Size Matters

Size matters, but not just for men

This article was originally posted at, and is re-posted here with permission of the author. PE

A scientific study claims to have settled the age-old debate on whether penis size actually matters.

As reported by MailOnline earlier this week, research in Scotland claims that women who have frequent vaginal orgasms are more likely to credit larger penises for them.

Stuart Brody, a psychologist at the University of West Scotland, surveyed 323 women on their previous sexual encounters and whether length influenced their ability to climax.

Apparently, the women who reported the highest number of vaginal orgasms were more likely to rule that bigger was better. Brody told Live Science: ‘This might be due, in part, to greater ability of a longer penis to stimulate the entire length of the vagina, and the cervix.’

However, it’s not all so damning. Apparently, if the above is true, it only applies to some women and some orgasms, some of the time.

But it does pose bad news for the sisterhood, because if the size of the penis matters, then surely the vagina must too.  After all, friction is friction – and women’s bits vary as much as ours.

But it’s all quite funny, really. When I read yesterday’s article, I laughed out loud. Not because the study was so astonishingly one-sided, but because it reminded me of a sketch from U.S. television show Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Called Big Vagina (its contents aren’t entirely suitable for a family newspaper but it can be found on YouTube), it offers a new gesture for men to adopt in response to women’s cruel use of the ‘inch’ gesture with their thumb and forefinger.

Given society’s on-going pre-occupation with size, perhaps we should take this gesture and introduce it into popular culture – all for the sake of fairness of course. Then, we can all laugh at each other together. What fun.

But let’s not stop there. Don’t breasts need to be the perfect size, shape and pertness too, right?

Naturally, I’m being facetious, but it proves my point: this sort of mocking of the opposite gender cuts both ways.

After all, men can put a master key in a door, but if the lock’s too big then it won’t open. And that’s not our fault.

Even the Karma Sutra explains that there are three sizes of penis and three sizes of vagina; the perfect combination on which depends on personal preference. Something else which trashes yesterday’s conclusion.

So maybe Brody isn’t right. With all due respect to him, this study was anecdotal and led by a psychologist, not a medical doctor. It’s mere opinion. Hardly a robust scientific discovery.

A very good reason why we should all shrug it off. Not least because all this self-entitlement about other people’s bodies is vulgar.

That said, the size debate does need to stop. Why? Because we don’t need an answer – it wouldn’t change anything – and it’s mainly promulgated to (quite literally) belittle men. Sadly, because we’re too polite to contest it, it’s allowed to thrive.

But no more. Not only is it factually incorrect, it’s also dangerous for our young men to hear. Last month, a 17 year-old boy emailed me via my website. He’d quit his rugby team, stopped going out and refused to date girls – all because he thought his penis wasn’t ‘good enough’.

This boy (who actually had nothing to worry about, but then again none of us do… all penises are sufficient) had been conditioned to hate his body from everything he’d seen and heard over the years.

This is no longer just a matter of physiology, it’s a mental health issue too. And given that us men are more prone to depression, suicide and early death, the women who wiggle their little fingers should grow some compassion.

This includes celebrities. Because, if somebody such as Ed Sheeran stood up and mocked the opposite sex’s private parts, like Katy Perry and Christina Aguilera have, his career would be over.

Likewise, if a scientific study looked at the tautness and depth of female genitalia, it would be lambasted as obscene.

That’s probably because it would be. It might also make a lot of women feel pretty rubbish, which is what I found most disturbing about the response to yesterday’s story; so many commentators took great delight in the knowledge it would hurt many men. How sad.

Publishers note: The responses, mostly from women, to Mr. Lloyd’s article, were predictably callous and shaming. Perhaps they might benefit from reading a few ideas from MRAs? You can join the “conversation” here

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  • Dr. F

    I’ll skip checking out the shaming and hating comments on the original article, just as I’ll not gargle a stink-bug smoothie. My body will react the same way.

    The CYE episode was great and I played bits of it to a feminist who works at a medical clinic owned by a family member.

    She said she hated it and felt “abused by the humour” of the show and it was around this time that she said she had fallen in love with me. I politely declined her affections and for the next week received a barrage of despicable text messages from her.

    Thank you Peter Lloyd for this article which is short, honest and rememberable. The exact opposite of the hyper-virago mentioned who is long in chatter, evasive and utterly forgettable.

  • Merlin

    Good post, Peter.

    Yes, I’ve experienced this vulgar shaming attempt by females on more than a few occasions, and it’s rather unnecessary and can be quite daunting to deal with when you initially hear it.

    It used to be something that would check me, and cause some discomfort, but not anymore. The women who use this dreadful approach are really the ones to be side-kicked, and quick sharp, and don’t look back.

    But, in order to even the score a little, an equally stunning retort usually does the trick… something to the effect of, “You could get a coach & horses up there, darling”. This usually evens things, and has often shut them up for quite a while.

  • droobles

    I, on the other hand, believe we should find definitive answer. Once we really understand the problem then we will be able to solve it, we shouldn’t just brush it off.

    And it sure is a shot to a man’s confidence when shamed this way, but that only happens because of supply and demand. Until the power dynamics in the sex market reaches some form of balance I guess the only solution will be medical ones.

    But you know what bothers me more? Are all these people saying those old pre-fabricated phrases about size doesn’t matter. The one who hears knows that the people saying it are doing it just to comfort him, they sound like lies and probably are lies.

    And well, I guess you guys are more optimistic than me, expecting women in general to change their ways in a fashion that won’t benefit them.

  • Gordius Knot

    7 of the last 10 gals I’ve dated had never heard of Kegel exercises. OK, so some guys do anguish over size…yet many gals feel that just having a man-hole down there, even if cavernous, is good enough for them and should be good enough for us.
    And yes girls, we too, can tell how you compare to past lovers. But don’t ask…this moment we are with you, right? Past is past.

    • Aimee McGee

      Totally agree on the issue of pelvic floor exercise as a big area of ignorance in many women…and if they do know most are too lazy to keep at them.
      As for size, I’ve had a fair range for comparison and have found that the big uns just make my eyes water in a bad way in certain usually very satisfactory positions…give me a man who knows what he likes and who is willing to swap tips on how to ring each others bells.
      But I’m going to remember that gesture…b’cos it is one that could come in handy.

  • Roger O Thornhill

    Did I hear somebody say mouse’s ear or was that horse’s collar? :-)

  • Skeptic

    Thanks for the hilarious reminder.
    I once had sex with a woman who had such a slack vagina I thought for a moment I was stirring porridge with my penis.
    Love that hand signal!

  • UKMan

    I think the ‘concern’ men are supposed to feel about their size is overplayed. It’s a case of females projecting their insecurities onto men.

    Some women would like to think the majority of men are worried about such things, as its a button to push. I suspect that for most men the size of their penis is about as interesting as the size of their nose or feet.

    On the other hand, I think women are far more obsessed about the size of their breasts, bottoms, thighs etc. Just compare the number of women versus men who choose cosmetic surgery, push-up bras, spanx etc.

    Of course, this obsession and insecurity women have about their bodies is blamed on men, which is at odds with all the men I know who are nothing but complimentary and kind about the women around them. Other women on the other hand…

    • Otter

      “It’s a case of females projecting their insecurities onto men.”

      Seriously… what ISN’T a case of females projecting their insecurities onto men? The female ego seems like the Highlander. She has to cut down men in order to feel more powerful.

    • Daniel Kulkarni

      Men do care about the size of their penis. We have no control over the size of our package, and yet we’re constantly reminded in pop culture how humiliating it is to have a below-average sized penis. There’s nothing more soul-crushing than taking off your pants and being laughed at for nature’s cruel joke.

  • TheBiboSez

    The thickness of the wallet is oft the determining factor.

    • Dr. F


      See, now I like this, and it begs for other analogies. You know, wallets, dicks, long tall cars and rich expanses of rolling green fields.

      Oww yum. It all tumbles down from the bountiful plump heavens that just spill their goodness downwards. Down to you Princess Mam. Down comes the twit on a white horse to carry you away and prong you on a fluffy white Flockartie rug before a great “roaring fire”. After that, you can have a walk on the beach with your post-coital slitty eyed pasty face and talk about how in five years you are going to live in the mountains.

      Bugger all the other jerks who fly under the 45k a year salary eh? Big wee-wee is ok but “big all the rest” is what I am gunning for really. I’ll sort it out later just like god did with the crusades.

      Pardon, I went off on a tangent a bit. Everything swirled around and it all went into a splatter-gun and made a strange but compelling pizza. I am good now.

  • TigerMan

    That youtube video made me cry I had no idea that a US show would dare “go there” with both feet first at that!
    When I have stopped crying (with laughter) I am going to see if I can buy some boxsets of the show! 😉
    On a more serious note us northern lads had a term for women who like to taunt about “size” we used to call them “slack Alices” – they soon learned to keep their offensive opinions to themselves after that. If more men understood that insecurity about their own genital size affects them equally if not more than men then there wouldn’t be so many guys getting emotionally crippled by callous taunts from ignorant women. :(

    • Kimski

      We have a saying over here, that roughly translates to:
      ‘That was like fucking the opening to a barn. I swear I couldn’t feel the sides, even with my arms stretched out…’

      Try that one out, and stand back and watch the results..

      -And of course there’s always the old:
      ‘What are you doing down there?’

      ‘Emm, just looking for the rest of my platoon’.

      • TigerMan

        The “barn” one I heard before but the “platoon” version had me ROFL ‘ ing! 😉

      • scatmaster
        • Kimski

          Good one, Scatmaster.

          We should write these down, and consider publishing them in a book called:

          “A 100 Ways To Fuck Their Shit Up”.

          • scatmaster

            Some would probably consider it juvenile but I like to jump in the gutter once in awhile to get their stinky knickers in a knot.

  • Otter

    “Sadly, because we’re too polite to contest it, it’s allowed to thrive.”

    I think that this is the problem. Despite popular belief men are FAR more polite to women than vice versa. Hell we are so damned polite we let them insult us without replying in kind or even raising a complaint!

    I for one am a proponent of fighting fire with fire. Going forward every time I hear any woman talk about any man’s diminutive package, I will immediately suggest that the woman in question has a limitless depth between her thighs. It won’t win me any friends but hell, neither should disparaging remarks about the size of a man’s penis.

  • Greg Dragon

    I’ve written on this topic quite a bit and have pushed blame on both men who feel the need to belittle other men (no pun intended) and the loose women who do the pinky gesture to emasculate former lovers.

    I believe that first of all education, real “studies”, and confident men like ourselves are the answer to curing this ridiculous stigma and steering the youth away from worrying so hardcore about a feature that they are born with.

    Seriously I don’t understand how we are chagrined for making fun of people who are born with disabilities yet continue to chuckle along with adult women who liberally laugh at a man’s height or penis size (the two main points of attack they use wo issue pain).

    Confidence is the key but how do you convince a boy that his average sized penis is good enough if he watches a lot of porn (where guys have penises the size of forearms) and listens to a lot of chatter from characters in movies and television shows who poke fun of penis size? You can’t but with enough writers tackling this subject and speaking out – I hope that some change can come that way.

    Readers of The Godfather by Mario Puzo may recall that Sonny Corleone was hurting women until he met his perfect match… a goomah with a large vagina. How funny that even in a book so old this topic was addressed.

    Great article.

    • TigerMan

      A thought occurred to me reading your post and that was a curiosity to know if any research has been done to discover whether there could be a causative link (in some not all perhaps)between young men’s suicidal depressions and indeed suicides and anxiety brought about by feeling inadequate in the genital dept.? It might seem far fetched to some but when you consider how much a sense of masculinity is tied into such a thing (rightly or wrongly) then for some such anxieties could threaten their entire sense of well being. This is likely all the more true for younger men (who also fall into the group most often commiting suicide)whose adolescent struggles are either not over or not far removed.
      Of course “Men Studies” departments would be more concerned if homophobia was a factor – it is just not “sexy” for them if the victims were heterosexual boys and men. Maybe that’s me being cynical in which case I would be delighted to be proved wrong. :)

  • rickster

    Sometime even those who are adequate, still receive ridicule from time to time at the hands of a vindictive person. We have been so indoctrinated by the idea that its perfectly acceptable that even men do it to each other, talking about how they can please a woman the other they mock cannot, etc. That kind of male rivalry is another game altogether, but when dealing with a woman, I found a great article that gives men some ammo on the day of their defense, and offers women a poignant reminder of how that kind of ridicule is inappropriate by giving them a dose of what it may feel like:

    Its important we try and understand how our words and actions make others feel, and sometimes we need a taste of our own medicine to help us understand.

  • Doc

    This is why I target women 18-25, they are “better” across the board. Breasts are more pert, less saggy – vagina is tight and not stretched out. Everything is new to them – what’s not to like? After 25 it’s all down hill for them… So if you’re a man – the above pretty much should tell you how to proceed…

    Of course, if she has squeezed out a kid, you can forget it regardless of her age… Just not worth going there…

    • Aimee McGee

      You aren’t dating in East Anglia…18 = 2 kids, and well stretched 😉

      It’s not age, it’s just not having babies and maintaining good physical fitness

      • TigerMan

        Good point Amy. Same is true in many parts of UK, not sure on exact stats but I remember reading on a few occasions that the UK has had (and may still hold true) the highest rate of teenage pregancies in the west.
        As for “stretch”again I still think anatomical disposition plays the major part – certainly a woman who wasn’t “tight” before having a baby is not going to be afterwards but I have been with a single milf that was still surprisingly tight into her 40’s.
        Overall I like to defer to the kama sutra on this which takes a simple but wise view in these matters and can be summed up euphemistically by the term “horses for courses”. 😉

      • scatmaster

        Know how to do your kegles

  • TPH

    Great article. I watched the YouTube video on the Big Vagina and laughed so hard I nearly shit myself!

  • Hf

    Its been my experience that many women cannot accurately guage measurement simply by eyeballing those measurements.

    6 inches to one woman may be 7 inches, or even 5 inches, to the next. Ask 10 women to indicate with their fingers the length of 1 inch and you will get 10 different responses. So any “study” on lengths or measurements that is based off of a woman’s visual accuity and recollection, is moot as far as Im concerned.

    “in response to women’s cruel use of the ‘inch’ gesture with their thumb and forefinger”

    I think rather than women using that gesture to indicate an inch, they are instead using it to indicate tiny, just as on CYE the gesture he uses is to indicate ‘huge’ or ‘gaping’.

  • ReneeHendricks

    Wow! Ok, the size debate has always baffled me. I’ve been with men who were overly endowed and men who could be considered very less endowed. What it comes down to is technique. Orgasm doesn’t occur simply by penis-to-vagina intercourse. As a woman who’s been pretty sexually open and free as well as vociferous about what works and doesn’t work for me sexually, judging a man’s size is just ridiculous.

    Now, don’t get me started on vaginal vacuousness (don’t know if that’s a word). I’ve had 3 kids and learned years before my 1st what Kegel exercises did for the vagina. But I’ve been told by friends, partners, others that those that don’t even *try* to keep that area exercised is like attempting to have sex with a very, very large boot.

    • Otter

      “like attempting to have sex with a very, very large boot.”

      Why do you think we ask for anal?

      • ReneeHendricks

        LOL touche.

  • Factory

    Speaking from rather extensive personal experience, there is a WIDE variation of vagina sizes. There is also a wide variation in the comfort of these women with a larger than average penis. The contempt for small penises is universal, however.

    How well you ‘use it’ makes a difference to some degree, but I have had women tell me, repeatedly, that they will ALWAYS go for the biggest cock they can find (barring a repugnant owner, of course), even to the exclusion of other factors (ie, they’ll go for the big dick WAY before the big wallet…my assumption is this is because they feel they can get both – which is often the case). But a guy with a ‘good’ reputation sexually (ie, “He’ll fuck you silly, take him home”) wins over dick size, even actual ability, even more often.

    This is in keeping with our ‘It’s better to look good, than to feel good’ social mores, which not uncoincidentally coincide with female social-proof gathering. Thus, ‘Game’ overcomes nearly all penis-sized problems.

    Including the pinkie finger held aloft in bars across the land. After all, the only acceptable response to such a public accusation is amused mastery…a basic Game precept.

    Of course, one could always choose to make counter accusations of having big vaginas, and be easily painted as inadequate.

    Hint to dealing with women: the only way to counter a ‘You don’t rate my respect’ argument, is with an ‘I don’t give a damn’ response. As best persoinified in the Winston Churchill / Lady Astor quote:

    Lady Astor to W.C.: “Sir Winston, if you were my husband, I’d poison your coffee.”

    Winston Churchill in reply: “Madam, if you were my wife, I’d drink it.”

    Food for thought.

    • Otter

      One time a butch dyke accused me of having a tiny dick because she was jealous of all the attention I was getting.

      I honestly froze. Then I took out my phone and offered to give her some numbers of girls who would dispute her theory.

  • Groot

    I find it interesting how many female commenters at those sites assert how woman have to endure sensitivity about their body parts, but when are woman EVER shamed for perceived inadequacies? Men may rave over big breasts, round butts, etc. but when have we ever heard men attack a woman’s opinions by claiming that she is mad because she has small breasts? When have men snickered among themselves after seeing a flat chested woman? Men emphasize what we like rather than ridiculing and putting down that which we allegedly don’t like.

    On another topic, the link below is something interesting for conversation:

    • TigerMan

      You were right Groot the issue was very interesting. What I couldn’t stomach though was the hypocrisy of the female blogger(s) when she wrote
      “… And it’s not at all like the men there aren’t sexually harassing you every chance they get, even if you are one of the “legitimate” cosplayers…” Right then she lost the argument as far as I’m concerned because responding to perceived bigotry (in the case of Thomas Harris I’d think it more accurate to describe it as “territorial defensiveness” rather than bigotry but what do I know I’m not an expert on the topic !) with overt blatant bigotry is not a strategy for winning arguments.
      Some of the guys there bought it but then they are still naive enough to think that pussy pandering for fun and profit is the way to go.
      I made my observation then made no excuses and left. 😉

    • TPH

      Um, you do know that your screen name means large in Dutch? Kinda funny for an article on penis size…..

      • Groot

        I had not idea TPH. That is a funny coincidence.

    • Sting Chameleon

      As a guy who regularly attends such events, I can attest for what Tony says: There’s plenty of girls who dress up as comic book/manga/videogame characters just to draw attention to themselves and who don’t really know anything about the character. It’s fairly irritating because they undermine the efforts of gals who really know their stuff and put a lot of time on their outfits and presentation, instead of merely posing for the camera and getting lots of “fans” (i.e horny guys)

  • Sickofit

    Great read. I remember the Curb episode; it was an instant classic for me. The pic for this article is just perfect. This topic is a perfect common example of how men are to blame and be on the defensive for any shortcomings in life. Even though lack of friction could clearly be the fault of either or both parties it is clearly commonly seen as a lacking in his equipment and not an overuse of hers. I wonder if female solipsism plays a role here?

  • Rper1959

    The really sad thing is that this preoccupation with penile size, and genital objectification from women has fostered a growing penis enlargement industry praying on young mens distorted perceptions of normality and worth.

    • Paul Elam

      Bingo, Greg. Well said my friend.

    • Aimee McGee

      I’m afraid to say there is a whole genital mutilation agenda brewing with both penis enlargement and with labiaplasty where a woman thinks she is a victim of ‘abnormal external genitalia’.
      I’m not going to point the finger at porn or anything like that…I’m going to ask why there is this urge to artificial ‘normality’?
      Female genitalia is not the nicest looking thing at the best of times, but it is an example of form and function – yet most women have little clue of the embryonic origins of labia major (equivalent tissue to the scrotum) and labia minor (equivalent tissue to the foreskin).
      Sexuality education needs to include discussions about the whole spectrum of difference. It’s not something to be taught in one session my an embarrassed biology teacher who has absolutely no knowledge of human psychology.

  • bowspearer

    Threw my hat into the ring and posted the following in the comments section of the article:

    The fact that this article made it past the editorial stage is a glaring indictment on the level of commonplace chauvinistic misandry in the mainstream media.

    In fact the gender reversal of this article would have been equally demeaning towards a woman’s vagina & breasts. However the difference is that such an article would have faced widespread condemnation as society correctly objects to impressionable teenage girls [children] being bombarded with negative body stereotypes due to the levels of obsession with plastic surgery, bulimia, anorexia & depression they perpetuate. Yet apparently the dignity & body issues of impressionable teenage boys [children] should not be given the same level of consideration.

    If gender roles were reversed; feminist groups would be up in arms about it en-masse & at the minimum demanding a formal apology from the Daily Mail. Their silence [& therefore hypocrisy] is highly telling & proof that feminism & gender equality are mutually exclusive.

  • Roger O Thornhill

    Like all (male) MRA’s I’m waiting for the ensmallment industry to take off. Man this is a burden! :-(

  • Roger O Thornhill

    It’s really amazing how far we’ve come isn’t it?
    How far have we really come from the entrance to the cave?

  • TigerMan

    In case many of you haven’t realised – the jouranlist who wrote the Daily Mail article linked to above has become a forum member in AVFM and posted an update about a radio show on this topic next week:-
    “I’m Peter Lloyd – the Daily Mail columnist who wrote the penis size piece on the homepage. Just wanted to let you know that a major radio show in Ireland has picked up on it and will be dedicating an entire programme to the subject next week. It will include an interview with me, then a phone-in for listeners.

    The show is Newstalk with Sean Moncrieff.

    Just wanted to share the good news! ”
    An MSM pro-male journalist!! What a refreshing change :)

    • bowspearer

      Wow, that is interesting indeed. It’ll he interesting to see if it just winds up being fluff, or if they get deep and really get into the gender reversal of sharia law which is the common social and legislative ideology regarding male sexuality (both adult and child).

  • shmiggen

    The latest scoop on Dr. Warren Farrell’s lecture at the University of Toronto yesterday:

    • scatmaster

      Canadian universities, bastions of socialist hate. Don’t you just love their attempts to shut down free speech?

    • tallwheel

      Had no idea that Warren Farrell’s talks would be protested. His message is always so positive and fair. (not sure I totally agree with his views on porn and video games though)
      Glad to hear some of the protesters attended his talk, and were able to see his “hate speech” for what it really is.

      • Skeptic

        Yeah, that surprised me too. I’ve met Warren Farrel a couple of times in person. He is one of the most mildly spoken, civil human beings I have ever met. For feminists to say he is some kind of hate monger is sure to backfire on them. The very notion that Warren Farrel is that type of person is just so utterly ludicrous.

        BTW, He’d be a great person to interview on aVfM radio.

        • Bombay

          The same with most men in divorce court. Still the judge rips them a new one.

  • Howard Gordan

    Many women will take enjoyment from shaming small sized men. Some will write articles on such matters reporting with glee how some women say size does matter. These same women that delight in shaming men will then ask “where are all the good men?”. These same authors will then write about there not being any good men left. Perhaps many of the good men are not well endowed and have taken refuge from such petty, sadistic ladies.

  • Bev

    Then NSW government in Australia has a speeding campaign using the picture of a woman holding up her little finger to signify that young men who speed have a small penis. That’s not what the message says but it is the strong underlying assumption by the campaign that they speed to show off because they are small and need to compensate some how.

    • Tawil

      Here is a Government TV ad showing the same penis-mocking campaign:

      • Booyah

        only misogyny is offensive in australia. just ask juliar gillard

  • Verdad

    This world is comprised of a one way thought track, how wonderful…

    Good article, if only people were more open to new methods of thinking.

  • nikonian

    When taunted I just tell them that I drive a Turcel for a reason… It always shuts them up as many of them just don’t get it.

  • Paul

    Thank you for this article.

    I’ve noticed that women often are the ones making fun of each other’s bodies. I rarely ever hear men mock a woman’s body. Ironically, women make fun of men’s bodies as well. And then they decide to blame their low self esteem on men.

    Hollywood is very sexist on the penis. It’s either getting cut off, or being made fun of. And women’s responses – “well, we see boobs in movies, so that’s equal.” Interestingly, I don’t see how that’s considered equality.

    • Groot

      Great point. Men rave over the bodies of women they find appealing, but men rarely make fun of or put down women’s bodies. Women who don’t have bodies that men typically desire simply don’t get attention. On the other hand, as you state, women do mock other women’s bodies as well as men’s. You are absolutely right on this point.

  • Brigadon

    Self-esteem is a joke. What is there to esteem when you have accomplished nothing, and are worth nothing? people are so on about ‘self esteem’ as if they have a right to consider themselves superior just because ‘they are’

  • Promoman

    It’s been a long proven fact that at least 70% of women consistently don’t achieve orgasm by a man’s penis anyway. They usually cum when they get fingered & especially when their pussies get eaten. Women also take at seven times more than the length of time needed for a man to cum too on the average. These are basic physiological factors coming into play. Other factors, such as body fat, mental state, sexual preferences, physical/sexual attraction, and despite the fact that women talk alot, they’re piss poor communicators in general, compound the fact that the joy button doesn’t get pounded as often as they’d like. We all know that accountability isn’t in the X chromosome to being with, so we can wipe our collective asses with this bullshit. Canyon cunt having women need to look into having their fissures treated by vaginal tightening procedures, which are gaining steam with the older crones these days.

  • Kris