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Nurdy Dancing compares shaming of Blacks to shaming of men

blurb Nigger Nurdy

See also Janet Bloomfield’s latest article on Thought Catalog (out today) making precisely the same analogy: Seven Ways Black Sociology Shows What Is Wrong With Feminism

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Natasha is a blogger, vlogger, recreational bellydancer, a reader, rather tall and most recently a traitor to her gender. She is also a mother who understands that someday her son, who is presently a toddler will grow up, and have to survive in this world

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  • OldandNavy

    An oldie and still a Goldie.

    That was a great piece from Janet in the link there.

  • Bewildered

    Where’s she,btw ?

  • http://menaregood.com/ Tom Golden

    Damn. I had never heard that youtube before. Damn. That is a potent talk.

  • pinetree

    That came from the soul. Just how blacks got strengthened from understanding the truth. Thank you Nurdy. Deep respect.

  • crydiego

    As a white man who grew up as a child in the south during the 50’s I cannot agree with you. You did a great job in showing some parallels but honestly there is no equivalence between the treatment of men and the condition of blacks in the past.

    The word nigger struck fear in blacks and whites alike because nothing could be more fearful for a white southern than to be labeled a nigger lover. The blacks had no power and no backup so for a white to try and help them was futile and yet, to not help was shameful in their heart. It is hard to understand today how powerless blacks and good whites were in those days. The power of racism was all powerful and the blacks felt the full weight of it.

    So yes, there are some parallels, but as for me I cannot accept any equivalency; I would only feel shame in accepting that.

    • saris1

      I agree and I also think she left out an important part of the KKK’s history. Most of the lynchings were initiated by women who being caught, or suspected of, having intimate relations with black men would make up stories and the ‘white knights’ would ride out for ‘justice.’ That little part seems to be left out of almost every documentary, feminist film on patriarchy and early education on racism (history of).

  • DukeLax

    The ruling elite on campuses around the US, are the now perpetually offended,….”Gender-feminists”. They have gained their “Empowerment” by inflaming the public with “Inflama-prop” .

    • DukeLax

      Gender-feminists..are the only group on campus that All university presidents around the country have an “Open door policy” with…..at all times!!!

  • DukeLax

    “They can be legally abused…and everyone looks the other way”…this is a bit of gold here nerdy dancing.

  • Walter Hickman, Jr

    It is what it is, no one whats to hear the truth from a man especially a black man. It does not matter how educated or how right he is . Times have not changed white women has always been viewed by their male counter parts as special exceptional miss goodie two shoes and their sanctany can not be challeged. I applaud Steven A for voicing his opinion this is America right,unless you work for a white man which most of us do . Suspend me, because i am who i am, when i speak the truth my skin is still black and does not change to lilly white to appease you.

    • DukeLax

      Walter, i almost take offense at youre statement in a condescending tone …….”Unless you work for a white man, which most of us do”.
      I am a white man, and an MRM…..you gotta refine youre rhetoric man, so as to not offend others in the MRM….just sayin!!

      • Walter Hickman, Jr

        Case & point the President/ the truth has a way of lending itself in such a matter that no one is/wants listening. So, you feel as a white man that I need to tone down my rhetoric. As a black man the freedom to express myself is the only true freedom I have other than death itself. Everything that i do or say to express myself has to be worthy of life itself because at that point I may lose my life , my dreams all in an instant. What I say is not offensive, but truthful. I respect your opinion; please respect mine.

  • Megistus

    The mechanisms and techniques for, isolating, vilifying and dehumanizing a segment of the population remain unchanged regardless of whom they are applied to.

  • DukeLax

    Its becoming more and more clear each day…that white gender-feminists that now dominate American media, do not like…..Black football players, Able-ist white football players ( or any other able-ist sports player for that matter)…they do not like hetero-males…..they do not like sport teams, ……….they do not like frat boys….they do not like “Able-ist” people ( whatever Able-ist means)………………………..they do not like black football players….they do not like team sports that promote “Able-ism” ( Able-ism….whatever that means)….they do not like fraternities…they do not like hetero-males, they do not like black football players……Am i missing anything???

    • Walter Hickman, Jr

      Yes , freedom of speech, dictionary and the right to remain silent so ignorance won’t be exposed with a name!!!

  • DukeLax

    google “judith Grossman”