Indian government: men don’t matter

An Australian reads a story about new laws in India and is reminded of home.

I was reading the paper on the train the other day, when an article on the “rape crisis” in India caught my eye.  Naturally, as we have been conditioned to obsess on protecting women, the mere mention of the word “rape” is eye-catching.

So I read the short piece, which detailed the new rape laws that had been passed in India (a country known for its blind eye to the public abuse of men by female police officers) that set new penalties for rapists, including a mandatory 20 year sentence, and the death penalty if the victim is killed or left catatonic.

The article mentioned also that the Women’s Rights Advocates in India were criticizing the law for not putting marital rape under the definition of rape.

That may very well be a legitimate concern, as there is now very little to protect women who are in fact raped by husbands.  However, this was not the part that caught my eye.

The part that got my attention was the sentence “[the new laws] define rape as a crime committed only by a man against a woman.”

I went onto the internet to confirm this, and lo and behold:


Bowing to pressure from women (sic) activists, the government has decided to restore the term rape in criminal law that states only men can be booked for committing the offence against women. 1

Let’s just think about this for a second.

In India, a man or woman can force his/herself on a non-consenting male, and not be guilty of rape.  This revolutionary new “definition” of rape, clearly advocated for by ideologues filled with hate and resentment for all people who have the Y chromosome, means that we will see a sharp increase in the cries of victimization from women, who will now claim that rape is an exclusively male crime.

I have spoken to feminists about this issue; among them a particularly headstrong male feminist.  The thing that struck me the most about this conversation was his valuing ideology over reason and fact with missionary zeal.  He insulted me personally, raised up an army of straw men from the pits of fallacy and kept repeating different variations of the same claims over and over again – that feminists oppose misandry and that MRAs, who see feminists as ugly, fat, friendzoning, dyke sluts, are arguing with strawmen. That was his redundant response to me refuting his “fact” that women are the only ones who are raped.

When I told him that I personally know a man who was held down and raped by an abusive woman, he told me that such events are rare, and by extension claimed that such laws are unnecessary.

That’s right, gents. Protecting us is unnecessary. So unnecessary that we need to actually make distinctions in the wording of laws so as to deliberately exclude male victims (read: tin soldiers/sperm banks on legs).

The ideologues in the Indian government deemed it necessary to deliberately and actively deny men equal protection under the law.  We’ve already seen men in that country forced to the back of buses like African-Americans in 1950s America.  We’ve seen them beaten up by members of the public and female police officers alike for accidentally boarding the “female only” carriage of a train.  And now we’re seeing the government actively denying them equal protection under the law in sexual assaults.

It is things like this that make me marvel at how people can still believe in the patriarchy that feminists have always claimed existed.  The government of a nation bowing to the unreasonable and unjust whims of feminists should not be possible in that patriarchy. Introducing blatantly anti-male laws that deny men protection from the same crimes as women is not the imagined feminist patriarchy, not by any stretch of the word.

We are past the point where apologists can twist the meaning of words to suit their argument effectively.  In no way would the feminist’s patriarchy lie down for misandric legislation. Whatever the feminists are selling, it can’t be called patriarchy anymore. Well, unless patriarchy, a system of female privilege at the expense of men, is what it is and always was.

I don’t even think it could be called a matriarchy, due to the fact that the majority of women aren’t man-hating cretins.  I’d prefer to call it — feminarchy.

There is little point in my MHRA friends and me attempting reasoned discourse in our home country of Australia.  My conversation with the dogmatic white-knight devolved into a mud-slinging match where everything from my intelligence to my ethics and morals was insulted on a personal level.

And that is a good case scenario.

My best friend, a fellow activist, had a feminist threaten to stab him when he brought up men’s issues. That’s right, she threatened to stab him. Imagine the outcry if he had threatened to so much as slap her?

These vehement knee-jerk reactions from feminists across the globe are an instinctive, animalistic response.  When an animal is cornered, it lashes out, and similarly the feminist movement is consolidating its forces and lashing out at any detractors who threaten to topple their ivory tower.  Have you ever seen a legitimate human rights advocate threaten to stab someone for exercising free speech?   Human rights movements have their roots in humanitarianism, not in the barn of Animal Farm.

The Indian law was designed by feminists, deliberately excluding all male victims in order perpetuate the myth that women are the only victims in this world.

Men, i.e. human beings, are now having their protection under the law undermined even in countries such as mine.  I am privy to the suffering of many of men at the hands of professional victims.

A good friend of mine received death threats due to a false claim of sexual harassment brought upon him by a psychotic attention-seeker whose advances he turned down.  The same man was the victim of beatings at the hands of his then-girlfriend when she got angry with him for disagreeing with her very strong opinions.

Another friend of mine was taken to court over false accusations that were then dropped with no apology or compensation. The same man has been the victim of a botched circumcision.

Another friend of mine was savagely bashed by his girlfriend and raped by another woman whilst semi-conscious, and was ashamed to even talk about it.

These men have been told by feminists that it was their fault that they didn’t seek help for it.  Yet no help exists for men.  There is only one men’s rights charity in Australia, and they receive no support from the blue-pill government and Julia “Tu Quoque” Gillard.  And when MHRAs try to start charities for the support of men, feminists – the very same feminists who victim-blame males for not seeking help – condemn these charities as misogynistic.

None of these men received any protection under the law, and now those horrible creatures in India that have the nerve to call themselves human beings are making it official: Men Don’t Matter.

Did you hear that, men?  Yeah, especially you over there in India:


(But you didn’t hear it from the feminists; it’s all the fault of patriarchy)





About David Cuspis

A student of Forensic Science and aspiring future police officer, David is an adamant campaigner for the human rights of all creeds, races and genders. Studying the works of Aristotle, Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius has left him with a contempt for hypocrisy and logical fallacy, and thus is a huge thorn in the side of ideologues who attempt to argue with him

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  • Dopesauce42

    Excellent read David. Horrible events, though.

    This movement is getting stronger because it is tapping into the shared vision of billions of people, men and women, of how the world SHOULD be. this vision is in stark contrast to the way the ruling class wishes it to be. those in power do whatever suits their desire to maintain that power. feminism is just the form of the day, not the cause. destroying people’s ties to each other, while chaining them further to dependence on the ruling class-corporate state is their plan. we are not alone in our vision. it’s just that not enough people know they are not alone, and that the ruling class’ vision of how the world should be is a nightmare, regardless of what their campaign speeches intend to express. keep up the good writing and keep sending news from Aus. Peace

    • JJ

      This movement is getting stronger. However, we must keep in perspective WHAT is making us stronger. I think all of us could name off several things; most likely all of the named items would be.

      Yet, I think a little historical context is in order here.

      1. We have the Internet, early feminists (our actual counterparts from decades ago) had no such thing. We have an overriding technology that actually hinders them; at least for now.

      Even though they have the media and government on their side; the media and government are still in the “read-print” mentality. In other words, they are an established orthodoxy of individuals who are slowly becoming obsolete. This forced the Men’s Movement to adapt. We will be arbiters of chaos. We literally represent the new order of things; or if we don’t, we could choose to.

      2. The fact that feminists are so bold right now, is actually harmful to them in the future I suspect, as they are still expecting everyone to go their way. From the USA, Australia, UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, the whole world is like a powder keg of their own making which they sit atop. Lighting matches, foolishly daring us to explode. I think it is highly pertinent that we continue to get the narrative that all people can be victims, but we need to find a way for the masses to easily clarify this.

      India may seem like a prime opportunity to them, yet the staggering inequity of the feminazis over there should be held suspect. The government there has to be aiding. For example, did they find any of the men who committed these rapes? That is just one hard question that will never be asked right now, also therefore never being answered either.

      This is two fold: A. We don’t want people to give us a quick glance, call us crazy, and move on. B. We do want people to look at us with not just their empathy, but truly understand that we are not fighting for a male replacement to the feminine imperative feminists and governments have mutually set up.

      Once again, we are truly falling into the gender stereotype of male hero; valiantly defending the women and the world from themselves. Again. Yet do we want that to change? The tradition of male provider and protector may in fact be dying.

      Yet, the responsibility that came with our roles, was intentionally denied us so as to better facilitate a wealth transfer from male to female; thereby reducing women’s dependence on men. Thus bringing them onto the grid, and then be able to control everyone, and tax them at the same time. Why men have not revolted yet is more terrifying to me then if we all did.

      Apathy is never good in the face of this brand of communism or fascism. It breeds contempt, yet still allows these little femie-Hitlers to grow.

      Yet before we put on our James Bond suits and associated gadgets on, let’s keep in mind that their mad dash to the finish line is premature. Like a sprinter who takes off before the gun is fired, and then is mad why no one is cheering them on at the finish line.

      It is because they did not actually compete in the race; they cheated. As more and more people become aware, and the message gets out, we can expect their international agents to continue to try and firmly establish their one world hegemony of feminist indoctrination. I feel this is why India is being attacked with feminist pejoratives; yet the Middle East is coming along in many ways. Yet not long after American soldiers started moving out of the general area; the men of the Middle East revolted.

      Many of the dictators over there actually improved women’s rights as feminists see it. I think India is just being taken over by them now as they feel they have solidified their hold everywhere but there, and maybe China?

      Articles like this, being pressed out to the world by and large are key to taking down their operations. People the world over need to be taught how to diagnose what feminism truly is; so they can recognize it, and reject it.

      I think we all know there will be several male versions of the feminist imperative waiting for their hard landing to move in and replace them as they come back home with their tails between their legs.

      I feel this is our strategy, and a darn good one. We are the next big thing. We just have to bring peace, not more gender war between the sexes. Like all of our fathers and male ancestors before us have when they finished their wars. We have to bring peace.

      The feminists have brought discontent between the genders of India; they are nothing more than opportunists. Time to attack them when they see opportunity. I feel we need to start being able to predict what the carrot is they want at the time; and dangle it in front of them to a trap already laid waiting.

      • http://none universe

        Your reply, JJ, to Dopesauce 42 was worth the read. Every word.

        In summary – we are holding our ground quite well, biding for the day(s).

        The enemy squelching men’s issues may have had a big hand out and questionable jump start but our influence will and mere presence will reveal the rigged cheating. It is inevitable (and futile to resist).

        • JJ

          Thank you.

          Although, I can’t take as much credit as the guys here. I am in my thirties now; and going back to college. I will do some flyers here during spring break, a test run.

          I have however been talking to numerous males of all ages. I have talked to 10 young men, and a couple old ones who are just taking classes.

          Hopefully, they will check the site out?

          • http://none universe

            ” I will do some flyers here during spring break, a test run.
            I have however been talking to numerous males of all ages…”
            – Great stuff.
            What you are doing and as slow looking as these personal based methods appear they are often times effective. Various people do want to be part of it after catching the enthusiasm.
            (For ex., now I feel like running out and buying a printer – for the brochures/posters).

  • ImNotMraBut…

    “The government of a nation bowing to the unreasonable and unjust whims of feminists should not be possible in that patriarchy. ” – such a valid point, and an example of why the developments in India have set off alarm bells globally. Waking Up is occurring.

  • thefeministmra

    Well it makes perfect sense when you’re fighting for equality! Different people are different; they aren’t like you.

    They should have different laws that govern them; because they are different. They should ride different cars, because they are different. They act different, so you should treat them different. They look different, so you should treat them different.

    The only people that are really equal to you are those that are the same as you. Everyone else is different, and you don’t want to be treated like one of them do you?

    I mean, I’m all for equal rights, I just think different people should use different facilities (and there should be laws to enforce such things). I don’t want to endanger myself because I drank from the same water fountain an Albino did. Albino’s are people sure, but they should just be held to slightly different standards then you and me; because they’re different.

    I’m not saying all Albino’s are the same, I’m just saying haven’t you ever noticed how all Albino’s are the same? Don’t you think something should be done about that? Maybe we should make some laws that Albino’s have to follow; because they are different from you and me, and should be treated like they are. It’s only fair. After all, we’re fighting for equality here!

    • dhanu

      I don’t understand what you mean. Are you saying that Indian women should be entitled to rape with impunity, because India is different (how much different do you think, by the way)? I mean, do you mean to say that this law might be wrong in certain countries but is perfectly valid and suits India?

      • thefeministmra

        My effort in conveying sarcasm was a miserable failure.


  • Justice

    Another well written article posted on AVFM.

    But David, eventually you will learn that feminists don’t care what may write or think. Little will change unless men get busy in ACTIVELY working for Men’s Human Rights.

    The article is a good first step. I encourage you to get ACTIVE in public.

  • Winstone

    The problem with “marital rate”, combined with judges who do not apply the presumption of innocence, is that any women can go to a feminist lawyer and use this kind of false accusation to get power in a divorce. The victims of these false accusations often are the children: their lives gets devasated to allow a feminist lawyer to get richer

    • yinyangbalance

      I agree with that. I would also like to pose the question in general; why SHOULD we make a distinction with rape that occurs in marriage over any other rape situation? Laws CAN’T and SHOULD NOT be created for every ad-hoc situation.

      In USA there’s a case about a man having sex with his twin brother’s wife. There are now feminists up in arms shinning the spot light on this case and pushing to create new laws that would cover such a situation (all of them involve redefining rape). Why? The real reason behind such things is much more sinister I think, and I think its obvious. Many don’t care to see it, they want lynchings and ‘speedy’ justice.

      They say one thing and do another, just like how the US government told thousands of black people that they were getting free healthcare when in fact they were sterilizing them and infecting them with Herpes and Syphilis. Of course they denied it until 40-50 years later. Then they say “sorry” and cut the victims a check for a few grand to shut up. If you think thats nice, unfortunately, Feminism is headless monster and takes no responsibility, even if it is issue bribes to victims to go away.

      Feminism is a government creation and it is out to make laws under the cloak of ‘equal rights’ which has a much more sinister ulterior motive, which we are finally starting to see the affects of.

  • yinyangbalance

    Everyone, including the author of this article, is ignoring the fact that women can be rape victims of women.

    Not to mention men being victims of men.

    But I do commend the author challenging who is defined as victim and offender…but the world is not JUST about Men vs Women and Women vs Men. Its about people vs people.

    We should address sexism in laws and morals in the sense of challenging the thinking that everything boils down in terms of people’s sex.

    As MHRA’s, we need to demand that Humans be recognized beyond their sex!

    So I do commend the author for looking at this issue, but the author is also suffering from the same type of ignorance that brings about Feminism. The good thing is I don’t think the author had any mal intentions (unlike Feminism) and its good that he is challenging it on some level, but it needs to go beyond that.

    • Sting Chameleon

      How about no? It’s a given that there’s also homosexual rape, but the core issue in India is MISANDRY, and that’s the issue that must be highlighted by the MRAs. And spare me the ‘b-but you’re no different than a feminist then!!!’ rhetoric.

      • yinyangbalance

        I agree that there is Misandry behind that legislation. Which is exactly why Women on Women violence should not be ignored because it demolishes the Misandric intention to label men as rapists and Women as this moral beacon of humanity.

        I really don’t understand not mentioning “whats given”. Where is this “given”? A feminist can use the same argument that all other forms of rape are “given” but the only thing that is worth mentioning is male on female rape.

        So ya, how about NO to what you just said.

        • Sting Chameleon

          Protip: Guess what group is overrepresented in public opinion and thus has all the public policies geared towards it. It’s not males, in case you were wondering. Feminists do not have a legitimate argument to push their misandric agenda, while we have solid arguments and data to back us up. And let’s not forget about institutionalized misandry. Now you can take your argument and let it die in a fire.

    • David Cuspis

      I did, in fact mention the rape of men by other men, and I apologise, I did indeed forget to mention the rape of women by other women; I must’ve forgotten to type it in, as I did initially plan to include it in my article.

      • yinyangbalance

        David, I’m happy to see that you took my criticisms constructively. I never intend to sit in a high tower judging everyone. Unlike many other MRA’s I criticize, you by far have actually taken it quite well. You aren’t reactionary and all offended like many on here which is great. That gives me some hope for the movement. :)

  • Legion

    “raised up an army of straw men from the pits of fallacy”

    I love this metaphor so much.

  • John O'Dell

    Suffering Sapho!

    I take a leave for a couple of months and all hell breaks loose!

    Brothers and sisters it is good to be among you again. I had a whole lot of personal stuff along with juggling my day job and painting in the evening. I am finally seeing a little day light. It’s great to see all the new handles….welcome, welcome.

    I am so sorry to read what’s been happening to our brothers in India. Of course the general public in the U.S. is getting the “women are oppressed and have no rights in India” feminist version of the story. Damn shame.

    The self loathing, male feminist pussy’s reaction that was described at the beginning of the article is unfortunately going to be the standard fair as more and more of the general public get turned on to factual data ( thanks to guys like Paul and Jto for banging their heads against the proverbial brick wall for all these years). One particularly loathsome creature made me spit my soda all over my good pants in LMAO fit, when she called the mountain of empirical data proving that women initiate DV at least as often as men, “the Fiebert list of excuses”.

    When one encounters the feminist du jour that lives in an alternate reality where empirical data and actual facts don’t matter, I find it’s great fun to calmly point out that their thinking is very similar to religious right fundamentalist dogma. Since feminists think that they are part of the rational crowd because….well, because they are feminists, this comparison will cause a huge vein to pop out on their forehead as they launch into a frothing ad hoc attack. “How-how dare you Mr. MRM compare ME, a card carrying member of the (self described) intellectual side of political ideology (gasp) to a religious right R-R-R-Republican”?!! Great fun and an absolute apt comparison to boot.

    • Theseus

      Oops. Updated and corrected on my profile. Not using John O’Dell as my handle. Sorry ’bout that.

  • Alphabeta Supe

    Sex is power to many women and many women use sex in coercive ways. What is “marital rape” if it isn’t this also, and why isn’t this now subject to severe punishment of women in India? And what of the dowry system supported by men and women alike – isn’t this a form of sexual coersion?

  • donzaloog

    What a horrible situation. Did your friend that was raped by the woman while semi-conscious get any kind of legal compensation?

    Is it going to come to the point where men will abandon women on a massive scale? That’s the only non-violent (on our part) solution I see. I expect some entitled feminists to get violent.

    Unless the governments wake up to the snake oil they’ve been sold by feminism and make some drastic changes that is. Don’t hold your breath for that one.

    • David Cuspis

      No, he received nothing and has serious trust issues with women now. Thankfully he has a wonderful and understanding egalitarian girlfriend to whom he explained his predicament, and she helped him get over his fear and trust issues.

  • MateNeo

    Thanks for the article David.

    Look how easy it has become to rape or kill men!

    A man would stay silent even if he is raped. He will be ridiculed if he open up about the abuses. So no issues there. Thank you very much society…and the governments.

  • nomoreshame

    Great article but frightening too. I clicked on the attachment and read the article that came up and came along this sentence towards the end:

    “The government is also expected to propose enhanced jail terms for those found guilty of outraging the modesty of women and using obscene gestures or words against them”

    What do they mean by “outraging the modesty of women” or “using obscene gestures or words against them”? Does this mean that a man who is accused of saying anything that may make a women feel “degraded”, even while she verbally thrashes his character with ever vile word she can think of even in public and patted on the back for it (by another woman because it could be turned into sexual harassment if the back patting comes from a man), that a man who may say the slightest thing to that woman in his own defense that makes her feel less than human can go to jail?

  • gwallan

    Toy Soldier analysed the Indian legal changes recently…

    A Sad Day For Male Rape Victims In India

    Any perpetrator against a male – whether male of female – can only be charged with morals based crimes. These are victimless crimes. Theoretically the victim could be charged with the same crime as the perpetrator involved.

  • Ray

    Welcome Mr. Cuspis.

    It’s sad that it takes tragedies such as those you describe to unite men and women here at AVfM in a common bond of support for male humanity as well as female humanity. Perhaps we here at AVfM are the Genesis of an evolving, species driven, paradigm shift, where more humane (unbiased) thinking and actions begin the process that’s needed to value male life as highly as female life.

  • nikonian

    It was just last year a man was tied to a chair and gang raped by a few women in India. There was so little coverage on it I cannot find a record of it… Lately it seems as if government makes laws based off sensationalized ideas.

    • David Cuspis

      I read that man’s story. It was confined to a tiny comment on a blog, as it had probably been censored elsewhere by the media. He was left bleeding after one of them bit his penis as “punishment” for struggling.

    • donzaloog

      Funny how that story never made the international news. Any word on what happened to the female rapists?

  • dhanu

    The Indian government thinks that “Bowing to pressure from feminist groups” is a perfectly valid and sufficient reason for passing any kind of misandric law, all research, logic, analysis, constitutions be damned. The exact same reason was given when they recently passed the law that the wife would be entitled to the residential property and half of movable and immovable assets of the husband no matter who initiates the divorce. Does anyone know of any other country where “Bowing to pressure from feminist groups” is considered a valid and sufficient reason for passing laws?

    • David Cuspis

      Er…I do…
      Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Germany, I could go on…

      • dhanu

        I get your point. However, I meant, at least those countries have the decency of wrapping that reason into some nicer words, like saying that they’re doing this and that for fighting against a “war on women” or something like that. I have yet to come across a country directly admitting that the reason was the ideological pressure from a particular group (that is, because feminists said that patriarchy only defines rape in a certain way, the legal definition must be that way). Because, in that case, the government would look like having been taken over (or co-opted) by the ideologues (yes that actually is the case, but at least it is pretended that it’s not so; in the present case, no such attempt is being made). So it can be safely stated that the government admits to be feminist in India, and the legislature has been feminized. Owing to the corruption prevalent in the country, only the most wealthy men are a bit safer from the women now; all others are at the goodwill alone of the women.

  • sadman365

    My blood is boiling. To hell with society- East or West. They’re all the same. All societies regard men as less of humans with less rights than animals while glorifying women and weeping for their imaginary suffering.
    To me, I see that god himself promotes misandry.

    BTW, Any body here can tell me where to find or how to hook up with MRAs in Vancouver (BC), PLEASE?

  • Nightwing1029

    This pisses me off.
    I don’t mind getting angry, but I actually had to calm down in order to say something.

    And all I can say is this:
    If this is feminism’s idea of equality, I fear for my country.
    Well, that and if that’s their idea of equality, they should move to India.

  • Maleman

    David suggests that the Indian laws remind him of home so I thought I would throw in this recent example of Australian justice. I am sure the lawyers can justify this as perfectly reasonable.

    In the news 20 November 2012.

    A man, who has mental health issues, is sentenced to ten years prison for giving a girl, (certainly the public saw her as a girl), a very big fright, apparently accidentally as he got the wrong house, by placing a collar around her neck and lying to her by telling her it was a bomb. She was never in any real danger.

    On the very same day………

    A Woman, who also apparently has mental health issues, is sentenced to one and a half years prison for killing her five year old son, also apparently accidentally, by giving him a methadone overdose. Interestingly she was familiar with the dangers of methadone as her partner had also died of an accidental overdose. The boy was one of the most vulnerable people in our society and she had a duty of care to protect him!!!

    Man gives girl fright = ten years.

    Woman kills boy = eighteen months.

    Sounds right doesn’t it?

    • David Cuspis

      I think that both offenders needed punishment, I am not against the punishment of male offenders. That man probably did scar that girl for life, as she would undoubtedly be suffering PTSD. HOWEVER, 18 months for killing your child? And feigning ignorance? Nowhere near enough.

  • manoman

    Paul elam,sadman,nightwing
    I posted here after the huge Hegelian propaganda(1000000 news articles in TV n newspapers for 3 months) was started in Indian press after rape of delhi girl.I said at that time,a law would pass in just 15 days.It has taken them 2 .5 months after the incident.I was correct.
    I got mutual consent divorce by paying 7.5 lakh rupees to wife who never stayed with me and who had incurable horrible skin disorder which she concealed from me.The feminist male judge in court rejected every one of my application,my lawyer quit(female lawyer) and i lost case.After appeal to high court,i started thinking,i am never going to win this case.The judges,lawyers,cops,media favor women.They hate me for being right.
    Just few days back Bombay high court ordered a HIV TB patient man who is unemployed and is going to die within a year, to pay his estranged wife.
    For beginners,India have worst feminist laws than Sweden and it is going to very bad in next decade.
    But there is a silver line to the cloud:
    Indian bureaucracy is weak and corrupt.You can always pay and get scot free
    The pressure of falling economy is more severe in India than west.You wont believe me but India will be basket case .Forget what they say about BRIC in western media.My guess is indian economy will be completely stalled in next 5 yrs.
    Food riots,water riots,land riots have already started but they not visible in cities.Police brutality have gone up and judicial corruption have reached its exponential growth limit.
    The population of some religious group have increased.We are now going to become lebanon.Wait a decade almost and see how the socialist -communist -nazi policies of indian govt will turn out.
    Indian media will be instrumental in creating hugh chaos.I am afraid to read newspapers and never watch TV because i don’t have it.
    India’s social problems are so severe that implementing feminist ideology in this climate will derail this country forever. When i say severe ,you can take it from me,this country will see worst genocide ever experienced after Stalin’s purges and Nazi extreminations. Nobody will believe my words in india but it will happen later than sooner.

    • alkarnur

      I agree with you on everything you said except the comparison to Lebanon. Please know what you’re talking about before making an ignorant comparison.
      In Lebanon, there’s no food riots, no water riots, land riots, etc. In fact, Lebanon’s economy has been growing like clockwork at 8% per year for the better half of the last decade and the growth only slowed down since the Arab Revolutions started, particularly the one in Syria, because Arab countries represent a sizable portion of Lebanese exports (incl. services). When the global economy was in the toilet and every country on earth had its economy shrinking, Lebanon’s economy was growing unabated because the banking sector is strictly regulated by the conservative Lebanese Central Bank (e.g. no subprime lending).
      All that said, Lebanon also has imported the Western disease and has a growing feminist movement.

  • manoman

    so good buy friends.I don’t think Indian laws will ever change.We have mughal,Nizam’s,English,Soviet laws on our books.A few hundred feminist laws wont make much difference.May be after 200 years later,few of the laws will be changed.So long as India is ruled by native brits(congress headed by royal italian queen and her beloved prince),don’t expect in change in indian laws.

  • pianoking

    I was in Australia recently and found it very uncomfortable being there because so much Misandry exists. Especially now that Gullian Gillard runs the show.

    Women prowl the streets in gangs and have a lawless attitude towards most things ,and always drunk.

    Australia get your shit together!!!!

    • David Cuspis

      I have been harassed on late night trains by women more often than all of my female friends combined. And in Australia you can be fined/arrested for “antisocial behaviour”, which is all up to the officers to determine. If I were female and the harassers male, I could have had them at bare minimum fined, if not arrested for verbally harassing me on a train.

  • hellgorama

    Have to agree with manoman here. All the so called growth and India becoming next big thing etc is nothing hyped bullshit (no offense meant for any Indians here). I’m not sure whether I wrote it here before but my parents took a pilgrimage trip to India and what they saw was horrendous. The so called growth was nowhere to be seen. They said the conditions there were worse than India’s poorer neighbor Sri Lanka.

    The country is divided along racial and religious lines and you can bet there will be riots and civil war, and with feminist laws in effect, this will kill this country’s growth (if it has any). Men will stop giving a shit and MGTOW will spread like a virus. Even though women can easily compete in many of India’s profitable sectors, all of them will crumble if infrastructure is not being maintained (which will still be male dominated, cos women are not willing to get down and dirty).

    With the collapse of the family unit occurring in faster rate than in the west due to more severe fembot laws and corruption, we will see hoards of people join extremist religious and racial groups and mob violence.

  • TheSandreGuy

    I know feminists in India generally seem to want to push for among other things, death penalty for rape. I mean, what? Rape is a horrible crime, but murder is worse and not even that legitimizes the death penalty.

    The worst thing is that feminists in India seem to be able to say this without ANY repercussions. So much for the so called “lower status” of women in India.

    • David Cuspis

      They would like the death penalty imposed if the victim is killed or left catatonic. I believe the death penalty for murder is already in place in India (which I am also opposed to), so there is little change there.

  • David Cuspis

    Let me also just say that I am completely opposed to the death penalty in ALL forms for ALL people. It’s funny though, how others justify their support of killing someone in retribution for a crime. The most depressing excuse (aside from “giving their family closure”) was “maybe the prison system doesn’t have enough money to keep criminals like that alive”. When I asked why it is ok to “dispose of” criminals the government can’t afford to feed, I was rebuffed with “It’s not that simple”, which is the argumentum verbosium fallacy.
    After the argument, my opponent accused me of having “no empathy” for the victims (argumentum ad misericordiam). This was mighty ironic coming from someone advocating the death penalty.

  • John A

    So who is really running this country with a “misogynist rape culture?” Guess what, a woman!|hig|3-21-2013|5342646|35718528|

  • julie

    India is well overdue for changes and it’s good to see the police who haven’t changed since Europeans introduced police are buckling under global pressure.

    Soon, when men have a loud enough voice, things for men will change too. Don’t forget International women’s day is over 100 years old and women have been working hard for all these years to get where they are.

    Men only need work the path already in front of them to save decades to a century. :)

  • 98abaile

    So what do they call it now? Surprise sex?…