Spare Me Your “Weinergate”!

Newsflash: Anthony Weiner Has a Libido

Punch Line: Anthony Weiner showed everybody his namesake.  Get it?

Caveat: I despise politics and all politicians, except for Ron Paul (libertarianism) and Cynthia McKinney (9/11).  I reserve the right to discover just a little bit of life-orientation in one or two more, but not Mr. Weiner.  This one is difficult for me, because I have little to no sympathy for politicians, even the ones I don’t despise.  I doubt any of Weiner’s intentions are really all that noble when it comes to his political actions, so normally, I would let such an individual lie undisturbed in the bed he’s made.

However, Weiner and I have at least one thing in common: We’re both men.  A politician’s manhood is under intense scrutiny, in the midst of a misandric culture.  Therefore, I do not wish to remain silent.  As I see it, the trouble with all of this man’s personal troubles is that people are, once again, angry and upset over molehills while the mountains behind them are blocking the sun.  Here’s a little sunlight for you:

Weiner gets a 100% rating from some pro-choice constituency, and a 0% from us pro-lifers, but he has to resign over a cock-tease pic.

Weiner opposes a bill that puts restrictions on what the government can do with money it steals from me to fund abortions that (to my mind) are, if not murder, something dangerously close, but he has to resign over showing his clothed hardon (Or was it entirely exposed? …Better find out.) to willing, horny women.

Weiner augments the drug war by making more of the market in cigarettes illegal, as well as giving more of my stolen money to the assholes in charge of the Mexican government to “fight” the never-to-be-repealed War on Certain Kinds of Drugs, driving up the cost of business (and hence the suffering of poor men), and putting more men in overcrowded prisons, but he has to resign over his penis and what he occasionally likes to do with it.

Weiner flexes his statist muscle at YouTube to pull videos down that allegedly turn the viewer into a terrorist simply for watching (you can watch this guy, though), which comes dangerously close to violating everybody’s favorite amendment, but he has to resign because he likes showing his dick to the ladies.

Weiner voted in favor of a mindless, bloody war that has killed more than a million people, many of them guys who liked showing their cocks to select women in private, but because more people saw Weiner’s tool than he intended, he has to resign.

Weiner vocally opposed an attempt by a Palestinian delegation to enter the UN, making a snide remark about them in the process, but he has to resign because he enjoys his manhood with more women than current American culture will allow for a married man.

Weiner voted in favor of sanctions on Iran, which will undoubtedly lead to greater poverty and suffering for other penis-owners, but he has to resign because there are apparently at least seven women who have seen his.

Worry not, virginal proles.  Your government will thoroughly investigate this most serious matter.  From Wikipedia: “House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi [a genius and chaste benefactor of all feminine concern] announced that there would be an investigation by the House Ethics Committee to determine ‘whether any official resources were used or any other violation of House rules occurred’.”  Excuse me?  “Official resources”?  So it’s an “ethics violation” if he uses his work computer instead of his home computer, at 2 AM, when the missus is asleep, and he’s wondering what the hell he got himself into back in 2010 when he married her?

I suppose some political types, especially Republicans, are going to try to spin this as a matter of lying about it, but I hope my readers are smart enough to know that the spin is really all about an open seat in government, and this “news story” is really all about Weiner’s dick.  Well, I already covered that subject in a previous article.  Therefore, the rest of this article will be a “terrorist rant” against our ridiculously stupid culture.  Alert the Department of Vaginal Homeland Security.

What the hell is everybody’s problem?  Why are they blind to the egregious violations of simple human behavior through political action, but private exchanges — that no doubt hurt a woman who expected more from her husband — are hyped to such a great extent?  Keep in mind, I turned off the TV years ago, but even I have heard about this nonsense now, from a link at  That link went to more links at Salon about this single, ridiculous issue, then more links on into self-righteous cyberspace.  For the next few days, this cock-hungry story will be all the rage, while innumerable fires rage in the Middle East, some of them set by the man currently under the sexual microscope.  Then, over the next few weeks and months, it will fade to occasional mention.  After that, a few enterprising magazines, desperate to keep readership that is going elsewhere, will probably bring this back up like reflux at the end of the year, for the nauseating recap of 2011: “Remember Weiner’s wiener?  Yuk, yuk!”  Don’t believe me?  Remember Tiger Woods?  More yuks to follow.

In the meantime, a guy I don’t even like (based on what I saw of his unctuous nature prior to my liberation), will be made to suffer silently and ashamedly for doing something similar to what a great many other men and women are currently doing online.

And at the beach.  I went to my first nude beach on Memorial Day weekend.  Since my friends told me it was a gay beach, and since I’m no stranger to the different rules at all-gay-male events of this sort, I knew the following: Clothing is optional, you can look all you want, but no sex or masturbating is permitted.

What I was not prepared for was the fact that the “gay” nude beach was separate from the “straight” nude beach only in the most ambiguous sense.  I thought, since it involved gay men and gay male behavior that most others find abhorrent, that the beach we were going to would be isolated.  Instead, my friends and I walked past a whole bunch of naked, straight men and women, making eye contact with them, these skin-clad guys knowing full well which side of the beach we were headed to.  They paraded themselves and their women all over the gay side.  No sex, no hardons, no lewd behavior.  (You may be opposed to the following, but I even saw one nude mom and dad there with their nude six-year-old boy, whom none of the grown naked men there bothered to molest.)  Strange indeed that the only difference between this beach and any other is that many of the bathers were naked and nobody gave a damn.

It was a fascinating experience in a non-sexual sense, one that paralleled the memory of one of my straight, Mormon, college roommates, when as a teenager he went to the French Riviera with his dad (the non-molesting variety).  He said that the first day on the beach (where the ladies went topless), he couldn’t pry his eyes away.  For the rest of his time in southern France, however, he said it simply didn’t faze him.  Keep in mind: He was, at the time, a straight, virginal, teenaged male who had little access to real or pornographic breasts.

If the two of us can experience that sort of instant acceptance at the sight of genitalia, why in fucking hell can’t “your elected representatives” get over Weiner’s private gaffe?  Why can’t you?  Why doesn’t Salon?  Why don’t Jon Stewart and all the late-night talk show hosts?

I propose that it has to do with a peculiar, wonderful, fascinating, and powerful social phenomenon called American Christianity.  Religious belief on this land mass has almost exclusively revolved around the idea of material progress “married” with spiritual progression.  In this regard, it is inextricably linked to ancient Puritanical belief.  I defer at this point to a much smarter guy (who, like Weiner, is Jewish and politically left-of-center), Simon Schama, and his captivating “A History of Britain.”  In Episode VI, “Burning Convictions,” he points out that Catholic England eventually went underground, heavily persecuted, their gorgeous adornments torn asunder as Puritanism sought, more than once in English history, to make everybody that much closer to perfect.  At one point, these people banned Christmas.  Yikes.  Then they settled in America and created Thanksgiving (Christmas Lite).

What do these sorts of people say about sex?  Nothing good: “In the relation of churches to civil power, Puritans believed that secular governors are accountable to God to protect and reward virtue, including ‘true religion’, and to punish wrongdoers [emphasis mine].”  The stage is set so that someday, even a Jewish man who “represents” others in a “God-given” government must be a cut above “normal” men; he must be impervious to a man’s passions, in complete control.  A land mass full of people who believe in being obedient to authority means that the authorities have to act differently.  (How, then, do they represent you?)

Having come from a religious tradition that could not have grown the way that it has without the bedrock of American Protestantism, I can safely say that the American Protestant approach to human sexuality is different than other Christian churches only by degree.  Sex is godly (or “good”), but only when it is safely within the bounds of heterosexual, monogamous, lifelong marriage as legally recognized, and no place else.  Since, in many American Christians’ minds, American government is linked to the essential goodness of God and His church, even non-Christian leaders need to act like American Christians.  Thus, the American Jewish Weiner keeps himself clean-shaven and metrosexual-looking, and throws in a few votes that even I can’t complain about.  He knows how to look and act the part.

Until the indiscretion.  Weiner’s acknowledgement of his manly sexual feelings in an unapproved manner means that he is now persona non grata. People can focus on the lies he told (as he desperately hoped it would go away), the humorous nature of how he was “exposed,” and ignore everything that they’ve been ignoring their entire lives: the state’s lies, the state’s murderous adventures abroad, the state’s continuous violations of everything individuals prefer to deal with in private, the state’s dumbing down of children (including boys), the state’s destruction of the economy (including blue collar men: the backbone of our society), the state’s heavily-regulated, vapid, “free market” entertainment, and the state’s false premise.  In short, if the state can gloss it up like Weiner’s smiling mug, Americans will buy it.  They’ll dutifully line up on either side of the aisle, set up their little Tea Parties and Progressive Caucuses, and pretend that the biggest concern about Weiner is a silly private exchange that involved sex.  They will also claim, falsely, that it has nothing to do with our collective Puritanical roots.

America used to be full of men who could clear the land and push West; men who did it themselves, who also came from the American Protestant tradition.  They built beautiful churches in every community, something America has now abandoned, or given over to corporate designers to handle.  They educated their own families, something that we no longer have time for.  They thought politicians like Weiner were full of shit, which they were and are, a belief that seems extreme or downright dangerous now.

What this means is that America now has it ass-backwards.  I’m neither advocating nor condemning a married man whipping out his dick online.  What’s in Weiner’s head?  I don’t know and I don’t care.  That’s between him, his wife, and what’s left of their marriage.  Maybe, given his political mind, they’ll come up with some Clinton/Rodham Clinton-style arrangement.  Ugh.  That’s their problem.  It should never have been mine, or yours.  But a culture mired in lies that are widely believed and maintained will get a lot more mileage out of Weiner’s cock than he ever dreamed of, without any of the respect his masculinity (what’s left of it) deserves.  And every time you turn on your stupid television, you’re helping them to do just that.

I don’t like him either, but Good Lord, leave the man alone.  Unless, of course, you’d like to open up a dialogue about the many problems the man’s voting record has already caused.  I won’t be holding my breath.  I’ll be too busy holding down my lunch.

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  • Paul Elam


  • Nergal

    Those 5 stars you got were fully deserved. As for me, well, Weiner looks like a simpering sackless mangina to me. I’m not interested in his weiner, I’m heterosexual.

    Everybody is always quick to hold things like these up and go “AHA!”, I think it’s due to the fact that they can’t grasp the idea that these people are human. I don’t give a shit if this dude likes to masturbate with sock puppets or he smokes crack at his house or if he holds a black mass every Sunday night.

    All I give a shit about is what they do in an official capacity, as long as they aren’t harming anybody with what they’re doing, it’s really none of anybody’s business.

    • MasculistMan

      All I give a shit about is what they do in an official capacity, as long as they aren’t harming anybody with what they’re doing, it’s really none of anybody’s business.

      Weiner kisses feminist ass.

  • gwallan

    When feminists said the “personal is political” this is what they meant. With media catering almost exclusicely to womens interests the actual function of politics or any other field is thrust into the background. They could equally have said the “social is political”. And I don’t mean in terms of sociology.

    Current affairs media used to provide deep analysis and discussion of serious matters. Now it’s devoted to diets, fashion, who’s fat and who’s not, who’s rooting who, who’s having whos baby ad tedium.

    Women have the gall to accuse men of voyeurism, yet their own thirst for all the intimate detail of other peoples’ lives is astounding.

  • Rad

    Not sure of the point here. What’s politically useful will be used for what it can be used for and then abandoned when its utility is gone. It’s always been this way, even in principled times, long before there was television. And it will continue to be this way until there’s not enough order left to maintain a political body.

  • David Green

    Unfortunately we live in a society that allows Jennifer Anniston to promote {sexual} violence towards the male gender by kicking a man in his groin {which btw is a SEXUAL ASSAULT} without any negative consequences what so ever in a video advertising Smart Water. Yet is determined to destroy any and all men who are proud enough of their manhood to glorify it by displaying it to whom ever they wish.

  • Mark

    I agree. Who cares? What politicians do in their personal lives concerns me very little.

    I don’t think he should resign. Why is the media making such a big deal out of this. I mean Clinton got a blow job from an intern in the White House, and he ended up surviving politically. All this representative did was have cybersex with some women he never even met, and now it’s being suggested he resign.

    So Schwarzenegger fathered a bastard child with his housekeeper? Big deal. I’m more concerned that he was a mediocre politician who basically got elected by the brain-dead voters of California because of his celebrity status.

    Same with Strauss-Kahn. Is he guilty? Do I give a shit? With all of the false accusations out there, it wouldn’t surprise me if he were set up. Even if he is guilty, corruption and bad policies are far worse sins to me than trying to take a few liberties with a hotel maid.

    We need to judge politicians by the effect their governance has on the hundreds of thousands or hundreds of millions of their constitutions and not by the handful of people affected by their poor personal decisions.

    • E. Steven Berkimer


      Speaking for myself, I don’t have a problem with the cybersex part of it. It is the fact that he lied and tried to cover it up. That isn’t acceptable from any Public Servant. Specifically in a federal representative, who may be privy to national secrets. That is prime blackmail material for people who wish to do this country harm.

      If he had just come out at the beginning and said, “yes, I did this”, not a big deal. But we SHOULD hold our elected officials to a higher standard.

      One thing to keep in mind. It is idiots like Weiner who have made it so when teenagers sext each other, the male half of that exchange usually end of on a sex offender registry. So should this bozo. But the worst that will happen, is he will resign, and still keep his nice cushy pension.

      • E. Steven Berkimer

        Sorry, that should read:

        The male half of that exchange usually end up on a a sex offender registry.

        • MasculistMan

          That’s why I’m not a big Weiner fan because he is a feminist enabler.

      • Stu

        I don’t blame him for lying, and nobody has any business asking him questions about his private sex life……nobody. I’ll repeat that…..nobody has a right to demand answers to their questions about your private sex life.

        • E. Steven Berkimer


          I think we do have the right to question him on it. He is the one that decided to send these photos to a number of women he didn’t know. He abrogated his right to privacy by doing that.

          Add to the fact, that there is the possibility that these photos could then be used for blackmail purposes, and could compromise his ability to do his job, we certainly DO have the right to demand answers, as he is a public servant. At the very least, this seriously brings in to question his judgement.

          • B.R. Merrick

            He abrogated his right to privacy by doing that.

            No, it was a private exchange, pure and simple. Must it be private only after you know first names, have met in person, or know the other individual’s favorite color?

            The man’s “ability to do his job” has resulted in egregious violations of basic human rights and dignity. Cock shots and lies about cock shots have nothing on Shock and Awe.

          • BeijaFlor

            Maybe we can describe it as “Cock and Awwww…”

          • Stu

            No he hasn’t. He sent them to a number of women…..but not you

      • TDOM

        I don’t like the lying and covering up either. Our elected representatives should be above that. But I can certainly understand it. Given the the weiner roast he’s been given by the press, I can’t really blame him for his initial reaction. Unless he spends public money or it affects his job performance, a man’s private life is just that, private. It would have been better if he had simply refused to comment rather than lie.

        What I like even less, however, is the hypocritical nature of the press and the public in general. Vilify the man, reward the woman. According to the media, feminists, and general public, he exploited the women by abusing his position of power. But looking at it realistically, he had everything to lose and nothing really to gain while the women involved had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Once exposed, he loses, they gain. It is the women who have exploited him, not the other way around.


      • rebtus

        @ E.Steven Berkimer
        Internet also reports that Cong. Weiner sponsored anti-porn Internet legislation. Like the spousal rape law (Filler Case) laws can be used against people by manipulating the evidence. Link:

  • Stu

    I disagree that it is the bible bashing religous background of the US. It is the feminist mentality. While they make laws that allow women to advertise and sell sex, but criminalize male customers, while slutwalks are promoted in the msm, every man has to be like a monk now or he is lower then the lowest thing that crawls.

    Has anybody noticed that there is nothing but downsides to feminism for men. It is all about taking away our rights, our freedoms, making us slave away for women for nothing in return……and the only benefit……the only thing that men got out of this whole crappy mess is that sex is easier to get then it was before. But now they are demonizing men to the max who take any advantage of the easier access to sex…….and sex in marriage is now called rape.

    Just once I’d like to see some of these men that make it onto every channel on TV, every newpaper, magazine and internet site in the world just because they reamed out some horny babe………I’d love to see them grow some balls to go with the dick and say……yes…yes I fucked her….I stuffed her like a xmas turkey…..I reamed out her arse like a mad dog on a bitch on heat……..and that cum stain on that black dress……I shot that from a good two meters away….you should have seen that cum shot man. And when they ask what my wife thinks about it…….she thought it was hell of a cum shot too LOL. Now can we talk about our welfare reform act.

  • Stu

    If I was Weiner, I’d file a complaint for sexual harrassment. After all, they are pestering him for details of his perfectly legal sex life. Last I heard, that is sexual harrassment

  • Matt

    My wife bit some of my computers in different occasions with hammer in front and back just like this one which I kept it and all of my grad school projects’ software were all my life long asset also dumped in dumpster by her for no reason.


    • Poester99

      if it’s important (to you and/or otherwise) back it up to a big drive and store it somewhere off site. Safety deposit box, worst case. That’s good advice that I did not follow at times. but has recently saved my bacon multiple times.

      Encrypt the whole drive drive if it’s sensitive (and NOT with just 3DES).

  • Aharon

    “Sex is godly (or “good”), but only when it is safely within the bounds of heterosexual, monogamous, lifelong marriage as legally recognized, and no place else”.
    — Such values are not solely Christian. That would be the same for most traditional American Jews and Muslims too. BTW, it was probably the Jews who first put the human sexual genie into the marriage bottle 3,000 years ago.

    “Thus, the American Jewish Weiner keeps himself clean-shaven and metrosexual-looking,…”
    — Most American Jewish men are clean shaven and metro-sexual looking (I certainly am). So too are most Israeli Jewish men. Do you imagine most Jewish men look like the ‘ultra-orthodox’ black garbed (Polish dress style 1700s) scraggly bearded ones on your TV set or seen in certain NYC neighborhoods?

    Progressives such as Weiner, Clinton, and Obama practice little of the traditions of whichever religious/ethnic-cultural heritage their ancestors came from. IMHO, Clinton and Obama are more communist or corporatist than Christian and I would never identify them as American Christians.

    Personally, as a classical liberal (mostly libertarian type), I detest Weiner as he is dangerous and I hope he gets kicked out of politics and gets his career ended over this issue. I find Weenie-boy anti-freedom and an opportunistic-ass. How about that one? I just politically and personally attacked a fellow Jew on a public blog site.

  • UncleRay

    Honestly, I don’t think most people are upset he showed his junk to horny schoolgirls, I think they are because he did it even though he has a wife.

    Feminists, though, see the evil penis and immediately think rape, so this would make more sense directed at them.

    • ScareCrow


      Come on – since when is a penis “junk”.

      We gotta stop language like that.

  • Keyster

    The issue here BR is two fold:

    1) He’s an elected official enaging in an activity teenagers have become known for…”sexting”, or sending pictures of himself via online or by cell phone to people he doesn’t even know.

    I would think a grown man in the position he’s in would have more important things to consider than engaging his female “fan club” with sexy pictures. (But then Clinton was taking in a little fellatio in the oval office while on the phone with world leaders….ahh, power never felt so virile!)

    But so what, it was inappropriate and a little creepy. He’s after all, human.

    2) He finds out Andrew Brietbart has the pictures and information and is about to release them and commences to organize a huge smear campaign against Brietbart as a liar out to get Democrats. Media Matters, DailyKOS, HuffPost and MSNBC are all given the talking points and told to go on the attack. All this happening while Weiner is digging himself deeper and deeper into a hole with the MSM.

    THAT’S the issue! The cover-up is far worse than the “crime”. Nobody hacked his account and he knew it. He blatantly lied about the whole affair. Had he come clean straight away, he’d be protected. But HE gave the story legs by talking about it, media attention whore that he his. He didn’t even understand the technology behind it.

    The squirming and spinning and obfuscation in his interviews is what got him. He thought, as a fellow liberal, he owned the media and they’d “work” with him. But when even the NYTimes turned on him he couldn’t hide.

    He blatantly lied while allowing the source for the story to be openly smeared.
    THAT is the problem here. Not his sexual proclivities or weener.

    • B.R. Merrick

      Like I said, I’m having a difficult time feeling bad for the guy, but I do.

  • Peter Charnley

    “I disagree that it is the bible bashing religous background of the US. It is the feminist mentality.”

    I will second that. There are several versions of Isaiah .13. But the one I have come across that applies most accurately to the literal asylum that the Western world has lately become states :-

    “When the power of Satan is at its height your leaders shall have the minds of children, and women shall control them.”

    What could be more relevant.

    • Keyster

      To say women are Satan’s soldiers seems a tad misogynist to me.
      But then he is the great seducer isn’t he?

      If there ever becomes a world leader that women swoon over, the first feminist president, handsome and charismatic, beware the Anti-Christ!

      • Stu

        Satan…..the ultimate career mangina.

        • Nergal


          I like to picture Satan as,like, a dirty old bum. And you’re gettin ready to sock him one cause it’s a bum and you say no,wait a minute, better not do this. There’s somethin special about this guy. Turns out it’s Satan.

          I like to picture Satan in a tuxedo t-shirt, because it says I wanna be formal but I’m here to party too.

          • ScareCrow

            Women will always fall for a “snake in the grass”.

            Believe the Bible or not – there is some serious wisdom behind it.

          • Peter Charnley

            Women will always fall for a “snake in the grass”.

            It is women’s approval and votes the “snakes in the grass” are frantically chasing in the 21st century – with the education, self-belief and future lives of millions of our young men being ruined, and hundreds of thousands of babies of both genders being torn out of women’s wombs annually – all in the name of Women’s Rights. Obama is just one of the many weak and brainwashed fools operating in the world of today. Just another tool of evil.

            “Woman shall not have dominion over man”.

            That is not misogynistic. I am a Christian, but this is an unalterable fact about humanity for anyone who embraces reason – believer or non-believer. And I admire women who accept that. Needless to say those who do in the 21st century stand right alongside any male – truthfully head and shoulders higher than vast numbers functioning today on this sorrowful planet.

            Hierarchy has got nothing to do with superiority. It never has done nor ever will do. But it is something that has to be accepted. Without it no society has a long term future. The truth of that is obvious and will never be changed. And until recently that has been largely accepted. Very sad.

            For those of us who are Christian. God is not a misogynist, he is a realist. And I confess that I have to ask Him for forgiveness and guidance about my feelings towards women (and I occasionally genuinely do in prayer). I would never hurt anyone – but my emotions are certainly not Christian. I am just a human being and forget about those who do not bear “haughty necks and feet a tinkling” (more words written nearly two thousand years ago).

            And there are many (and some are thankfully there in my real life) – but they rarely make today’s press or TV and movie screens. And that is where the sky-rocketing blood pressure goes – helped along by the ilk of Anthony Weiner – who I should remind myself, are as repulsive, if not more, than any female feminist.

          • B.R. Merrick

            Nicely said. Why aren’t there more Christians like you?

      • David Green

        How do you know that Satan is male and not female?

  • Stu

    Well I’m an Aussie, so I don’t know much about this guy but I’ll take the people on here on face value when they say he’s a scumbag and a career white knight. In that case, I don’t care if he gets hit by a bus. Also, someone mentioned he was showing it off to schoolgirls……does that mean minors? If so….very bad…..but if not…..or in other words…..if he hasn’t done anything illegal….then it is none of our fucking business. This is one the tools of the feminazi at work guys……and we should not support it. Lets hang a guy for his sex life…..kinky or otherwise…..lets demonise him for being horny. I can’t support any attacks or attempts to do that to anyone. If they aren’t raping or molesting kids…..then what they do with their dick…..or pussy……is none of my….or anyone elses business. You could say it’s his wifes business…….but we don’t know what their relationship is. They can sort this out between themselves…’s none of our business.

    Another thing I would do if I was dictator for a day… place a permanent ban on anybody….press or otherwise….publishing any details of any persons legal sex life…..without their permission. And I’d send offenders to jail every time. And the only way of reporting on a persons illegal sex life…..would be after conviction of an offence. This is just becoming another witch hunt way of outing any guy from any job, or position in the public eye… a sports person. And have you noticed that all the double standards are stacked against guys.

    There was an Aussie politician and I can’t remember his name at the moment…..but he got video taped exiting a gay Sauna. The result was that the next day…he had to resign. Gay, straight, or something in between… is nobodies business what you are doing with your dick with consenting adults.

    • E. Steven Berkimer


      By and large I’d agree with you. Here’s the kicker… the people who he sent them to, are now drawn in to his “sex life”. Since they are now involved, should they have the ability to publicise it? After all, it’s now a part of thier sex life too, correct?

      And I believe all the women he sent these to, were college age and above, so no minors are involved (I could be wrong on that, and would be happy to be corrected).

      I think what most here have a problem with, were covered by keyster and TDOM above.

      • Keyster

        I’ll add the young women he was corresponding with were very flattered that a powerful young politician in Wash DC was flirting with them. None of them even new he was a democrat or a congressman or even what a congressman in Wash DC does exactly.

        I’ve witnessed many a once weak omega male become drunk with power and the aphrodisiac like effect it has on their libido. Suddenly he finds himself having this strange power over women he never had before and he likes it. Attractive young women that never even looked at him before are talking to him and making suggestive comments.

        Sexual opportunity is everywhere for men in power, because power is very sexy. Strong, forthright, noble men resist it.

        • MasculistMan

          I’ve witnessed many a once weak omega male become drunk with power and the aphrodisiac like effect it has on their libido. Suddenly he finds himself having this strange power over women he never had before and he likes it. Attractive young women that never even looked at him before are talking to him and making suggestive comments.

          He is a male feminist. Let him fry.

      • Stu

        It’s a double standard. If I posted pics on here of women I’ve had sex with….videos of us haveing sex……that’s fine because it is part of my sex life…..right. Well when it is fine for a man to do that…..then I’ll agree these girls have a right to use the pics that they have to make public.

        Even if you agree that the girls have the righ to publish the pics……you still have no right to demand answers from him….or even ask questions. And nobody has any right to administer any punishment or sanction agains him for for this shit.

        As long as we uphold peoples right to do this kind of witch hunt shit……men are going to be the losers in it….and women exempt. If it was a female politician that sent these pics to someone… would be the male college students that were seen as the villians…..and her as the victim.

        This guy might be a huge mangina and white night…..but if we support these kinds of witch hunts…..then we are supporting a feminist tool that is primarily used against men.

        • MasculistMan

          This guy might be a huge mangina and white night…..but if we support these kinds of witch hunts…..then we are supporting a feminist tool that is primarily used against men.

          We defend those that are our friends. If the feminists want to go after one of their own fine by me.

  • WayWest

    The punishment does not fit the crime. Yes, he had online cybersex with consenting adult females. Yes, he lied about it to cover his ass. So what?

    Sean Hannity is parading one of the “victims” on his show. He constantly refers to her as “only twenty-six years old.” Give me a break. He would never shade the story like that if the sexes had been reversed. His views are so filtered by religion as are Bill O’Reilly. It isn’t Puritanical Christianity, but it is traditional Catholic Christianity.

    The real moral issue, as pointed out by Keyster and TDOM, is overshadowed by the “poor female victim” angle of the story.

    • Stu

      The whole thing about him lying to cover his arse is not an issue. If you ask and demand details of my sex life….you have no right to expect me to tell you the truth…..because you have no right to the information anyway. I have every right to give you any misinformation I like. He’s compelled to tell the truth about the activities he does in regards to his job….not his sex life.

  • Quartermain

    The rewards of being a pro-feminist mangina.

    Swim with baracudas, you’re bound to be consumed.

    Since when was the MSM concerned with important events rather than tabloid celebrity gossip.

    • Keyster

      Politics and the economy are too complicated and boring.
      Sex is fun and exciting!

      …The mass media is cuntrolled by what their target audience wants to know.
      Their target audience are cuntsumers of their sponsor’s products.
      Women are the majority cuntsumers.
      Women want to know ALL the details about anything scandalous and sexual in nature.
      The mass media is cuntrolled by what their target audience wants to know….

      It’s why you only see ads for trucks, beer and shaving products on sports broadcasts.

      • Quartermain


        I’m afraid you’re right.

        Anybody notice how the Right Perspective shifted the focus abit?

    • MasculistMan

      Swim with baracudas, you’re bound to be consumed.

      Thank you,Quartermain. I think a lot of people here forgot that.

  • Patrice Stanton

    For me, it’s not about his manhood. It’s about his inability to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate use of his ‘office’ – literally and figuratively. But that is no surprise as he began his ‘climb’ into the political swamp with a ‘dirty trick’ if this is true []. So, wow, a swamp creature is slimey…there’s a surprise.

    Of course I realize there are countless others who haven’t been outed, but that’s not the point. I think the point is equality-under-the-law.

    Consider if it was you, and you were one of corporate America’s declining few ‘management males’ and you got caught spending desk-time in similar non-billable endeavors. Would you be prosecuted to-the-fullest-extent-of-the-(albeit lousy)-law? Damn straight you would. So why do you want to further elevate these ‘politicos’ to the status of royalty by excusing their electronic office peccadillos? (Fun word, ay?)

    They live in a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ elite bubble, so I say when they’re stupid enough to play with the wrong kind of fire they need to pay the price: get driven by limo out of D.C. back to their home ‘ward’ wee they can get started on the book they just got that 7-figure advance for.

    Whose for formally replacing the Bald Eagle with the ‘horned peccadillo’ for our national symbol? Anyone? Anyone?

    • B.R. Merrick

      They live in a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ elite bubble, so I say when they’re stupid enough to play with the wrong kind of fire they need to pay the price…

      Agreed, but I don’t think the price should be the humiliation of their manhood in a culture that continually denigrates men.

  • Kevin New York

    As a New Yorker, I’ve known of Anthony Weiner long before this scandal broke.
    Believe me, Weiner has always been a weiner, a mangina of the highest order.

    He was never a friend of men, and was always ingratiating himself to attractive women. It was off the charts. He actually proposed legislation that female fashion models from foreign countries receive a special dispensation from immigration laws.

    He also took up the battle for a Playboy bunny whose ex was behind in “child” support payments, and called on tighter efforts to punish “deadbeats.”

    Aside from being anti-man, one thing that can not be ignored is astonishingly poor judgement. How stupid can he get? How could he possibly think this activity would not see the light of day? I’m all for a healthy sex life, but when the head in your pants is bigger than the head on your shoulders, you can’t do the job.

    Weiner has got to go, and it will be a good day for men when he is officially gone.

    • B.R. Merrick

      I’m all for a healthy sex life, but when the head in your pants is bigger than the head on your shoulders, you can’t do the job.

      I would say that when you have a voting record like the one I pointed out (and what you’ve mentioned above), your ability to “do the job” has already made itself evident. Why didn’t the culture pay any attention way back then?

      • Kevin New York

        The culture didn’t pay attention way back then because it was business as usual. Add a sex scandal, and then it becomes business as “unusual.”

    • MasculistMan

      Weiner has got to go, and it will be a good day for men when he is officially gone.

      Thank you.

  • BeijaFlor

    Anyone remember Tony Weiner’s brouhaha about the “Triumph of Civic Virtue” statue?

    I do not live anywhere near New York. It’s a good thing, because I’d be tempted to get some gray T-shirt cloth and make up something like those gray underpants in the infamous photo.

    Neither am I much good at Photoshop, but here’s the idea … I hope none of your regular supporters are offended, Paul, but femitrolls are welcome to red-thumb this one to their heart’s content.

  • rebtus

    B.R. Merick,
    You ask ‘Why didn’t the culture pay any attention way back then?
    Until False Rape Society (FRS) began focusing on the issue, there was so much legislation that advocates could not keep up with them. Also, media gave glorifying comments on what feminist sympahisers were enacting into law.
    This part of Cong. Weiner et. al. law can make anyone ‘enabler”or mistakenly “facilitate” or(having computer hacked by promoters) with up to 20 years in prison. Quote
    “SEC. 5. Criminalization of age misrepresentation in connection with online solicitation of a minor.

    Section 2252C of title 18, United States Code, is amended—

    (1) by redesignating subsections (c) and (d) as subsections (d) and (e), respectively; and

    (2) by inserting after subsection (b) the following:

    “(c) Age misrepresentation.—Any person 18 years or older who knowingly misrepresents their age with the intent to use the Internet to engage in criminal sexual conduct involving a minor, or to facilitate or attempt such conduct, shall be fined under this title and imprisoned for not more than 20 years. Such penalty shall be in addition to any penalty pursuant to the laws of any jurisdiction for the crime of using the Internet to engage in criminal sexual conduct involving a minor, or to facilitate or attempt such conduct.”

  • Luek

    Durnit! Too bad this wasn’t Joe Biden.

  • andybob

    I agree that this is five star writing which focuses steely-eyed on protecting a consenting adult man’s right to express his masculinity in all its horny glory (well within the law, as emphasised). Kudos Mr Merrick. Listing the many reasons why you despised this man while maintaining your defence of his personal rights was very effective. It was also informative for those of us who don’t know much about him.

    It would have been liberating for men everywhere if Mr Weiner had simply told the press to grow up and learn some respect. His teary, cap-in-hand prostrating before the MSM was nauseating. The absurdly transparent posturing of female commentators was revealing. Their pursed-lipped disapproval of a bit of hard-on while supporting rampant slutwalks has been the height of hypocrisy.

    This man is clearly a mangina of the worst kind. But the overiding sensation of watching this fiasco unfold has been the gleeful emasculation of a penis owner who, for added creepy factor, also happened to be one of their own. The outraged feminists always manage to manipulate their trusty allies (traditional conservative types) to eagerly put disobedient dicks in their proper places.

    Defending this person’s weiner-waving proclivities must trump all other considerations on this issue. We should all be proud penis owners and support Mr Weiner’s right to wield it as he pleases.

    Well done Mr Merrick. (PS: I hope you used plenty of sunblock).

    • Stu

      Exactly. It isn’t that he’ll be gone that I’m worried about, it is why he is gone. Of all the shit that hurts men that he has done, sending some cock pics to some horny chics is not one of them. The fact that he can be gotten rid of by that……but not by all the shit that concerns us… a problem for me.

      The fact that guys can be condemed and burnt alive for this sort of shit is a problem. We need to put an end to this bullshit where a man can be hung drawn and quartered for his sexual activities with consenting adults. What fucking chance have we ever got demanding the restoration of due process in sex crime cases if we cant even uphold a mans right to do what he wants with his own dick with consenting adults.

      • E. Steven Berkimer


        Penis waving (there’s a mental picture for you) isn’t what I’m condemning him over. The attempt to lie and cover it up, once he himself made it public, is my issue with him. And the attempt, again by him, to get the MSM to attack anyone else who brought it up. Those are things that I won’t abide by anyone who is an elected public servant. EVER. Male or female.

  • andybob

    E. Steven Birkimer,
    I think Stu and I are revealing just how jaded we are by Aussie politicians whose sneaky, dishonest and maipulative responses when caught red-handed are par-for-the-course. We’ve become conditioned to expect the very worst at all times from our slimy reps. You’re right. Elected officials should not behave like dodgy crims when it’s time to fess up.

    • E. Steven Berkimer

      Really, I think we are all jaded by those in politics (Mr. Christensne not included in that group), no matter the country. It’s all become shady and nasty.