Power Lines

I get all weird about my music, and save certain pieces of music for certain times of the year when they are not necessarily meant to be seasonal.  Such is the case with Stravinsky’s The Fairy’s Kiss (stop laughing).  I like to play it first snowfall.  (I absolutely love the wild string climax of the Danse suisse.)

Bizarrely, I got my chance this year on October 29, the day before the day for pre-Halloween hijinks.  It started in the morning, when I wanted to do errands, and it didn’t stop until sometime Sunday.  Consequently no errands got done, we were all snowed in, and once my neighbors and I were all nice and snuggly, the heavy snow knocked out power.

This happens a lot throughout the year where I live, so I’m used to it.  Now that the juice was dried up in my neighborhood once more, I found myself griping about exactly how long it ought to take, here in the 21st century, to get the damn power back on.

On the other hand, Saturday night was absolutely gorgeous, and, of course, the snow was still falling.  Everything was white, so much so that the ground illuminated the snowy sky, and since no one had any electricity, everything outside was eerily silent.  Perfect walking conditions with Stravinsky as a companion.  That’s when I discovered that plenty of people on the other side of the hill had power, so why on earth was it taking so long for our side?

This dragged into Sunday, after a cold night in bed with a ski cap on my head, where a trip to a local hardware store revealed that they were completely out of propane tanks, and various other people who hadn’t bothered to check the weather (honestly, it’s too early for this) were contemplating various portable heaters.  A store full of grasshoppers.

Boredom gave me the excuse to drive around a bit more on Monday as I decided not to go into work, imagining the rush hour traffic in the middle of all of this.  That’s when I saw that my neighbors may have had power, but two days after losing electricity, plenty of other isolated spots would probably go for a few more days at least.  Trees with their autumn colors still attached are much heavier after a foot of snow.  Trunks and boughs had fallen onto billboards and guardrails, and massive power lines were down, strewn about all over.  Somebody needed to do something about it, for sure.

You can guess the rest, can’t you?  I feel like getting all sarcastic and feigning rapture of seeing so many women who have overcome The Patriarchy up there in the cherry pickers, sawing away at hefty tree limbs with their hardhats, each of them steeped in the pedagogy of feminism.  But what’s the point?  Besides, it would detract from one of the main purposes of this article: to reveal yet two more of my premises.

I try to keep my premises few and simple: coercion is death; desire is the mother of necessity; blah, blah blah.  Well, the Hanna Rosin crowd isn’t going to like this one, so no more cracks about the agony of cracked nails when gainfully employed in a cherry picker, inches away from being electrocuted to death.  Here’re two premises to try and choke down:

There will be no freedom without men.  There will be no freedom without a circle of men.  In order for freedom to truly thrive, that circle must be voluntary.

“Blue collar” men are the backbone of civilization.

Notice that both premises don’t mention women.  This, believe it or not, is not a dig, and since I no longer believe in superior vs. inferior, it is not an implication of female inferiority or servitude.

That first premise also does not mean that there are not fantastic women out there who stand, in their own unique and feminine ways, for freedom, one of four principles that I believe are requisite for life (another premise not yet hammered out).  Therefore, you can certainly find, without very much effort, women who know what freedom is about, and who can inspire you.

Furthermore, I put “blue collar” in quotes for the latter premise because I have come to believe that the designations of “white collar” and “blue collar” are ways of separating men into unnecessary categories.  It is also my belief that these terms are a direct result of the building of empire, which I despise.  I do not, however, despise what either category of male does.  I’m just glad they do.  You can find “white collar” men who change the oil, and you can find “blue collar” men with strong business sense, after running their own businesses for years at a time.

So it’s been a weekend of traffic cones, cops redirecting, power lines snaking around, hard-hatted (and probably hard-headed) men in reflective vests pulling tree limbs out of the way, and dolts like me sitting with blankets wrapped around our bodies, staring out into the white abyss.  No shower for two and a half days (I couldn’t even get to my gym to use theirs, and I don’t think they had power, either); no Fake TV; no bright light when the sun went down; charging my Stravinsky-laden iPod in the car (where it’s warm!); layers of clothing; no light by which to read; no cooking; no refrigeration; no…

You get the idea.  Ms. Rosin undoubtedly doesn’t, even when she acknowledges that “[t]he worst-hit industries were overwhelmingly male and deeply identified with macho: construction, manufacturing, high finance [High finance is ‘macho’?].”  Therefore, let me try to explain.

Ms. Rosin and I only get power when a man who figured it out gets the power to us.  Without it, our modern lives die quite quickly.  A power outage like this last one is annoying, but only less than disturbing because both Ms. Rosin and I know that it’s going to come back on any minute now, even when one power line after another has been severed by a snow-heavy limb.  Not only do these guys know how to deliver electricity to your door, they also know how to keep it suspended on those poles for years at a time without being severed, so that electricity is literally commanded at painted, feminine fingertips with the flick of a switch.  When that fails, they put it up again and cross their unpainted fingers that the lines will stay in place this time.

As I type this, it’s still going on.  It’s dark out now, and most of the snow is gone, but it’s still wet and cold outside.  Traffic is speeding past most of these men, with mere common courtesy preventing collisions.  They are no doubt earning overtime, but it’s overtime with the threat of electrocution, and with poorer souls than I still wrapped in blankets.  It’s a complicated system of cooperation as well, and needs to be taken quite seriously by all the men involved.  Furthermore, it’s happening only two months after a nasty hurricane and subsequent rainfall caused flooding in many of the same areas, requiring much the same effort from the same guys.  Everything those wires are touching is still wet, including the men, whose end Ms. Rosin and her disciples seem not to fear all that much.

Well, I am now witness to what will happen when the two above premises are not taken into account, and it ain’t pretty.  If these men end, so does the civilization upon which I have come to rely, and of which I have grown quite fond.  Most of them don’t like The Fairy’s Kiss.  It has less to do with the embarrassing title than it does with a lack of patience for a less popular musical genre.  When you grow fonder of the more sophisticated stuff of society, I suppose it’s easier to look down on those who don’t – that is, when you still suffer from believing in superior vs. inferior.

Feminists and misandrists, indeed all those who hate, believe in inferior.  When they’re made to feel inferior, they get mad.  When superior rears its glorious head, they prance around and smirk.  Since superior vs. inferior cannot be proven, the anger and resultant schadenfreude are ultimately meaningless.  Fixing downed power lines is not.  If I could do it, I’d be down there right now instead of typing.  Instead, I just get out of the way, which is, I’m sure, what the men who fix it prefer.

Modern civilization’s foundations were laid long before second or third wave feminism came along, when roles for men and women were more rigid and, for the most part, openly accepted.  I’m not in favor of rigid sex roles, or rigid roles of any kind, but most of that civilization required a great deal more muscle, which men seem to have in far greater quantities than women.  Therefore, it naturally follows that everyone in society would be more willing to leave it to men to get the heavy work done, and there always seems to be a lot of heavy work to do in order to maintain it.  When the empire chose to go to war in the 40s, they made a big deal about how women could do the work of men in the factories, and they were right.  When the machines you’re operating can lift that much more than the world’s strongest man possibly could, hell, you could put me in the driver’s seat.

So, ladies, why aren’t you up in the cherry pickers?  Why aren’t you out there right now with hard hats and reflective vests?  I’m not calling you lazy.  Hell, no.  I know plenty of hard-working women, but they do have a tendency to gravitate to different work, something Rosin also admits.

That’s fine, but please understand where the foundational work of maintaining civilization lies.  It does not lie in a snooty university position.  I know the difference.  I spent years studying snooty classical music, and I still listen to it as if I’m studying it (which informally I am).  Unlike Ms. Rosin, however, I recognize that my ability to enjoy what I learn is based on the man who prints music but can’t read it; the guy who puts the piano together and bangs out the bell of the trumpet with a specially designed hammer, but can’t play a note; the man who works in the recording studio but doesn’t know the difference between a concerto and a symphony; the man who drives the delivery truck but bores easily when Bach is played; the man who designs the music download but prefers grunge; the man who sets up my Internet connection but wouldn’t know Ravel from a hole in the ground; the guy who stands in a cherry picker seconds away at all times from his potential demise, but gets ants in his pants when I go on too long about obscure composers from places in Europe he’s never even heard of; and all the rest.

It’s called division of labor, which is based on division of interest.  A lot of these guys (outside and working right now as I type) are fascinated by car engines.  I’m not.  Based on what little I know, it seems that cars have about as many different parts as the human body, and just as incomprehensible to me.  Whenever I go to the doctor or the mechanic with a complaint, I’m always hearing about a part I never even knew about.  (PCM board?  …How much?!)  The empire has regulated health care to the extent that the position of medical doctor is near to God (so the ladies should go for it!), while mechanics, less regulated, get to work in the dirt polishing their people skills with angry and ungrateful customers like Ms. Rosin who don’t understand why the doohickey isn’t working properly, for a whole lot less money (so the ladies can… do whatever).

The end of these men is the end of us.  It’s the end of everything that makes life enjoyable.  You have no idea how many basic, ordinary, pleasant, everyday activities are tied directly to your ability to use and abuse electrical power, until, like this last weekend, it’s too late.  Please tell me, Ms. Rosin, or any one of your millions of admirers, what is your plan if these guys ever shrug?  Who will mix and pour the concrete?  Who will erect the steel columns?  Who will put up the drywall?  Who will run the wiring?  Who’s going to do the plumbing?  Who’s going to install the heating vents, the boiler, and the furnace?  Who’s going to hang up the wires on the poles?  Who’s going to put the poles in the ground first?  (Always remember those last two in the correct order, guys.)

Here’s something even worse to contemplate, in a day and age where, if I’m the kind of guy a local government doesn’t like, I can be accused falsely of rape even if I’m using an ATM at the time alleged: who is going to continue to denigrate the sex shared by each of these misunderstood creatures?  Millions of people countrywide honored firemen after September 11, 2001, and millions still do, but only because so many of them were killed in the process of trying to do what was expected of them.  Where are the millions or even the thousands in my area honoring the men who are, as I continue to type, trying to reconnect those same souls to their precious, modern lives?  Or will we only honor one of them if he makes that fatal mistake?

We can only hope that the collective ability of one group of men to conceive, design, create, and connect us all through the Internet will soon spell the end of the rhetoric currently espoused and enjoyed by misandric feminists like Ms. Rosin.  They don’t see their hatred, I’m sure.  Rosin herself would probably protest that she “loves” her husband very much, so how could she be considered a misandrist?

To be fair, I think she sort of gets it with some of the data gathering, but then it’s all about Gr-r-r-l Power! in the very next sentence.  It has to do with the smugness she embodies, of having won some sort of friendly competition with men.  One snowstorm can remind you of something far more serious and sinister.  I think it’s tied to a specific part of misandry having to do with men’s supposed disposability, like negro slaves, and she probably doesn’t even know it, because feminism has spent a great deal of time proclaiming the reverse.

Men are expected to cease and desist all sexual seduction, but are made to tolerate female interviewers in their locker rooms.  Men are expected to never be violent in their personal lives, even in self defense, but they are made to exact violent vengeance over those outside the community who are undesirable.  Men are expected, as boys, to sit and be lectured to all day by females like Ms. Rosin, but when they grow up, it is suddenly demanded that they “man up,” take charge, lead, inspire, and produce, as long as they leave room for women who are “oppressed” to do the same, and only when those “oppressed” women feel like it.

Finally, and perhaps most sickening, according to Ms. Rosin, men are expected to laugh along with her as she talks about their collective end, all the while she insists that they set up the microphones and all the audio-visual for her tightly wound performance, and distribute her writings and speakings far and wide via the technology that men largely create and maintain.  Much of her blather is available only because we have power lines, and we only have them because men who are ignored and dismissed as dim know how to negotiate tree limbs with cherry pickers.  There is not a single thing emanating from feminism to compare with that achievement: a sprawling, worldwide network that is maintained on an ongoing basis by men who are apparently designed merely to be ridiculed and diminished, or, at best, recipients of a passing remark of concern, as if the problem will be fixed just as soon as the lights are turned back on.  It won’t.

I’ll remind the reader once more that the work is going on outside, just a mile or so from where I live, as I type.  Somewhere in this world, on the evening of Rosin’s lecture at TED, the same thing was happening somewhere else, to the delight and earnest hope of countless men, women, boys, and girls, huddled around candles and waiting.  Thank the high heavens for men in cherry pickers, men who ought never to see an end in sight.

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B.R. Merrick writes for "Strike The Root" and "A Voice for Men," and is proud to be a classical music reviewer at Amazon.com and iTunes.

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  • Stu

    Speaking of keeping the power on. I’m watching a tv show now as I type……Beauty and the Geek. The beauties are paired up with the geeks, the beauties are having a spelling competition, and when they get a word wrong……nearly all the time……their male partner….who is standing nearby with electrodes attached all over their bodies….heads included……receive a 5 second burst of electricity.

    Good clean family entertainment at it’s best.

    • Stu

      And of course everybody laughs hysterically when the guys get electrocuted.

  • http://avoiceformen.com KARMA MRA MGTOW

    From Rich Zubaty @ The Rude Guy (Maui) text of Podcast #12 April 3, 2006

    Sorry about the long post.

    “Are men the oppressors of women, or are women the oppressors of men?

    A woman wakes up in the morning, in a house built by men. She starts the water to boil on a stove built by men, and sits at a chair and table, put there by men, to read a newspaper written, in part, by women…but printed and delivered by men…She nibbles some toast, made from grains, grown and harvested by men….whoops…Time to take a shower. She turns a faucet handle installed by a man, and lo and behold…out comes HOT water, delivered by a vastly complicated water system, built by men. She drives to work in a car built by men, on roads built by men, powered by petroleum, drilled and refined and delivered by men. She arrives at an office building built by men. Walks to her desk, fires up her computer, and glances out her window at a city… built by men…full of potential customers for her service business… Out of the corner of her eye, a table in the conference room, that seems awkwardly out of place, snags her attention. She strokes her ear lobe. At that moment, the janitor scoots by in the hallway.

    “Bob! Oh Bob. Could you PLEASE move that table, further into the corner. You’re such a dear.” She pins him, with a delectable, and utterly phony smile. Bob, oblivious to the cheapness of the words, and falseness of the smile…thrilled to get any attention at all, from such an attractive person…pitches right in. And as he lugs one corner of the heavy table, across the carpet, she EXhales a comfortable sigh. Her day, has begun.

    She will spend the next 8 to 10 hours telling OTHER people, what to do. That’s HER understanding of work. This creature, who has NO idea WHERE things come from, HOW they are made, and has not the slightest knowledge, about HOW the world works, has been put in CHARGE of it…because there is really nothing else, of any specific value, she COULD be doing.

    If she lived in a world built by women, she would be sitting in a tent, watching her breath in front of her face, stitching animal hides. But…she lives in a world BUILT, almost ENTIRELY, by men…and, AMAZINGLY, she has NOT the SLIGHTEST appreciation, or GRATITUDE for that fact. She never even stops to THINK about it. Never stops to think, that if all the things men make and do, were MAGICALLY removed, right now she would plodding through a MUDDY SWAMP, looking for red-wing blackbird eggs.

    She thinks the world is made out of proper grammar, and attractive clothing, and polite conversation, and correct opinions…instead of rivets and concrete and copper and petroleum. From the day she picked up her first teaspoon, she has been learning how to manipulate the things men provide, as if they were put in front of her by God or Mother Nature. She has NO IDEA what men actually do. Yet, according to her, and the media she consumes, men are assholes.

    How long do you think this is gonna last?

    When I think of the men…the lumberjacks, and truck drivers, and paper mill workers, and printers, and deliverymen… the men who have to get up early, every morning, and do VERY hard jobs, so that Ellen Goodman, and Maureen Dowd, and other feminist blowhards, can sit in their climate controlled offices, shitting out editorials about what assholes, men are…when I think of those women, walking on the backs of all those men, I want to start BOMBING things. Let’s bomb them all the way back to the unheated tent, and the muddy swamp, and see what they complain about THEN. MAYBE they’ll start writing editorials, about how women should start doing, REAL work. Not just OFFICE WORK.

    Here are the facts:

    19 out of 20 people who die on the job, are men.
    4 out of 5 suicides, are men.
    85% of the homeless, are men.
    Women live seven years longer, than men.
    65% of American’s wealth, is owned by women, says Forbes Magazine.
    Men are not regarded as equal parents to their children.
    Men are drafted in time of war, and women are not.”

    • http://thedamnedoldeman.com TDOM

      “85% of the homeless, are men.”

      Apparently not in Los Angeles. Homeless men don’t exist here. Just ask Kobe Bryant. I saw a PSA on TV this morning where he was asking for donations for some charity serving the homeless. He claims that homelessness is quite a problem. He’s right, of course. But according to him we should be concerned because 40% of LA’s homeless are women and children, and some other percent are “veterans.” Now we know that nearly all of those “veterans” are men, but Kobe never identifies them as such, nor does he seem particularly concerned with the other 60% of homeless persons who don’t happen to be women and children. So we never really get to find out who those other 60% are.


    • Atlas Reloaded

      Men have are and have always been, the protectors and providers for WOMEN!

  • BeijaFlor

    ““Blue collar” men are the backbone of civilization.”

    This is an exact truth that nearly all of us ignore, and which all too many of us actually scorn to learn.

    Civilization has meant mechanization for the last couple of centuries … and mechanization requires inventors to conceptualize the machines, engineers to design them, and lots and lots of machinists, mechanics and skilled laborers to build and service and repair them.

    It takes not only muscles and tools and equipment, but skills and knowledge to do this work. The little stuff is relatively simple – household wiring, changing the oil in your car – but what about splicing power cable that’s going to carry 10,000 volts and enough kilowatts to serve your neighborhood? What about servicing the pumps, valves, sedimentation tanks and sludge-digesters in a sewage treatment plant that serves a city of a million people? It’s a trifle to pump gasoline into your car, but what about pumping crude oil out of a reservoir deep under the sea-bed?

    And what about the “stuff” we buy, the cars, the appliances, the tools and toys of everyday life? Where does Coca-Cola get the flimsy aluminum cans for your soft drink? Where do Ford and GM and Toyota and Hyundai get the sheet-steel for making car bodies, the iron for casting engine-blocks and transmission housings, the copper and aluminum and the plastics and the electronics that went into the car sitting in front of your house?

    Answer – the steel mills, the non-ferrous metal smelters, the chemical plants and other plants that furnish those raw materials are run by “blue-collar workers.” Men with hard-hats and protective gear, who sweat under their fireproof coats in the heat of tons of molten iron pouring out of a blast furnace. Men who walk and crawl and squirm around and through miles of high-pressure pipelines, reaction vessels, evaporators, condensers, cooling towers and what-have-you. There may be a few women on parts of the job – I recall a PR video from a steel mill that showed a woman crane operator dumping steel scrap into a furnace – but overwhelmingly, when the job requires hands-on hard work in tough environments, the person who will take it is a man.

    Anyone who relies on the products of these tough, hard, dangerous “blue-collar” jobs ought to be humbly grateful to the men who are getting them done. But evidently such feelings are “beneath” the entitled princesses in their white-collar air-conditioned cubicles, their computers and their conferences. As far “beneath” them as the grimy, sweaty men who keep Civilzation together under their high-heel-shod feet.

    • Stu

      I laugh when I hear women talking seriously about the end of men. They are so stupid and ignorant, they just don’t understand that everything they use that enables them to not need a man….is in fact invented, built, and maintained by men. And it’s not just the physical and emotional abilities to deal with the hard, hot dangerous work, it’s the mental capabilities to invent and design all these things and to understand intimately how they work. I don’t know what to call it…IQ,….whatever…but men do these things….always have…..women do not…..never have. Even now after all these decades of feminism…affirmative action, etc etc…..they still aren’t….and never will. And the reason is…..wait for it……because they CAN’T. Yes I know, there are exceptions…but not enough exceptions to do even 5 percent of the things that men have to do to keep society functioning. It’s not even worth trying to get women…most women….to see this…..to talk about it with them….they don’t want to see it….so they won’t……they can do anything we can do and do it better…..that’s what their emotions tell them…..so that’s the truth……end of story. Feminists are so jealous and envious of what men have done….and continue to do…that they will destroy men’s ability to do anything that they can’t do…..via legislation and regulation rather than accept the fact that men have any abilities that they don’t have…..in even greater quantity.

      The facts speak for themselves…..every civilisation that ever advanced….advanced by the mental and physical labor of men. In cultures where the women called the shots….matriarcy…..they never advanced beyond grass huts.

      If you point out these facts, you are branded a misogynist and you are accused of hating women. Men are forced into “pretending” that women can do anything they can do….and that’s all it is…..pretend. Everyone from our politicians down is playing this game of pretend until generations growing up in this pretend culture actually believe it. And that is the game, to make men unaware of their abilities……to make them believe that are just women…..with a penis…and no womb. And when they think that is all they are….that’s all they will be. And that is how feminists will achieve equality…..by forcing men to not do anything that will make women feel bad….because they can’t do it as well as us. It’s like when I used to play chess with my grandfather when I was a kid……I used to beat him sometimes….when I got older I realised that he let me win. That’s what feminists want….they want us to let them win….at everything…..all the time. Problem is that civilisation will be falling down around our ears before it gets to that stage.

  • gwallan

    “and I still listen to it as if I’m studying it”

    Bravo sir.

    • B.R. Merrick


      When the piece isn’t familiar, I like to try to narrow it down to musical era (easy), then country (not so easy), then take a stab at a known composer. I’m usually pretty good at it, and then a few days ago, I was listening to something unfamiliar on the radio, and dismissed the possibility that it was Brahms.

      Big mistake. Brahms, it was. I obviously don’t spend enought time with Brahms. :)

      • Stu

        Brahms…mmmmm…..yeah….love the guy. How about…AC/DC….do you like them :)

      • Tim Legere

        Mozart Rules!

  • Hayden Hanna

    OT: I just watched the A&E Biography of Mahatma Gandhi, and I was struck by a part in the film discussing Indian protest of a South African law that required all Indians to be fingerprinted and Indian women to strip naked before law enforcemen to have body scars and markings cataloged. The disrespect to their women sent them over the edge. 3,000 Indian men (and 0 Indian women) showed up to a rally knowing full well that they would be severely beaten and jailed for protesting the treatment of women, and they did it anyway. Can any of you imagine a group of 3,000 women even enduring a rainy day to protest oh say a male-only wartime draft law? Why do we, as men, even walk across a room to protect a woman who is not an immediate family member? They are “empowered” so let them see to themselves.

    By the way, I really enjoyed reading your article. Thank you for submitting it to aVfM.

    • tm

      Well, if there was a draft they would do another ‘slut walk’ in protest 😀

  • .ProleScum.

    Awesome piece once again BR.

    And once again, sorry to go OT on your thread…

    But you will all want to see this:


    Hugo Schwyzer preaches hands on fatherhood in the Guardian. Un – be – fucking – lievable.

  • http://thedamnedoldeman.com TDOM

    Great article Mr. Merrick. But I think in the world of Hannah Rosin, “the end of men” simply means an end to the men at the top. Once women have secured all the power and top level positions, men will be left fighting over their scraps. Lots of competition for all those “blue collar” jobs will result in lower pay and harder work for the men of society who will be relegated to the position of slaves. In Rosin’s worl, men will continue to do as they always have, but they will do it from the bottom of society and not the top.


  • keyster

    Money doesn’t make a nation rich, it’s human capital does; and our human capital is men who are willing to work.

    But if men have no incentive to work (the care and feeding of his family) then really, what’s the point?

  • Teebs

    Dirty Johnny – The Hidden Hero

    What do you have when you remove the “low-life” custodial duties from a building…?


    Regardless of however lavish or impressively looking any function one may perform within this pyramidal system, the people on the bottom are no less functionally critical than anyone else, regardless how of ridiculously poorly appreciated, shame-paid or broken down they are.

    I’ve worked factory positions for several years before studying electrical/computers and see a vast difference in basic appreciation between those who experienced the blood and sweat of “blue-collar” work and those who have not. The Hottie blithely cruising in their 5.0 super-charged Mustang is most indebted to the “typical male tool” that gave his lungs away to operate the impregnation line for the aluminum engine-blocks.

    I recall landscaping during a super humid summer under a mean mofo of an ex-con for a boss.
    As the summer was ending the guys that had survived experienced something I shall never forget. More impressive than the most searing heat, fist fight or sore-back; an angel appeared, a lady with a tray of lemon-aid and a smile of gratitude. The lemon aid was the best drink I’ve ever tasted in my life. Period.

  • tm

    Thumbs up for an excellent article. I wish stuff like this would be published in the MSM. Not gonna happen any time soon though.

  • Teerex

    As a former locomotive engineer/train conductor that worked 24/7 delivering coal to power plants, and a current water treatment plant operator working a 24/7 rotating schedule for half a million people who think water comes from a faucet, reading this article was like a mental orgasm for me. Thank you so much Mr. Merrick.

    These are the types of industries that make modern civilization possible, and where the rubber meets the road, 95% of the time you’ll find men doing the work. And 100% of these industries existed and functioned perfectly well long before the advent of the computer age. Just food for thought.

    • tm

      And it’s not like the computer age was ushered in by women… Or any other high end field for that matter: art, science, philosophy, etc. I find the article especially valuable because it’s a hat tip to all the men who often are taken for granted. The functioning of the society would grind to a halt were they not ready to do their hard work whenever needed.

      • Teerex

        The computer age, like all the other “ages” was ushered in by men. But the computer age’s timing coincides perfectly with feminism’s ability to co-opt it as “the future”. Nearly all women, and too damn many men, think that the world goes around only with the assistance of a computer. Beyond modern communications, almost nothing critical to our lives is dependent on a computer. Lack of shelter, food, safe water, sewage disposal and energy are all things that rapidly render computers and even phones an afterthought. And I’ve never seen any of these industries that (wisely) don’t still have manual control systems ready when the computer goes belly up.

        Computers have allowed questionable jobs for the parasitic class (primarily women) to be created by the millions and allowed phony Felony Reserve/Wall Street money to be even phonier among many other dubious things. I believe computers and the free speech that they are currently responsible for, will ultimately save us from lives of slavery and lies. So I’m actually a big computer fan. However, they’ve also been used for a whole heap of obfuscation regarding what really makes modern civilization possible.

  • http://none universe

    Good article.
    Speaks for a lot for those who are silent in the face of it all. Or for who think intermittently similar thoughts but cannot conclusively articulate it.

    The end of these men is the end of us.

    – Those feminists, and their social change financeers, who apear to be hastening us toward that end likely wish more to keep the essential service drone (“blue collar man”. I prefer ‘common man’) handy to and within a managed state and social hierarchy. In that vein, the social heirarchy that feminists believe they are tearing down are also actually and unwittingly contributing to another, albiet similar one. But one of their own assumed making to replace the one they’ve imagined as being their ill-defined “patriarchy”.

    IMO feminists, and all the varieties of such, notwithstanding, wish to structure a society similar to what domineering wives have succeed in doing to their husbands within their respective homes. That many feminists, and others with similar notions of supremacy, believe that once entering the public sphere they’re entitled to behaving as if these spheres are their space, their territory, and, most of all, their own home , to the exclusion of those nasty, dim-witted, incompetent, lower, or any classed men.

    Generically, feminists believe they rail against dominiance and heirarchy. Yet, in essence they practice and promote these same qualities. But this time with their particular subjective stamp of total public control. Freedom as “we” of shallow thought and history say it should be.
    Like the domineering wife at home.

    Feminists have a lot to answer for.
    Including for the demise of the lives of the productive common man resulting through, and including, the organized theft known as palimony, alimony and the ensuing and sometimes unwarranted resourse/asset redistribution, of employment equity plus the many other sole preferential exclusivenesses, and, dearly, most of all, through the loss of his own children.

    In context to much of the above, whom really is the more territorial and thereby whom is the more dominating of whom?
    We’re about more to find answers to that. And surely enough, as sure as this having been written, that day of accountability is coming.

    • tm


      Also called ‘vaginamony’ (re: Tom Leykis 😀 )

  • Jade Michael

    Excellent article Mr. Merrick. I highly recommend a book by Jim Goad called The Redneck Manifesto to you. It expands on many of the important points you make, and then some.

    It’s so true that most people take blue collar men for granted, to the point of mockery. Very few are aware of the back-breaking labor that goes into keeping society comfortable. And from what I can tell, this gets worse with each generation. There is such an educational slant now for kids to go into the business world or otherwise “heady” jobs because we’ve supposedly industrialized ourselves out of the great wide open, right into cozy office chairs. Blue collar jobs that are still (and always will be) necessary and honorable are frowned upon by this “elite” crop of ignorant, selfish, arrogant lackeys.

    I found out recently that the high school I went to has long done away with woodshop and car mechanics classes. Kids have laptops now but have no idea how to work a power drill or change a tire. What happens when young men and boys are emasculated to the point of not even knowing how to do the labor they have always done? Who is going to serve and be used to expand the feminist state at that point? Women? Yeah, right.

    • B.R. Merrick

      I found out recently that the high school I went to has long done away with woodshop and car mechanics classes.

      Shit! You’re kidding me! Woodshop was one of the classes that I actually enjoyed. I could have done woodshop, art, and music all day. Unbelievable.

      • http://lifespeculiarities.blogspot.com/ Izzey

        I could have done woodshop, art, and music all day.

        Me too.

    • BeijaFlor

      Interesting, Jade – I have a completely different kind of book that I wanted to recommend.

      Infrastructure: A Field Guide to the Industrial Landcape, by Brian Hayes, is a coffee-table book full of gorgeous photos depicting the natural habitat of the Industrial Engineer. It’s an amazing look at how we do what we do.

      Got this book for my office when I was teaching image-analysis of industries. I left it when I retired, but I’m tempted to buy myself a copy. If I only had a coffee table.

  • http://truthjusticeca.wordpress.com/ Denis

    An enjoyable read brother Merrick, thanks so much.

    Just last month I spent a week in the back woods of Saskatchewan commissioning a power plant. It was a busy week, staying in a local mining camp and working sunrise to sunset. As usual on construction sites, the only women to be seen are in the offices doing administrative work. I also spent most of my time in the office as well because my job was to review the turnover documentation. My kids were upset that I would miss my regular Wednesday and that I arrived late on Friday, but they were happy to see me like I had been away forever. To put things in perspective, one of the construction workers I spoke with told me on his last day that he had been away from home for 6 months and that it’s always heartbreaking for him and his son. I knew how he felt and I told him that I also grew up with my father working construction. It’s difficult to understand for a child but he would understand better when he grew up. What I didn’t tell him was that was the very reason that I avoided construction and trades, because I knew there was a trade off.

    • B.R. Merrick

      Denis, next time you talk to your friend, you may want to tell him about an activity that I read about online somewhere a few years ago, between a military dad and his son.

      It was suggested to him that he buy a camera for himself and a separate one for his son. They would take their cameras with them every day, snap pictures of whatever they wanted, and put them in a scrapbook. Whenever the dad returned from deployment, they would sit down with their scrapbooks and enjoy.

      It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing.

      • http://truthjusticeca.wordpress.com/ Denis

        Not a bad idea, I actually tried that myself. They got to see the power plant, the trailer I was working in, the small room I stayed in, the never ending flatness and even some scenic shots from the drive back to the airport. They got bored after about 5 minutes of my pictures and explaining and asked why I didn’t take pictures of the foxes, coyotes and loons that I told them about. Anyway, they sure got excited about receiving a post card in the mail. I’m seriously thinking about getting them an iphone but they’re still only 7.

  • Bev

    Just in. The Chinese government has changed the marriage laws. There had been a steady increase in the number of women marrying because they automatically got half the property on divorce (“naked weddings”).
    Now the person who pays for the property gets to keep it if there is a divorce. The divorce rate is expected to fall.

    • BeijaFlor

      And the Chinese women are UPSET!!! Bringing every blaming, shaming, whingeing and wailing tactic to bear. Well, it’s not as though we wouldn’t have foreseen that.

      Anyone care to guess what percentage of women pronounce matrimony “matter-o’-money”?

  • http://lifespeculiarities.blogspot.com/ Izzey

    I really liked this article.
    Men built the world. Women have staked their claim to it.

    They are not in the cherry pickers, nor are they in the sewage plants. But if their sink is clogged…whom do they blame? lol

    What I have witnessed from women in the blue collar world is pretty pathetic. I work in this world, and I can tell you that I’m very good at what I do, but it is very hard work and my body is paying for it.

    The women that think they can do everything a man can do…has not ever tried to do everything a man can do.

    I cannot.
    They are wrong.
    They are doomed.

    I am done now.

    • Teerex

      I’m in this world also my friend. And like you, my body is starting to pay a bit.

      We have the tiny minority of women working on our crew also. They try to be good coworkers, but leave the difficult work for the white nights that’ll cover for them. They really aren’t the problem. It’s the vast majority of women (like my wife) who work in offices and never give us a second thought. Hell, my own wife’s thoughts lean more toward “what shift is he on and can he pick up the kids?” rather than “it’s awesome having this clean water supply and I hope he doesn’t get hurt”.

      She’s an HR administrator at a law firm and I’m a union member operating a water plant for an entire metropolitan population. Who makes more money? You guessed it! She does, and by quite a bit. Pay gap indeed….

  • Auntie Pheminizm
  • Nordicvs

    Good stuff. Very good stuff.

    Recently I told a ‘former’ feminist something to the effect of:

    “If women want to pound nails and pour cement and fix cars and work on broken hydro lines and dig their own shiny fucking rocks—gold and diamonds—fuck it: go right ahead. I hope it happens. I’d like to see the look on their smug faces when they (try to) control everything—all that they never earned, died for, or had the creativity, guts, and muscle to make happen—and they realize they cannot fucking do it. I’d love to see whatever’s left of the world’s male population quit their shit jobs, burn down their shanties, and hit the road, off fishing and hunting for a few years”—if there are any such places left to do this…maybe on mountain slopes.

    Then again, if there are robots to do traditional male labour, I can’t see too many men being needed anymore. A few geeks to keep the computers running and some male strippers, I guess.

    Oh wait: men would have to invent and build the robots, wouldn’t they?

    • Teerex

      Your great grandchildren will never see a time when robots can do everything. This is a feminist/globalist fantasy. It’s just not the way most critical things can ever be done. A robot fixing a water main break? Ain’t gonna happen.

      And more powerful, elegant and simple computer systems will make geeks less needed and be the equivalent of what automation and mechanization was for manual labor. This should have already been happening to non-productive/administrative people in the workplace, but due to women being so prominently represented, it hasn’t happened yet. Most companies that have desk-bound personnel who’s work can now be done by computers have seen their ranks grow. Curious, isn’t it?

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com/activism-page/karma/ KARMA MRA MGTOW

    I really do think this behavior is hardwired into female – not just human – DNA for the most part, China could have another 100 years of Communism on top of what they already have had and the behavior would be no different.