No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Richard Farnum’s Homecoming – 1957

Photo Caption: TEARFUL FAREWELL – Carol Farnum weeps as she says good-bye to her father, Richard C. Farnum, who took her and two other children from home after he returned to Mississippi to find wife divorced, remarried. Stephen, Carol’s brother, is also held by his father.

FULL TEXT (Article 1 of 2): A Santa Barbara oil field worker was arrested early yesterday as he arrived at International Airport after Gulfport (Miss.) police telegraphed that he had kidnapped his three children from his former wife.

Richard C. Farnum, 34, was booked on suspicion of kidnapping by police who met him when he arrived with his two sons and daughter aboard an American Airlines plane. Later he was released on a writ of habeas corpus returnable March 5 in Superior Court. The three children from a nursing home where his wife, Mrs. Barbara Murphy, had placed them while she went on a honeymoon with her new husband.

“I didn’t even know she was divorcing me,” Farnum protested to police. “I called the day she was getting married and told her I was buying her a house. She didn’t say a thing.

“I came out here last September to work in the oil fields. As soon as I was established she was to join me.

“Then last week a friend called me and said she had married someone else.”

Farnum said he had been living in Santa Barbara with his brother Stephen. The brother and the two men’s mother, Mrs. Blanche Farnum, were at the airport when the plane arrived.

[“Man Held as Kidnapper of his three children; Arrested on Arrival Here From Mississippi With Family on Complaint of Former Wife,” Los Angeles Times (Ca.), Feb. 26, 1957, p. 2]


FULL TEXT (Article 2 of 2): Richard O. Farnum, 34, oil rigger accused of kidnapping his three children, yesterday settled his dispute with his former wife by retaining the two older children and allowing her the youngest.

Terms of the compromise were disclosed in Superior Judge Harold W. Schweitzer’s court when Farnum’s petition for guardianship over the children, Stephen, 5; Carroll, 4, and John, 1, was removed from the calendar.

~ Moves to Santa Barbara ~

Farnum’s attorney, Walter H. Young, said that Farnum had moved to Santa Barbara with the two older children and that his former wife, Mrs. Barbara Lee Murphy, had taken back to the home she has established with her new husband, Charles Murphy, in Handsboro, Miss.

The oil worker was arrested here last Feb. 25 upon alighting from an airliner with the three children, who were placed in Juvenile Hall. But in his guardianship petition, Farnum said he had left Handsboro to work in California and that upon his return to bring his wife and children here he had found that she had obtained a divorce and was on her honeymoon with Murphy.

He charged that the divorce decree was illegal because he was not notified and asked that he be given full control over the children.

But the settlement carried his agreement to recognize validity of the divorce. He still must appear before Superior Judge Louis H. Burke April 4, however; for disposition of the extradition request made by Mississippi authorities on the kidnapping charge.

[“Man Accused in Kidnap Case Settles Dispute; Oil Rigger Keeps His Two Older Children and Allows Former Wife the Youngest,” Los Angeles Times, Mar. 21, 1957, part 1, p. 5]


Here is the publication summons placed by the scheming Mrs. Farnum while her husband was out of town preparing a new home for his family:

The trick of using a published service of summons, when the litigant knows the location of the other party, but claims ignorance of same, so that the litigant may get a default judgment, has been common in United States divorces since 1805, when the crooked practices of judges and lawyers in Vermont became a scandal throughout the young nation. (See post: The Origin of Divorce Court Corruption, Vermont Divorces – 1805)

[Biloxi Daily Herald (Miss.), Jan. 7, 1957, p. 15

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Father’s Day is coming up. Tens of millions of children will be allowed “visitation” by our great State, which is here to “protect us.” And tens of millions will not.

    • scatmaster

      Damn Robert I clicked the up button and my browser reset itself and downmodded you I apologize.

  • Shrek6

    Oh for the day when they start putting criminal bitches in prison where they belong.

    Robert St. E, we don’t have Father’s Day until the beginning of September down here in the Land of Oz.

    Usually for the 2 weeks prior to Father’s Day, the seething bitch brigade put up all the anti-domestic violence ads that only depict victim women and violent men.
    Plus the ads where there is a child hiding in a bedroom while the father is sneaking down the hallway to that frightened child’s room. Obviously they are trying to get you to believe it is for sex.

    It’s no wonder most women in Australia are complete nutcase wankers, because they are too stupid to think for themselves and because they lack maturity, like children, they believe everything they see on TV.

    This is the vile toxic television we have to put up with each year prior to Father’s Day. Thus the devaluing of Father’s Day, which passes without much public notice. complete opposite to Mother’s Day.

    Makes for a wonderful celebration!

    • Bubbles

      Each country has it’s own flavor of misandry. Australia, India, US, Britain, Sweden, and Canada seem to be competing for the International Misandry Championship. Australia seems to be in the top three at least.

      • Stu

        Yeah, our feminazis are better then your feminazis :)

        We’re number one. Aussies rule.

        • Rog

          maybe not better but if you see the fems doing something in one country they definitely will try it in another, some countries are proving grounds so they can establish precedent and man you aussies are leading the the way with Sweden unfortunately,, but when it comes to the feminist cash cow im willing to bet that America won that title decades ago…

        • Zorro

          Whatever happened in Australia, anyway? How did you guys get saddled with more than your fair share of harpies? I would have thought Sweden or Israel would be the World’s Leading Sewer of Harridanism.

          Judging from what has been posted on AVfM, you’d think this toxic disease began there. What gives?

          • Stu

            I really don’t know. I noticed in the 90s that our country was becoming a mug of county, suffering from terminal political correctness and rapidly growing radical feminism. It doesn’t even seem like Australia to me anymore. Probably why I really couldn’t give a shit if I looked out the window and seen giant mushroom clouds all round. What we call true blue Aussies have become rare. Hardly anybody seems to have that fair go for all attitude that characterized Aussies. It morphed into brain deadening PC crap. I still think Sweden is worse, and in some way the US is worse. NZ is worse. Anyway, us Aussie diggers have fought against impossible odds before, and won…..in fact….we never lose. They are waking a sleeping giant.

        • Bubbles

          The only thing she leaves out is “or else!”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7ZrBCY9ipI

          OT: how do I change my profile picture? I’ve looked at least three times in all the common sense places to no avail. Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated!

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            Haha – good vid!

            I’d also like to echo Bubbles’ query – how the bloody hell do you put an avatar into the profile? I can’t work it out either.

          • scatmaster
      • jack

        Things are changing regarding individual countries, the only rule being that feminism is gaining ground everywhere. For example the rate of change in Brazil right now towards feminocracy is so frightening that Brazil may well overtake Sweden within the next 5 years. Ten years ago Brazil was still a men’s haven. This is good to know for people who have contemplated acquiring Brazilian citizenship.

        • Bubbles

          Thanks for the heads up! Been looking south, but more like Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, and/or Chile.

        • Zorro

          I have heard about Brazil’s current bimbo prez mandating homes gov’t subsidized automatically going to the wife in divorces, and no woman can make less than a man (how the F that will work out is a mystery that would require feminist math and a bowl of fairy dust).

          I am seriously thinking about expating and Brazil was my first choice. I intend to research the rise of state feminism in Brazil, and if you have any pointers or advice for me, I’d love to hear it. If a country can become as bad as Sweden in 5 years, then it can collapse or reverse itself just as fast.

          Anyway, I will never marry nor allow myself to get a woman pregnant. With that out of the picture, divorce law means jack shit to me. But false accusation laws and Jessica Vilenti-esque “guilty until proven innocent” ghoulishness does concern me. Any tips, Jack?

  • Not buying it

    IThe feminazi institutions of misandry, male bashing & hatred, dislike father’s day specially in Britain due to father’s protesting, pulling stints that are dramatic usually, to keep the issues of father’s rights in the forefront of the public eye & it has created not only sympathy to father’s rights but it had the general public see the ugly, sexist realties of feminism.

    • Strange

      Yep – more power to Fathers For Justice.

  • Lee

    ‘Richard O. Farnum, 34, oil rigger accused of kidnapping his three children, yesterday settled his dispute with his former wife by retaining the two older children and allowing her the youngest.’

    Well, considering the sort of woman that would do something like this, that last one probably isn’t his anyways. What a cunt!

  • Kimski

    This is one of those articles that just pisses me off to no end.

  • Zorro

    The trick of using a published service of summons, when the litigant knows the location of the other party, but claims ignorance of same, so that the litigant may get a default judgment, has been common in United States divorces since 1805, when the crooked practices of judges and lawyers in Vermont became a scandal throughout the young nation.

    I grew up in and currently live in Vermont. Trust me, our lawyers and judges have been a scandal from Day One and continue the tradition presently. Our capitol, Montpelier, is a reeking feminist pisshole.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      Then, you would do well to make the text of Vermont Divorces well known throughout the state. This would be the sort of direct action that would promote our agenda (truth, rule of law). The 1805 article bemoans injustices against women in particular, but that is OK. In the divorce courts, it is usually the sociopath that has the advantage, regardless of sex. “Vermont Divorces”:


      Slam the Barfia — this cabal with its incessant extortion, proxy kidnappings, child-drugging mandates and habeas violations!