On Journalism and Bucky Turco

I would like to invite all men’s activists, no matter how experienced you are with unfair and biased treatment in the media, to go open a trash can lid before reading this.

Done? Good.

Now, please take any idea you have ever had about bad reportage, of the lack of integrity and objectivity of which a journalist could possibly be guilty, and throw it directly into the trash.

Close the lid securely. You will never see bad journalism the same way again.

Enter Bucky Turco (no, I did not lift that name from a rejected Sopranos script), a writer for Animal New York, who attended, however briefly, the press conference for the First International Conference on Men’s Issues on June 26.

Turco subsequently wrote a hit piece on the actual conference, which he never attended. That, in and of itself, is not too surprising. There were media writers who attended and also went violently on the attack.

The difference, however, is that this time we get a slight peek behind the scenes into how this guy’s mind actually works. What we find is an unctuous sleaziod so vile and disingenuous that he makes Monica Hesse and David Futrelle look like Woodward and Bernstein.

Following is a recording of a conversation he had with operations manager Dean Esmay. Note the sneering and condescension he offered about two children who were at the event, and how critical he was of their behavior – as well as the implications about their parenting.

The fact is that both of these children are autistic. I happen to know because I have met them and met their families. One of the two boys, to which I have become quite attached, by the way, was tugging at the lanyards of some attendees. Part of his condition is an obsession with things being in order. The way the lanyards were hanging irregularly off the necks of some attendees was upsetting to him and he was trying to correct that in order to feel more comfortable.

Actually, it would have made a good story for the setting, given the disproportionate incidence of autism in boys. Well, it would have had there been a real journalist on hand.

Instead, there was Bucky Turco.

It is clear from the conversation that Turco’s only interest was in digging about the two boys and questioning Dean because he mistakenly thought the mother was his wife. It is also clear that he suspected Dean of forcing and restricting her to the parking lot outside in order to get his kids out of the way.

The mother was actually Dean’s ex-wife, and she was there in support of her husband, AVFM writer John Ribner. She was not forced into the parking lot, as I am betting she will show up in the comments and gladly tell you. She was being a supportive partner to her husband and a loving mother to her children, which Turco desperately wanted to reframe as two undisciplined brats being booted to the parking lot with the little wife playing the involuntary babysitter.

When he found out he was wrong, he did not bat an eye. He just stayed on the attack, looking for anything to twist into dirt.

I would start a rant here, but all I can think of is metaphors for pond scum and various kinds of excrement.

Mind you, all this is set against the backdrop of Turco listening to about five minutes of a press conference (his words) and then misleading his readers into thinking he had attended and reported on the entire event. He even titled the piece “Inside the First International Conference on Men’s Issues.” As you will hear in the recording, he was never inside anything more than his own twisted imagination.

There is more, including his ridiculous attempt to cast doubt on the idea of threats to the conference that were reported to Detroit Police. Turco, investigative genius that he is, tried to debunk that story by questioning the wrong police department. That, too, is on the recording.

At this point, the best thing to do is allow you to just listen, but I have to warn you, you might want to have that trash can handy, especially if you have eaten in the last week. And be prepared to see and hear more tomorrow, as Dean Esmay and John Ribner do a live hangout on the story.

There will be enough facts to make Turco run like Carl Lewis in the other direction.

Either way, welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the new low of lows in the modern culture of jaundiced journalism. Bucky Turco has set the bar, and you can wipe the soles of your shoes on it.

** Clarification: re: “Mind you, all this is set against the backdrop of Turco listening to about five minutes of a press conference (his words) and then misleading his readers into thinking he had attended and reported on the entire event.”

It is agreed that Turco was physically present at the press conference for more than five minutes. The reference to the five minutes was taken directly from Turco’s phone conversation with Dean Esmay at 5:45 of the recording. Whether Turco was at the press conference for five minutes or for the duration does not change the fact that he never attended the main conference, a separate event entirely from the press conference, which featured a significantly different lineup of speakers, was advertised and ticketed separately, and had different admission standards than the press conference. Turco was aware of this as he had requested and had been granted free admission to the main conference, which he did not attend. Turco misled his readers at Animal New York to believe  he had attended the conference, which he had not. 

** Update 2: A version with much-improved sound has been uploaded and is now shown here, for anyone who was having trouble hearing it clearly before. Still isn’t perfect but should be better.

  • OldandNavy

    That douche sounds like a high school kid in a snit over losing his interwebs privileges.

    Huh. Who would have thought it? I actually could have a lower opinion of journalists than I already had. Seriously! What a nasty, Ill mannered, little soup can full of rabbit dots.

    Dean did far better than I would have and I applaud his bearing over his temper. That snowflake sounds more like a turd than news reporter.

    Always be recording, boys and girls. Let them reveal themselves to the world with their own actions telling the whole sordid tale.

  • Suzy Enola

    Slimy fucker, isn’t he?

    • OldandNavy

      Yep. Slimy is a good start.

  • Bill Paxton

    “There is more, including his ridiculous attempt to cast doubt on the idea of threats to the conference which were reported to Detroit Police.”
    I was under the impression that the police acknowledged that they were contacted about security fees or some such thing, but denied hearing anything about actual threats.

    • Paul Elam

      They did. He asked the wrong police department for confirmation.

      • DukeLax

        I talked to a guy today, who was an MRA, and he told me many law enforcement are now getting sick and tired of being forced to arrest and persecute innocent guys just so the front office can cash in the arrest statistic for more “federal pork bloating dollars”.

        He reffered me to a web site called “oath keepers”.

        • Suzy Enola

          I’m an Associate Member of OK. Though I haven’t kept up with the organization in recent months I still pay my dues. It attracts its fair share of whackjobs, but its founder works hard to keep bigotry and violence out of it. Sound familiar?

      • Graham Strouse

        Solid reporting, Bucky!

    • alex brown3

      I wouldn’t mind them being this sceptical if it wasn’t for the fact these journalists say always take what the feminists say at face value.

    • Dean Esmay

      The hotel filed two police reports with the Detroit PD. We have those report #s. When we did our fundraiser, the hotel was demanding that we pay for police protection because of death and vandalism threats they had received. We raised the money for police protection, lawyers, and security, but the hotel kicked us out anyway (and hasn’t heard the last from us on that). When we moved, we spent the money on what we said we would: police, lawyers, and security. Since we were in St. Clair Shores, we hired St. Clair Shores PD.

      Whatever the substance of the threats, I assume Shannon Dunavent and others at the Doubletree Hilton wouldn’t lie. From a security standpoint you really cannot just laugh off something like this, so it seemed prudent to go ahead and use the money to hire cops, especially as we’d already said we would.

      One interesting note about the cultural double-standards of our time though: if a women’s group claims it gets threats, it makes national news. A men’s group makes such a claim, and it’s subject to mocking and derision. This is most especially common I noticed among people who claim they believe in equality and treating people the same. Obviously, when it comes to men, that doesn’t apply, for in their world there are a tiny handful of “good” men (like themselves) filled with a world of otherwise evil men everywhere waiting to rape and beat at any moment.

      I do not find your confusion on this strange BTW, because while all of this information is public record and easily obtainable, you have to look through the material we’ve published or and ask a simple question or two. You know, like a responsible reporter might, but few if any did.

  • Dean Esmay

    You know, I really meant it when I said I wasn’t going to write anything more about this shitstain; I’d left a couple of comments on Animal New York correcting what I thought were some errors he made, leaving a link to the conference presentations so people could make up their own minds, and leave it at that. Up til that point we’d seen worse and this guy just didn’t seem important.

    Then he started tweeting about how stupid we were, so I responded with a little snark. He got more condescending and instead of just owning up to an error or two and moving on, like a good journalist might, he got more and more defensive and condescending. At that point, both my ex-wife and my kids’ stepdad notice, and we got into a little snarkfest on Twitter. All kind of juvenile, but still pretty much as far as I wanted to go.

    Then this yellow journalist puke showed up, and proved, beyond any doubt, he LIED TO HIS READERS and BETRAYED EVERY PRINCIPLE OF RESPONSIBLE JOURNALISM. Oh, and attacked my ex-wife, my son, John’s son, showed he couldn’t even tell the difference between me and John, tried to prove somehow there was some lie because I said I shook his hand (I did, when he showed up at the front ticket desk counter) and then he talked to John and tried to make John look like an idiot for being brave enough to talk about his experiences, and said one of the most stupid, boneheaded, idiotic things anyone ever says in our times: “men rule the world.”

    Which is stupid on so many levels it’s hard to know where to begin, but tends to start with the idiotic notion that since most politicians are male, that means men collectively have all the power, which is about as stupid as saying that since women do most of the grocery shopping, women have all the food.

    Yes Bucky. You rule the world. Of hilarious morons and dishonest yellow journalist hacks. You weren’t going to get any articles on you. But now, as my ex-wife suggests, we may just try to turn “buckycunt” into a new word to use to describe every yellow journalist coward and liar like you.

    Hope you enjoy your richly-deserved reward, you cretin.

    And believe me, I’m not doing this for me: I’m doing it for our sons.

    • Suzy Enola

      Buckycunt is an awesome word. It should be the official name on an annual award for the sleaziest, most bigoted and dishonest “journalist” we encounter. I’m envisioning one of those wall plaques with space to add little brass name plates. Of course it would be painted yellow, and it should have a small shelf at the top, to display a realistic looking model of a swirly pile of shit.

    • Astrokid

      I found it to be a rather astonishing phone conversation.
      This is the man.. Bucky Turco .. balding and greying hair. Not some punk kid.

      I found it amazing that he wanted to have this conversation with you. Whatever few tweets you exchanged with him was no big deal. Why did it matter to him so much that he had to call you? Why did he care so much about the combination of tweets and John Ribner’s brief calling him out? (on
      1) his rather silly interpretation of press conference being as good as the entire conference, and
      2) failure to report on the death threats properly.)

      The first part of the phone call was actually a loss for him.. you exposed his stupid “journalism” on both the points. I commend you for ability to handle his mis-direction. And he did seem to get a bit upset losing out on that. And then he started calling the conference insane, bizarre etc and MRAs as a mix of KKK and Tea party.
      Dean.. looks like he wanted to rile you up there, and it did seem to work towards the end.

      I didnt understand some of what he said towards the end, to which you responded “we live in a condo”. I am not sure, but I think I heard some background female voices at his end.

      Dean.. your going the extra-mile to accommodate people is both your strength and your weakness.. at different times. for e.g the FusionTV interview you did with Fidel Martinez where you were very patient with that disingenuous fool worked well. This one, he riled you up towards the end. Ponder on this, and be careful next time.

      • Dean Esmay

        Where did the Fusion thing appear? I didn’t see it. Got I link?

        I found the whole thing with Bucky amusing. He was asking me for advice on barbecue equipment at first and then advice on the best sort of riding lawn mower. The implication being that I could have no expertise except on mundane things like that. It’s a subtle American cultural reference; snooty East Coast urbanite bigots, like himself, from places like New York think they’re smarter, better educated, more sophisticated than people from the Middle America. People from L.A. often have the same attitude. Their picture of us in their heads is Hank Hill from King of the Hill, if you’ve ever seen that cartoon. He was just expressing another form of his many prejudices. 50 years ago he would have been one of those guys talking about how “not all ni**ers are bad people” before ranting about how we need to do something about the negro problem and how the “good ni**ers” needed to get the bad ones in line before they could earn their rights.

        I’ve known his type my whole life. I get around. Once I decided he was dead set determined not to have a single one of his petty bigotries challenged and was not going to see me as a human being with some valid points I might want to make, I finally decided to start teasing him back.

        I also wanted him to be the first one to hang up. 😉

        • Astrokid

          1) You can pick up the FusionTV link from here. Published on Jul 1 itself. They didnt let my comment through. You were quite kind to fidel Martinez, but he’s disingenuous too.

          2) I knew I heard the word “barbecue”, but I couldnt make sense of it. Thanks for the explanation.

          • Dean Esmay

            Thanks. I left a comment. “Hateful ideology?” Wow. Kind of silly title too. But still overall, not too bad.

        • Doug Hart

          Yeah man, I tell ya what, man. That dang ol’ Internet, man. You just go on there and point and click. Talk about W-W-dot-W-com. An’ lotsa nekkid chicks on there, man. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. It’s real easy, man.


          • ReyekoMRA

            dang it boomhauer

          • Doug Hart


    • Rosemary Kondraciuk-Ribner

      Buckycunt is crapey little piece of shit. I was there supporting my husband, my sons, my ex-husband and men’s rights. I have 3 children ALL BOYS.

      Where ELSE would I have been?

      Nobody made me sit there or go over there like a good little wifey. I was with 2 of my sons both Autistic , one of which is completely non-verbal and an eloper. I was not relegated to an area, I was constantly on the move to keep my youngest entertained and happy.

      Buckycunt is sneering little shit with the observational talents of Mr. Magoo and the integrity of Charles Ponzi. He can’t tell the difference between my husband and Dean…so, do all MRAs look alike now?

      • Paul Elam

        Sometimes life demands parody.

        • Rosemary Kondraciuk-Ribner

          That’s damn near perfection!! LOL

      • Ted Harrold

        Ha I wish I had Dean’s flowing beautiful hair 😛

    • Rosemary Kondraciuk-Ribner

      Technically, I called Bucky a cunt and Paul suggested we make it Buckycunt and add it to our new Crapey vocabulary. Paul gets the props for that one!

      • Dean Esmay

        OK. But I believe you invented “crapy” as a combination of creepy/rapey, and I like that.

        I mean, I totally hate the word “rapey” but if we’re going to use it let’s have fun with it. Creepy rapey = crapy. LOL

        • Rosemary Kondraciuk-Ribner

          Yeah, Crapey! That’s mine!

          • Paul Elam

            I think we have just given birth to the ultimate iconic male feminist “journalist.”

            Crapey Buckycunt.

            Has a nice ring to it, no?

          • Rosemary Kondraciuk-Ribner


            Yes!!!! Crapey Buckycunt filtering everything he hears through the feminist teat he relies on for nourishment and validation.

    • Matthew Lane

      “men rule the world.”

      Ahhhhh the good old Apex Fallacy.

      Now if you’ll excuse me Dean, I’m going to go review a movie that’s not out yet…. Its okay, I watched the trailer, but as everyone knows the trailer is the same thing as the movie the trailer is for…. Just ask Bucky.

      • alex brown3

        I don’t even believe in the Apex Fallacy any more. Powerful women have more power than powerful men at the top. Anything powerful men do, is on behalf of women.

        • Matthew Lane

          That’s not how the apex fallacy works. The apex fallacy is when someone points to a large demographic holding powerful position A & then declaring that all people in that demographic are powerful in that way…. So a feminist sees that there are more men in power than women & then declare “men rule the world.”

        • ReyekoMRA

          the Apex fallacy is as Matthew described looking at say the CEOs of fortune 500 companies and seeing mostly males and then describing males in general as powerful because of those <500 at the top.

  • Dean Esmay

    Oh, and before anyone asks, the first 10 seconds or so of the conversation (I think) were cut off just because for whatever reason the recording software we use (ABR, gentlemen) didn’t kick in for some reason. Nothing was edited for any reason. That’s the real Bucky Turco of Animal New York, in all his unedited glory.

    I believe the other reporter from Animal New York was the one who crashed, without permission and uninvited, into Warren’s workshop and interrupted with questions that were subsequently used out of context. Can’t verify that yet, but we’ll run that little skeevy fuck down at some point too.

    Reporters are going to have to get used to the fact that we ARE part of the media now, and we aren’t going away, and the more they attack us, the more we fucking enjoy it and show the world just what professional, bigoted, lying whores so many of them are.

    Accountability and consequences, ladies and gentlemen. We’re here, we have no fear–get used to it.

    • Ted Harrold

      This is the thing which brain-fucks me all around: how can these assholes consider themselves even “indie” journalists if they only fuckabout on some turd-rag like Half-Baked Story? I mean, sure, you don’t need to be MSM to be a journalist, but pardon my bluntness: any halfwitted cockweasal can write a blog after getting a journalism degree and go “DUR HUR I JOURNALISM!” these fucking days. I think ending that shit will go a lon way to ending shitbag reporting, because then standards will (hopefully) rise again.

      • Dean Esmay

        Here’s the dirty little secret:

        We’re the independent journalists here.

        • Ted Harrold

          I guess in my mind (and this is no slight against any here on avfm or in the mhrm or it’s “branches”), I’ve always viewed things as essays and less articles, in that it feels more like an intellectual gathering of peers submitting essays and discussing them, instead of journalists feeding reports and opinions to the public. It’s similair I suppose on one level, exceedingly different on another. All positive however, I wish to stress, and that’s not ass-kissing, but the honest feelin of inclusion I’ve gotten out of reading and commenting here. It’s a tight-knit group here on AVFM, but not exclusive in the way many similair places are. I mean, I can’t think of many sites like this (and maybe it’s just the sites I frequent, I dunno) where the staff themselves are frequently in the comments threads discussing things personally with the readers; that personal touch carries a lot of weight to me and is the reason I try and check in on a daily basis. that and the quality of the work here: I wouldn’t stick around for garbage, to be blunt.

          So I dunno if it’s journalism or whatever here, but it’s a good place as far as I’m concerned, and I’m in for the long haul.

    • Zane

      Bucky the Beer-Drinking Mule!

      I knew I’d heard the name Bucky before. And just what is a mule, exactly?

      The sterile offspring of an ass.

  • John P. Ribner

    Paul Elam breaking it down as usual. Damn fine piece, Paul. I’ll bet Bucky is regretting ever setting foot in da Mitten!

    • Rosemary Kondraciuk-Ribner

      Thank you Paul for defending our sons and me from Buckycunt’s rude and disparaging comments about us.

  • ComradePrescott

    Dean sounds similar to the manner in which I speak when I am recording. Was Bucky aware he was being recorded?

    I don’t say that as an accusation. Anyone can record a conversation to which they are a part and I almost never inform anyone that they are being recorded (in fact, I may never have informed them as far as I can recall). But I am just curious because it sounds like this dumbass was unaware of the fact that he was etching his stupidity into the memory of time.

    Dean was great and well spoken. Bucky was an absolute cunt and a liar. And, of course, just as Dean said he was a complete dumbass.

    I mean, god, he accuses Dean of being a fact checker! And being on top of his game! Woah. How is Dean going to handle that?

    • Paul Elam

      Really important to know the difference between one party and two party states where it concerns recording phone calls.

      Assuming the asshole is from New York, and knowing Dean was in Michigan, it did not require more than one person to know the call was recorded, as both are one party states.

      However, when a call is recorded between a one party and a two party state, the two party state’s rules apply. This might never make a difference unless you publish call, but it still can put you in violation of the law.

      I suggest anyone who is recording calls consult the law before assuming the recording is legal/

      • ComradePrescott

        Thanks Mr. Elam. I shouldn’t let myself become lax just because I have gotten use to the rules being this way where I am! Such a thing never occurred to me because I am recording things happening in person and I am not speaking to people over state lines, but you make a very important point. Again, thanks.

      • Graham Strouse

        A very good point, this. I know that in Pennsylvania (where I live) and in California you can get into some serious trouble for recording without consent. Not sure about other states.

    • Dean Esmay

      All calls on my business line and cell phone are recorded. It’s just SOP. For some strange reason the recording software didn’t work during the first few seconds, but otherwise, that’s the whole conversation unedited. Anyway I’m already aware of all the applicable laws.

      Bucky actually caught me off-guard, I was surprised by his call and his demeanor. However, I’ve got years of experience dealing with bigoted assholes, going all the way back to dealing constantly with racists on the South Side of Chicago back in the ’70s. Bigotry doesn’t get me angry, at least not in the “lose my temper” sense; I heard it so often growing up, it would be like losing my temper hearing trains roll by. I was a little wheazy, trying to restrain myself from laughing, and pacing a little in my office as I talked. I kept hoping he’d calm down and get reasonable and a real conversation would happen. But he didn’t want one.

      Paul surprised me when he uploaded it. The bastard. I might have used Audacity to clean the sound up a little, but I guess everyone can hear it OK. 😉

  • Shrek6

    Face palm!

    Hehehehehehhe, hahahahhaha, cough, cough, splutter! Phew, nearly chucked ma brekkie! I hope I can keep my lunch down. (listen to the video some more)
    Nope, it’s coming up!

    Is this guy for real. So far my garbage bin is filled with my lunch. Thanks for the warning Paul. I didn’t realise that I had to actually take it seriously.

    Dean Mate. “You’re a better man than I Gunga Din!” I don’t know how you kept that conversation going without either telling him what he can do with himself or you never ended up having a heart attack, because you laughed too damn hard.

    Oh please, please, PLEEEEEEEZE advertise this video far and wide and keep this clown’s name out there, because he is a wonderful ‘media version of Big Red!’

    If any of you Athieists our there think there is no God. Well, here’s proof there is a God and He is actually the architect of a sense of humour. Case in point – Bucky Turco!

    (now I gotta go clean up the bloody mess!)

  • Astrokid

    Mind you, all this is set against the backdrop of Turco listening to about 5 minutes of a press conference (his words) and then misleading his readers into thinking he had attended and reported on the entire event.

    Paul.. this doesnt read well. He was there for the entire press conference. I storified his tweets. And his tweets indicate that he listened to the beginning.. Warren Farrell (“Women cant hear what men dont say”), and the end (the scheduled presentations for the next day). He flew out June 27th morning.

    And his writeup for AnimalNY carries quotes from all the speakers at the press conference. So, he definitely listened to them all.

    • Peter Wright

      The recording of all the speakers was available on AVfM radio format.

      • Paul Elam

        Ayup, and the video of the press conference was released the same day it happened.

    • Paul Elam

      Please read more carefully and listen to what he said to Dean. No one had a gun to his head when he said he listened to 5 minutes and that was all he needed to decide we were all crazy. If he has concerns about how this is written, the can refer back to his own statement.

      Quotes from those speakers could have easily been taken from video that was quickly released.I have no idea what he listened to and when. That was written based on what I head him tell Dean and I am happy to stand by it.

      • Astrokid

        In his opinion, the press conf where 20 mins were set aside for Warren Farrell, and 5 mins for each of the other speakers was a microcosm of the entire conference where the same speakers spoke for longer durations. So he says listening to 5 minutes of each of the other speakers was adequate for him, and therefore he didnt need to come back the next 2 days.
        He seems to have asked a question in the Q&A as well.

        • Paul Elam

          “Dean, I listened for five minutes to what they said and it was absurd. Why would I return to listen to three hours of what they said?”

          He did not say that he listened to 5 minutes “of each,” though that is certainly possible he meant that. For that matter, we could get into a semantic and philosophical discussion on the meaning of listening. And we could have a good go at it in his case.

          Those were still his words. I based my opinion reaction here to his conversation with Dean. It is not my responsibility to factor weigh his opinion about whether the press conference was a microcosm of the actual event. The fucker did not bother showing up to find out. So that is not my problem. He misled his readers. In my opinion that is indisputable.

          And I do remember him asking that question. It has no bearing on my commentary here, which again, was based on his conduct and words with Dean, and also knowing that he lied to his readers.

          I will stipulate that he was at the press conference. I won’t even deny that he was physically there for longer than 5 minutes.

          It is all superfluous to me. He misrepresented his attendance of the conference to his readers. For whatever time he was at the press conference day, 5 minutes or 5 hours, he was a yellow hack looking for, indeed trying to create dirt.

          His approach was sloppy and negligent, crossing the line repeatedly into being irresponsible and dishonest.

          And I am supposed to care about what, exactly here? That he was in the building longer than his words to Dean seemed to imply?

          I mean, I kinda see your point. Then again, I think I am withing fairness here to take his direct statement to Dean and infer what I did.

          Always appreciate your feedback, though.

        • Paul Elam

          Considering what you have said more, and have posted a clarification of the statement in the OP

        • PlainOldTruth

          The fallacy embedded in the question is typical of the more logic-challenged, to equate “feminists” with “women.” Half the feminists I’ve known have been male (all of them adherents to the marxist faith, believers in the religion of absolute “social constructionism”), while only a small minority of women are feminists.

      • Emilio Lizardo

        He seems to be saying that he made a decision in five minutes, that’s too ambiguous to infer he left after five minutes. He may have indicated he stayed for a few hours earlier in his rant, but even if so clearly he stopped listening.

        I watched the whole video of the conference and I didn’t see anyone breathing fire. It was sad that there were very few reporters. The number of attendees was tiny. But the fact that it existed at all and had some substantial speakers was heartening. Every one of the panel spoke so some serious concern.

      • DukeLax

        he listened to 5 minutes of a 3 day conference…and he believes he has the authority to take a journalist perspective on the conference???

    • Shrek6

      Well, he said that he only listened to 5 minutes then he was out of there. Listen to 5.45 mins.

      So it is obvious he listened to whatever else was said, either on AVfM radio or watched the videos as they were put up on this website.

      • MrSonicAdvance

        I’m not sure what the confusion is about the five minutes. Bucky says at
        the press conference each speaker was allotted five minutes each and he
        listened to each speaker’s five minutes. (Listen from 1:32 where he explains this.) Based on that five minutes
        from each speaker, he felt he’d heard enough to report on. I didn’t hear
        Bucky claim to have only listened to five minutes in total. In total, he listened to 5*N, where = # of speakers.

  • MrSonicAdvance

    Perhaps yellow press passes at the next ICMI might be appropriate?

    • Fatherless

      As long as they aren’t armbands.

  • SineNomine

    Dean, I am impressed at your level of self-control with this lying, hate-filled, spittle-flecked sack of crap. I would have been suggesting obscene self-inflicted acts involving rusty concertina wire about 90 seconds into the exchange. Great job.

  • alex brown3

    I notice a lot of feminists and male feminist do a lot of autism shaming on facebook. If you complain about how females treat men with a lack of respect it is just because you are a social awkward basement dwelling autistic sub human. I was I was exaggerating.

    I used to be left wing, because I thought it was the right thing to protect the weak and vulnerable in society. These so called social justice warriors will attack the weak without pity in the name of the leisure caste, to gain approval of women, the group with the highest social value.

    Also I sure the yellow journalist has an innate hostility to boys, it is more common than people realise.

    • Suzy Enola

      Remember the good ole days when everyday liberals actually protested injustice more than they perpetuated it?
      My old liberal friends think I’ve suddenly changed; they don’t realize that they have SLOWLY changed, and I didn’t change with them.

      • Jim Byset


        This a million fucking billion times.

      • artiefischel

        I look at it differently. I’m still a liberal. They’re progressives, which as far as I can tell is some sort of arch-conservative with liberal talking points. If you tear down posters advertising an event, try to sabotage or otherwise restrict someone from exercising free speech, you don’t get to call yourself a liberal.

    • Dean Esmay

      I’ve noticed the same thing. You know feminism has gotten to the point of desperation where mocking socially awkward nerds and boys with actual disabilities are its main target.

      Oh, and what is mocking the socially awkward called again? Oh that’s right, “sadistic bullying.”

    • mythago

      I was pretty left wing until I saw the all the self righteous hypocrisy.

  • Steven Frattali

    “Enter Bucky Turco (no, I did not lift that name from a rejected Sopranos script…”
    We do not need this ethnic slur. It was bad enough that there could even be such a program. Italian-Americans are tired of having their ethniticty disrespected. We are currently the only group which it is still socially acceptable to treat in this way. I personally am getting tired of it. For the record, I have made similar comments at the New York Review of Books, and elsewhere. I do not say this by way of defending Turco; I do not know him, and I agree with your assessment of his reporting.

    • Paul Elam

      Not an ethnic slur, at least I am having a hard time reading it as one. I am really sure that if his name was Steven Frattali the Sopranos line would never have occurred to me,

      I will give it serious thought though, and would like the opinion of others.

      Thanks for bringing it up.

      • Mike Hunt

        He’s being a whiny PC baby. That’s my opinion.

      • Steven Frattali

        You’re welcome.

        Your readers’ comments fall into two categories: 1] attempted rational
        responses (AndyBob and PlainOldTruth) and 2] gross insults (the others).

        Re: AndyBob:”…something known for being full of offensive

        That was my point. It is not good to repeat these offensive stereotypes.

        Re: PlainOld Truth: “The criminals were a tiny percentage of the ethnic
        community. Therefore referencing organized crime as exists/existed in a
        specific ethnic context does zero disrespect for the crime victims (the 99%) in
        that same ethnic group.”

        What do you mean by “referencing”? If you are engaged in actual
        research, which you evidently were, then of course to make reference to such
        facts is perfectly fine. But in my opinion, thoughtlessly propagating the
        “offensive stereotypes” mentioned above, works to the social
        disadvantage of the descendants of the 99%, of which I am one. It reinforces an
        association between Italians and criminality. I am convinced that I have been
        passed over for jobs because of this and similar negative associations in the
        minds of hiring committees.

        Regarding the rest of the responses, I would only say that these people seem to
        think that if something did not happen to them, it does not happen at all, and
        does not merrit serious consideration. They are like feminists in this regard.

        Thank you for being receptive to this objection, at least beyond the level of
        the majority of your readers. Italian men specifically have been insulted and
        denigrated by these stereotypes, and we are sick of it — and it is indeed
        something focused in particular on the men: it is we who are “in the
        mafia”, speak “dees dem dose” or what-have-you. Italian men were
        the only group of men, other than Black men, who were lynched during the Jim Crow
        era. In fact the largest single lynching in US history was of Italian men — in

        For your information, when I made similar comments at the NYRB, I got a set of
        similar responses (though they were quite a bit more polite); their point was
        that I was being overly sensitive. But none of these people would have said the
        same to someone who was Jewish, or African-American, or perhaps Chinese or
        Hispanic. At the same time, however, my comments recieved a large number of
        “up” votes — much more than those of my opponents, which I took as a
        partial vindication of my points. I also took it to indicate a growing
        disatisfaction among people of my ethnic group with the trafficking in
        these stereotypes that became common in media, and publishing, in the post-war
        period. A recent law suit against Columbia University would be an instance of a
        growing activism in this regard.

        • Paul Elam

          OK, I have read your response and the responses of others, I have decided to let my statement stand, for two reasons.

          1, intent. And yes, to me it matters. I have no ,malice at all against people of Italian descent. That fact is not something I would hide behind making what I knew to be real epithets. I Just don’t think every cultural reference is a cultural insult, except to those who insist on hearing them that way. Those who demand to be insulted usually will be,

          2. I am anti-PC especially at this level. I told my partner a couple of jokes last night. One of them made light of women, one of them made light of men. They were both funny. There was no hate, no derisiveness intended behind any of it.

          Now, do I think some MRAs and some feminists would be offended by one of the two jokes? Yes I do. Do I care? No.

          We have a world full of real hate going on out there. I don’t think we will solve any of it by muzzling people and tilting at windmills.

    • Andybob

      I did not read it as an ethnic slur.

      This is how I read it:
      Bucky Turco sounds so much like an offensively stereotypical name that it sounds like it comes from something known for being full of offensive stereotypes – like a rejected ‘Sopranos’ script.

      AVfM does not permit ethnic slurs any more than it permits any other kind of slur. I think you said it yourself: this reference is only an ethnic slur if you misconstrue it.

    • PlainOldTruth

      I do remember the elder Governor Cuomo publicly stating that the Italian Mafia did not exist in the United States. Yet — I studied the pre-“Mafia” crime news in New York, when Black Hand rackets operated (in other words tactics of old world gangs were used by criminals who were not formally members of Comorra or Marfia, as was the case later on). I can cay without exaggeration that in the early 1900s EVERY urban Italian-American (who was an ordinary person) was constantly terrorized by Italian-American organized crime. My files are packed with kidnappings, bomb threat shakedowns, etc. The criminals were a tiny percentage of the ethnic community. Therefore referencing organized crime as exists/existed in a specific ethnic context does zero disrespect for the crime victims (the 99%) in that same ethnic group.

    • wakjob

      Slur-shaming is professional umbrage-taker bullshit. Grow a skin.

    • Suzy Enola

      This Italian American couldn’t give a rat’s ass about such minutiae. If you have time to make a career out of being Perpetually Offended, you are indeed a fortunate person. Grow up and get a life.

    • Mike Hunt

      Oh get over yourself. Political correctness is the weapon of feminists and ideologues of all stripes. We don’t need it here. Grow up and stop being a fucking baby.

    • mythago

      I’m of Italian heritage – I laughed, get over it. Fuck political correctness.

    • CrazyHorse1942

      I grew up in a WASP neighborhood and was frequently called a ‘stupid WOP’ at school. It got so bad that I started thinking that ‘stupid wop’ was my name 😉 I was only offended because I am Maltese, so they should have called me ‘stupid Maltese guy’……..

      It doesn’t help that my name is Mario…..oh the bigotry……. Lighten up :)

  • Emilio Lizardo

    I’ve met people like Turco, across all political issues (creationists to Feminists to nationalists), and it’s shocking how well they can ignore facts in front of them, speak with the utter conviction of self righteousness, and assign dark motives to critics. They also tend to echo criticisms when confronted.

    There’s no way to bridge the gap here, the only thing to do is to use recordings like this to show how far from reality they are. All of the reporting I’ve seen in the ‘main’ media has had some variation of a Feminist filter, they’ll cherry pick some ‘few’ valid points and indicate that these are already addressed by Feminism.

  • Andybob

    This is what happens when a journalist enters the world of men’s human rights activism with the premise that ‘men have all the power’ seared into their indoctrinated consciousness. They assume that any conference on men’s issues can’t possibly be anything but a gathering of patriarchal brutes – and their submissively trembling lady friends – angry about losing their privileges.

    Enter – however briefly – Bucky Turco, intrepid defender of defenseless women, those distressed victims of oppression and lots of other bad stuff. You see, Bucky is a rebel. Most of his articles focus on graffiti ‘art’. He expresses his view of the world through anti-social behavior and vandalism. Unfortunately for the world of journalism, someone took away his cans of spray paint and replaced them with a keyboard. He may have swapped tools, but his methods have stayed the same.

    Bucky Turco thinks that inappropriate adolescent behavior is a valid form of asserting his relevance in a world in which he only feels comfortable as a victim of big, bad bullies like Dr Warren Farrell and Dr Tara Palmatier. So does Jessica Roy, who sat through the conference tweeting like some petulant schoolgirl in detention planning her delinquent weekend activities. All evidence suggests that she approached the conference as if it were a detention class she had to endure for getting caught smoking behind the gym.

    Both of these so-called journalists were acting out. It is no mystery why their editors allowed them get away with this instead of insisting they do the investigative reporting they were paid to do. It was a conference focusing on men’s issues, so they were permitted – possibly even encouraged – to indulge in antics they would never dare pull at a War on Women Workshop.

    This was to be expected. Many journalists perceive their jobs as nothing more than platforms from which to throw flyers promoting their biases to the plebs below. Australia’s Clementine Ford springs to mind. She has never written anything that didn’t have a feminist slant, which means she denigrates men at every opportunity – and she’s quite proud of it. However, there has been a discernible backlash in the comment threads against the rampant misandry that saturates her articles. It is coming from men and women alike – she can’t delete them fast enough.

    Like Clementine Ford, Bucky Turco and Jessica Roy may not be feminism’s last hurrah, but they will be among the first of their ilk to be censured for the bigotry that prevents them from meeting basic ethical standards that most of the public, however jaded they have become, still demand.

    Bucky Turco scrawled a hatchet job about a conference he didn’t attend. When Dean Esmay calls him on it, Bucky responded with a level of maturity that makes me suspect that if security hadn’t been present, he probably would have spray-painted a giant patriarchal penis graffiti on the side of the VFW facility before flouncing off in a rebellious huff.

    The MHRM is a grown-up movement full of grown-ups discussing grown-up issues. That’s why it has no patience with the likes of Bucky Turco and Jessica Roy and their scurrilous schoolyard nonsense. It’s time to grow up and account for your poor behaviour. Stop treating the MHRM like the father your mother alienated you from by endlessly talking shit about him.

    We are not your Daddy.

    • Kimski

      How about we simply set up a room away from the grown ups next time? We could hand these kids a couple of crayons, some paper and a soft drink, and keep them under adult surpervision, while we hold the press conference somewhere else, for the real journalists, who has proven their journalistic integrity?

      We all know that they’re going to put their usual negative spin on every issue that is raised, refer to the SPLC crap that has been refuted on several occassions now, call us misogynists and knuckledraggers for trying to help boys and men in need, and basically counter everything with the annoyingly frequent: “Yes, but women…”, right after admitting we do indeed have some seriously valid points. As if one bad automatically erases another.

      It get’s so fucking predictable after a while!

      I had the extremely unpleasant task of having to go over every MSM article on the conference, because I take my responsibility as a pro-AVfM blog warrior very serious, and I do my utmost to show the fencesitters that the gender discourse in the media doesn’t belong to the opposition anymore. Just like I know a lot of the regulars on AVfM do, too. I have to admit that after the fifth article I simply stopped reading, and just quickly skimmed over the usual nonsense, before going straight to the comment sections.

      Every single article looked like they were reporting from the same script someone had presented them with, and asked them to write down from memory, and then present as their own homework. Only one or two would have gotten above “F”, if it was a grade school paper they had to turn in, and most of them would have found themselves in detention for copying from their classmates.

      Looking back now, only one thing stands out very clearly in my mind from more than 35 hours of refuting the inevitable and expected things mentioned in the second paragraph, and that’s Jessica Roy’s tweet, where she complains over not feeling welcome. I do believe that was the only thing that came even remotely close to resembling an irrefutable truth from any of these hirelings.

      No, Jessica Roy, and the rest of you hacks out there, -Bucky Turco included: No, you were not welcome. You were not welcome, because every single one of us expected you to deliver the exact same lies, hypocrisy, distortions, and rehashings of previously refuted stuff, that you, with your complete lack of creativity, feel the need to bring up again and again and again.

      You were not welcome because you have completely failed in every regard, when it comes to honoring the profession you hold, each and every one of you. Your blatantly obvious disregard of the issues raised at the conference, your total lack of integrity and unbiased, objective reporting has disqualified you as worthy of reporting on anything, besides what you’d expect from a snitch for the local mob.

      Those were the expectations you were met with, and those were the only things you managed to honour above and beyond anything we could have possibly imagined, -even from pawnscum and bottomfeeders like you. It’s no wonder you didn’t feel welcome. It’s a wonder you weren’t tarred, feathered and driven out of town afterwards.

      Next time I have to read one of your articles, where you accuse us of not doing anything for men and boys, I’m personally going to print your own article from this event out, dip it in red hot chili pepper, and cram it down your throat.

      You’re the main reason we don’t get enough done around here! Your perpetual lies and distortions are the reason half of our crew has to spend hours every day, refuting the same shit over and over again, to a point where most of us are now convinced you’re all suffering from infectious amnesia, without hope of ever being cured.

      -And tomorrow we have to do it all over again, in the comment section of another piece of slobby and unsubstantiated piece of filth!

      How about not living up to the negative expectations, just for once in your life, and before it’s too late???

      • Graham Strouse

        Likening these nitwits to children in need of supervision is insulting to children in need of supervision.

        • Kimski

          Good point.
          If they were my rugrats, they’d be on their hands and kness now, mowing the lawn with a nailclipper.

          • Graham Strouse


      • Bewildered

        Your perpetual lies and distortions are the reason half of our
        crew has to spend hours every day, refuting the same shit over and over
        again, to a point where most of us are now convinced you’re all
        suffering from infectious amnesia, without hope of ever being cured.

        • Chad_Nine

          Oooh! How about an MRM 101 room for the next conference? All the dimwits can go there and ask why MRAs hate women so much, and the rest of the conference goers can be left in peace!

    • Xbillion

      You nailed Jessica Roy, so to speak.
      I read that crap and was impressed by her shamelessness and proud lack of professional integrity or even the desire to maintain the appearance that she cares to do good work as a professional journalist.
      “…sat through the conference tweeting like some petulant schoolgirl
      planning her delinquent weekend activities. All evidence suggests that
      she approached the conference as if it were a detention class she had to
      endure for getting caught smoking behind the gym.”

  • Sean

    I have only got 1.30 into the conversation. Straight away it is evident that this ‘journalist’. Is not a journalist. Aggressive interrogation based on unsubstantiated facts in relation to the mother and children should be utterly embarrassing for this guy. The subject has been framed in this guys mind and now he’s filling in the dots.

  • Jon

    I’m repeating myself:
    But I think it would be a good idea if you video taped all conversations with news media at the next conference. Make consent to being recorded part of getting a press pass. Maybe everyone associated with the conference could have an assistant follow them around with a video camera. Have everyone clearly state their name and affiliation before you talk with them. Then AVFM can show what conversations supposed journalists really had at the conference.

    Even guests should be encouraged to record conversations (even with a smartphone) they have with news media (if you fear being “outed” as an MRA, just take person video of the journalist only). Be polite about it, but politely refuse to talk to news media unless you are recording. Check for press passes as well as ask new people you meet if they are journalists and if they intend on possibly quoting or writing about you. Guests could submit these videos to AVFM and AVFM could create a video montage showing the conversations that specific journalists had at the conference.

    • DukeLax

      If in fact we are claiming that there is a “Media lace curtain”…and its being fueled by certain types of journalists…..than the journalists themselves are the MRM news.
      I agree jon, at the next conference, maybe the press should consent to be recorded.

    • Graham Strouse

      I just penned a similar content, Jon. Looks like you beat me to the punch. I’d just like to add that in general it’s probably wise to be more a little more chary around indie publications than around more established news outlets. Indies are more likely to have looser ethical restrictions and they’re harder to take to task even if you present evidence that one of their reporters libeled or slandard you. If a reporter from, say, Time, misrepresents you, they have to take their news critters to task, if not for ethical reasons, than because the damage to its representation (and possibly to its bank account–libel suits are a thing, after all) could be long lasting. If it’s just some blogger writing out of his basement there’s probably not a lot you can do to him.

  • PlainOldTruth

    In defense of Bucky Rogers, Space Cadet: He heard references to data he was unfamiliar with so after a few minutes he concluded, quite reasonably and in accord with the Official Space Cadet Handbook, that unfamiliar facts = insane ravings, so he retreated to his spaceship to protect his ears the insanity ray gun that he imagined was going to burn up his ear drums. What do you expect a sane Space Cadet to do under the circumstances? Besides: animals can’t read anyway, so he wasn’t expecting anyone to actually notice what he wrote.

    • DukeLax

      Rodgers was sheltering his fragile eggshell mind….from reality.

  • oldenvye6432

    Is AVFM going to set up a new permalink at the top of the site for everything ‘yellow’?

    • Graham Strouse

      I kind of like that idea. Maybe there should be an archive here devoted to shoddy journalism.

    • Lucian Vâlsan

      Actually, you have a point. With all this new attention, a yellow button would be appropriate hue hue hue

  • Phil Davies

    Bucky Turco – Yellow journalist and all round shit-stain in the underpants of humanity.

  • DannyboyCdnMra

    Bucky should stick to taking pictures, its the best literary tool he has.

  • Tom Golden

    This fellow is a symbol of our difficulties. Brash, insulting, arrogant, childish, disrespectful, condescending, AND WRONG. He is completely unaware of his ignorance. And he writes to inform others of the events of the day. Thank God for AVFM.

  • gary959

    To this quickly “yellowing” list, I add: Bucky Turco. And to Futrelle’s list add another: David Futrelle.

  • marcetienne

    LOL! What a joke these yellow journalists have made of themselves! Thank you again, A Voice For Men!

  • JudgyBitch

    So if I go to the press conference for the Oscars, does that mean I can actually claim I went to the Oscars? It’s all the same people, right? Is Bucky that dumb or did he panic when called on his shit?

    • Paul Elam

      I think the answer is BOTH.

    • Rosemary Kondraciuk-Ribner

      I tweeted him asking if attending the rehearsal dinner and skipping the wedding means he’s still married. He likened the Press Conference to the wedding and the actual 2 day Conference to the reception. He really is an ignorant Crapey Buckycunt.

      He simply has no ability to discern which makes him the perfect feminist.

  • Graham Strouse

    This is why ABR is so important. Unless there is a very good reason to do otherwise, it’s probably wise for MRAs to make it clear ahead of time that all convos with journalists on men’s rights issues will be recorded. If the journalist in question has a problem with this and can’t come up with a good reason why he prefers to demure, wish him a good day and move along.

  • Astrokid

    Some fact checking for Bucky “its the same speakers, so I am justified in claiming I attended the whole”Turco.
    People at the Press conference, with (x) marking those who were not speakers at the conf
    Warren Farrell
    Erin Pizzey
    Anne Cools
    Mike Buchanan
    Calvin Mann (x)
    Suzanne Venker (x)
    Helen Smith (x)
    Tara Palmatier
    Diana Thomson (x)
    Carnell Smith
    Paul Elam
    i.e 7 speakers vs 4 non-speakers

    speakers at the conference you didnt even hear:
    Robert Franklin
    Karen Straughan
    Fred Jones
    Barbara Kay
    Stefan Molyneux
    Terrence Popp
    Tom Golden
    i.e 7 more

    And thats not counting the Activism Panel with 5 new faces Adam McPhee, Janet Bloomfield, AVFMS’ Jonathan Taylor, Indian MRA Anil Kumar, Australia’s Greg Canning.

    You missed out a lot. Of course, your contempt for MRM comes through clearly in your piece and it makes no difference even if you had listened to ANY of the speakers. But the bottomline is: you are just a feminist covering a part of the event, not a journalist.

  • Adam McPhee

    Yeesh, that was like listening to a public phone conversation, only getting to hear one side of it. Bucky obviously sounds agitated, emotionally invested, and thus is coming with an agenda. Far from impartial, and even if doing an opinion piece, shows how skewed and pre-determined his opinion is.

    In all the interviews I’ve done for CAFE over the past year, I’ve never had to deal with someone so agitated and defensive about their news piece. Just wish we could have heard both sides of this conversation.

    • Paul Elam

      Deans side is definitely faint, but I could hear him well enough by increasing the volume.

      • Adam McPhee

        Ah, thanks guys. Yeah, currently have my PC hooked up to my TV which has been wonky with the sound (had to balance it by turning down one speaker output).

    • Dean Esmay

      One of your speakers is out, it’s in stereo with me in one side and Bucky in the other. I could re-upload it in mono if people want. In fact I probably will.

    • Rosemary Kondraciuk-Ribner

      I had the same problem because one of my speakers is blown on my computer. Tried again on my laptop and heard it all.

  • mythago

    I listened to the conversation. Bucky you’re a fucking goof. Dean great job putting that bitch in his place but please don’t refer to him as brother.

    • mythago

      Pardon me-buckycunt you’re a fucking goof!

  • John Rew

    I don’t know how you guys do it. Dealing with people like that all the time would make me want to take the the next rocket ship off the planet. Dean I hope you get the opportunity to take the occasional holiday and look after yourself you’re a valuable person.

  • Rob

    I haven’t watched/listned to the video. However with reference to the attitude/attack on the autistic boys is it worth referring the incident to various autistic groups( pressure groups etc) and asking them to support you in complaining/shaming bucky at animal new york?

    the more pressure put on these people from organisations outside the group(avfm) the more buckys supporter get nervous as to who they want to pick a fight with and more bucky undermines himself.

    the always video “journalist” suggestion is very good. they should not be camera shy and maybe they can self censor their own behaviour once they realised they( and their sponsers) can be named and shamed.

  • McLargehuge510

    um…huh…WOW…anyone want to see a debate between Bucky and Matt Binder?! Maybe they can throw random quotes without attribution and make each other guess them to prove the other is a racisthomophobomisogynistrapist! Monkeys are always my favorite exhibit at the zoo!

  • Christopher Hawks

    What a douche! A little off topic, but the Washington D.C. annual slut walk is scheduled for September 13th. How about mini-conference that weekend, so we can all go show our support to slut walk, like those Edmonton guys did. (I know it’s not happening, but it makes me smile to think about it.)

  • Dean Esmay

    I have just placed a version with sound that should be MUCH clearer to people, louder, all reduced to monophonic, a little noise reduction. Otherwise nothing removed. FYI.

  • Marcos Eliziario

    Aren’t journalists supposed to HEAR people. What I see is someone rude, that interrupts all the time, is not really listening and is more interested on “proving” he’s right than gathering info.
    Really, journalists in third world countries (real journalists, I mean) are used to have to explain themselves to political police, are pressured by armies and paramilitary militias, and yet they don’t crack under pressure like Bucky.
    I am not even questioning his taking things from the conference out of context. Sadly, this is common in ideologically oriented newspeople. But, even after badmouthing CHILDREN that are autistic, thus being prejudiced, he never ever shows a bit o remorse. He is not just dishonest, but he is also inhuman.

  • Marcos Eliziario

    What is this shit about lawn mower brands? Has this guy ever left high school? Geez….

  • Marcos Eliziario

    It’s ironical that on his world, woman don’t mown the lawn. He would get surprised to see how much women are more empowered and autonomous on what he thinks as rural and backwards places.

  • Astrokid

    Bucky seems to have some “admirers” that have been following him for a short while. LOL They have been mocking Bucky’s website (not doing too well in readership) and the office-goings on.

  • EJ Spurrell

    I can understand bias. I can understand that he was unwilling to believe anything explained to him about the MRM. I simply might have shrugged it off as just another person with preconceived notions.

    But the insults he tossed around to Dean, and the idea that we’re all conservatives… That was ridiculous. I do hope this has a lasting effect on his career, or lack thereof.

  • Reason

    The fundamental presumption here is that Bucky Turco is a journalist. He is not a journalist. He is a missionary.

    Case closed.

  • Attila_L_Vinczer

    Simply put Bucky Turco knowingly, without any known medical conditions, behaves like a moron. This man should not be allowed to report on anything. He is a hack.

    What I do find interesting is the immense motivation to indiscriminately discredit MRAs by any means possible. One must wonder why feminists and those supporting feminists would do this? Feminist propaganda has seemingly brainwashed a whole lot of people. Just listen to this guy, then buck, Buckey