India decides feeding men doesn’t matter

In India, 40% of people earn less than 2 dollars a day. If we normalize it using purchase power parity (PPP), then it would be less than 10 dollars a day in the USA. So, the current center-left Congress Party ruled government started a law called Food Security Bill, which is basically a food stamps act. The government plans to provide free or subsidized food to almost 67% of population of the country. India is not an importer of food as it produces enough food due to its tropical weather, good quality agricultural land, and rivers. Still, the government will spend more than 21 billion dollars in a year to run this Food Stamps program. This is the largest such program in the world. The president of India signed this ordinance, which has to be ratified by the parliament in next 6 months.

The law says that the eldest woman in the household will be the only official recipient of the food for the family. If a poor man wants food, then the eldest female member of his family has to show her biometric- identity card called “Aadhar card” and receive the food on his behalf. She will decide how the food will be shared in the family. As many poor people in villages still live in join family households, this creates a very dangerous situation for elderly men. For example, if a 30-year old woman is the eldest woman in a joint family household, she can easily deny this benefit to the old father-in-law and starve him, as she is the only recipient of this food. Even her 35-year old husband will have no say in it. This form of elder abuse can extend to the younger woman blackmailing the old man to transfer the farm land or house property into her name. Blackmail by women using law and policy designed for their protection is not unprecedented in Indian culture, with the results hitting extended family and even very young children. Last year, 13000 male farmers committed suicide in India, and poverty is not the only reason.

Patriarchy and Matriarchy coexisted in India for ages. Now, the government has officially declared that the Indian Family has to be headed by a Matriarch. When this law gets implemented through the Government’s public food distribution system, it will define only women as recipients and one will only see women queuing for food. The woman will also have the freedom to sell the food that she receives and no man in her family can question her.

The law will cost the equivalent of 21 billion US dollars to Indian tax payers. Purchase power parity (PPP) conversion varies widely inside India between urban and rural areas due to huge rich and poor gap. Because of the difference in purchasing power, the ultimate gain for poor people will be disproportionately high. Their collective benefit will be the equivalent of more than 100 billion US dollars, based on the rural India PPP conversion factor of 5. All that food and money will go to women, both young and old.

International feminist economists have already defined women as the predominantly poor in the world, notwithstanding the fact that 13000 farmers have committed suicide in India last year or there are more homeless men than women in India. India’s Prime Minister is an Oxford Educated Economist and a feminist ideologue. These feminists do not want the poor men to receive support from government as they have already defined only women as poor. A poor hungry man can’t go to a government public distribution agency and ask for food. He has to get a woman from his family or he has to produce detailed government documentation to prove to the corrupt officials that there is no woman in his family and he is a single old man. The semi-literate helpless poor men will not able to cross this big bureaucratic hurdle. Instead, they will starve and die.

The government claims that this food stamp law will improve the country’s Human Development Index. Of course, it will. This index is created for the United Nations Development Program by two white knight economists from the Indian Subcontinent. This will also improve India’s rank in Global Gender Gap Report by World Economic Forum, which also paints poverty as oppression of women. The life expectancy gap is a major indicator of gender parity in this method of ranking. If 200 million poor elderly Indian men die of hunger much earlier than poor women, then India will celebrate as it gets a better rank in Global Gender Gap report.






About Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar is an Engineer and Artificial Intelligence scientist. He became so frustrated with stupidity of sociologists that he decided to become a social researcher himself. He is one of the founders of modern men's movement in India and he is associated with many Men's Rights NGOs. He has been invited by Indian Parliamentary Committees several times to speak about amendments to domestic violence and divorce laws. He is also founder of India's first Men's Rights Research and Community Center at Bangalore.

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  • GQuan

    ^ You surely must know that for feminists the sight of three homeless men and one homeless woman generates outrage about the condition of women and demands that Women’s Poverty be combated.

    These people have the narrative in place: “Society benefits men and oppresses women”. If a person who happens to be a woman is disadvantaged or suffering somehow, then it must be BECAUSE she’s a woman, and from her we must extrapolate to women as a group.

    The world is indeed that crazy.

  • Sad Dad

    This is sad!!! How can they let this happen? I have no words..

  • theoutside

    The Indian government should be sued in the World Court.

    • Stu

      They will have their day, in the end. I don’t know how bad they will have to make things, but however bad that is, they will take it up to that point, and beyond, and then they will be made to pay.

      • theoutside

        I wonder what the various Christian churches in India have to say about this.

  • David G

    Men in India have been demoted to the status of dogs, with women their owners.

    • Stu

      Wrong, if you done to dogs, what they are treating men like over there, you would be arrested

  • Stu

    Nothing surprises me at all. Wonder if there are lots of men in India who think all they have to do is remain single and not have anything to do with women to solve their problems.

  • El Bastardo

    This is a major salvo across the bow. They have truly declared war on men the world over, and now are getting far more creative, at least they think, by using tired old laws with ever more draconian “new” twists.

    The thing I feel is going to happen is a world wide backlash, not in the positive as members of this site would adhere to, but a direct and diametrically opposed worldview of men who are the maculinists in the toxic sense like radical feminists. They are going to set themselves up for massive hatred. No amount of vajayjay is ever going to get their street cred back when disreputable men, like their female counterparts today, are viewed as heroes for the atrocities they commit against their opposite gender.

    At some point, the turnaround comes. I think Obama’s current fatherhood and marriage initiatives are a stalwart stop gap, in their mind at least, that the power of the vagina will compel men to forgive and forget.

    I think they might forgive, but I certainly don’t think they will forget seeing their fathers and other male friends and relatives starve to death in India. Or anywhere for that matter. Or that they will appreciate the lies the UN has told to men of Africa that AIDS can be defeated if they give their foreskins to “research” (read make up companies like Oprah’s). Or the overwhelming flood tide, both boys and girls, who have suffered at the hands of family courts and seen the treatment of their father’s and themselves. Or how the UN used the earthquake in Haiti to elevate women over men by only releasing the food and new titles to property to women.

    This are a modicum of what these harpies have committed. I can’t fathom how they could possibly get away with it without removing us. All of us!

  • Alexander Hunt

    Because there’ll always be more of us to do the work.

  • earl

    Well another country goes down the NWO train.

    This too will pass.

  • napocapo69

    At some extent it reminds me the policy for microcredit in Bangladesh, but that was implemented not for buying food.
    This law basically establishes that the family is mother +children
    I thing that AVFM should set an observatory on India, it seems thare is a giant social engineering program running there, governed by UN.
    The segregation law on public transport system, the suicide laws, this food law…something weird is going on there…

    • Lucian Vâlsan

      “I thing that AVFM should set an observatory on India, it seems thare is a giant social engineering program running there, governed by UN.” – This is why we have Anil, whom we can’t thank enough for bringing us news that can rarely be found anywhere else.

      • theoutside

        Yes, but a lawsuit has to be brought somehow.

  • Wylie

    This is nothing new. It’s been a trend in UN and such aid for at least a decade now. Anybody remember they did the same thing in Haiti after the earthquake several years ago?

    There was another disaster I believe in South America where after everyone was homeless land titles were given to women only. You’ll have to look around Google for that one.

    It;s usually justified by citing some stats that basically say men keep everything for themselves and women share everything. Not sure how true that is in the Third World – same with everybody else in the West which is why it makes it so easy to perpetrate this kind of thing.

    • GQuan

      Wylie: Misandric and likely racist, then, just as with war propaganda of times past. We’re supposed to believe that the men who have a natural inclination as well as a social and legal responsibility to provide for their families are going to hoard food, while the women who have no such responsibilities and an expectation of receiving will share it with everyone?

      One thing I will say: if you start letting it be known that men cannot rely on anyone to give them anything; not women, not their governments, not foreign aid workers…well, they *will* end up as hoarders – what the hell else are they to do? They can’t expect or anticipate support! Show someone that no one in the universe will give a shit about him and he’ll take that lesson to heart, believe me.

    • theoutside

      Yes, I remember those things.

  • Justice

    A good analysis …

    Yet, what is difficult to read is the consistent theme that you represent throughout your essay – that somehow this is unfair to men. It *is* unfair to men, but this kind of thing started happening as soon as women received the right to vote. And it’s getting worse.

    It will continue to get worse for men until men take *action*!

  • Lucian Vâlsan

    Regretfully, this is not really a surprise. I mean, could anyone be really surprised that a leftist party concerned about “progress” (just like in the EU) then turns around and cares only about the progress of those that have a vajayjay whilst throwing men under the proverbial bus?
    This piece of news provides more ammunition to some fractions of the manosphere that argues that the problem is not feminism, but women. And sadly, at least in this regards, that might very well be true – considering that I don’t see massive female protests in the streets that their sons, brothers, husbands, fathers and grandfathers might be left to starve by wicked women.

    I said in another comment and I’ll say this again: If I were to be an Indian man, I would hold every single woman that doesn’t actively oppose this shit to be personally accountable for the institutionalized misandry that happens in there.

    • theoutside

      Yes, it is true.

  • re-construct

    Not all men in India are being “Broken” equally. Just like in the US, the wealthy elite families keep their “patriarchy”, they send their children to private schools with 50 male teachers; ect, ect,…while the poor working class get broken and divided into the perpetual matriarchy.

  • GQuan

    ^ One simple fact that needs to be understood: The majority of humans do not empathise or care about males as a kneejerk response. They just don’t. Whether that’s intrinsic or the result of feminism and other gynocentricisms warping the culture, I don’t know. It’s certainly not universal of course, but it’s relatively rare that a person reads something like this and perceives it as something to care about.

    I often hear the old chestnut that the mark of a person’s character is how they treat those who can do nothing for them. I’ve never believed it. Look to any culture whose economy has been dependent on slavery. Look at modern First World countries benefiting from or exploiting poorer nations. Look at western women being subsidized by government from the labour of beta men. Consider how a kitten or puppy being harmed will generate ten times the outrage of a situation in which the man who sweeps your streets or fixes your plumbing is harmed. The real mark of a person’s character is how they treat those on whom they depend, and from whose work they benefit; whether they’re willing to risk losing the benefit they receive by daring to view those people as something other than tools.

    Keep in mind, also, that women have been sold a quasi-Marxist model, which like all such models deals in “power relations”, and encourages the perception that power is possessed by one class illegitimately, which is actively suppressing another who must fight for their power. When men and boys are screwed over or lose out, women rest assured that they’re just stealing back ill-gotten power from people who have wronged them on a class basis. Such is the Marxist origin, and such is tribalism (because Marxism of any kind is essentially the old evil of tribalism given new life by encouraging tribalist divisions *within* rather than between societies).

  • aditya_x

    What the ruling Congress government is implementing is a revamped, more flashy version of an already existing government driven scheme called “Public distribution system” , known to common Indian people as “ration shops”. This PDS has been a source of massive pilferage , money and resource embezzlement , with government officials looking the other way in exchange for their cut. Off late, some states with relatively better administration, like Chattisgarh, Tamilnadu, Gujarat have been able to stomp out the corruption, and so, in these states, these top down schemes have been rendered redundant.

    What Anilji is not not stating is the sheer impossibility of thoroughly implementing these juggernaut of a programme, when hosting even something as small as ration becomes difficult.

    India needs massive investment in public infrastructure, and public health, not to mention education, particularly primary ,BOTH ON MALE,AS WELL AS ITS FEMALE population. This is what Indian mra activists are fighting for, true equality of the sexes. Not deifying one sex, while vilifying the other.

  • http://NationalParentsOrganization Robert Franklin

    Those are two pieces I did on the Glenn Sacks blog three years ago just after the earthquake in Haiti. Then the “World Food Programme” announced its strategy for food distribution in the quake-ravaged area. Only women were to be given vouchers exchangeable for food. I contacted the WFP’s media representative in Rome who, after considerable dunning, agreed to send me the studies they had to support the assertion that their “long experience” taught them that giving food only to women made it “more likely that the food would be distributed more equitably.” He reluctantly provided me a few studies that had nothing to do with the issue. When I pointed this out to him, his response was “I’m sorry you don’t believe they support” the claim. When I pointed out that it wasn’t a question of my beliefs but of what the studies actually dealt with, he discontinued contact.

    The second link above contains a link to the minutes of a meeting of yet another UN disaster relief agency that makes it explicit that UN agencies use natural disasters as an opportunity to reconfigure gender relations in the affected areas. Thus, in Nicaragua, following a massive hurricane, men were set to work rebuilding houses that were then placed in the names of their wives. When the men discovered this, they threw down their tools and decamped to the US.

    While the situation described by Mr. Kumar is not per se a natural disaster, it utilizes the same concepts of the need for food giving rise to an opportunity to marginalize men and give women sway over one of the most important things in our lives.

    • Wylie

      Thanks for posting those. These are the exact incidents I was talking about in my earlier post. I also now recall looking back to that incident that I spent quite a bit of time on the internet trying to find one single study that supported the notion that women would be more equitable in the distribution of food. I remember now that I couldn’t find a single one – and I spent several hours searching over the course of a couple of days.

      Amazing that such a gender discrimination can take place on such a grand scale and no one will even ask to see some data.

  • fidelbogen

    Bookmarked and archived.

  • James Williams

    This evil policy fits in with the UNs Agenda 21 program for sustainable development. They want to reduce the global population and men are expendable especially if they cannot contribute economically.

  • Shrek6

    Sickening to say the least.
    What’s the bet Hillary Clinton is behind this too. She works feverishly in the UN forcing 3rd world govts to accept the US style of feminism and its so-called benefits, or they don’t get any financial relief. She could just as easily be pushing these sorts of ideas on countries like India also. The woman is worse than her husband. And you in the US, God help you if you get this evil snake as your first female president.

    As for the poor men in India who will now starve to death in their thousands, I can see some of them getting angry over this and there will be bloodshed!

  • dhanu

    Human Development Index? What a blatantly dishonest metric to justify the distribution of resources to the women even when it’s the men who are facing the difficulties!

    You know, this is how it works. (This is not my conspiracy theory, the link at the end will show you.) The feminist organizations carry out certain studies, researches, and/or surveys. If the results actually favor the females over the males (for example, the life expectancy is higher for the women), the feminists select a measure (arithmatic mean, geometric mean, harmonic mean, or whatever) that has a lower value for the females, and give it a misleading and catchy name to show that the females have a lower value of that measure than the males and therefore resources (money) must be allocated to the female-favoring programs in order to make the value higher!

    Here’s the link showing such an index: The GDI – Gender Development Index. I think, since ‘gender’ and ‘human’ only ever mean the females, perhaps this is the same as the Human Development Index, in which case the dishonesty of that index is also proved right here.

  • JB

    It is one of the best analysis about No-Voice-For-Indian-Men on one the best websites for Men’s Rights A-Voice-For-Men.

    Anil is a great leader with his thoughts and advice helping many distressed men.

    On the contrary to most of the countries, India has over 48 Laws which are Anti-Men and there are multiple more on the Anvil.

    India is on it’s way to finalize a new law under “No Fault Divorce” which will give the divorcing woman minimum 50% share on just not the Marital (Community) property but will also give similar share on Husband’s Parental and Ancestral (inheritance or inhertiable) property. So when, even banks in India do not consider all this in a Husband’s Net Worth while doing his credit rating for loans, the Feminist government and law makers are hell bent to bring in all that a husband has or will have or had (pre-marriage property too) movable or immovable assets divided just because he got married.
    And it is not all. A husband does not even gets a right to defend.
    And over top of all this, they are wanting to make this share beyond 50% by getting child rights included which means, with 1 child (Default custody to mother), wife will get 66% of networth, while husband will be left with rest. with 3 children, the proportion moves to 75:25, with 3 children it becomes 80:20.

    And even with no fault divorce granted, the wife can still file for other frivolous cases under Domestic Violence or IPC 498A (Cruelty by Husband and his relatives) or other maintenance and alimony sections.

    Welcome to India.

  • Emelio Lizardo

    This law is featured in The Diplomat which conveniently ignores it’s blatant sexism, might be a good place to place some comments.

  • Tom Golden

    Thank you Anil Kumar for posting this blatant misandry. It’s important that we follow the misandry worldwide. A VoiceFor Men is such an important resource in tracking this and your voice is appreciated.

    What struck me was the bizarre hatefulness of this bill when it pushes for women to have “Power and Control” leaving men helpless and likely to be victimized. These same hateful people will bray about this same power and control in things like DV and abhor that men seem to misuse it. Solution? Make men pay! “Give them some of their own medicine” seems to be the idiotic and hateful attitude of this bill. Our legislators seem to have the maturity of a two year old.


    I would love to hear more about the 13,000 farmers who committed suicide. Sounds like quite a story there also.

  • SickMan

    First of all, apology for my long story. I am from India. I see a lot of Indian men talking about the level of misandry that takes places in this country. I want to talk about it from my own experience. I am a guy who lives with my mother. I also have an elder brother who is the most unfortunate soul in this whole world. We grew up in an extremely religious family. My father always had a very conflict relationship with me and my brother. My brother is also suffering from depression. But nobody ever understood our situation. My relatives were even more worse. Most of them had more daughters than sons. The level of misandry was appalling. We grew up in an extremely male hating environment. My father passed away from cancer only after a months after my brother got married to a girl. She is one of the most despicable women I have ever seen in my life. They didn’t have a child for three years. We also did a major mistake. My brother’s counsellor who treated him for depression told us not to mention about treatment, since that was considered only to be minor issue (for him). We never informed her about this before marriage. She also had childhood problems. Her father was an alcoholic and hated her and her sisters (Unfortunately she had only sisters on her side). Later when she came to know about this she changed completely. She started to abuse me, my brother, mother that we played and cheated her life. It was always about abuse mentally and physically. My brother was scolded and called effeminate in front of my relatives, my mom. I am pretty sure this is the general notion for all married men who don’t give kids in India. Sad but true. Even in shitty movies, we see name calling men to be effeminate if they don’t fight against villain to save the women. I was so distressed. Then after one fine day, she got pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy. I was so happy for my brother not for her. My brother is the most nicest and sweetest person in this whole world. Unfortunately married to an abusive borderline women. People who made an issue when my brother had problem never asked her to apologize for her abusive behaviour. My mom also told me not to get involved in any of the issues with her. This also happened with one of my cousin brother. Unfortunately the women he got married divorced him. He inherited wealth from his father side. His greedy sisters also want a stake in his wealth. But they don’t treat him properly and ostracized from family as he is divorced and not successful. Few things changed my life after this. This I want to say for all men and also for Indian men specifically.

    1) There are no Indian laws to protect men. Divorce court favours only women. After the rape hysteria it is very very worse more than you can imagine. Many of my friends told they want to marry somewhere from Europe. I am not sure what they are up to.

    2) If you are suffering from depression or taking treatment, please don’t hide it before marriage. (If and only when you are getting).

    3) Please check for male fertility before getting married. Please. We are all prone to depression and stress related activity. So our body conditions changes a lot. Three years ago you may not be the same person as you are now. Just do it at least 2 months before you engage in a serious relationship. This is only for our benefit.

    4) Never get married for the sake of parents. I know in India they speak very bad about you when you are not married(all those effeminate stuff and being gay). Also there are peer pressures to get married when you hit 30. Don’t do anything under compulsion.

    5) Never marry at very young age. Never commit for a relationship immediately. Always make sure that you ask for your partner to stay for a long time. If your partner urges you for marriage and if you are hesitant or not sure do not go for it.

    6) Indian population is exploding. It is more than one billion now. Please do yourself favour by adopting kids if you are not interested in marriage. I am planning not to get married but to adopt kids and help them. There are laws which favour adoption for single men also. The statistics for orphan kids is in millions in India. Believe me. I know my maid who is having 4 children and work for less than 20$ per month ( 3 girls and 1 boy). I help for their education which I find so relieving and the most useful thing I do in my life.

    7) Please never resort to suicide and self-destructive activities. You are not alone. There are so many of them(us). Statistics for men suicide rate (especially for married men) is far more higher. But you can’t expect anything from a government which says that they offer full meals for Rs 15 or Rs 5 in Mumbai or Delhi in order to curb the statistics for people below poverty line. Report to movements like SIFF who are doing excellent jobs. One of my friend by himself was charged under false allegation under 498A sections.

    I apology if I have ever hurt anybody. Also I am not homophobic. I am an atheist and I prefer more love than religion. I just only want to reflect the condition in this society. I don’t hate anybody. I still prefer gender neutral laws which protects interest of everybody. But the current situation in India is extremely biased on one side. I used to fancy myself with pro-feminist and leftist articles when I was young. But I then realized that we should not sacrifice innocent people for our false ideology. I only feel sorry for the innocent people especially elder parents on the victim side. I don’t want to do same mistakes my brothers did. Any comments, suggestions and criticism are welcome.