Man Up

Are you man enough?

A few weeks ago, I was emailed by a young man attending university in the United States, concerning a public awareness and fundraising campaign being organized on the campus of his university. He witnessed the same event the previous year, and knew from experience that although this event is promoted as being supportive of a demographic associated with victimization of domestic abuse, the shape this victim support takes is in the public vilification and ritual humiliation of an entire biological demographic, based on a false, but popularized public conception of domestic abuse.

Men, the politically correct narrative tells us, are the abusers, the predators, and the violent. Women, that same narrative states, are the victims. This is the message repeated both subtly and blatantly by professionally produced public service announcements filling media channels on television, radio, magazines, public print advertising, and everywhere else advertising can be found. Men are violent! Women are victims!

This is the message drilled into us until it occupies the totality of our conception of what domestic violence is – just that, men beating on women – and sometimes, men also beating on children.

This message is false.

The majority of valid peer-reviewed research on domestic violence indicates that sexually directional violence, from men to women, or indeed, violence from women to men is false. Domestic violence is not sexually specific.

In domestic violence, women are as violent or more violent than their male spouses or partners [1][2][3][4]. This is universally known within DV reporting and service agencies, because it is clearly demonstrated in the peer reviewed research on the topic. In fact, within the domain of academic and public specializations addressing the phenomenon of domestic violence, there is a culture of ideological bias, manifesting as systematic dishonesty. This was studied and documented by Dr. Murray Strauss, Ph.D. Co-Director of the Family Research Laboratory at the University of New Hampshire in his 2007 paper “Processes Explaining the Concealment and Distortion of Evidence on Gender Symmetry in Partner Violence.”[5]

Erin Pizzey, the founder of the first women’s shelter in the UK stated in 2001:

If you come from a dysfunctional, violent, and sexually abusive family, how do you learn? Therefore, domestic violence can’t be a gender issue, it can’t be just men, because we girls – and I was from one of those families – are just as badly affected.[6]

When Pizzey published this observation, noting that many women emerging from violent relationships were just as violent and abusive as the men they were apparently fleeing – she was blacklisted and threatened with murder by radical feminists who had taken over the shelter movement she started. Pizzey was forced to leave her own country due to persistent threats that she would be murdered for publishing the truth.

Her extensive and direct experience is confirmed by Martin Fiebert’s research at California State University in Long Beach.

“…women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners.”[1]

The advocates, and salaried employees of the domestic violence grievance industry are not confused or mistaken or ill informed when they state categorically that violence is gendered. They are lying. The reason for this lie is that women-as-victims creates a sympathetic story tugging on everyone’s emotions and providing easy access to everybody’s wallets for donations. The more nuanced truth, that partner violence is committed by men and women more or less equally, and that abuse impacts men and women more or less equally, well that doesn’t quite create the warm fuzzy glow when making a donation, or the instant, visceral rage at that mythological evil male – pictured in everybody’s imagination, pummeling some sweetly innocent and decorative feminine victim.

The truth doesn’t make the Domestic Violence industry as much money. In addition, for all those working in this industry, if they actually managed to significantly reduce domestic violence, they’d put themselves out of work. This is why they focus only on the narrative that DV is simply evil men, abusing innocent female victims. However, in the real world, where violence happens reciprocally, where women and men abuse each other within violent relationships, trying to combat domestic violence with a focus on only half the participants is like trying to extinguish a structure fire by spraying water on only the north and east facing walls, and letting the south and west facing walls burn freely.

The DV industry does not want to stop domestic violence, in fact their strategies to reduce it are calculated to foster and continue the problem, because as long as there’s more human damage occurring in the real world, their funding and careers are secure.

That’s why campaigns to “raise awareness” against domestic violence on university campuses – such as “walk a mile in her shoes” are a sham. The event my friend emailed me about is actually an anti-male hate rally. Male students at his university were required to purchase women’s shoes in their own size, and on the day of the event, required to walk a mile across the university’s campus to the laughter and jeering of spectators.

These students at a university, paying tuition to secure their own education, forced by the university to participate in their own public shaming, because according to the accepted narrative, men are violent abusers.

I have written to the school’s administration suggesting that the event be made more inclusive and multicultural. Jewish students could be made to wear a yellow cloth star of David, pinned to their jackets as they marched across campus, and gay students identified by a pink triangle, sewn onto their work smocks as they too joined the parade.

Leading up to this “walk a mile in her shoes” event, a flier appeared on public bulletin boards around the school’s campus, which encouraged men to acknowledge the shared guilt and natural evil of males, and to pledge obedience to the correct doctrine of atonement for violence they might or might not have ever had any part of.

“Are you man enough……

Most men don’t rape, men can help

I pledge to end sexual violence

I understand that rape is about power, control and violence.

I know that if a woman is sending me mixed signals, I should just ask her what she wants.

I am saddened by the fact that more than 70% of rapes are not reported.

I know that the overwhelming number of perpetrators of sexual violence are men.

I promise if I see a woman in danger, I will speak up for her.

I realize that a rape occurs every 40 seconds in this country.

I Pledge:

To never commit, condone, or remain silent about sexual violence

To challenge other men to recognize that they can be powerful without making others powerless.

 As a “REAL MAN” I know that it is part of my duty to create a safer place for our mothers, sisters, friends, lovers and daughters. “

I re-wrote this flier, to represent a more realistic view of reality, and emailed the corrected version, to my friend for printing and distribution on campus. My version reads as follows:

Are you man enough…

See that question? That implication that unless you conform, your manhood is in doubt. That is straight-up mind-control being played on you by people with their own interests in mind.

Most Men don’t rape, All men can help

Oh, most don’t, there’s a sop to your ego, you might be one of the good men, not one of those “bad men” But in order to prove to those judging you a “real man” which of these types of slave you are, here’s a list of things for you to pledge allegiance to.

I pledge to end sexual violence.
In order to do this, I must pretend that sexual violence is directional. This is the lie regularly sold by the grievance industry, but it’s false, and the experts know it. I must pretend too, to be a “good man”.

I understand that rape-culture is a fiction built to exert shame, control and violence against men. But to be a “good man” I will play along, while I, my sons and friends are criminalized and emotionally extorted.

I know that if a woman sends me mixed signals, I should walk away, refusing to be manipulated by this culturally accepted lack of personal accountability.

I am annoyed by the obvious fraud in the claim that more than 70% of rapes are not reported.
Unreported events are unknown and un-tracked, thus claims of their prevalence are pure imagination.

I know the claim that the overwhelming majority of perpetrators of sexual violence are men is fraud, and runs contrary to methodologically valid research on this topic. I also know that women-as-victim is the story generating maximum sympathy and donation, so that remains the approved narrative.

I promise if I see a woman in danger, I will evaluate potential risk to myself before taking any other action, because I am a human being with innate value beyond my disposable utility to a woman as a dispenser or receptacle of violence.

I realize that the claim of rape occurring every [blank] number seconds in this country is pure hype telling nothing of actual rates of criminal victimization, also, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, men are the overwhelming majority of victims of violent crime, and rape and sexual assault are committed at the lowest rate of all violent crimes tracked by the BJS.

I pledge

To not be manipulated into accepting violence against myself, or commit violence on anyone else’s behalf except in defense of myself or my loved ones, or as dictated by my own clear conscience and  faculties of reason.

To challenge other men to recognize that they are not evil by virtue of being male, and deserve no shame or mistreatment based on the fabricated mythology of innate male evil and female victimhood.

I am a REAL MAN by my own definition, and nobody besides myself has any right to force another definition on me, or require my risk or sacrifice in service of their agenda.

I know that discussions of my duty are a trap and a sham in this culture which discounts my humanity but values only my utility. I also know that our mothers, sisters, friends, lovers and daughters – if they attempt to use shame to force obedience or compliance or agreement with a narrative of male evil and female victimhood are deluded by a false narrative affording them privilege at the expense of my humanity. I will therefore reject any valuation of myself that discounts my humanity.



[2] Headey, B., Scott, D., & de Vaus, D. (1999). Domestic violence in Australia: Are Women and Men Equally Violent? Australian Social Monitor 2:57-62

[3] Dutton D. G. (2007). Female Intimate Partner Violence and Developmental Trajectories of Abusive Families. International Journal of Men’s Health, 6, 54-71
[7] Archer J (2000). Sex Differences in Physically Aggressive Acts between Heterosexual Partners: A Meta-Analytic Review. Psychological Bulletin, 126, 651-680




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  • JGteMolder

    Applause, applause, applause.

  • Zerbu

    “When Pizzey published this observation, noting that many women emerging from violent relationships were just as violent and abusive as the men they were apparently fleeing – she was blacklisted and threatened with murder by radical feminists who had taken over the shelter movement she started.”

    This is not the first time I’ve heard of radfems making death threats. It’s ironic how the same people who constantly claim women are never violent are the same ones who go criminally insane when anyone debates them.

  • Dr. F

    Oh I bloody well love this. Thank you, a much needed and wanted correction you had provided against this slurry of lies on campus.

    JTO this is real activism at its best.

  • Bombay

    Although some people could be motivated by funding, I think that more of the drive to vilify men is related to their goal of marginalizing men as much as possible. In this way they are closer to their dream of women running the planet.

    • Darryl X

      One could probably associate many motives to promotion of chronic victimhood and men as the cause of all domestic violence, I like to relate them to enslavement of men. I think the most important driving factors in all this is to not marginalize but to enslave.

  • Ray

    “Male students at his university were required to purchase women’s shoes in their own size, and on the day of the event, required to walk a mile across the university’s campus to the laughter and jeering of spectators.”

    I heard men were also made to carry signs. NCFMLA designed our own signs one year, and counter protested the Walk a Mile event at a local university – in front of the building housing Women’s Studies. They were really ugly toward us.

    I wore this to a d.v. council function one time.

    And, of course, we have prominently picketed courthouses.

  • Ray

    People who wear high heels are really unwise. Every podiatrist knows they’re really bad for feet, but many women choose to wear them anyway (slaves to fashion?).

    Nobody is making women wear high heels so stop blaming men for women’s dumb choices.

    Men being made to walk around in women’s high heels (as if men are imperceptive and uncaring) is the height of hypocrisy by people who promote that, IMO – given the oppressions that men must endure under feminist, misandrist, Western societies. :-/

    • Kimski

      Whatever any podiatrist might say about that, it’s not going to change anything.
      In the late middle age they kept using lipstick and make-up, although they suspected it would kill them from lead and mercury poisoning. Even when their lips started to rot and fall off.

    • captainahab

      nobodys making men go to the gym and smash roids in their ass, either…but if they don’t women won’t even acknowledge they exist. can’t blame women for men’s dumb choices though, eh?

  • wholebrainartist

    Thanks for your work, John. I read the other article about this and I know it’s cliche but never was “Follow the Money” a more apt descriptor of this “event” and the entire Industry that spawned it.

    Consider that as every day passes more and more boys (and girls) are being raised in Female-parent-only homes. So, question: who precisely, is “training” the future DV perps? Why, I guess that’d be Women.

    As I first read about the Walk-a-Mile event (in a different comments’ section from a young man who’d witnessed it) I felt like I was in Bizarro-World. What the “H” is going on in this country? (rhetorical question)

    Here’s something I saw at Wal-Mart today []. Makes me think I need to print up some stickers to slap on such items – but I really am a ‘true’ Capitalist and don’t want to “destroy” others’ property. Suggestions?

    [tried to make my Gravitar look “angry” too, but not sure about results]

    • DarkByke

      404 error. :(

    • Dennis

      The link does work. I just went there. Anyone who would buy this shirt is an idiot.

    • wholebrainartist

      Hm-m-m. Just tried

      and it works fine “now”. It’s not online at Wal-Mart, but Amazon-sellers have a version of it (search “Daddy-Proof,” somebody’s ripping-off somebody!). Anyway, it was a “baby onesie” in the Ladies area on front of a rack of shirts. The yellow caught my eye then I read the “funny” text: in center of chest-area, “Daddy-Proof” then an arrow towards each sleeve w/ “ARM” label, an arrow straight up, “HEAD” and lastly, one pointing towards crotch, “SNAP!”

      I decided to rip them both off as I’ve wanted to stencil t-shirts so I’ve designed (not printed any yet) some “Woman-Proof” ones. Somewhere (here) a “test” for sexism was suggested: reverse the sexes in a joke/ad/etc. and if it “bothers” you the reverse/original is sexist too. So of course that means such shirts (ideally) will work best on men.

      My favorite so far – in dishonor of this event – is a shoe with the two-headed arrow labeled “on” and “off.”

      • wholebrainartist

        The first t-shirt is finished: The idea of a Woman-Proof paint roller was actually my first (reverse-the-concept) idea after seeing that Daddy-Proof baby onesie. I’m going to wear it to McDonald’s and see if anybody notices…

      • DarkByke

        Now it works, thanks!

  • Kimski

    Standing ovations, JtO.

    The only question any male student should ask himself regarding this subject is this:

    ‘Am I man enough to stand up against the underlying bigotry from those questioning my manhood, who are not men?’

    Don’t worry. I got your back covered.

    • Ray

      Great followup on Mr. O’Hara’s article JTO. Thank you both.

  • Ray

    The time has definitely come for college administrators and professors, judges, prosecutors, police, journalists, and other misandrists to dress up in witches costumes and parade about to call attentions to the need for their professions to stop witch-hunting males (here it comes) as shown in Witch-Hunting Males at Youtube.

  • AntZ


    Great work, JtO. As allways!

  • Dr. F

    When I was a kid, in fact a little kid, I saw a terrible practice played out at my school every Tuesday morning.

    The entire school would assemble and sit in an auditorium with no chairs and we’d hear the headmaster talk about upcoming events, issues and so on.

    At the end of these school gatherings the “bad children”, who had done something or other the previous week, were called out from the crowd from a list on a clipboard he held.

    One by one they would walk up to the front where he was and a teacher standing next to him would lick a small paper red star and place it on their forehead.

    When all names were called out those kids would stand on display to the hushed audience in a great line.

    I remember those kids, some shuddering in tears as they faced us. How awful those kids are I thought. They are the bad children because look at them, they have a red star on their forehead and they must not take it off until mid day.

    During the morning after the assembly you might find them in a corridor red faced from crying and head bowed. If they were in your class you best not sit near them as that red star was surely poison.

    Many years later I heard that that school was admonished severely for this practice, and rightly so.

    I read this article and wonder about any difference between that then and this now.

    • Steve_85

      “I read this article and wonder about any difference between that then and this now.”

      Difference is that THIS shaming campaign doesn’t affect women (girls) so it’s ok!

  • Roland3337

    This post, and the one by Bob O’Hara about male students being coerced into participating in this sham, has me shaking with rage.

    I don’t see how these boys can be forced to endure such a public shaming without some kind of emotional scarring.

    I think If I’d been forced into something like this at that point in my life, I am not sure that I ever could have felt safe with any woman ever again.

    • keyster

      Be aware the young guys are mostly volunteering to do this because:

      a) They actually believe the propaganda
      b) They’re trying to score pussy points with grrls on campus

      Many horny and competitive men are more than happy to make fools of themselves, if it means winning female approval that might lead to getting laid.

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        While chatting with a new neighbor lady, she very disappointedly dropped into the conversation how “wonderful” her husband was when they first began dating.

        He “really understood” women, and sympathized with how AWFUL men were and how BADLY they treated women. He just HATED that! Apparently her first husband was an insentive brute who didn’t understand women at all.

        AFTER she married him she made the awful discovery that he was pretty much “just a guy”, and was bewildered where her knight in shining armour went.

        I told her men were pretty much men and if she wanted to be loved as is she had to be willing to return that favor. He first husband didn’t sound like a bad guy, but her current one sounded like he’d scammed her by telling her what she needed to hear. Personally I’d rather have an ill behaved HONEST man than a dishonest one that catered to me.

        Not proud of this next part, but a few days later the husband came over saying his wife left him to go back to her first husband.

        • Paul Elam

          “Personally I’d rather have an ill behaved HONEST man than a dishonest one that catered to me.”

          Which explains your presence here. You don’t fit the mold of most women.

        • captainahab

          if every man was honest like you say, no one would date them. because they’d admit they constantly look at other women and will have sex with anyone who’s willing.

          • externalangst

            If your a man, speak for yourself. If your a woman, you flatter yourself.

      • Dennis

        I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s pathetic that young men buy into this crap. They must not value or care about their self esteem or they are brainwashed beyond help.


        c) they did not have the MRM around to FTSU, I plan to hit Melbourne’s UNI’s and High Schools for at least the next 5 years with a poster and sticker campaign.

        Guys this war is going to go on for years, we must grow the MRM offline just as much as online.

  • Zorro

    Once more, defining the standard of excellence.

  • JGteMolder

    What happened to the “feminist fantasy of male privilege” article? It seems to be gone, my old link in bookmarks leads to an “oh no you’ve broken it”-page, and searching for it reveals nothing.

  • ForsakenEagle

    “Are you man enough” to stand up and not be told who you are and what society expects you to be? “Are you man enough” to maintain innocence when you have in fact committed no crime, real or imagined? “Are you man enough” to say “not on my life are you going to expend me for your own personal gain”? In this case, I’ll yell out from the bottom of my heart and soul: “Fuck yes I am!”

    I am not expendable. I am not a pawn. I am not a resource. I am not a disease that is in need of curing. I am not to be shamed into believing I am anything less than a free man!

  • Tawil

    High heels are part of women’s sexual equipment. Walking a mile in girls’ high heels is designed to humiliate males, is basically a stage-act of servility.

    So to make matters fair we should come up with an equal ritual for females to demonstrate what is being asked of men.

    In order to raise awareness about female sexual manipulation and greed I recommend all women (yes ALL) be forced to wear a men’s crotch protector in their underwear, and pull on a big set of Y-fronts over their jeans, or over the outside their skirts (making them look ugly and ridiculous), and finally force them to carry an oversized wallet in their outstretched hands as they walk a mile. The onlooking males will be required to ridicule the women “I’ll date you if you buy me drinks and dinner for the next 20 years”, “your job doesn’t pay enough, loser”, “you are useless”, “I’d find you more sexually attractive if you get a higher paying career”, “you will pay for all my needs, buy me a house, a car, then I’ll divorce you and put you into financial slavery for me and our kids you fucking jerk – because I can”. During this banter the males will have to lunge at the women and try to steal their wallets.

    If any of the women refuse to participate we can humiliate them by claiming they are pro-greed and pro sexual manipulation, and that they see males as mere objects – their wallets.

    Another ritual for women might revolve around false accusations of rape. We could get ALL women to dress as men, perhaps each holding a square frame of prison bars, and the onlooking males can say, “I’m going to press false charges against you”, “I’m going to claim false rape – and you are going to get thrown in jail”.

    The above scenarios are for illustration purposes, and no fair minded person would subject an entire demographic to a denigrating ritual based on the crimes of a few – but that is exactly what is being asked of men.

    • Steve_85

      I say we dress them up in nappies (diapers) and have them march through campus and pledge not to commit child abuse.

      After all, the statistics show that 86% of all child abuse is perpetrated by the mother, either by herself, or with her new boyfriend.

    • Ray

      “High heels are part of women’s sexual equipment. Walking a mile in girls’ high heels is designed to humiliate males, is basically a stage-act of servility.”

      High heels are very sexual in nature. They help to posture a woman’s body into a physical position more amenable to intercourse from behind. Think about it.

      You’d never catch me wearing a pair of high heels under any circumstances for any reason. :-/

      Not only that, high heels are very bad for feet. Only male idiots would walk in them, IMO. How many women at Slut Walks do you see wearing flat soled shoes?

    • DarkByke

      This is great. Definitely loved the part about “you don’t make enough money for my standards!”


    • captainahab

      you forgot “your dick is too small” and “you’re a pussy and can’t protect me”


    Deakin UNI FTSU campain below, we need more MRA’s getting out there.

    • Dr. F

      My god man,

      You are magnificent.

      • andybob

        Stellar contribution, Mr MGTOW. Now that is what a university is supposed to be about. You are an activist on steroids.


    • Tawil

      That is awesome to see…. protest and courage are back on campus!

    • freey

      Marvelous. Can’t “shame” a poster. Can’t deny the strength of the motivation to put it up.

      Nice one.

    • Paul Elam

      One for the record books! Holy cow!

    • scatmaster

      Holy shiat KMM.


      What was that glue you used again and how do you apply it so fast as surely someone must have viewed you putting these up. Campus cops would be all over me in a second around here.

    • wholebrainartist


    • TPH

      Yow! that is sooo cool. Keep it up!


      Updated version with sound…

      • kiwihelen

        Woohoo! Rocks!

        I wish I was back at Uni, ‘cos I suspect I would be out there with my glue pot doing similar.

  • Rad

    I watched the BBC documentary on the 2011 Japan Earthquake recently, and the normal man-devaluation narrative is in place.

    It was disgusting to watch the BBC contaminate the tragedy with their own worldview:

    Men’s suffering ignored, women’s suffering played up. The good men do, repairing infrastructure, restoring order, ignored. The suffering women go through, somehow more tragic than a man’s suffering.

    Focusing on kids is one thing, all documentaries need a perspective, but invoking on the disposable male narrative is unacceptable.

    Please have a watch, and see for yourself. Sorry I can’t link at the moment.

    • Ray

      @ BBC special on Fukushima.

      Did they talk about the Fukushima 30 – dead men walking? They were 30 man teams sent in to stop the nuke meltdowns and were exposed to extremely high levels of radiation.

      You can’t find much now, but I did print outs for my broadcasting class at the time of the eq./tsunami/melt downs. I’m also a long time licensed steam engineer (non nuke).

  • Dannyboy

    Stellar work JTO,
    These walk a mile fiascoes are a blight on any attempt to find a real solution to D.V.
    Then again that is what they want as you point out in your article.

  • Perseus

    Can I get a fuckin hell yeah?

  • Bombay

    I went to college in the early 70s. I cannot fathom that any male there would participate even with coercion of the administration. I think this shows how much more feminist indoctrination is taking place in K-12 and enforcement of their agenda.

    We did pantie raids and carried signs like “Yes Mommy” when they would hold campus meeting condemning them. I suppose we would have been in jail in today’s anti-male climate.

    • TPH

      yea, no kidding. We protested when Jane Fonda came to my university to give a speech. We booed that bitch off the stage.

    • captainahab

      so you broke into girls rooms and stole their panties, then thumbed your nose when they complained about it. no wonder vindictive female administrators are now forcing dudes to walk around in high heels. cool legacy you left behind for us, dickhead.

  • Atlas Reloaded

    **stands…and…applauds JtO::::: Thank you

  • Atlas Reloaded

    I am man enough to tell feminism and feminists to go fuck themsevles.


      “I am man enough to tell feminism and feminists to go fuck themsevles.”

      hehehe have you seen some of them, nobody else will…

  • andybob

    When I studied “To Kill a Mockingbird”, I remember Atticus Finch’s line about walking in someone else’s shoes in order to understand them. My adolescent mind thought it was a profound and apt metaphor to encourage healthy empathy and understanding.

    It is difficult for fair-minded people to comprehend the mindsets of whoever decided that such an evocative metaphor should ever be applied literally. Forcing innocent people to participate in a painfully humiliating spectacle in order to prove something or other about…empathy… is so breathtakingly perverse that it could only have crawled from the rancid depths of a Feminist Think Tank.

    I’m particularly intrigued by the ‘victim class’ as they heckle and jeer the young men from the sidelines. How revealing that they are so entertained by this Pink Theatre of Cruelty. We’re supposed to take lessons about empathy from these vicious harridans? They’re like the Roman matrons who were so blinded by their corrupt depravity that they failed to take heed that they had gone too far to save themselves from inevitable collapse. Feminism may not have reached its nadir, but surely it must be close.

    Mr JTO delivers a powerful breakdown of the feminist agenda at work here. He deftly skewers the hypocrisy and inhumanity that has come to define their handiwork. Thanks also to Mr O’Hara for his excellent reportage. Good luck to Ben and all our young student brothers who have to witness these atrocities at first hand. I don’t know how you keep your cool. I really don’t.

  • Bombay

    When the event was organizing I would have filed a complaint stating that the University is promoting a hostile learning environment. The complaint would have been worded in anticipation that they would not act on it with terms like sexual degrading and how they were actively planing and purposefully creating that environment (include every buzz word from shepardized court rulings on the matter).

    Then take the videos of the event and record the degrading comments that would be made. Then file another complaint with the University including the videos and recordings showing that not only did they fail to act on the first complaint and that they actually participated in creating/maintaining the hostile learning environment after they were fully informed. It is not so much the sexual harassment that is the crime – it is the not taking action once you have been notified that is the crime…. At this point, if they did not ask what will make this go away – they would be fools.

    • keyster

      You can do that, but you’ll soon find out that questioning the dogma that prolifierates academe will get you in big trouble with the Thought Police. You will make the super secret “problem child” list with the administration and find your grades mysteriously dropping in more subjective course work.

      You will be shunned socially, which may follow you into your professional career.

      The Radicals that seeked to expose and abolish the Establishment in the 1960’s, are the new Establishment. And the new form of campus protest is dissemination of information via the New Media…which reaches everyone and can be anonymous.

  • Rper1959

    Bravo! Encore! Brilliant as usual JTO , lets get this message spread to all campuses, walk a mile or white ribbon, don’t matter, we shall not , shall not be shamed!

  • Ben

    I knew you were going to do it! F’ing Hell Yeah, brother! Absolutely devastating piece. Most AVfM readers appreciate the power in your writing but knowing that your writing will thunder with great fury right across the very offices in which this misandric event was planned, and right along the sidewalks it was held, amplifies that power beyond belief, JtO.

    All I can say is that it is gonna rain red pills when I get back to MSU after spring break with a totally ridiculous amount of copies of this article, as well as Mr. O’Hara’s.

    btw, just crunched out a short video on this event:

    • Dr. F

      Don’t forget Ben, you are no silent partner in this post.

      Without you there would be no article and no “us” knowing more on the grassy floors where you walk.

      We tip our hat to you mate. We love your posts we love what you do.

      Anyone disagree then strike me pink (no pun intended) and make a noise as to why.

      *crickets chirping*

  • jesus_marley

    Why do I get the distinct feeling that within 20 years I’m going to be seeing the inside of a cattle car?

    • scatmaster

      See below


      A) because we are 1 000 000 posters short of out goal!

      I estimate for every 100 posters I put up we save a life, but the more posters that go up increase return on investment, much in the same way compound interest works.

      So after 10 000 posters, it will take 80 posters to save a life.20 000 75 etc etc etc…

  • scatmaster

    Hermann Goering … “The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.”

    Feminists … “The people can always be brought to the bidding of the feminist leaders. All you have to do is tell women and children that they are being attacked (by men) and denounce those who protest as ‘supporters of abuse’ and for exposing women and children to danger. It works the same way in any country.”

    Feminism. Nazism.

    Nazism. Feminism.

    Shamelessly copied and pasted from Angry Harry

  • Zarathos022

    Awesomesauce. Another brash middle finger to college misandry. I’ll be good and damned before the fembots in my college tries to pull off a bullshit stunt like this.

  • Lordmep

    I can’t help but wonder what I’d do if something like this happened at my school. Would I passively stand on the side lines, or would I take the stand, saying that I plan to take the pledge, but just ask a few harmless, non aggressive and simple questions based on the research I crammed the night before. As dangerous as the latter is, I can’t help but think that it would be my choice.

    Is that brave or stupid?

    • Zarathos022

      I don’t know. But if they ever tried to force me into some shit like this for something I have never done to ANY woman, I’d tape my damn legs together and see what they think of that.

      • Zarathos022

        Duct tape in case you were wondering.


    What is going on with the homepage people are going to see the stickers and go to it and get

  • scatmaster

    You da man KMM. I will endeavor to repeat your feat during the spring here.

  • BlueBlood

    I’m a sad man.

    Sad to have an IQ of average or slightly above.

    I’m sad that I can see, like all on this site, saving the few fembot fuckwits who have infiltrated under guise of other, how shit the world of today and tomorrow is.

    I’m especially sad that I was at uni 12 years ago or so, and I saw this shit happening, but I did nothing to attack it. I towed the line, and produced the current.

    I am not a stupid person. I have a good grasp of history, and I know how things have happened.

    And here we are.

    Our sons are attacked, our brothers are attacked, our fathers are attacked, our uncles, grandfathers and nephews are attacked.

    By Females.

    All sanctioned by the government.

    All sanctioned by the fucking feminist government.

    Telling their lies, paying feminist groups for their ‘research’ that would never be published be it not for feminist organisations.

    Feminism = genocide.

    The question must be asked, however….do we really want to to pass our genes on?


      Do a poster run, you won’t be sad then. ;)

  • donB

    Excerpt from John the other above…”I am a REAL MAN by my own definition, and nobody besides myself has any right to force another definition on me, or require my risk or sacrifice in service of their agenda.”

    Powerful words! Thank you so much! Sooooo true!

    I have been saying for years that manhood is not group-owned, or a one-size-fits-all thing, should not be worn on our sleeves where just about anyone with ill intentions (conscious of it or not) can control you.

    Men: you MUST own, power, and operate your own control panels—else you are nothing less than an obedient puppet who has been duped.

    When we get the average man to think this way, we will make serious inroads toward equal justice for all. It is as if men themselves, (as our fathers and other mentors), have cheated us by clinging to and teaching a limited mentality that “makes” males behave as if they MUST get the girl, agree with everything she says, center his whole life around her and her feelings (that often distort her sense of reality). When men marry, they are unwittingly consenting to feminism. How are we ever going to make gains like that!

    Men must fight fire with fire. There is no other way!

    Let us find ways to get them to ignite that symbolic fire!

    That is our duty now!

  • Dr. F

    Karma you are getting bolder with every paste up aren’t you ? I like it.

    I also like your noise idea, I absolutely see the method in this and can see how it would keep the femmsters at bay as a camp fire does wolves. Excellent.

    If you put down a violin case with a few silver coins in it do you think it could really confuse the hell out of them ? You know, is it a show… do we let him just do his “arty” thing like a 1960’s “happening event” ?

    I dunno, makes me laugh thinking about it.

    “Is that guy doing a show.. is he expressing himself in a way where if we interrupt him we’d be suppressing the voice of art… the sacred cow of the oppressed.. Hell…. come to think of it I don’t know what the hell is going on. All these things. The radio, the coins in the violin case, the weird bloke with the witches hats and the glue and the roller thingy…”

    They’re pretty stupid. No, they’re really really stupid.

    Go on, give it a go as a social experiment wrapped around a socially beneficial event.

    Go owwwwnnnnn.

    If you want me to come along with you I will as we live in the same city. I can film the event and bystanders reactions that could make a very funny YT video. <— Call here for many a fine jape and merriment.


      Done this weekend if you can make it.

      Dude I am quite willing to goto jail for this.

      I have had a gut full, and I and will keep saying it time and time again this is WAR!

      Dr John Narayan Ph.D F.T.S.U

    • scatmaster

      Dr F and KMM teaming up.

      Rock and Roll baby

  • wholebrainartist

    I checked and there is a “Walk a Mile” event near me – it’s in Fort Worth, TX at TCU on April 27th. I really want to go especially as the website says the events are “Protest & Performance Art with Political, Personal, and existential messages.” (I confess I’m not sure what the existential part is about.)

    Karma: I’m not going to be plastering posters up but I’m certain I could hand out AVFM cards (wearing my own specially designed “Woman-Proof” t-shirt: a red shoe with an arrow pointing to toe labeled “on” then “off” at the heel end of the arrow). Do you think that would be at all effective? (a candle in the wind)


      “a candle in the wind” if we had 1 000 000 candles…

      every candle helps, I try not to converse with anyone, if they ask I tell them to checkout the website.

  • Him There

    Since unis and colleges seem to be organising protest marches about worthy social causes, presumably the people who organised this one on rape will be even more determined to raise awareness of suicide rates in the US, and a march is being organised even as I type this.

    the Wikipedia page on US suicide rates makes for some horrifyign reading:

    According to official figures, men commit suicide at four times the rate women do, and…

    Ah. Hmm. Okay then, how about a campaign to raise awareness of workplace deaths? Oh, 95% male, well that’s not going to fly, is it.

    Umm… Oh, yes, surely students would be interested in campaigning if they knew that a subset of society was being disadvantaged in its ability to do well at tertiary education establishments. The fact is that these days men do much worse at college and uni and there are fewer of them than wom… no, no, that won’t do.

    Yes, yes, I’m sure a campaign to highlight these issues would have been organised by the unversities, but of course, yes, there are other priorities.

    Instead, here’s a(nother) campaign on rape and if you don’t join U R a WomenHaterz!!1!

  • Xnomolos

    just wanted to advertise a great song by Blue October

  • MenDiscontinued

    There’s another one of these happening in my city in September. I’m already seeing flyers and handouts at business establishments, restaurants, etc.
    I would like to do my own activism and crash this party, bringing my videocamera along.
    I need help, tips, pointers, etc. as I feel I am not ready to handle the conflict without a greater understanding of the language. I know it perfectly in my head of why it’s wrong, but If I tried to explain or debate, I just don’t have that confidence in my language yet. Any help AVfM?

  • Gypsy

    >>>> …obvious fraud …more than 70% of rapes are not reported. Unreported events are unknown and un-tracked, thus claims of their prevalence are pure imagination.

    I’ve known 5 people in my lifetime who were raped, 4 female and 1 male. There are probably more, who kept it secret.

    Of the 5 victims, not one person reported it. In fact, I do not know of anyone who has ever reported a rape. So, statistically speaking, using your methodology and the people I have personally known in my lifetime, 100% of rapes went unreported and untracked, but they were not “unknown” and they were NOT imagined.

  • Gypsy

    FYI: Many “unreported” and “untracked” crimes are known but are kept under the radar, so they are not represented statistically.

    If no one reports it and it is not officially included as part of the tracked statistics, it still happened, it is still known, and it is not pure imagination.

    I am not a feminist (by any stretch) and my point is not gender-based; it is simply fact that, because something goes unreported does not mean that it is not known, it did not happen or it was just imagined. It is simply ……. unreported.