Naomi’s sweet honey-hole

Naomi Wolf’s opus, “Vagina: A New Biography”, has been out for a while now. I recommend reading it. I like Naomi. She had me at pounding her sweet Princess honey-hole…you know, the one that bestows consciousness upon humanity, without which we’d all just be empty meat sacks, husks of men. Anywhore, this is not a review of her or her sweet honey-hole. This is a review of the reviews about her sweet honey-hole on Amazon.

Naomi Wolf

Here is a photo of the person behind the sweet honey-hole biography. Notice how she drips with the sweet feminist nectar-of-life. Yeah, admit it. It’s OK to fantasize about being her Winnie the Pooh and invading her sweet honey-pot. I’ll bet it makes her produce even more feminist nectar-of-life to know that manginas fantasize about stimulating her sweet honey-hole, about blowing a massive load, a 300 million sperm army all up inside her honey-hole. It makes her nectar-of-life flow like the conscious-stream of an artist hyped up on cocaine.  Hell, billions of manginas beating off to her all at once will probably bestow upon humanity a unity-consciousness for all. Imagine it. Billions of manginas focused on her, beating off to her, all blowing their loads in unison, all for the sake of bestowing a unity-consciousness upon humanity.

Move over Wi-Fi. Naomi’s sweet honey-hole, in conjunction with billions of masturbating manginas, will raise consciousness to such a great degree that humanity will undergo a rapid evolutionary shift, the next great stage of humanity will be achieved—a gynocentric-telepathy. That’s right. “Ma Bell” and the old clamshell Nokia phones were a foreshadowing of the stylish new clamshell gynophones. You gotta do it boys. Beat your meat for Naomi—for all humanity.

So now that we’ve established the importance of mangina masturbation, the “Ma Bell” clamshell “Goddess Array,” the gynophone unity-consciousness, and the evolutionary shift, let’s have a look at the some of the reviews made by members of the Church-of-Vagina (and other non-denominational vagtheists), as well as some reviews made by anti-vagtheists.

 Deb Bybee

I was pleased by this review. It’s the work of a medium-functioning semi-literate. Unlike so many full-blown illiterates, she manages to use written language as a tool to convey the fact that men need to read this book about Naomi’s sweet honey-hole in order to understand the “seemingly inexplicable” behavior of women. Ms. Bybee expresses that her sons should read about Naomi’s honey-hole, especially since they will start dating. Reading between the lines here, I see that Ms. Bybee is concerned that her sons should know how to read between the legs (if you know what I mean) of the women they will soon be dating. She doesn’t want to raise boys into men who don’t know how to stimulate the clit. Yep, gotta teach those boys to flick and lick—rock that little man in the boat.

I give this review 3 limp penises out of 5.


BooksJJS’ review is a must read for any woman gullible enough to believe that society and self can be healed through better stimulation of the clit and through a better understanding of the sexual wiring of women. This review is also important for women who are jealous of “high speed online porn.” For any woman who wants to shame her partner about beating it to somebody else, this review is important to you because you will learn how to shame your partner about his sexuality, all the while dragging him into a goddess-cult of beliefs that bolster your own sexuality as some sort of magical “Goddess Array.”

I give this review 5 limp penises out of 5.


This review by mangina “mack” explains that there must be some sort of science behind the goddess-cult that he has been worshipping. This review is important for any mangina who hasn’t been able to purge all his patriarchal logic. Shame on him and all his kind.

I give this review 1 limp penis out of 5.

 Debra K. McCall

Ms. McCall’s review is short and sweet and for anybody who loves pussy. If you want to experience “intimate love,” get down on your fucking knees and worship the sweet honey-hole goddess.

I give this review 2 limp penises out of 5.


Sir “eric” has provided us with a perfect review, flawless—a shining example of coherency, logic, and truth about the goddess-cult. “It’s a book about vagina.”

I give this review 0 limp penises out of 5.

 Douglas Macnab

This review by “douglas macnab” is a prime example of a practically illiterate mangina. Notice how there are 2 properly placed periods—something that manginas do understand about women, namely filthy vaginas.

I give this review 4 limp penises out of 5.

 Robert S. Blaisdell

This review by “Robert S. Blaisdell” appeals to any mangina who wants to make himself a useful tool to a woman’s sexuality. Robert is so happy to be able to please a woman that he practically spooged all over his keyboard while gushing about this book. He is such a good little boy and so proud of his learnings about female genitalia, neurotransmitters, and the brain. He can barely stave off an orgasm long enough to write this review. I’m sure mommy would be very proud of him.

I give this review 3 limp penises out of 5.


A stellar review by “Zidib” reminds us of the fact that if older women can’t find manginas willing to dedicate 3 or 4 hours per day to foreplay, she can always employ the services of a prostitute or even a gigolo. Excellent points, sir.

I give this review 0 limp penises out of 5.

 Physics Math

“Physics Math” has provided us with a review appealing to manginas and other gynocentric sorts who believe that women are “the center of the universe.” If you worship women as goddesses, you should find this review helpful. If you ever feel like hacking off your balls with a machete because you’re not worthy, this book should compel you to find that last bit of courage to carry through with your self-mutilation and sacrifice fantasy.

I give this review 5 limp penises out of 5.

 Ellen E. G. Cusac

It may be hard for some of you men to render 4 hours of foreplay per day, but if you really love your woman, it’s a sacrifice that you must make to maintain a healthy relationship with your woman. If you don’t make this sacrifice for her, you are personally responsible for her lack of orgasms, for her incompleteness of being and for her diminished spirituality. Shame on you! This review by “Ellen E.G. Cusac” is a good review for any woman looking to blame and shame men for a woman’s own inadequacies in the bedroom, in her personal life, and in her spiritual life.

I give this review 3 limp penises out of 5.

 Laura B

Poor victim-women, nobody acknowledges or appreciates them, except for the few “spiritually advanced” mangina pussy-worshipers who pray to the divine mother-goddess for access to pussy.

I give this review 4 limp penises out of 5.

 Alton L. Gilbert

Yes, most books are organized into chapters. It makes them slightly more readable. “Alton L. Gilbert” gives us a review to be expected of a mangina struggling to purge his innate tendency to oppress women with patriarchal things like science and matters of fact. Notice how he ever so subtly attempts to oppress his goddess for making “universal conclusions.” He has to hide his “criticism” behind his being a “scientist.” Don’t worry Alton, mangina “mack” and “Physics Math” will give you the courage to sever your balls and put aside your oppression tendencies so that you can realize your true nature as a subservient worshipper of goddess-vagina and of Naomi’s honey-hole. Amazon can provide you with a fantastic “Estwing” hatchet for hacking off your balls.

Estwing Hatchet

There are many more reviews and I encourage all to check them out. I also encourage all to read more about Naomi’s sweet princess honey-hole. It is important for a man to learn how to muff-dive and please a woman. It makes my cock throb just thinking about getting paid to stimulate a few dozen of Naomi’s multiple orgasms, making her 50 year old flab produce more quivers than a legion of Tolkien’s elves. I can count the money already…god, that money makes me hawt. Being a human-vibrator is so much fun. It’s like being a throbbing, big veined, cock-god.

It’s also important for billions of manginas to masturbate and blow a load in unison over Naomi’s honey-hole. Until this happens, the “Goddess Array” and unity-consciousness cannot be created. Sadly, without the sacrifices made by these billions of manginas, humanity will be unable to make the next evolutionary leap. Hats off to Naomi for inspiring manginas around the world to worship and for encouraging them to spend 3-4 hours per day on foreplay. It’s a sacrifice all men should be willing to make to gain entrance and membership to the Church-of-Vagina or other vagtheist goddess-cults. It’s nothing but a small tithe to be paid for the privilege of a worldwide mangina circle-jerk of unity-consciousness load-blowing.

Special thanks for the musical genius of Frank Zappa. May he rest in peace.

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  • Legion

    Okay, I get the general gist, but you’ve chosen the most inefficient delivery system. Satire is meant to be clear, sharp, elegant and brutal. This is rambling, esoteric and lacking in focus. And bloody weird, even by my broad standards.

    • feeriker

      Satire is meant to be clear, sharp, elegant and brutal.

      And which of these, in your humble opinion, is lacking in Jason’s work? I’ll grant you that I, an unlettered oaf, might have a different concept of satire than the educated upper crust, but I can see none of the attributes you cite as lacking in his offering.

      • Legion

        That’s ‘kay. I personally find it incoherent as fuck. Yadda yadda manginas, yadda yadda allegories to gynocentrism, yadda yadda. The point is obvious enough, it’s just not well delivered.

  • http://funkymunkyluvn.wordpress.com/ Jason Gregory

    Yes, there is nothing funny about paying a small tithe for the privilege of a worldwide mangina circle-jerk of unity-consciousness load-blowing.

  • http://themrmglossary.blogspot.com/ dhanu

    Douglas Macnab: “great inside into women real world”

    Good job, sir. You really understand the practicality and the real-world usefulness of the book.

  • http://www.genderratic.com Typhonblue (Asha James)

    Who in Spagetti’s name writes a book about their genitals?

    • Kimski

      Exhibitionists and mentally underdeveloped individuals.

      I’m more interested in knowing how the fuck ‘Goddess Array’ envelops the equation in the description of female genitals?
      (Pun absolutely intended.)

      Naomi’s shrink is obviously a quack.
      ‘Nuff said.

      • feeriker

        Exhibitionists and mentally underdeveloped individuals.

        You omitted “arrogant, pedantic narcissists.”

        • Kimski

          The ultimate navel gazing, for sure.
          It doesn’t get any worse than that.

          • http://cleareyes1984.angelfire.com/ Room101

            I would honestly be less embarrassed writing about my infrequent yet explosive episodes of diarrhea. It could be funny and/or useful from a health perspective.

            Only a narcissist coupled with some other severe mental disorder(borderline, histrionic, ect.) could talk about their own junk so seriously.

            I tried reading an excerpt from the book. I couldn’t. I don’t want to know what shit tastes like. I almost want to feel sorry for the manginas that read this book.

    • theoutside

      A personality-disordered bimbo. A pathetic over-the-hill attention whore. And her whore publishers go for it. Likewise the whore book agent, the whore publicist, the whore booking agent, etc.

  • Stu

    A worldwide mangina circle jerk….blah blah blah, and consciousness. That must have been what the conscious men were on about.

  • AManCalledPete

    Just curious – has any man out there written a book called ‘Penis’?

    If not, there’s a great satire opportunity…

    • feeriker

      No man could ever come close to satirizing the works of feministas like Wolf any better than they have already (unintentionally) satirized themselves with the drivel they’ve written.

    • theoutside

      I think a woman (one similar to Naomi) wrote that book a while back. Seriously. It’s the only thing the pathetic New York publishing scum can think to do at this point — titillation.

      Fortunately there is the internet, ebooks, print-on-demand, etc. and they are history.

  • Zorro

    Imagine, if you will (or can), that a man writes a book called Cock!. It is an homage to phallic majesty. A praising of penile length and girth and (yecch!) flavor that rivals Vagina, a polemic on the female greatnessnessness, by one of the precious few reasonably decent-looking left-wing fembot cunts on the planet.

    It would be excoriated as misogyny in seconds.

    All this stupid bitch has to do is shut her fucking trap and she exits the stage without a speeding ticket. But NO! She has to beclown herself and her sex with one of the most embarrassing books written about women. Ever.

    Thank you, Naomi. You stupid cunt.

    • feeriker

      The saddest part of it is that Naomi has actually written some very cogent and insightful pieces on issues having to do with things other than feminism and gender relations. That she undermines her credibility in these other areas with claptrap like Vagina is a painful thing to witness.

      • http://funkymunkyluvn.wordpress.com/ Jason Gregory

        I agree. I don’t think Naomi is a total psychopath like some radfems. She seems relatively fair about many things. There is a debate she had with some psycho femen lady about DSK and she spanked her, in defense of DSK, due process, and against false accusations. It’s circulating on youtube from a couple years ago, but I’m not going to bother posting it here.

        I just wanted to “poke” some fun at the blatant gynocentrism in her latest work. Yes, there probably should be more science behind understanding the brain-vagina and brain-penis connections. It’s the whole gynocentric “Goddess Array” and divine vagina and the sorts of beliefs that orgasms are going to “save” or fix women/humanity that deserves a bit of joshing and even ridicule–that by spending hours on foreplay, is in any way comparable to developing morally is just absurd to me.

        So, yeah, I kind of feel bad about picking on her, given that there are so many worse feminists to ridicule, but come on. They didn’t write an entire book about vag. :-)

        • feeriker

          So, yeah, I kind of feel bad about picking on her, given that there are so many worse feminists to ridicule, but come on. They didn’t write an entire book about vag. :-)

          Oh, you were DEFINITELY absolutely justified in skewering Naomi over this piece of work. I was just lamenting the fact that she chose to cheapen herself by actually publishing this philosophical vomitus (although its success really says less about her than about that portion of the reading public that was gullible and shallow enough to actually BUY it). It’s a shame that expectations and standards of professional reputation for female writers are apparently such a low bar that Naomi would write this nonsense without stopping to think about what it might do to her overall reputation as a serious writer (Judgy Bitch, if you’re reading this, I think this goes back to what you said not long ago on your own blog about contemporary female writers).

        • Teerex

          Her “End of America” presentation was excellent. It’s on Youtube.

          A bit of a chameleon, this one.

  • JinnBottle

    Haven’t read the book, any synopses on Amazon, or Googled Naomi-today yet. But I certainly know Naomi is older than 50, and (geologic)*periods* older than the chick pick’t above.

    Reading the first half of JG’s review, I was feeling it was redundant and almost obsessed. But the second half, besides making the piece, point to why and how the first half is fixated: It sounds like Wolf’s piece contains some straight-faced suggestions that collective orgasms (of womyn, I suppose) will actually make some kind of mystical difference in field-consciousness??

    It may be too late to rescue good-sex generally; it is certainly too late for Naomi – because of people exactly like Naomi. Loved JG’s suspicion that all this is simply Naomi (and her deeply neurotic, college-princess, sex-paralyzed peers) rationalizing beforehand possibly-maybe-someday hiring a male prostitute, or at least hiring a vibrator, to get some semblance of nookie into their lives. For Naomi it’s her last chance. I suggest you go with the inhuman alternatives, Naomi, and stop trying to groom flesh-and-blood young men to tongue your cobweb ridden cave.

    Face it, men: Women today need, if they want sex in their lives need, as they have always needed, men to initiate something. While maintaining stridently, of course, that they don’t. While keeping said initiatives a phonecall away from ruination for the men. They want to have sex-worth-having thru reading books, and raising consciousness, and adding “-uality” to…that word…you know, that begins with “s” – every time they’re compelled to mention the word. I suggest that, being goddesses all, they simply *imagine* great sex – and get their brother to go into a sex-shop to buy that vibrator – to make it all come true.

    Wolf was once an idol of Camille Paglia’s, who has since been disabused of her fiery illusions. I wonder what Dr Paglia has to say about this new book….

  • donzaloog

    People worshiping their genitals is pathetic.

    • JinnBottle


    • feeriker

      People worshiping their own genitals? Yes, that’s really beyond pathetic, not to mention downright arrogant. It probably also screams out a complex that only the most stout-stomached shrink would want to analyze.

      Worshiping someone else’s genitals? Well, I consider that to be misplaced admiration bordering on unhealthy fixation, but it probably depends on the “power and pleasure” they impart. :)~

      • donzaloog

        Agreed. I meant both. You put it better than I could.

  • MGTOW-man

    This book doesn’t surprise me at all…that a woman would glorify her genitalia even more than menbots do already. The old saying that “she thinks too much of herself” is coming full cirle again. It should have never have stop being said by men with wit. Being truthful with women about them ruining it all over their feelings and big-headed obliviousness is not hatred for women. It is the mark of a man with solid grounding in what makes a male a man. It is filled with nobility.

    Sure there is some biological tethering of men to vaginas, but it is commonsense that the brain in mens skulls is more powerful than mere body chemistry. Women did it…severed their hardwiring-tether, men can too. The first step is to get men to stop valuing the herd mentality (accepted manhood attainment) that comes coupled with so many limitations, requirements, and “had-betters” and other tethers.

    I can’t believe, sometimes, that with a feminist movement lasting nearly 220 years, that average men out there STILL refuse to value the ultimate manliness of absolute honesty with women (about everything) to the point that they can’t seen to snap out of this stupor they seemingly purposefully want to be stuck in.

    The problem, then, must be how we STILL socialize our boys to be just another carbon copy in the face of so much negative changes for the fate of our world. Isn’t the fate of the world more important than anything else, even manhood attainment (women/kids)? Being a carbon copy is also being a sperm, money, and protection donor, who is most valued for his utility…until he is disposed of.

    Why would any father wish this on his son? What keeps making them repeat the same old mistakes over and over and over…?

    We need to be working on ways to get men to chase women smarter, but we, as MHRA’s practically abandon this sure promise of change toward truth, fairness, and equality.

    It is as if the clutches of vaginal hold has got many MHRA’s by the balls too, only to a lesser extent, giving just enough slack to say a few complaints, but not doing all they can to stop the insanity that will soon be everyones reality: Stopping short of the one powerful thing that would stop feminism in its tracks.

    Lastly, there might also be a bio-link between the penis and the rest of men’s bodies and brains too. So why is it so acceptable for women to claim that their bodies (and only theirs ) are to be viewed this way? ….and duuuuuuuuH, like we didn’t know their brains can get in a wigged-out frenzy over some of the stupidest things. But women did sever their hardwiring tethers (…that of females are for baby-making) …so men can too.

    This should be one of our primary focuses; nothing else will work as fast, as long, and as profoundly.

  • MGTOW-man

    I also want to say thanks to the admin staff who returned this comment-capacity-format to the way it used to be. By having to sign in, in order to write a comment, gives us little people (activists in our own right) the advantage of a “click to edit” option and to see our remarks post immediately. I, for one, never used violence, do not believe in it, or glorified it, so moderating us “safe” ones is a great unecessary interference. Thanks for seeing it this way too (I hope)…and I hope it lasts.

    On the note of being “little activists” I believe it is just as important a statement and equally as activist for men, in relation to the movement, to use their own little lives to be honest with women and society, to do little things that set new examples for boys, and many other ways that get the ball rolling on the personal and home front. I have lived this way most all of my life and I can’t help but think that if more men would do this, then the movement would practically take care of itself. Most all things build from small first, then become larger units…sort of like cells make tissues which make organs, then organisms.

    Indeed, little things DO add up!

  • MGTOW-man

    Oops! I guess I spoke too soon! What is going on with this comment process?

    • http://www.genderratic.com Typhonblue (Asha James)

      The spam filter is bloody bonkers.

      • Kimski

        Yes, I’ve freed over 30 “prisoners” in the last 24 hours or so.
        Completely nuts, that thingie.

        • Aimee McGee

          It’s hungry. Feed it!

  • Mickster66

    I’m afraid I’m not spiritually advanced enough to understand the mystical depths of Naomi’s Vagina.

  • malcolm

    Pooh: You look different today Piglet.
    Piglet: Yes, it’s my new vagina, they drew one on me last night.
    Pooh: A vagina, what’s that?
    Piglet: It’s like a honey pot Pooh.
    Pooh: A honey pot? I wish I had one.
    Piglet: I’ll let you play with mine, it makes feel tingly and squeal.
    Pooh: Ok, how do you play with it?
    Piglet: You stick your tongue in it like you would a honey pot.
    Pooh: Ok. ……….Gah, this doesn’t taste like honey at all Piglet.
    Piglet: I think I may have a yeast infection, we’ll have to go and see Christopher Robin.

  • scatmaster
  • Redfield

    Best laugh I’ve had on this site … thank you! I am wondering if the book goes into the frequent use of vibrators by women these days? Does this make their godess array go awry??

    And perhaps you were a little harsh on “machs” comments, would have given 3 limp penis’s .. after all if a man can think with his cock it would only be natural for a woman to have this ability with her genitalia, “the mind vagina connection?”

  • MRAnon

    Naomi Wolf I think is a perfect example of what some people call sexual trade unionism.

    In her earlier days when she was a looker, she’d go on and on about how pornography is bad. Not because of why she says it’s bad now, but because she thought it promoted RAPE. She was quite the attention whore and earned the monicker of “feminist beauty queen.” Her problem with porn then could be called a form of “beta shaming” because she highly associated it with men she didn’t find attractive. The “creeps.” Those guys–the vast majority of men, who she didn’t want anywhere near her vagina.

    Sometime recently, no amount of make-up and plastic surgery could keep her looking good even though she had managed to avoid what most women experience in their early to mid 30s until she was in her mid to late 40s. Suddenly, porn is bad because it takes attention away from women like her who never really had anything going for them aside from their no longer pretty body, not because of baseless attempts to connect it to rape. Also, weird goddess cult stuff about vaginas, specifically, her vagina. Won’t anyone think of her vagina? It’s certainly not getting the kind of attention it used to when guys would put up with her weird politics and all sorts of other torture just to get into hers.

  • Aimee McGee

    Not even bothering to read it after reading various reviews as she’s bought in to some dodgy medicalisation of anorgasmia that can only be remedied if you have wealth!