Is chemical castration misandric?

On July 1, 2012, a law that allowed forcible chemical castration on child molesters came into effect in Moldova[1].

On Christmas Eve, the Moldavian Court of Justice from Chișinău sentenced a 50 year old man to chemical castration after the court found him guilty of raping his partner’s daughter of eight years old[2]. The sentence is not definitive and the defendant has the right to a final appeal on the Supreme Court of the Republic of Moldova. Moreover, as long as the sentence is not definitive, it cannot be applied.

But it’s not just Moldova. Estonia[3], South Korea[4] and Poland[5] have recently passed legislations to allow the state to force convicted pedophiles to go through chemical castration procedures. There are also at least 9 states from the USA who have similar legislation. There are also a lot of countries that encourage chemical castration in exchange for reduced sentences like Russia[6], Israel and Argentina.

But what one can rarely, or arguably never, read in any news report with regards to chemical castration laws is the fact that the legal term ‘chemical castration of pedophiles’ means, in fact, ‘chemical castration of male pedophiles’.

In the spring of 2011, a deputy from the Liberal-Democratic Party from Romania wanted to propose the Polish law to be enacted in Romania too. The law did not pass because right at that time, the public discourse was marked by a dreadful case of a mother who had been raping her then 6 year old son for at least two years (probably more). Due to this fact, a lot of people actually asked: ‘Do this law apply to her too?’ And when the doctors answered ‘No’ the camp supporting the bill lost its credibility in an instant.

At least for the moment.

But besides the fact that this law applies only to male offenders, which literally places a double standard in the law through which lawyers can argue that when a woman rapes a child it is not ‘that bad,’ there is also the same question that anti-death penalty activists pose: What if we’re wrong?

With all the forensic technology and other modern means that can be used in the investigation, it is still quite possible to mutilate the wrong man. And yes, chemical castration is, at the end of the day, a form of mutilation because the hormones and the formula that’s being used are pretty much the same that have been used on Alan Turing[7].

Although hundreds of peer-reviewed articles[8] have been written in the last decade, more and more countries attempt and succeed to pass legislation that allows the state to mutilate men. Moreover, the manipulated masses are pressuring some governments to extend the provisions of this law to rapists. And considering how many innocent men serve jail terms following false rape allegations, there is no doubt that this kind of law would increase the already too large cost of a false rape allegation when the defendant is male.

In addition to that, therapists that work with offenders often contend that the predators drive is to achieve control over the victim and that sex is only one of the means to achieve that. This being said, lowering a predator’s sex drive doesn’t necessarily correlate with lowering their likelihood to assault, as they can pick another means to achieve control. In other words, even if we were to think in the official blue-pill narrative, this law is useless in reducing the offender’s propensity to offend again, while the same time is devastating to those that have been wrongly convicted. It’s also quite expensive – around 2,000 euros per year, according to Moldavian specialists[9].

In an ideal, Utopian dream world, where the judicial system never fails and the false allegations do not exist, I might be inclined to agree with such a law to a certain extent and apply it both on male and female serial offenders. However, we don’t live in a Utopian dream world and the judicial systems fail all too often. False allegations and convictions in the sex crimes area aren’t rare at all.

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Polyglot, author and staunch non-feminist. Lucian Vâlsan serves as the European News Director and Multisites Operations Director for AVFM. He is also the founder and publisher of AVFM Romania, the host of AVFM Voice of Europe radio program and operates the video blog Freedom Alternative.

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  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

    Hats off to Lucian Vâlsan, for capturing another part of the misandric world and bringing it to life on the pages of AVfM.

    Important work you are doing, sir. We are lucky to have you on the team going in to 2013.


    • http://vilo13.blogspot.com/ Lucian Vâlsan

      Thank you for your kind words, albeit I am not fully satisfied with the work because it has been some time since I have been appointed contributor and wrote only 8 stories.
      I hope Santa will eventually come and bring me some more spare time in 2013 in order for me to bring more issues that I am aware of and for which there is little to no coverage in English.

  • Raven01

    “In the spring of 2011, a deputy from the Liberal-Democratic Party from Romania wanted to propose the Polish law to be enacted in Romania too. The law did not pass because right at that time, the public discourse was marked by a dreadful case of a mother who had been raping her then 6 year old son for at least two years (probably more). Due to this fact, a lot of people actually asked: ‘Do this law apply to her too?’ And when the doctors answered ‘No’ the camp supporting the bill lost its credibility in an instant“
    Atleast Romanians were aware of the double standard.
    The thing that concerns me is the false sense of security and, the lack of honest dialogue. Teleiophiles for instance being different from pedophiles by more than degree. Developmentally delayed pedophiles being markedly different from sexual-sadist pedophiles.
    The main thing these people have in common is being hard to understand from the majority `normal` perspective. It just is hard to get your head around how the minds of these people work. Atleast, it is for most of us that do not share these proclivities.
    This discussion however, must take place and we all have to leave personal hang-ups at the door, if we intend to create an environment that is healthier for everyone.
    It seems typical that we are willing to address male male sexual deviation from the norm with conservative `tough on crime`BS without much thought as to the actual causes and solutions. And, as Lucian points out it is very telling that these same people seem reluctant to sew shut the vagina`s of female perps of the exact same crime.

    O/T: still looking for a 1st world nation that is not about to collapse under feminist dogma to relocate to. Shoot me a message if anyone knows of such a place.

    • Raven01

      Edit: Also considering 2nd world nations.

    • Rukumouru

      I am also interested in a list of the most TRULY equal countries in the world: Neither misogynist nor misandrist.

      To whomever has valuable knowledge, sharing it with us would be appreciated.

  • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

    I admit that when I believed pedophilia was overwhelmingly a problem of male perpetrators (I no longer see any reason to believe this) I believed this was a humane option; those with an obsessive sexual interest in prepubescent children in particular almost certainly have some sort of severe chemical/wiring issue that probably makes their lives a living hell and probably often hate themselves. I doubt if they choose this obsession. So doing something to help them reduce their sexual urges in general would seem a kindness.

    But knowing how primitive the methodology is and knowing the realities of cultural and legal misandry, I can’t say I’m for this with any sort of confidence at all anymore.

  • Greg Canning

    Of course it is entirely possible to chemically suppress ovarian activity in females as well, and this has been used as an adjunct to therapy for breast cancer in certain subgroups of oestrogen receptor positive cancers ( using luteinizing hormone releasing hormone (LHRH) analogues with block the chemical signals from the brain that stimulate the ovaries to produce sex hormones) . The same drugs are used in treatment of some advanced cases of prostate cancer.

    The original chemical used for treating male sex offenders ( Cyproterone acetate ) is classed as an anti-androgen ( blocks the effects of testosterone) it is also used:

    – in combined Oral Contraceptive Pills ( combined with an oestrogen – and marketed for its ability to reduced acne)

    -to combat “virillisation” syndromes in females.

    – as an adjunct to treatment of prostate cancer

    This drug commonly reduces libido in women (classed as an adverse effect) and women with low libido are frequently treated with small does of testosterone.

    In other words hormonal manipulation of female hormones and sex drive is entirely possible, and in any society that advocates for gender equality, not only would the extent of female sexual predation be acknowledged but exactly the same strategies would be applied to both sexes in attempts to control the problem.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/Correctrix/videos Correctrix

      Sure, it can be given to women. But there’s still an imbalance there: it’s a severe punishment for a man. For a woman, it’s largely a benefit: facial-hair reduction, slight increase in breast size…

      So, there is unequal punishment for the same crime, even if the same chemicals are administered.

  • oldfart

    Ah yeah, “anarchistsoccermom” ,the one who wrote the viral ” I am Adam Lanza’s mother” screed,had a comment on her secondary post which was a result of decent folk asking for privacy for the boy: (regarding controlling unruly sons)
    ” Seriously,we should use a chemical to control testosterone on these boys.”

    The point being: much ado is being made on how to control the ‘male problem’ especially in regards to sons of single mothers.

    There are 3 thousand comments on the first post,and 300 on the second.
    I read all of them,and it became clear there is an epidemic of crisis of control amongst fatherless homes.
    Most of those single mothers showed a rather toxic propensity to making feminist style statements,as did anarchist mom herself.(as showed in the content of her blog)

  • Rukumouru

    I cannot believe anyone who would even consider FORCIBLE chemical CASTRATION on whatever heinous offender (regardless of said offender’s gender) would be able to think of himself as anything other than a monster.

    What’s next? Forcible lobotomy for thought crimes?

    • http://vilo13.blogspot.com/ Lucian Vâlsan

      „What’s next? Forcible lobotomy for thought crimes?” – Sure, why not?
      K. Vonegut has a good distopic novel called „2081” where people wear „handicap adjustments” in order to make the smarter ones more fool, the stronger weaker and so on and so forth.

  • Zorro

    As a HUGE fan of this site, I am loathe to rock the boat, and please do not assume I am in favor of or against whatever…

    Having said that. Am I wrong in thinking that the use of Depo-provera (chemical castration) is more accurately described as chemically-enforced impotence?

    Is castration truly an appropriate metaphor for this application? Castration is the permanent (big word) removal of one’s ability to manufacture testosterone AND to manifest an erection. The use of Depo-Provera is temporary and prevents sexual activity.

    Again, not trying to play devil’s advocate, and I’m not playing one side or the other. But as someone who is no fan of pedophiles, rapists, etc., I think this topic is routinely over-emotionalized.

    Let’s chat, shall we?

    [PS: When we have people like Lisa Sliwa, who is in favor of surgical castration for rapists (and who has never heard of false accusations!!!), I think we need to tread with tuning-fork caution.]

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/Correctrix/videos Correctrix

      True, the term may be over-emotive. Depending on the chemical used (the one you mention is actually medroxyprogesterone, cyproterone acetate being the norm) and the dosage, the effect of these meds can be benign and/or reversible.

    • Rukumouru

      Very interesting. The term “Chemical Castration” might perhaps really need to be changed to something more akin to what it is really trying to represent. “Chemically-enforced Impotence” is close, but misses the mark, as impotence doesn’t necessarily remove or otherwise lessen your sexual desire, only your ability to get a… Ahem. You know.

      Still, when you say that these subjects are routinely over-emotionalized, you have to think about what is being discussed here: DRUGS.

      Drugs have side-effects. Some unforeseen ones are catastrophic. Others permanent. I don’t like drugs, and avoid them as much as I can. Unless STRICTLY necessary, they are poison for the body.

      Incarceration is one thing. Mandatory poisoning of the body with unforeseeable consequences, however…

    • http://vilo13.blogspot.com/ Lucian Vâlsan

      „Is castration truly an appropriate metaphor for this application?” – Well, the Russian law uses the word „кастрация” (pronounced „kastratsya”). The Moldavian law uses the Romanian word „castrare”(castration). The Polish law uses the word „kastracja” (pronounced just like in Russian – means the same thing).
      My main job is to report. And the law calls it that – I call it exactly the same.
      „Castration is the permanent (big word) removal of one’s ability to manufacture testosterone AND to manifest an erection.” – This is why there is the adjective „chemical” added to the word „castration”.
      „The use of Depo-Provera is temporary and prevents sexual activity.” – Yes. But it also enlarges breasts, creates huge hormonal imbalances and, on the long run, it eventually lowers testosterone to medically worrying low levels – besides removing the ability to manifest an erection (that is why it is called „castration”).
      Moreover, on the long run (over 1 and a half years) it can create hallucinations and it is more than common to lead to that man’s suicide (unless he dies from another disease that he might contact because of the weakened immune system due to low levels of testosterone).

      Now, do you see what I am saying? Now imagine that it is you, following a false conviction of child molestation.
      Imagine that you are in a divorce court in Moldova and your ex-wife accuses you of raping her and molesting the child. This is guaranteed to bring you a chemical castration sentence. Trust me – I know Moldova, I know its people and I know that country better than I know mine.

      „But as someone who is no fan of pedophiles, rapists, etc., I think this topic is routinely over-emotionalized.” – I am no fan of pedophiles either. However, false convictions of pedophilia are not so uncommon as some might think.
      In Romania, a man served 14 years (from 1992 to 2006) following a false pedophilia and murder charge. He was released in 2006 after a DNA exoneration process and he died almost two years later following an illness that he contacted in prison. Because, you know, in prison, if you are there for pedophilia… aaah… let’s just say you get a special treatment from virtually anyone.

  • Booyah

    Considering the utter hysteria over an Indian woman being raped recently, contrasted with the almost utter apathy at an Indian man being pushed to his death in front of a train by a woman, I think this article is both very timely and interesting. Thank you Lucian

  • michael steane

    When Alan Turing was robbed by his lover and reported the offence to police, he was charged with performing an act of buggery, which he had done in private. He was offered the choice of chemical castration or two years in prison. He took his own life.

    This tragedy was made worse by the fact that he had been the most successful codebreaker of WW2 and had played a major part in the Allies’ victory. Had he been a gay woman, I have no doubt there would have been no charges filed.

    • http://vilo13.blogspot.com/ Lucian Vâlsan

      „Had he been a gay woman, I have no doubt there would have been no charges filed.” – Of course!
      Back in the days, when the current Republic of Moldova used to belong to Romania (between 1918 and 1944) – prostitution was legal in Romania.

      Moreover, homosexuality was illegal – punishable with imprisonment of up to 10 years.
      However, the bordels (or the „tolerance houses” – as they were called) had no problem receiving female customers to access sexual services from other females.

      In other words, female homosexuality was de facto legal. The same was true in Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic/Czechoslovakia and Austria in the same period.
      During the communist dictatorship, both in Romania and in Moldova (who was then part of the USSR), the law explicitly stated that „a man having sexual intercourse with another man constitutes a criminal act” – but there was no mention of female-to-female intercourse.

      This is what I cannot understand: How the hell do most gay men prefer to associate themselves with so-called LGBT movements (in fact – feminist movements) when in most countries the anti-gay issue was only against gay men – not gay women or gay people in general.

  • http://vilo13.blogspot.com/ Lucian Vâlsan

    Sir, with all due respect, I down-voted you because of this paragraph in your blog:
    „In the current climate of hysteria over child sexual abuse, that means there needs to be legislative reform that specifically allows parents to teach their children how to masturbate (e.g. by providing access to instructional videos), and specifically allows parents to give children the opportunity (time and space) to masturbate or engage in sex play (mutual masturbation) with each other.”

    To me, this seems like you are proposing to legalize sexual abuse. I know you say you do not, but encouraging parents to give the children „instructional videos” and have parents encourage children to engage in „sex play” and „mutual masturbation” is, in fact, incest and child sexual abuse and only a pervert parent would be OK with that.
    By your line of reasoning, the mother who was masturbating her 6 year old boy in Constanța (Romania) who is now serving a 10-year imprisonment sentence was just engaging in „sex play” and thus encouraging her son to grow up as a fully functional adult.

    Well, I am calling BS on that!

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

    Sexhysteria says:
    Submitted on 2013/01/02 at 2:38 PM
    “Considering that the majority of women in Western countries are sexually dysfunctionl[sic] anyway, the possible threat of chemical castration wouldn’t be much of a deterrent for them.

    If you want to write about a little-recognized source of sexual inequality, note that the vast majority of public attention devoted to sexual dysfunction focuses on Male sexual dysfunction, even though there is evidence that sexual dysfunction is much more frequent in women

    Here’s an exception to popular media bias: http://Edit removed]”

    I say:
    I was set to shred you as a paper-shredder does a bug until I got to our Lucien’s illuminating reply to you.

    Not now though. You have been delegated to my wood-chipper.

    Quite simply this site represents men and women of an adult nature that have come to terms with a golden *concept or requirement when walking through our front door. (I can’t believe I actually have to write this next bit but then remember that the flatness of a fuckwit’s skull is directly proportionate to the thickness of it’s forehead.)

    Being affiliated with a pervy, or violent or sexist, or bigoted blog/site/project/publication will have your mouth here shut faster than a vegan in a slaughterhouse cafeteria.

    Note: We are always on the lookout for tetra-pods that come loping out of their mossy caves and we smell you before you hit our horizon.

    You providing a link endorsing masturbatory instructional videos for prepubescent wee-wees has me wrapping my quivering arse cheeks around your glassy eyed conk and firing off an F5.

    So with grand cheer you are banned, and have a wonderful evening watching your uploaded videos of a misspent youth.

  • thecolorblue

    I just joined this site because I stumbled upon this subject while researching chemical castration for myself, a woman.

    I enjoyed the well written article, and completely agree that if chem. cast. is going to be used for men, it should also be used equally for women.

    That is what feminism is, equality for the sexes. I noticed that strangely a lot of people on this site are using the word “feminism” in a way it is not defined in most dictionaries; as people who want equality for men and women: “Definition of feminism: noun, the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.” – http://oxforddictionaries.com/us/definition/american_english/feminism

    It seems as if the word “feminism” and “feminist” used predominantly on this site actually means sexism, where a women favors women’s rights over a man’s rights. That is sexism, not feminism.

    Anyway, equality for women means having the equal opportunity of chem. castration for both men and women. Which is what I want. However, as a young adult woman, I am continually being denied chem. cast. by doctors who refuse to treat my hyper-sexual drive. It is infuriating because the same doctors would not deny a man obsessed with sex this option, yet it is impossible for a woman to get the same treatment.

    If I wasn’t thinking about sex constantly and taking breaks from work to masturbate, my life would be so much easier and productive (by the way, I have never abused anyone, I fantasize about adult men). I want to improve my life, but because of sexism, am not able to obtain the treatment that would allow me to do so.

    Therefore, I greatly appreciate the feminist viewpoint in your article in support of equality for chemical castration.

    • Gordon Wadsworth

      ..wtf? Did you read the article?

  • Aimee McGee

    There is a chemical castration option that would work for both men and women. It is a compound used to treat both endometriosis and to slow the progression of some prostate cancers. Given as a quarterly depot injection it is painful to administer but is long lasting and kills off the libedo entirely.
    I’ve had a couple of doses – very interesting experience – problem is it increases the risk of both cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis