No blacks allowed at Christy Clark’s white-only events

A longtime member of the B.C. Liberals heard Premier Christy Clark was in town for a meeting with the faithful, so he showed up at Browns Socialhouse in North Vancouver to hear her speak at a breakfast gathering.

Just one problem: He may be a diehard Liberal but he also happens to be black. So he was asked to leave the Aug. 2 event, which specifically banned blacks from attending.

“It was explained to him that we could not accept his cheque — the event was an opportunity for whites only to meet the premier,” government spokesperson Shane Mills said on Monday.

“He wasn’t upset or anything. There wasn’t a big fight about it. It was a white-only event, that was explained to him and that was that.”

The breakfast was one of a series of white-only events Clark has held around B.C. as the governing Liberals watch their support plunge among white voters. I’m told the black man who was booted out of the breakfast meeting is embarrassed by the whole thing and doesn’t want his name publicized.

Clark has been a fierce critic of the NDP’s “racial equity” quota system, where some ridings have been designated for white-only candidates in the next election. She has called the policy racial discrimination that’s insulting to blacks and patronizing to whites.

But that hasn’t stopped Clark from enthusiastically embracing a “No Blacks Allowed” policy at her white-only socials.

“We kick all the blacks out,” Clark boasted proudly at an Aug. 3 white-only luncheon in Delta, where not even black waiters were spared from the Liberals’ racial rules.

“We have gotten rid of the black server and everything,” Clark said. “Because I notice conversations happen differently when it’s just whites in the room.”

Mills said the North Vancouver breakfast meeting was sponsored by the Liberals’ four North Shore MLAs: Jane Thornthwaite, Naomi Yamamoto, Joan MacIntyre and Ralph Sultan.

Mills said that Sultan was not at the event, but not because he’s black. He said Sultan was not able to attend because of other commitments, but he would have been allowed into the room if he had showed up.

Why would Sultan have been allowed in, but all other blacks would have been kicked out?

“Because Ralph was a sponsoring MLA and it was a white round table,” Mills explained, adding that invitations to the $20-a-plate event were clearly labelled as “white only.”

Why is Christy Clark doing this? Take a look at the recent opinion polls and the answer is obvious: Her support among white voters is crashing at an alarming rate.

The last Angus Reid poll pegs Liberal support among whites at a minuscule 15 per cent, compared to 53 per cent of whites who say they support Adrian Dix and the NDP.

That is a stunning 38-point advantage for the NDP among white voters, and it has the Liberals feeling desperate. Their answer? Send Christy into white-only events to ramp up white support.

“We’re taking over, white people!” Clark said at the Delta event.

But pollster Mario Canseco said Clark is having a difficult time connecting with white voters.

“Things have become increasingly bad for the governing party under the current premier,” said Canseco, noting Liberal support among white voters had plunged from 37 per cent to just 15 per cent under Clark.

My take on this one? I’d say this is a desperate and hypocritical move by Christy Clark to shore up her crashing support among white voters.

But I have a feeling it may backfire, for exactly the same reason that Clark opposed the NDP’s white-only candidate quotas: Her patronizing, discriminatory approach may turn off more whites than it attracts.

Note: this article is a parody of an article from, and placed here under the Fair Use Act. The content is true to the original article, only references to sex have been replaced by references to race. This provides a more clear reflection of the attitudes of the politicians and the media involved in this story.

  • quolls

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  • Rper1959

    Unbelievable! Thought it was legit to start with but of course a modern liberal democracy like Canada wold not allow condoning of racism at this level.

    But hey , they happily allow condoning of sexism at this level and everyone thinks it completely fine!

    They do it in Australia as well, it’s called Emily’s list, I recently tried to join , applied on their online form and my money was taken. I was about to write them and say ok when do I get my membership details ? and invites to Emily’s list events etc. Then came the letter: my application has been declined , under their constitution only women are allowed to join, and they had refunded my money. I would not receive bonus goodies promised in the March membership drive (including this wonderful potery fridge magnet )

    Ok I ‘m prompted now to send a complaint to the commissioner for discrimination against men about that one? Perhaps emily’s list has been granted an “exemption” under the Sex Discrimination Act ? but I want to see it in writing!

  • Zerbu

    This parody is a good example of the double-standard in society on how discrimination is viewed. It would be viewed negatively if you reversed the genders too.

  • quolls

    Go Dr. C … was hoping someone would try joing Emilys Bigots List … I really need to get somonre on the inside … we very much need to start opperating like ‘Mossad’ out of necesity. Anyone interested …

  • droobles

    After reading the original article, one must wonder how people didn’t get outraged about that.

    Great insight on the parody!

  • JFinn

    “Because I notice conversations happen differently when it’s just women in the room.”

    Translation: you can say “men are dogs” without adding the “tee hee just kidding.”

    Let me try the bigotry detector on that common phrase: “Jews are dogs.” Yep, this works well.

  • keyster

    Slick man, really slick.

    Women don’t have a voice in politics, let alone access to politicians. Haven’t you heard?

    Divide and conquer needs to be much more subtle.

    • The Real Peterman

      Only 53% of people who voted in the 2008 American election were women, so clearly they don’t have enough power in politics.

      • Kukla

        Only 53%!? Not enough. Damn you patriarchy! DAMN YOU!

  • J3DIforce1

    Just more proof that feminist are more cocerned with supremacy than they are with equality! Cunt!

    • J3DIforce1

      Oh! And just let me add that this just throws more gas on the fire of disgust on how women only forums and gatherings are fine, but god forbid men do the same. Bitches like this will just simply sue and moan there way into male safe zones and events. Pathetic!

      • MarkofWisdom

        They already do that, hell if nothing else check out almost any mainstream media site and on the sidebar you’ll see a “women’s” section but almost never a men’s section-and any complaints of the blatant sexism are men with an idiotic fallacy like “everything else is for men” or “it is called HIStory for a reason-everything in it revolves around men”

        • Manifold

          “it is called HIStory for a reason-everything in it revolves around men”

          Doesn’t it? I mean, I’ve seen people here say just that. That men did all the important stuff, like fighting wars, inventing cool technology, going to the Moon, landing Curiosity.

          • MarkofWisdom

            As far as I know “history” is just a word, not something that actually has to do with pronouns, just coincidence. As for “men have done all the important stuff”-there have been more men doing those things then women throughout history-especially fighting and dying in wars. In the history books and classes I’ve seen(the ones that were mostly unbiased at least) they didn’t try to play up one sex’s accomplishments more than the other or try to block the other out-I’ve heard of the women like Marie Curie and Ada Lovelace, but the revisionist “herstory” that the feminist ideologues want to push wants to exclude the accomplishments of men if possible and to play up the accomplishments of women that are objectively not as influential or important

  • Anti Idiocy

    Fine twist on the original article, Paul. One line edit you might want to make though: Do you want “She has called the policy sexual discrimination that’s insulting to blacks and patronizing to whites” to be “She has called the policy racial discrimination that’s insulting to blacks and patronizing to whites”?

  • Bubbles

    This is some far-out bizzaro-world shit right here… Holy Moly…

  • The Real Peterman

    If the roles were reversed, people would be sued and careers ended. Is this that “male privilege” I keep hearing about?

  • MrStodern

    “Because I notice conversations happen differently when it’s just men in the room.”

    Of all the aspects of a man (any man) talking about holding any kind of well-publicized event where women aren’t welcome, this is probably the one that would get people the most fired up.

    They wouldn’t even be asking themselves just what men could possibly talk about differently when women aren’t around. They’d just go ahead and assume that it’d be nothing but offensive comments about women, and the occasional story about how they violently raped a chick and got away with it in college.

    How would women attending this no-men-allowed event feel if everyone were to assume there’ll be nothing but man-bashing and the occasional story about how they took a man to the cleaners and got away with it just last week? Probably not very good, I imagine. They may even make a major stink about how men try to bully them out of having their own female safe spaces.

    There is no bigger lie about present times in the western world than “male privilege”.

  • JFinn

    OT: links of manosphere sites that have been taken down:

    I’m no fan of inmalafide, but this is good for future reference.

  • Andy Man

    Whether it’s based on race, or gender, there should be no place for prejudice in modern society.

  • TheUnknown

    While my first reaction was to complain that racism and sexism are not interchangeable concepts, this did make me think about how differently I view an organization or person when I see them as racism vs. when I see them as sexist.

    And I think it’s very telling that in today’s political world the answer to losing female supporters is to create events that are not merely targeted at women, but that are solidly sexist in their actions.

  • AntZ

    A month ago I did something similar at the office where I work, with Obamacare. I planned it to be serious, but after we started reading everyone began to laugh. It was so absurd, that there was nothing else to do.

  • AntZ

    OT: Possible danger to MRA leadership, deranged killers being encouraged to kill by the SPLC

    Connection between SPLC “hate group” lists and the DC mass shooting:

    If this connection is as solid as it appears to be, then MRAs could also be at risk from violent and deranged killers egged on by SPLC hate mongering. The recent attacks against GWW make me even more concerned about safety issues after the SPLC’s reckless incitement of violence and hate. Before you dismiss this danger as unlikely, remember that the SPLC has close links to Radical feminists who advocate mass murder and euthanasia as a solution to the “plageu of men.” They are capable of any kind of violence, especially when they are given moral cover for murder by the SPLC.

    Quote from the article:

    “Let me be clear that Floyd Corkins was responsible for firing the shot yesterday,” Family Research Council President Tony Perkins told reporters in Washington about the suspect. “But Corkins was given a license to shoot an unarmed man by organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center that have been reckless in labeling organizations hate groups because they disagree with them on public policy.”

    Perkins said the SPLC “should be held accountable for their reckless use of terminology that is leading to the intimidation and what the FBI here has categorized as an act of domestic terrorism.”

    • harrywoodape

      Thanks for the warning. OOOh I’m so fucking scared. Look, I’m prepared to die. I dont give a fuck if they murder me. Bring it. Death is preferrable to watching them continue to make stupid lies and watching their white knuckled grip on THEIR reality spread from human to human.
      I am not afraid of cowards and feminised beotches. A world of slavitude or cages for the finest of men and the brave is not worth shit anyway. But thanks for the warning.

    • harrywoodape

      Your post got me thinking Antz. More important, it got me moving. Which is a change from the depression I have been in.
      Look, if they are going to kill me, then I want to come out and make it clearer exactly why they are killing me. So I am of the mind that hiding behind aliases and watching what I say and who I say it to is no longer what I’m about.
      The land I live in Canada – is no longer sovereign – it is no longer free – and it is a lie. It has been for some time.
      Im losing my son to a corrupt system and a crazy lady. I am going to do something about it. Im going to tell the truth. Im going to shout it and some people are going to hear it. Im doing it for me, im doing it for my son, and Im doing it for every family fucked up and every child that is fucked up from birth from over 50 years of feminist bullshit. Im well aware of the dangers. I expect to be ignored, then intimidated, then possibly institutionalized and branded insane or dangerous or killed or thrown in jail or whatever. I think that the whole misandry thing is VITAL and held dear by the same corporate masters that run this whole show. It is not just ignorance and bigotry that is at play here…IT IS DELIBERATE. It is an essential part of their plan to dominate us all…and our children from birth.
      My views will be looked at as from another planet by almost everyone where I am from. This area seems slated for a femtopia model for the world.
      Feminist activism and systemic influence is really strong here. But thanks to the internet….I know Im not alone. September is my month. If they shoot me then….well…it wasnt cause I was jaywalking…it will be clear to those that want to know….it is because I stood up and spoke the truth….and that will expose their lies to those that want to know the truth…it will show their true face. I expect to be lied about if I get killed. I expect to be discredited…I am certainly not the first or the last that they have done this to….but that is going to put fear into their hearts…because they cant bury the truth. Fortune to the brave. Im packin some truth in digital format and it makes a few poweful bullies that pretend they are benevolent look like something else under neath. Off with their mask…lets see who they really are.

  • Europa Phoenix

    I love how you push Feminists on their own shit. It’s just perfect.

    Here a little drawing I made. It could illustrate this article :


    Should black passengers be allowed to sit next to unaccompanied children? (Virgin Airlines ordered Fireman Johnny McGirr to sit away from unaccompanied minor)

    You don’t get it. Whites and males are both privileged classes and thus not protected. You must not discriminate against Blacks and Women, historically repressed classes who are still suffering from thousand years of repressions.

    Reverse discrimination is totally legal, even necessary to offset the damage done by slavery and by patriarchy.


    Can’t you get it?

  • ActaNonVerba

    Fark these whoars .

  • Frimmel

    Okay, so let me see if I’m following. Her support among women is crashing because she is against discrimination (against the female only ridings) so to bolster her support she is engaging in discrimination?

  • ChrisD

    Wow, i’m rarely shocked but this is truly awful. I didn’t think that politicians in western democracies could get away with being overtly racist. Oh sure plenty of them are secretly racist but to actually launch a whites only meeting is astounding.

    This woman is an absolute scumbag.

    • kiwihelen

      Read the red box. Paul did a “find & replace” of “women & white” and “men & black”…it is a terrific illustration of the nature of misandry and how it is condoned, when it is as bad as racism.

      • ChrisD

        Lol you’re absolutely right. Not sure how I missed that, maybe I thought it was an ad or something. Oh well, egg on face.

        The article is very good still.

  • harrywoodape

    Beautiful Paul. That is a stunner of a parody. Well done sir. That is a weapon against ignorance. :)