Taslima sells hate, wins international praise

How can an imbecile command such high public regard?

The imbecile in question being one Taslima Nasreen. She is the ex muslim Bangladeshi blogger and “human rights compaigner” currently publishing weapons-grade nonsensical dribble on the rigidly feminist blogging site run, apparently by a white-knight biology professor calling himself PZ.

For those unfamiliar with Nasreen, or the reason for the open contempt she is held in here; she is the same dim bulb who made the asinine claim “men hate woman’s body[sic]”.[1]

She remains a dunce, as anyone reading her writing can tell, but that is not what is so perplexing about her. The question without apparent answer is how can this apparent mental defective be held in such high regard? Her author’s bio on the absurdly misnamed “freethoughtblogs” site is 283 words of exaltation, listing the most flowery collection of international humanist medals, scholarly distinctions, doer-of-the-good laurels and flattery to appear anywhere in serif font. An international freer of the trodden, thinker of thoughts and righter of wrongs, a scholar excelsior, and champion of courageous courage-y-ness too.

And then you read her writing. It is inane, facile drivel.

Obviously, everything I’ve just said is no better than unworthy characterization. We will have to look at Taslima’s essay directly.

Her topic is the practice within some fundamentalist Islamic regions of the world, of throwing acid into the faces of women and girls. This is arguably one of the more vicious and cruel practices of any human culture, and it continues today, in the year 2012. Like the routine murder of homosexual boys in the same region, if international pressure can arrest such brutality, then writers with understanding of the cultural forces driving such carnage must bend themselves to that goal.

As an ex Muslim with an intimate knowledge of the culture in which this impossible brutality occurs, we expect a nuanced evaluation of the social and economic pressures, the cultural taboos, and how resistance to change might drive religious ideologues to commit such atrocity. We expect a thoughtful, implementable solution which would allow rigid and reactionary systems of belief and culture to abandon what seems to us, unimaginably horrible disfigurement of women by fundamentalists of the Islamic faith. This is a subtle and difficult task which only a native exile of that culture could reasonably attempt.

Taslima Nasreen begins with the following:

“Men throw acid on us with the intention of injuring and disfiguring us. Men throw acid on our bodies, burn our faces, smash our noses, melt our eyes, and walk away as happy men.
Acid attack is common in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Afghanistan, Nepal, Cambodia, and a few other countries. Men throw acid on us because men are angry with us for refusing sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, proposals of marriage, demands for dowry, for attending schools, for not wearing Islamic veils, for not behaving well, for speaking too much, for laughing loudly and for pure fun.”[2]

The remaining body of Nasleem’s article consists of eight accounts, copied from other reporting in Ethiopia, the UK, Zambia, Iran, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Cambodia of women savagely crippled in acid attacks. None of the reporting appears to be Nasleem’s, as the accounts show different writing styles. However, noticeably absent is any real sense of frequency of such attacks, an omission made glaring by the mention in a borrowed reporting from German journalist Carsten Stormer, that the Khmer Rouge were authors of such attacks. Stormer refers in his Khmer Rouge comment to battles over ideology, a nuance absent from the other attacks presented in disjointed snippets within Nasleem’s article. Reasons given for the disfiguring attacks read as non sequiturs. A father pours acid on his own daughter’s face, because he (apparently) doesn’t want another daughter. Where is the context? What has gone so monstrously wrong within a cultural zeitgeist that these actions are even entertained?

Not only does Taslima Nasreen fail to provide any answer this question, she doesn’t even ask it. In her words :

“Men throw acid on us because men are angry with us for refusing sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, proposals of marriage, demands for dowry, for attending schools, for not wearing Islamic veils, for not behaving well, for speaking too much, for laughing loudly and for pure fun.”

The “men” of this narrative are unrecognizable to me. But these are apparently male specimens of the same species Taslima, you, and I are members of.

After the decline of Ancient Greek civilization, Islam carried the torch of civilization, science and philosophy. Now stagnant compared to the technological west, something has gone terribly wrong. And how does Nasreen, the Bangladeshi native of this culture, and human rights campaigner explore the possible factors leading to such shocking violence?

“We are more abused, harassed, exploited, kidnapped, raped, trafficked, murdered by our lovers, husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, friends, or men we know well than by strangers. Whatever happens to us, we never stop loving men.”

Are you kidding me?

“..murdered by our lovers, husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, friends..”

Is Taslima Nasreen a toddler who was hand-fed a collection of horrific facts that she simply doesn’t understand?

Without any exploration of social issues, culture, religious doctrine and ideology, the nearly incomprehensibly brutal crime of burning a human being’s face off with acid is described in the terms of:

“Men throw acid on us […] for laughing loudly, and for pure fun.” and without attribution of underlying social dysfunction, or what is twisting a society to allow such savagery, she closes with the Pollyanna sentiment “Whatever happens to us, we never stop loving men.”

Unstated, the clear picture of a type of sadistic and cruel animal called men, who due to their saintly forbearance, Taslima and her female compatriots: “ never stop loving [them]”.

Whether Nasreen is a complete and total mental defective, or merely posturing as the most saccharine, sweetly innocent martyr possible – how is her apparent international esteem possible? This woman’s writing has all the depth of a semi-literate 9 year old.

Although I was born and live in Canada, am non-religious, and have never seen an acid burn victim in person, I did a couple of quick searches while writing this piece. Emphasis on “couple of quick searches”. I ended up on wikipedia where I learned, with a few seconds of skimming that in Bangladesh, Taslima Nasreen’s country of origin; such attacks are relatively common, and are mostly a form of domestic violence, which is interesting.

It’s interesting because DV is a topic I’ve researched and written about frequently, and consequently, I have an understanding of it just a bit deeper than the false picture of sexually one-sided violence presented by the DV grievance industry. Stated simply, DV is almost always bi-directional, and usually occurs in a reciprocally violent relationship. The wikipedia paragraph on acid attacks within Bagladesh confirms this, by saying “it is a form of violence primarily targeted at women”.

If it did not also target male victims, the word “primarily” would be absent from that sentence.

The paragraph in the wiki article for Cambodia, a location also mentioned by Taslima Nasreen has the following to say: “In Cambodia, it was reported that these attacks were mostly carried out by wives against their husbands’ lovers.[4]

Wikipedia also lists Afghanistan, where acid attacks, carried out against women are not by Taslima’s undifferentiated “men”, but by religious extremists.

And I learned all this with less than a minute of searching Google, without even having been born in Bangladesh, then exiled as an apostate Muslim, as our Taslima is.

But in her words: “Men throw acid on us with the intention of injuring and disfiguring us. […] for speaking too much, for laughing loudly and for pure fun.”[2]

Not religious extremists, (Afghanistan). Not “ wives against their husbands’ lovers”(Cambodia). Nope, according to Taslima, just men.

At issue here is not even Taslima’s selective reporting to cultivate a truly monstrous conception of men. It is the (apparent) craven lionization of this idiotic, dishonest, hate-mongering quasi-illiterate “celebrated scholar and humanist”. How can she command such esteem with such transparent, facile, deceptive and hateful rhetoric?

Her abject stupidity (or supremely calculated malice towards men) is totally inconsistent with the endless torrent of praise evident in the author’s byline of her freethoughtblogs site.

This is what I do not understand at all. Have people become so conditioned to bow and scrape before the mighty uterus that no matter what drivel issues from a female-owned keyboard, it will rock to trumpeted praise of the highest esteem?

And is the implicit hatred, and characterization of fully half the human race – as inconceivably vicious, sadistic, and amorally cruel monsters to to tolerated and abided so that an unskilled, intellectually vacant blogger is flattered, simply because she is a member of the preferred sex?

And on what date did writing badly, and selling vicious, unsubstantiated hatred against an entire sex become a thing which won international esteem and laurels as a humanist advocate of human rights? It is not even Taslima who so disgusts me, but those who lionize a sexually bigoted vender of lies and hate.

Multe mulțumiri din partea AVfM. Acest articol a fost tradus în limba română pentru susținătorii drepturilor bărbaților din România de către Lucian Vâlsan

Translated: With special thanks from AVfM, this article has been translated into Romanian language for fellow Romanian MRAs by Lucian Vâlsan

[3] Scholte, Marianne (2006-03-17). “Acid Attacks in Bangladesh: A Voice for the Victims“. Spiegel Online. Retrieved 2008-03-21.

[4] Mydans, Seth (2001-07-22). “Vengeance Destroys Faces, and Souls, in Cambodia“. The New York Times. Retrieved 2008-08-29.

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  • typhonblue

    “In the year 2010, ASF recorded 115 incidents of acid attacks, which left 153 people injured. Of the victims, 71.89% or 110 persons were women and girls while 28.11% or 43 persons were men and boys.”

    115 incidents _in a year_ worldwide. Men are being vilified for something that affects 153 people a year world wide.

    That’s three and a half billion people who are evil because 115 of them throw acid.

    • knightrunner

      Im waiting for the eco- feminist to say that men are the primary cause of global warming because men pass gas and women don’t. Hey, it falls right in line with same thinking as the author of this blog.

    • Arvy

      I understand that the practice amongst females of cutting off men’s penises and celebrating their triumph on TV talk shows is equally common in The West — or nearly so. Since the proportion is slightly lower it may not be quite enough to condemn all women globally. But surely a similarly applied ratio would be sufficient to characterise and classify all Western Women.

      Can we expect some massive outraged “humanitarian intervention” anytime soon, do you think? And will the humanitarians be bringing cluster bomb “toys” for our kids to play with during occasional breaks from “Willy Pete” applications? Maybe the bomblets should be disguised as G.I. Joes to attract more little boys. Or would that be an unacceptable “sexist” deviation from much more up-to-date drone attacks on wedding parties.

      • typhonblue

        I would be inclined to classify based on response rather then prevalence.

        If something only happens ten times a year but is responded to by society with guffaws and victim blaming, that says something about the cultural attitudes and those who promote them.

        If something happens ten times more often but it routinely condemned by society and has an institution dedicated to tracking and ending its occurrence…

        Actually, now that I think about it, it’s really fucked up that we don’t have a group of people in a non-profit trying to campaign against genital mutilation as revenge practiced against men.

        • Arvy

          No surprise there. The selective “outrage” of those in positions of power who hold the reins of influence over the “common herd” always reflect and coincide with their own interests and broader global agendas.

          Conversely, the abhorent practices of those able to assist them in propagating their phony outrage (and thus their actual agenda) will always be overlooked as insignicant peccadillos, if not praised as “politically correct” — which, in the circumstances, I suppose they might actually be said to be.

          Whether the “Great Game” that underlies all of those superficial shennannegans (and many more besides) is regarded as one of power politics or high finance really doesn’t matter much. They’re essentially the same thing and always have been. MRAs and others of similar bent are little more than peripheral annoyances.

  • AndrewV


    Where to begin? OK let me try, Free Thought Blogs is a collection of bloggers known as FTB among themselves, and elsewhere in the Atheist/Sceptical community as FfTB (Free from Thought Blogs) has as it’s most prominent member :

    P.Z. Myers! and his blog know as the Baboon Board in growing circles.

    So it is no surprise to find Taslima Nasreen there, and I understand Amanda Marcott will be joining them (if she has not yet already).

    I am too tired right now to go into what a buffoon Myers is just follow the links below.

    Franc Hoggle their boogieman has posts about them, scroll down to Myers’ Law.

    Wiki here:

  • Kimski

    Just a few thoughts and observations from here, about this prizewinning bigot, posing as a ‘continuing lover of men’, despite the obvious hatred that lies behind every article she has managed to come up with so far, that I know of.

    First of all:
    Has anyone actually tried to look into the alledged prizes and awards this woman claims to have received?
    We might just be witnessing another radical feminist bigot, presenting herself as being all that, without any actual substance to it.

    Dr. Greg Channings investigation into Betty McLellan’s past and alledged scholarship and education comes to mind here, and it’s not like we haven’t seen that before.

    Are the original writers of the eight reports, used by Nasreen in this hate piece, aware of the fact that their work is being used to further an already grotesquely overblown gender bias against men, primarily in the West, where these kinds of attacks are so rare that they are frankly non-existent?

    And finally:
    Having spend some time in 2 or 3 of the countries mentioned in the article, of countries where acid attacks are happening, it comes as no surprise to me that the alledged ‘lover of men’ conveniently ‘forgets’ to mention, that these kinds of attacks are primarily the brainchilds of families with a strong matriarch in place.

    The fact that these attacks are targeting the looks of the women, speaks louder than words in these cases.

    In this country we have had a number of incidents of young women from muslim families, who has been killed by their own family, due to unwillingness to marry the man appointed to them by said families.

    In the vast majority of these cases the instigator of the killings have been some mother or sister, using the men in the family to carry out their violence by proxy. It has been far from uncommon that these instigators have been sentenced to longer jail time, than their lackeys have, and when you start to get the details in place, quite fairly so.

    Taslima Nasreen belongs in the trashcan of bigots in, and throw Betty McLellan in there too, to keep her company.
    They are both disgusting pieces of human garbage with a hate agenda, and I’m getting exceedingly tired of these gender nazis.

    • Raven01

      “Has anyone actually tried to look into the alledged prizes and awards this woman claims to have received?”
      I did when the article on her other stupid statements ran.
      Searching out some of the suspect sounding ones led me to “groups” that ran for a year or two (Likely the group was a single feminist or mangina).
      No foundation pages, no nomination pages, 5/8ths of dick all on criteria to receive their “esteemed” praise.
      Just some fool patting bigots on the back and e-mailing “print your own certificates”

      I was laughing at Taslima’s reference to such “awards” to much to be bothered checking out the claims about more well know institutions.

      • Kimski

        Just as I suspected, Raven01.

        It seems like the more of a nobody they are in real life, the more awards and commendations they show up with online. And the majority of those don’t even stand up for further scrutiny.

  • Codebuster

    “how is her apparent international esteem possible? This woman’s writing has all the depth of a semi-literate 9 year old.”

    This is the bottom line, isn’t it? Self-indulgent, immature narcissists, mental defectives, imbeciles, or even well-intentioned, immature people who haven’t quite grown up yet – they will always be with us, god bless them. But giving them international air-time in forums and think-tanks? That’s the killer. Like wow.

    It is not even Taslima who so disgusts me, but those who lionize a sexually bigoted vender of lies and hate

    Exactly. And as I observe the enormity of this absurdity, I increasingly come to question the science faculties that grow up in the same campuses as women’s studies faculties. If we judge our sciences by the company they keep under the one tent, it doesn’t look too promising. Academia is academia, whether it’s science academia or feminist academia.

    After considerable research, you will also find that Sati (bride-burning) is a product more of women’s peer pressure than anything else, and that dowry killings in India often (usually? I can’t remember) receive their inspiration first from mother-in-laws – in fact, if I recall correctly, dowry killings are very rarely done solely on the beloved’s initiative, there’s usually an interested party in the background. You will find that in FGM, the one wielding the knife is almost exclusively a woman (in NONE of the examples I came across was a man involved at all, because it’s all about women’s business and girls’ rites of passage). In these third-world countries, sex-selective infanticide (killing female infants) is overwhelmingly perpetrated by the mother on her own initiative for no reason other than boys are more productive in the paddy fields at an earlier age, and they make better providers in old age. It’s been a while since I’ve looked at all this, though. It’ll be interesting to do a retake.

    BTW, just now I decided to do a google search and here is what I found on Wikipedia on PZ Myers:

    … is an American scientist and biology professor at the University of Minnesota Morris (UMM) and the author of the Pharyngula science blog […] In 2006, the journal Nature listed his blog, Pharyngula, as the top-ranked blog written by a scientist.

    Now… what was that point that I was trying to make about science?


    Taslima Nasreen has a great website……smirk

    • andybob

      Oh Karma, you are an absolute fucking star.
      Good one!


    How come that even here there are no clear links to

    Male victims of acid attack

    Female perpetrators of acid attacks on female competitors

    Female perpetrators of acid attacks on male domestic partners

    I must admit it had not occurred to me that males could be victims of acid attacks, much less by females. Feminist one-sided indoctrination has brought as that far. Maybe men’s rights should actually publish photos and videos of male victims, as most of us have never seen such a photo. Or it has not even occurred to us that such cases exist.

    Finally, it would be interesting to find the number of male acid victims victimized by other males, in war, torture, crime. Finally male victims of face disfigurement by acid and similar explosions in war and workplace accidents. Compare this to the number of female victims that probably is much smaller.

  • zuismanm

    I could remember you much more prominent example…
    “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”
    Nowell, written by Stieg Larsson – deeply affected person with lot of heavy psycho issues. At age 15 witnessed (according to his own claim) rape of prostitute by 2 men. Was too frightened to do something. Later tried to ask forgiveness from her , but she never agreed to speak with him.
    With time developed heavy complexes on those base and projected his failure to all males as whole. whole his life became one big crusade to gain forgiveness from her (of her image that he created in his brain) by praising everything feminine and demonizing everything masculine. Today his “masterpieces” gain Oscars and are presented as genius eye opening writings , without even warn wide public, that author was actually deeply disturbed person with very strong psychological issues, that distorted his vision of world…

    • knightrunner

      “……. actually deeply disturbed person with very strong psychological issues, that distorted his vision of world…”

      Isn’t that what it takes to in Hollywood?

  • scatmaster

    How the fuck can she command such esteem with such transparent, facile, deceptive and hateful rhetoric?

    Because it has a vagina and with one of those it can do absolutely no wrong in the eyes of many. No matter how disgusting and depraved its ideology.

  • dhanumis456

    OT: “If only I had meowed when I was born – How cats are protected more than boys in Australia” (circumcision):

  • AntZ

    PZ is an academic fraud and an imbecile. He keeps women like this around him hoping that his flatulence, excuse me, I mean flattery, will earn him a blow job.

  • AntZ

    Ever since feminist fat man Futrelle announced that he is rewarded with sex for aping the hate mongers, copycats like PZ have been crawling out of the woodwork:

    Hope springs eternal.

    • Kimski

      “Ever since feminist fat man Futrelle announced that he is rewarded with sex for aping the hate mongers”

      Considering the looks of a lot of those feminists that are portrayed in various medias, I would call that a punishment, more than I would call it a pleasure.

      But then again, I’m also not at the level of desperation, that a lot of these pussy beggars apparently are.

    • TheMoralGodless

      I’m imagining several feminists drawing straws to see who has the misfortune to give Futrelle his yearly knob-polishing.


    It is a scandal that the wives who perpetrate such cruelty are never punished. Why is that not stressed?

    cited from [4] Mydans, Seth (2001-07-22)

    ”The wife does not want you to die,” said Maniline Ek, an American volunteer at a women’s shelter here. ”They want you to live and suffer. It’s torture. People look at your face and they say, ‘Oh, she took someone else’s husband.’ ”

    These are battles among the oppressed, the harsh intersection of mutual tragedies — woman against woman. In Cambodia, power belongs almost exclusively to men. The philandering husbands are almost never the targets of attack.

    A local women’s aid group, the Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center, recorded only one instance last year in which a husband was the target. And it was the only instance in which the attacker was tried and punished.

    It is common in Cambodia for men — particularly men of power — to take an unofficial second wife. The betrayal of the official wife is so familiar that popular songs have been written about it.

    ”Our society does not condemn the men,” said the director of the crisis center, Chanthol Oung. ”It feels their behavior is acceptable.”

    The most highly publicized attack was carried out in late 1999 by a woman named Khourn Sophal, the wife of Svay Sittha, under secretary of state at the Council of Ministers.

    Looks like men having concubines is the bigger problem. That should be condemned. Wives defending their “rights” by mutilating younger girl friends are not so important.

  • JFinn

    OT from spearhead:

    But anyway, no more proselytizing white nationalism. Just got back from hanging out with the kids, and don’t want to see any more of it. It doesn’t belong here.
    — W.F. Price

    Fiiiiiiiinally. Big props to andybob for sparking the charge to end this needless distraction.

  • TheMoralGodless

    Not unrelated is the much greater mystery of why many Feminists put Islam on a pedestal when it is easily the most misogynist and anti-feminist major religion in the world.

  • Bombay

    People want to hear what they want to hear (cognitive dissonance). Men bad, women good and love men anyway. People want this narrative so much they will believe in fantasy, no matter how shallow.

    There was an account of a woman throwing acid on a man’s face in the USA in the early 1900s. She got off because she was a woman. I do not have the reference, but saw it here. I bet our historian knows the source….

  • Suz

    ““In Cambodia, it was reported that these attacks were mostly carried out by wives against their husbands’ lovers.[4]

    Wikipedia also lists Afghanistan, where acid attacks, carried out against women are not by Taslima’s undifferentiated “men”, but by religious extremists.”

    There it is. It’s not “men” who want to disfigure women, it’s a handful of crazy men and OTHER WOMEN.

  • knightrunner

    JtO: My father told me that a man thinks with his head. A woman thinks with her heart.
    This is the basis for all of feminism. What ever a woman feels is real and true is what is real and true. Then you throw in the entitled princess mentality and you get the thought process of “the rest of the world is to bow to what ever I say”.
    As to why the rest of the world bows to a woman’s feelings, well we are trained to. Making a girl cry is the worse thing a boy can do. As men we can’t tell a woman or women that they are full of it. That might make them cry. Any man that makes a woman cry isn’t a real man.

  • Ben

    In related news, citizens are publicly executed in Pyongyang for trying to make international phone calls. I guess this human rights abuse is not sexy enough for MSM. Additionally, the 5.5 million genocidal murders in the Congo can’t get the news coverage it deserves, either, as long as 115 women are disfigured with acid thown by men. People have devolved into something that reminds me of the monster in the basement of the movie “Goonies” when he ate a Baby Ruth for the first time. Except, instead of bellowing “Baby Ruth”, they bellow “Holy Vagina”.

  • Arvy

    “… how can this apparent mental defective be held in such high regard?”

    Anyone who has watched the recent incumbents of presidential and prime ministerial positions in “Western Society” come into office with popular “democratic” support really shouldn’t need to ask that question.

  • limeywestlake

    John, another candidate for your international human rights tribunal in Den Haag (The Hague) methinks. Just how a dullard like this can be so decorated is beyond me. But then this is a post Obama-wins-Nobel-Peace-Prize world….

    Put it this way, most people posting here are WAAAYY smarter than her. Truly. Her reasoning-thread is abysmal. But then again AVfM is a hot-bed of perspicaciousness.

    Nothing means s**** anymore. Acumen is relative. If Socrates were to exist today, someone would attack him in an op-ed piece – accuse him of having a small dick, of being a basement dweller; they would fabricate all the usual faux ‘motives’ – to wit, they would charge him with wanting to see women back making sammiches, etc.

    Enter stage left, a spidery radfem with a vial full of hemlock…

    Sammiches. I just love that word for some reason.

  • limeywestlake

    Speaking of sammiches: I can’t get the bloody missus to make me one for love nor money. What up with that?

  • Spoon

    It doesn’t make sense to blame Islam. India is mostly Hindu, Ethiopia is mostly Christian, Nepal is almost entirely Hindu, Cambodia is Buddhist.

    The acid throwing is a rare social deviancy found in a variety of cultures with different religions.

  • keyster

    If you can say “It’s a common practice for men to throw acid on women’s faces” (somewhere), you’ve already hooked the reader. Obviously they’ll be held in suspense wanting to know more.

    You’re viciously attacking and destroying one of her only key asset’s value to other men, her face…for life. Throw acid on a man’s face and the scarring actually gives him some street-cred…(if it was done by another man).

    Unless feminists or anyone else goes and lives in that culture among those people, they have no business trying to equivocate western society to how they behave. But then all that matters to feminists is that men are doing something bad to women somewhere in the world, therefore men everywhere else are suspect.

    It’s the same technique they use to re-write Herstory. Men did something bad once in history too, OMG!

  • Gamerp4

    I have many things to say here because i myself belong to the same club “I am a Muslim” and before i start i like this quote of yours JTO

    “The question without apparent answer is how can this apparent mental defective be held in such high regard?”

    It is not just her but many semi retarded people are today being held for Nobel Peace Prize, but no matter it is the feminists world so they have the control of whom to award and whom to avoid, first of i would like to talk about MONA ELTHAWY, you and many here may know her, she is the author of the book “WHY THEY HATE US” in this book she states how Men in general and in arab world hate Muslim women, ‘Even those men who are immigrant or born in America’, Yep she’s painting with broad brush but i wont use NAMALT here because i know that is a weak argument and she being a staunch feminist believes that every Muslim men is the problem.

    The same narrative you provided of Taslima Nasreen can be seen in Mona Elthawy’s book where she cites biased sources to put the blame on Men and call them “Women Hater” Yes! this is the same narrative used by Feminist in the past and in today, for her every muslim country is seen as a male dominated territory where the female are raped, assaulted or killed everyday, I am not saying that doesn’t happen it does happen but it is not in the religious context that this kind of evil stuff’s happen, it is the cultural context that makes it much more to see, You see in muslim society there is NO DOWRY, but in cultural context it is seen as compulsory, look at INDIA even in hindu literature there isnt anything of dowry in their religious context but in cultural one they do check dowry before going into agreement.

    But again coming to topic here, Taslima Nasreen is a bigoted nutcase who is just profiting by putting out childish ideas out for public just like all those feminist bafoons and getting millions in “support” for this dribble of lies.

    End pretty much loved it JTO, thanks again.

    • AndrewV

      When you say “I am a Muslim” I believe this is similar to saying “I am a Christian” (I am an Atheist actually).

      I believe it would be more helpful if you identified yourself more clearly, for example as Shia/Sunni/Sufi/Ismaili etc. (I doubt you would be a Salafi).

      I believe this would help some people to take a more fine grained understanding of Islam rather than the blanket approach.

      Much like a Christian would say Catholic/Methodist/Baptist etc. etc.

      Something to consider anyway.

      • Gamerp4

        Yes your correct that there is so much about Islam today, that simply stating that I AM A MUSLIM people would feel that “I am gonna blow myself up with a suicide jacket” much like Being a MAN as feminist would say “That I am a Rapist about to rape a woman even if i dont want to” But to clear something here I am a Sunni Muslim but Nop i am not a salafi or wahabi kind, i am just following scripture as it says not listening to what the liberal media predicts or the extremist muslims teach. Hope it clears out the misconception.

        My comment was solely based on that feminism is spreading like wild fire, they destroyed christianity now it is Islam’s turn, Looking at Iran, Egypt and India i can say that pretty much feminists are moving their ground with help of lunatics like MONA ELTHAWY AND TASLIMA NASREEN.

        • AndrewV

          You guys are caught between a rock and hard place IMO.

          I would argue that Mona Eltahawy is a bigger danger than Taslima Nasreen but in the end it does not matter, because in the end they both serve to inflame the traditionalist sector and give credibility to the radical Salafis. The more moderate Salafis will have no way of reining them in either.

          Just look at what has happened to historical Mecca, already destroyed by a combination of Wahhabi Salafi dogma against history, and the greed of the princes of the House of Saud and property developers.

          The Islamic world really needs to step up at this point IMO, but what do you have? The only relativly well known and creditable Islamic spokesman in the West is Irshad Manji!!!

          She has positioned herself as a reformer and not as a moderate, but being a lesbian herself, while that may get her some credit with the Left in the West, is hardly going to go down well in most of Islam except for a very narrow slice of the audience is it?

          My position is that Islam really needs another rationalist philosopher like Averroes (Ibn Rushd), and right now not later. Islam needs to move away from the dogmatic theology of Al-Ghazali and I really do not think that Irshad Manji is up to the job.

          This is not going to end well.

  • Astrokid

    I grew up in India, and one would hear of occasional acid attacks in the newspapers and they are typically jilted lovers or men who had fallen for the women very hard, and got rejected. I think its an individual crime, because such love-affairs were very uncommon in the land of arranged marriages, at least till 10 years ago when I left the place. But this kind of crime is miniscule compared to others that go on in a place where law and order will be unrecognizable to westerners. There is a massive un-egalitarian class system which makes mini-monsters out of people. People are the product of the system they live in.
    for e.g look at the policewoman beat the lower class guy here who puts up no resistance at all, and instead does a namaste to her for forgiveness.

    I dont know what that idiot Taslima is trying to accomplish highlighting selective crimes to a western audience. Hmm..could it be that she wants more awards from the gullible and useful idiots in the liberal-dominated atheist/freethought/humanist communities. Last time she spoke at some Global Atheist Conf in Australia, she repeated her sob-story to standing ovations. The useful idiots think that they are diverse.. one AA head was beaming when he said “we will have TASLIMA speak”.
    JTO.. you were spot on when you said how superficial this idiot’s analysis is. As an Indian, to understand myself/my culture, I had to read books by someone observing from the outside.. VSNaipaul, an Indian who was born and brought up in Trinidad/london. I suspect his description is spot on for even muslim cultures.. they are all trapped like insects in amber.. in collectivist ways that served those societies really well long long ago.
    VSNaipaul’s “India: A Wounded Civilization”.
    The indian ego is underdeveloped. The world of magic and animistic ways of thinking lie close to the surface. … This underdeveloped ego is created by the detailed social organization of Indian life, and fits into that life. The mother functions as the external ego of the child for a much longer period than is customary in the West, and many of the ego functions concerned with reality are later transferred from mother to the family and other social institutions. Caste and clan are more than brotherhoods; they define the individual completely. The individual is never on his own. he is always fundamentally a member of his group, with a complex apparatus of rules, rituals, taboos. Every detail of behaviour is regulated. Relationships are codified. And religion and religious practices lock everything in place. The need, then, for individual observation and judgement is reduced. something close to a purely instinctive life becomes possible

    When I read GWW’s patriarchy shmatriarchy piece, it was a perfect description for how rights/responsibilities are split between genders etc. No oppression, no nothing. I have seen collectivist life in India..tasks/jobs are all distributed amongst members in a joint family (of 10, say) and that worked the best at that time. Heck man.. women were ultra-protected. If you mess with some single woman, you can rest assured her brothers etc will come after you are break your bones..even if she is a willing participant. Why? because the collectivist decision on who marries who was believed to be better than the individual decision. There’s even eve-teasing law..
    The Centre has given a go-ahead to the state government to amend Section 509 of the IPC that will make indecent gestures or words insulting the modesty of a woman, a non-bailable offence punishable with imprisonment of up to three years. All reminiscent of Victorian times eh?

  • Not buying it

    Taslima Nasreen, Yah I remember the stupid old bag, I remember leaving a comment of ” I dare you to spill out your lies at young educated Muslim females about how all the men in there lives hate women’s bodies”

    The fricken old hag thinks just because she is a feminist now so she must be so enlightened that she can & say no wrong, no clue to the fact that people here in the west come from multitude of back grounds & that we can call her on here (BS) for the lack of a better word, she can receive as many so called awards of excellence (more like idiocy) from her ideological bed fellows, the fact that she is an intellectual imbecile will never change.

  • amoeba

    In general, I observe hateful, discriminating, vile, controlling, manipulative,spiteful behavior from just as many women as men. I see females that bully all the time, but I don’t write all women off as evil. Why? Because it’s obvious not all are. You know, kind of like how it’s incredibly obvious that not all men are vicious animals. Again, I observe. Yes, it is appalling and horrific that these obscene, misogynistic Islamic extremists still exist to this day and age and ever did in the first place. I can’t stomach violence against women. I just can’t help but notice that I’ve never had this urge to dump acid on a woman’s face.

    • limeywestlake

      Funny that. I never have either. Must mean I am not a ‘real man’ I guess.

    • Adam

      Wow. You just did that.
      “I see females that bully all the time, but I don’t write all women off as evil. Why? Because it’s obvious not all are. You know, kind of like how it’s incredibly obvious that not all men are vicious animals. Again, I observe. Yes, it is appalling and horrific that these obscene, misogynistic Islamic extremists still exist to this day and age and ever did in the first place.”

      So… you say you don’t generalise genders, but then you generalise a religion. You get respect from.. not me for that. I personally view those who have extremist religious beliefs as extremists.
      I put forward that there are these kinds of people in every major or minor religion, from Christians, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish and others. Generalising extremists into an entire religion reflects more upon you than them.

      I will agree with you that Ms. Nasreem’s scribble is a horrid piece that does not reflect our reality as it stands.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    On acid throwing as a crime, what the polemicists don’t want to talk about:

    SEE: “Acid Queens: Women Who Throw Acid”

    It is notable that articles on Asian acid throwing I have found offer the stats on the sex of victims (large majority of women), but hide the stats on the sex of the perpetrator.

  • jms5762

    I wish there was a news channel that had nothing but JTO and Michelle Malkin as anchors.

  • http://none universe

    Exposing yet more, seemingly never-ending, piffle feeding the, solipsist ever-feeling good about feeling bad feminist journalism clique.
    Busy man you, JtO, as these brands of sublte emotion seeking mental conditioning patterns appear to popping up everywhere. Feminist mind-rot appearing to have burrowed itself more into select regions of hijab territory. Wonder who or what larger entity funding, if any, is behind these productions.

    Your brand of journalism, JtO, is sorely needed to countervail the artificially propped zeitgeist – persuasion through emotion based unsubstantiated hyperbole. Could become a lucrative career but like art there’s no money in it. But you’d be good doing it.

    WAIT. Solution to the funding of a career in exposing truths? : Since men are obviously the other greater half of the population, paying the most in taxation and receiving nothing in return for it only to see their share funnelled into financing bogus make-work projects for females only how about petitioning the government under the equality clause of The Charter, the Act of Parliament masquerading as a Constitution? Yes, we want equal services. The Americans could utilize the principle of taxation without representation for their funding for men’s concerns.
    Using government money to address problems and unfounded allegations resulting from and instigated by previous government funding. Read: the men’s rebuttals to decades of feminist unaccountability, and paid for much like feminism has been. Man, I’d like that and for you, JtO, to be there keeping it all straight.

  • Dean Esmay

    One of America’s often forgotten (except by musicians who know, and historians) but incredibly beautiful and influential musicians, Blind Willie Johnson:


    Although it cannot be confirmed, because he died homeless and alone in an abandoned house and it wasn’t until years later that anyone started asking about his background, was that he was blinded by lye thrown in his face by his stepmother.

    These days, some parties would accuse me of “misogyny” for noting this. Interesting times indeed. ;-)

    • Dean Esmay

      God, thanks to this thread I remembered Blind Willie. He’s been one of my musical favorites for 20 years, but I periodically forget about him. Now I’m delighted to see his whole collection is on Spotify. He could be on a poster for violence against and neglect of men. Blinded by lye thrown in his face by his stepmother, eventually his house burnt down and, having nowhere to go and no one willing to help him, stayed in the wreckage, dying exposed to the elements.

      Such beautiful, beautiful music. Fans of Led Zeppelin and/or The White Stripes, take note:



  • Jean Valjean