99

      They helped Josh off his horse.


  • Stu

    Now I’m off to my 6th day night shift this week. No rest for the wicked.

    • Poester99

      Extreme sleep deprivation is the best legal hallucinogen.


      fcuk’in emoticons.

  • Bev

    Jasper is to rape culture in the US as Dr Michael Flood is to DV culture in OZ.

    Both are making bucks selling men down the river.
    Both are advocating reprogramming of boys to get rid of the dangerous male characteristics.

    Both are lying arseholes!

  • Jasper Pride








    • Paul Elam

      Jasper Pride? LOL! Did you get an orange sheet and a tambourine to go with your act?

      Also, check your caps lock. It seems to be stuck.

      • Carlos

        LOL.. yeah Paul, stop looking at all the FACTS and listen to the inner voice of your mangina.

        Sure, if you wanna get all technical 2+2 may add up to four but what if it’s a really BIG value of 2?

        Logical analysis is just another system of oppression women with things like FACTS.

    • Roland3337

      Hah! I was right! Its Jasper’s Mom!!!

      Ba ha ha ha…omigod…HA HA HAAAAAA

      …you know those cramps that you get when you’re laughing too hard, and too long?…right under your ribs?

      Got a nasty case of those right now!

      Oh thank you thank you thank you ma’am.

      I haven’t laughed this hard in weeks!

      • Bombay

        With the name Jasper Pride – it is Jasper’s homosexual lover…..

    • Snark

      I find your use of ALLCAPS amusing, since shouting is now considered domestic violence.

      Jasper Pride, it seems that YOU are the ABUSER.

    • Poester99

      If you’re Jasper’s mom, your son needs to buy you a new computer.

    • Poester99


      It’s their own fault, if they don’t disavow bigotry in their name, then it will, rightly, stick to them like crazy glue.

      Of course, you say the Riverview Center, should be judged on its merits, but then you’re fine with with the “scorched earth” type treatment for men and boys in the commercial, where they are judged by ONLY by what they were born with between their legs.

    • Kazzi

      The problem is the women who claim false rape. The women who domestic voilence against their husbands (and of course men dont report it as the police will just laugh at them), the women who whinge and nag all the time.. that is domestic voilence.

      The ad in question was aimed at men… not at both genders.. or didnt you see that you silly person you.

      Show me one post on this website where any male has said it is ok for rape to occur.. and you will find NOT ONE… but you will find posts where men have been falsely accused of rape… over and over again.

      Jasper did not do a video to say – domestic voilence against any person is wrong… No instead he is stating that the way parents are bring up their children is wrong.. and that all men should be total whimps to bow down to every single women… B/SHIT.

      Men are men… women are women. Domestic voilence happens.. and it happens both ways… Rape happens to both men and women…

      And if we get rid of the b/shit politcal correctness, allow parents to have rights again.. ie: to smack (not hit) their children when they do wrong.. to be able to say No to their children.. then society will be a dam side better. But because we can say those things.. children get away with everything.. and hence why so much more is happening.

      Maybe Jasper should deal with Politcal correctness and aim at both genders rather than stooping to such a low level of … oh come on men.. be nice to women…. be a mangina… and give them everything they want and you have nothing left.

      Oh and just for one more note: How rude of you to type in Upper case… and can all read without you ‘yelling’… how inconsiderate of you.

    • MasculistMan

      Jasper Pride,fuck you and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

  • Introspectre

    Well done Paul, excellent explanations! It seems that scapegoating males for the ills of society, is so deeply ingrained in people that they believe that it’s somehow not prejudicial. If that’s the extent of their comprehension of human rights, then we still have a long way to go. But I knew that anyway. Thanks for standing up for men yet again.

  • Alphabeta Supe

    OT, but I sent this email to the Ottawa Police Service a few moments ago about this report:






    • Poester99

      It’s good!

      Hope you didn’t send it in all caps though!


    • Poester99

      The Canadian Justice system tends to be less harsh than the US, in general.

      It’s significantly misandric too though, so even though I’m a conservative I’ve generally parted ways with the law and order and capital punishment crowd, and work to keep it less harsh since there will be, on average, less collateral damage.

    • MasculistMan

      Canada is truly emasculated.

  • Poester99

    OMG, lol
    WELL the Marxist (branch of) feminists can take their favorite default slur “racist” and either own it, or shove it back up their f(l)at asses where it came from….

  • Stu

    Someone was saying earlier on about how he wishes muslims would get on feminisms arse and wipe them out. I’ve thought about this a lot over the time. I used to be one fo these, “the muslims are coming, the muslims are coming” And I still think that our PC culture is blind to the threat of Islam, the only difference is now I think, so what.

    I’ve studied Islam quite a bit. Kaz has delved into it a lot more. She has chat buddies in Saudi Arabia and everything.

    Now, let me get one thing out of the way. If Islam did indeed take over tomorrow, my life, Kaz’s life, and the lives of most of our friends would have to change drastically, or we would all wind up in a pit getting stoned to death very soon. They would probably use extra small stones too, to prolong the torture.

    Having said that, so what. There is nothing in my life that I would not give up, in exchange for seeing feminism bite the dust. Sure is would suck having to drastically modify my sexual behaviour, that would be the biggy. The drink, the pork, bacon, I can live witout, and not bat an eye. Lets have a look at Islam guys, make some comparisons.

    Rape. In Islam, if a woman crys rape, it has to be proven. Under strict sharia, 4 witness are required. Thats in theory, in practice a sharia judge takes all sorts of evidence and testomony into account. The result is that their system is now fairer then ours. There is no such thing as rape in marriage, because part of the contract of marriage is to provide sex to your husband, or wife.

    Domestic voilence. It is a mans job to make sure that his family is obeying the sharia law. He can punish members of his family via Islamically sanctioned methods. For a wife, if she is not living up to her marriage contract, he must warn her, and if she does not ammend her behaviour, he can banish her to sleep alone, and cut off her support. If she still does not ammend, he may administor light physical punishment. The punishment is not to disfigure her or leave injuries. If she still does not ammend, he is entitled to divorce her.

    Divorce. If there is a divorce, the man must pay the woman any balance of her dowry. This is the amount granted to the woman when she agrees to marry you. It could be the house, or any other assett. She can not remarry for a period of time. A few months is typical, and you must pay support in this time. This is to make sure she is not pregnant. After this time, you are a free man. You must pay support for any of your children that remain with her. You have the option of automatic custody of any male child that has been weened, and any female child over 10 years. She pays no support if you have the children.

    Property accumulated by each partner in the marriage is considered their personal property. Money earned by the woman is considered hers to do anything she likes with, and you must support her, regardless of how much she earns. But she can not work unless she carries out her duties under the marriage contract. Child care of young children and home duties and providing you with sex are all considered her marriage contractual duties. If work interfers with any of these, you can demand she stop work.

    We all know what happens to a cheating wife. But as usual it’s only what happens to women that gets all the press in the west. The punishmen for cheating is the same for men. Many more men actually get stoned to death then women, but it doesn’t get the attention that the refverse does.

    A singel person having sex without marriage is subject to 40 lashes for a first offence and 80 lashes for each offence after that. The lashes are actually carried out ten or so at a time, depending on how much the person can withstand. You stay in Jail usually and recover from your lashes until your well enough to receive your next round. Men are whipped naked, and lashes are spread all over their body but the face and genitals must not be whipped. Women are whipped clothed in in full body cloth, apart from that, same rules.

    Punishments for many crimes are harse. Theives can have a hand cut off, this seldom happens, and when it does it is usually for repeated offences. Rapists can be beheaded, hung, but more often spend years in Jail with ongoing whippings. Murder is the death penalty, but that can be set aside if the family of the victim accepts blood money, compensation paid for the death of a family member. They have a scale to work out how much the lose is worth. This doesn’t automatically get you off the hook, you may still go to Jail and receive hundreds of lashes, it all depends on the circumstances of the case.

    Now compare all the above things to how things are in the feminist shit hole world we live in. Rape, whatever the woman says at the time. Divorce, man pays all the time, regardless of whos fault it is. Marriage, no obligations on the woman of any kind, no rights for the man. Custody, if the woman wants the woman gets. Alimony, ongoing support for a woman who dumps your arse for a toy boy, sometimes for life. Her money is her money, your money is her money. Domestic voilence, anything that upsets her, even with no evidence that anything happend anyway.

    Get the picture guys. Personally I think Islam is bullocks, just like all religion. But as a hateful ideology, a sexist control freak system of oppression, the muslims have nothing on the feminists. The average feminist is far worse then the average muslim. Sure the extreme muslim is worse, but so is the extreme feminist, the only difference being, the extreme feminist hasn’t got the power to do what they would really like…….yet.

    Most people I know that bag Islam, bag it because it is oppressive of women. It’s like, all that counts is how any belief system treats women.

    Mulsims are gaining rights for their men, even in western countries that would make western men very happy if they could get their own governments to recognize the same rights for them. But they can’t. Yes, feminists are shit scared of muslims. They know that muslim men are not like the feminised sheep men of the west. They know if they start demonising them, heads will role, literally.

    If only we can get the muslims to see that it is not the western man that is his primary enemy, it is feminism. If we could get muslims to fight feminism and stand up for mens rights, I think we would have a massive counter weight to feminism with massive funding and resources that we could only dream of.

    Dare I say, this would mean, Islam as our useful idiot.

    Did you think I meant convert to Islam LOL

    Some smart people out their in the MM. Maybe you should put your thinking caps on over this.

    • Paul Elam

      Damn well said.

  • Stu

    Damn right…….eerrr……except for the typos and spelling mistakes. Tired, just home from work.

  • Stu

    I just opened up Jasper Pride’s comment. LOL. This women’s post is so, without a single trace of fact, truth, logic, nothing but total bullshit.

    Well Jasper Pride, your son may indeed have some excellent qualities. He’s strong, he’s tough, etc etc. So tell me, did he get that way be being raised his entire life from birth having anti male hate speech pumped down his throat and every masculine quality beaten out of him. Was he allowed to be a boy when he was little, or did you teach him that all maleness was evil.

    What are women going to do once you have forced all boys into growing up as feminised men. The muslims are coming you know LOL. Who’s going to fight them, you and your girlfriends LOL

    Real repression and real rape is coming to the women of the west thanks to feminism and it’s extremist anti male bullshit. Your son is part of that.

  • Peter Charnley

    @.Jasper Pride

    Giant words on hillsides made up of billions of little pills spelling “irony” has lost its suggestive appeal for me.

    How about stocking up on mirrors for free distribution? For some the cerebral need is clearly greater than for Ginkgo Biloba.


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  • dontmarry

    Josh is backpeddling because he is sensing that continued misandrist peddling will backfire on his little ‘anti-violence’ business. In other words, it turns the neutral folks off (the wiser, discerning ones should already be pissed off), and the donations stop flowing in.

    Donations are everything in this kind of business.

    But it certainly is amazing, isn’t it? It was only a couple of years ago that this kind of outcry from men would have been unthinkable. You see the same misandrist BS all the time in movies, in tv shows, in ads. The man is always depicted as a buffoon, a brute, a barbarian. Otherwise he’s an emasculated, long-suffering doormat ne’er-do-well wimp.

    “Take it like a man!” “Take the insults like a real man!”

    For too long manliness, male sex drive, manhood and even being born male has been seen by the feminist establishment as sinful, wrong, flawed. For too long we have been docile and silent, or silenced.

    It is time to stand up, raise hell and pull the rug from under their feet. No longer will we men be civil or accomodating towards the likes to them.

    Last note: the MGTOW forum at ProBoards was recently killed off by the PB admins because some broad squealed ‘abuse, TOS violation’ on some baseless accusations.

    Also, Josh Jasper *may* have had a hand in this. Shortly after the outcry against his Riverview video on Youtube, he actually posted on the old mgtow forum, justifying his stance on the ad. Then, the forum got pulled.

    No matter, a new MGTOW forum has been set up. Click on my post name for the link.

    • Nergal

      “No matter, a new MGTOW forum has been set up.”

      Gotta love them internetz. Hahaha.

      As soon as there’s a public fight over our issues, we will win.If they are fighting us, they consider us a threat. They KNOW they will lose this battle, that is why they fight us.

      Stand firm on your demand for justice. The people know what justice is. We are on the side of justice,truth,real equity between the sexes. Our cause is righteous,our desires are pure.The light of our reason,sharp with the blinding beams of flawless sparkling logic, will cut through the gloomy darkness of their outmoded,predatory,barbaric,jungle ideology and all the prehistoric trappings being a brainwashed member of that particular cult entails.

      Never waver,never surrender!

  • Denis

    Very well written. He knows that he messed up and needs to improve his advertising. I’d be surprised if he actually made a new commercial that concentrated on male victims, it’s his biggest embarrassment and clearly shows the ideology of his puppet masters.

    He needs to keep the gravy train rolling by offering services to male victims of sexual violence (not domestic violence), BUT they need to continue the aura of female victimhood and male perpetrator. I bet they’ll take the angle of homosexual violence to avoid this.

    The problems are deeper with the ideological training of Riverview staff and their paychecks.

    Josh, If you’re reading:

    Dutton, Corvo 2006, Transforming a flawed policy: A call to revive psychology and science in domestic violence research and practice

  • Type 5

    “Redefine what it means to be a man.”

    Redefine, as in change our understanding, of manhood.

    I just had a small epiphany. I was having an imaginary conversation in my head with the cognitive disonance crowd. They keep repeating that the message of the video is that we need to teach men to respect women, to not treat them as second class citizens, etc.

    I was considering pointing out that they weren’t talking about redefining manhood, would would be changing a man’s conception of himself; they were talking about redefining a man’s conception of womanhood. The idea was to point out once again that that wasn’t what the video was saying.

    Then it hit me, what if their conception of themselves is totally defined by their relationship to women. To them, the only truly defining characteristic of a man is his opinion of women. To change the way a man looks at women is literally to redefine manhood.

    Poor fellas.

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  • DK

    Where did this slimebag slink off to? The link provided in the text of the article is no longer valid. That’s a good thing but I don’t think this miscreant is gone. Josh Jasper, you are an obvious phony (are you really a man?). Any man or woman who can think for themselves will see through you to the obvious misandry you dare to promote. Using an infant child as bait for that misandry is the lowest form of scumery anyone could use and it underscores how perversely hateful of men and masculinity you really are.