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Chris Gethard Is an Incredible Douche and Gets Pwned by RamzPaul

First, for the record, I want to say that as the founder and publisher of the most widely read men’s rights website in the world I do not believe RamzPaul has ever made a single comment here, much less written an article, nor have I seen his presence on other “men’s rights” websites. I have never talked to him (though I have enjoyed many of his videos) and don’t know anything about him personally. So far as I know, he’s not really a “men’s rights” guy at all, just a feminist critic.

That being said, the exchange between him and comedian Chris Gethard is one of the funniest fucking things I have ever seen -n my life — thanks mostly to the fucktardery of Gethard.

What strikes me most about Gethard is the transparency of his lifelong insecurity, longing for attention, and abysmally poor self-image in relation to women. The approval-seeking (based in the absence of it) is obvious to the point of being pathetic.

Paul obviously cut him to the quick, because what we are left with is a man who has at least a modicum of real celebrity lashing out against a comparatively unknown YouTuber in reaction to a short and humorous poke at his stupid ideas.

I am embarrassed for him.

Anyway, as Paul aptly points out in his last video, the beauty of the Internet is that no one has to be fooled. Everything is on the record. I am presenting the entire exchange here. (Note to Chris: Removing your video won’t help. I have a copy and will host it on one of the servers I have in three continents.)

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what an obsequious, groveling white knight looks like compared with a man who Goes His Own Way.

Gethard’s original attempt to serve a shame sandwich to men who don’t get their sense of worth from a pat on the head from a woman who barely tolerates them, a big screen TV, and an anchor of debt around their necks:

RamzPaul responds:

Gethard gets all butthurt and lashes back with enough misguided invective to make David Futrelle jealous. Note that Gethard says in one breath that “fuck the girls you want to fuck” is “just gross” and in the next breath says that doing that is just fine because some women enjoy it too. He says a lot of other stuff that is equally brain-numbing and vacuous:

RamzPaul offers some sage advice:

Personally, I think Paul went very easy on him. But I don’t expect readers here to.




  • Dean Esmay

    I’ll be more charitable. I think this Gethard character is a lot like a ton of people who are getting their information through secondhand sources (most of them leading back to the same 2 or 3 sources) and making wild generalizations on shit he doesn’t understand.

    I also believe there is an obvious push within the megaindustry that is organized feminism there is a generalized push to start going after “men’s rights” guys, wherein they create a stereotype that includes all PUAs, all MGTOW, all MRAs, and all persons critical of feminism into one continuous blob they can generalize wildly about–and guys like this Gethard are just parroting the generalizations they’ve been fed.

    This ultimately is a losing strategy for those feeding them the amorphously stupid garbage. This should become obvious well before the year is out.

    • OldandNavy

      This Gerard fella’ sounds like the kind of person who “knows” things because he heard them once, somewhere.

    • Kevin Hornbuckle

      Dean is right, especially about the wild generalizations. They have the effect of reproducing the prejudice which makes any reasonable settlement impossible.

      • DukeLax

        Someone around here coined the term..the “woozle effect”

    • Mike Hunt

      I’m not interested in being charitable with Gethard, as much as I agree with you in your assessment of him. He’s ignorant by choice. No excuse for that anymore.

      • realpigasus

        Oh – ‘my cunt’ I get it.

        • Mike Hunt

          Did you come all the way over here to “evil” A Voice for Men land just to say that?

          Trolls gonna troll, I guess.

    • fidelbogen

      They want to shove anybody who isn’t a feminist into one continuous blob which they can generalize wildly about. That way (they hope) you will keep your mouth shut, so as not to be generalized wildly about.

  • Jared White

    Throws hands up, “what the fuck!?”

    Lost it right there.

  • TheBibo Sez

    Weird that a so-called comedian like Mr. Gethard would not mine the minutia of relationships to point out just how fucked-up things are for men. Ramz might have smudged glassware but Gethard’s lenses are so thick with feminist crud that he can’t see past it.

    Look to the mote in your own eye, Gethard.

  • napocapo69

    Ramzpaul is a much more effective comedian…

  • Jeremy

    “When you say ‘Fuck who you wanna fuck,’ and you have that crazy intensity, it’s just straight up rapey”

    So, according to Chris Gethard, all-knowing-social-commentator, the expression of male sexuality must be chained. Men cannot fuck who they wanna fuck and express some enthusiasm for doing so, or they’re rapists. And he wonders why people call him a “mangina”? He acts like he interprets his own sexuality from behind his mothers vagina.

    …multiple instances of problems with male anger in Chris’ second video….

    So, according to Chris, another aspect of masculine behavior that is intolerable is anger. Apparently it is not ok for men to express anger. There’s a word for that kind of thinking, stupidity. It seems it’s ok to Chris when adult women throw tantrums and occasionally say things that were hyperbole and vindictive, but it’s never ok when men express anger. And he wonders why people call him a white knight? He’s completely pussified, and the trouble is, his fame ensures that he’ll get female attention even though he’s entirely pussified, and he’ll never understand that he doesn’t act like a man.

    • DukeLax

      Many American Mangina… are so desperate for female attention, they will say anything just to get that proverbial “pat on the head”… good boy nod!!

    • DukeLax

      you gotta understand jeremy..many of these guys are coming from the position that “All hetero-sex is rape”

  • Kevin Hornbuckle

    Gethard is relying on a prejudice to make his argument; that MRAs hate women. He himself is influenced by that prejudice and is promoting it. It is a destructive canard. If you don’t let women have their way, you hate them. Many, many women themselves think this way. They promote this belief and practice in order to maintain a culture which allows them to use men and boys.

  • Kimski

    Sorry, but when a kid who obviously just started to shave makes a freudian slip and starts talking about his “career”, I just know I’m in the wrong place and wasting my time.
    Didn’t make it through, but willing to bet that my life will go on as if he didn’t exist in the first place.

  • DukeLax

    I think alot of guys ( even in Hollywood) are somewhat jealous of guys like Ramzpaul…who can tell guys…”Live your life on youre own terms…outside of the desperate attention seeking of feminist approval”!!

    • Fatherless

      Yeah, I especially think that’s where the comments about drinking on camera came from. D list Hollywood guy still has to be a good role model and he’s jealous.

    • Mary Parker

      Yeah, be who you want to be! (as long as who you want to be isn’t a feminist)


      • Concise Noise Fractionale Ltd.

        Are you suggesting that feminists don’t hold litmus tests to other people? Look at the lifestyle limitations they held on women for years:

        1) You can’t be a stay-at-home mom.

        2) You can’t wear cosmetics or look attractive.

        3) You can’t work as a model or sex worker.

        4) You can’t vote for a male politician if a female is running.

        5) You can’t fight for the rights of your straight male loved ones.

        Hell, they even told women that they could not have meaningful sex with men during their lesbian separatist years.

        • Mary Parker

          Please point out to me exactly where I said that all feminists are perfect and agree with all other feminists about everything ever.

          • MensRightsCanada


          • Mary Parker

            “Concise Noise Fractionale Ltd” asked if I was implying that feminism was perfect by pointing out the ridiculous logic in “DukeLax” and Ramzpaul’s statements. I pointed out that criticizing one person does not mean that I am blindly faithful to every word of a movement that person disagrees with.

      • Michał Lech

        I also strongly advice people not to be nazis. Sorry about being such a bully and hypocrite.

  • Ohone

    Won’t be long now before they cannibalize the likes of David “whoozle” Futrelle for setting them up to look like liars.

  • Phil Henderson

    I want to be merciless with Chris, but I can’t. I just feel too sorry for him.

  • Nate Jones

    “Seriously my man, fucking who you want to fuck is gross! Being more attracted to certain women and finding sex with them more enjoyable is gross!”

    I guess if you’re going for women you’re not attracted to it’s difficult to Gethard.

  • mythago

    “No ramzpaul no ramzpaul don’t rape me” lol. Ramzpaul you a funny guy. What’s the other guys name? Ahh, Doesn’t matter. I’ll check out your videos.

  • l jess

    all I can say is not only is Chris Gethard lazy – he is apparently also very mentally lazy.

  • Daniel

    I’ll be less charitable than Dean. Gethard is a deliberate liar. In his first video he said women make $6 less per hour than a man doing the same job. He said you can get methamphetamine and guns delivered to your house through the internet.

    I don’t think that is because he gets his information from secondhand sources, though he does that as well. He is also deliberately lying.

    • Bill Brown

      And terrible at it. He’s a male-apologist mangina. He’s food for the scum that the bottom feeders feed on.

  • Drawing Butts

    so, when women seek a support network, look for others to cosign their male denigrating bullshit, and have a sense of community, that’s female empowerment. but when men seek community, togetherness, and dialogues that counter the anti-male narrative of the former option, that’s pathetic?
    what pisses me off most is we can’t reasonably hold gethard to this example of misandry either, because he is so obviously uninformed about the MHRM. we can, however, hold him to his immediate distrust of anything male and independent of female approval. the competition is getting lazy…

    • Bill Brown

      The dissolving of the family unit was essential for weakening and disbanding what was left of the “unit community”. Men banding together again and organizing is the back-fire and the single biggest threat we’ve seen to organized feminism in 40 years. The sheer amount of rage, ad hominem insult and groundless attack are all testimony to the extent of anxiety this is causing the old girls club and their fastidious little followers.

      And yes, the first order of business is getting our “patriarchal buddies” in politics to see the err of their ways and start cutting funding to these liberal feminist covens on campuses everywhere – we need to demand that STEM fields are prioritized to re-start the engine of the Western economy.

      That’s right. Cut the coven off at it’s blood supply.


      Do you hear that sound feminists? That is the sound of inevitability.

      Yeah, go watch the Matrix for the rest. You might learn something.

      Failing that?

      Feminists: Learn Chinese. And fast.

      And hold on to your vaginas. The Chinese will teach you what it REALLY means to be treated like sh1t.

  • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

    I’ve literally never heard of that idiot before he said those both misogynistic and misandric things, he values women as ”vaginæ to be obtained” and men’s only value is to ”obtain those vaginæ” if you listen to the words of hatred he spews… (–_–)

  • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

    ¿is Gethard a comedian? the only thing funny about him is his name…

  • D. L.

    They should make an action movie about this. Long lost identical twins…. one independent-minded, one conformist, have a battle royale of wits on youtube.

  • Razedbywolvs

    What goes wrong to make a Chris?

    • LikkiCurry

      Pussy promise?

    • Bill Brown

      Man – Balls = Chris

      do the math

  • earth one

    RamZPaul was WAY funnier than Gethard – just by being blunt and unpretentious. He was hilarious. Actually, Chris wasn’t funny at all, in fact, it was kind of pathetic! LOL. Spouting this advice word-salad he pulled out of his ass!

    It’s funny how Gethard has allowed his teachy-preachy feel-good liberalism to kill his attempts at humor. Nothing is less funny than having a pretentious liberal idiot talk down to you.

    • Lucian Vâlsan

      Gethard philosophy would better be described as “liberalism” rather than liberalism, to be honest.

      > pic related

      • DukeLax


        • Bill Brown

          MAGMA! lmao.

  • Keith

    Careful now Paul, wouldn’t want to support a Youtuber with another perspective. Just wait, Futrelle’s next article: “PAUL ELAM: WHITE NATIONALIST/SUPREMACIST RACIST SUPPORTER!”

  • Daniel Freeman

    I’ve been trying to sort out my thoughts here, and my final verdict is that Chris doesn’t even rise to the level of being wrong. It’s like if everything that you knew about Islam was from a couple of short articles by devout Christian missionaries, and then you went and made a YouTube video to lecture all Muslims everywhere on what they’re doing wrong and why. He’s so far off base, it’s incoherent word salad. You can’t even fisk it, because you’d have to give a college-level lecture on the topic to correct all the errors, since it’s all errors.

    • OldandNavy

      I like it. I was trying to quantify the idiot factor Chris had rolled out there….Yeah…word salad.

    • Bill Brown

      I think it’s like he tried to wash a turd and just kept washing until there was just this brown liquid left that slowly went down the drain.

      He was tried to polish a turd but just ended up washing a turd down the drain.

      It was just… devoid of real substance and just,

      Sad. Just sad.

  • kyle

    Well’, he’s obviously some kind of libertarian, thus likely to be on the mens rights side as opposed to the feminists side.

    • Jared90

      I thought the same thing. Watch his video on ‘the Dark Enlightenment.’ I think that will provide a lot of insight into his political thinking. I must warn you, though, he’s not a terribly polished public speaker, and he does make some very off-color remarks. Perhaps that goes with the territory of being a Youtube Commentator, but I’ll give a ‘Trigger Warning’ just in case.

      • Bill Brown

        Feminists have been polishing their act for 40 years. They can insult a man up and down with nary a politically incorrect term.

        Men have only been actively opposing modern/3rd wave feminism in numbers for about 10 years now, and inside of a decade we can hurl the “debate feces” with the best of them. Men used to curl up and run when feminists would be REAL LOUD and just SHOUT A LOT and use ANGRY AD-HOMINEM ATTACK. Now we just quietly say “Ad hominem already? We’ve just begun. Surely you have SOME counterpoints…”

        Women need men like fish need a bicycle.
        MGTOWs need women like fish need a hook.

        It took 40 years, but men are starting to catch on.

        This isn’t about equality, at least, it’s not any more. It’s a vile hate-filled sexist supremacy movement. And it’s made the environment toxic for men. Like fish finding themselves suddenly in a more caustic or acidic suspension, we’re simply swimming the way. Like, getting the f*ck out. Quickly.

        Cause this sh1t burns!

        • Jared90

          Ahem. There is almost nothing in all of feminist literature that I find to be true. I had hoped that the use of quotation marks around the “Trigger Warning” would have clearly demonstrated my sardonic tone. I was apparently mistaken; I’ll keep this in mind going forward. As for Ramzpaul, there is nothing he says that I find personally offensive, but his political views are quite distinct from the community at AVfM, as far as I can tell, and his delivery was a bit convoluted in comparison to what I have seen from Paul Elam, Dean Esmay, and Karen Straughan. Lastly, I know that Paul himself has made it clear that A Voice for Men is, in no way, a racist organization and does not discriminate towards men of any kind; some of Paul Ramsey’s comments could be interpreted as racist, and I judged these ‘off-color’ remarks to be worthy of mention before suggesting that people view his videos. I feel that most of the contributors here would have approved of this decision. Unequivocally, I am against censorship, but I felt it would be courteous to make a few caveats about Ramsey’s position, again, before I send people his way. I hope that my ‘upvoting’ of several of your comments here proves to you that we are not at odds with regards to feminism or PC Tyranny.

  • LikkiCurry

    Gotta say, in these 3:45 minutes RamzPaul has proven to be a better comedian than this poor mangina. Nicely done.

    • Mary Parker

      Funny how the MRM is all about fighting matriarchy, yet your own language shows that you still believe the worst thing a man could be is a woman.

      • LikkiCurry

        It’s probably due to the conference, but there’s an increased amount of people who don’t know the terminology and still decide to comment, so:

        Mangina, as used here, usually refers to a male feminist, or simply a man who is totally controlled by a woman.

        • Mary Parker

          I don’t see how that makes it less sexist to use the concept of having a vagina as an insult.

          • LikkiCurry

            The same way calling somebody a “dick” doesn’t cause any men to flip over and start protesting against sexism. Because most normal people don’t take everything litetally.

          • Mary Parker

            Yes, but most normal people also have sexism ingrained in them by their culture on a subconscious level, so they don’t realize the harm that gendered insults do to equality movements.

          • LikkiCurry

            Gee, and here I thought equality movements were about the people, and not equality movements… Anyhow, this discussion is dull. Only in Harry Potter universe the words have any set in stone meaning, and can actually do harm to someone. Simple example: I live in Poland, and only 100 years ago a word commonly used to describe a penis, actually meant a tassel.

            There is no doubt about sexism being ingrained in us by our culture. But you can do much more constructive things than moderating the words, which by the end of the day are far less important than intentions of the people using them.

          • Mary Parker

            Yes, equality movements are about the people — and working against equality movements does not help the people. Also, I’m pointing out the negative impact of your gendered term because gendered terms exist due to sexism ingrained in our culture. It is very, very hard for people to realize things like sexism and racism being ingrained in culture, because we’re obviously raised to believe that our own culture is the normal, natural way of living. However, it is not necessarily natural — it’s just the way it ended up being. Culture has changed in the past, and it continues to change, so why not be aware of negative aspects — like the way our language enforces sexism on a subconscious level — and try to change those? Isn’t that what equality movements are all about?

          • Concise Noise Fractionale Ltd.

            You know what your problem is, Mary? Sexism and Racism only matters when it directly affects you. Feminists like you tend not to give a flaming mouse turd about these injustices when they affect your genetic polar-opposites.

            But it’s not the apathy that has me puking in my cheerios, it’s your delusion that we, your genetic polar-opposites, are living in a care-free paradise of privilege, cart-blanche legality, rape-flavored gum drops, and farting rainbows colored in white, off-white, eggshell, and lite peach.

          • Mary Parker

            Where the hell did you pull “all men have lives of ease and luxury” from “saying mangina is sexist?” Recognizing that sexism exists does not mean that I naturally think all women have difficult lives and that all men have perfect lives. That is absolutely stupid. It’s also incredibly stupid to think that admitting sexism exists is the same as saying that all men have lives of ease and luxury. Sexism and racism are not absolutes. They are simply indicators that life will be hardER, on average, for underprivileged classes.

            Also, men aren’t my genetic polar opposite, dummy; you only have one chromosome different.

          • Bill Brown

            “only one chromosome different”.

            That’s like saying a cancer cell that can cause the death of the entire human body is “just one wee little cancer cell”.

            That one chromosome is enigmatic. It determines differences between human beings that include reproductive “assignment”, yes, but so many other things. What about brain mapping, and brain function? What about the fact men and women’s brains specialize – men with more spacial processing ability and women with more social and linguistic ability? Men physically larger and stronger, while women have more pain tolerance?

            Antithesis, perhaps not, but “one chromosome different” is to suggest the differences between you as a female and me as a male are, well, almost insignificant when I believe they are extremely significant – vital, in fact for the human animal to continue it journey in time on the face of this rock hurtling through space while it spins around a gigantic nuclear fireball…

          • Mary Parker

            You know, while there are differences in things like spacial processing vs social and linguistic ability between men and women, the differences are almost negligible, and there is actually more variation among members of one gender than between members of all.

          • Bill Brown

            So there’s no biological or evolutionary explanation for why so many sport hunters and fishermen are men, while women prefer other past-times? There is nothing engrained in the human animal after millennia of men going off to hunt for food while women stayed behind to tend to children, the shelters, and gathering items essential to the “tribe’s” survivial? Yeah, I know that interdependence – men hunting, women nurturing – makes feminists want to gag and die on the spot, but the fact is, tribal communities like that survived in the harshest of conditions with little or no technology for thousands of years. It worked.

            Also, if the differences were “negligible” would we still have separate leagues in sports for women? LPGA? There are physical differences that women can’t ignore as hard as they are presently trying. Yes, women have the burden of carrying human young and childbirth, and feeding the child off her own body even after the child leaves the womb. It’s a big deal. And there is a biological response in the male too – he becomes hyperaware of danger that might hurt his new family, and he becomes naturally more motivated providing resources such as food and shelter for them. Women often complain that men immerse themselves in WORK during pregnancy and after baby is born. Well DUH! Dumb logical men! They realize that someone has to pay for all the sh1t they’re going to need for baby! The woman’s hormonal state is about connections and bonding and nurturing and she’s not exactly sitting at a table running numbers and figuring out the new family budget, now is she? No, she’s not.

            I know the word “natural” is a disgusting word to those who think all of humanity is just some social construct that can be picked apart and modified at will in some gender studies program. But the fact is, even in the high-tech fast-paced Western world, the differences between men and women rear their head, especially when little ones come around.

            You can run and hide from that, or embrace it, accept it and study it.

            I chose the latter. There is just too much evidence that these differences between men and women were, for millennia, useful at a minimum or possibly even vital to human survival. Those who posit that “this is all obsolete now” have a tough sell.

            I think a big part of what makes us men and women are the ROLES that mother nature had in mind for us. Sure, men can be stay at home dads with babies and mom can charge off to her corner office in the top floors of corporate headquarters. But one day her biological imperatives might come calling – and very often this happens. The CEO says “Okay, I did the career thing. Now I want to start a family. 42 YO CEO looking for young hot husband to start family! WHAT? NO TAKERS? STEP UP MEN! Where have all the GOOD MEN GONE?! TIME TO MAN UP FELLAS!

            No really, they say this. They write articles about this. They piss and moan about this, it’s a thing.

            Run and hide from nature. Feminists do it. Can they pull it off?

            Find out next week on….

          • Bill Brown

            Her problem is she wants to remain hung up on semantics and not why men becoming voluntarily-emasculated manginas is such a big problem.

          • Mary Parker

            Tiny details make the bigger picture.

          • Concise Noise Fractionale Ltd.

            Yes, everyone is sick and only you possess the cure. It’s called “messiah complex.”

          • Mary Parker

            No, lots of people are capable of recognizing sexism ingrained in our culture and subconscious. There are plenty of people who are fully aware of it. It just means that it’s more difficult to fix, especially since there are still many, many people who do not even possess a level of self-awareness necessary to recognize that the way our culture is structured is not inherent.

          • Jared90

            “…Even possess a level of self-awareness necessary to recognize that the way our culture is constructed is not inherent.”

            self-awareness is only so useful for investigating external realities.
            Secondly, any such awareness pertaining to culture as a construct of
            itself would be infinitely difficult to possess. I would argue, Ms.
            Parker, that culture, is, in fact, totally inherent, or at least
            dependent on factors far beyond the control of even a large group of
            willing, conscious beings. That conclusion can be arrived at after we
            agree that the ‘c-word’ has any meaning as something other than a
            relative – and I do mean RELATIVE – set of common ocurrences of behavior
            within a specified demographic.

          • Mary Parker

            “Cunt” means vagina. However, in slang usage in our culture, “cunt” is used as a derogatory term for someone unpleasant. The specifics of what it implies are unimportant, as we all know that it’s bad, regardless. What this means is that our slang language is equating “vagina” with “unpleasant person.”

          • Jared90

            I was facetiously referring to the word, ‘culture,’ not ‘cunt.’ Slang language uses terms that represent male body parts to identify people as unpleasant, too, by the way.

          • Mary Parker

            Ah, sorry for misreading that. If you’ll read my other comments in this thread, you’ll see I already acknowledged the male counterparts to female-shaming terms.

            Culture is pretty well-defined in academic spaces, and while it can be head-spinning at first to realize how much of our own behavior is lead by a culture that we created, once you settle the idea in your mind, it’s not so strange. Besides, culture is not spontaneously creating itself in our minds, as you seem to imply — it’s passed on to children by parents and later through socialization with other members of the culture. We grow up learning how to act in our own culture, so we think it’s the most natural way to live, since it becomes second-nature to us. However, a Chinese baby is perfectly capable of growing up to be an exemplary member of American culture, and a Spanish baby could just as easily become a striking example of Russian culture, if they were raised by the appropriate parents. Culture is not inherent; it is embedded.

          • Jared90

            “Culture is pretty well-defined in academic spaces”

            Not even remotely true. There is still controversy surrounding this word, and has been for quite some time. I don’t remember saying culture creates itself in our minds, although I don’t see how anyone could prove that this is impossible. All these things you’re trying to explain are pretty old-hat concepts by now, and the reason I’m rejecting them isn’t because I fail to understand them; it’s because they’re . People don’t get to decide who their parents are or what their childhood as like, and even if everyone agreed that ‘culture’ is a solely a product of parentage, that still wouldn’t explain its origins very well, does it? We’d just have an inheritance of culture stretching on ad infinitum. I’d argue that the reason Chinese, American, and Spaniard societies can exchange individual members like you describe is because they had enough in common to do so in the first place.

          • Mary Parker

            Perhaps I should clarify that when I say culture is not inherent, I mean that there is nothing inherent about the way our culture is set up. Forming culture might be a natural part of being human, but the form that culture takes is fairly arbitrary.

          • Jared90

            I could never agree with that. I would say that any norms present in a society being referenced have a historical precedent, ultimately created by the circumstances of people in that society, be they geological, political, or economic. This is the more explanatory position, in my view.

          • Bill Brown

            No, a vagina is occasionally useful, a c*nt is not.

          • Mary Parker

            That statement is just dripping with misogyny.

          • Bill Brown

            Vagina. Misogyny. Dripping. I see what you did there.

            Ahem, – so let me explain further.

            penis/vagina. Body parts. Rarely used as insults.
            d*ck, c*nt, slang words for body parts. Often used as insults.

            On the surface, I see equality there – people being equally crass and insulting people quite equally, regardless of sex or even gender.

            Now watch this. Ready?

            A man being called a “d1ck” is deemed less offensive than a woman being called a “c*nt”. In a workplace coffee station, a gal can smile and smack my arm and say “oh, don’t be a d1ck!” and everyone will say “ha ha ha” and if I retorted “ok, if you stop being such a c*nt!” my sh1t will be in a bankers box in the trunk of my car 15 minutes later. On the PG13 movie “ET” (extra terrestrial) the little girl insulted her brother by calling him “penis breath”. The crowd roared. What a creative slur for a little girl! It’s cute – it’s *endearing*! Had the little boy called his sister “vagina breath” there would have been blood running in the streets.

            Call a man a d1ck – the slang word for his male organ – it’s cute. Funny. Harmless. PG13.

            Call a woman c*nt – it’s outrageous, the most horrible insult. She may even feel it’s her right to slap the man’s face who utters such an insult. Rated R.

            So… the big question is: Are these examples of sexism that is “against the female” because the slur/insult is deemed more inappropriate when applied to the female? Or are these examples of what I like to call “female privilege”, where it’s okay (or not so bad) to insult a man based on his sexual reproductive organ but it’s NOT okay (or very bad) to insult a female based on hers?

            Ready. Set. Spin…

          • Mary Parker

            The social stigma against the term “cunt” is not nearly so bad as you’re making it out to be. In the UK, it’s still considered a standard-form curse word. Moving on:

            I have not once, anywhere, said that male-gendered slurs are okay. Gendered slurs are bad. Period.

            What I don’t get is why the fuck you would think you could convince me not to point out how awful female-gendered slurs are by telling me that nobody cares about male-gendered slurs. Why would that make you think “that will shut her up,” and not “maybe I should add my voice to hers and we can take on gendered slurs of all kinds!” ?

          • Bill Brown

            Ok, gendered slurs are bad. Period.

            This “egalitarian” view of gender-based slurs is fine and good, and makes a good case when rallying against terms like mangina. But the trouble is, greater society DOES have engrained bias with regard to these terms. Feminists claim the “vagina” is a dirty word while the “phallus related” slurs are all but revered. I was providing an alternative view where the vagina-related slurs, especially c*nt, have remained extra-offensive in all aspects of language and popular culture.

            No, I am not trying to silence you… first off, I don’t think silencing people is a good way to learn anything. Secondly, if you met my mother you’d know that it’s a very long time since I thought trying to silence a female was possible or even a good idea to begin with…

            Let’s get back to the point.

            The term mangina is talking about a man who has voluntarily handed over his masculinity because he thought it was a bad thing to have, or he was a bad person for behaving in a masculine way. “Mangina” is a protest word. It protests the vilification of masculinity of all things male.

            If you don’t like the word “mangina”, let’s not fight the word – let’s fight what caused the word – targeting of men and their masculinity by feminism.

            WHat I am saying, since femininism turned “masculinity” into a dirty word, or just added the word “toxic” to it (see the Elliot Rogers story comments and “toxic masculinity”) then I think it’s fair ball to call a man a mangina who kowtows to this perverse believe.

            I find it extremely offensive that “male behavior” is being suppressed in boys in school. Aggression has been labelled not just ‘bad’ but a mental illness that needs to be medicated. Competition, also a more male trait, is on the hit list too (and I am sure that the liberal and socialist minded feminists have no problem attacking one of the tenets of capitalism either.) Why can’t boys compete anymore? Why can’t there be a winner or loser? Why do they want to take scoreboards down in schools Mary?

            Mary – compared to the demonization of all things male, the word ‘mangina’ is about offensive towards women as the word “fart”.

            The word mangina is not about women. It’s about a man who’s been brainwashed by modern society and has bought into the believe that he is inherently damaged goods and must be properly socialized and emasculated to be an “acceptable and appealing and useful” member of society.

            Yeah, that last part has me barfing on my lunch.

            The only thing women have to do with the word mangina is the fact women made use of the word prevalent in popular culture with their own actions.

            When men are “allowed” to be men again, simps like Chris Gethard won’t act like such pathetic pushovers, and the word “mangina” will fall out of favor simply for a lack of need.

          • coltov mocktail

            i call bullshit on that one. i think most people know when they’re being sexist and do so out of fear and insecurity.

          • Bill Brown

            Perhaps because it’s simply not normal for a man to have vagina?

            What’s next, I can’t use vagina in a sentence because it’s sacred like the word “Allah” or “the name of the “Artist Formerly Known as Prince”?

          • Mary Parker

            That’s transphobic.

          • Bill Brown

            Maybe so, but I respectfully defend my right as a man to fear waking up with a fully functional vagina anywhere on my body. Wait, hold that thought – if that happened I could finally do what feminists have been telling me to do for the last 10 years or so (which is basically to go f*ck myself).

          • Mary Parker

            Yeah, god forbid you have to put up with being biologically female. I mean, obviously a vagina is the most disgusting, impure body part, and every man should fear and hate them.


          • Bill Brown

            I don’t hate vaginas. I like vaginas. A vagina on a woman who I like who also happens to like me is a very wonderful thing. My ex wife pushed my two beautiful children through her vagina and after watching that (twice) I am rather fond of both her AND her vagina, even though I no longer live with her, or have any access to said vagina.
            I just don’t want one. On me. I’m a man. I have a PENIS.
            Just because I don’t want a vagina on ME doesn’t mean I hate vaginas.
            That’s like calling me racist because I don’t want a black parasitic twin.
            My goodness Mary, you play with words so eloquently…
            Such a cunning linguist, you are!

          • Mary Parker

            What, would a parasitic white twin be different somehow?
            Sorry. I’m clearly being facetious there.
            I’m glad you’re happy with being who you are. You shouldn’t condemn others for being who they are, especially not by vilifying them through the implication that they’re actually female.

          • Bill Brown

            Not doing that. I am calling out a man for willfully accepting his feminist driven and societally imposed emasculation and insisting that those who won’t “fall in line” are either misogynists, losers or both. I am calling his generic “PG13″ watered down definition of a man and what a man should value, go after (and ultimately settle for) to be downright pathetic. Ironically, his beta-male stance, blase attitude and passive voice will all attract women initially, but turn them off in the long run. Ever wonder why PUA’s have gone with “feigning confidence and masculinity” rather than the “soft and vulnerable” approach? It’s a numbers game, and masculinity will always win hands down – and no matter what kind of “definition” the women and fellas like Chris Gethard come up with for the “ideal man”, these will just be theoretical constructs created by people who really don’t know what they want, because they won’t acknowledge they are guided by biological imperatives.

            People think we humans are “above all that biology stuff” now.

            People be wrong.

          • coltov mocktail

            i definitely don’t fear waking up with a fully functioning vagina on my face…. or on my penis, or screwing itself on my toe… or wrapped around my finger, etc, etc….. all with proper, enthusiastic, motivated, stone-cold sober, written, notarized consent (of course).

          • Bill Brown

            Jerry Springer Final Thought:

            It’s we men making a statement. Protest the insult “dick” and maybe I’ll find it in my heart to re-assess the word “mangina”. Or, you could just take comfort knowing that I am comfortable that you think I am a dick for calling Gethard (and scores of other pu$$ymen like him) manginas.

            My favorite new thing is when people call WOMEN “dick’s” or “a$$holes”.

            My name is Bill Brown. I am a feminist.
            And I believe in equal opportunity insults.

          • Mary Parker

            I’m not sure how asshole is a gendered insult. Or didn’t you know women have them too?

            But sure. If you want to actually make a deal, trading protesting “dick” for protesting “mangina” (and other appropriately-gendered-insults), I’m game. I double-dare you.

      • Bill Brown

        A ‘mangina’ is defined as a man who will defend women no matter what the circumstances are, largely because he has an agenda (which is simply to maximize the odds of him succeeding in him satisfying his primal directives). It’s a way of saying “he’s not really a man”. It’s really a term for “male feminist and deluded chauvinist apologist”.

        Saying that using a term like this makes someone a misogynist is the equivalent of saying all feminists hate men.

        If this term bothers you so much, I personally think “white knight” and “pu$$y beggar” are far more appropriate and self-explanatory.

        • Mary Parker

          My problem with the term “mangina” is not that insults exist; it is that it is an insult that hinges on the idea that “not being a man” AKA “being a pussy” or “being a woman” is an insult. It’s the flip side of telling men to “man up,” necessitating that to be “masculine” is to be everything that is not “feminine,” e.g. that men must not be vulnerable emotionally. However this is a false dichotomy that is harmful for the mental health of people of all genders.

          If you want to insult people, fine and good. Just don’t imply that having a vagina would be insulting.

          • Fatherless

            Cunt, dick, asshole – all parts of the body from which excrement flow, all used to insult in some way. Not nearly as sexist as VAWA or male-only selective service, but by all means work yourself into a frenzy over what you consider to be important issues, and we’ll judge you accordingly.

            “Mangina” – a man who pedalstalizes women. The term is more closely related to “Uncle Tom.” It’s more about being a sell-out.

            What can you possibly accomplish by coming into our space to tell us what our terminology means?

            You’d be much better served by trying to understand what issues we’re bringing attention to and why they are important to everyone rather than working yourself up into some kind of faux outrage about word choices which really don’t mean a damn thing when you look at the big picture.

            Prove to me you come here to learn something rather than engage in pointless nagging.

          • Mary Parker

            First of all, “excrement” (poop) does not come from a vagina or a penis.

            Bringing up the draft is entirely irrelevant to this discussion, and simply an attempt to derail. However, don’t act like the MRM is the only group that opposes it.

            Nobody here is in a “frenzy,” and the fact that I am bringing up an issue does not mean that I rank it more important than anything else.

            Before accusing me of not trying to understand your issues, maybe you should do some self-reflection, since you’re the one refusing to try to understand someone else’s perspective. Being a member of the MRM should not be preclusive to being a feminist or an egalitarian.

            “Mangina” is a compounding of the words “man” and “vagina,” meaning literally “man who has a vagina,” used as an insult of irrelevant specific meaning. The important part of the definition is that “having a vagina” is implied to be derogatory. When you are literally saying that “having a vagina” is an insult, that means that misogyny is embedded in our culture’s very language, and if that’s not a big picture, I don’t know what is.

          • Fatherless

            You liked your own comment? lol

          • Mary Parker

            Yeah, I stand by what I write.

          • Michał Lech

            The simple number of your comments here says you’re a very poor troll.
            Remember: a good troll throws in one well written comment and grabs the popcorn.

          • Mary Parker

            What would make you think that I’m a troll?

          • Jared90

            ‘First of all, “excrement” (poop) does not come from a vagina or a penis.’

            Semantics are a lot of fun. Clearly, he meant ‘bodily waste,’ but go ahead and fault him for saying, ‘excrement,’ instead.

            ‘Nobody here is in a “frenzy.”‘

            You started this whole thread because you took offense to the word someone was using, which may not even mean what you think it does.

            ‘”Mangina” is a compounding of the words “man” and “vagina,” meaning
            literally “man who has a vagina,” used as an insult of irrelevant
            specific meaning.’

            That’s only one way, of many, to split up this particular portmanteau. The way I interpret this term when I see it is to understand that the target – usually a cis-male – shirks away from his own masculinity, in attempts to appease radical feminists. He desires to be a woman, not because he understands what that entails, but because he hopes to impress the Gloria Steinems of the world.

          • Mary Parker

            You have a fairly loose definition of “frenzy.” I haven’t even used caps lock, let alone exclamation points.

            As I’ve said several times already, the exact definition of “mangina” is completely irrelevant to the fact that it’s a term that attempts to shame or belittle someone by accusing them of having female anatomy. Yes, I know that it’s figurative language and you aren’t -literally- saying they have a vagina. That is completely irrelevant.

            If you want to insult people for sucking up to Gloria Steinem, call them a sycophant or something. There are far better insults in the world that don’t drive away your credibility by aligning you with misogynists.

          • Bill Brown

            Well, “insulting” is one of 100 words one could come up with to describe the “wrongness” of a man having a vagina. But you’re missing the entire point and getting hung up on semantics. The term ‘mangina’ is not even ABOUT women really, it’s about a man who is EMASCULATED. Not feminized per se, but EMASCULATED.

            So, to quote my friends over at jezebel and xojane and “wehuntedthemammoth”…
            “It’s not about you.”

            Of course, people who spread the hate speach that masculinity is inherently evil are tickled pink by the term “emasculation”, but those of us who know better know just how dangerous and damaging this is, and what the future societal ramifications will be.

          • Mary Parker

            That’s transphobic. Also, it doesn’t matter who you’re calling a “mangina” — you’re still essentially calling them a woman, which implies that being a woman is a bad thing.

          • Jared90

            How is what Mr. Brown said transphobic? Just because trans-folk hate their birth gender doesn’t mean everyone else has to.

          • Mary Parker

            Transphobia expresses, implies, or enforces fear and disgust of trans people, with the fact that they are trans being the object of the fear and disgust. You don’t have to be trans to avoid being transphobic. You seem to be, though.

          • Jared90

            I am neither afraid or disgusted by trans people. It is a fact that they are dissatisfied with their genetically inherited gender. Although there are hermaphroditic trans people as well, their sexual inheritance is biological, just like that of everyone else. I do believe we have had writers at A Voice for Men who have themselves experienced gender reassignment that would more or less agree with what I am saying.

          • Jared90

            I would, however, agree with you if you said that, ‘hate’ is too strong a term. I was not accurate in using it.

          • minaka2

            Being a woman IS a bad thing for a man and also for his female partner if she didn’t want a lesbian relationship and thought she was getting a heterosexual one.

          • coltov mocktail

            ‘s just used to denote a guy’s kow-towing, bootlicking, and general deprecation of his masculinity in the hopes to have “a relationship” with the owner of one. of course it’s not insulting to have any manner of genitalia -and calling a guy a mangina usually isn’t meant to value pricks more than pussies. Sure, it’s a touchy label for people that catch flak every which way during the gender wars for egalitarianism, but try not too worry about it too much. I think that most people who read Paul are on board with the fact that cunts are just as cool as cocks and vice versa.

  • Aldir Gracindo

    Hahahaha! :)

  • MensRightsCanada

    I kinda get the feeling this guy just says whatever he thinks will get him the most approval and attention from others. He wants to fit in so he says some stuff that he has no clue about. Always gotta be in the cool kids club!

  • Bill Brown

    This comedian kid is so plugged into the blue-pill matrix that he can’t see the forest for the trees. He talks about his “first daughter he might have one day” and “looking women in the eye”. This guy sounds like he’s got the life experience of a frat boy. He should talk to men who have been through the family law system and see if they’re just in a “woman hating circle jerk” for no good reason. He’s got this blue-pill mentality that women are harmless creatures who “just want to have fun” and that it’s “all good”. This is the modern feel good existential religion of the blue pill gen Y and gen Z no-minds. Just say “it’s all good”, especially when things are everything and anything BUT good. The fact is, modern 3rd wave feminism is 100X more vile and derogatory than any of it’s detractors. Women watch with a grin as families get torn to shreds, as vindictive women call the fathers of their own children pedophiles to get more money out of them post divorce. When disclosed as cold-hearted liars, there is no punishment – no libel or slander charges, even after the man’s reputation is ruined forever. Many men, especially those who work in schools or around children, never get their jobs back after SHE was proven to be a red faced liar. The truth is, feminism has gone too far – but so long as the pu$$y beggars think saying “yes ma’am” is the fastest way into their panties, they’ll accept whatever feminists and liberal/socialist governments will throw at them. The smallest odds of getting the sacred pu$$y, no matter how insignificant, is reasonable according to sex-starved little minions like Chris Gethard.

    Don’t get me started on the stunning irony of the guy’s last name… Gethard indeed. Get a spine maybe…

    This kid is in the right business: comedy. His new-agey “it’s all good” and “girls just want to have fun” blue bill thinking (or lack thereof) is perfect. It’s comedic. This is just another example of a nerd who was smart enough to learn that if he lays on his back, accepts everything no matter how absurd, and defends all women as “innocent little fun girls” he’s going to have a chance, albeit small, of getting laid.

    This kid is the POSTER CHILD of the white-knight mangina pu$$y beggar.

    His knowledge of MGTOW is zero. He has no clue what it means. He is also confused that a MGTOW is somehow not allowed to have a voice or be a feminism critic or detractor. It’s as if when you leave the mating arena voluntarily you are suddenly a non-existent, voiceless nonentity. He lumps MGTOW, red pillers, PUA and every other subset of the “manosphere” into one little group, which is now the basic understanding of things according to those twice removed who won’t do their homework.

    Basically, he’s talking sh1t about something he knows nothing about, and has the “right answers” ready in case this comes up in a bar-room somewhere, where he can show off his white knight prowess and again, worship the pu$$y while begging for a piece.


  • Michał Lech

    I seriously love comparing facial expressions of these two guys. By just looking, which one of them do you think is actually happy about his life?

    • Bill Brown

      One of them looks extremely anxious and hardly self-convinced, like so many emasculated generation Y and generation Z pu$$y boys…

  • David King

    Fair enough, so long as you recognise that individualism and self-determination mean each man gets to define what manliness means for him (and nobody else), up to and including deciding that he identifies as more feminine (or asexual) than masculine. It’s not your place to tell somebody else who they are.

    Male feminists aren’t necessarily abandoning their masculinity, only their intellectual agency and responsibility for coming up with their own conclusions about the evidence.

    Personally, I think ‘mangina’ is a terrible word. It is a shaming word, and since we criticise feminists for shaming men (especially for our sexuality), it is utterly hypocritical to do the same. ‘White Knight’ and Purple poodle seem pretty good alternatives.

    • Bill Brown

      Meh, I think after all the shaming language coming from the feminists and their mangina beta-orbiters and white-knight pu$$ybeggars we’d be denying ourselves much pleasure by refusing to throw some of the primate feces back at their faces. I too think mangina is a terrible word, and it’s SUITABLE because a man who would voluntarily emasculate himself is a terrible thing with terrible consequences.

      • Mary Parker

        I think a man can be whoever he wants to be, and you don’t get to dictate to him what makes him masculine or not.

        • Bill Brown

          “and you don’t get to dictate to him what makes him masculine or not.”
          Of course not. He can have a sex change or sew a vagina onto his forehead if he wants (the fact I think that would be redundant is besides the point).
          The point is, he’s saying that unless I become an emasculated ball-less simp like him that I’m a misogynistic butt-hurt little MRA is HIM telling ME what MY masculinity should be about. My ravings here are a not an attempt to control, but a response to an attempt to control.

          • Mary Parker

            I’m not supporting Gethard’s statements. I’m only protesting the term “mangina.” Dichotomies are, of course, absolutely stupid. However, if you use and defend the use of female-gendered slurs, then you have misogynistic tendencies.

      • David King

        So you would have us behave as badly as our ideological opposition? We’re supposed to be better than them, remember?

        If you’re in it for the lulz, then you’re not in it for justice. You need to decide what you’re about. If you’re about justice for men and boys, welcome aboard. If you just want cheap thrills, we don’t need you around.

    • Jared90

      I believe I understand what you’re saying, but correct me if I’m wrong: ‘mangina’ is undesirable because it produces, or is intended to produce, shame, yes? That’s a fair stance, but speaking as something of a pragmatist, I don’t think we can afford the luxury of altogether avoiding language that makes people feel bad in times like these.

      • Mary Parker

        There’s a big difference between “avoiding language that makes people feel bad” and avoiding language that specifically references female anatomy in an attempt to diminish or belittle someone.

      • David King

        We cannot afford the luxury of being anything less than utterly scrupulous in our public discourse, either.

        Shame people’s actions, not their identities nor their attributes (eg sexual anatomy).