Imagine a society of contempt

Some women believe that the criticism of some women from the MRM seems a bit harsh. I have publicly discussed men’s rights issues, as well as posted links to articles, videos and other content regarding men’s rights issues, in comments on articles and in chat rooms. Many of these discussions, as well as the content that was linked to, contained criticism of modern feminists, as well as some traditional women. Although the criticism was only of the particular kinds of women, it often created a lot of negative reactions from female readers, claiming that the message was either a little harsh on women, or horrible misogyny.

So you think some criticism on the behaviour of those women, which does not claim that there are no exceptions to the criticism, is that horrible?

I ask you all for a few minutes to imagine a society where criticism of your sex is openly given on a daily basis, not just in one group, but all around society. And this criticism is not used as a logical debate, but as a form of hate and contempt. It is viable to be heard at any public place you visited, and that includes the workplace and classes at school and college. Not only do authority figures not do anything about this contempt, but they may join in or even take the lead! All while contempt of the opposite sex even a fraction as bad would be prohibited.

As a matter of fact, imagine that the contempt for your sex is not just in general society, but is even broadcast in the media. Imagine news reporters and journalists are actively bashing your sex, and talking about how inferior you are and how superior the opposite sex is, and celebrating any time the opposite sex is ahead of yours, even in cases where the only reason for that is that they have been given advantages through affirmative action. Also, imagine that all good deeds done by members of your sex, but not of the opposite sex, is hidden behind a job title, and bad deeds done by members of the opposite sex, but not of your sex, are also hidden behind a job title.[1]

Imagine that in the media, characters of your sex are constantly being depicted as bumbling fools, while characters of the opposite sex are constantly depicted as the smart, intelligent, take-charge decision makers, who have to keep the characters of your sex under control, while the characters of your sex are revolving their lives around seeking the opposite sex’s approval.[2]

Imagine that song lyrics, including those from famous artists, are openly claiming inferiority of your sex and/or superiority of the opposite sex, and this is positively referred to in reviews as “empowerment” of the opposite sex, while any hate or narcissism is completely ignored.[3]

Imagine that when physical violence is inflicted against someone of your sex from someone of the opposite sex it is automatically believed that the person of your sex deserved it, while any violence from your sex, no matter how provoked or an act of self defense is unjustified.  Imagine that all focus is put on stopping violence against the opposite sex, even if your sex is the majority of victims of physical violence.[4]

Imagine that it is acceptable for a crowd of people of the opposite sex to laugh when someone of your sex is sexually mutilated.[5]

Do you think the society you are imagining sounds horrible yet?

Imagine that radical hate quotes against your sex are not only allowed to be publicly broadcasted, but the people creating those quotes were considered leaders in empowering the opposite sex.[6]

On top of all that, imagine this society, despite all this, believes that the opposite sex is the one that is being oppressed and held down by people of your sex. And all of what has been described above is not only prevalent in society, but reversing the sexes would cause a huge uproar.

For men, the society described above should be very familiar, because it’s no different than the society we actually live in. For women, however, such a society would most likely be a huge, unjust, terrifying shock.

So, to the women reading this, do you still think that the criticism of these women is too harsh? Try being a man (or, for that matter, even a young boy) and having to endure all the contempt that males face their entire lives for just a few minutes of yours, then you’ll realise what contempt for your sex really feels like. You might even realise how rare and minor is the logical criticism given by the MRM.


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  • ContraTerrene

    When you are behaving like medusa, best to realise that a mirror will show you more than you want to see of yourself.

    • JJ

      If only the reflection could have the intended effect on the head’s owner? Either way, I would settle for a self-inflicted snake bite on them!

      Even still; they think the ravenuous picture turning everyone to stone is ok; and why not? That is what they have been told for decades now. The paradigm is deeply ingrained they are convinced its genetic.

      Great article by the way.

    • Perseus


  • Aimee McGee

    Nice summary piece Zebru!

  • http://none universe

    Great article, man.
    I couldn’t imagine a sensible rebuttal to this article. I could, however, imagine that some would try but wouldn’t have to imagine the outcome – utter fail.

    I would further imagine and agree that some detractors would focus rather more on the female criticizing aspect plus downplay and overlook the consistencies of obvious negative verbal and acted physical bias toward men and boys.The same stuff petty dictators and their lorded over are renown for.
    But, in a participatory ‘democracy’ dictators don’t last very long.
    (The next great election is in 4 years. The one after in 8. Then another 4, etc. All people need do is show up en masse’ and participate).

  • Booyah

    To any sane person this makes a lot of sense. However it would seem that many women and feminists in particular are not capable of using the “shoe on the other foot” logic that so many of us men use as a morality check on ourselves.

    This article despite being well written and honest will be unlikely to shake many from their self absorbed narcissism, but the effort is admirable and it was a great article.

  • andybob

    “Oh you privilege-blind old mansplainer you. How could you invalidate womynz feelings by tone-policing for the patriarchy?” Loy Finly, Wrongarian spokespenis.

    This rings loud and true from beginning to end, Mr Zerbu. Women who care about at least a few of the men in their lives will recognize the truth of some of your points, while most men will recognize all of them.

    In men’s rights activism, that’s about as good as it gets. I hope you don’t mind me quoting it – often. Outstanding work.


      you got it right.

      Women FEEL that this artice is WRONG. They FEEL repressed, FEEL treated unfairly.

      Logical argumentation is another tool of the patriarchy.

    • JJ

      Yeah, his article smacks of an AndyBob! Hint hint! LOL

  • dhanu

    The reason for this is lack of unity among men. United we stand, divided we fall. Whenever there’s the slightest hint of an unwarranted criticism of the male sex for just being the male sex, let all men immediately get to it together and end it then and there, leaving all other work pending until it finishes. When this starts happening quite frequently, the problems will start going away, because the misandrists would then have to think of an avalanche of opposition whenever they’d try to utter something stupid which they can do right now so effortlessly. We need to make men realize that their criticism just for being men is intolerable and must be logically challenged IMMEDIATELY on the spot. We might have differences and fights among each other but whenever someone criticizes an entire sex for no other reason than being male, let us forget those differences and bring down (with logical arguments and facts) the critic immediately. Then we can continue on with our differences.

  • Suz

    This is so good it can’t be debated by women or feminists. It will therefore be ignored. What a shame.

  • napocapo69

    fully agree

  • MarkofWisdom

    Just earlier today in a history show-“over 90 of the tribe had been killed, over half of which were women and children”. So wonderful to know that even now men still don’t matter for anything other than statistics and scape goats.
    Something I wrote a while back but fits the topic.

    If you want to know how stupid primary aggressor laws and mandatory arrest laws are, how absolutely absurd the rhetoric that feminists spew about rape and domestic violence, how insanely corrupt and biased the court systems are, flip them around and see what you think of them. Tell women that if a man calls and reports abuse or domestic violence that police will come and arrest her even if there are no marks on the man, or only defensive bruising that was inflicted when he was attacking her. Tell her that she will be arrested even if she was the one that called the police to report being actively abused and it is recorded on the call. Tell her that the police will ignore, are practically REQUIRED to ignore, all evidence except a checklist including the following-Who is the physically smaller one? Who is the one that weighs less? Who is the one that has less muscle mass? Who is the one that has a higher pitched voice? Tell her that the police will find that person and arrest them. Tell her that even if a man is physically assaulting her when the police arrive, they either won’t arrest him, or they will arrest both of them. Tell her that she will be told that SHE is the one with a problem and that she needs to get her mental health checked. Tell her that she will be arrested even if she has a knife in her back while the man is unharmed or has minor bruises that were inflicted by the woman in self-defense. Tell her that if she reports being sexually abused or raped by a man that she will be laughed at or told she is a lucky woman to have been “raped” by a man. Tell her she will be turned away from domestic violence shelters because they say only men can be victims of violence and only women are the abusers. Tell her that if a man claims she raped him, she will be arrested and have her name smeared through the mud and have most or all of her friends and family alienated from her. Tell her that the entire court system is biased against her, and that she will be presumed guilty instead of innocent. Tell her that frequently there are groups of “rape victim advocates” that will add pressure to get her convicted. Tell her that she can be convicted even if there is no physical evidence. Tell her that even if it is proven that the man was lying, that he will either get no punishment or charge, or will actually be rewarded with publicity and victim status and the sympathy that comes with it. Tell her she will be barred from entering her own house and that the man can get a restraining order with little effort, then file for divorce and get 50% or more of her assets and earnings, and claim child support and alimony. Tell her that even if her husband cheated on her and the child isn’t hers, and it is proven with a DNA test, she will frequently still be forced to pay child support. Tell her that even while she is being forced to pay child support and has visitation rights, that the man can deny her those visits, actively sabotage them and will only rarely be held accountable for it and any punishment will be minor or non-existent. Tell her that frequently her ex-husband will poison the children against you. Tell her that if she did it to her ex-husband it would be called parental alienation and be a crime, but that the courts say that a man can’t alienate children from her, because after all-men never lie right?

  • Jay

    Brilliant stuff Zerbu. I’m already familiar with most of your sources, so I know exactly what you’re talking about. Even without the links, for anyone with half a brain, it is easy to see the misandry which lies at the heart of our western society.

  • Verdad

    Misandry, we already live in a society filled with it. It is only when one takes the red pill that they realize the horror of what we have become.

    Brilliant writing Zerbu, as I was reading this I was thinking to myself that this is essentially the state in which our society already exists!

    Of course you laid that out at the end, and our society truly is one of contempt for men in a discreet manner. And if you are confused about what I am talking about try talking to a person taking the blue pill, self explanatory.

    I pray for the day when all humans can be equal, in a society void of contempt for one another…

  • Zerbu

    Thanks for approving this.

  • Rper1959

    Imagine indeed what would be a nightmare for the average women is reality for the average man.

    “All men are bastards all” “men are rapists and thats all they are”, etc, etc, feminists make a point of including all men as targets of the hatred they effortlessly spew forth at every opportunity. Demeaning and disparaging and enforcing guilt on men as a sexual group is part of their strategy to gain not equality but superiority and control.

    Thanks Zerbu for pointing out the everyday misandry that pervades our lives and societies, slowly more people are seeing what you see so clearly.

    • limeywestlake

      And don’t forget, Greg, all men are kiddie-fiddlers too.

      I was just at a model train show **yawn** with my kids. This old guy starts telling me about a box under his table that was full of free stuff for kids to rifle through.

      He said: “So tell your son. I do not talk to kids directly; I always talk to them through the parents.”

      Hearing this made me feel really sad. A regular guy who feels as though he cannot talk to children in case he is perceived as being ‘weird.’

      Previous to this, I was at a bookshop; there, I espied a display promoting Hannah Rosin’s book “The End of Men and The Rise of Women.” I could not help but think that if the genders inn the title had been reversed, it would cause a furor.

      Misandry lies about my every foot fall as I walk down the street on a day-to-day basis. The fact that women do not see it is… is at the very least, convenient for them. I am sorry to say this, but I cannot help but feel that an overall – myopic – lack of empathy for men is practically endemic within their nature. I wish it were not true, but I see little in the civitas to suggest otherwise. It is sad because they cannot become self-actualized individuals with such skewed heart energy. Individual edification cannot take place until a being is able to understand our fundamental interconnectedness.

      I find it impossible to believe that men would, collectively, ever treat women this way, no matter what the circumstances.

      @Zerbu – this is one of the more important articles to come out of the MRM in my opinion. It was very distressing to read; I went out today after having read it and I literally saw misandry everywhere. As a man, I am starting to feel like the untermenschen, the auslander, the etranger, the proverbial other, every fucking day. It is draining. I am definitely being viewed ‘through a lens’ by the double-exers.

      I find myself wishing women were different than they are. They have so many endearing qualities. However, their overall lack of respect for men is not one of them.

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        “I find it impossible to believe that men would, collectively, ever treat women this way, no matter what the circumstances.”

        Men collectively treat other men that way, and they are quite capable of treating women that way given the right circumstances – just as vice versa.

        Think of the electric shock test originally designed to figure out why Germans were capable of committing their Nazi atrocities only to discover EVERYbody was capable of aberrant behavior under the right circumstances.

        It’s a HUMAN flaw, something we are ALL capable of, and something we must ALL be aware of.

        …”lest we forget”…

        • Astrokid

          Notr convinced. You are talking about the Milgram experiment right?
          I searched for Variations on the experiment where the person expressing the pain (i.e “learner”) was a woman.
          Turns out that there was one variation where all the “teachers” involved were female(40 of them, and presumably the learner was male), and there were no differences in outcome. I was interested in the case where ONLY the learner was a woman.. but no info on that one. But the below is interesting..

          What Milgram effectively found was that increasing the proximity of the ‘learner’ to the ‘teacher’ – thus making the learner’s plight more obvious – decreased the % of participants who went to 450v. Decreasing the proximity of learner to teacher increased the % of participants going all the way…
          Learner in another room, neither seen nor heard – 100%
          Learner just one metre from teacher, seen and heard – 40%
          When learner started expressing reluctance at 150v, teacher having to force learner’s hand down onto ‘electric plate’ – 30%

          Based on the above, I surmise that a female learner who would express much greater pain (than a male learner would), will cause male teacher to cut down on the punishment.

          In fact, I am reminded of an old article from Glenn Sacks, Confronting Woman-Bashing
          in the Men’s Movement
          . He makes some very good points there. Even with all the lopsidedness of society, he cant bring himself to see much criticism.

    • Skeptic

      Sad to say there’s actually a published book called “All men are bastards”!

      Years ago I had the misfortune to see it in New Zealand’s largest bookstore strategically placed no doubt at children’s eye level right next to the children’s section of the bookstore. On complaining to the store manager I was met with total bullshit obfuscation about how different tastes were catered to and anyone could enter the store and find something they objected to…..blah, blah, blah. I subsequently wrote a letter of complaint about it to the NZ Human Rights Commission who wrote back to me basically lying saying they didn’t deal with printed publications! Misandry +!!!
      I’m happy to say though the book eventually ‘disappeared’ off their bookshelves, which is just as well as it would have been an excellent target for some plonking –

      • TigerMan

        I checked out this book in amazons UK online store.
        An interesting thing – the book doesn’t seem to have done very well and you can pick up a copy off the marketplace for a few pennies plus postage. What this suggests but (doesn’t prove as it is only one example)is that the misandry being spread within the MSM and our establishment (through blatantly biased anti-men programs etc) may well be out of step with what the “woman on the street” actually feels and thinks. If true this suggests a much larger pool of potential allies than many of us may have suspected. :)

  • Copyleft

    I could even propose a much milder thought experiment for women: imagine being ignored. Imagine that, just for one day, nobody really gave a damn about your feelings or cared that you were upset, much less felt an obligation to do something about it. Not hatred, just… utter indifference.

    Imagine walking into a room and announcing, “I’m unhappy about X,” waiting for someone to leap to your assistance and promise to fix it… and instead being told “So what? Get over it and get out, a-hole. Nobody cares.”

    Imagine a universe, in other words, that DIDN’T revolve around you and DIDN’T offer you the respect and consideration you’re oh-so-certain that you deserve. Imagine breaking down on a highway and nobody stopping to help. Imagine NOT being catered to, or even paid the slightest bit of attention, all day long.

    Scary, isn’t it? Surely such a society would be condemned as heartless and even cruel… if this sort of thing happened to women. But ask any man about this experience and you’ll find they know it well; they were raised with it since childhood, and they’ve come to accept it as normal.