Matt Forney

Matt Forney: Belly aching and bravado

Matt Forney has a problem. You see, he has been a long time lurker, supporting the idea of men’s rights from the silent shadows. He never really did anything, but he was with us in spirit, rooting for the home team when no one was listening. He was what you call a Men’s Rights Inactivist, and he was scary good at it.

Oh, but then AVfM changed all that when we put Katherine Heigl on Or, as he puts it so succinctly on his blog:

I agree with much of what they [MRA’s] say, but I realized a while ago that I couldn’t in good conscience consider myself a supporter of men’s rights. The catalyst?


Fatal mistake on our part, it seems. Ol’ Matt pulled his non-actualized, non-materialized non-support support like it was, imagine this, never really there.  And then he set about calling us a bunch of whiners. He apparently wrote about it in In Mala Fide back in May, and just recently reposted the piece to his blog, because, he says, the blog “will soon be defunct.”

I was too busy with everything else he said to try to make sense of that one. Maybe someone can ‘splain that one to me later. Right now it appears a good a time as any to give the piece the attention that Forney is so obviously seeking.

I should start by saying that it’s pretty natural that someone in my position gets their share of criticism. I make a lot of calculated decisions that get publicly vetted. Some of the dissent is fair, some not; all of it is useful, save a few exceptions. This article would be one of those.

In fact, what Matt has managed here is to epitomize the very thing he ultimately complains about in his article. He’s whining, about jack shit, on behalf of a misandric cunt. And he is doing it with a straight face, it seems.

AVfM has launched a website that has drawn significant, worldwide attention. We have also seen the upstart of three internet radio shows, with a fourth on the way. And then there is Register-her, which has literally sent shock waves through the online feminist community and beyond. It now serves as one of the opposition’s focal points of attack. That has had the added benefit of forcing feminists to acknowledge significant men’s issues in public venues. And mind you, they are attacking us for all the “right” reasons, none of which are the trivial-to-the-point-of-stupidity waste of time that Forney is peddling in his article.

In other words, RHC has performed admirably, and Forney just doesn’t get it, or doesn’t care. He wants us all to be manly men like him and go crush people in his inactive, sedentary and thoroughly non crushing way.

By his account, all was well and fine till RHC served as the catalyst that thrust him from the role of silent sympathizer of the MRM to direct involvement as a harsh and judgmental critic. And he makes it obvious that all it took to foster that change was putting one woman on the registry that didn’t happen to offend him personally.

I won’t bother asking what a video similar to the Heigl video, made by a man joking about sexually mutilating women, would do for his Hollywood career. It really doesn’t matter. Nor will I bother asking what the Heigl video says in a culture where women actually do sexually mutilate men to a joyous and celebratory reaction from other women and men. It is one of those “if you have to ask you must be too stupid for the answer” situations.

What I will point out is that this kind of chicken-shit nit picking by a supposed sympathizer is far more pathetic that the Heigl video could have ever hoped to be. But pathetic and stupid I can handle. Misandric, not so much. In his article, Forney tags men destroyed by the family law system as whining losers:

I don’t want to get in line for a bowl of victim borscht. “Oh, your whore wife divorced you? Here here, cry on my shoulder. Here’s a cookie. It’ll be alright.


This is the male badass who agreed with MRA literature? I suppose, that for some, their distaste for misandry and crimes against men is more of a matter of mental masturbation than actual social involvement. If that is the case, and it is, Matt Forney just jerked off all over his bed sheets. And now it appears he is standing there like a virtual ‘tard, grinning about it and drooling.

To add more stupid to the equation, Forney beefs up his distaste with a barrage of bilious bravado:

The problem is that I don’t want to be a victim. I want to be a victor. I want to crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and hear the lamentations of their women. I want to look them in the eye and dare them to take me on.

             Come at me, bro.


Whoa. Toughest inactivist I have ever heard. And I am sure Forney’s enemies, wherever they may exist, are besieged with concern.  I know I’m impressed beyond words, so I won’t try.

Just to make sure we have no illusion about our uselessness, he also kicks in the following:

The men’s rights movement wants men to keep picking at their scabs, to wallow in self-pity for all eternity.


Oh, mind you he does this while reminding us of how he is aware of the need for addressing very real problems, and how, underneath all this shaming bullshit, he really, really supports what we are trying to accomplish without his help as long as we do it his way.

Seriously Matt, if you don’t support men’s rights because a woman ended up on a registry when you don’t think she belonged there, or because men are going to articulate their problems, then all I can say is “no problem.” The world is full of obtuse, shaming blue pill pinheads with a level of moral acumen that precisely explains the fucked up state of affairs for the men and boys. Those would be the men and boys who actually end up paying for the problems people like you create.

I get that, and I write people like you off all the time. But then you have the gumption to parrot a bunch of keyboard courage about crushing your enemies? And you make fun of guys who get fucked over by the system? What a laugh. I don’t mean what you said, but you, personally.

You may be every bit as brave as your words. I doubt it, but I don’t know. What I do know is that your article is a misandric piece of shit. Based on your rhetoric, though, I would lay dollars to doughnuts you have never crushed so much as a Dixie Cup at a water cooler. Your kind of man never does. You just shit on those out there taking the hits and doing the work, likely because you lack the conviction to stick your neck out for anything really important to anyone but yourself.

Personally, I would not talk to MRA’s about picking scabs until you quit being one.

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  • Phil in Utah

    I wish I could say I’ll be missing this guy. Then again, I never really knew him.

    Erm, scratch that “really”.

  • John the Other

    Forney is all hat and no saddle.

  • BioCan

    This individual may not have been an actual supporter to begin with if he had found a completely preposterous reason to lambast the entire movement. I think you are doing exactly what needs to be done, Paul. As opposed to ignoring those who criticise the MRM, you write responses to those who try to belittle or insult this community, especially if they do not have evidence and facts to back them up. And your responses are just as fair, and often better, than those criticisms.

    How any man would push away a group of people who are trying to make their life one to enjoy (whether it be through improving the educational system for boys, the family court system, etc.) is beyond me. It’s about time we found a voice to speak with on the national agenda. And we aren’t going away because of some poorly executed argument made by a man who’s whining about a registered misandrist. If he prefers a world where men are shamed for their masculinity, competitiveness, and drive to succeed than this is not the place for him and he can just keep blogging.

  • TheMoralGodless

    Yeah I saw that jibber jabber over at In Mala Fide. Passive-aggressive MRA bashing and Man Up pronouncements seemed to be a regular topic over there, along with all the crypto white nationalism.

    • Unregistard

      Not for long. Ferd has announced that he is shutting down In Mala Fide as well as In Bona Fide and leaving the country.

  • Kimski

    I remember Matt Forney’s ramblings when Katherine Heigl got thrown in the bigot trashcan. He made a very convincing imitation of a schoolgirl’s crush on another well payed misandrist, and did not succeed in much else, really.
    I understand that his feelings for her has not changed, but he have to wake up to the fact that he might not get layed by Heigl, in spite of his continued white knighting.

    Shit happens.

  • Bombay

    I watched the Katherine Heigl video and was very appalled. Anyone who finds that humorous also laughs when men are mutilated by wives and girlfriends. These people are mentally ill.

  • Bombay

    Matt Forney :

    “The solution of MRAs isn’t to laugh off these phony pussies, but to clamor to join their ranks. They want to make men into victims.”

    “The problem is that I don’t want to be a victim. I want to be a victor. I want to crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and hear the lamentations of their women. I want to look them in the eye and dare them to take me on.”

    A strawman argument (MRA’s want to make men victims, I do not want to be a victim).

    Personally, I think MRAs are about making it less likely that men will be victims.

    It seems he demonstrates a psychological truth – what you fear will happen, you actually make happen. He is truly a victim of his own making.

  • Codebuster

    I won’t bother asking what a video similar to the Heigl video, made by a man joking about sexually mutilating women, would do for his Hollywood career. It really doesn’t matter. Nor will I bother asking what the Heigl video says in a culture where women actually do sexually mutilate men to a joyous and celebratory reaction from other women and men. It is one of those “if you have to ask you must be too stupid for the answer” situations.

    … and to expand on the principle that is being played out here, women can make false allegations of rape, anonymously, without any risk to themselves, while a man’s name is dragged through the mud before he’s even found guilty.

    In one sense, I take on board where Matt Forney is coming from. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and within a healthy culture at peacetime, most of us would object to Heigl’s inclusion among a list of convicts and liars. But what we have today is neither healthy nor peacetime – VAWA, affirmative action and the like amount to a declaration of war against men. Heigl is a public figure, a representative for what her culture stands for. She is a representative of the party that has declared war on men. When she goes making silly public pronouncements that in effect incites violence against men and boys, then as a public figure, there is nothing immoral about anyone publicizing and drawing attention to her foolishness. As Paul points out, there is nothing about her appearance on RHC that is any more unfair than how a male public figure would be treated if he joked about mutilating women’s genitalia in the same way. It’s neither defamatory nor slanderous (though I’m sure some lawyer vermin can twist the legalese to achieve the desired effect if sufficient money was thrown at him) for the simple reason that the evidence is there, on the video in which she appears… it’s not like making false allegations of rape against a man before he’s even been found guilty of anything. Heigl is guilty maybe not of a crime, but of the very same sexism for which feminists wouldn’t hesitate in destroying a man’s life. Her role in that video deserves to be publicized. Ultimately, RHC is nothing more than an exercise of free speech, exactly the same free speech that Heigl chose to exercise. What’s fair is fair.

    In the case of the soccer-mom apologizing and begging to be removed, I’m less certain. Someone issuing a genuine apology and seeing the error of her ways could even turn into an asset and a much-valued ally. I haven’t been following her story in detail, so I cannot comment on why her apology was regarded as inauthentic and thus not accepted. But we need to draw a line at becoming as ruthless as the vermin that routinely deny us our rights. We are not like them. In the fight for rights, we need to be mindful of our other duty… to set an example… an example of what kind of culture we stand for.

  • Tawil

    Well you came at him, bro!

    Lets see if he can offer his famed “crushing” response.


  • Rper1959

    Unbelievable , I have just seen the Katherine Heigl clip on the linked blog post , which I had not seen before, it is disgusting misandric crap NO DOUBT and Heigl fully deserves her spot on

    Would a male celebrity who did a similar advertisement for desexing by cutting out female dog’s ovaries ,( including giving his wife’s ovaries back to her in a jar so she could go out with “the girls” to make the connection to human beings ) , be passed of as humour , no way. How about a check list of all the things wrong with ( the con’s) of ovaries , be they human or animal?

    Unbelievable, Matt Forney might just as well have written a piece for radfem hub , what a self righteous fuckwit a hypocritical bigot himself of the worst kind.

  • Unregistard

    I read Forney’s hisseyfit when it was originally posted at In Mala Fide and I read the followup along with the piling on article by another writer whose name escapes me at the moment. You are right, they were all disgusting examples of keyboard courage and “inactivism.”

    They offered nothing while shitting on people trying to do something. Their articles explain how things are wrong, but DO NOT provide any suggestions or examples of how to do things better or how the writer would like to see things done. In essence all they say is “you’re doing it wrong.”

    Your response here Paul is right on the money. I wrote a response to Forney’s original bowel movement but deleted it after tiring of the whole subject of Forney and the same-as-feminists, right-winger, inactivist crowd. I still might resurrect my thoughts for a post over at Antimisandry, but Forney and his ilk do not deserve any more attention than does any other pest.

  • Raven01

    Oddly enough, I am convinced this article is going to be the most exposure and recognition Mr. Forney will ever receive.
    He, like the whining do nothing feminists wants the rewards and recognition without taking the risks. If that is the closest he can come to taking a stand this is the last anyone will hear of him.

  • Bubbles

    Fucking hipsters…

  • JFinn

    Forney wants to throw a million babies out with the bath water because he thinks that if he does it in a way he claims is badass, it will make him look badass, and so people will think he’s badass.

    • by_the_sword

      “he thinks that if he does it in a way he claims is badass, it will make him look badass, and so people will think he’s badass”

      Well he’s halfway there, I think he is an ass.

  • DNA

    Calling MRAs victims is another way of saying, “Shut up and take it like a man”.

  • ChrisD

    Very strange how putting a particular woman on RHC could cause this guy to suddenly shift his viewpoint. Obviously he hasn’t read half the articles on here which would explain to him why women like Heigl belong on RHC.

    The simple reality is a man couldn’t make the same ad she did with the roles reversed. Even doing it word for word it just wouldn’t happen, the feminists would be all over it, saying how horrible it is to promote violence against women.

    Forney, you’re a moron. The MRM is not about picking our scabs, it’s about achieving true equality. That means challenging hypocrisy and misandry contained in ads like the one heigl made.

    If we don’t try and stop it now then it will just get worse. Already men are laughed at for being abused, mutilated and killed, called weak when they’re beaten but called scum if they defend themselves.

    It can’t continue or we’ll be in a position where any woman can have any man locked up, without evidence, for any crime she so chooses to accuse him of.

    Australia is already there.

  • Howard

    Poor guy. His idol has been outed for her misandry. Perhaps he’d like to be the first to fulfill her desire of neutering human males. Then he can join the other psychologically neutered males that feminism has victimized. No big loss to us.
    For those that missed it, or are new and need a refresher on what Heigl did- This was a petition I did. I had let it lapse, but will renew it for those that want to learn why she’s on the register-her list. Feel free to sign if you haven’t already. I will send a new email to her listed contact to refresh her as well. Even though it most likely won’t change things, it will be good to let her know we haven’t forgotten about her.

  • gwallan

    We live in a culture that enables and provides cover for some who are violent and abusive. The tenor of the broader discourse is to mitigate those abusive actions or even to justify them. Failing justification it will resort to shaming and ridicule of those on the receiving end of that violence or abuse.

    Those victims of female violence, boys or men who put their hands up as victims, are demonstrating more courage in that one act than Matt Forney will know in his entire lifetime.

  • dhanumis456

    OT: The falling status of college education. Notice how the courses at one of the colleges revolve around ‘diversity’ and how the scientific courses are being eliminated in another:

    • jack

      That Washington Post article you refer to is great! It condemns “administrative sprawl” in universities but it stops just short of writing “feministic BS sprawl”.

      • dhanumis456

        Exactly. But that is implicit. That’s why I thought it would be relevant here.

    • JinnBottle

      Read the George Will article. Good stuff. (I often disagree completely with Will, but he’s one of those of the honorable opposition I can never get personally mad at.)

      Yall know about the MIT female professor who, in the middle of an extremely reasonable not to say reticent argument as to possible innate differences in men’s and women’s mental abilities by Harvard Administrator Larry Summers, stormed out in tears (or anyway looking like that was what she was supposed to be) – followed puppylike by reporters from the NY Slimes and the Boston Globe? That one act alone got Harvard to shell out $50 million (yes you read that right) in moneys for new diversity, social justice, women’s etcetera, etcetera programs – which, as at UC, were already topheavy.

      Will wrote an article on that, too.

  • AntZ

    “The problem is that I don’t want to be a victim. I want to be a victor. I want to crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and hear the lamentations of their women. I want to look them in the eye and dare them to take me on.”

    This is loosely quoted from epistode 1 of “Conan the Barbarian” who in turn loosely quotes from Ghenghis Khan. Here is the original quote by the mongol warlord (known also as the world’s champion contributor of semen to the largest number of vaginal vaults):

    “The greatest pleasure is to vanquish your enemies and chase them before you, to rob them of their wealth and see those dear to them bathed in tears, to ride their horses and clasp to your bosom their wives and daughters.”

    • Kimski

      I just knew I’d heard that quote before.
      Thanks, AntZ.

      • AntZ

        Here is conan’s version:

        “To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!”

        You can see it, in its full idiotic glory, here:

        • Bombay

          LOL. Matt “Conan” Forney the Megalomaniac. I cannot wait to see the movie.

  • Not buying it

    Fuck him & the horse he rode in, he is the baby crying bitch.

  • Zorro

    Forney has a problem with the word victim. Okay, allow me to help him out.

    You know that big black granite memorial in Washington, DC, with the names of about 55,000 people on it? How many are male, how many are female, and what percentage of both groups got the privilege of getting on that memorial because they were forcibly conscripted?

    Now do you know what the word victim means, you celestial jackass?

    • Carrie

      Do you know of the big invisible memorials in every city, in every country, with millions and millions of names on them? The names of women, girls, BOYS, and MEN who’ve been raped, molested, and physically abused by fools who think just like you?

      Now ask yourself if you know what a victim is.

      • Astrokid

        Yes Dear.. we know you are the biggest victims out there. LOL
        We dont play Oppression Olympics with feminists. They have the market cornered on that. To quote Bio Engineer Barbara Oakley

        I was once invited to speak to a class of feminists about life as a female engineering professor. I looked at these bright, intelligent young women and couldn’t resist. “What the hell are you doing in here studying feminist theory?” I asked. “Why aren’t you over in the School of Engineering, studying with me and getting yourself out of victimization by getting a fascinating, empowering, and high paying job as engineer? My generation of women’s rights activists fought for you to have that opportunity, and you’re acting as if we’d done nothing.” The students sat staring at me, open-mouthed.

        PS: I am surprised you included boys and men in your list. I guess its more of Patriarchy hurts the menz too?

        • Carrie

          Of course you’re surprised I included boys and men on my “list”… just like everyone is surprised when they learn that feminists are nothing, repeat NOTHING like MRAs define feminists as. I’ll tell you what, I like to believe that women can do everything that men can do, but in the case of ludicrously fabricated victimhood, MRAs will always win out over feminists.

          It would hurt — if not destroy — your entire world view if you were to learn that feminism was diametrically opposite to what sites like this claim. And that’s OK. We all start out ignorant. Some of us grow out of groupthinkhatred, ideally most of us would. Then others still enjoy the comforts of following the Big Sheep bleating here approvingly with absolutely no free thought whatsoever. I can only hope that upon reaching adulthood, you (all) will realize that you used to follow a hate-mongering charlatan when you COULD HAVE BEEN improving the world for men (and women and children) instead.

  • Eye in the Sky

    Forney is horney for Heigl.

    He was blinded by the light
    Wrapped up like a douche
    Another runner in the night

  • Bombay

    Katherine Heigl video starts out taking about spaying and neutering. Then devolves into only the neutering of men. If she would have also developed the spaying of women, then although the whole video would be very sick, the sickness would be spread across both genders and she may have been able to sell it was an attempt at humor.

    If she wanted to be more “humorous” (from her point of view), she could have included what races she wanted to neuter. Would you prefer to neuter black men? Asian men? Causations? Hispanics? Or just all men? Or perhaps only the men who you feel done you wrong? I bet it is men below a certain income level.

  • scatmaster

    I wonder if Mzzzz Heigl has given Forney his dreamed of phone call.
    A poster boy for the white knighting boygina if I ever heard one.
    Doe he have lactating stretch marked bagos like Furtelle?

    • Dr. F


      What’s a “bagos” ?

      • scatmaster

        Synonyms for bagos: titmouse, embrace, chest, disparager, boob, dummy, mammilla, nipple, pap, breast, white meat, booby, knocker, pinhead, doorknocker, dumbbell, mamilla, tit, heart, bosom, titty, detractor, dope, depreciator, teat, rapper

        • Dr. F

          Ah, Ta.

          …and if I was your son I’d say:

          Ah, Ta da’.

  • Denis

    This is bigger than just Matt Forney, who is unimportant IMO. For a long time we’ve maintained a loose coalition with traditionalist anti-feminists who have little concern for men other than their place in the capitalist hierarchy, which is built on the backs of the majority of male mules.

    We are not in danger of being co-opted, we have always been co-opted and have yet to see a truly pro-male movement that is more than just anti-feminism. The term MRA has become meaningless as it is used by anyone involved in anti-feminism but does not generally offer any type of assistance for those men in the glass cellar.

    The other issue is with the paleo warrior mentality of patriarchy. The paleo warriors did nothing to build civilization and do not deserve credit for anything but maintaining the social order, which usually meant the male disposability of their underlings.

    • Introspectre

      This! Well said indeed!

    • Unregistard

      You are so right Denis. These Forneys do not give a shit about men. They only want to have MRAs support their traditionalist republican capitalist ideology.

      Don’t get me wrong I’m not arguing for socialism, atheism, or democrats. I’m just not going to sell my soul, and the lives of future boys to the christian conservative republicans who claim to be MRAs just because they do not like feminism as well. They need to show they are serious about men’s issues, for all men. Not just some men, not just white men, note just christian men, not just straight men, not just republican men, not just capitalist men, ALL MEN.

  • keyster

    I agree to the extent that culturally positioning men as yet another victim group among the plethora of existing victim groups, (that claim the “privilaged white male” as their oppressor group), is a tall, tall order. Although I view it pragmatically, and he views it from a Blue Pill perspective…that it’s not in any way justified, but rather “whining”–right out of the Feminist talking points…meant to silence Men.

    But to say Katherine Heigl is off-limits (ostensibly because she’s a beautiful actress) and say Sharon Osborne, or any other blatant misandrist is not, is hypocritical. Meanwhile it’s Open Season on any man who even HINTS at misogyny publicly, (Rush Limbaugh, et al).

    In reality Katherine Heigl’s management/PR put her up to it, and she has little idea of what she even did; which doesn’t make her any less of a target, by example. These LaLa Land types are not the brightest bulbs.

    • scatmaster

      In reality Katherine Heigl’s management/PR put her up to it, and she has little idea of what she even did; which doesn’t make her any less of a target, by example.

      Katherine Heigl is a cunt.

      • Carrie

        … said the kettle to the pot.

        • driversuz

          OK Troll. We don’t have time for you. You can leave now.

          • Carrie

            The irony is that I had already left. I had to sign back in to even acknowledge this.

            Pardon me while I leave… again.

  • Not buying it

    The bitch Catherine heigl,s action & the actions of many other PC crowd precipitate the misandric anti male atmosphere of accepted violence & anti-empathy against the average male.

  • Mike Brentnall

    There will always be detractors and critics.
    The main subject of this article has chosen withdrawl from the momentous efforts of the crew of AVfM. It may be a loss in as much as there is one less person who may have grasped the bigger picture. One can question if whether that picture ever was there but speculation on such matters would detract from the job at hand. There will be similar others yet these will be overshadowed by many more agreeing with the mandate of AVfM, and legitimate men’s issues at large.

    Competing interests in the political arena will always exist as well.
    Some interests curry favor with the macro agenda and others don’t, as always. The beauty of our time is that those on the downside of interest can continue seeking redress to their evidential reason for being. But, that’s politics.

    You’ve deftly handled a critic, Paul. The motives behind your unpaid work at AVfM are well known by regular readers – advancing valid little known men’s concerns. Perpetuating the continuation of and humor in castrating men is not among one such motive. Continued exposure and woe to those who do.

  • dejour

    Forney’s post was stupid. When you draw attention to an unfairness, some will always see it as whining. I don’t see an alternative. Extreme violence, maybe? I prefer to exhaust all non-violent solutions.

    In fairness, though, he isn’t really an inactivist. Check out his post on The Spearhead this week, “Feminism as Ideological Childishness”. It would have been a fine entry at AVfM.

    • Paul Elam

      Perhaps at some point he will decide where he stands and stick to it.

  • dejour

    Forney’s post was stupid. When you draw attention to an unfairness, some will always see it as whining. I don’t see an alternative. Extreme violence, maybe? I prefer to exhaust all non-violent solutions.

    In fairness, though, he isn’t really an inactivist. Check out his post on The Spearhead June 7th, “Feminism as Ideological Childishness”. It would have been a fine entry at AVfM.

    (I would post the link, but doing so seems to mean my comment is flagged as spam)

  • Introspectre

    Forney’s position on this is ridiculous. One of the most insidious aspects of feminism, is how it managed to play on our innate sympathies in order to absolve women of accountability for their bigotry, the damage to men and boys, that many have influenced in society, countless times, from behind the scenes and the violence they commit.

    Register her, is a necessity and just because Heigl might have the obfuscation, of showbiz dramatics as an excuse, doesn’t mean it wasn’t bigotry. Just visualize what would likely have happened if a man in her position had done a bit that referred to ovaries or the uterus in the same terms.

    I still totally support what your doing Paul. You’re on the right track, both with holding feminist women, (and far too many non-feminist women), accountable for their misandry and the actions resulting from it as well as refusing to allow one political ideology to dominate your site.

    True wisdom, the MRM needs to realize that we are under attack and you don’t play nice, with incorrigible adversaries, who corrupt everything they can to push their agenda’s. You also don’t make flimsy excuses to withdraw support from those who are making a difference, because it makes you feel personally uncomfortable.

  • tallwheel

    I’m a lurker too, but at least I don’t go around telling real MRA’s how they can do their job better.

  • DruidV

    I’m sorry Dr. Paul, but are the majority here really supposed to know who this guy even is? Just seems like you’re giving him the negative attention he obviously craves. More fuel for his fire, if you like.

    Like Bill Murray, when he played masochistic patient to Steve Martin’s sadistic dentist (little shop of horrors), this Matt Foreskin guy is probably getting his jollies from your blistering response to him. He is most likely penning an appropriately inane response to you and as long as you continue to indulge him, he will continue to respond. I’m sure he couldn’t care less about any real issues. He isn’t about anything other than attention whoring.

    This Matt Foreskin dude seems like just another “real-man”, blue-pill, white knight idiot, but all of it is of course, an act. He is an attention whore. He is a nobody and he should remain so.

    I would never question your judgement Dr. Paul, so if you deem it necessary to drag him out from under the fridge, shine your flashlight on him and have a quick game of show and tell, then it must be the right thing to do.

    Still, I liked this Foreskin dude a lot better when I never even heard of him…

    • Guest

      Lol. He’s not a doctor. He’s a former drug addict, a dead beat dad, and an abuser of women. There’s an article about it on Buzzfeed.

  • JinnBottle

    What, he has a dark beard so I’m supposed to be scared? Fuck you, Foney. You don’t like it, your lips know where my ass is.

  • JinnBottle

    This asshole is exactly what’s wrong with *men* in general over the entire contemporary world: They’re so brainwashed to compete with one another, and so high on fantasies of their ego triumphant, that we’ve been divided into 150 million incompatible agendas in the USA alone.

  • Bombay

    LOL. Fifth entry on Google first page:

    Matt Fourney:

    A Voice for Men | Masculine Counter-Theory in the Age of Misandry
    Every once in a while, maybe more, someone steps up to tell us how great we would be if only we did nothing, just like them. Matt Fourney has just stepped up, …

  • Auntie Pheminizm

    All hail Matt Forney: white knight mangina!

    When a dude got his penis severed and ground up in a disposal, Massa Matt laughed along with the sistas. And why not? Why risk being called a whiner for something so trivial?

    Yet when a woman at his office, wearing a skirt that showed a full moon at high noon whenever she bent over (often!), things changed. She claimed harassment when a non-Brad-Pittoid asked her out…and Macho Matt protested with her!

    Such bravery.

    Such testosteronica.

    In former times, he was the Jew who rounded up other “whiner” Jews because, well, you know someone had to do it. And it wasn’t like he was aiding and abetting the enemy or anything.

    By Haysoos, he’s gonna right all the wrongs in the gender world, Tomorrow. Or maybe the day after. But very soon. Because he’s a tough, caring guy. He just insists that no woman ever-ever-ever call him a weenie-whiner-wuss in the process. Because even macho muchachos have breaking points.


    Matt has brass balls and’s gonna clang ’em pronto. He just needs permission from Mommy Dearest.

    Matt also promises to protest blacks being lynched. He just needs to read up a bit more on the historical phenomenon, and check NOW’s position on the matter, and get feminism’s permission. He rented a room on Planet Vajayay and knows there are different rules there, and time frames, and definitions of hedging-waffling-temporizing.

    Like Al Gore, he created the Internet. And invented the wheel. And by garshki he’ll kick ass for equal rights within a millennium or three.

    Just you wait.

    Like every Good German he knows things are wrong…yet wonders why anyone would intentionally upset Aryans. Or feminists.

    Hey: what do you call someone who prostates himself before the throne of Feminism?


    As in door.

  • Suz

    In this morning’s rebuttal, he caught your typo, Paul.

  • MRA-GH

    So he has a boner for Heigl. He’s seen her films and she just seems oh so sweet, she’s like the new Jen Aniston right? she’s just kidding around right Matt? Don’t go Matt, the MM needs you, we can’t let the Femmies win, bro.
    Speaking of Jen Aniston, anyone seen this clip @ 1:55?

    • Sting Chameleon

      Yeah I mean, why make such a fuss? Wouldn’t that make us little bitches just like the PC scum? /sarcasm.

  • Kosh

    And then on the flip side, there’s people like me who desperately WANT to add people to and have been unable to do so because of certain unanswered questions (not for lack of trying). So far, I’ve made 4 attempts through e-mail to get answers to my questions about the site. The first I sent to Paul who redirected it to John, then the remaining 3 to John directly, over the course of March 31st to June 3rd. As a last ditch effort, I’m going to post my e-mail here, verbatim:

    Hey John. I’d like to post a few offenders to, but I have a few questions.

    1) All of the people I’d like to submit don’t really have a category to go into. One of them asked Flickr members to kill another, one posted a public picture (her ONLY public picture, by the way) of her holding up a sign saying “Kill all foreskins”, and the third set up a group titled “Who wants their cocks cut off?”. What category should these people go into? Violent Offender? Bigots? Something else? The first wouldn’t really qualify for “Bigot”, since she was only speaking out against one specific user, and neither would “Violent Offender”, as she asked others to commit the act for her, and “Bigot” seems too weak for the others, since they’re also inciting violence against half the world’s population.

    2) Is it OK to submit evidence in the form of a PNG file instead of PDF? I’d like to be able to submit the required info and at the same time wipe out my user name from the documents in question.

    3) For the first user, I only have her first name, but not her last name. Is it still permissible to submit what information I have, with the hopes that someone else will recognise her and be able to fill in the blanks later?

    4) On a completely unrelated note, can Victoria Haigh’s picture on the home page be replaced with someone else, please? Every time I see that, I think to myself, “LUCY LAWLESS is a false Child Rape Accuser??? No freaking way!” I’m sure I’m not the only person who thinks that, either. While Victoria definitely deserves to be spotlighted, it doesn’t really seem all that fair to Lucy. Failing that, are there any other pictures of Victoria available that make her look less Lucy like?

    Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

  • JFinn

    aaaaaand turns out Forney is Ferdinand Barmadu!

  • Guest

    Puh-lease. AVM, Matt Forney, ROK – you’re all the same thing. You’re just a bunch of guys who are angry and sad that women don’t behave, look, or think the way you want them to. I know it’s hard, after millions of years of women being subservient to you, to finally have women achieving rights in the last few decades. That’s why you create these little men’s groups, because you JUST CAN’T DEAL. Your lives are SO HARD and you deserve to be all whiney and entitled. I have so much sympathy for your plight. Can I lend you a midol?