Police cowardice in Vancouver

In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.~  George Orwell

For the past several weeks, John the Other and several other members of the organization VancouverMRA (VMRA), have been peacefully posting posters that target issues affecting men and boys in western culture, and that display the URLs of this website as well as their own web presence.

The posters have been routinely vandalized by a group of individuals, and, in one circumstance, one of these individuals assaulted a safety officer of a construction site who instructed them to stop tearing down the posters at that location, which was within his authority.

Vancouver Police were summoned to that incident, the police responder being Officer Desmond Roberts, badge number 2776. No arrest was made for the assault, at the preference of the victim. According to those at the scene, Roberts instructed the individuals tearing down the posters to cease doing so, and also indicated that there would be an investigation into A Voice for Men to determine whether it is a hate based organization. One member of VMRA, JtO, was instructed by Roberts not to engage or antagonize the individuals tearing down posters, but did not instruct him to stop placing them.

The instructions to the vandals in this incident, to cease tearing down posters, indicated Roberts had an understanding that the charter-protected postering would continue.

Several follow up phone calls to the Vancouver Police to inquire about the status of that investigation have gone unanswered.

Today, another equally serious incident occurred. JtO was back placing posters, with the permission of the same safety officer at the previously mentioned construction site. He was confronted by a group of approximately 20-30 hostile individuals, some of whom brandished box cutters, and who began tearing the posters down.

JtO immediately called police to the scene. The responder in this case was Constable Darren Ramdour, badge number 2534.

After interviewing individuals at the scene, Ramdour instructed JtO to cease putting up the posters, threatening him with arrest if he did not comply. Ramdour’s assertion was that by lawfully and peacefully putting up posters, JtO was a threat to the peace, not the mob of vandals wielding box cutters.

One has to wonder if this is typical of Vancouver law enforcement. Is it their standard operating procedure to side with criminals and to criminalize a victim, simply because they lack the courage to enforce the law?

I think this question is best put to Chief Constable Jim Chu of the Vancouver Police Department. The incident number for the case is 12-140147.

The actions of Constable Ramdour in this circumstance were that of a coward, or of a police official so inept and incompetent that he is more of a threat to the rule of law than an officer who is just cowardly. If this is allowed to go unchecked, the result will be a free pass to rule by mob in the city of Vancouver, the only prerequisite being that the mob in question must be opposed to the human rights of men and boys.

Let us hope that this is just one officer who is an embarrassment and a disgrace to his profession, and not the kind of police work that will be supported from the top of the chain of command at the Vancouver PD.

It is also something about which the media should be advised and encouraged to investigate.

Chief Constable Jim Chu can be contacted through the Vancouver Police

A roster of reporters, with contact forms, for the Vancouver Sun.



  • quolls

    Is so much a one way free ride for women … what is with that ?

  • Iron John

    Box cutters? Sounds like a deadly weapon to me. In fact, this was the same weapon of choice used by the terrorists on 9/11 to hijack airliners.

    • JJ

      Bet you money this is the kind of “internet boxcutter” the Chief is afraid of! You know? The type that threatens his cushy retirement at the Canadian tax payer expense. There goes John the Other and friends rocking the boat again.

      Can’t these bastards just stop, it is getting to the point where corrupt cops/WW1-Pilot-wearing-panties-mounties” can’t eat their feminist tax payer purchased donuts in peace anymore! Poor things, you know they are on their horse practicing to be a white knight mangina! Sheesh, they don’t have time to actually fight crime; unless a false rape accuser is in distress!

      Damn it John!


      I want posters you all are using, or do I have to make them myself?

  • Sting Chameleon

    That was very dangerous, those mobsters could have seriously injured JtO by wielding the box cutters as improptu weapons.

    • kiwihelen

      Yes I am glad JtO was unharmed.

  • quolls

    Pitty he didn’t get any of it on video, safety in numbers.

  • Eddy

    Things are getting serious in Vancouver. I hope it will go out well. But when i think about stuff like the Kellett case i wouldn`t be surprised when things go crazy. authorities can be very unpredictable even in topics of free speech it seems.

    It might be out of place, but is it correct that these postering campaigns so far only take place in Australia, Canada and in the US?

    • MenDiscontinued

      At the moment… but I’m sure it’s growing to other countries. They can’t stop us all.

    • kiwihelen

      Eddy, I’m hoping to get to my first London meet in a couple of weeks. There is a group forming there. Unfortunately there is Flyposting legislation in England and Wales we need to consider very carefully and to look at places with by-laws permitting posters e.g. Parts of town centres. QR code stickers are smaller and much less likely to draw attention, so the English campaign might look quite different.

      • Eddy

        Im glad to hear that. unfortunately its to far from where i live.
        But nontheless im very interested in the growth of the MRM and its activism.
        I was searching for a man`s right group in my country lately and found one which is very activ and successful.
        They allready had some appearances on the national TV and i believe they played a part in the circumcision ban in Germany (they wrote letters to authorities).

        Please dont get me wrong, i do not intend to brag or something, but maybe it wouldn`t be a bad idea to conntact them, to exchange with them, maybe plan activism, to have a bigger voice and in order to grow.

        Is it a good idea? is it a bad idea?
        would like to hear some thougts

        • kiwihelen

          I would say it is always worth contacting other groups, but always go in cautious, here at AVfM there is a strong ethic against violence, but other groups may not.
          It’s about scoping things out – and maybe there will be a win-win if the group you know of might find partnership with AVfM activists

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Truth destabilizes tyrants. Box-cutter gangs destabilize the society of free and law-abiding citizens. Constable Ramdour might find a more appropriate placement within the North Korean police force.

    I pledge 5 bucks toward a one-way plane ticket for the good constable for him to skedaddle to that bastion of collectivist control.

  • ZimbaZumba

    This is bloody outrageous. The police can not stop you from putting posters up for those reasons. This is at the root of Democracy and freedom of expression. Getting local media and politicians involved is a possibility.

    This campaign has tremendous PR potential. You need to video tape events somehow. The key here is the obvious truthfulness and innocuous nature of the message. I’d also seek clarification from the Police at an official level, they can’t officially censor free speech.

    You need to seem the David in a “David and Goliath” morality play, some media will eat this up as a story.

    If I was out in Vancouver I’d join you. The posters I put up my round way don’t get touched and probably not read either. People are rather politically disengaged by me.

  • Zerbu

    This is just the kind of events we need to attract the mainstream media. All we have to do is hope that the media broadcasts the address of AVfM, which will lead to people taking a look for themselves and realising the problem, then the movement will move much closer to success.

    • napocapo69

      yeah…I can figure already the titles of the media…

  • Stu

    Most cops are white knights. And most of them are just like the nazis that ran the concentration camps, except they can actually quit their jobs if they wanted too, but they choose to stay and enforce draconian dv laws etc.

    Tell me what sort of person just goes along with draconian anti male primary aggressor policies and mandatory arrest policies, even though they know the real perp is often the women. Their excuse, they are just doing their job.

    But they don’t have to do their job if their job requires them to do that which they know is wrong. So what does it say about them.

  • ZimbaZumba

    I have maintained for a long time that the key for the MRM is to get organized in Universities, The fact that politically very savvy forces are doing all they can to stop the MRM in universities confirms this.

    These poster campaigns are obviously effective judging by the reaction to them. A bank of posters that can be printed off should be made available for activists. Students should be encouraged to organize and this is an excellent way to get started. Posters allow a degree of anonymity in the beginning for the activist as well.

  • Suz

    I just sent an email to the Chief Constable, and to the mayor.
    I also sent this link to just about everybody on the Vancouver Sun’s editorial staff.

  • Dr. F

    This must have been a pretty damned horrendous thing to have witnessed JTO mate.

    A mob. Box cutters ? All those people gathered and moving from pole to pole with the intelligence of the stupidest one there by half. That’s a potentially dangerous scenario right there.

    Box cutters? I’m still getting my head around the image of it.

    To the relevant badge numbers reading here:
    A bit of “protection” and “service” here please – and no, I’m referring to the menace armed with the bits of paper and glue.

    Box cutters? 20-30 people?

  • TPH

    Gee, if JtO had a box cutter on his person he’d be in jail on a weapons charge. The more these zealots try to stifle free speech, the more their incredible double standards begin to show. Ask the zealots if they support free speech, they will undoubtedly answer yes and yet they are willing to stifle free speech if it goes against their beliefs, using violence.

    Keep up the postering, do it at night if your safety is of a concern.

    Time to up the ante and go into a full fledged “Save the Males” campaign.

  • FacelessFather

    Take it to the local talk radio hosts. One of them is bound talk about the story.

    Next time go out in a group, with cameras.

    • scatmaster

      Take it to the local talk radio hosts. One of them is bound talk about the story.

      Not in socialist Vancouver.

      • Primal

        Ezra Levant got 800,000 YouTube views in socialist Canada for something similar.

        • scatmaster

          And I bet not many viewers from Vancouver which was the point I was making.

          • Primal

            Maybe not but I’ll bet old Ezra never planned on 800 k from socialist Canada either. Perfect opportunity to test the waters here.

          • Reggie
  • Rper1959

    sounds like good case to litigate against the City / police for failing to enforce the law and JTO constitutional rights? ( opps forgot Men don’t have any rights , thats why he’s postering , kinda a catch 22 hey!)

    • Raven01

      If anyone else saw and is willing to testify to the presence of weapons and the cops failure to find and charge the criminals in any other jurisdiction than BC there would be heads rolling.
      Unfortunately, BC has the least professional police force in North America. Yes, INCLUDING Mexico.
      The cops there make Ian Birk look like a your average beat cop rather than the murderous psychopath he is.
      When it comes to solving actual crimes like let’s say the Robert Pickton case, well you may as well have hired the Keystone Kops.

      Civil litigation will do more than any actual public inquiry.

  • vklaatu

    What was the composition of the mob?

    • MrStodern

      I’m guessing mostly white, with more women than men. I don’t say this kind of thing often, but I think we can be pretty certain of what would’ve happened if a group of thirty black guys were walking around Vancouver brandishing box cutters.

      • nigeles175d

        Probably male feminist white knights at the front, the female feminists hiding at the back shouting instructions.

    • John the Other

      mostly male, mid-20’s to mid 30’s, white, male feminists

      • 4thtroika

        Violence by proxy in action. The grrrls wouldn’t dare risk breaking their fingernails, so they sent their mangina lap dogs to do their dirty work.

        • andybob

          My response exactly. Female feminists employ the you-and-him-fight tactic instinctively. They were hoping for a showdown complete with blood-soaked violence – all at their behest. It validates their SMV and political power – all at the expense of some disposable male hangers-on.

          You are doing a stellar job, Mr JTO – but please stay safe. Some of those razor-wielding manginas are likely to go bezerk when vaginas are watching. Weak men can be very dangerous.

          • JJ

            I got to agree man! I am a very tall, very large dude; and not even “liquid confidence” competes with “be-seen-by-the-vajajay” confidence!

            It is like the It’s Friday Night song by K Perry. In the video the little dorky dude dreams of punching out the super athlete with no brains.

            I respect what you are doing, and if you have to go down; go down with the greatest media exposure you can!

            I know you are smart man, so I am not talking down; but do you have cameras everywhere when you go? Even the thugs in blue recoil like vampires at a crucifix when they know they cannnot oppress in front of cameras with video about to be posted online.

      • Primal

        It’d be nice to know the pertinent code(s) in terms of ‘threat to the peace’.

  • Dean Esmay

    Good lord. Incredibly good news combined with incredibly upsetting news in one night.

    Jesus. We have to do something here. These are literally Nazi-type people we’re dealing with here. I don’t even mean that rhetorically.

    Do we have video?!?

    • Stu

      Yes, everyone used to think I used to use the Nazi label rhetorically…..more and more people are starting to see that I’m not just blowing it out my ass……they really are, and the only thing stopping them going all the way……is us MRAs……if we can grow large enough.

      • Raven01

        I never thought the Nazi parallel was rhetorical.
        If anything the Nazis could have taken notes from modern feminists. The only one the femmies needed was Adolf’s own, make the lie so big no one will believe you would make that shit up in a very rough and crude paraphrasing.

        • jack

          The fems will not herd men into gas chambers because they need men’s work and men’s wages. That’s the only reason. Otherwise the comparison with nazism holds. Up to the 1940s the nazis limited themselves to pogroms. That is exactly where we stand.

    • Paul Elam

      Nope, unfortunately. But time and experience will season the troops

      • harrywoodape

        In Canada, one can make a FOIP request. The police department should have a FOIP officer or FOIP office contact number. Then you can make your request for the police report. However, there are some things they won’t if it comprimises an ongoing investigation and they block out other parties private info so it is somewhat censored. But I think even requesting the police file is worth while because a refusal is telling. It may mean that an investigation is ongoing.
        I think it’s time to start open foruming on tactics for postering to start preparing for the confrontations by ensuring that these are recorded and documented. If the same individuals are showing up to confront the posterers then that might lead to ties with local feminist groups that would be really helpful to be able to establish. I have heard that Vancouver women’s shelters are very aggressive ones and there may be a connection.

    • Primal

      I see both stories as incredibly good news and as huge opportunities. Your story will likely grow legs in the US media and bring in other falsely accused men to snowball things even further. JtO’s story has the potential to become huge too:

  • Kukla

    Box cutters!? Is there no end to this madness!?

    I’ve been saying it for years, we need to BAN box cutters!

    • Raven01

      Box cutters don’t hurt or threaten people.
      Feminists, white knights and, manginas do.

      • MenDiscontinued


  • keyster

    In the USA this the part where we’d get a lawyer from the ACLU to defend our right to freedom of speech in the public square. Well, obviously it wouldn’t be the ACLU…but some not for profit group obsessed with defending freedom of speech incidents.

    The only one I can think of is the same group that defends the porn industry…and even then they tend to be very pro-feminist….too many female customers.

    • Reggie


  • napocapo69

    sad, I really hope JtO caught on camera everything

  • quolls

    So many feminist with law degrees is the real issue, they have infested all levels of government, it will take decades to undo, and re-educate student unions. Has to be done starting now.

  • Europa Phoenix

    And if you try to resist, they use it against you :
    “You see? MRM are violent people! They do nothing but disturb public order!”.
    You’ll be the bad guy, the women-hater, the intolerant.

    Welcome to Mini-Truth!

  • Nurdy Dancing

    *Copies and Pastes the email address into Gmail*
    because this is utterly ridiculous.

  • Roland3337

    Damn. The Vancouver PD stepped onto a big-ass turd.

    Same thing as all the others that have tried to shut us up. Same as Dave Furtelle in October of 2010. Same as Jessica Valentei when she found herself on And same as the SLPC in March of this year.

    Kick up a fuss. Try to make us looks crazy. Folks come and see what we’re about, and then they learn that we’re not. Our number grow. They look like totalitarians. More folks decide to fight for freedom.

    Ain’t truth a fucking bitch.

  • Nurdy Dancing

    Dear Constable Jim Chu
    I have read and article on about the response to an emergency call to the Vancouver Police department at approximately 2pm, September 1, 2012. The responder was Darren Ramdour, badge number 2534 and the caller was a Men’s Rights Activist named John.
    I have been following the articles on about John’s poster campaign on his website and have read of his struggle exercise his free speech, in what is apparently a very hostile climate, for his cause.
    His cause, Sir, is advocacy for the rights of men and boys, which are sorely lacking in many legal and social areas. He has been working to spread word of his advocacy by exercising his legal right to post flyers in the commercial drive area of Vancouver.
    He and his fellow Men’s Rights Activists, MRA’s, have been harassed several times. A recent instance of this harassment resulted in a call to the Vancouver police department after a safety officer was attacked by an individual who opposes John’s cause.
    I have seen the flyers in question, and I, as a woman find nothing hateful, degrading or otherwise objectionable about them. Yet the harassment and silencing of the MRA’s continues.
    Earlier today John and his fellow MRA’s were approached by an angry mob of twenty to thirty individuals, some of whom were armed with box cutters. John, instead of responding in similar fashion phoned the police. I assume he expected your constable to offer some assistance and protection during what had the potential to become a highly dangerous situation. Instead your constable forbade John and his fellow MRA’s to peacefully practice their constitutional right to free speech.
    Is it standard procedure in Vancouver to allow the enforcement of law to be swayed by the hostility of the majority? I ask because that is exactly what happened in this scenario. If the Vancouver Police department is committed to protecting the rights of every citizen regardless of political affiliations or gender I can only hope that something will soon be done to restore free speech to all, lest free speech becomes a privilege granted only to the hostile majority.

    • Tawil

      An helpful reply ND. I’m astonished that the police have forbade JTO his legal rights. On what basis??

      I believe there are grounds here for us to begin a campaign highlighting this incident unless it is reversed, this is an unacceptible outcome for a peaceful activity.

      Fortunately we have a few hundred thousand members here that can bring publicity to this incident if need be.

      • Nurdy Dancing

        ‘ I’m astonished that the police have forbade JTO his legal rights. On what basis??’
        because a crowd of morons exercising their right to be ignorant said so.

    • BlueBlood

      I have some experience in this arena and I can attest that these kind of letters to heads of Police stations are EXTREMELY effective. I would urge each and every member of AVfM to send a similar email or, even better, a hard copy letter which I believe are more effective still.

  • The Unforgiven

    This kind of behavior from Feminist doesn’t surprise me, when you challenge there views with logic and truth, they start getting emotionally unhinged, start yelling, crying or making threats of violence, usually leaving it to there man slaves to carry out said threats, I swear feminist pulled several pages out of the Nazi handbook of intimidating those who hold opposing political views.

  • Dannyboy

    Some fucked up shit there JTO, I am glad your ok.
    Really fucked up when you consider that S 63 of the criminal code of Canada states:

    Unlawful Assemblies and Riots
    63. (1) An unlawful assembly is an assembly of three or more persons who, with intent to carry out any common purpose, assemble in such a manner or so conduct themselves when they are assembled as to cause persons in the neighbourhood of the assembly to fear, on reasonable grounds, that they
    (a) will disturb the peace tumultuously; or
    (b) will by that assembly needlessly and without reasonable cause provoke other persons to disturb the peace tumultuously.

    Which looks a lot like what the anti-human rights mob with box cutters was there to do.

    And I could have sworn that the police take an oath or something about them laws.

    Oaths and affirmations
    70 (1) A person must take an oath or affirmation in the prescribed form before that person assumes office, exercises any power or performs any duty or function as any of the following under this Act:

    (a) an officer;…..
    ……..(4) An oath or affirmation required to be taken under this section must be filed with the person designated in the regulations.
    (5) Subsection (3) does not apply to a person referred to in subsection (2).

    Yes current consolidated law says they do and here it is:
    Police Act

    Form of oath or solemn affirmation
    1 For the purposes of section 70 of the Police Act, the following are to be used as the forms of oath or solemn affirmation, as applicable:

    (a) for an officer other than an enforcement officer:
    I, ……………[name], do [swear/solemnly affirm] that:
    • I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors;
    • I will, to the best of my power, cause the peace to be kept and prevent all offences against the persons and properties of Her Majesty’s subjects;

    Chief Constable Jim Chu I think your constable has some explaining to do as to that oath of his and this matter.
    Why didn’t Constable Ramdour enforce the law?
    Why wasn’t an armed unruly mob not arrested?

    • Dean Esmay

      Oh god, I’m going to go back to it. I’ve apologized for sounding “paranoid” before, BUT, I propose everyone thinking about postering do all of the following:

      1) NEVER do it alone, NEVER. (Just one of those thugs with a box cutter taking ONE swing could have opened John’s throat wide open. Could even be that they were just threatening and didn’t actually intend to kill him but so what?)

      2) ALWAYS have your buddy with a camera, always have that buddy at least 20, 30 paces away at a safe location to be filming. Buddy must always have camera at ready. Even if Buddy determines “shit, camera isn’t working!” if any potentially dangerous person approaches, pretend camera is working anyway. (N.B. a working camera is always better of course, I’m just saying even if it ain’t on if people think they’re being filmed they act different.)

      3) Never have anything on your person that could be even remotely construed as a weapon. No keychain wallets. No swiss army knife. No flashlight. Not even a goddamned toothpick in your mouth.

      4) Consider making a “postering outfit” that consists of clothing with no pockets–an old pair of jeans with the pockets torn out or sewn shut for example, and a shirt with no pockets (so no hostile cop can search you and “find” something in them.)

      We don’t need any phony or false arrests (look to Gordon Smith as an example of what can happen there) and we don’t need any thugs getting away with murder (and I don’t even put murder in scare-quotes this time) because someone didn’t have a camera.

      5) Always, always, always obtain police name and other ID number like badge #.

      • BlueBlood

        Body-worn video is cheap and readily available ($25 or so on ebay). Both the video and audio quality is good and the camera itself is around the size of a thumb. Most people will not realise they are being filmed, even though the camera is quite obvious when you know it’s there. I consider this to be essential equipment if you’re postering.
        And remember, if police are investigating any matter or giving you any kind of lawful direction they HAVE to give you their name and badge number. It’s not a secret, it’s on their shirt.

        • Skeptic

      • TMOTS

        in RE #3. Eff that. I have a LEGAL right to carry my Kimber in the lower 48. IF anyone threatens me with a boxcutter as I am plastering the two femme colleges here, well…. let’s just say….. yea.

        And if some rent-a-cop or white knight badge wearer were to attempt to take “betsy”… again I say well…

        Note though, not likely to happen here in cowhampshire anytime soon though.


        • Dean Esmay

          It’s not about exercising your legal right to protect yourself. It’s about not having your rights taken away because someone frames you.

          This isn’t about right to bear arms. If you want to get into it, I fully support the 2nd amendment and both concealed and unconcealed carry laws. That isn’t the point. In this context, you want to give law enforcement and the enemy NO pretext by which to trump up phony charges against you.

          In fact, so far as I’m concerned, if one of these thugs hits you, you don’t hit back, you fucking cover and block, or if there are sufficient witnesses and a camera, hit the ground and stay down there and be ready to press charges. This isn’t about what sane, logical people do in normal situations. We are not dealing in rational, sane, nor normal with these people. They WILL find a pretext to hurt you and lie about you if they can. They just proved it.

          I have ZERO doubt these thugs would have stabbed John if they’d had any pretext to do so.

          • TMOTS

            I understand that my brother. Just making a statement is all.

            Also, if It were to have been an assault on my person, they would be spending their afterlives in a pine box.

            Jes saying.


      • Suz

        Great advice. You should post it on the activism reddit. I’m going to put it on the sidebar of my directory.

        • Dean Esmay

          Would someone do it for me? I’m distracted and I’ll forget. Although maybe I’ll do a front-pager for it.

          • Suz


  • Rper1959

    Standard feminist tactic , well learned by the feminist students at Monash here in AU , deny freedom of expression to any who would dare challenge their ideas, then call in the male feminists with their violence by proxy, so far only online abuse and cyberbulling of mra’s but who knows what these innately violent feminists are capable of .

  • Dazza

    Well done VMRA for sticking with the poster campaign despite the opposition.

    I hope this ridiculous injustice somehow ends up working in the MRM’s favour.

  • nigeles175d

    This is playing right into VMRA’s hands. It vindicates AVfM’s “no violence” policy. The feminists and the Vancouver policemen have made themselves look absolute fools, we only now have to make the public aware.

    The important issue here is that the feminists are no longer ignoring VMRA. VMRA’s activism is having an effect. MRAs have been ignored and disparaged for years.

    “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”

    Mahatma Gandhi

    Please e-mail the Vancouver police department and local media outlets as suggested.

  • JinnBottle

    “If this is allowed to go unchecked, the result will be a free pass to rule by mob in the city of Vancouver, the only prerequisite being that the mob in question must be opposed to the human rights of men and boys.”

    Way to go, Paul. *This* strikes at the belly of the beast. The magic blade is Truth.

    Thank you so much, JtO, for your courage.

    Police need to add finding out *where, when & how* this armed mob organized and conspired to their To Do list.

  • limeywestlake

    We all knew that this was going to happen. Last week, we were confronted by one of these individuals who indicated that he was going to get together a group of men to stop us postering. He was very intimidating; indeed, an air of covert violence seemed somehow veiled by his apparent ‘concern.’ Furthermore, what was really eerie was that he knew all of our faces; he knew full well who we were as, when he approached us, we were standing on the sidewalk, talking to each other, a FULL 2 HOURS after we had finished our activism. In my mind, this signals that we are being watched at every turn. Placed under surveillance. Indeed, I personally, have witnessed my photo being taken by them.

    On top of this, if you add the generalized verbal abuse that we receive, on the odd occasion, by passers by, it can amount to a somewhat unnerving experience. Not that it is all bad, mind. Far from it. We get a gamut of encouraging remarks, too. However, this specific type of activism is different from any that I have engaged in heretofore. When one is standing up against the likes of Weyerhauser or Monsanto, there is a tacit agreement between all the opposing parties, a respect of sorts; your right to stand in opposition, while not condoned, is understood and partially condoned. It is precisely this dynamic that can be conspicuously absent when doing MRA work. Personally, it is this refusal, by many, to be understood in a ‘traditionally oppositional context,’ that is new to me. I have been shot looks of absolute contempt and disgust – ones that I never ever got while engaging in activities against corporate malfeasance or governmental oversight.

    Our encounter last week gave rise to a small but cogent difference in opinion on how to deal with individuals such as these white knights. There are those who want to engage them head on in a battle of political will, while there are some who question the utility value in such engagement (especially when the denial in these individuals is largely unshakeable.) Their investment in being ‘good men’ encompasses their entire ego identity. It is their being – literally the glue holding the edifice of their psyche together.

    I am veering toward to the latter position on this issue of ‘engagement,’ but I suspect that may be fear, my emotions, corralling my judgement.

    This is where I take my hat off to JtO. The guy is right in there, undaunted, speaking his truth to whomsoever may need to hear it. He really is the real deal – all that he purports to be (and more besides.) I have yet to fathom where, exactly, he gets all this stoic courage from. My guess is that this is a reserve of will that could only have come from one of the faculties in the University of Hard Knocks.

    For one, I am not as half as courageous as he, but I am working on it, incrementally. But I digress. I would encourage all here to write to Jim Chu in support of the Vancouver MRA.

    For free speech. For the rights of men and boys.

    Hell, do it for John…

    • JinnBottle

      It’s cliche, but maybe it’s cliche in this case because it’s true: Feeling the fear, and doing it anyway is in a sense even more courageous than acting from a normally assured, pro-active body/mindset (insofar as such a thing as a “naturally brave” man exists; I have my doubts, given that men the world over as a group huddled in cowed, or else complacent, silence in Feminism’s face for 50 years).

      In any case, feeling the fear and doing it anyway is as courageous as any man needs to be, in my esteem. This was reinforced mightily this week as I watched Daddy Justice with, I take it, but a single companion, take on the US House of Representatives’ institutionalized hypocrisy. If I got myself to go on such a mission, I wonder if my voice would shake too much, or my mind dry up for responses – as Daddy’s did *not*! – at the crisis point(s). I saw the threat of a least one tear in your eyes as you were marching forward, Daddy, and that makes you all the more a hero. Thank you, once again.

      And thank *you*, LimeyWestLake.

  • Perseus

    ‘White knighting’ now officially bears the double entendre, lynch mobbing genetic supremacists in white robes and self-debasing eunics addicted to belief in the existential superiority of another group of humans.

    Could there be a more direct affront on freedom of expression? “Men’s rights are human rights”. –Illegal.

    Looks like the slow pitch right down the middle for the likes of Mr. Don Hollander, crack this one out of the park..

  • Dean Esmay

    We should probably get a copy of the police report. If they work like cops around here do, John himself would probably have to ask for it.

  • outdoors

    JTO needs to file a complaint.

    Make sure that you mention that cop’s failing to do their job is a punishable offence with a jail sentence of up to two year’s.

    I am sure the chief will dismiss it all as hearsay.

    Seems to be SOP for police chiefs across canada.

  • Obaoill

    Well I submitted my E-mail explaining my shock as a Canadian citizen about this case. I also explained my concern of visiting a city where officers believed that the mob rules, and freedom of speech is not allowed, and asked for a response on my call for the said office to be accountable for his misjudgement in this matter.

  • yinyangbalance

    Why in the world are you guys not video recording this? You’d think you would learn the first time.

    Get someone to follow the poster with a camera.

    • limeywestlake

      In this instance our numbers were greatly diminished for a myriad of reasons. Usually we do have recording devices. This was one of the times that we did not have a ‘cameraman, per se.’

      Moreover, sometimes, when under attack, the brain can become focused only with dealing with what is right in front of one’s nose as it were. I am sure we will get more adept at this in time.

  • AntZ

    Feminism has allways been mob rule.