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Moment Of Clarity : Entertainment Royalty Status Doesn’t Grant Respect From Women In Your Family

As you may have heard or read, musician Jay Z was recently physically attacked by pop music sensation Beyoncé’s sister Solange.

Some of the happiest folks on earth this morning must be the staff of Parkwood Entertainment.

For those not in the know, Parkwood Entertainment (PE) is the public relations arm of the Beyoncé Knowles empire, and let’s just say there is lots of overtime on horizon.

To bring you up to speed, TMZ released footage allegedly of singer Solange Knowles, little sister of the Grammy winning superstar, assaulting Beyoncé’s husband, rap icon and business mogul Jay-Z (ne’ Shawn Carter) in an elevator of New York City’s tony Standard Hotel:

The grainy video, ostensibly leaked by hotel security staff, shows Beyoncé, Solange, Jay-Z and a bodyguard in the elevator. Beyoncé enters first, followed by Solange, Jay, and the bodyguard. Immediately upon entry, Solange takes an aggressive posture, suggesting spillover from a dispute in the adjoining hall. Within seconds, the blows ensue, Solange punching and then kicking Jay until the bodyguard grabs her from behind. Beyoncé, standing just beside Jay, does nothing to intervene.

While holding Solange, the bodyguard appears to press several buttons. Speculation is that he pressed one of the emergency stop buttons to protect privacy. After a minute or so, the bodyguard lets go, but remains in between, but steps to the door as it opens. This leaves an opening for Solange, who after exchanging a few words with Jay, resumes the attack, prompting the exiting parties to re-enter the elevator. At that point, Beyoncé does step in between the two, albeit gingerly, and after the bodyguard. Eventually, all three exit.

Arguably the most influential female artist of her generation, Beyoncé has been the Heroine of Hypergamy, from clarion calls for cuckoldry (“Jumpin, Jumpin”) to aggressive, unvarnished shaming anthems (“Bills, Bills, Bills”), to iconic, cheeky kiss-offs (“Single Ladies”, “Irreplaceable”). Ironically, the creator of the decidedly un-feminist “Bow Down Bitches” couldn’t get her own sister to “Fall Back.” That may reveal more than Beyoncé intended, as the optics now place her as a metaphor for the feminist indifference to men as victims of domestic violence.

“Hitting my husband? No big deal, go ahead. GRRRL POWER!”

Some questions and observations in the immediate aftermath:

  1. In the aftermath of the video, Twitter exploded, the most popular hashtag being #WhatDidJayZSayToSolange. The subtext is the tried and true trope of divergent gendered inquiry; if a man hits first, it’s “what an abusive jerk!” If a woman hits first, it’s “what did that jerk do/say to cause her to hit him?” The conversation of a clear unprovoked assault is still framed in a fem-centric manner; if the victim has a penis, let’s first look to his culpability before we “pass judgement.”

  2. It seems karma has paid a visit to the Knowles family. A decade after her watershed thug-love anthem with Destiny’s Child, “Soldier,” defined a man by his willingness to “stand up for me,” Mrs. Carter was quite tepid in standing in the breach for Mr. Carter in the face of an assault by another woman. Moreover, the irony is rich that the sister of the woman at the forefront of the “#BanBossy” feminist campaign has provided a textbook object lesson in the sort of “bossiness” that has infected the American Black Community for two generations running; that even the most minimal failure to defer to a black women entitles them to strike physical blows.

CNN’s Don Lemon spoke Tuesday morning about seeing women in his family “acting up” in family gatherings. It’s as if he took a page out of M. Night Shyamalan (“Those Whom We Don’t Speak Of”) with his euphemisms. That said, Chris Cuomo’s steed must be exhausted at the amount of laps he took to rescue Solange, from qualifiers about whether it was “really her,” to the “we don’t know what he said to her” fallback excuse. (See transcript from CNN.)

  1. Keeping to that narrative, this “attack privilege” has begun to trickle to other communities. Will we start to have this conversation about standards of behavior for women, or will men defending themselves continue to serve as helium for the World Star Hip-Hops and other Super Giant Stars in the online universe?

  2. As testament to how the Red Pill has penetrated popular consciousness, many on Twitter are asking why no incident report was taken, nor any arrests made, including ESPN’s VAW Crusader-In-Chief, Jemele Hill.

  3. And the most important question in the imminent is, will Solange Knowles be cited, or will some contrived narrative arise to minimize the attack, such as the trickling rumor that Jay-Z somehow provoked the attack by “doing something” to Beyoncé? Indeed, there is talk of a criminal investigation–of the hotel’s security staff!

The situation continues to unfold, and merits monitoring. But one thing remains certain; Beyoncé and Solange, you got some ‘splainin’ to do, and your house PR firm may or may not be able to protect the “family brand” this time.

But for Jay-Z, we suspect this is a Moment of Clarity:


Editorial note: article title photo used under Creative Commons License from Wikimedia Commons.–DE

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  • http://www.stgeorgewest.blogspot.co.uk/ Angelo

    Thanks Ty. Might I add.
    Saul Williams – List Of Demand

    We aim to remember what we chose to forget
    God’s just a baby and her diaper is wet.
    Call the police, I’m strapped to the teeth
    And liable to disregard your every belief
    Call on the law, I’m fixing to draw
    A line between what is and seems and call up a brawl
    Call on them now ’cause it’s about to go pow
    I’m standing on the threshold of the ups and the downs
    Call up a truce ’cause I’m about to break loose
    Protect ya neck ’cause son I’m breaking out of my noose

  • donzaloog

    I was disgusted to see this, but not surprised. No matter how much money a black woman or her family has, many of them still cling to their brutish, thuggish ways. When I first saw it, I was angry that Jay didn’t knock her ass out. He definitely had reason to. But as I think about it, it was a smart move for him to restrain himself. He’s the one with everything to lose, Solange has nothing to lose. The public would have loved to crucify him if he hit a woman, no matter if she was attacking him or not.

    I say he should press charges. Black women need to be taught that they can’t get away with their violence any more. I never bought into these bullshit excuses people are making for Solange.

    1) Jay-Z hit Beyonce and Solange was picking up for her sister.

    If that was true why wouldn’t he hit Solange? Is his violence exclusive to Beyonce. Doesn’t make sense to me.

    2) Jay was cheating on Beyonce.
    Again, not a justification for violence. If the genders were reversed and Beyonce was cheating on Jay, he still wouldn’t be allowed to hit her without serious repercussion.

    Take a stand, Jay. Put Solange in jail.

    • Old_Fart_Henry

      No matter how much money a black woman or her family has, many of them still cling to their brutish, thuggish ways.

      Can you please explain to me why you have brought race into the equation?
      My in-laws live in an area of the city I live in that has the highest rates of DV, the most pedophiles, prostitutes, crime, etc. The demographic is 90 percent white. I don’t understand your assertion.

      • sondjata olatunji

        Please do tell us this location so that we may all look up the statistics for this location. Not saying that you are wrong, just that a little proof would go a long way.

      • donzaloog

        When was the last time you saw a white woman slapping the shit out of a man in public like this? Especially a high profile man. It’s very common to see black women attack black men or other women. Black women are always willing to get in a black man’s face because they have no respect for us. No matter how much we may have achieved in our lives.

        • Fatherless

          My first girlfriend’s mother slapped me in the face when I first met her, saying “if you ever get my daughter pregnant.”

          And she’s white.

          • Sports Droppings

            Did she ever square up on you with closed fists like a man would?

          • Fatherless

            I read your post at work on my phone and missed your point. Whoosh, right over over my head.

            Nope, I’ve never seen a white woman square up to a man, or a woman of any color. But I might be lucky.

            I suppose I could think back to high school… but that was so long ago and nothing comes to mind.

          • Nathan

            I hope you dumped her daughter.
            On the spot.

      • jbantifem

        Black, white, brown, whatever, I’ve seen women of all races behave like Solange did in this scenario. Race is completely irrelevant in my strong opinion. I agree with Old_Fart_Henry.

        And yes, white people behave in many disreputable ways. My mother was a psychotic, highly volatile woman. She was Scottish-Irish. A redhead, to be exact. Oh the stories I could tell. But I won’t. I’m sure I’ve made my point.

        • Sports Droppings

          As a black man who has.grown up around all races in the most ethnically diverse enclave in world.history (la metroplex), while also living in South Central, in the 80s, I NEVER saw a white, Asian or latina square up with a boy/man in the same manner as men square up with closed fists with each other. A surprise slap, maybe. Heck, I used to remark how much deference even latina Cholos gave their men. Much of that has changed, but one thing I do know; Khloe will never take a public swing at Kanye. Exceptions prove the rule, and this elevated level “in your face” aggression in the west finds no parallel with black women born in America in the last 4 decades. You will have to provide more evidence than “ive seen other women behave disreputably” to show otherwise. The point is “degree”

          • jbantifem

            Central America is one thing, Canada is another. Women don’t get chopped into bite sized pieces in Canada for punching the shit out of men, they get praised for it here.

            As for whether it’s a surprise punch or a toe-to-toe match up. Visit Vancouver, go to a nightclub on Granville St. on a Saturday night, walk up to a hot woman and start some shit – whatever that may be. I guarantee you 8 times out of 10 she’ll smoke you in the face in no time. If you react she will have 20 guys jumping on you though, so keep that in mind.

            I’ve never done this, but I see men who do and end up getting beat down. Sometimes by the women themselves. Many women have learned how to fight here – or at least enough where they can take on a man who isn’t willing to fight back, as most men in the West don’t. And they have no qualms about using a knife to ‘even’ things up if necessary. The ones who can’t fight rely on White Knights to protect them.

            Trust me. Where I come from race means nothing when it comes to violent women. They take self-defense courses and suddenly think they’re Mrs. Bruce Fucking Lee. Some even go as far as to start a fight with you right on the street. They also bully. I’m 6’1″ 240 pounds and fit and they’ve tried it with me. They’re off their rockers man. They literally think they’re unaccountable and unbeatable. Their egos are that out of control.

            Of course, this isn’t all women. But you certainly won’t have a problem finding them if you go looking.

  • markis1

    ” “If you’re having girl problems, I feel bad for you son/I’ve got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one” ”

    Im sorry JZ , but i respectfully disagree.

    • OldandNavy

      If you have hull problems, I feel bad for you son…I’ve got 99 problems but a breach ain’t one.

      -Geordi LaForge

      But seriously..good point.

  • Victor Zen

    I have a guilty pleasure for moments when celebrities do something stupid because it shows that they are not the deities people make them out to be. But in this case, the celebrity worship (and I mean WORSHIP) for Beyonce and her sister creates a shield from accountability that is only strengthened by the presence of their vaginas and affiliation with the church of Feminism.

    This is a golden example of the red pill/blue pill dichotomy. Only, what, 0.5% of the salivating audience seem to be able to actually see what happened. Even if Jay Z did have history showing retroactive abuse against Solange/Beyonce, there is no excuse to justify an arbitrary attack out of the blue. All stars involved have enough money for arbitration, but FUCK THAT, right? No, violence is clearly the answer! /sarcasm

    Lawyers or no lawyers, no punishment will befall Solange. There’s too much money involved for her to be treated like an adult that made a bad decision. But I hope I’m wrong about that.

  • MrSonicAdvance

    I was perturbed by Beyonce’s bland expression as they left the lift. Solange has got that fairly standard dead-eyed look about her and poor Jay-Z has a superb “WTF?!” look on his face (not unexpectedly) but the expression on Beyonce’s face was quite disturbing for some reason.

    • Old_Fart_Henry

      You could see the looks on their faces from that video?
      I have watched it three times and have not been able to see that.
      That video is grainy. Not as bad as some I have seem but I will go back and put it through a digitizer and try to clean it up. Perhaps I am wrong.

      • Sports Droppings

        Images taken of them as they exit the hotel lobby

  • Astrokid

    White Knight Chris Cuomo sickens me. A perfect illustration of a man who bashes other men to look good in front of women.
    Also sickening is Robin Roberts. She cant find anything to say against Solange on ABC news. And the men on the show are castrated fucks.

    Contrast this to the Deion Sanders episode from a while ago, where he was jumped by his divorcing wife Pilar, and she was arrested for DV. Robin Roberts probed him throughout the interview.. What did you do? Are you sure you didnt hit her?. Fuck this bitch, and fuck MSM.

  • MGTOW 4Ever

    “Asking what did he do to deserve a Physical Assault is like asking what did she do to deserve to be Raped”
    No one I mean not one “Deserves” to be Raped or Physically Assaulted. These matters shouldn’t be left to vigilantism but to the proper Authorities and just because some one may have said, worn, displayed deserves any kind violence against them.

    • OldandNavy

      Absolutely. Absolutely.

    • Nathan

      Where is the brigade of harridan’s that shriek ‘victim blaming’ on this one??

      Agree 100% with what you said.

  • Sports Droppings

    And Whoopi Goldberg pleasantly surprises…Againhttp://www.thewrap.com/whoopi-goldberg-jay-z-right-hit-solange-knowles-back-video/

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com/ Dean Esmay

      Whoopi is a definite purple piller, and when it comes to these issues is waaaaaay closer than most feminists to reality. (Not saying that about everything, just issues like this. She gets most race issues right too, IMNSHO.)

  • GandalfTheGrey
  • comslave

    The take away from the press will be *women have the right to hit men*. Once you have taken away the right of men to defend themselves, you have de-facto given women the right to attack without recourse. I’m sure one blow from Jay-Z would have landed Solange on her ass, but he knows that would mean instant jail time. Hence, her right to attack him.
    Our rights come from what we can defend, not what we can ask for. Until society gives the right to Jay-Z to hit back, he, and we, are punching bags.
    The only solution is avoidance. If a woman hits you, disappear from her life. Never see her again. Make her an un-person. Let your friends know she is not to be in your presence. The only solution is to make violent women very lonely.

    • Uno Hu

      I’m not famous, so I certainly do not have to lose what Jay Z has to lose. That being said, I probably would not would strike a woman after one underserved blow (every dog gets one free bite), but after the second blow, I would educate her on the difference in the force in a little lady-fist punch or slap, and a full force, closed-fist, right cross from an enraged 250-lb. man, and take my chances in court with no plea deal.

      When a fool attacks a 900-lb. grizzly bear with a sharp stick because the grizzly stole his picnic basket, do you criticize the bear for reducing the fool to a bloody pudding or identify and lament the prevalence in the world of fools who bring on their own demise?

  • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

    I hate the fact that no matter in what situation a man is the first thing we ”as a culture” ask is ”¿what did he do to provoke/deserve/cause this?” though this is a legitimate question, it does not justify anything on the other party’s behalf, a woman could hold a knife to my throat and I could physically harm her in self-defense and I’d still be asked how I ”provoked” her, while if I would hold a knife to a woman’s throat and she’d actually kill me she’d walk and be praised as ”a hero(ine)” and someone ”who empowers women” everywhere.

    I’m glad that there were at-least a few people that brought to the attention that we shouldn’t EXCLUSIVELY blame Jay-Z…

  • TARP!

    I have a cousin who is an absolute shit to everyone in the family, except me. Why? Because the one time she tried her usual routine on me, she got a rap across her knuckles with the drum stick she had demanded and then tried to snatch.

    That’s all it took, and I’m now the only person in the family who she treats with any level of respect. What is worse? One moment of sharp pain that doesn’t cause any actual damage, or a lifetime of sharp pains caused by that cousin lashing out at people who don’t give her what she wants because she has been trained since childhood that she can?

    We as a society have failed to fix this problem when it was an easy fix that wouldn’t cause any damage. Now it’s a massive problem and fixing it is going to hurt. A lot. That’s if it even can be fixed.

  • jbantifem

    This is a no brainer to me. Girls are spoiled rotten from the day they’re born. Most never grow out of it. Add the fact that Solange is filthy rich and well…you have the makings of a true monster.

    I’ve lost respect for Jay-Z for hanging around this shit though. I’d be gone from that family in a nanosecond. With his money he could disappear and not be found, I’m sure. That would be my plan.

    If a dude can’t beat them, get away from them. If you don’t have women around you then this kind of crap just doesn’t happen as often. Right now it’s the only course men can take to protect their asses. Call it cowardice, call them wimps, it doesn’t matter. I’d personally respect a man for just getting away from the craziness and potential legal danger. Or possibly more, looking at how psychotic Solange is. Damn.

  • olden

    The typical gynocentric discourse to these types of events played out in the media:

    Step 1: Shift the assumption of blame and primary instigator to the one with the penis.

    Step 2: Minimise the violent actions of the one with a vagina with a Joke or two.

    Step 3: Educate the audience that the priority should still be to stop penis on vagina violence because that is the most awesomest violence there is.

    Step 4: Praise the one with penis for not reacting and ‘just taking it’ as a sign of his positive penisness whilst simultaneously and conveniently judging others with a penis who dare to defend themselves physically from such an attack.

    Step 5: Dilute the main issue of violence against those with a penis by shifting focus to the ethics of invading privacy, angry drunkenness, celebrity worship etc.

    Step 6: Demonstrate how Chris Brown’s penis is still way worse than Solange Knowles vagina.

    Step 7: Try to appear balanced by mentioning the vagina pass and how the reaction would be totally different if the genitals were swapped then go on to reinforce that very double standard by handing out a pre-emptive vagina pass. (I’m looking at you Young Turks…)

    Step 8: Replace the players. Rinse and repeat.

    • Sports Droppings

      Awesome response

    • Xbillion

      God the young turks did that? Typical. I respect you being able to stomach that crap fest. I can’t unless I feel like getting pissed.

    • Xbillion

      God the young turks did that? Typical. I respect you being able to stomach that crap fest. I can’t unless I feel like getting pissed.

    • donzaloog

      Young Turks are full of shit. Especially the man on there. I can’t remember his name and I don’t care to.

  • OldandNavy

    I believe we have all seen another celebrity-striking-in-an-elevator incident fairly recently.

    I absolutely promise that the response won’t be the same and I absolutely guarantee that most folks won’t bridge the two to see this as th evidence of the problem at hand that it is.

  • Jesse James

    What moment of clarity? What’s he going to do?

    He took her last name for God’s sake! Together, they are worth 900 million. Divorced, she is worth at least six hundred, and receiving payments from the “other half” and whatever else her “lesser half” makes.

    He is the dumbass “gangsta” who now sells gangsta handbags to effeminate “thugs” that switched his name to his wife’s. For all the respect I had for him, and how he seemed to know everything; he is soon to be taken.

    His song “I got 99 problems, but a bitch aint one” is about to become Bey’s as well.

    We as men need to learn. We have no alternative.

    Yet, like the old hound dog sleeping on the nail, we are not uncomfortable enough to move yet.

    When men rise p and refuse marriage, no matter what women and government do. When men rise up and demand Vasagel, and paper abortions. When men rise up and demand that if a woman hits him, she be treated “equally” or he be allowed to return the “equality” favor….men are nothing to this system, and this government. Certainly nothing to these women.

    I saw the photo of them leaving the hotel. Beyonce had a smirk of admiration for her wittle sister.

    She clearly felt nothing for Jay-Z.

    I care nothing about either. Karma is a bitch.

    I guess now he has a hundred and one problems.

  • Shrek6

    Well, I don’t give a rats what he may have said to the woman he is married to. Her sister has no right to physically assault him.

    And I have to agree with that idiot Goldberg, whom I don’t like much either. I think men should be allowed to defend themselves, even against women.

    I personally probably wouldn’t have hit the cow, but I might have shoved my soon to be ex wife into her sister to keep the raging harridan off of me.

    And as for the woman he is married to. If I were this Jay Z, I would ditch her at the earliest possible convenience. But first I would be spending a lot of time with a good lawyer making sure I don’t have to give the thing any of my money or property, seeing she already has her own wealth.

    If that woman couldn’t find it in herself, to defend her husband, and I don’t care who from, then she is a lowlife who is guilty of the assault that her husband just suffered.

    Do yourself a favour Jay Z, ditch the woman you are married to, because it is plainly obvious you are not that important to her and she will eventually ditch you and take you for all you have.

    • donzaloog

      Agreed. Good point.

    • Porquemada

      Beyonce looks like she OD’ed on the Prozac in this incident. Quite frankly, she seems like she’s a spectator to much of her life. It seems that she’s heavily managed, because she’s not too cerebrally active. If I were Jay, I’d be mapping the exits.

      Betonce did nothing to prevent or diffuse this situation.

  • Shamednomore

    Call me sexist, but I find a women who fights the biggest turn off ever… like a huge turn around and walk away turn off. In this case, you know she behaved the way she did, because she could. She knew he wasn’t going to hit her back. In my book she grossly misused a female privilege, men do not hit women. If enough women keep abusing this social norm, they will eventually loose the privilege. That’s how it goes.

    • Sports Droppings

      Many have already lost the privilege. See World star hip-hop.com

  • Xbillion

    “That may reveal more than Beyoncé intended, as the optics now place her
    as a metaphor for the feminist indifference to men as victims of
    domestic violence.” Only to mhras and some ‘red pill’ people I suspect. People kinda already know feminists don’t care about men’s rights anyways I think. Besides, human nature being so gynocentric, most people, including males for sure(!), do Not care too much about a guy getting beaten by some woman.

  • Andrejovich Dietrich

    So will Beyonce’s next campaign be “Ban the two words ‘Woman Assaults'”? As it will deter women from actually assaulting, which after all is their right.