Celeste Adamski: sexual predator, litigious husband

Just a handful of hours after the official launch of register-her.com, a complaint was received. Make that a threat.

An individual who identified themselves as John Adamski wrote to inform us that Celeste Adamski, who was registered on the site as a Rapist, was there in error. Well, that is the kind version. Here is the actual email, unedited:


I am writing because on your website you have false information.  The link is http://register-her.com/index.php?title=Celeste_Adamski_–_Rapist .  Celeste Adamski was never convicted of Rape or any sexual offense.  It is in the best interest that you delete the information from your site, as if you do not, you will receive a subpoena from my lawyer (you will not be the first that has done such) to take it down.  You will also get a lawsuit claiming many damages.  Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

John Adamski

As you can see in the news story that is linked from the register-her.com profile on Adamski, her husband is identified as John Adamski.

And Mr. Adamski actually has a point. Celeste Adamski, after admitting before the court that she had sex with one of her students, a 17 year old male, was convicted of official misconduct, perhaps as the result of a plea bargain, not for the actual crime of rape.

Counsel for register-her.com has advised that there is likely ample constitutional protection for the placement of Adamski in the rape category, but in the interest of accuracy and fairness the staff at register-her.com has opted to react accordingly.

Adamski’s profile will remain at register-her.com, but under the perhaps more descriptive category of “Sexual Predator.”  Perhaps this will assuage the concerns of Mr. Adamski that his wife has been unduly represented. The staff does aim to please.

But on another note, isn’t this just precisely the type of reaction that assures us that the registry is such a badly needed public service?  After all, it would seem to lend a great deal of credence to the idea that there is too much protection, legally and socially, even for women who commit such egregious breeches of trust and abuse of authority, when the very man behind whose back Adamski was molesting at least one schoolboy, comes out to act as a cuckolded white knight, rushing in to threaten anyone who shines an additional light on her already documented misdeeds. Yes, indeed it does, and in the most conspicuous of ways.

The mission at register-her.com is multi-faceted, but a primary part of that mission is to confront the pressures in this culture that create a shield around sexual predators and other criminals simply because they are women.

The concern here is for the victims of sexual crimes, not for the criminals who commit those crimes. The staff of register-her.com will vigorously defend its constitutional right and its moral obligation to heighten public awareness of this seriously under addressed problem.

Any attempts to coerce, threaten or otherwise bully the organization known as register-her.com out of its mission will only result in more attention on the criminal involved.

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  • http://www.manwomanmyth.com Perseus

    Can I get a fuckin hell yeah.

    • Paul Elam

      Hell yeah, you can! LOL

    • Quartermain

      Fucking hell yeah!!!

    • Jmahurien

      Hell, yeah.

  • Mr. XY

    John Adamski, you have no idea just how stupid you sound to anyone who has any clue what you are trying hard to say but are failing terribly at making any sense.

    ‘In the best interest”? ROTFLMAO! Actually this is a line lawyers like to use but they usually say “In the best interest of justice”. See the difference there John? You kindda sound stupid just saying “In the best interest”.

    Register-Her.com will receive a subpoena from you? Oh no! Not THAT…anything but THAT. It reminds me of the old Kentucky Friend Movie when the guy screamed in horror “A toy Robot!” before jumping through a glass window.
    What do you think a subpoena is John? What do you think it does?

    “(you will not be the first that has done such)”
    Oh no…a subpoena! (jumps out the window)…ROTFLMAO!!!

    “You will also get a lawsuit claiming many damages. ”
    Really John? How “many damages”? LOL. Are you freaking nuts John?

    Sir, you sound like a complete fool to me who can’t put two words together and doesn’t have two nickels to rub together to hire a lawyer to write a scary enough letter that will go nowhere anyway. Do you have a clue how things work? Do you have $30,000 to piss away for absolutely nothing? If you do, I am sure no one on the internet will breath a word about that lawsuit or the child rape your Mrs. committed.

    Grow Up John. Really. And ask yourself this….for what or whom are you making yourself a total fool?

    • Paul Elam

      If I am not mistaken, the news story indicated that John Adamski is also a school teacher. ‘Bout figures, don’t it?

      • Mr. XY

        I literally had tears coming out of my eyes from laughing at this one Paul…holy shit….
        If I post my e-mail will John please e-mail me his future complaints instead of Register-Her.com? I really would appreciate it.

        What is really sad here is that he’s being a white knight. Would his wife do this for him if the shoe was on the other foot? I think many of us here can predict with some certainty what his wife would do….
        What a fool.

        I hope that while John is here he would please read some articles and get a clue before it’s too late.

    • http://www.shrink4men.com/ Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

      Hi Mr XY,

      The other instance the phrase “in the best interest of” is also most often used is “in the best interest of the child[ren].”

      However, I shudder to point that out given the nature of Ms Adamski’s offense and the irony of it.

      • Mr. XY

        Hi Dr. T,
        Thanks for all your work. Yes, “in the best interest of the children”….how could I forget that one? I don’t know whether to laugh or to just cry over that thought.
        Apparently the irony escapes John as he too is an educator entrusted with looking after the children’s best interests.
        Seriously John, what kind of illusion are you enjoying in the post-scandal relationship with the Mrs. that you can overlook her sleeping around with boys? What is you relationship based on now? Trust? Or iillusions of control?

  • TheHappyAlpha

    This situation would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad.

  • mongo

    You know, I find it hard to believe a cuckolded husband has nothing better to do than to troll the net looking for insults to his wife’s non-existent honor – and that in playing the Don Quixote, his wife’s hand in his revelation as a fool of the first order remains nowhere to be seen. Yet it is her interest being served, though nothing of hers being risked. Sound familiar?

    Si I’ll remain disbelieving, and assume something far more likely. Celeste is using her husband’s e-mail account.

    • Paul Elam

      Quite possible. But I suppose his being used is nothing new in that home.

    • AntZ

      Mongo, the husband might be in fear. Remember the diaper-wearing psycho astronaught who:
      1) Cheated on her husband
      2) Got jealous of another woman who was also cheating with the same man she was cheating with
      3) Tried to murder her romantic rival

      Well, it turns out the diaper-wearing psycho’s husband divorced her. Smart thing to do, right?


      The court awarded custody (and child support) to the diaper-wearing psycho. She moved to another state, and the poor cuckolded husband can’t see his own kids.

      Aside from the obvious injustice that a family court awards custody to a maniacal murderer (and adulteress), the take home lesson is: ITS CHEAPER TO KEEP HER.

      • Raven01

        Or buy her a surprised present in the form of a trip to Australia. Then take her wading in Salty waters.
        Hope for the best and practice your crocodile tears.
        The sad thing is even if convicted on that that guy is likely to be out of jail and re-united with his kids faster that trying to seek legal and sensible aid in actual justice.
        Not that I’d actually advise anyone to arrange the death of someone else but, damn…… when the option actually makes sense if you remove your morality for a moment it is clear just how far out of whack the family court system and no fault divorce is.
        We should consider no fault(and by that I mean an agreement is mutually reached without a court battle, no “guilt” is assigned by either person) divorce as only a one option to be used by mature adult that just grow apart and separate amicably. The rest it would seem could benefit from the old system.

  • J3DIforce1

    This is an outrage paul! You should be ashamed of yourself. You need to shut down register-her.com right this minute and send your deepest apologies Mr.Adamski and ask him for forgiv………ooooo look! there is a south park marathon coming up on tv tonight! SWEET!!!! Anyway, what was I talking about again?

  • Stu

    Hey John. We were thinking of making a register for pathetic white knight manginas. Maybe you would like to be on the front page.

    Now, remember this John, our site merely collects and places stories that are already documented in the press, and gathers them together on one place. You have no case……none at all…..we are reporting facts…..not fiction…….and we can prove it.

    Also remember this……got this site up and running without any help from manginas…..white knights….or government…..and much protest and attempts to block…..hack…..court action to silence us…..and all have failed…..and all will in future. If need be…we will host this site on our own servers in Saudi Arabia out of the reach of the highest courts in the land……and manginas like you.

    One more thing……we can raise the cash to totally destroy you financially……completly……and we are growing in numbers every week.

    My advice to you would be to accept the fact that your wife has done wrong…..and that people have a right to know of it….and they will know of it….even without us……have you taken any of the main stream news agencies that have reported on your wife’s case to court John? Well how the hell can you expect to succeed in any litigation against us when we are just echoing or linking to what is already out there.

    If you have a problem with your character being effected by what your wife has done……..if that what is driving this…..then maybe you should take it up with her……and maybe a divorce lawyer.

    • Paul Elam

      Great post Stu. That’s the way. But man, this thing just keeps getting worse. Read the second paragraph of this link http://badbadteacher.com/celeste-adamski/

      Looks she was/is a cum dumpster, serializing her appetite for younger boys. Most accounts say she was originally to be charged with molesting four of them.

      • Stu

        Yes, I see that. I will also admit that John does have some point in that technically his wife is not a rapist, as the boy that she admitted to having sex with was 17yo. However, it is illegal for a teacher to have sexual relations with her students and she did do that. I suppose the sexual predator category is the most appropriate for her. But the fact is that no matter what category she appeared in, the link to the story told the facts, so people accessing her name through register-her.com would have only been able to have read the facts……nothing inaccurate. I also see that we could have chose much more damning stories available on the net to link too.

        • Paul Elam

          Yep, the howlers will get nowhere, except to send more people to RHC. Gotta love it.

        • Raven01

          I’d check the specific laws in that jurisdiction.
          In some areas sex with that kind of power imbalance does under the law equate to coersion. Although non-violent it can lead to rape/sexual assault charges depending on where you live.

      • JGteMolder

        Anyone should go to the next page on that site. Robert B. Johnson, videotaped a girl.

        Videotaped, that’s all he did. Bad, indeed, however…

        Where Adamski admits to having sex with an underage boy she gets two years PROBATION, 50 hours community service, and $155 dollars in fines.

        Johnson spent four years in prison.

        It would be funny, if it weren’t so infuriatingly horrible.

      • Raven01

        So let’s get this straight.
        She admits having sex with children under her care and with the obvious power imbalance she STILL does not have to register as a sex-offender? According to the very people that pushed for those laws she is exactly what they had in mind in the way of sexual predators.
        And yet, if a guy has a bladder busting and cannot find a public bathroom so chooses to utilize a tree as a screen in a park will be charged as a sex offender even though there was no sex involved or even sexual thoughts.
        This just screams pussy-pass.

        Also, not that familiar with US law but, can you not list her as an “accused rapist”. Personally I would cite feminist documents on WHY she is infact a rapist under current western laws.

  • Alfred E

    This won’t be the last threat you get from men, (or women) related to register-her.com. Nearly everyone is geared to protect women. Protect them from prosecution, protect them from harm, protect them from discrimination etc etc etc. The entire culture is geared to protect women and those who partake in this are considered heroic. Those who expose even guilty women are held as suspect. This is the crap we are fighting against. If it were register-HIM.com you would likely have an easier ride. Thanks for all you do Paul!

  • scatmaster
    • Raven01

      Another candidate for register-her.com. Three if you include accessories after the fact that were present for the murder. Of the 4 charged only one was male and he was not the murderer.

      Tara Sanderson, 19, of Wallace Dr., is the only person of the four charged with second-degree murder.
      Lori-Ann Laurier, 18, of Lansdowne St., was charged with being an accessory after the fact to murder and uttering threats.
      Tori-Lace Nolan, 18, of Cameron St., was charged with being an accessory after the fact to murder and obstructing justice.
      All addresses are in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

  • scatmaster

    The husband should get a paternity test done on his kids.

    • Just1X

      What a suspicious mind you have, just because the kids have red hair and the alledged parents are both blonde…and they’re a foot taller than ‘dad’

      shame on you!

      (but he’s an idiot if he doesn’t do it, but then he IS an idiot)

    • Stu

      Yes and if he done that, and found one of his kids was not his what would he do. The law woud probably be screwing him over just the same…..child support for years for kid that is not his, while he spends thousands trying to fight the system…and keep contact with the kids that are his. Lose house, most of assets……etc etc. Maybe he’d end up burning himself to death on some court house steps……all while nobody ever knows his name. His wife could even claim that he made her do it…….yeah……that would probably work.

      Hey John…….admit.it….you have thought about dumping and getting out. But you are trapped, unless you want to lose out bad……..big time. And why is it like this….because the law and most of society won’t get it through their thick skulls that women are not sugar and spice and all things nice. We……..are actually on your side. It’s too bad you are not on your side.

      • BeijaFlor

        This may be evil of me, Stu, Paul, everyone – but I would enjoy the schadenfreude immensely if John Mangina and Celeste Cheatsonya A-F**kin’-Damnsky had a messy divorce that left him living under an overpass in a refrigerator box – and would up with her in jail anyways, for her next boy-toy adventure.

        • Paul Elam

          Teenage boys don’t do well at paying the bills. She needs a “John” for that. :)

      • scatmaster

        Yup Stu. I agree with ya.

  • http://www.falserapesoceity.blogspot.com E. Steven Berkimer

    What a tool. She cheats on your ass with a 17 year old, and you stand up for her? Walk the hell away you idiot.

    Not to nit-pick, but predator is misspelled in the title. :)

    • Paul Elam

      Thanks for nit picking. :)

  • andybob

    John Adamski begins his scary, threatening letter with, “Hi”. Gold. Pure gold. I wonder what he teaches. I’ll hazard a guess: drama.

    register-her.com is a resounding success. It is an invaluable resource for those of us continually bombarded with the all-women-are-good claim . It even shook Mr Adamski out of his cuckolded daze. I tried to conjure up a tiny pang of pity for him but I just could’t squeeze it out. He’s an apologist for a convicted sexual predator/ He’s probably convinced himself that the 17 year-old was the luckiest lad in Christendom. Deluded and doubtlessly clinging his tattered vestige of self-respect – and a very, very lousy grammarian (yep – teaches drama).

  • http://operation-optout.blogspot.com/ operationoptout

    Dear John,
    I am going to take a different approach here with you as I believe you have most likely been put through the ringer with your little daisy. Your attempts to protect and shelter your pedophilic wife are not admirable but might in fact be rooted in redirection. I can imagine how the initial conversation unfolded, being accused of driving ms entitled into the arms of another man, I mean boy…..well fuck it looks like boys but who the hell is counting. She probably accused you of mental or physical abuse recalling every minute detail all the way back to the day when you forced her nasty ass to the wedding ceremony. Whatever she did up to and after that point was your fault, you made her do it. Here is where you and I get sideways John, you are threatening legal action against the very group of men who understand your plight and want sincerely to help. We understand that you are most likely on your last leg having your feet constantly held to the fire. I’m sure your home life is hell on Earth and having your reputation ruined over the actions of a sick little bitch who is forcing you to take action. Unfortunately you have directed your anger away from the problem but instead of being angry I am going to offer you something your in-house troll can’t and wouldn’t, THE RED PILL. In the words of Morpheus,
    You take the blue pill, the story ends; you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill — you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.” Morpheus, the Matrix
    That’s the red pill, it is simply the truth. It’s the moment you decide to awaken to the world for what it truly is vs. remaining in the dream state hoping there is a fairytale in your future. I have bad news for you John; you are being plagued by her version of that fairytale as I write this. She did not care how her actions and behaviors would impact you because YOU DON”T MATTER!! She probably blames you for her sickness. That’s the blue pill she has you taking John and if you’re not gagging that pill up then you are probably lost to yourself and the world. You have two choices here John and I hope you chose wisely. You can continue to take the blue pill, contact your attorney and file a lawsuit. It might be the only way you discover that blogs fall under free speech in the constitution. These cases are well document so were not testing new law. Your second option is to take the red pill and let us show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes. Re-channel your anger John back to your tormenter. It will change your life forever, I swear to God!!

  • http://falserapesociety.blogspot.com/ Pierce Harlan

    This registry raises some important issues, and it is well that we are prepared to deal with them. Please excuse the length of this comment, but I’d like to lend my two-cents to Paul’s assertion: “. . . a primary part of that mission is to confront the pressures in this culture that create a shield around sexual predators and other criminals simply because they are women.”

    I can speak with some authority on false rape accusers, since my blog, False Rape Society, deals with them on a daily basis. The rape claim automatically shields rape accusers (in the vast majority of cases, women) in anonymity (by law in the UK, and by consensus of news outlets here in the US), and this extends even to claims that are declared to be unfounded (and, yes, I know what “unfounded” means — one of the great canards of feminist bloggers is the repeated insistence, posited without supporting evidence, that I am either too stupid or too dishonest to make a distinction between “unfounded” and “false”). Many women whose rape claims were likely false are never publicly named because charges are very rarely brought against women for making false rape claims — typically only when law enforcement is certain it will get a conviction.

    In contrast, the identity of the man or boy accused of rape is routinely made public, even if it turns out the charge was a blatant lie. Within a half hour after the newspaper hits the streets, his reputation often is destroyed forever. This, of course, is problematic for the falsely accused. (Steve and I receive notes from men asking if we would kindly redact their names from our stories since they are trying to rebuild their lives — and not wanting to compound their victimization, we always comply. In contrast, the false accuser in one of our biggest stories ever — her story sent a man to prison for five years — wrote to us asking if she could tell her side of the story. I deleted her email because I felt there are enough other forums for her to have her say, and it wouldn’t be consonant with our mission — despite the fact that it certainly would have given our readership numbers a boost.).

    But is publicly naming female criminals appropriate? Of course it is. When done properly, it serves to bolster certain fundamental purposes of criminal sentencing: retribution and deterrence. A few years ago, a wise prosecutor asked a sentencing judge to order a false accuser to run a newspaper ad saying she falsely accused her colleague of rape. The prosecutor argued: “Anyone who wrongly accuses someone of a crime should be on notice to the public. Any other potential victims need to be aware of this woman.” That same logic applies here. The false accuser’s lawyer said the ad proposal reminded him of “pilgrims and stockades in front of the town square.” He called it a “humiliation.” The court refused to require the woman to run the ad.

    But about twenty years ago, a judge did require a false accuser to run such an ad. The judge explained why he did it: the falsely accused man’s brother “complained the rape charges were all over the papers, but when he was exonerated nobody hears about it. I told her the only way to get it out was to have her do it.” The Nebraska Civil Liberties Union said the organization is “concerned about the scarlet letter approach in sentencing.” The judge refused to back down, and the ad ran.

    Running that newspaper ad, or course, couldn’t undo a false rape claim, but the falsely accused man could take some small consolation in the fact that a woman who tried to randomly destroy his life was forced to stand up in the proverbial town square and publicly declare, “He didn’t do, and I’m sorry I lied!”

    Our blog has featured a number of serial false accusers — some are chronicled here: http://falserapesociety.blogspot.com/2010/11/woman-makes-eight-false-rape-claims-but.html — and wouldn’t it be a valuable service to alert men about these women?

    How seriously should we take criticisms of this registry? Think about it this way: If teen girls were routinely included on official sex registries for having consensual sex with their teen boyfriends the way teen boys are, do you think we’d hear a greater outcry from the folks who dominate the public discourse on gender issues? The question scarcely survives its statement. Yet, because girls are not, or hardly ever, affected, many states still allow such boys to be branded with a scarlet letter, and very few people give a damn.

    If a judge required a convicted rapist to serve a ten year sentence and, as a condition of his release after that time, to stand near a busy intersection everyday for a month with a sign around him, “I was convicted of raping a woman,” would women’s groups be outraged by the scarlet letter approach? The only “outrage” would be that such a “monster” would be permitted to be near the public holding a sign.

    Last year, the British government had to reverse a promise to give anonymity for men because women’s groups howled so loudly. (Aft first the government promised anonymity until conviction, but that got shot down; then, it tried for anonymity before the man was charged — and even that very modest proposal got shot down.) The real reason anonymity for men was opposed is because naming men publicly is, in some sense, viewed as meting out a sort of twisted justice — feminist “get-eveinism” for the past sins of the patriarchy. A mere accusation becomes its own conviction.

    So is a registry of this type, done correctly, appropriate? The question answers itself.

    • keyster

      You do such great work PH!

      What the site does is gather all the offenders in one place for all to see that it truly is an epidemic of sorts. Before this she’d be relegated to page nine or covered briefly by the local TV news. There’s never been a national gathering of these stories that seem to slip through the public consciousness unfeterred by alarm. That’s the impact of it.

    • Paul Elam

      Excellent comment as always. We are indeed striving to do this correctly. We do not want to be in the false allegation business.

      But as Alfred pointed out, we are going to experience a lot more of this in the future, and from a lot more determined people than John Adamski.

      We are ready for them.

    • Paul Elam

      Oh, and I should add that the terrible rise of anti Elam haters is on the rise, and man, are they a bright and fearsome bunch, much in the same way as Mr. Adamski,

      Please check this razor sharp commentary :)

      • keyster

        Really bordering on “Conscious Men” territory here, insofar as, “He can’t be real, tell me it’s a clever parody!” Where’s Will Ferrell?

        If there is a last vestige of young manginas hanging on, he’d be the poster child for them.
        I hope he makes his father proud.

      • J3DIforce1

        ROTFLMFAO!!! I posted on this fuck tards video yesterday. He still hasen’t answered my question. though I doubt he will lol.

      • Patrick Henry

        He lost me after calling Paul Rusty Nail from the movie Joy Ride. That was so damm funny; I had to watch it twice. LMAO! This guy is game on with his shaming tactics. lol

      • Zuberi

        I’ve responded to the belligerent panty waist who made that slope headed video.

      • LJ

        Hey Paul, ever considered voice over work, for a little cash on the side?

        Has any MRA ever spoke about going back to the 50’s and putting women back in the kitchen? LMAO

        He sounds feminist educated indeed!

      • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

        I’m restricted by prepaid data allowance but there was no way I was going to let this one go unseen.
        Oh my gawd it’s very funny.

        Everything about it smacks of a true dullard at the helm. Everything.

        The way he’s framed low in the picture has him with the presence of a garden gnome and as icing on this cupcake his droll monotonous voice lurches about like a drunk chainsaw in slow motion.

        Look deeply into those shallow eyes and tell me with a straight face that if you were a feminist on the sidelines you’d be happy with this shoddy product.

        Now I’m not shaming the guy. I mean he’s doing a bloody nice job of it himself and if he gets a ton of hits then I’ll be happy with it. After all, the best spokesman for this silliness surely has to be very same guy in front of the camera.

        The only thing missing is a propeller on his head and a blinking neon arrow out the window saying “Quiet. Dickhead On Air.”

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/Razlo5000?feature=mhum Raz


        “He called me a mangina”
        “He blocked me from his channel”
        “&…he’s a big meany!”

        LOL! What a total bitch.

        Every one of his assertions about feminism, the MRM, MRAs, & Paul himself are hilariously false. Not only that, there are probably a hundred videos explaining why, but he clearly hasn’t bothered to watch them. Either that or this MANGINA just doesn’t want to accept the reality that he is a tool & a feminist lapdog.

  • http://falserapesociety.blogspot.com/ Pierce Harlan

    By the way, the guy’s attorney is going to serve a subpoena, without a lawsuit being filed? Good luck with that. And what, exactly, are her damages? Will she proudly tell the jury: “I’m NOT a rapist! I was convicted of official misconduct!” Yep. Must be a good lawyer to tell her to reopen that can of worms.

    P.S. Scatmaster, great picture — Hot Lips Hanigan. On stage he was as cool as legendary disc jockey Al “Jazzbeax” Collins; offstage, he talked like famous comedian Ed Wynn.

    • scatmaster

      Glad you like it Pierce and I believe Jerry Mann did the voice of Hot Lips Hannigan on the episode of the Flintstones where I appropriated the gravatar.

  • DruidV

    One would think that cuckolds like Mr. Adamanski would know enough to keep his big fat trap shut, metaphorically speaking. I mean sure, this guy was stupid enough to marry a (probably very obvious) pedophile, and yes he was even idiotic enough to remain loyal to her when she was caught raping an underage boy (no, not “sexual predation”, not having sex with, or seducing him- but RAPING him), but surely folks, there must be a common sense line somewhere???

    Of Mr. Adamanski I must ask: How stupid are you, to threaten Mr. Elam with any legal action at all, for pointing out and expouding on a matter of public record???
    Hello? McFly?
    Why not paint a giant bull’seye on your rapist’s forehead and shine a ten thousand watt spotlight on it? Keep drawing attention to yourself, by complaining loudly that justice was (almost) served, and that your rapist (almost) got what she deserved, that way MRA’s like Mr.Elam will always have a fresh target. Namely you…
    Whatever you do, Mr. Adamanski, don’t ever, EVER admit to yourself or anyone else the truth of it: That your ‘wife’ is a molester of children, a pedophile and a rapist. Defend her bitterly, at all costs and to the very last breath.
    Please let us know how that goes for you, will you?

    To Mr.Elam I would say only this: Please, PLEASE reconsider changing this rapist’s status at Registerher.com, simply to appease some impotent, white knight, jack ass or to ‘stay’ his equally limp threats of litigation against you for citing the plain truth. Because our courts are far too cowardly to call this female rapist a rapist, does not mean you must or even should follow suit!

    This is still (what’s left of) America, where you can and should exercise your God-given RIGHT to free speech, which can be both insightful, and inciteful, if it is to be truly great, regardless of what anyone may think, or whomever may take ‘offense’ at your words. Please keep in mind that kowtowing to threats of legal action, and many other types of feminazi bullying is what got us Men (largely) into this mess in the first place!

    Three words you should remember, if not adopt as your new mantra, when it comes to dealing with ‘people’ like Mr. Adamanski:


  • keyster

    What about the victim here?
    Where’s the justice for this boy and his family, who’ve sufferred so much?
    She took advantage of her position of authority and slowly groomed him to comply with her sick perverted sexual desires, and for this a slap on the wrist.

    Until female teachers are given equal punishment as men, these sick women will continue to take advantage of our chilldren and use them as mere sexual playthings. Protect your children from female perverts today.

    Even this one continues to lie and manipulate the system by posing as her husband to threaten legal action. Obviously her punishment was not harsh enough.

  • http://men-factor.blogspot.com/ ScareCrow

    There seem to be quite a few people intent on shutting things like this up…

    I won’t be intimidated by them.

    I am going to post her complete story on my blog today.

    • 4thtroika

      I’ve all ready linked this story to my facebook page.

  • Muk

    Depends on the state/country it takes place in (I’m on my phone so it’s not practical to check) but in some states (TX for instance) 17 is the legal age of consent so it wouldn’t be rape

    • Paul Elam

      Not true in this case. Certain professionals, like psychotherapists, teachers, etc are held to different legal standards where it concerns sex with people over whom they hold influence. It doesn’t matter if he was 17 or even 19, if he was her student and in a high school it is illegal to have sex with him.

  • Rocco

    Nice, job, don’t back down Paul. Your ripping up the femborg, they seem powerless, may be the much vaunted feminist power is nothing but a paper tiger.

  • http://jmnzz.wordpress.com jmnzz

    So the truth is out, and the truth said, don’t fuck with me.

    Seeing how many people get pissed off at a website registry that lists female criminals, which would otherwise not be known will be a real eye opener. The most illuminating thing will be to see how many people sling the word sexist at the registry. Because you know, listing women who commit crimes yet receive little to no media attention or punishment is sexist.

    Only when it’s done to women though.

    In our society, simply naming women who do bad things is frowned upon and punishing them in accordance with the law is damn near forbidden. While at the same time this culture goes out of its way to media blast any man who simply says something unpopular. Now the media blast is pointed in the other direction.

    I wanna see the first real call to take the site down. I want to see the reason they use to justify bringing down a website that does the public a service the government refuses to provide. I want to know so when they fail, I’ll know who to point the first round of laughs at when they crawl back into their men=bad women=victims corner, fuming.

    Let the frenzy begin.

  • scatmaster

    Me thinks Canada is becoming a haven for sex predators in the education system.
    Here is the second one today and she is complaining about her reputation.
    Another sexual predator for register-her.


    • Anti Idiocy

      Holy Christ! This bitch is whining about how the case has inconvenienced her and damaged her reputation. What a great example of how entitled so many women are and feel they deserve to be.

      What an asshole!

    • Raven01

      “Her testimony on Wednesday centred on the effect that the charges have had on her career as a high school teacher. Pontbriand has been suspended without pay since her arrest in July 2008.

      “I have completely lost my reputation,” she told the court in St-Jerome, Que., north of Montreal, describing the three counts of sex abuse as a hammer hanging over her head.”
      3 counts. She already got a pussy-pass. 200-300 individual counts of assault would not result in only 3 charges for any man. Her only concern is how her own actions affect HER. She does not deny anything that was stated about the repeated abuse of power other than how it affect HER. A supposedly mature woman still unwilling to accept accountability for her choices.

      “A report by the local school board found that the teacher took advantage of the boy’s vulnerability since he was emotionally fragile and possibly suicidal at the time.

      The board said Pontbriand was fully aware of the boy’s problems but chose to take him biking and camping instead of alerting authorities. The teacher said the boy’s mother consented to the trip.”
      1st, pretty sure even in Quebec teachers are more than morally bound but like the rest of Canada legally bound to report suicidal charges in their care. Instead this piece of work decided to train him to be her own personal fuck toy.

      You found a real gem there Scat.

  • Anti Idiocy


    That vid with the “razor sharp commentary” is priceless. What a commanding representative of the feminist movement that guy is!

    It’s a great pleasure to watch the death of feminism unfold. Related to that: I posted this at the Spearhead, and I think it deserves posting here as well. It’s representative of the growing rejection of misandry in our culture. There’s an article on Business Insider about Mel Gibson’s ex and the settlement she’s getting. The encouraging thing to me is the response by numerous readers of the business site. Take a look at the comments: http://www.businessinsider.com/mel-gibson-oksana-grigorieva-lawsuit-2011-9. Note that all the comments through that by Sherman McCoy were there before I posted to the Spearhead, so it probably wasn’t people from there who made the early comments (and it might not have been people from there who made the subsequent comments either).

  • Zarathos022

    Well unfortunately, Johnny Boy, the fact of the matter is that while your wife wasn’t convicted of rape she DID confess to fucking a minor. And since register-her does include others who do such things, your wife’s place on the site is indeed justified. So kindly do us all an enormous favor and go fuck yourself.

    Have a nice day! :)

  • Patrick Henry

    Operation FTSU is kicking ass and taking names!

  • Ben

    Everybody I have talked to about female teachers having sex with underage teenage boys and girls give me the, “Well, that’s different!” reply. Some go as far as to say, “You are not implying that the two crimes are the same are you?” What they really want to say is, “If you are implying the two crimes are equal, you are one sick, twisted son of a bitch who hates women”. I can see it in their eyes. That is EXACTLY what they want to say. But they usually don’t say that last part or they will get their ass kicked. It hasn’t happened yet but one day it probably will.

    Fuck these woman worshiping chivalrous pricks. They are every-fucking-where. Especially in college towns where all the boys are trying to display the most reproductive fitness they possibly can the only way they know how — by demonstrating their instant willingness to sacrifice themselves and trash their basic civil rights along with the rights of other men in honor of the Holy Female. I really am nearly convinced that female supremacy is paralleled only by religion. Nothing else. Calling them on their bullshit is considered blasphemy. What a steaming pile of bull shit.

    Quick story.
    Just last night, I was working on an engineering project with a guy from class and his girlfriend joined us. I didn’t know that his make-up whore was coming or I would have cancelled. We were walking back to the parking lot late at night and she mentioned that she was afraid of getting raped! I did my very best to ignore her and her “booty shorts” all night. I even ignored her when she said that. The two of them were walking sort of behind me. We were walking all the way to the back of the parking lot. I was going to show off my brand new paint job on my classic Dodge Ram. At this point, I really didn’t care to show off my truck. I just wanted to rip her a new one. But I didn’t. I would have had to fight her boyfriend. Some student nearly stabbed another student to death here last week. So, I didn’t say anything.

    Her boyfriend told us about something that happened here last year. A sorority girl told the police that she had been raped at a frat house. The police responded, with no evidence, and proceeded to detain about two dozen frat boys (all of the males who were present during the alleged incident). Beds were flipped upside down. Furniture and other property was seized and the boys were questioned for several days. Then, the girl says, “ooops, I made it all up.” It didn’t even make the news! How much is this going on, I wonder? It was completely swepted under the rug. It is part of woman privalege, I guess.

    That was the end of my friend’s story. I asked, “what did they do to the girl?”. He looked a little confused and said, “Well… Nothing? What do you mean?” I said that she should be charged with making a false accusation with equivalent punishment for the crime of rape. His girlfriend said that it sounds like I have issues with women. I said that I don’t have issues with women, just false rape accusers and that REAL WOMEN don’t lie about rape. The debate went on for about five minutes.

    What I hate most is the silencing and shaming language. Even stories like this one with the female school teacher are tabboo. NOBODY here would agree with a single point of this article or the Men’s Movement. I mean, nobody. Except for me, of course. I don’t think that gentlemanly civility will work. I have left information on this site and Angry Harry in the bathrooms here. They won’t let me post materials from this site on the bulletin boards. In fact, I was given a verbal warning for posting them without approval and almost had to go talk to the Dean of Students.

    These young men are irreversibly brainwashed by feminist bullshit. They cannot be reached. I have even had several of them say to me that they are willing to have an elevated risk of being falsely accused, and to give up some of their due process in the event that they are accused, in order to protect more women from being raped. I think this is an expample of the “Male Condition” that ManWomanMyth is putting together a video on.

    If I could just find one guy who does not go into protector mode as soon as they hear of female sexual misconduct, I would be happy. I want to ask them to reverse the situation and imagine that we all say “Well, that’s different” when a male teacher has sex with an underage girl while reserving the term “pedophile” for women only.