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How research is used to promote male hatred

A book titled The Death of White Sociology, edited by Howard University professor Joyce Ladner, ostensibly focuses on the birth of “black” sociology and also the death of what is called “white” sociology.  It describes a shift in worldview from the traditional Euro viewpoint to the black sociological point of view, written about African Americans by African Americans.

Ladner examines the ways that our culture, media, and academia fostered potent, misleading messages about blacks that were intended for ingestion by both white and black culture.  It observes the period after slavery and convincingly maps out the different ways that “common sense lies” about blacks were spread and maintained.  And it details the negative impact of these lies on cultural consciousness.

It is an unsettling story of the power of mainstream thought as expressed by “most” people, the power of the media to reflect, mold and perpetuate that thought through news and entertainment, and the power of our academic institutions, who captured the essence of the erroneous assumptions and fed them back to the public as “proven science,” starting the cycle anew.

Ladner has convincingly dissected and exposed the schemata for adding mortar and brick to the wall of social bigotry, in this case asserting white superiority over blacks.

She also, though I am sure it wasn’t her intent, provided a complete and compelling roadmap of cultural misandry and how the same techniques are currently being used toward the end of asserting women’s superiority over men.

So what are these artifacts of the previous generation, now used to further a similar path of hatred and the social marginalization of men? Take a look at them, which I have labeled as bricks, as they are summarized directly from the book.  As you read, simply replace the word “blacks” with the word “men,” and the word “whites” with the word “women. “

Brick #1. Blacks are defined as the perpetrators and creators of social pathology and not as its victims.

By linking blacks as being perpetrators and creators of social pathology the culture was able to devalue blacks and paint them as inferior to whites.

When blacks were shown to be the victims of a hateful culture people turned a blind eye. The predominant meme was that blacks were the creators and perpetrators of social pathology and anything varying from that was ignored. Even in research when blacks were seen as victims this was all too often ignored.

Anyone even vaguely familiar with the issues of men in today’s world will immediately see the connection here.

The modern cultural zeitgeist has been methodically and intentionally founded on the assumption that men are the problem.  We see this most brazenly furthered by ideological organizations like the National Organization of Men Against Sexism (NOMAS), the American Men’s Studies Association (AMSA) and the Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity (SPSMM) aka Division 51 of the American Psychological Association.  Even a cursory glance through any of their websites reveals a harshly anti-male stance, with repetitive characterizations of men as oppressively violent and women as powerless victims.

They claim to be scholars, supported by valid research, but commit themselves openly to agreement with feminist orthodoxy, not scientific empiricism.

Murray Straus, a leading authority on domestic violence, exposed the depth and scope of this kind of academic corruption in a paper he wrote, Processes Explaining the Concealment and Distortion of Evidence on Gender Symmetry in Partner Violence.

The paper is recommended reading, but the seven techniques Straus identified to perpetuate falsehoods and conceal valid research, particularly in the area of domestic violence, are as follows:

  1. Suppress Evidence
  2. Avoid Obtaining Data Inconsistent with the Patriarchal Dominance Theory
  3. Cite Only Studies That Show Male Perpetration
  4. Conclude That Results Support Feminist Beliefs When They Do Not
  5. Create “Evidence” by Citation
  6. Obstruct Publication of Articles and Obstruct Funding Research That Might Contradict the Idea that Male Dominance Is the Cause of PV
  7. Harass, Threaten, and Penalize Researchers Who Produce Evidence That Contradicts Feminist Beliefs

Again, for the detailed support for these talking points, I refer you to Straus (who actually knows how to support his assertions). His information is not a historical review; it is a well-documented exposé about intentional, current and ongoing corruption in the broader academic establishment. That points directly to organizations like NOMAS, AMSA and SPSMM, who are the primary beneficiaries of the fraud, but is far more widespread than just these easily identifiable radical ideologues.

You can see the results of the disinformation, even in lies furthered by the current presidential administration, and in legislation supported in bi-partisan fashion like VAWA, which assumes male violence and female perpetration as the default.

It has been enormously effective. What at one time was a mechanism to keep blacks in their place has now begun to falter as a tool of racial control.  But the harness is now firmly around the necks of the men, including black men and other minorities, across western culture.

Brick #2. Blacks are better if they seek to emulate whites.

In the early to mid-20th century one of the tactics the researchers used in painting blacks as inferior was to do research on Blacks, Whites and Mulattos.  The conclusions were almost always the same.  The more White influence in your blood the better you were.  If you were light skinned you were automatically seen as better.  They took this a step further and would write about Blacks being more cultured when they had more time being around whites.  It was as if, the “white is right” mentality rubbed off simply by contact. When Blacks did poorly it was often assumed that they simply didn’t have the good influence of white people.  This meme disdained blacks and glorified whites as being the truly cultured ones.

It’s easy to see how this transposes in today’s culture.  Now it is men who are deemed “better” if only they would act more like women.  Men who are not around women are seen as suspect.  Men who don’t emote like women are assumed to be emotionally deficient or stunted, and in need of feminine influence to measure up on a human scale. This meme now glorifies the female way as being the default and shames men for not living up to this.

You can see this idea repeated and reinforced throughout the entire culture, from feminist academe to the media to your living room, if you are cohabitating with the average western woman.

It has also become a monetized aspect of pop psychology, not just in the works of TV hucksters like Dr. Phil, but in the works of sexist ideologues like Michael Kimmel and Christopher Kilmartin. It moves a step further in demagoguery such as that offered up  by the even more blatantly misandric and sexist “Conscious Men,” Gay Hendricks and Arjuna Ardaugh.

Consider the repetitive themes throughout the mainstay of “wisdom” offered by men beholden to feminist ideology. You will see many references to concepts like “new” or “enlightened” masculinity, all of it meant to embrace a feminized reinterpretation. And you will see the redundant vilification of manhood with concepts like “toxic” and “hegemonic” masculinity.

These men are the direct corollaries to the “good” blacks, who, through the emulation of “white traits and speech,” found patronizing acceptance from some parts of a white culture that was intentionally conditioned to see them as inferior. They are advocating for a more accepetable, “light-skinned” masculinity.

In short, the intent of their work is the social breeding of male house niggers for women of all colors.

Brick #3. Research showing ways that blacks were superior to whites was deep-sixed.

When the early researchers would do studies where blacks were seen to be better than whites in some respect the researchers would consistently deep six that aspect of their work.  It simply wouldn’t see the light of day.  In this way whites continued to be seen as always superior.

This is addressed in Straus’s paper, but the results from it can also been seen routinely in the culture around you.

In today’s climate when men do better than women it is seen not as the strength of men but as discrimination against women, or as an artifact of undue power granted men at birth by an oppressive patriarchy.

When men excelled over women in mathematics or hard science, it was because women were historically excluded from education.  When women were fully included in education, indeed given enough special incentives that they ended up more educated than the average man, but still lagged behind in math and hard science, it was because women were socially discouraged from pursuing male dominated fields.  When women were given special empowerment programs, special grants and scholarships and received far reaching encouragement to major in math and hard sciences, and they still lagged behind men, it was because hard sciences relied on phallocentric concepts of logic and empiricism that put women at another disadvantage at the hands of men.

When the obvious truth was finally spoken publicly by Larry Summers, president of Harvard, that women did not possess the same aptitude for math and sciences as men, he was fired.

Brick #4. Aversion of whites toward blacks proves their inferiority.

The aversion of the whites towards blacks was used as proof that blacks were inferior in the 20th century.  Why else would whites look down on them?

Women’s aversion and disdain of men is now used as proof that men are inferior.  Just think of some of the catch phrases we have heard in our culture.  “Only men can prevent rape.” “Man hating is honorable.” “Men are Pigs.” “Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them.”

Furthermore, this is taken to even more extremes of aversion with political antics like “Take Back the Night,” rallies, geared to create the impression that men are creatures of the dark and that the aversion to them needs to be taken to the level of clearing them out of the night itself.

We have seen similar protests from other organizations. SlutWalks are now ongoing to establish rules that prevent men from speaking their mind with women.

What’s more, there appears to be a balancing effect being established in the pursuit of feminist governance, designed to allow women to push men out at will, wherever it serves them, but allows them to usurp male resources, again, whenever it serves them.

It’s called keeping your slave out of sight unless you need him for something.

While men are now routinely reviled as social pariah, and are being drummed out of the workforce and education, legislation in the form of family law and public assistance that strips men of resources and passes it on to women, moves on.

Sound familiar?

Brick #5. The psychological research of the day in the early to mid-20th century was not geared to help blacks but to blame them and chronicle how they need to change.

Articles that were written and placed their focus on blacks tended to feature issues that showed blacks to be at fault for problems and stayed intent on how they needed to change. This of course ignored the needs of blacks.

We see the same pattern in today’s research on men.  We visit back to Division 51 of the American Psychological Association, whose stated allegiance to feminist approved outcome makes them some of the more skilled masons building this wall.

If you look at the offerings that Division 51 makes to the Good Men Project Magazine, you will see the recurring theme of inherent male defectiveness with the not so subtle inference of feminized ideals as an ameliorative answer.

Division 51 was the same organization that upon the shooting tragedy at Virginia Tech by an obviously psychotic madman, published an article on the event, tying the shooters actions to “toxic” masculinity.

Remember, Division 51 isn’t (assumedly) just another gang of sexist hacks like AMSA and NOMAS. They carry the prestigious name of the American Psychological Association with them, affording them the appearance of forward thinking and scholarly integrity.

That is very, very dangerous credibility in the hands of a bunch of bigots.

Their work is not geared to be of help to men, but rather to blame them for social problems. Men who are perpetrators of domestic violence, men who need to stop violence against women, men who commit sexual assault and harassment; the list goes on and on.

Now visit our page at the top labeled “The Facts,” and then go over to Division 51 of the American Psychological Association.  Compare that list of the multitude of issues facing men in our culture and see what, if anything, Division 51 is doing to address the problems.

Hint: You won’t need to have pen and paper to make a list.  They are not directly addressing a single issue faced by men or boys on that list.

Not a single one.

Brick #6. Blacks are just animals and criminals

Without the influence and control of whites it was assumed that blacks were simply animalistic/primitive and constantly focused on sex.  The fear was of black men raping white women; Black men murdering and stealing, etc… The source of criminality was blackness itself. The two were perennially linked and in so doing blacks were saddled with being the core of the problem, not the victim of it.

Now this same projection is focused on men.  Take a trip to The Good Men Project, an artifact of the new sexist sociology, and find out why violence is a “men’s issue.” Consider the implications of a Violence Against Women Act in a culture where adult women are the least frequent victims of domestic or any other kind of violence. Ask yourself why we now have the successful coining of the term “rape culture,” codespeak for male culture, and why it paints a broad stroke of sexist stereotyping on every man and boy in the western world.

It is safe to assume that the old memes about blacks were being propagated unconsciously, but foolish to think of that lack of consciousness as an excuse.  Most people were not intentionally hateful and judging towards blacks, they were simply swept up in the tide of social consciousness that was prevalent at the time.

But the damage was done, just as it is being done now.

The “common sense” that is the cultural expression of all hateful meme’s is propagated as common knowledge, and it had the impact of not only condemning blacks as inferior, it was also integral to justifying poor treatment and poor conditions.

It is obvious that these sorts of memes were very damaging to blacks.  It doesn’t take much imagination to conceive of the hurtful impact of being seen as inferior or criminal or generally a bane to “decent” society.  The cumulative effects of this were devastating and a new consciousness was needed in order to begin the process of abandoning the old programming.

In the 1950’s men, generally speaking, were held in relatively high esteem, especially if they were providing for and protecting women and children.  This esteem held true even in respectively segregated populations.  In other words, white men were held in high regard in white society; the same for black men, as men, within their own culture.

Then from 1960 onward things started to change.  Blacks began shedding their cultural burden while women, generally speaking, were expanding their sex roles and getting good press as model human beings and consummate victims.  The culture began to see and portray women in a most positive light, establishing cultural taboo’s on speech, and even thought, to the contrary.

Today all men, regardless of ethnicity, are suffering because of this sort of cultural scheme.  Like the early 20th century no one notices that they are carrying and expressing the bigotry, even most of the victims.

Brick #7. The group in power is always likely to use every means at its disposal to create the impression that it deserves to be where it is.  And it is not above suggesting that those who have been excluded have only themselves to blame.

This is the rub, is it not?  By furthering misinformation, through dubious social findings, fraudulent research and the unrestrained use of political power, feminist governance was established, and is being maintained, on the same exact model used to continue the oppression of blacks after slavery ended.

If you are an MRA, you are not unfamiliar with feminist ideologues suggesting that you are to blame for the lack of available of services for male victims of DV. “If men need shelters, why aren’t they building them?” they ask, in utter condescension.  Of course they are oblivious to the fact that feminists didn’t build DV shelters, they only used the government to take over them after they were built; a government that is as complicit in the misandric zeitgeist as academe, and which steadfastly refuses to recognize male victims or female perpetrators.

But that is just a microcosm of the problem. It speaks to minutia; trivial detail.

Feminists have, with the complicity and cooperation of traditionalists, built a social model of female superiority that is building toward equivalence with that of the Godlike power of whites over blacks in the Antebellum South.

For White men it is a new experience. For black men it will be nothing less than a return to their early post-African roots.  For Black men, feminism is the end of their civil rights movement.

Feminist ideologues and their henchmen don’t care about the color of men.  In the postmodern era we are all to blame. All men have been the oppressors who had held women back for centuries. All men have to pay for it. All wars are caused by men. All men are destructive, to the environment and to the economy. All men are rapists.  All men are violent.

Your status in respect to color is only that of what color pig you were born.

And all men are now getting the cultural shadow projections.  It was after the advent of gender feminism in the 1960’s when young men started killing themselves nearly six times as often as similarly aged young girls. We now have men experiencing more academic struggle and failure than ever before. Boys are dropping out and failing to attend college at unprecedented rates. They are similarly falling from the ranks of the employed, and employable.

And they are being incarcerated at rates that far outpace the rest of the industrialized world.

Sound familiar?

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Paul Elam is the founder and publisher of A Voice for Men, the founder of A Voice for Men Radio, the AVfM YouTube Channel, and appears weekly on AVFM Intelligence Report, Going Mental with Dr. Tara Palmatier and monthly on MANstream Media with Warren Farrell and Tom Golden.

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  • Roland3337

    Wow, Paul. I’ve probably read hundreds of MRA critiques of feminism of one kind or another since I first choked down my own red pill. But this one is something special.

    It frames the entire mechanism in a way that rings loud with truth, cannot be ignored, and can explain so much of what our movement is faced with.

    The most devastating conclusion, that none of us will argue with, is that Feminism has been, and always will be, a hate movement grounded in hostility and bigotry.

  • Kai

    I certainly don’t feel like a black in the Jim Crow south. Of course, I haven’t got mixed up with the wrong woman either!

    But the fact that these same methods are seen in our cultural narrative about men is deeply unsettling…

  • reficul


  • Eagle has landed

    Women will not achieve superiority over all men, but they are near approaching “women and gay male superiority” over the hetero-sexual male working class.

  • reficul

    Why is it that the only time we realise other people’s problems is when we experience them ourselves…?

    • reficul

      How flawed, blind, self-centered and limited is human cognition…

      • Paul Elam

        Sadly agreed. I grow more thankful for this refuge all the time.

      • Introspectre


    • Promoman

      Easy question to answer. It’s due to human nature, more specifically, selfishness. The “realization” is usually isn’t genuine. It’s typically a sense of upset that something happened to upset our personal apple carts rather than true outrage at the perpetration of an injustice. In the case of prejudice, it took the colonization of the Western Hemisphere in order for it to be perceived as negative by society but even that took centuries. Martin Niemoller was more ahead of the game than he knew when he referenced the Nazis through something I’m sure some remember from school:
      First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out —
      Because I was not a Socialist.

      Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out —
      Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out —
      Because I was not a Jew.

      Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.

  • Keyster

    Very powerful!

    I hope it’s not misinterpreted to equivocate the black experience to all men now. Things like that usually don’t end well. But since we’re all rational and fairly intelligent men here, it’s plain to see you’re merely applying the framework of Mizz Ladners thesis (white vs black) to how it’s becoming for all men today (men vs women); that the same societal machinations, whether intentional or not, are at play.

    It’s a brilliant little twist and makes a lot of sense.

    • Snark

      Equivocation might not be so far from the truth. President Theodore Roosevelt’s State of the Union address in 1906 was a frightening prophecy:

      “The mob which lynches a negro charged with rape will in a little while lynch a white man suspected of crime. Every Christian patriot in America needs to lift up his voice in loud and eternal protest against the mob spirit that is threatening the integrity of this Republic.”

      • David Green

        Snark it is the Christian patriot’s here in America that are leading the mob spirit which threatens the integrity of this republic.

        • Snark

          Take it up with Teddy Roosevelt. The important part was obviously the sentence prior to the one you take issue with.

          • David Green

            My issue isn’t with you or TR I was just simply pointing out that it is the so called christian patriots who are leading the lynch mob.

    • reficul

      “I hope it’s not misinterpreted to equivocate the black experience to all men now. Things like that usually don’t end well.”

      Couldn’t agree more with your statement – no single experience is comparable to another experience and by going this route the only result one might expect is the attempt to be perceived as dishonest at best.

      Saying this – there is a great lesson to be learned – lesson about limitation of the human mind.

    • Paul Elam

      “I hope it’s not misinterpreted to equivocate the black experience to all men now. Things like that usually don’t end well.”

      Understood, but I think you just nailed it. Any interpretation of the sort would, in fact, be misinterpretation.

  • SingleDad

    Well said Paul. Thanks so much for this port in tsunami of hate our sisters have whipped up for us. They are writing Jim Crow laws for us as we speak. The only difference I see is that under Jim Crow whites in the south gained nothing but a sense of superiority through segregation from blacks. The anti-male laws today create a stream of cash flowing from men to women and strong incentives for women to keep the laws going, a financial incentive.

  • David Green

    Yes it does indeed sound familiar as this is what the so called social scientists of Germany did in regard to the Jews that eventually led to the mass murder of 6 million Jews by the Nazi’s. It is also why the label FemNazi fits the feminists so well and why they hate so it intently. It is also why Glen Sacks lost all credibility with me as an MRA when he started banning anyone who used it on his site.

    • Paul Elam


      Funny, to me it looks better as a headline. hmmmm.

      • Tom

        Yes, and it’s sad that it is still making the news!

        I went to refresh my memory on what the SPSMM is and found your brilliant response to an article at TGMP:

        Your response to their article is well worth reading (or re-reading). No surprise they had nothing to say after your comments. :- )

      • David Green

        Yes it does :)

    • scatmaster

      It is also why Glen Sacks lost all credibility with me as an MRA when he started banning anyone who used it on his site.

      Thumbs up

    • Introspectre

      “Yes it does indeed sound familiar as this is what the so called social scientists of Germany did in regard to the Jews that eventually led to the mass murder of 6 million Jews by the Nazi’s”

      I’ve been observing and saying this for years. Whenever this cycle starts anew, people like Sacks shouldn’t be silencing it, they should be shouting it from the rooftops.

    • Stu

      The feminists are worse then the Nazis. The Nazis at least had the excuse that the German people had been through a period of great poverty, starvation and homelessness. Adolf Hitler himself had spent time sleeping in the streets. Feminism was starting, and is still promoted and lead by women that enjoyed the highest standard of living of the times. They weren’t looking up at the elite, they were the elite. A bunch of rich upper class wives of rich powerful men, who had nothing to do with their time except whinge and whine and contemplate their navels. Now it’s driven by a bunch of witches who have spent their lives in academia and cushy jobs and wouldn’t know what a hard days work is. They have spent their lives dumping hate on average men who bust their guts to scrap out a living

    • Mr. J

      Glen Sacks has a lot of things yet to learn.

      I remember before the election that he wanted us to “give Obama a chance”…….hahahahahahahahahaha

      Yes, he has MUCH yet to learn…..Its not that I, myself, do not, but certain things should be rather obvious to a guy like him especially when O picks Biden.

  • scatmaster

    OT: I was pissed sitting at my computer wondering why no radio show tonight and no explanation!!!!
    Get yur head out yur arse scat. It is tomorrow night.

    • Stu

      Get yur head out again Scat…….it was supposed to be tonight LOL :)

  • Introspectre

    Absolutely spot on! I’ve observed every parallel you listed in this article. Utterly true no matter how much feminist obfuscation or oppressive silencing is applied.

    Methinks there are many in academia; and in the legal system and government for that matter, who are deserving of an appearance before a human rights tribunal before they enjoy a long vacation in a grey cinderblock hellhole with bars for walls.

    • Introspectre

      Oh, and by long vacation behind bars I mean permanent.

    • Bev

      Be careful what you wish for tribunals are seldom open or unbiased.

      Every new tribunal, erected for the decision of facts,
      without the intervention of a jury … is a step towards
      establishing aristocracy, the most oppressive of absolute

      Sir William Blackstone

      Commentaries on the Laws of England, 1765-1769.

  • Stu

    Very good article. It tells it like it is. Men are being herded and driven into slavery. Now, does anybody think that slavery would have ended without the use of voilence……e.g war. Once the first generation that is born into an environment where the status of men is as it is now, and have grown to adulthood and beyond with that situation in place, (already happened) very very few of them will change their attitude via any other means other then being forced via direct and dire consequence to them if they do not. No amount of talking made the good ol boys of the south give up their position…… took the biggest blood bath in the history of the country to stop it.

    When the violence and war starts over the gender issues, unfortunately it will be men that pay the highest price on both sides. By both sides I mean the mangina, white knight side, and those fighting them, which will also be men.

    My prediction for the short term. Slumping back into recession at the latest by the end of next year, and perhaps as early as now. What this really is though is just running out of smoke and mirrors to hide the fact that we never got out of recession. Greece needs another bailout by the way. Australia’s economy shrunk last quarter. When things crash again, whatever bailout money they can beg, borrow and steal, will be once again allocated to propping up women’s unproductive jobs and provide programs that do nothing but produce more of the same. The economic hard times will be used for a yet another campaign saying the everything from domestic violence to rape and pedophilia is on the increase, and thus create more hate and more measures to transfer income and assets from productive men to unproductive women and manginas working in the fraudulent abuse industry……which produces nothing but lies. We are building an economy based on lies. A manufacturing industry that produces nothing but bullshit…….and financial industry that just survives on money created out of thin air…..borrowing more money then it can ever pay back…….then trying to print it’s way out of debt. But you can’t print infrastructure, or food, or houses, or cars, or coal, or oil, or gas.

    Anyone that thinks this system isn’t going to come crashing down very soon believes in magic

    • Toxick Magician

      And the increase in violence will mean governments becoming more oppressive in their attempts to quell it, hence expediting the totalitarian state. But that was the plan all along wasn’t it.

  • Denis

    That was a very interesting comparison, thanks Paul. I never really new much about race issues, but as I learn bit by bit I can see the parallels to men’s issues.

    The most noticeable difference of course is that women and men aren’t segregated and that we are naturally disposed to forming relationships. I would like to think that this works in our favor for gaining fairness but the sad reality is that it has only maintained male apathy and silence.

    The great civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King and Malcom X used their religion, family and community to leverage their cause, which affected everyone. I don’t see the same impetus for men’s rights until it becomes obvious that it affects everyone.

    Perhaps feminism is a more relevant model for social change, but feminists originally had the benefit of community support and sympathy. That is changing, but they still have their well funded industries designed to further marginalize men.

    It’s frustrating, but social change takes decades and we are probably in a worse off starting position than both blacks and feminists in our ability to gain community support.

    • SingleDad

      I was helping my son study junior high social studies involving Jim Crow and thinking of the way the MRM anger is frequently denigrated.

      Martin Luther King used the phrase rightous anger. I think the anger expressed by the MRM is rightous anger. This rightous anger is the engine propelling the movement forward. Full steam ahead to a future where men can know without a doubt that they will have basic human freedoms, freedom to be treated equally at school and work and freedom to love their children secure in the knowledge that their relationship with their children is not based on the whims of women who are given incentives to destroy that relationship.

    • Tom

      “I don’t see the same impetus for men’s rights until it becomes obvious that it affects everyone.”

      In the Salem Witch Trials, it wasn’t until the judges and others in power themselves had become the objects of false accusations and suspicion that the trials ended:

      Until these types of misandric prejudices and biases affect the male relatives of the women who support the anti-male policies and legislation, progress will be slower.

      As an analogy: one wonders how many war resolutions, military interventions, etc. would happen if the sons and daughters of government leaders were the first ones forced to enlist and serve when military action was taken abroad?

      Nothing seems to happen until it affects the personal lives of the leaders and opinion makers. One way to see that these issues do affect the personal lives of those in power, is through peaceful, in-your-face advocacy as Paul Elam Alex Jones and others are doing. Those in power are supposed to be our servants not dictators.

      • Bev

        Until these types of misandric prejudices and biases affect the male relatives of the women who support the anti-male policies and legislation, progress will be slower.

        The problem here is feminism is based on marxism and closely follows its dictates. As such not really men vers woman but class war. Treating people as a class you can take the sins of the few and project them on the whole class (men). Conversely you can take the good of a few and project them onto the whole class (women). It allows classic double think. “Men are bad but the few I know are good”. This allows a woman to ditch a man who trangresses without a twing of guilt. After all he is now just another member of class men with all their faults. There are always plenty of manginas/white knights to step up to the plate to help a damsel in distress and women know it. Which is why in my opinion manginas/white knights are the real problem for while women think and know someone will bail them out there is no hope for peaceful change.

        • Tom

          I don’t think we’ll ever wipe out chivalry altogether, but I do think the way to move forward in answering the mangina/white knight issue can be summed up in a

          Hopi Native Proverb:

          He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool
          — shun him.

          He who knows not and knows that he knows not is a child
          — teach him.

          He who knows and knows not that he knows is asleep
          — wake him.

          He who knows and knows that he knows is wise
          — follow him.

      • Lovekraft

        Last week there was a widely-circulated article about a militant lifelong feminist whose son was falsely accused of rape and her entire life view crumbled before her very eyes.

        The ripple effect of such denunciations by feminists is breathtaking.

    • Eff’d Off

      Denis, I agree with what you said except this bit:
      “ change takes decades and we are probably in a worse off starting position than both blacks…”

      There is a tremendous amount of overlap with the black folk in the mid 20th century and men of any colour today except for one very big difference.

      Let’s pretend you’re a black lad in 1930. Every day since you can remember you “know” you’re inferior and you “know” your family is as well.

      Then by 1950 you are so blunted by your environment and your sense of clarity is long fatigued. There is bugger all chance of you seeing the light let alone being able to do anything about it even if you did.

      Then come the 60’s and your eyes are opened for the first time as you hear great black men speak the truth for the fist time. This is your red pill of the times and all around you you see others eating red pills too.

      That then was the moment of rapid change – forever.

      Now imagine a lad of today. He knows nothing but his red pill will come like a terrible shock.
      His dad is replaced because of misandric measures at his workplace, his gay uncle goes to jail for raping a female coworker and best mate at school is expelled because a girl in his class claimed he felt her up behind the bicycle shed.

      The difference here is that in each of these modern random made up scenarios each of the male victims here would tell of how shocked they were that this had happened. They would talk about how they never expected it to happen to them.

      Our young black lad in the 1930’s would hear similar stories from black relatives and black friends but they would not tell of any shock. They like the lad himself have always known the axe could fall anytime.

      So pretty soon, ( I believe it is happening already ) there will be en masse countless shocks all around us in families in homes of the suburbs in cities everywhere.

      The greatest surprise of all will be when the members of fragmented families swap notes and discover that not only are they not alone, but the evil has been snuggling next to us as we have slept.

      That then will be the moment of rapid change – forever.

  • Nancy

    Fantastic article! It is so critical that we are all able to see through the veil of cultural/media/academic misandry. Knowing the mechanics of their hatred makes it that much easier to spot!

    Many thanks!



    Stunningly clarifying.

  • Keyster

    The insidious thing about misandry is that it’s so subtle, the messaging so tightly controlled, that society barely notices it happening. Jim Crow and segregation were in plain view. What academia and the media are doing to disenfranchise “non-compliant” males is positioned to appear so credible and just.

    Warning flags pop up now and then about what’s happening and they’re ignored, as if it can’t possibly be happening, because advocating for males, goes straight against the grain of the feminist narrative and the victim culture. Studies about marriage, enrollement in college, boys under-performing and lost in a state of perpetual adolesence and it’s all met with a “meh…”.

    How obvious does the tipping point we all see now need to be, before someone of notoriety is brave enough to come forward loud and often enough for everyone to hear? How much more guilt and shame and anger and resentment will we have to withstand? How wider does the division need to get?

    Really the only people anyone would dare listen to and take seriously enough about what’s happening to our boys….are women. A strong, well funded, organization of “WOMEN FOR MEN”. Mothers with sons, mothers with daughters that have no prospects for marriage who’ll enlist younger women and make it a popular and stylish movement to be a part of. People listen to women’s groups (obviously), when they complain.

    A “Men’s Group” FOR men?, nigga puhleeeeze! Stop whining and “man-up”, as we’re told. Men advocating for men as a group is like billionaires advocating for favorable pricing on Dom Perigon and chaviar. Men don’t need “right’s”, they have everything they need already. I’m sorry but that’s the perception that needs to be overcome.

    Until then weeze jus’ negroes complainin’ bout bein’ negro.
    Or billionaires angry over the poor not paying enough taxes.

    • Mark Wharton

      Oh noes the poor menz…cry me a river…That is what the bigots say.

  • Donn

    Excellent article Paul, Denis had been prodding me to write an article on here, but wasn’t really sure where to start as there’s so much out there, good job beating me to the punch haha. The parallels are there whether some people(WNs) wish to acknowledge it or not. For example, I’ve posted on here several times the sickening similarities between modern day rape hysteria. While the massive lynchings and city wide riots haven’t occured in modern times (yet.), the lynching rope of the past has been replaced with modern day rape hysteria-powered courts, and men are indeed still socially lynched in the court of public opinion, whether they’ve had a trial or not. The consequences back then were much more immediate(and pretty much always fatal), while the liars got off scot free with blood on their hands in massive quantities. I’d say if those women back then who got entire communities razed to the ground weren’t “empowered”, I don’t know what is.


    One of the best if not the best writings I’ve had the pleasure to read. You should really consider authoring a book as I believe the MRM is much more mainstream than we realize. Black men, like all men are experiencing this tragic social injustice. No one with a dick will be spared. Feminism is simply sex based racism. Soon the idea of cultural diversity will be sex based as well. I wonder if one day men will be asked or forced to rebuild if our society collapses? I guess it matters little, there are plenty of white knights out there hell bent on rebuilding in the image of woman. Fuck accountability, that’s a mans role.

    • Stu

      And there are plenty of men who will declare open season on white knights and manginas when the collapse comes

      • Lovekraft

        I deal with white knights at work all the time. But slowly their fragile conceptions of manhood are whittled away, until they see the truth for themselves.

        The married ones are hard to get to, but I am certain that at home they are seeing just how ‘pure’ their little sweethearts are and the only solution will be to assert themselves and call them out on their entitlement b.s.

      • Mike Gibbs

        I’ll be the first!
        Nothing worse than ‘your own’ turning against you. Makes me sick to think about how reprehensible they are and how they enable thier own (and mine) demise.

    • edtastic

      “Feminism is simply sex based racism.”

      I’d say feminsm is mostly very bitter white women to aquire what they see as white men’s power. White men are sensisitve to attacks by white women in a way they aren’t with other groups and white women face no fear of retaliation. When we’re talking about black feminsts they do the same thing with black men. In fact I’d say black feminsts complain more about black men than they do white men because the personal is political and that’s who they are perosnally in relationships with.

      “Soon the idea of cultural diversity will be sex based as well. I wonder if one day men will be asked or forced to rebuild if our society collapses?”

      The gender basis for diversity is what women’s activists are after but the shift from race onto gender was to the direct benifit of white women and whties by extension and that’s something feminsts can be called on. The thing is it’s not neccessarily in the self interest of whites to undermine a rather effective strategy by white women to disempower racial minorities through a gender focus. I’ve always wondered how white men felt about that catch 22.

  • Zuberi

    Good work, Paul.

  • Perseus

    This post is exactly what I’ve been ruminating on. Almost wrote it myself. I shared section 3 with our colleagues over at feministing.

    Try deconstructing the word ‘feminism’. What the fuck does it mean? It doesn’t mean anything. It’s a nonsense word. That is the secret to its power. Fe- or fem- of or pertaining to female, but then it gets gibberish, femin-? What the fuck does femin- mean? I know what feminine means, but as any feminist worth her salt will tell you, it is explicitly not feminin-, that is a social gender construct to be loathed. So again, femin- is not feminin-, so what the fuck is it? It’s nothing, it’s meaningless it doesn’t mean anything. So far all we have is a prefix, fe- or fem-, that alludes to the female type. And the last part is easy of course, -ism, as in rac-ism. Racist bitches. So let’s look at what we have on the whole here. Feminism is distinctly not feminINism. The point is that it’s exactly the nonsensical nature of the inner part of the word that makes it so fucked up, the -in- part. It doesn’t mean anything. So what this allows them to do, is take something that refers to female, and then manipulate the -in- part to evoke anything and nothing all at the same time. It’s the similar strategy as the morphing nature of the feminist machine, with it’s different factions serving only to provide cover and plausible deniability as the most sinister parts carry out their evil. This may sound a bit like rambling, but I think its important. To destroy your enemy you must first understand it. The supposed definition of ‘feminism’ is the promotion of the status and condition of females, but this clearly racist definition would be accurately termed femaleism, however notice that this term is also more clearly racist on its face. This is how the racism that is feminism waters down the appearance of bigotry, by hiding behind the meaningless nonsense string of letters feminism. It is female supremacey, femaleism by any other word. Define the bitch- she is a femaleist- a rabid fucking racist.

    • TDOM

      Fem – IN – ist, broken down it becomes fem (the female) in (within, inclusive) ist or ism (one who acts or practices). Feminism is the pratcies of that which is included in the female. Note that this excludes anything that is not within the female, i.e. the male or masculine. Therefore by its very definition, feminism excludes the masculine and is a rejection of it. Thus anyone calling themselves a feminist, by definition rejects that which is masculine. By definition, feminists are sexists.


  • Eoghan


  • Eoghan

    Tear down the wall.

  • Gru

    I got this from a post on Dr T’s site:


    I don’t see Paul on the list.

    • reficul

      Our friend Gay Hendricks will be there!

  • TDOM

    Excellent job Paul. As a memeber of the APA I have issues with Div. 51 and with the organization as a whole. With the vast majority of advanced degrees in psychology now going to women, the entire field is becoming the new, more legitimized women’s studies department. In my work towards my PhD I have had to tread cautiously in the topics I choose for my papers. While most have been acceptable, including an unbiased look at DV, I have had professors who have demonstrated a somewhat fanatical feminist leaning. In those classes, I avoid any sort of discussion that might indicate my personal beliefs in order to pass.


    • DukeLax

      Wow…it must be kinda sad watching youre profession get taken over by an abusive ideology.

  • Patrice Stanton

    Excellent work. And not a coincidence, it’s ‘merely’ a very useful Gameplan for any Hate-group. I see the similarity in many of its points to the way opponents handle Gun Rights Advocates, Manmade Global Warming Skeptics, Home Schooling Families, and in other areas-of-personal-political-interest.

    Oddly I came here from an article that perfectly illustrates “Brick #2″:

    I read the original piece here: and left a comment. Mine was only the third so far. I’ll bet some of your regulars, Paul, could spice things up over there.

    • Gendeau

      Sorry, I down voted, when on second reading, I should have up-voted.

      Note to self; Must read more carefully

  • Newfoundman

    I’d say that these “bricks” are MORE poignant in the gender setting than the race setting. For example, blacks emulating whites (brick #2) means that whites, as the formerly prevailing culture, were simply more prevalent. A white person would not have to be explicitly racist to prefer situation tailored to their own race, especially in a society where they are the majority. It’s like saying that one political party shouldn’t have to bear the ignominy of being ruled by the opposing class’ politician.

    On the other hand, men and women are more or less 50/50 in society by population. The fight against brick #2 (again, for example) makes even more sense in this context. Funny how that worked out.

  • Matt

    After I became totally disabled in line of duty, my wife had always demanded to break the lease transfer the HUD voucher and move to New York to be near her 2 brothers who live in Montreal Canada (actually I found out her motive to marry me in just a few days after we met to obtain US green card and live in America a place within a few miles near her 2 brothers).

    Her next demand was to take my 2 kids to Iran for summer vacation. I am 62 years old with heart disease, lung disease, sleep apnea, Tardive Dyskinesia, 2 ruptured disc in lower back and my left leg has numbness, tingling and pain radiating from my lower back all the way to my L-toes, bi-carpal tunnel syndrome, left cubital tunnel syndrome, asthma, depression, anxiety attack, bleeding ulcers, hemorrhoids, chronic chest pain and almost near dead.

    She has been abusing me physically, verbally, mentally, psychologically and financially for 15 years while I was making good money as General Manager we had no problems at all. Just one year after, I became disabled in line of duty she slashed my face &neck neighbors called police she was arrested and taken to Metro jail, I had to pay to bail her out and attorney fees after she pleaded guilty and sweared in front of Judge and signed statement that she would never mistreat, injure, insult and abuse me again and would take care of disabled husband like a nurse. I also begged the Judge not to send her back to jail because I was disabled and had no one in Mobile, Alabama then Judge reduced her sentence to only one year probation.

    Few years later she attacked me with a toolbox and hit my L-shoulder that permanently disabled my L-shoulder even after total rotator cuff muscle surgery from more than 80% tear, I still can not lay on my L-shoulder for one minute and have been suffering from pain and discomfort since then have not been able to use my left shoulder, L-arm and L-hand to do daily activities.

    In 2008 she fractured my left pinky in several places when she threw a 20 lb weight to my finger and has been threatened me to poison me, turned my CPAP off at midnights to suffocate me many times. First I thought there was something wrong with my CPAP machine, I ordered a new CPAP machine, but it was her turning it off nothing was wrong with CPAP machine. After I was not able to meet her demands she threatened to make my life a living hell.
    She has been calling police several times for non sense to establish a fake domestic violence case for me. Finally I survived a fatal car accident in 4/4/11 when someone hit my car hard flipped it over badly and totaled it and I was unconscious for long time with severe pain referred to orthopaedic department and I am still under physicians care and still suffering from that injury with severe pain.
    A few days after my accident 4/13/2011 she punched me in my achy head for blocking her friend (these Iranian friends of her were interfering in our life, always encouraged her to get divorce, get kids’ custody take them to Iran) number called police that I blocked her friend phone police told her that was personal then she falsely claimed he also pulled my hair police didn’t see any evidence for her claim (I was suffering from pain on my bed that time with neck brace, L-arm brace and back brace and 2 I was hardly could move from bed) she begged police to take her to shelter because she was tired of living here with me any longer (ONLY BECAUSE HER DEMANDS WERE NOT MET), but police told her you have several hours to make up and become friendly with you husband and keep your family together and if it didn’t work after your 2 kids come home from school call police and police would take you to a shelter.

    Because I called 911 the same time she called, one police asked me if she hit me I told him physically mentally, financially and for sake of my kids I never wanted her to go back to Metro jail again last time cost me too much to get her out with her criminal record I thought they would keep her in jail for long time (I never intended to harm our relationship or for our kids sake break up the family so remained patient all the time while she was abusing me physically, mentally, psychologically, verbally and financially) put her in jail even if there were hundred opportunities for me to do that.

    With all my suffering and pain, I spoke to her, begged her for another chance for each other and kids future. What she demanded this time a notarized letter from me to break the lease and move to New York and also facilitating her travel to Iran with my kids for the summer vacation which was impossible for me in my present situation.

    After my kids returned from school about 4:30 pm she called police and waited outside, took the only car we had in our household and followed the police car to a shelter.

    I haven’t seen my dear kids for 45 days their school called many times regarding their tardiness and send me letters that my kids had unexcused absence for days, library books were over due I had to pat to clear them up and I received a letter from HUD section 8 that my voucher was terminated in May 31, 11. After 14 years Section 8 Mobile Housing illegally made that unlawful decision based of some false accusation of Domestic Violence and lies that my wife presented to them.
    The voucher was offered to me due to my total disability and was transferred to my wife due to false allegation of Domestic Violence and her being in shelter. I had to borrow some money and hired an attorney to appeal their decision before the HUD informal hearing they never provided any documents for discovery to my attorney no witnesses were presented to be crossed exams, basically a police report and few fake pictures part of an arm with a small bruise from several years ago while she was cleaning and moving household around for New Years and other holidays she always inflected a few bruises on her body parts (seems like she took a picture of few of them and saved it for these rainy days).

    I have to refer the facts that until 3 years ago, before I taught her how to drive and we bought a Toyota car, she always demanded me to escort her in all her appointments and grocery shopping or other things outside the apartment she claimed language barrier. So I was her driver, translator. I also translated for her doctors during her visits (for 14 years I attended to all her doctors with her during her visit, her doctors were aware of her sensitive skin (it runs in most her family), by her body parts touching anything such as door, sofa, patio or inside closets, freezer, refrigerator exercised with machines, storage room, ran track or used outside play ground or so on, easily she would inflect a bruise) and a picture of a foot (supposedly of my wife foot) without any explanations she wasn’t present to be crossed exams either. She also had history of trying to fabricate self inflected bruise to blame it in neighbor’s son whom she had fought with, but I mediated and stop that scenario to happen.

    For sure Mobile housing did not follow the Fair Housing Act and HUD rules and regulations in my case at all. Seems like if you are a women they only listen to your lies and false allegations and you are automatically victims in Mobile County.

    Then after 5 weeks, I received a call from police department that my wife pressed charge against me for that day 4/13/2011 she left with my kids. Mobile Police never spoke to me that day regarding any charges of abusing her or any thing else regarding her, what so ever.
    I am 62 years old have been living with honor & integrity all these years, my son from ex-wife is a TRUE AMERICAN HERO for serving almost 3 years in Iraq war (unfortunately he was disfranchised from our family simply because his mother (my ex-wife was partially African American) my wife always told my kids they did not need a nigger, S O B brother.

    Even if my son and I had a good father and son relationship prior to new marriage but she never let him visit us “dad, his sister& brother whom he loved so much” or even communicate with him). I paid taxes and voted in each election, worked very hard with 2 Masters and partial PhD education (couldn’t finish my doctoral degree program due to severity of my illnesses and disability) who never bothered/abused any one in my life and have been always a good law obidian citizen of this great country, living with integrity, helping victims all my life and long supporter/member of Amnesty International, ACLU.

    With lots of major illnesses and 100% disability, I am only receiving about $650.00 SSI& SSA which I spent my last dime for kids and her and paid all the bills & other expenses many times I had to borrow money to fulfill my obligations towards my family and never purchased a pair of socks for myself in past 14 years.

    I married her unfortunately while visiting Iran in 1992 without back ground check from her and her family. I was not aware of her motive as she rushed me to marry her in a few days of meeting her, it was not because she fell in love with me and intended to live as a true partner and wife for me and share happiness and sadness with me, but to come to America and simply to live near her 2 brothers after obtaining US green card.

    She has been a huge consumer of taxpayer money for 15 years, refused to attend school, never worked a minute or earned a penny since I married her and brought her to America from Iran.
    She has been in charge of my EBT card for buying only her favorite food; she abused $215.00 TANF kid’s money for herself and her family in Iran & Canada as well, by purchasing long distance phone cards to call those 2 countries for many hours per week.

    The DHR officials had tried unsuccessfully very hard for several years to send her to school and find her a job but she refused to follow up by giving fake excuses such as fake headache and fake depression abusing taxpayers’ money, Medicaid and myself as co-pays for her doctors and medications expenses to reach her ambitious& goals of getting SSI and other Government benefits.
    Lots of medical records of abusing me and government and audio tapes are also available.
    After some research I found out in Iran some women are faker of domestic violence by self inflecting wounds to gain upper hands in divorce, child custody and other government benefits like Food stamps, Housing Voucher, TANF as well as establishing cases based on false allegations, lies and fabrication against their husbands even if they are like myself near dead.
    Please advise me what to do next? Thanks for your time and God Bless America and God Bless You.

    • Stu

      I hate to say this, but there is no point trying to help you when you WONT do the first thing a man should do when a women is abusive to him……and that is dump her arse.

      My advice to any man, is never, ever allow a woman to live with you. That way, if any woman you are seeing is abusive to you, you simply stop seeing them. You dump them…….period. The first time they have a yelling fit and call you names or hit you……you just end it right there. No second chances at all…….ever. If men started doing this instead of sucking up and trying to fix things….maybe there wouldn’t be so many women who think it’s the god given right to use a man as a dog they kick whenever they have a bad hair day.

      • DukeLax

        I read alot about fatherhood in the MRM, and from what i read, Its harder for men who have children just to walk away from abusive relationships…because he knows that she will turn her violence on the children, and or he may never see his children again, or she will poison the children with so many lies that his relationship with his children will be lost. So many guys will just continue to suffer in silence…they just take the abuse.

      • Mark Wharton

        Yes, it seems to be a scary pattern that men stick up for women even when they are completely abused by them, and women that totally abuse a man who is great to them and wouldn’t think twice of stealing his money, kids, and getting him thrown in jail. It is what our culture teaches to men and women.

    • earth one

      Please get help.

      Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women
      Crisis & Information Helpline 24/7
      Remember – 888-7HELPLINE/ Dial 1-888-743-5754

      Crisis Services of North Alabama:

      Domestic violence resources:!__dv-resources

    • markis1

      I concur with Stu.Please dont let anyone mistreat you-ever

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  • DEDC

    I would have to say there is are at least 2 major differences between the treatment of men (of all color, today) and black men of the past. The first is all of this is carried out whilst maintaining the the backward narrative that men are superior/privileged. While folks might have feared blacks, or felt vulnerable to them were not relevant; there was not never a narrative which proclaimed them as unjustifiably superior. The second is that historically up to the present, the general trend for men (again, of all color) is downhill. Sure you see some double-backs, but all in all, the shit rolls downhill. Men are supposed to feel sufficiently compensated and comforted by all of the technology and amenities of modern life. Much like a self-repairing vehicle designed for someone else’s use: the ultimate slave. And all of this going on right under our noses.

    At least some slaves know the exact moment they became one.

  • DukeLax

    Modern American Gender studies college courses are putting the hetero-male at the bottom of the food chain. How can this be helpful to anyone in the long run??
    The immediate Empowerment that US gender-feminists have gotten by their perversions and manufactured statistics alliances with American law enforcement, will prove to be an albatross around their neck.

  • Megistus

    The road map to marginalization was just laid before us. I wonder how universal it actually is? We’d have to look at look at marginalized groups from all over the world to be sure.

  • DukeLax

    Out of the 50 Gender- identifications now available on facebook…the only one that is vilified in gender-studies classes around the US, is the hetero-male.
    I mean folks, lets be honest..where are they going with this????

  • edtastic

    Wow, I’ve been trying to draw the connection to what (whtie) feminsts have been doing to hurt minority men but I’ve never had such a clear explanation of how their strategy resembles the tactics of white suprimacists. Although I focus my attack on white female feminsts in a effort to repudiate their mean spirited attacks on their own husbands, brothers, and fathers we all know it’s far from an all white affair.

    When racial minorities took to challenging the legacy of white supremacy their idea wasn’t to swap white males with their sisters. Today most of those attacking whties for simply being white are not racial minorities but white feminsts women. You’d think the people suffering triple the poverty rate and 1/20th the household wealth of whites would be the bitter ones but they can’t compete to manufactured victim hood of white feminsts who use their own white privelge to get sympathy for trashing their kin in the hopes they could redirect resources that might go to helping minorities back to white females.

    I think patching this plot together would certainly elevate respect for Men’s Rights among minorities and undermine feminsts own claim to being their champion. Minorities really aren’t going to do well if they have to compete with white women to get attention for their issues even if they are far worse off. I’ve noticed feminsts have picked up on issues like ‘mass incarceration’ but IMO it’s too little to late. Minority men are no better off than white men in that feminsts will turn your women against you no matter how poorly the men are fairing in the world. I for one have had enough of race issues having to subsist as an ‘intersection’ of gender oppression because white women prefer it that way. Could class at least have been the central theme for these marxist?

    FTSU all the way….

    • Alpha Wolf Male

      What better way to convince minority men to our movement than to remind them it was feminists who hurled racial slurs at them, attacked them with dogs, trashed their businesses, and even lynched them in public during the civil rights movement?

  • mark mooroolbark

    Wow. You are an impressive writer, Paul.

  • Raopak Bolo

    “For White men, being the target of widespread cultural hatred is a new experience. For Black men. now targeted again, it will be nothing less than a return to their early post-African roots. For Black men, feminism is the end of their civil rights movement.”

    Stop this racial pandering. Black men (and other minorities) have benefited quite a bit from feminism (though they do have negatives). Feminism solely targeted white men, and sought to ‘fight’ for minorities (which women were counted as for some reason). A new experience for white men? Not really. Arabs, Ottomans, etc. were always screwing around with white society. Irrelevant though, so is the past slavery of blacks since (most) of the ones alive to day (if not all) were never a part of it. It’s a pretty new experience for the new generation of blacks.

    • Alpha Wolf Male

      Feminism will end the civil rights movement by confiscating black-owned property, attacking blacks in public under the name of law enforcement, and incarcerate them by the millions for possession of marijuana.

  • sabretruthtiger

    What’s this anti white bullshit. What should be an article speaking out against Globalist-orchestrated misandrist, feminist social engineering turned into a globalist racial divide and conquer anti-white tirade.

    You’re exposed as an agent.

    • Paul Elam

  • MrSonicAdvance

    I don’t believe many radical feminists would scream in the face of a black guy the way they do a white guy. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but I don’t think it happens much.

  • Angelica Perduta

    I read a report about the dire needs of Hispanic girls… on page 3 a tiny foot note mentioned that the ONLY ethnic group more at risk, were Hispanic men… but this was ignored and all efforts were focused on improving the predicament of the girls alone, while leaving the boys to rot in hell.

  • PoeTentiate

    Not without, unjustly, causing most males that come within their sphere of influence, to suffer.

  • HeraSentMe

    Can you say “equivocation”?

    Actually, that gives the above far more than its due. Can you say “utter bullshit”? What’s next, Paul, you going to explain how Auschwitz was all about bashing men?

  • ComradePrescott

    I don’t know if anyone will read my comment considering this article is very old, but I am curious enough to ask. Is the suffering of men in our western societies (Australia, America, Canada, England, & similar) as terrible or approaching as terrible as the suffering of blacks under slavery, imperialism, and so forth?

    And if not, is it offensive to compare the two things?

    Nothing in this article offends me, but I do find myself offended by very similar attempts by feminists (and leftists) to compare their “struggles” to that of various peoples struggling under forms of racism (past and present). I think perhaps that it is because I consider their comparisons faulty, deceitful, and disrespectful in nature, but am I wrong?

    Is it simply that I think you are right so I forgive you for comparing yourself to those who have suffered worse and I disagree with feminists who attempt to do the same because I think they are wrong, or is it something else?

    • Alpha Wolf Male

      “Is the suffering of men in our western societies (Australia, America,
      Canada, England, & similar) as terrible or approaching as terrible
      as the suffering of blacks under slavery, imperialism, and so forth?”

      Yes, because we have it worse. We pay more taxes for entitlement programs used by “them” and we do not receive welfare when we are unemployed.

    • Myopia

      If the journey is 10% of the way down a road travelled before, or 90%, does it make a difference when you know all the street signs are the same as before?

  • Alpha Wolf Male

    How can we stop feminists from incarcerating men especially those in prison from non-violent drug offenses?

  • Gush Gosh

    Good text. The last part could be expanded.

  • R M

    An interesting article. As part of a criminal justice and forensic science awareness course I studied the Innocence Project ( In that course the context was about occasional erroneous police and judicial procedures and mishandling of forensic evidence. The Innocence Project, to the best of my knowledge, only exists to free people incarcerated by false or erroneous evidence.

    During that course I looked through Innocence Projects published database on their cases, which is openly available on their website, and 257 out of 317 cases are rape or sexual assault false convictions.

    These are not false accusation cases, and I don’t want to conflate that issue with false conviction, though it’s obvious false accusations will lead to increased false convictions. The Innocence Project doesn’t contest cases on the basis the crime never took place, but that the evidence proves that the person convicted is not the perpetrator.

    Your article really offers insight into how it has come about that 80% plus proven false convictions, where men have served large parts of long sentences, are crimes against women. The situation is visible in non-partial evidence, that society is reaching a point where it barely cares which man is convicted of a crime against a woman.

    The ridiculousness of it astounds me, how does that offer safety to women, a rapist being free and clear to attack again and again, because an innocent man is taking the fall for it.

  • Jenna D

    ” It was after the advent of gender feminism in the 1960’s when young men started killing themselves nearly six times as often as similarly aged young girls.” Yeah, it’s too bad that women ATTEMPT three times as often as men. Men just choose more violent measures.

  • Man Alive

    Intellectual kryptonite.
    This puts flesh on the bones of the feeling I’ve had for decades living in the west of being a gender nigger simply because I’m a man.
    Thank-you for this excruciating yet erudite read.

  • thewinnipegger

    “women couldn’t vote”
    Women could vote since the late 1860s where men only got it few years prior and are still the voting majority.